Muscle Wire Ma'am

Muscle Wire Ma’am
By Wholeman

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

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Chapter 1: Introduction

My name is Roy Elliott Bagley and I’ve been experimenting with this stuff for years. Muscle wire, also known as, Nitinol, memory metal and electric pistons. It’s an amalgamation of Nickel and Titanium but what makes it special is due to the ability to contract when a current runs through it, like a muscle.

I have several medical uses for the material. One is the replacement of the function of the prostrate after the ‘prostate balloon dilatation’ procedure to allow for easier urination. Mapping the neurological landscape of the body allows us to control the triggering of the muscle wire via the normal mental commands.

The natural outcropping of this technique was of course, restoring erectile functions, which were lost due to age or trauma. Viagra has nothing on this device! We can control blood flow to the penis and the preparation of the male body to ejaculate. We can even force ejaculation, if that is required.

It didn’t take me long to make my company into a mover and a shaker in the medical industry!

The only problem with becoming successful in an endeavor like this is there are plenty of sharks out there looking to take away what you have created with your own brilliance. That’s what happened to me. My Vice President in charge of marketing, Angie de Witte, decided that she wanted what I had. Her biggest problem was that she had no vision or creativity of her own, so she decided to use mine, to give her the life she coveted.

Angie took training in hypnosis, when she’d first entered the medical industry as a councilor. She’d tricked me into being hypnotized by drugging my coffee and having private marketing meetings with me, after normal work hours.

I didn’t find out until much later that she would hypnotize me and then pump me for information. I know that you can’t normally hypnotize someone and get them to spill secrets, but I’m an open kind of person and secrecy doesn’t come naturally to me.

Angie had even gotten my secretary Erica Ness, to help her.

“Erica…,” I asked, “Would you please schedule an appointment for me to see my doctor. I’ve been having a… ah… swelling of my nipples lately and I want him to have a look at me.”

“Sure thing Mr. Bagley, I’ll call right away, but you know how busy your doctor is, it could be a couple of weeks,” she answered.

“Well do what you can and put it on my appointment calendar, thank you,” I told her and promptly went on to other things.

Two weeks would go by and I’d remember I needed to see the doctor and so I checked my calendar and discovered that I’d missed the appointment, however I checked my calendar everyday and never recalled seeing the appointment. I discovered later that Erica had been adding it, after the fact.

I’d have her make another appointment and somehow miss that one too.


By the time I was becoming greatly concerned, I mentioned it to Angie and she asked to see what I was concerned about, in private of course. We went to my private conference room together and locked the door.

“Okay Roy, show me what’s the matter,” Angie asked concernedly.

I loosened my tie and undid the buttons of my shirt, splaying it open for her to peruse.

“Oh my Roy, you’re growing breasts!” she exclaimed, as if she didn’t already know.

“I’m what,” I blurted loudly!

“Shh… don’t make such a racket, do you want people flooding in here seeing them?” she asked. (The door lock was only the ‘bathroom type’ easily defeated in an emergency.)

“Uh… no… but why in the hell would I be growing breasts,” I answered, gently touching them and receiving a thrilling, electrical sensation throughout my whole body.

“I don’t know. What did your doctor say?” she asked coyly.

“I… I haven’t been able to get in to see him,” I babbled, not really understanding why I hadn’t seen him yet, myself.

“I can get you in to see my doctor this afternoon if you’d like,” she offered innocently, displaying deep concern on her face.

“How…? You can really get an appointment with your doctor this quick,” I asked astounded after having taken so long to get in to see mine.

“Oh sure, she’s a good friend of mine. I’ll call her and make an appointment right now. You relax and get some work done and I’ll come to get you when it’s time to leave,” she reassured me, “Paullina is a great doctor. You’ll really like her.”

“I’ve never seen a lady doctor before,” I remarked, a little unnerved.

“Oh sheesh! Get over it, Roy! Women have been seeing male doctors for centuries. As far as you’re concerned, she’s a doctor, not a woman,” she derided me with near distaste.

“I didn’t mean…,” I stammered, shocked that I’d be, accused of such a thing, and trying to make my true feelings clearer.

“Anyway, if you really are developing breasts, who better to understand, and least likely to judge you for something happening to you that’s completely out of your control, than a woman?” she asked, letting me off the hook, realizing that she needed me to trust her and not be uncomfortable around her.

“Yes, that would be a little less embarrassing I guess,” I agreed, buttoning my shirt, straightening my tie, and making my way towards the door, headed back to my office.

“Good, don’t worry about it. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation that the doctor can deal with,” she soothed, trying with difficulty to hide her excitement, “I’ll see you soon, Roy.”

I got busy on a design I’d been trying to work the bugs out of and put the matter out of my mind.


“Hello, Paullina? Yes, this is Angie. I’m going to bring him by this afternoon. Do you have everything ready,” Angie said to the phone receiver.

“Yes,” Dr. Leibovitz replied.

“Great, it was getting too difficult to keep him from noticing the changes in his body as well as keep him away from his doctor.”

“Have you gotten him to sign the marriage license yet,” Dr. Leibovitz inquired.

“No, I haven’t gotten him to sign the marriage papers yet, but I think with the right drugs and hypnotic suggestions we can get that done this afternoon. He’s very grateful that I can get him an appointment with a doctor with such short notice,” she grinned at the receiver even though the doctor wouldn’t be able to see it.

“I’m sure he is, even though he might not be in the months to come,” she snickered.

“You sure have your work cut out for you. You have the initial items you need on hand as your message said, I hope,” Angie asked for confirmation.

“Yes, yes, and the operating theater, is all prepared. Why don’t you stop yakking and get his ass here so we can get started,” Paullina snapped nervously.

“All right, all right, don’t flip out on me. I couldn’t very well say, ‘let’s go now,’ could I? He’d be suspicious right away,” she consoled, “Anyway, I’ll have him there in half an hour. Make sure everybody’s ready.”

************** Chapter 2: New Beginnings

“Everything’s setup Roy, she has an opening in half an hour, so we’ll need to go right now,” Angie told me, standing at my office door.

“But, I just started…,” I began, but quickly shut it off, “Never mind.”

I stood up, closed down my computer, grabbed my jacket, and headed to the door, “As much as I like women’s breasts, I prefer them on women. Let’s go then.”

“Good decision,” she agreed. “Let’s take my car. I know the way.”

“Sure,” I was deep in thought and easily led.

Once we’d gotten into her SUV, she started speaking to me, “Roy, don’t you just love the crystal dangling from my mirror?”

“Yes, it’s very nice,” I agreed.

“Notice how the light flashes from it…”


“See the rainbow of colors in the crystal, Roy,” Angie droned.

“Very pretty…”

“You’re getting very sleepy Roy.”

My eyes were in reverse blink mode almost immediately.

“Why don’t you take a little nap while I drive…?” she suggested as my lights turned out entirely.

A short while later, she said, “Okay now Roy, when I count to three, I want you to appear awake, but you are still asleep and will do whatever I tell you. If you understand, nod your head Roy.”

I nodded.

“One… Two… Three... Roy, I want you to open the car door and get out. Then I want you to follow me into the doctor’s office,” Angie commanded.

I docilely followed right behind her into the office and right into an examination room.

“You are alone in the exam room, Roy, so take off all of your clothes and put on this gown and the doctor will be in to see you soon. You can see that it is blue and very manly,” Angie instructed, while handing me a flowery pink gown.

I stripped off naked in front of Angie, not knowing that she was in the room with me, and slipped the flowery pink gown on with my butt hanging out the back.

“Now lie down on the exam table Roy, with your feet up in the stirrups,” Angie instructed, with a barely suppressed giggle.

I lie down, fit my heels into the stirrups, with my legs spread wide and waited.

“Ah, you’re here finally,” Dr. Paullina Leibovitz exclaimed as she entered the exam room. “Why is he lying there with his feet in the stirrups?”

“I just thought it was funny,” Angie snickered.

The doctor shook her head, “You are twisted girl. If you hadn’t told me what a scumbag this twit is, I wouldn’t have ever agreed to help you. I’m going to give him a sedative now, so do whatever you have to do so he doesn’t come around until after it has taken effect.”

“Roy, the doctor is going to give you a shot of testosterone to make your nipples go back to normal,” Angie lied.

“Good idea Angie,” Dr. Leibovitz declared while she poked the needle into my arm. “That should do it. In five minutes, we spirit him into the operating theater and change his life. He won’t be coming around after surgery either. I have him on a series of hypnotics for weeks to come, even in the hospice you have booked for him.”

“He’ll be coming around to his enforced hypnotic state again in about 8 hours, so you go ahead and do what you need to while I get busy with this piece of crap,” Dr. Leibovitz instructed as an orderly entered the room with a gurney.

************** Chapter 3: Matrimony

“Roy, you are in love with Angie and you want her to be your wife. She has been so nice to you. She help get you to the doctor, she’s taking care of everything at the company for you. Angie loves you and is great in bed. You asked her to marry you two weeks ago and she agreed, but you need to sign the marriage agreement now for the Justice of the Peace,” Angie commanded the hypnotized, drugged person in the recovery room.

She held the pen and document steady while Roy signed it, then he was taken quickly as the medications were once again increased.

“That should take care of who’s the boss back there until we can get him… err… anyway until we’re ready to take the next step,” Angie proudly declared to the doctor.

“Have you picked a new name yet? If not, may I suggest a really obvious stripper stage name? It will fit much better by the time we’ve finished,” Dr. Leibovitz advised with a slightly twisted smile.

“I’ll work on it. Did you install the special memory metal devices I provided, or will that have to wait until the next round of surgeries,” Angie inquired excitedly.

“I only installed the glandular controls and the endocrine enhancements. The other stuff will have to wait until I go in next time or maybe even after that. You know that we’ll be at this for well over a year, so don’t be so over anxious,” Paullina advised her friend. “Why don’t you take off home, relax, watch some television, and get some sleep. Everything here will be fine. It will be at least a week before we can do further work anyway.”

“Roy, you listen carefully, learn, and remember everything you hear until I come back,” Angie cooed as she placed headphones onto Roy’s head.

Roy was so stoned that his eyes rolled up into his head and he lay there drooling and listening.

“Well Paullina, I’ve got work to do, like filing this marriage certificate. See you tonight sweetie,” Angie said as she waved to the doctor, and sashayed out of the hospital room.

‘I’m going to have to re-enforce her conditioning tonight,’ Angie thought to herself, ‘She’s acting as if she’s beginning to doubt whether what I’ve had her do to him, was the right and proper thing to do.’

Angie knew it was getting late so she quickly made her way to the County records office to file the marriage certificate, her name change, and all of the other supporting documents.

************** Chapter 4: Reorganization

The next day after Dr Leibovitz’s hypnotic re-conditioning and a rather drawn out lesbian lovemaking session with her, leaving Angie sated and satisfied, Angie slipped into the office early with a happy bounce in her step and a triumphant grin on her face, “Good morning Erica! How are you this beautiful morning dear?”

“You’re certainly in a good mood today,” Erica remarked with a conspiratorial smile.

“Well, a woman the day after her honeymoon is supposed to be,” she smiled back, stopping in front of the secretary’s desk.

“Am I to assume that your husband is on an extended sabbatical until further notice and that all communications for him are to go through you,” Erica asked sweetly, as Angie had conditioned her to do.

“Why yes, he has decided to leave the day to day operations of the company in my capable hands, while he does intensive research for new products. We’ve set up his personal laboratory elsewhere to cut down on the interruptions. He expects to be sending many new concepts to us for final design and implementation. There will even be some secret, special projects, which I’m going to have to personally supervise,” Angie informed her, “Won’t you help me move my things into Roy’s office please?”

“Oh sure Mrs. Bagley, I’d be happy to. In fact, I’ve got some boxes so that we can pack up some of his things, so you can take them to him,” she replied as she stood, smoothed her skirt, and gracefully squatted to pick up some empty boxes.

“You are a dear, Erica,” Angie complimented, “I’m going to have to promote you with this kind of loyalty and forethought.”

Erica blushed slightly and replied, “Why thank you.”

The two ladies busied themselves with the swapping of office supplies and personal items for the first part of the day.

Once Angie had things nearly settled, she went to Roy’s house and began making it her own. She had new bedroom sets delivered, revamped the kitchen, tossed out those nasty curtains with the sportsman themes, and replaced them with some elegant ruffled pastel over-laced ones. The Mediterranean furnishings were, sent to the Goodwill and new Victorian sets were, bought to replace them.

For the next few days, Angie was immersed in her favorite hobby, shopping!

********** Chapter 5: New Devices

Once she was somewhat satisfied with her environment, she again visited the hospital where Roy was being, held, “So, how is our sleeping beauty doctor?”

“He seems restless. It is taking more sedatives to keep him unconscious than I prefer to administer. However, his body is healing nicely and I’ll be ready to begin some of the implantations. Have you figured out a way to feminize his hips?”

“Oh, no I haven’t, but I think I’ll simply ask him how it can be done. That will provide us with a new medical product, while aiding us in his transformation,” she snickered evilly.

“How deviously deceptive of you my dear, you’ll find our victim in the closed wing, residing in room 69. His full time nurses have been briefed that you will be visiting him today,” she informed Angie, kissing her passionately and adding, “I love what you’re wearing dear. It’s very sexy. I can’t wait to visit your new home!”

“Well, why don’t you drop by tonight and we can make plans for our ‘Playroom’,” Angie offered, while groping the doctor’s ample bosom.

“It’s a date! Damn, I sure wish I didn’t have to make ‘Rounds’ right now. I’d make you glad that you’re a woman,” Dr. Leibovitz assured her, licking her lips, and then biting her lower lip sexily.

“You’re such a tease! I can’t wait to get you home and into a warm bubble bath,” Angie giggled, lightly spanking the doctor.

“Well, I have sick people waiting on me,” Dr. Leibovitz remarked as she walked away, “Find out what you need and tell me tonight.”

Angie left to visit me in my private room at that point.


That night in a hot bubble bath, Angie filled Paullina in, “Roy was very helpful today! I was looking for a way to reshape his pelvis so I told him that we had a special client, a woman whose pelvis had never feminized enough with her normal hormones to allow for childbirth, and when I asked him how we could help her, he gave me a design to do it.”

“We need a rod within a tube, muscle wire affixed at one end of the rod, which is stuffed inside of the tube and the muscle wire is affixed to the bottom lip of the outer tube, using muscle wire of sufficient diameter and designed to contract at human body temperatures with sufficient force to maintain a constant push against the inside of the pelvic brim on two different axis, in a rough X formation, wider in front and back closer at the hips. Then we add another one from Ilium to Ilium to spread them as well. With a constant pressure, over a fairly short period, the pelvis will conform to feminine parameters.”

“That’s just brilliant! With a load-spreading endpoint shaped properly, that could do the trick! Size it properly so that it stops pushing once it had reached full extension. You could almost do the same thing with a simple spring mechanism alone, except this will provide a constant pressure throughout its total span. If the shell is manufactured out of titanium, it will be strong and easily assimilate into the human body,” Paullina enthused, “How soon can your company have them made up for me to install?”

“Research was given the project this morning and they have assured me that working prototypes could be available as soon as the end of the week,” Angie told her with a sly smile.

“That’s great! Oh, his surgery went well today. I installed the four sets of Paraurethral glands, each with their own thirty-one ducts, which empty into his urethra. He’s going to be very juicy!” she then broke into a giggle.

“That’s perfect! What else did we need to figure out,” Angie prompted her bath mate with a slight nipple twiddle.

“Ooh, I’ll give you six hours to stop that! One thing that I’ve never been satisfied with is current voice feminization techniques,” she admitted squirming against the soapy Angie.

“Well, how soon, should he be out of sedation and somewhat coherent,” Angie asked while lightly stroking Paullina’s upper thigh, near her Mons Veneris.

Paullina’s body shuddered with the thrill, as her nervous system sent pleasure sensations into her brain, “Is the bathwater boiling yet… Oh, ah… yes, he should be in shape for you to question in a couple of days. We are keeping him bed ridden and on a feed tube to reduce his weight to something closer to our objectives and to let his muscles atrophy properly.”

“Well, I’m plenty hot, what say we, adjourn to the bedroom, and get down to some serious lesbian sex,” Paullina asked with a kiss.

“First, I want to know how many donor breasts do you have lined up for, his next surgery,” Angie asked as she started lightly teasing Paullina’s clit.

“Ungh… ooh! I grafted three pair of mammary glands to him this afternoon… oh… 24 lobes in each set, along with their body fat and affixed them all to a common milk duct leading to each nipple and I have two more pair lined up. I hope to have a couple more by the end of the week, but that’s all I dare graft to him for a month or so, skin only stretches so fast. Oh god, that’s good!” she informed Angie as she began to tremble under Angie’s expert ministrations.

“You are doing a superb job Paullina. Our little toy is going to be amazing when you’re done,” Angie tittered as she deepened Paullina’s hypnotic commands.

********** Chapter 6: Vocal Offerings

A couple days later, after interrogating Roy, Angie met Paullina as she was leaving the hospital. The two ladies jumped into Paullina’s Mercedes and discussed what Angie had learned, “Roy was very inventive today. You remember that you asked about feminizing, a man’s voice? I told Roy that a Transgender man wanted to have his voice made into a woman’s, but that current methods left much to be desired.”

“He came up with an entirely new method. By taking Nitinol wire that has been, coated with Teflon and making a loose weave with it, we can create a tube by fixing it with a zipper at one side. The tube can be, wrapped around the thyroid cartilage and the cricoid cartilage. With that accomplished, we can actuate the tube to squeeze the cartilage in different places since it needs to be wired into individual rings to change the timbre of the voice.”

“With small pieces of Nitinol wire, sutured from a third of the way along the vocal fold and anchored to the tubercle of epiglottis, we can raise the pitch of the voice by tightening the Nitinol wire.”

“Both of these things will need to be radio controlled at first until the desired pitch and timbre are achieved,” Angie proudly proclaimed as the doctor chauffeured them to Angie’s new home.

“That’s astonishing! What about, the labia control?” the doctor asked as she wheeled them through traffic.

“That one was almost a no-brainer. As you know, a woman’s labia has no muscles, therefore we need to create a musculature, which heretofore didn’t exist. Roy suggested that it be, modeled after human lips. We create concentric rings looping through both labia but with an anchor point to both sides of the clitoris. By affixing Nitinol strands around each ring at several points along the circumference both inside and up close to the skin, we can actuate them in groups and simulate human lips with the labia,” Angie parroted, just as she had learned from Roy earlier that day.

Paullina laughed aloud, “That’s simply marvelous! How soon will you be able to have these wonders available for me to implant?” the doctor asked, turning into Angie’s new abode.

“Research is going as fast as they can with these new ideas. When I told my head researcher about these new things, he almost fainted,” Angie remarked as she exited the vehicle, “He told me that I must be working poor Roy to death.”

“Actually, I believe that Roy’s days are numbered. Have you thought of a new name for our toy, lover,” Paullina asked sweetly.

“I was thinking of Boobette Cumsloudly… what do you think,” Angie asked with a sly smile.

“I’ll get busy changing all the paperwork at the hospital. It will fit our charge much better as he becomes nearer to our goal,” Paullina tittered as she held the front door open for Angie.

As the two ladies entered the foyer the doctor asked, “You do realize that he won’t be able to stand up if we do as you have planed, don’t you?”

“I figure that will be the next puzzle that I’ll have Roy solve for us,” Angie replied as she removed her coat, revealing a stunning LBD.

“Damn girl, it’s a wonder that coat didn’t burst into flames! You are looking so hot!”

“Why thank you Paullina, you’re so sweet,” Angie responded with a modeling pose, “It just looked so great on me I had to have it. It could also be considered a business expense, since all of the men working for me perked up and did their best to impress me,” she tittered. “My engineering staff gave me these for you to try out… Well, actually they gave them to me for Roy to try out, so in order for him to do that, you’ll just have to install them in him.” Angie handed a box with the titanium pelvis jacks inside, within sealed and sterilized, inside of plastic bags.

“Now I wish he was in shape to take more surgery. I really want to see what these babies will do,” Paullina exclaimed, almost drooling on the devices.

“It wouldn’t kill him, would it,” Angie suggested.

“Well… no, I’ve had to go in on an emergency basis this soon before, although it’s not usually done if it can be avoided.”

“In that case, I think this could be construed as an emergency, and in any case we aren’t looking for him to get his ‘strength’ back… ever,” Angie exclaimed with certainty.

“Alright, I’ll get right on that in the morning, unless you want to forgo our lovemaking tonight so that I could do it right now,” Paullina teased as she gently stroked Angie’s buttock.

“Oh, I think that we can let Roy… err… I mean, Boobette recover for one more night at least,” Angie acquiesced as she tried to see how good of a tongue wrestler Paullina was.

********** Chapter 7: Designs

One week later, Angie swept into the hospital and asked, “Hey there, hon.. You said that he’d be able to be questioned today, so I thought I’d check in before I got busy to see if you’ve thought of anything else you’d like to know?”

“I was wondering if there is a way to, remotely stimulate his nipples? I mean is it possible to make his nipples scrunch way up and even maybe… if say he was lactating, to make his nipples milk themselves,” Paullina pondered aloud.

“What a wonderfully twisted mind you have darling! I Love where you’re going with this. I bet we can use something like the incontinence ring that Roy invented only way more relaxed around the areolas when they are not active, they can be slightly constricted when stimulated and progressing rings of constriction and relaxation as they are made to milk themselves. I think they could even be used to start him lactating,” Angie surmised, and then giggled, “We could even make them squirt like fountains when he orgasms!”

“Ooh… that makes me wet, just thinking about it,” Paullina agreed. “I can see that I’m going to have to graft some arteries and veins from a donor leg to provide enough circulation to the mammaries you want him to have, especially if you plan to make him into your milk cow!”

“You already replaced the veins and arteries that supply his Skene’s Glands, didn’t you,” Angie inquired, as she hugged the over-stimulated doctor.

“Of course, there’s no way his normal circulatory system could provide enough blood to supply that many glands, and by making them larger, they are constantly supplying more blood than would be normal. They perform more as if a very stimulated woman’s would but with four times the quantity. When he is stimulated, the results should be quite amazing,” the doctor replied, squirming against Angie.

“How do you plan to shrink him? We need him much diminished in stature when he comes to,” Angie stated, as she held Paullina at arm’s length.

“That I’ve already started. Basically, I’m chemically inducing osteoporosis in him. His bones should shrink just like the astronaut’s do. I’m sure that eventually I’ll have to surgically intervene in some way, but that will have to wait until his skeleton becomes more bird-like,” she summarized for her co-conspirator. “Oh, and you are just going to love how well those pelvis jacks have been working. I can already see some results.”

“I’ll go and have a look at Boobette for myself. I know that you have patients to see, so I’ll look for you tonight by the swimming pool,” Angie informed Paullina as she made her way off, to the closed wing.


Later, by the pool and dressed in a string bikini, Paullina asked, “How did you like his progress?”

“Well, he looks like he has the hips of an eighteen-year-old, but the researchers said that it would take time,” Angie stated, sounding somewhat disappointed, “I do have some good news for you though. My research team says that Roy’s latest idea on voice feminization is sheer genius and they went berserk figuring out the details.”

Angie leaned over the side of her lounge chair and snapped up a sealed box, encased in plastic, “They wanted to run animal trials on this first, but I convinced them that we could handle the fine tuning ourselves. Are you up for it?”

“I’ve been salivating over this for two weeks. So, this one will be radio controlled, not like the pelvis jacks, which are simply designed to go until they’ve reached the final desired dimensions, or the blood flow increaser to his clits that is operated by normal nerve stimulation as well as a remote,” Paullina inquired, sipping her Long Island Ice Tea.

“Yes, and once we’ve reached optimum silly-voice we can make it permanent,” Angie giggled, and then added, “You’ll also find your nipple implants inside. The labia implants are still in development. The boys claim that the programming is quite complex.”

“I can well imagine. What kind of tricks are you having installed,” Paullina asked with a devious grin.

“I plan on having many surprises installed, some of them set up with internal triggers and others will be under our control. I’m thinking of having them make it upgradeable with future downloads to the firmware. It shouldn’t take anything bigger than a penny to do the job,” Angie informed the doctor.

“Are they doing any real time testing of that one?” the doctor asked, pulling off her top to even out her tan.

“Those kinky little bastards in research already have a test jig installed in a sow, back at the lab,” Angie snorted. “You should see some of the things they can do to her pussy lips! That sow goes nuts when they do it to her while she’s awake!”

“I’ll bet she does! It’s making me squirm just thinking about it,” the doctor admitted. “What kinds of things have they made it do so far?”

“Well, so far they have made her labia suck at her clitoris, vibrate, and spread wide. Maybe if it works out for him, we can have yours done too,” Angie offered with a smirk.

“I could see me in surgery now, transplanting a heart and my pussy takes off on its own,” Paullina fantasized, “As intriguing as that might be, it could put a crimp in my surgical efficiency.”

“We wouldn’t want that,” Angie agreed, sipping her Mint Julep, “I think I’ll have them make it so her labia can suck a dildo inside her without using her hands.”

“Ooh, so you could just place it between her thighs and her pussy would, uh… snatch it up!” the doctor laughed aloud at her own jest.

“Essentially that’s the idea,” Angie agreed, “I plan for our slut to be so busy with her body, she’ll forget all about ever being a man.”

“Or pretty much anything but sex…” the doctor agreed.

********** Chapter 8: Awakening

In the ensuing weeks, all the specified modifications were, made to me, including the surgeries to shorten my skeleton and shrink my chest and arms. I went from a 5’ 11” tall male to a less than 5’ tall female, over nearly a full year of medical interventions and countless technical marvels, usually of my own design.

Finally, I had healed enough and changed enough that my captors decided it was time to unveil me, to me.

As I swam my way out of the long darkness, I found it difficult to open my eyes. A great weight seemed to hold them down, which I soon discovered was great, long eyelashes that had been surgically implanted to my eyelids. I only knew this from the tickle of the lashes on my face.

The first thing I did was try to touch my face with my right hand, however, my arm wouldn’t move, as it was strapped down, just as my left one was.

I tried to lift my head and discover that it’s restrained as well, so I wasn’t able to see anything but what was right in front of my eyes, and that was a rather featureless ceiling.

I lay there trying to figure out what had happened, but nothing was coming to me, so I decided to try to speak to maybe draw attention to whomever was keeping me restrained.

My tongue slipped out between my lips to wet them prior to speaking and darned if it didn’t feel as though I have way more tongue as well as bigger lips. Although, when I tried to talk, no sound came out.

“I see you’re assessing your situation, Boobette,” a disembodied female voice came to me, over a speaker system, “Your face says to me that you don’t know who Boobette is. It’s you. You are Boobette Cumsloudly. Would you like to see, sweetie?”

“Oh, that’s right, you can’t respond. Well, in that case, I’ll just assume it’s a yes,” she finished, as a mirror slid into place above me, on the ceiling.

I was shocked into a dead faint by what I saw.


Sometime later after swimming back to consciousness, I heard, “Now that was a really sissy thing to do!”

I was embarrassed, but still quite confused, even though the mirror isn’t above me.

“Well, considering her delicate constitution, maybe we should tell her about herself slowly,” I heard come from a different female voice.

“Yes, I suppose that you’re right Paullina,” the familiar sounding voice responded, “Okay Boobette, by now you realize that you were abducted and transformed into a woman. What you don’t know is how much of a woman you are, what will happen to you, why you were transformed, or by whom.”

“We’re going to tell you some things right now, as well as demonstrate to you some things about your new body so that you don’t hurt yourself or try anything foolish,” the voice I’d come to recognize as Paullina stated.

“The reason you cannot speak right now is that we haven’t allowed it yet. We modified your voice box and have a control that can turn off your voice and even make small changes in it when we want to. I can’t wait until you hear it, but for now, I’ll just have to,” the recognized voice said.

“We can’t have you interrupting us, while we inform you of your new situation, now can we,” Paullina stated with a giggle.

“We certainly cannot,” agreed the other, “Our sex toy must learn her new station in life. Yes, you heard me right, Boobette. You are nothing but a sex toy now. You were rebuilt to be the perfect lesbian bimbo and you will find that your new body’s modifications will guarantee your enthusiastic participation in any sex act we desire.”

I was so shocked and dismayed at this revelation that, I begin to cry with huge tears pooling in my eye sockets making it difficult to see, not that there’s anything but ceiling to view.

“See how feminine you’ve become, Boobette,” Paullina said, “Your new female body is just coursing with estrogens. It’s natural for you to be emotional, although we’re going to inject you with something right now to keep you smiling and happy for the rest of this.”

I felt a poke on the inside of my elbow.

“That’s right in the vein. You should be feeling warm and very good any second,” Paullina told me with a small giggle at the end.

She was quite correct. I felt a warm, almost burning sensation flow up my arm and then I was just floating on a bright happy cloud.

“That’s so much better, Paullina,” the other woman said. “Now, onto your new body, we decided that your name should be Boobette Cumsloudly, since you’ve been given some hugely impressive breasts. Normal women have up to 24 lobes of mammary gland per breast. You on the other hand have 100 mammary lobes per breast and some hypersensitive nipples on top of them. There are also some special features to your new boobies, but we’re going to reveal them to you a little later.”

I was floating there thinking, ‘That’s nice…’

“I think a demonstration is in order,” Paullina stated as I felt her hand lightly caress my over sized nipple.

I received such a near orgasmically electric jolt of pleasure from her caress that I tried to moan and squirm.

“Oh, come on Angie, if she promises not to interrupt, can we allow her to use her voice,” Paullina asked excitedly.

“Oh, all right. Boobette, if you promise not to interrupt and only to respond to specific questions, blink your eyes rapidly,” Angie asked.

I fluttered my huge lashes as best I could. At this point, I’d have agreed to being, hit in the head with a baseball bat, I was so high.

Paullina caressed my nipple once again and I heard a little girl moan, from seemingly a long way off.

“I love that voice coming from her,” Paullina enthused with an almost girlish giggle.

“Okay, enough just nipple manipulation, stroke your hand around the base of both of her massive boobies. I want her to feel just how immense they are,” Angie commanded almost testily.

As I felt Paullina’s small feminine hands define the circumference of my gigantic new breasts, I squealed with pleasure and my thighs began to quiver.

“You now wear a 30 TT cup brassiere Dearie, congratulation,” Angie taunted, “Work your hands down to her waist Paullina.”

I felt her hands glide down the small portion of my ribcage that my boobs don’t cover and continue down towards my waist. Once she reached it, she grasped my waist as if to encircle it with her hands and even her small hands nearly fit all the way around me.

“Your waist is now a tiny 16 inches around, thanks to the Nitinol corset that we installed inside your skin. It’s the only way that you will be able to stand and support the huge weight of your own breasts. That is of course whenever we activate your corset. Without it, you are quite incapacitated. Your abdominal muscles aren’t strong enough to let you lift your legs up, let alone your oversized torso,” Angie informed me with delight, “You are completely at our mercy.”

I felt my middle suddenly become rigid and my breasts reorient themselves towards the center of my chest, even though they continued to jiggle for quite some time afterwards.

“Time to move southward,” Paullina, announced as I felt her hands follow the ridiculous flair of my new hips.

“Your new, very feminine hips, measure 42 inches around, even with though your tummy is concaved between the hip bones. Your hips were modified to ‘Breeder’ proportions.”

“That is to say,” I felt Paullina’s hands move farther down, “Your pelvis was modified to dimensions far exceeding most normal women’s, which allow the passage of a baby through the pelvic brim. You easily have the pubic arch of a woman, as any physician would attest. The results are that your hips are very wide and your legs are now much farther apart than they were before. We can pass a Kleenex box through your legs with your knees together.”

I giggled at the silly picture of a Kleenex box going through my legs. (Give me a break. I was stoned!)

“Of course, the absence of man parts getting in the way, makes that easier,” Angie cruelly assured me, “But don’t fret, we didn’t just cut it off, or invert it, as with conventional SRS surgery. You have all the internal organs that all women have, although you have quite a few more than a normal woman does. You have a much longer vagina. Your Uterus is larger to accommodate the eight ovaries that we grafted to it. So don’t worry Dearie, you’re now all woman!”

“You aren’t kidding, Angie,” Paullina added, “Your natural estrogen levels are almost three times that of normal women. However, I’m especially proud of how I was able to graft four sets of Paraurethral glands, with each set having thirty-one ducts that empty into your urethra. Oh, maybe you don’t know that term. How about if I restate it, that they are your Skene's glands? No… all right, let’s just say that they are responsible for your natural lubrication and female ejaculation.”

“You bet you did Paullina! I’m so pleased that you were able to use some extra large ones at that,” Angie enthused.

“I was just lucky to acquire them. They were so much easier to work with too. Being larger made the grafting a breeze,” Paullina agreed, “She’s so much juicer than any woman I’ve ever seen before!”

“Yes, Boobette, you have a very wet and juicy pussy. When you orgasm, it’s as if someone opened the flood gates of a dam,” Angie laughed heartily, “You’ll probably need to wear diapers or something all of the time, just to keep from having your pussy juice drooling down your inner thighs.”

“Paullina, let’s demonstrate her new responsiveness to sexual stimulation,” Angie coaxed.

Paullina’s hands slid towards my Mons Veneris and the electrical excitement built exponentially.

“Now, you’re going to see that you have a very special vulva,” Paullina teased as her hand moved beyond the curve of my underside.

I felt my labia quiver as if they had a mind of their own, I exclaimed, “Ulgah!”

“Yes, you’re going to be a mega-horny little bitch,” she remarked with glee, as she pushed her finger inside my body, “Mmmm, yes, I bet you’ve never felt anything like that before!”

I was panting like a puppy in the back of a minivan.

“Don’t you just love being fucked? No, don’t answer, I know that you do,” Angie exclaimed happily. “Paullina, tickle Boobette’s clitties, one at a time.”

Electric explosions went off all around, emanating from the top of a slit in my crotch, right through the top of my head. I screamed out a note that I believe, only dogs could hear, each time she tickled a clit, which to my horror was four times! She then used both hands and did all four clits at once and I nearly broke my own spine trying to arch my back while in the restraints.

That was the last thing I knew for awhile as I had lost consciousness.

I came around fairly quickly after that to hear, “I hope she builds up a tolerance soon, because having her faint so often won’t be nearly as much fun!”

“Well, part of it is due to her being unconscious for nearly a year. She’ll do better as her strength returns,” Paullina informed Angie.

“What do you think about setting her loose in her new room, so that she can discover herself while we watch on the closed circuit TV,” Angie suggested with a twisted smile.

“As long as you carry her remote control, that would be very entertaining,” giggled Paullina, “How about a thong, hot pants, an ‘Iron Maiden’ bra, and a peasant blouse to start her off?”

“That should be interesting, but maybe a peek-a-boo ‘Iron Maiden’ bra will be more entertaining,” Angie snickered, knowing full well what she had planned.

“Right you are! Let’s get her moved and dress her! This is almost like having our own slutty Barbie Doll,” Paullina exclaimed enthusiastically as she began pushing the gurney upon which I lay unconscious.

“I’m so glad that you are enjoying our new toy,” Angie twittered, knowing that the Doctor couldn’t do otherwise.

********** Chapter 9: Back Again

I swam back up to consciousness, hoping that what I recalled from my last waking was only a dream. That was not the case. However, I found giant weights on my chest pressing me into a large soft bed.

Upon further inspection, I discovered the bed was entirely pink with lace and ribbons all over the comforter. Pink satin pillows on pink satin sheets, with a number of pink stuffed animals, Teddy bears, bunnies, kitties, and other assorted critters adorned the bed as well.

As I look about the room, I take in the frilliest girl’s room that I’ve ever dreamed. There is a white dressing table with pink bows painted on it and around the mirror, all in French Pavilion styling.

The thing that shocked me was the rug in this room. It seems to be, made out of pink fake fur! That can’t be very durable! It appears that there is a flat screen TV mounted into the walls, covered in pinkish- wallpaper, flooded with cute little fairies.

Most of my vision of the room is blocked by, my huge breasts, which are embraced in a pink satin brassiere and covered with a pink-checkered peasant blouse.

After my brief scan of my surroundings, I reach up with my tiny hand and brush a lock of my platinum blonde hair from my face.

As I inspect the hand I used, I find a full set of one-inch long pink fingernails with tiny fairies engraved into them. Who in the hell engraves fingernails with fairies?

‘They are kind of cute though…,’ I mused, but then, ‘what in the hell am I thinking!’

I tried moving, rolling over to get out of bed, or at least get a different view. I finally made it onto my right side. Well, I sort of made it onto my right side. I still have about fifteen degrees to be on my side. Apparently, my boobs are propping me up and keeping me from being able to roll upright. I had to take my left hand and grab my soft left thigh, while taking my right arm and pulling it underneath my right side so that I could push up while pulling on my thigh and counterbalance the weight of my massive mammaries.

Once I passed the balance point my boobs shifted and I had to quickly prop myself up on my left with my arm to keep my boobs from throwing me onto the floor. I sat there for what seemed like five minutes trying to keep from falling over as my breasts shifted back and forth and my weight shifted on the soft bed.

Unbeknownst to me, Paullina and Angie were rolling on the floor with laughter as they watched.

The distracting part for me was that I could feel my nipples rubbing against the cloth of my blouse and they were causing my pussy to quiver and become very wet. I wanted to, but just couldn’t suppress a high-pitched girly moan.

When my boobs quit throwing me about, I reached out front to see why my nipples felt as they do and discovered that they weren’t inside the bra as the rest of my breasts were. It was hard to reach them, but I found a circular cutout in the cups right where my nipples were!

My poor nipples were so sensitive, that I figured if I squeezed them a little, it would make them feel better. Boy was I right! I nearly orgasmed when I did that and I didn’t realize at the time, but there was a dark, wet stain appearing on the front of my blouse.

I scooted my impossibly wide ass to the edge of the bed and then dangle my legs over the side. At least I think they were dangling over, because I sure as hell couldn’t see them!

I kept scooting farther and farther until just the cheeks of my butt were on the bed and finally my toes touched the floor. Well, that is to say, my shoes touched the floor. I didn’t even know that I was wearing shoes until then. The bad news was that, they were ultra-steep heels, there was no good news, for it appears that my feet have been, remodeled to walk comfortably in them.

Once my feet could take my weight, I stayed leaning back against the bed until I could safely tip forward enough to stand on my own. I did all of this incredibly slowly so as to not get my boobs jiggling again.

I hesitantly took a single step alongside of the bed, using it as a support, while I got my balance.

This is so strange, since I must throw my hips front to back to walk, for if I do not, my breasts jiggle so violently that I’m in danger of going to my knees. Even so, everything on me is in motion when I walk. My ass jiggles, my boobs jiggle, my thighs wiggle, and my hair flies everywhere!

‘Oh, there’s a mirror over on that wall,’ I thought to myself as I perambulated towards it. It took a while to get there, since I virtually had to take baby steps and then stop until everything quit jiggling.

Once I arrived, I peered in horror at the image displayed there. The sluttiest bimbo sex-toy that I could have imagined in my wildest fantasy stared back at me with a pouty fixed-grin, the kind of girl who would have left me slack-jawed, staring, and speechless.

The babe before me was so hot, I felt my nipples crinkle up so tight that they were almost painful and I could feel my pussy drooling down my inner thighs.

I reached up underneath those unbelievable breasts and hefted their weight with my hands, which sunk into them and were barely strong enough to take their weight from my chest.

All of a sudden, it felt as if my nipples were bleeding! A dark spot grew in the front of my blouse, right where my nipples were. The spots grew until I let my boobs back down, although the liquid running down my inner thighs kept flowing.

After gazing at my drooling pussy for a while, I followed the stream down my legs to view my tiny, bizarre feet! Not only are they very small, they point nearly straight up and down, except for the toes, which are at 90- degree angles to my feet and the toenails painted exactly like my fingernails. The worst part is that they feel normal at this ridiculous angle.

The clear plastic sandals that encase my feet are tinted pink with a satin rose right over the middle of the top. It’s a wonder that I was able to make my way to this mirror, let alone doing it in relative comfort.

My feet are nearly together, but my knees aren’t anywhere near each other. The tops of my thighs are about five inches apart, which highlights the big camel-toe displayed between them, with daylight showing through, the slit that splits me front-to-back.

Since the Hot-pink, latex shorts that I’m wearing, show a camel toe, I can only assume that’s how my abductors want me to appear. They make me appear very slutty, although they feel nice on my butt.

The absurdly wide hips that I’m sporting stretch the latex drastically at the widest point, but my ultra small waist leaves the top of my pants loose around that tiny six-pack of my abdomen.

I tried wiggling my hips a little to see my tummy flex, but it doesn’t change much, so I rub my tiny hand up and down my stomach. It feels so soft and hairless, although bumpy with the ridges of what appear to be muscles.

Now to see what my butt looks like from behind. By taking tiny steps, I slowly turn to the right side and gawk at the bubble butt that I’m sporting, and my huge eyes with the tattooed on slut make-up, become ever wider as I gaze upon my new derriere.

It appeared as though two over-stuffed saddlebags were hanging from my waist and attached to my thighs in back, split wide in the middle with plenty of jiggly-soft loft to protrude out the back, and each cheek bisected by the latex hot pants. This is the kind of ass that looks like two ferrets fighting in a burlap sack when a girl walks!

‘Oh well, I guess it’s time to see the damage first hand,’ I thought to myself.

I began untying the blouse from in front of my boobs. It was tight and hard for my small weak hands to undo, but eventually the ends fell free and I was able to unbutton it all the way. I shrugged it off with a shiver, as it slithered down my sensitive skin to the floor.

‘Now, how do I unhook this monster,’ I mused, ‘There must be hooks in the middle of the band in back.’ I reached around and felt the hooks, though was astonished at how many of them there were, and began the task of unhooking each one individually. I didn’t get far when they became too hard to unhook because of the strain on them of holding up my boobs.

‘How am I ever going to get this off,’ I mused, ‘Maybe if I take some of the weight off the bra, I can unhook it’

I glanced around the room and determined that the dresser was high enough to rest my tits on while I struggled behind my back. Lucky for me, that worked, but when I backed away from the dresser, my boobs dropped off and their weight dropped me to the floor behind them, banging my head painfully on the front of the dresser.

“Ouch,” I declared and instantly thought, ‘Oh, my god! That cannot be my voice!’

“This is what I sound like,” I said aloud, but thought, ‘Shit, I sound like a three year old girl!’

My curiosity got the better of me and I tried singing, “On the good ship, lollipop…” but had to giggle, since I sounded so ridiculous, which really had me concerned.

‘I have bigger issues to deal with right now,’ I thought to myself as I struggled to my feet, peeling that huge brassiere from the front of me. I had to stop twice to let my heart rate slow down and allow my knees to firm up, since every time I brushed against my boobies, the feeling was indescribably good.

At least with the bra on, both boobs jiggled the same way, now that they are free, they have no such tendency. With my tits free, they jiggle against each other, they sway in opposite directions, and they bounce up and down in unsynchronized fashion. I never knew that one person’s body could move in this many directions at one time!

I mean, I didn’t want to forget to mention my ass jiggling as a counterpoint to my boobs. It was maddeningly distracting every time my ass cheeks slapped together!

I finally made it back to my toes and stood there hanging onto the dresser panting like a bitch in heat, weak kneed, and with my labia twitching.

I teetered back over to the mirror wobbling, swaying, and jiggling the whole way. I had to keep my arms out like a balancing act to move at all.

I finally saw what my new nipples looked like. It appears that my nipples are about the size of a full-sized goat’s teats! The areola must be a good eight inches in diameter and at the end of each teat, glistened a white drop.

I reached a tiny hand out, wrapped it around my right nipple, and gave it a light squeeze. My knees almost buckled, and multiple streams of milk sprayed all over the mirror.

“I’m a cow,” I squeaked.

Elsewhere, two women were rolling on the floor laughing.

I peered down at my crotch. I wasn’t certain if I could handle what I’d find underneath those hot pants, but I knew it would be unbelievable, and I’m not sure that I’m ready to handle that. Therefore, I continued to stare at the gap between my thighs and the juices, which continued to drool down them.

I felt something very strange at this point. My permanently erect quad-clitoris began to squirm on its own. I looked closely at the V topping my camel-toe and actually watched them moving around there.

It took mere moments and I was quivering from head to toe, but when my labia began to flex on their own, caressing my clitoris, I went completely nuts. My thighs wanted to spread to their maximum width and my knees were failing rapidly.

I felt the only safe move was to fall backwards onto the bed behind me.

As I hit my back, my boobs slapped me in the face, squirting milk into the air, and wobbled every which way!

Falling onto the bed didn’t obfuscate the view of my crotch, as I discovered that the ceiling flat screen display has a camera, which they focused on the crease between my thighs, hugely enlarged for my ‘viewing pleasure’. I could see that at the top of my slit, a squirming motion was still actively and exasperatingly, pleasuring me to the limits of passion.

I lost all ability to fight the sensations. I lost all ability to reason. I lost all motor control. The only thing left to me was mind- numbing, orgasmic pleasure.

I watched as my labia squeezed my, ah… clits and alternatively, my vaginal opening. It was a ballet of feminine sexual stimulation no woman could possibly resist, and no male could ever imagine.

My thrashing about kept my boobs wobbling everywhere, with milk now spurting at regular intervals, feeling all the while as though my nipples are being milked, and adding to my overall over-stimulated condition.

From seemingly far away I hear a little girl squealing her lungs out in ecstasy, only to realize that the little girl… was me!

My self-labial assault continued while I thrashed about on my back, legs spread, fluids flowing, and boobies spraying. My mind was, emptied of everything, but the searingly bright white light of sexual pleasure. It just feels so good it doesn’t matter what they did to me at this point!

However, just as I thought that I would lose my mind, I did, no thoughts, no images, no me, just the blinding nirvana of an unreal orgasm!

My vulva pulsed out a ridiculous amount of vaginal lubricant, which flushed out the leg holes on my latex shorts, my hips violently thrust forward and locked, my legs splayed as far as they possibly could, (An amazing splitz if I do say so myself) my boobs sprayed almost continuously, I had a death grip on the comforter on my pink bed, and it just kept going on and on…

When semi-rational thought returned to me, I knew that it wasn’t over. My pussy lips kept their twisting and squeezing going, while my nipples kept stimulating themselves, and though I am loath to confess it, I began groping at my pussy and playing with my nasty nipples, getting cunt juice and milk all over myself even more.

This time I orgasmed even faster and harder, though I’d have sworn it wasn’t possible.

However, it still didn’t stop!

I orgasmed four more times and after that, I had no more strength to even fondle my own boobs. The only thing I could do was lay there and let my cunt fuck me into oblivion, which I figure was at least two more hours, when I passed out from exhaustion.

********** Chapter 10: Training

“Wakie Wakie,” I heard from far off.

“Mmph,” I replied with my face buried in a pillow.

“Time for you to learn your new morning routine, sweetie,” the disembodied voice replied.

I forced my big eyes open, with their heavy, extra long lashes and said, “Morning routine?”

“Why yes, you need to learn your morning routine. You are going to have to learn how to take care of your new slut-girl’s body. Especially since, you have some unique requirements you need to learn about. You may notice that your nasty, giant boobies are feeling full and quite heavy at this moment,” she informed me.

I nodded my head and weakly lifted my hands to my obscenely bloated breasts, “Yes.”

“You might not have noticed that your pussy is gaping open like a freight train tunnel.”

I thought about my rearranged nether anatomy and realized that she was speaking truly. Even so, I had to look in the mirror at my naked twat. It was so unbelievably huge! You could slide a 2-Liter soda bottle inside me with no trouble at all!

“The reason for that is so you can climb aboard your milking machine and relieve the pressure in your big cow titties,” she giggled, “Now, get up out of bed, slip your high-heeled slippers on, and waddle over to the thing that looks like a mechanical bull.”

I did as instructed, noticing that when my boobs slapped together that they didn’t even leak as they had done yesterday. I swayed and jiggled all over the place as I waddled my way the ten feet to the saddle of the machine. My thighs are so far apart and the gaping hole between them made walking more of a lunging from baby step to baby step.

“Now, climb aboard the saddle and lean into the cups in front of you.”

As I did what she told me, I could feel something latch onto my nipples, which felt astonishingly like lips and they began nursing the milk from my udders.

When I moaned in pleasure at the relief, I felt a huge dildo protrude up out of the saddle and violate my giant gaping cunt!

“Oh my god, I’m being fucked,” I squealed, and then felt the dildo poke all the way inside, though the bottom part of the shaft was much smaller than the rest. That’s when my pussy tightened around the hilt of that monster dildo and it began stroking in and out of me.

I was gushing lubricant from my cunt, squirting milk into the machine, and screaming out orgasms for fifteen minutes as it drained my tits, and there was no way that I could climb off it, even if I’d wanted to!

Every so often, I felt the dildo ejaculate into my huge vagina. It felt so alien, but so very good.

When the machine ground to a stop, my pussy opened up and released the monster dildo, which retracted into the saddle, and I lay against the cups of the milker, drained physically and literally.

“I’m betting that you’re quite thirsty after losing all those fluids,” she teased, “Here, take this into your mouth and it will supply you with your needed refreshment…” followed by a high titter.

From the wall in front of me, a long, latex, realistic looking dildo extended toward my face. I saw the hole down the center slowly drip with fluid.

I couldn’t do as she said. It just wasn’t right. I’m a guy! I can’t be sucking a dick, even if I’m deathly thirsty!

“Now come on sweetie. It’s the only way you will receive nourishment and fluids.”

I felt my mouth form an “O” shape on its own accord and I was still, grasped by the milking cups, and couldn’t squirm free. The dildo forced its way into my swollen lips, providing me with jolts of pleasure from my modified mouth and tongue. My lips sealed themselves around the hilt of the dildo and it began spurting a salty thick fluid into my slut face.

I wanted to cry, but I was so dehydrated no tears would form.

“Oh, don’t feel that way sweetie! You should learn to enjoy this. Don’t you worry, the Prozac in that fluid will soon have you feeling your new self again,” she assured me.

“I think that you’ll find the taste of your feeding to your liking too. At least it was designed to stimulate the pleasure centers of your re- engineered tongue.”

Of course, she was right, the taste, which I couldn’t really describe, was delicious and encouraged me to take my fill, though that wasn’t much. I was full quite fast.

“Sorry sweetie, your stomach was made smaller and most of your intestines were removed to give you that miniscule waist. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from. We’re going to have to gauge how much fluid you need. We may have to provide for a way to replenish you a bit more efficiently though,” she snickered, “We have some kinky and lovely ideas on how to accomplish it, that you’re just going to love.”

I felt the dildo retract from my face and my breasts release from the milker, “You may feel the need to use the facilities right about now. The door to your bathroom is right behind your ‘Little Pony’,” again the twisted laughter.

I minced towards the door, realizing that my twat was still gaping wide open.

“Oh, and just so you don’t think me too twisted, I thought that you’d enjoy the feeling your sisters have after a particularly rousing bout of having their brains fucked out. You pussy will slowly close back up on its own, though that could take half an hour or so with you.”

‘Oh great,’ I thought, ‘how considerate that she would leave my insides splayed open like this!’

I was used to my slit leaking constantly, so I didn’t notice right away, but just as I passed through the door to my bathroom, I felt the drool from my hole was thicker and slipperier than before. I reached down and brought a finger full up toward my face. It is milkier looking and thicker than it’s supposed to be. I sniffed at it and detected a musky smell from it.

“Oh don’t be such a prude sweetie, taste it! A little sperm will do you a world of good,” she teased.

I knew she wasn’t kidding. That saddle penis had been injecting live sperm into my uterus.

“Don’t fret hon. your cervix closed up after your ride and trapped most of the sperm deep inside you. They’ll have plenty of chance to meet up with your ova,” the doctor informed me with a sinister laugh.

Suddenly I felt woozy. I had to grab the back of the toilet to steady myself, “You mean I’m pregnant?”

“Not exactly hon., you aren’t designed to carry a baby to term, you’re designed to produce a huge amount of ova on a nearly constant basis, though the blastocysts won’t attach to your uterus. We’ll harvest them later when you’re milking. It takes five days for the fertilized eggs to travel down your fallopian tubes and reach your uterus. Many of our lesbian friends want daughters, therefore you were created to produce the fertilized eggs to implant in them, without their having to undergo the indignity of having sex with a male,” she finish sounding as though she spoken of total vermin.

“Daughters…,” I managed to squeak out, as I spun around and plopped my vast derriere onto the toilet seat.

“Most certainly you are to produce daughters only. We treat the sperm to remove the weaker male sperm from it prior to injecting it. However, should you accidentally produce a male blastocyst, we’ll catch it and exterminate it before it could be implanted into one of our sisters,” the doctor assured me. “We won’t be responsible for adding any more uncouth cavemen into our world.”

“Now, do your business and don’t try to wipe. Your toilet is equipped with a warm water jet to clean your butt without you having to, though if you use any other toilet you need to remember to wipe front to back, so that you don’t wind up with infections in your cunt. You must also rock your hips forward a little so that you don’t pee out under the front on the toilet seat. You urine stream doesn’t go straight out in line with your body. It flows out at almost a 45-degree angle to you,” she snorted a little here, “We transplanted real female genitalia onto your once male body, therefore you will have to get used to taking care of a woman’s body rather than the low- maintenance male body you had,” the doctor lectured, while I steeled myself for the upcoming indignities.

I did as suggested and found that defecating, though it feels quite similar feeling to the way it used to, is now quite a bit more stimulating. Urinating on the other hand is way different. Pee was splaying out all over my bottom, even though my pussy is still splayed open from the boning I just received, and I could feel some of the sperm dripping out as well.

Suddenly, warm fragrant jets of water sprayed all over my butt and into my gaping hole, “Ooh!”

“Feels nice, doesn’t it,” Angie purred over the speakers.

Shortly after the spray, finished, warm air blew all over my fanny and dried me off.

“Now you’re ready for your bubble bath. You’ll find it all ready and waiting for you to your left,” Angie giggled conspiratorially with the doctor.

When I finally got a glimpse of the tub, I knew immediately why they thought it funny. The tub itself was shape fairly normally, with the exception of the big round extensions on the sides of the tub… right where my ridiculously large boobs would fit. I figured to take some of the joy from their prank by saying, “Oh, why, how very thoughtful to make boob room in the tub.”

“We’re glad you like it. Now kick off your slippers and slide that oh- so-feminine body into the warm bubbles,” a slightly disappointed sounding Angie ordered.

I plopped my big butt down onto the side of the tub, gracefully slipped both feet from my slippers and swung my legs into the tub, and then followed with my butt sliding in after them.

The lilac scented water enveloped my soft body, relaxing the small muscles all over my womanly body. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the rush of water up inside my vaginal canal.

I immediately clenched down with my butt muscles to try and expel it, but didn’t have the muscle control figured out for my pussy and only managed a small squirt from within me, which instantly rushed right back inside me.

“Not used to having bathwater sloshing around inside you, eh,” Angie tittered, “With your gaping hole, you’ll still be open when you finish washing yourself!”

“Now, if you promise to be a good girl, the doctor has volunteered to show you how to wash yourself and to help get those places that you can’t easily reach,” Angie informed me, “So, I need to hear you say it…”

“I promise to be…” sigh, “I promise to be a good girl.” I know that I must be blushing like a four alarm fire, since my face is burning hot.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed sweetie. There’s no shame in being a girl! No you’re made with sugar and spice and everything nice, instead of snips and snails and puppy dog tails…” and again followed by the riotous laughter.

Dr. Paullina Leibovitz entered the bathroom, though I have no real memory of having actually met her, I recognized her right away.

“Hello Boobette, I can see by your expression that you know who I am. I’m going to help you learn how to wash that delicious body of yours. The first thing you’re going to need is this Fina 'silk' sponge. We searched all over to find you one this big, since we know that your skin is so delicate and you need to be careful with it. Usually the Fina sponges are only sold in 2’-4” sizes, but we found some that are bigger for you,” Dr. Leibovitz told me gently.

She reached overtop my boobs and snagged the sponges from a dish at the side of the tub, dipped them in the bathwater, and squirted soap from a big, pink, nipple-shaped, liquid soap dispenser.

“Wow, these sponges are like holding a soft cloud in my hand!” the doctor exclaimed, “Here, how does this feel on your boobs?”

“Ooh,” I exclaimed as the sensory overload overrode my determination to keep silent.

“That’s right baby, we want you to enjoy your girly body. I have standing orders posted that you are never to be harmed in any way, never to experience pain for any reason,” she informed me as she swirled the sponge around my mammoth breast, “Having said that, you should know that we have ways of ensuring your cooperation without causing you physical pain.”

All of that hardly registered in my mind as the sensual feelings overloaded my mind. My eyes closed, my tongue licking my overstuffed lips, and my back slightly arched from the powerful pleasures she gives me, washing with the whisper-light touch of that sponge.

“I am definitely seeing that there might be a problem with you washing yourself, Boobette,” Doctor Leibovitz pondered aloud, “Angie, we may need to find a personal assistant for Boobette. She seems too stimulated to be able to perform even some of the simpler tasks of bathing.”

“Oh, that is simply precious! What a great job you did Paullina. I couldn’t be more pleased with that result. We’ll get started on finding staff to help our poor helpless slut,” Angie exclaimed, while we could hear her clapping to herself.

“It seems that Angie is very excited that you’re so easily stimulated Boobette. Tell me how much you are enjoying my labors, sweetie,” Dr. Leibovitz prompted as she began looping the sponge around my absurd nipples.

“Oh, I can’t… it’s just so… ughlah…,” I squeaked as I lost the mental presence to finish my sentence.

My hips started thrusting forward on their own, my spine arched severely, and I orgasmed just from her sponging my nipples.

“Yes, she’s got a hair trigger. Every time she takes a bath, she’s going to orgasm. If we let her wash herself, it could take an hour or two for her to get clean. I haven’t even gotten close to her cunny yet. I might as well get that for her right now, while she’s still ‘in the glow’,” the doctor mused and went right to her work on my womanhood.

Now I’m in big trouble, because I can feel her with that sponge working around my clits and pussy and it’s making me crazy. Even crazier than went my pussy was working itself into an orgasm, because I know there’s a real woman doing it to me.

Maybe I haven’t completely described Doctor Paullina Leibovitz to you yet. She’s 5’ 5” tall, weighs around 119 lbs., I estimate her bra at a 34D cup, a 28” waist, 37” hips, redheaded, with green eyes and a very fit and flexible body.

In other words, she’s very attractive, even to a transformed fuck-toy like me.

My desires got the better of me and I took my tiny wet hand from the tub and caressed her clothed breast, oh so gently.

“Bad girl, Boobette, no one gave you permission to touch your mistress!” came at us from over the loudspeakers from Angie.

Immediately I felt my boobs begin milking themselves and my cunny start working my clit, in additions to what Paullina was doing to me.

“Back off Angie, you haven’t told her the rules yet and I was enjoying that,” Dr. Leibovitz announced much to Angie’s shock and embarrassment.

“As you wish Paullina, but Boobette should be taught this rule now,” Angie came back over the annunciator.

“Boobette, consider yourself appraised of the rule that you are not to touch a mistress without her permission. You may also consider that you have been given permission for now,” Dr. Leibovitz explained as she grasped my tiny hand and replaced it on her breast.

My excess nipple stimulation and my twitchy pussy ceased their torment, but Paullina didn’t. She kept right on her maddening assault on my womanhood, while I lay in the tub, mewing and twitching, and trying my best to stimulate her boob with my little hand.

She brought me off four times in quick succession and the best I could manage in return was mewing and petting her boob, gently.

“That was very sweet of you Boobette, for wanting to make me feel as good as I was making you feel,” Dr. Leibovitz told me aloud, but then leaned in and whispered, “Even though you should ask first, sweetie.”

“Now, can I get you to hold your big girls up long enough for me to wash the crease between your boobs and chest?” she asked as though speaking to a child.

I didn’t say anything, just nodded, and slipped my hands underneath those mammoth protrusions. When I tried to lift them, it took all my miniscule might to get them even slightly up off my chest.

“Oh dear… ah, Boobette, why don’t you try lifting just one at a time,” Dr. Leibovitz suggested.

I set both of them down and tried getting my left arm to reach under my left boob far enough to get it underneath my right boob, but my little arms just aren’t long enough. Then I tried to reach my left arm over top of my left breast and then underneath my right boob and that worked well enough to get a hold of it. I gripped, pulled, and managed to get it up a ways, but I was straining pretty hard and running out of steam fast.

“It looks like I’ll have to be quick about this,” the doctor remarked as she dove headfirst in to wash me.

When she finished, I was panting from the exertion.

“I’ll let you rest a minute hon. That was quite a load for someone as tiny as you,” she giggled and tweaked my nose.

I didn’t want to reply, but from somewhere inside me, came a short high-pitched giggle.

“This might be a good time to tell her about the remote controls,” Angie suggested from over the speakers.

“That’s a good idea Angie. Okay, Boobette,” Dr. Leibovitz started as she reached behind her and pulled a fancy remote control from a pocket behind her back, “This is one of the controls that we use on you. You mustn’t try to take it or use it, ever. If you touch it, it disables itself and your internal corset while sending a command to turn you into a quivering orgasmic mass. It won’t stop until either Angie or I enter a code that restarts the remote. An implant in your hands and feet in too close a proximity to the remote triggers it.”

I grew wide-eyed at the lengths they had gone to, to assure that I couldn’t use one of their remotes to escape my predicament.

“Oh, and you should be told about the range of your confinement. You are able to roam freely about your suites whenever you aren’t busy entertaining. Special access to any other area of the house is allowed only whenever, Angie or I authorize it on our remotes. If you stray outside of those areas, it’s the same as if you touch the remote controls. You will never be given pain as a punishment, dear, but you will be disabled with supernova-like pleasure when you don’t obey the rules,” she assured me with almost motherly concern.

“Wouldn’t that be an incentive for me to misbehave,” I asked innocently.

“We don’t believe that will be the case, but we will re-evaluate your discipline should it appear you feel that way,” she replied, putting the remote back where she’d gotten it, “You seem rested enough to wrestle your other udder, so get a hold on that big girl, lift and separate, you’re suddenly cleaner.”

I wrestled my breast up and out of her way, straining with all that my toothpick arms were worth.

“Very good sweetie, you can drop her back into the water now,” Dr Leibovitz said once she’d finished and then added, “I’m going after your legs and feet now, but I want you to concentrate on trying to flush some bathwater out from inside you and try tightening your pussy some more.”

I flexed my tummy muscles as best I could and it felt as if water was flushing in and out of me, but as hard as I tried, my pussy wasn’t closing up completely, “It’s not closing all the way… no matter how hard I try doctor.”

“Don’t expect it to happen right away hon. You were stretched wide enough to pass a baby just a half hour ago,” she reassured me, but then caused me to squirm due to the ticklish nature of my strangely altered feet.

“Are you ticklish Boobette?” the doctor asked as I squirmed.

“I didn’t used to be ticklish, but it seems I am now,” I admitted and continued my squirm.

“It must be those darn estrogens,” she giggled, “There, all squeaky clean.”

“What about my face and hair,” I asked, since she had carefully held my long hair out of the tub when I’d entered and my face was not wet.

Dr Leibovitz laughed right aloud, “Silly man in a woman’s body! Ladies don’t wash their hair in the bathtub! No respectable woman would wash her face in the bathtub either.”

My face heated up to near solar temperatures in embarrassment.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about dear girl. A proper upbringing was, denied you due to your unfortunate appendage. We will help you rectify that omission in due time sweetie,” she assured me as she returned to the only hairy end of my body.

“Now it’s time to get you out of that tub and dry,” she announced as she reached up and brought a trapeze over for me to grasp and lift my overbalanced body up.

Dr. Leibovitz grabbed a towel, I went to take it from her, and she said, “Uh, uh, uh, let me teach you to dry that body off. As a rough guy, you could just slide the towel around and wipe off the water, but as a girl, you must pat yourself dry, otherwise you’ll abrade your sensitive skin.”

“I don’t think you could reach under here very well either,” she added as she patted the underside of my swollen mammaries. “I just love how they bounce and jiggle when I dry them, don’t you?”

As I was busy, trying to keep from landing on my face from the offset weight moving about, I refrained from replying.

“Oh, I forgot about your feet, didn’t I?” she remarked, realizing that I was standing on tiptoe in the tub.

Paullina toggled the tub drain and grabbed my high heel slippers, which she tossed into the tub as soon as it was empty, “There, slip those on and step out of the tub.”

Once the slippers stabilized my feet, it was much easier to stay upright.

“Angie? You should be safe to come in now. She knows that she cannot escape and she cannot take our remotes. I doubt that her weak little body could overpower even one of us at a time, so with two of us, she’s no threat,” the doctor announced to the walls.

“That sounds like fun Paullina. I’ll be right there,” was the reply.

I was blushing again, knowing that I was naked in front of a doctor was one thing, but to be naked in front of my one time Vice-President was embarrassing.

“Why are you blushing Boobette? Oh, of course, you’re naked and Angie is coming. Don’t worry sweetie, she’s been watching you naked for hours already, not to mention that she’s been helping with your body for almost 2 years now. She’s seen you naked more than you’ve seen you naked,” she assured me, patting my jiggly butt.

“Why don’t you follow me over to your new wardrobe while Angie makes her way?” she suggested, while moving towards a door I had not seen before, let alone investigated, as the door was off the bathroom.

It took me a while to catch up to her, since I nearly lost my balance twice due to an oscillation in my breasts set up by my swaying hips.

“Hold up there, Paullina. You weren’t going to show her, her new wardrobe without me, were you? I have to see her expression when she does,” Angie declared, slightly out of breath from nearly running to get here in time.

“Hell, if you missed it, you can just replay the footage from the cameras, Angie,” Paullina replied, and then added, “Goodness, I bet Boobette here didn’t know that her every move is recorded on video, and that the cameras are all linked to track her every move. A couple cameras are close ups of specific body parts. That’s how we could put you onto the flat screen monitors stationed all over your room.”

“How wonderful for me,” I remarked sarcastically.

“Actually, yes it is wonderful for you. It’s the only way you’ll ever get to see your belly button, ever again,” giggled Dr. Leibovitz.

“I think we can use the recordings to recruit some help taking care of you, since it appears that you will not be able to do it for yourself,” interjected Angie, patting my big soft derriere.

“Of course, that is the answer. We put the prospective mothers to work taking care of their incubator. We can put it to them as a service and a test. We tell them that it’s ‘trial motherhood’ and a fee for their impending daughters,” mused Paullina happily, as she swung open the double doors to my wardrobe.


Chapter 11: First Add Dress

This is when I discovered that it isn’t a closet sized room, but it’s as big as my bedroom. The doors swung open, lights came on, and we entered a wonderland of twisted fashion.

“I’m not sure if that’s shock or terror Boobette dear,” Angie quipped.

“It shouldn’t be a shock to her. She did pick them all out herself,” Dr. Leibovitz twittered, encouraging me deeper into the feminine nightmare by taking my elbow.

“I…I… picked all of this,” I exclaimed in an even higher pitched voice than I was usually force to use.

“You most certainly did Boobette,” Angie confirmed with a snort, “Of course, you weren’t thinking that you’d be the one who had to wear it when you did!”

Both of them broke into wild laughter.

When they finally wiped the tears of hysterical laughter from their eyes, the doctor explained further, “Boobette dear, while you were being changed, you spent much of your time playing with dolls under hypnotic drugs. We gave you a ‘Classy’ lady doll, a ‘Schoolgirl’ doll, a ‘Whore’ doll, and an ‘Exotic Dancer doll. We allowed you to make changes to your dolls figures, their hair, their features, and their relative sizes, as you wished. We told you that your ‘Exotic Dancer’ doll was a headliner and had to have the wardrobe to really showoff her goods. We said your ‘Whore’ doll is a total slut who needs to get immediate action to make money. We advised you that your ‘Schoolgirl’ doll was the biggest slut in school and didn’t care if everybody knew it, just as long as the whole football team would fuck her. The ‘Classy’ Doll is the Mistress and she must dress well to manage her whores.”

Angie took over and informed me, “It was great fun giving you Exotic Dancer catalogs, Erotic-wear catalogs, and Fetish wear catalogs. We saw to it that you had ‘Victoria’s Secret’ and some of the wildest, sluttiest pervert-wear we could find and had you pick out what each of your dolls would wear, given their professions. You were remarkably inventive and took instructions very well. We coached you into picking the frilliest, most feminine clothes that were available. Underwear that is so sexy that Hulk Hogan would be hot wearing it.”

“Let’s not get carried away now Angie! Eww,” Dr. Leibovitz remarked.

“You’re right Paullina, that was a total exaggeration, but you get my meaning, don’t you Boobette,” Angie asked, stroking my left nipple, knowing that I’d be able to reply with only a moan of pleasure.

“That’s how you picked your wardrobe. You thought it was for your dolls. We made outfits matching the ones you picked from the catalogs and you dressed your little slut dolls and did their makeup. You even dressed them for events and outings,” Angie stated, rubbing in the details.

“We took pictures of your dolls and made a catalog of outfits you decided on. Your first day’s outfit, as an Exotic Dancer, is already in the book, why don’t you open to the first page and have a look,” Paullina suggested, while wearing a twisted smirk.

Knowing that I am at the mercy of these women, I opened the book and studied the picture. Standing there was a hyper-busty doll with a miniscule waist and ultra-wide hips, wearing a low cut, scarlet, metallic- spandex mini-dress with an open back right down to the crease at the top of her butt, crisscrossed with ties. She also wore smoke colored thigh high stockings, clipped to a garter belt, crotchless pink thong, and scarlet, stretch, thigh-high, high heel boots with at least a five-inch heel.

“Okay, now come on over here…” the doctor urged as she led the way, “Let’s get your panties and bra out you first.”

Dr Leibovitz opened a 6 ft. wide drawer and laughed aloud at the look of shock on my face, “Boobette dear, you are our prized possession, nothing is too good for you. We’ve gotten you a disgustingly expensive wardrobe so that you can be beautiful.”

I’m staring at a 6 ft. wide drawer of pink lacy panties of every sort you can imagine.

“This is just the drawer of pink ones, the black, white, scarlet-red, teal-green, and electric-blue each have their own drawers. Just to the left of them, are the drawers of bras in the same colors. Except those drawers are 8 ft wide, since your bras take up a lot more room than panties. Okay… now which pair were those on the doll… found them!” she declared.

She snatched up a lacy pink thong, an exact replica of the ones the doll wore, only apparently in my size. With hips this wide, butt so shallow, and thighs spread so wide, it’s hard to guess my size.

The thong itself was something to see. It has rhinestones as accents on a butterfly pattern of lace that makes up the whole front of it where the back is a simple T shape.

“I’ll hold it while you plop your big bottom onto the vanity stool, just outside of your wardrobe, Boobette,” Dr. Leibovitz offered, while splaying the thong on her feminine hands.

I perambulated to the vanity stool and I hope, gracefully placed my ridiculously wide butt there.

The doctor held the panties for me to place my feet into the proper holes and had me stand. As those wispy bits of lace tickled my thighs, approaching my crotch and hips, I had to shudder and moan from the sheer delight of the sensations.

The doctor arranged the crotchless parts, which lead between my legs to each side of my labia, bringing them together to travel up my butt crack in the back.

My feminine juices were running rampantly down my thighs. It seems I have absolutely no control over my womanly organs.

“Lingerie can be so sexually stimulating, don’t you agree Boobette? Oh, never mind, I see that you do,” Angie declared, guffawing at her own joke.

“That’s okay Boobette, that’s what girls do,” the doctor reassured me. “I’ll slip your bra on you now, so just sit down and lift your arms.”

Up went my arms and she fastened a lacy pink band around my chest with about 6 hooks, after slipping the satin straps over my shoulders. She began yanking the cups to, better fit my breasts.

All the jiggling and stuffing was making me so crazy that I had to bite my lower lip to keep from cooing.

Whence she had finished, I was staring at my immense cleavage, lovingly encased in sheer pink fabric. You could clearly see my perversely distorted nipples outlined in the cups.

Angie, always the one to point out my situation in a way to humiliate me, turned a flat screen monitor in front of me so that she could point out my nipples and obvious cleft, displayed in my pink thong, “There, now you can watch the full effect, as you created it on your doll.”

“You don’t have to put it that way Angie,” the doctor admonished, seemingly always the one to come to my defense, “Boobette can simply enjoy how devastatingly beautiful she is in her new lingerie.”

I caught just the briefest look of annoyance in Angie’s face, but it quickly passed and she was soon leering again, “As can I.”

“Now, kick off your slippers so I can roll your stalking up your legs,” Dr. Leibovitz requested, as she bunched the pink thigh-high stockings up in her hands.

The doctor unrolled the silk stocking up and adjusted the lace tops to straighten them on my legs. She then replaced my slippers on my feet to my amazement.

“I want you to lay back into the sink so we can wash that platinum- blond mop of yours,” Angie ordered as she released the chair back for me. Angie promptly lay my hair out in the sink and began spraying it down with warm water.

Dr. Leibovitz came over near my head, snagged a big jar, spun the lid off it, and dug out a fist full of white paste saying, “Now you get to learn about cleaning your face the proper way for a lady. First I remove any makeup residue with cold cream.” She worked the cool white cream into my face, eye cavities, and down my neck.

“Makeup…,” I asked carefully, when she wasn’t working anywhere near my mouth.

“Why yes, as a lady you will be expected to wear makeup, Boobette,” she confirmed as she continued to massage the cream in, “You weren’t wearing any this morning, but I felt this would be a good time to begin your training. Now, I carefully wipe off most of it with this facial tissue and then dab the rest clear with this moist facial sponge.”

“While I lather up this Platinum Blond mop with a special shampoo to keep it moisturized, soft, and wavy,” Angie continued for the doctor.

Once the doctor cleared my face of the cream and I could feel Angie scrubbing away at my scalp, Dr. Leibovitz described what she was doing next, “I’m now using a facial cleansing cream enriched with antioxidants to clean and exfoliate your pores. When I’ve finished this, I’ll start applying an antioxidant rich, sunscreen foundation.”

I don’t know if it was the drugs in what they fed me, or just the general pleasant feeling of their pampering, but I was becoming dreamy eyed.

Angie washed my hair and rinsed it twice while the doctor used the cream to wash my face, and began applying foundation to it.

“Upsy daisy, Boobette,” Angie declared as she wrapped a towel around my hair and helped me sit back upright, as it would be impossible without someone’s help.

Dr. Leibovitz quickly finished my foundation and Angie started spraying Secret deodorant under my arms, pulled my panties open, and sprayed my crotch with it.

“Angie, you didn’t have to do that, just move the towel, those are crotchless panties, after all,” Paullina guffawed at Angie’s antics.

“I know, Paullina, but it was funnier that way,” she laughed, “especially if you were looking at Boobette’s face!” She promptly pulled the towel she’d stuffed between my thighs away and spritzed my weeping slit, replacing the towel afterwards.

The application of blusher and eye shadow came next as the doctor described what she was doing, “Boobette darling, you don’t really need the foundation, nor do you need blusher or eye shadow, since your skin was dermally colored while your modifications were being made. Wearing makeup is just so you can feel extra feminine. I’m just going to replicate what you already have dyed onto your epidermis. A quick application of blush, a little eye shadow, and viola, you’re makeup is done.”

“You forgot her lipstick, Doctor…,” Angie put in, beginning to blow-dry my hair.

“Erk! Damn, that epidermal dye on her lips makes me think I did it already!” the doctor complained as she pulled a stick out of a tube and painted the glossy red contents onto my over-blown lips.

“Those look just too irresistible!” she exclaimed and dove in to press her lips onto mine enthusiastically.

My legs began to quiver and my quim began to drool like a Saint Bernard in a butcher shop.

“I did a terrific job on those lips,” the doctor declared, as she repainted them.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Angie exclaimed, the moment that Dr. Leibovitz finished applying the color and dove in for her own lip lock.

I couldn’t bring myself to resist or twist away, even after what they had done to me, and for the life of me, I don’t know why.

“I have to agree, Paullina, you did a terrific job on her lips. They’re soft, yet firm and responsive to a passionate kiss,” Angie evaluated, as she wiped my lipstick from her mouth.

“I’m glad you think so, of course now I have to repaint them again, but Boobette doesn’t mind, do you sweetie?” the doctor cooed as she tickled my lips with the applicator.

I knew she didn’t expect and answer, as to do so would make a mess of the job she was trying to do.

“That should do her face for now, so let’s get busy blow drying all this hair,” Angie suggested as she began going after my hair on the left side, and the doctor started in on the right.

I just sat there trying to get my pulse back to normal and keep my huge chest from jiggling, which was more of a task than you might think, since Angie delighted in ‘accidently’ bumping into them as she dried my hair. Of course, bumping into one of them, jiggles over to the other, and then back again. It’s just so strange having a part of your body that you have no control over.

It didn’t take them long to dry my hair and brush it into a huge wavy halo around my head and down my back.

“That permanent June did on her came out terrific,” Dr. Leibovitz observed.

“Yes, it did. It’s easy to care for and has wonderful volume. It’s full bodied and wonderfully active with a lot of bounce,” Angie evaluated as she patted my hair into shape.

“It looks as if our girl is ready for her dress and footwear. I’ll get her dress, and you grab her shoes,” the doctor called back over her shoulder as she slipped into the wardrobe.

When she returned she slipped the dress under my feet, told me to stand, and worked the dress up my legs and over my butt. She spread the top over my bust and reefed the back around so they can pull my zipper up. It took both women in concert to manage it, squeezing my bust out of the top of the open front.

“My, that is impressive, don’t you think Doctor,” Angie exclaimed, standing back admiring her handiwork.

“Let’s get her footwear on and admire her after that,” Paullina suggested as she rolled down the stretch, thigh-high boot sides and offered it to me to place my radically modified foot in. “Don’t worry pet, I’ll do the hard part. These will look stunning on you. Holographic pink with clear high heels and platforms are just the thing to polish off your look!”

Once the thigh-high boots were hugging my legs tightly, the lace stay up tops of my stockings barely poking out of the tops of the boots and the sheer pink mini-dress, which barely came down below my labia painted only one picture in anybody’s mind, “Slut.”

Both women stood back ten feet or so and gazed upon their creation, “I don’t know doctor… do you think her boobs are big enough?”

My eyes must have flung open wide in fearful dread, because Angie almost couldn’t breathe, she was laughing so hard.

“You know, now that I’m looking, it’s obvious we forgot something,” Dr. Leibovitz pondered, “She needs the proper accessories.”

“Right you are Paullina! I think some huge gold hoops at the bottom with two diamond studs up on each side, and a lovely pink beaded necklace and 3 bracelet combination, what do you think?”

“Let’s try them on her and see,” she agreed, walking to the area of my wardrobe that had scads of cheap jewelry laid out.

The two promptly bedecked me with their selections and appraised their results, “Fragrance?”

“Fragrance!” they agreed.

Angie came back armed with a spray bottle, which she liberally unloaded all over me. My neck, cleavage, wrists, crotch, and behind my knees were nearly dripping with the stuff, “There, I’ve sprayed you with, “Soir De Paris” Parfumé by Bourjois. You now literally smell like a French Whore!” *

“I think some more refreshments for Boobette are in order, with her cunt drooling like that, she’s going to need plenty of fluids,” the doctor reminded Angie.

I saw Angie trigger a button on her remote, my lips instantly formed a circle, and Dr. Leibovitz guided a dildo into my mouth. Angie hit another button, my lips sealed around the phallus, and the thick salty fluid began pumping into my throat, with only some of it splashing into my mouth.

Angie sidled over to me, stroked my buttocks, and whispered, “I just love seeing a Dick sticking into your face and knowing that the greater part of your feeding is real sperm!”

As I had no way to stop what was happening to me and I did need the hydration, I resolved not to let her get any satisfaction from my internal horror, therefore I moaned as if enjoying myself.

Angie on the other hand decided to explain further, “Do you know how we manage to obtain so much jizzum? Of course, you don’t, but I’ll tell you. We have a clinic in town that encourages sperm deposit by showing naked photographs and movies of you to the men who come there. The men get to hold a pair of your soiled panties and sniff them while they beat off to you. We guarantee that their sperm is, injected into your body, orally, anally, or vaginally. After ten deposits, they can take your panties home with a picture of you, but we encourage them to make their ejaculate available to you. I have heard that some of them bring refrigerated deposits in for you by the cup.”

I was trying not to listen and watching Dr. Leibovitz. It seemed to me that she didn’t approve of Angie’s torment.

The dildo stopped about the time my tummy felt a little distended, it was so full.

The doctor added to Angie’s comments with, “It’s not all ejaculate. That is the main ingredient but there’s also heavy cream, electrolytes, vitamins, carbohydrates, and of course your Prozac dose.”

“I think for our next little game, Boobette should be fortified with some other drugs, and do you agree Paullina,” Angie prompted, giving my big rounded butt a slap, just to watch it jiggle.

“Yes, I’ll get it now,” the doctor indicated, as she went for her black bag.

Angie popped the dildo out without releasing my lips from around it, so there was a very loud, sucking sound as it was removed, “Oh look, you’ve just destroyed your lipstick, but you’ve left a very sexy mark on that cock you were enjoying.” She quickly re-applied the lipstick to me, while my lips were still O shaped, and then hit the button that released me from the control.

I felt Dr. Leibovitz swab my butt with alcohol, then inject me saying, “This one is Valium, to give you a euphoric feeling,” then another stab, “This one is a hormone cocktail that should increase your already high libido,” another stab still, “Finally, this one is a general stimulant, to keep you going and going, like the Energizer Cunny.”

Angie laughed loudly in my face at that, “Come along with me Boobette,” she triggered a button on the remote, “You have a job to do.” A green light saying “You May Leave” near the door they entered from turned on as the red one saying “Exit Denied” turned off.

‘Damn, I’ll bet they are making me their maid or something,’ I thought to myself. I should have known better.


Chapter 12: On Display

I hadn’t gotten twenty feet outside of my room and Angie stopped me pointing towards my crotch, saying, “Something you will need to remember Boobette, is the fact that with tiny tight mini-dresses like that one, when you walk around, they have a tendency to ride up. Your lips are showing honey, so yank your hem back down so everybody and their sister can’t see your labia.”

“I don’t know about you Angie, but I was quite enjoying the show,” Dr. Leibovitz teased.

“I suppose you’ll need to wear a panty shield too with our little slut roaming around,” Angie commented on the Doctor’s obviously over- stimulated state.

“Don’t I, know it! These panties are just ruined!” she agreed, much to Angie’s annoyance.

I busied myself with yanking the hem of my sheer dress down, even though it was barely an inch and a half lower than my slit at its lowest point.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I had to keep my thighs as tightly together as I could, which only accentuated my feminine walk, so that I didn’t have to constantly hold my skirt from riding up. Even at that, I was yanking it back down every forty feet or so.

“Damn it’s so hot when you do that sweetie!” the doctor added as I tried to jiggle fast enough to keep up with Angie.

I stumbled once and caught myself by straight-arming the wall to keep from winding up on my scantily clad derriere.

We rounded a corner and entered a small room, which adjoined what appeared to be some kind of theatrical stage. I figured that since there were some spots shown on the floor and curtains hanging to the sides.

“You wait here with Paullina, Boobette. She’ll tell you when to come out,” Angie directed, and then swept out onto the stage.

I was getting so stoned by, what the doctor had pumped into me, I’d have fed my hand into a meat grinder if they told me to. If they hadn’t given me an injection of the stimulant, I’d have been laying on the floor curled up and sucking my thumb.

As I stood there, Dr. Leibovitz began rubbing my back and stroking my neck and saying, “Just relax sweetie. Everyone is going to just, love you when they, meet you. I’ll be speaking to you by the tiny speaker implant in your ear. Just do what I tell you and everything will be perfect!”

That’s when I heard Angie’s voice coming from loud speakers in the other room, “Ladies of ‘Lesbians United for Sexual Transformations’, I want to welcome you to our first unveiling tonight. In just a few moments, you’ll get to greet Boobette Cumsloudly. Once he was the owner of a large medical implant company, but now she is our wellspring of blastocysts to impregnate our members. She is the horniest slut medical science could create and as we have discovered only this morning, incapable of caring for herself. Abby, Tiffie, you two are our first recipients of Boobette’s daughters. We have determined that if a couple wants to prove their worthiness as parents, they will need to volunteer to care for Boobette during her incubation and to provide part time extended care for Boobette as needed.”

“I apologize for having to spring this on you in a public forum like this, but there was no time to inform you in private. I’ll ask you to come up to the podium and inform me of your decision. Should you not be able to care for Boobette personally, you can hire someone else to take the place of one of the pair, but not both. If that’s not possible or you cannot bring yourself to help with her care, we will move on to our couple who is next in line for implantation of Boobette’s daughters,” Angie informed the crowd seated in the small auditorium.

I heard the click clack of high heels approaching the stage and a pair of ladies joined Angie on the Dias. “We would be more than happy to help in Boobette’s care and training,” the taller and more business-like of the pair told Angie.

“Boobette’s training will be Dr. Leibovitz’s and my duties,” Angie replied, “You will have an opportunity to be the recipients of her ministrations during training and given very specific instructions, which you will follow to the letter. But you won’t have to worry about that, Boobette is very compliant and meek, and with the control that you poses, she will be entertaining and a joy to be with.”

“It sounds like fun. What is she like? Can we meet her,” Tiffie blathered excitedly. As the smaller and younger one of the loving couple, she was the more feminine and motherly in addition.

Just then, Dr. Leibovitz yanked the hem of my dress down, smoothed it in a few places, made sure my top was, tightly secured up under my boobs, and pulled the low-cut opening wide, to show acres of breast and cleavage.

“You’ve all been waiting… and some of you have even participated in her creation… so now, here’s Boobette Cumsloudly,” Angie announced as though the MC of a Strip Show.

“That’s your cue, Boobette! Go out on stage and I’ll tell you what to do over this microphone,” she held up a small microphone attached to her remote.

I minced my way out onto the stage, as doing what she told me to, was easier than trying to think with my mind so fuzzy at the moment.

I saw at least one hundred women seated in the audience before me.

“Make your way out onto the runway in the middle, Boobette,” I heard in my ears.

“Go to the pole near the end and grab it high up. Good, now plant your feet to both sides of the pole and rub the pole between your boobs,” she urged.

I did it and wow did it feel nice, I moaned loudly and kept at it.

“I want you to step back from the pole now and get down onto your knees near the end of the runway. If ladies stuff money into your cleavage, let them and slowly crawl around to give others a chance to do the same.”

I knew this was a good idea immediately, because it felt incredible having money stuffed into my cleavage! I needed more of it so I crawled up and down both sides of the runway, almost cuming every few feet! It was amazing how much money they could stuff in there and none of it stuck out the top!

“Okay, now stand up and walk over to Angie and her guests,” Dr. Leibovitz ordered.

When I got to them, Angie announced, “I can see that you ladies are pleased with our little slut. When we meet back here in one week, Abby and Tiffie will report on their experiences with our baby factory.”

“Boobette, I want you to say hello to your new sitters, Abby and Tiffie,” Angie spoke over the loudspeakers.

I also heard, “Say, ‘I’m pleased to meet you ladies,’ Boobette.”

“I’m pleased to meet you ladies,” I repeated.

“Oh, she’s so sweet,” Tiffie squealed and dove in to hug me tightly, squirming against me as she did.

The stimulation of such a sexy young woman, enthusiastically squirming against my hypersensitive boobs was too much for me. I came right down my thighs onto my stockings and made a small puddle between my feet, wobbling weakly on unsure knees.

“Whoops…! Little Tiffie, you have to be careful with Boobette, she’s easily sent over the edge! You need to hold her up a little now, or she may fall. Abby, please help Tiffie and be careful where you grab her,” Angie instructed, basically announcing to the whole audience that I’d orgasmed and made a mess.

I felt a couple of small arms try to encircle me from the front, to little avail, and a pair of longer, stronger ones grasp my tiny waist and hold me from falling, “I’m so pleased to meet you Boobette. It’s going to be an interesting task caring for you, no doubt.”

“I’ve got her Tiffie, you can let go and try holding her from her waist on the other side,” Abby told her with amusement in her voice.

“You bet Abby! She’s really hard to get hold of from the front! Those are some huge boobs you’ve got there Boobette,” Tiffie squealed, and hugged me from the side, placing her soft cheek against my own.

I received the distinct impression that, at one time in her life, Tiffie had been a cheerleader.

“Well, it seems that you three are already getting along famously. Boobette was so thrilled to meet Tiffie that she orgasmed a small lake onto the stage, and if you two don’t help her back stage soon, it’s going to get might slippery up there with her,” Angie told the whole world.

Even in my extremely drugged state, I was blushing furiously.

“Don’t worry, she’s so stoned, she doesn’t even realize that when ladies were stuffing her bra full of money, she was showing everyone else her shaven pussy, like the brazen slut she is!” Angie continued to announce.

I was feeling so light-headed that if Abby hadn’t been supporting me, I’d have slumped to the floor in embarrassment.

Tiffie whispered into my ear, “That’s okay Boobette, you have a beautiful pussy. I’m soaking my panties just remembering how pretty your pussy is.”

Her supporting words made me feel slightly better about my slutty performance, although I still can hardly believe that I crawled around showing everybody my cunt!

“It’s alright Boobette. You were supposed to put on a show. You did exactly as I wanted you to and will be rewarded,” Dr. Leibovitz said into my ear speakers.

We’d finally made it backstage and the doctor met us saying, “We’ll proceed to her room with your charge, and then we can get you two ladies settled.”

Behind us, I heard Angie continue her speech, “I’m glad you all seem pleased with our first prototype. Can I hear nominations for our next…?” what she was saying trailed off as we exited the stage room.

“They are such pretty lips too, Boobette. You don’t mind if I touch them a moment, do you?” she asked, but didn’t wait for a reply before slipping her index finger along the cleft of my vulva.

I couldn’t walk anymore, I could only pant and allow my drooling lips make a shimmering puddle on the hardwood floors.

“I know how eager you are to play with your new dolly, Tiffie, but shouldn’t we wait until we can escort her safely back to her room,” Abby asked, while trying to urge me onward.

“Oh, but her micro-mini-skirt has ridden up so sexily, I just had to play with it,” Tiffie giggled, pulling her finger away and licking it sensuously.

My pussy was tingling and quivering, my knees were weak, and my footing became very unsure with my juices flowing all over the floor.

“We should hurry ladies, Boobette is going to become very dehydrated at the rate she’s loosing fluids,” Dr. Leibovitz warned, also urging the ladies to continue to my room.


Chapter 13: Home Again, Home Again Jiggly Jig

As we approached the door, I noticed the doorway is pink and a French provincial style, with ‘Boobette’s Boudoir’, lettered in a flowing feminine script across the front. The door handle locked with a thumbprint identification scanner with cameras placed near it to identify the entrant.

Dr. Leibovitz used her thumb, looked into the camera and the door opened. She placed a radio ID card near the door and told the ladies accompanying me, “I want you to one at a time place your thumb on the scanner, look up into the camera, and I’ll add you to the authorized entrant list.”

It was evident that I would not be on that list.

I think the Doctor noticed me watching and she said, “Believe it or not, Boobette, you are already on the list, although your access is remotely authorized or denied by our controls. Ultimately, you cannot even leave the grounds without someone accompanying you, carrying a remote control.”

“Wow, does she really have built in security like that? I can’t wait to try some of the things Angie told us about you Boobette. We are going to be such good friends,” Tiffie babbled, as she tried to hold me up while Abby’s prints entered into the security system.

With both ladies given access, we made our way into my pink penitentiary, but just as I passed the threshold, I felt my vulva begin opening steadily wider, “Ooh,” I exclaimed.

“What’s the matter Boobette,” Dr. Leibovitz asked in genuine concern.

“I’m opening up… you know, down there,” I squeaked.

She checked her watch and said, “Goodness is it milking time already? All right, ladies help bring her in. We need to strip her down so she can be properly milked.”

“Yay,” Tiffie cheered staring intently at my nipples, “I get to play with these in person!”

“Tiffie, you’re such a cheerleader,” Abby teased, “But that’s what makes you so lovable.”

“Don’t worry, Abby, there seems to be enough to go around,” she giggled.

All the banter was nice, but my nether regions were spreading wider by the second, which made waddling to my bathroom and dressing table even harder. Along with the two that wanted to help me, which only served to impede my ability, to undulate at the rhythm, which makes mincing, easier for me.

“She’s close enough,” Tiffie declared and began unzipping my dress.

“I’ll bet your panty shields are soaked Tiffie,” Abby teased as she finished dragging me into my dressing room.

“I’m flowing almost like Boobette here, and I intend to ruin many more panty shields. Help me shrug this off her shoulders,” Tiffie agreed as she struggled with my tight dress.

Abby smiled and helped right away adding, “Whatever makes my sweetie happy!”

“You’re going to see me naked,” I squeaked, unsurely.

“I’ve been looking forward to it honey,” Tiffie assured me, “Those boobs, your skin, your wide hips, and your tiny waist are so feminine, and you are giving my significant other and I a chance at having a family of our own.”

“Believe me we’ve seen plenty of naked women before,” Abby laughed, “Like every morning in the mirror!”

I knew that any objection that I might voice would be, overruled anyway, therefore I dropped the subject. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to care for myself as I am and that there isn’t enough of Angie and the doctor to care for me as much as it appears I need.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe her waist is that small! That dress tried to cling to it, but it didn’t quite do it justice,” Tiffie stated, trying to encircle my waist with her small feminine hands.

My boobs were feeling very full and heavy, but when Abby released the hooks on my bra, I almost fell on my face as their weight shifted on my front.

“Look out ladies. You have to be more careful with Boobette. She’s a fragile flower, you know,” Dr. Leibovitz informed them, “Those boobs are plenty heavy and with them bobbing about, she could take a nasty spill.”

“We won’t allow that, will we Tiffie?”

“My bad, I didn’t realize how tipsy she is. It won’t happen again. I’ll make damn sure that when those babies are un-slung again, that I’ll be ready to catch them,” Tiffie replied adamantly, “I can’t promise not to do nasty things with them when I do though.”

“You are such a bad girl,” Abby giggled as she hooked her thumbs in the sides of my thong and dropped them to the floor with a loud splat.

“Toilet first ladies,” the doctor instructed.

I was quickly hovered over the seat, helped to, gently place my abundant bottom onto the seat, and instructed to pee.

As I tinkled, the doctor struck a key on her remote and I felt my back door quickly open on its own, “Yikes, my butt!”

“I need to clean your front and back out Boobette,” she told me as I heard only minor plops into the bowl below.

“The bidet is next, I’ll bet,” Tiffie guessed, as she helped me over to the next porcelain obstacle.

Both phalluses protruded into me as before and I was flushed clean front and back. My holes were so stretched open, nether probe touched the rim of either orifice.

Now my labia and clits began squirming as my nipples started aching to be touched.

Tiffie was kneeling in front of me and watching everything in fascination. (I knew this due to the cameras pasting close ups of my pussy and Tiffie watching on the screens all over the walls.) “Look at them, go at her! That’s got to be driving you crazy, Boobette!”

I moaned loudly and in my little girl pitch in reply.

“We’d better get her to her ‘Little Pony’, so it can relieve some of the pressure,” the doctor advised.

“Ah…Paullina, do you think we could nurse on her for a while first,” Tiffie requested timidly.

“You can but only after we get her planted onto her ‘Little Pony’. I don’t want to override her milk valves if I don’t have to, and I want Boobette to totally enjoy being milked, so she’ll be getting fucked while you nurse,” Dr. Leibovitz decided.

“That’s okay by me,” Tiffie agreed, “She looks like she could really use something in her to plug that gaping hole!”

They straddled me onto my ‘Little Pony’ and the huge dong inside came up and stretched me wider, until it filled me a good 8 inches, then the smaller section sipped up and my pussy slammed tightly around it, locking me onto my ‘Little Pony’ until it was ready to release me.

“Damn, that’s neat! I love how her cunt locks her in. Now she can enjoy her fucking, but that monster can’t slip out of her. What about her butt hole Paullina,” Tiffie inquired, pointing at the still gaping orifice.

“We implemented a hydration plan this morning and the device was installed while she was brazenly dancing onstage. Watch when I hit this button,” the doctor giggled, knowing what was to come.

A large foot-long realistic looking flexible rubber dildo jutted from the area behind the dong that was fucking my pussy, splitting my ass, “Ooh!”

Near the base of the anal dildo, there was a indent that was capped with a flexible looking ring on the very bottom, so that when it was all the way into me, my anus slammed shut around the indented area, the ring pulled flat against my bottom, making it almost appear as if there wasn’t a huge plug up my ass. The tube attached to the center flowed with milky white stuff I could feel fill up my insides, even though I was in the throes of my first orgasm.

“See, she can get her nourishment and fluids straight up her ass. That thing is designed to maintain a flow into her and when it’s empty, it lights an alarm on my remote, so we can attach a hose to the quick connect in her plug, filling it and maintaining her fluids, so she can keep her pussy drooling and her boobs spraying milk,” Dr. Leibovitz explained, “Boobette is a juicy girl and we want to keep her that way.”

Tiffie gave out a high-pitched giggle of her own, “What a nice way to do it and you can hardly see she has a plug up her ass!”

“Unless I hit this button and make it squirm around up there,” Paullina laughed as she pressed it.

My butt was squirming, my pussy wriggling, and my nipples were clenched and aching to be touched and all I could do was hold on and orgasm.

“It’s nipple time,” Tiffie exclaimed and latched wetly onto my left nipple, encompassing the whole thing in her small, lipstick coated mouth.

“I love seeing your lipstick on Boobette’s nipples,” Abby gushed as she took my right nipple into her own and began sucking with the enthusiasm of a starved baby.

Since I was astride my ‘Little Pony’, my nipples allowed my milk to flow freely.

Tiffie declared, muffled around a distended nipple, “It must be like sucking a small, soft cock! But her milk is so sweet and warm, good Boob milk sweetie!”

I barely heard her compliment as I was having trouble sitting up, though I couldn’t have fallen over either.

“It’s very sweet,” agreed Abby, less enthusiastically, “I’ve had my fill. I presume that since it’s so creamy and sweet, that it’s fattening too.”

“I’ve analyzed it,” the doctor stated, “and yes, it is a bit fattening, but full of protein and nutrients. It should be great for Tiffie to drink. She’ll need the calories for her pregnancy.”

I heard that, which told me Tiffie would be the one getting my eggs.

Tiffie decided, “That’s good for now. It looks like Boobette would be more comfortable in her milking cups.” Tiffie let loose and gently, tenderly leaned me into the huge, clear cups my with the soft nipple sucking portion inside.

The holders held my torso into a leaned forward position, taking the weight off my back and they were much higher suction devices. My milk started spraying from my distended mammaries as though from fire hoses and I was going insane with pleasure, screeching, screaming, and moaning, with my head tossing about in every direction.

“Fuck, I’m jealous! She’s getting her brains fucked out and loving it,” Tiffie exclaimed earnestly.

“When she’s done, I bet the doctor will let you have a ride, honey,” Abby teased with a hug.

“Are you nuts? That sucker would split me in half and my nipples wouldn’t come anywhere near the suckers in those cups,” Tiffie declared, “But it would almost be worth the risk to be going that crazy.”

It was twenty minutes of complete insanity for me, but when the machine finally had my boobs drained and made my pussy release the dildo in my cunt, I lay there panting and satisfied, but concerned that the dildo in my ass hadn’t come out yet.

“You’re going to get lunch now baby,” Dr. Leibovitz declared, handing a remote like hers to Tiffie, “Press that button there.”

My lips circled, the dong in the wall ahead slipped down my throat and began fucking my face and feeding me with salty spurts of cream. I hated this part, but loved the feelings and since I craved the salt, enjoyed the taste too.

My tummy was finally full and Dr. Leibovitz announced, “Boobette needs a nap now, so let’s get her into a frilly nightie, and I’d like to see you two don yours as well.”

“I’m game,” Tiffie eagerly declared, beginning to help me from my ‘Little Pony’.

“Just a minute…,” Abby said as she whipped out her cell phone, speed dialing, “Hello, Miriam? Yes, could you clear my calendar for the next week? Great, I’ll see you sometime next week dear. You have a great week too.”

Abby hung up and said, “I’m good too.”

“Naughty naughty, Abby, you know that you’re not supposed to bring cell phones in here,” Dr. Leibovitz admonished, holding out her hand.

“Damn, I’m sorry. Everything was moving so fast I forgot that I had it. It was a good thing too, I was able to confirm that my schedule is clear for our required stay,” she apologized as she handed over her phone.

“You’ll get this back when you leave Abby. All cell phones must be, kept in the safe by the front door. If Angie found out that you brought it in here, you might wind up joining Boobette as a breeder,” Dr. Leibovitz scolded, “I’ll be back in a minute. You two have her ready when I get back.” She left quickly looking around carefully as she went, clutching the phone to her tightly.

“Yes, Angie had better not find out you broke the rules,” Angie announced over the speakers. “Abby, you are forgiven this time, but I’m going to install an RF detector at the entrance to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Abby was blushing in embarrassment, “I’m so sorry Angie!”

“Not as sorry as you’d be if Boobette had gotten her hands on that thing! Tiffie, if you have any contraband, you better fess up now,” Angie asked icily.

“Tiffie is a good little girl Angie! The only things I have on me are panties, and those won’t be on me for very long,” Tiffie sweetly stated, petting the breast closest to her.

Abby tossed a towel onto my vanity stool, “Have a seat while we grab your nightie.”

Tiffie scowled and said, “Abby, you messed up, don’t take it out on Boobette. She’s been very sweet to us since we met her.”

“I’m sorry I was short with you Boobette. I’m upset with myself, not you,” Abby apologized and then kissed me passionately.

I couldn’t hardly breathe she made me pant so badly with that kiss.

“That’s much better Abby. Why don’t you go and pick her nightie and I’ll clean her up a little,” Tiffie confirmed as she moistened a washcloth.

“Tiffie, you should use the sponges on Boobette. Her skin is too sensitive for a washcloth,” Angie announced over the intercom.

“Oh, thank you Angie! It’s nice having big sister watching out for me,” Tiffie replied, “Are you all still watching us?”

“You bet your delicious sweet ass we are Tiffie. Most of the members are still engrossed with our toy and your care of her, however, we took a silent vote, and everyone has asked me to see if you’ll allow Boobette to disrobe you?”

“Hell Angie, I’d have let Boobette disrobe me on stage before we came in here! I’ve wanted to get naked with her since we met. The only thing that would keep me from doing it, is if Boobette doesn’t want to take my clothes off me,” Tiffie replied, squirming and squeezing her boobs together with her upper arms.

“Boobette, will you help me get naked? I really want you to, but if you don’t want to, I’ll understand. I’ll be sad, but I’ll understand,” she asked sweetly.


Chapter 14: Strip Tease

This girl was going to take care of me for a while and I’ll need her. She had been the nicest person to me since I’d awaken in this state, not to mention she really is sexy. Nice and sexy in the same package is hard to resist and I do so love seeing pretty girls naked, “I’d be happy and honored to help you take off your clothes. I’m not very strong anymore though, but I’ll try as hard as I can.”

“Gosh, you should have been born a girl! You’re so sweet!” she sucked my face almost inside out, brushing up against my super-sensitive nipples and pushing my boobs apart to get to my overblown lips.

When she let go of my face, she spun around, lifted her hair up in back and said, “Unzip me please.”

I brought the zipper of her dress all of the way down to where it stopped, right above where the crack of her buttocks began.

She kneeled down in front of me and said, “Okay, you can slip it off my shoulders and then over my boobs, I’ll move around to make it as easy for you as I can.”

I shrugged her dress over her shoulders and she spun sideways so I could get to her front. I then brought the front over the shelf of her satin bra ensconced breasts, while she stood and I could pull the sensual material down. She finished her turn to let me yank it over her wide feminine hips. I bunched the material up in my hands as low as I could reach to allow her to step out of it and brought her dress up, placing in on the vanity beside me. When I turned back, the V of her crotch was right in my face and I could see the lips of her vulva clearly outlined in the silk of her panties.

“Soon Boobette, soon, but first I think you should get my bra off,” Tiffie suggested, watching my eyes burn the image of her pussy into my retina. She kneeled again and slipped tight into my chest, her lips near my ear, saying, “You still remember how to unhook a ladies bra from the front, or should I turn around?”

“The towel under my butt is soaked, but I’ll try to do it from here,” I panted, reaching around to the small of her feminine back. It took three tries but I managed to unhook both of her hooks and brought the straps around both sides of her, releasing her delicious mounds of jiggly womanhood.

“I’m not quite in your league, but my boobs are a respectable double D cup. Go ahead, feel them up, I know you want to,” she offered, “If it makes you feel more comfortable, I’ll feel yours up while you feel mine.”

I nodded and with shaking hands barely brushed her nipples with my palms.

She shuddered and moaned, but kept petting my mammaries, so I bravely cupped her tits from below and hefted them, being careful to keep from scratching her with my ridiculous fingernails.

“What do you think?” she moaned as I jiggled them slightly.

“They’re lovely and so soft,” I panted back, barely able to speak.

“You’d better get a move on Tiffie, Paullina will be back soon, and I don’t want her mad at me for not being ready,” Abby informed her.

“Oh, all right,” Tiffie replied as she stood in front of me, “It’s all for you now Boobette. Just hook your thumbs in the sides of my panties and you get to the treasure.”

“Oh fuck Tiffie, I’m puddling like a monsoon,” Abby declared as she watched me drop Tiffie’s silk panties with a wet splat onto the tile floor.

Then I was face to slit with Tiffie’s pussy, “Oh please Boobette, just give one lick to my molten hot pussy, I really need it.”

How could I refuse? The only problem was I forgot just how long my tongue is now, I quickly thrust it through to her butt cheeks, and she shrieked, “Oh my fucking GOD!”

When I brought some back into my mouth and flicked the end up, partway through her legs, and then poked it inside her love hole, which elicited, “Oh God, she’s fucking me with her tongue! Oh, oh, this is so good!”

I drew back my obscene tongue, making sure to flick her clittie plenty before rolling it back inside my mouth, “Mmm, you taste like heaven.”

I felt a whisper of material drop over my head and Abby pushing my arm through one of the holes above me and then the other arm.

“Gently damn it Abby! Boobette is a delicate flower so be gentle. Here Boobette, lift your high heels and step into these so I can tickle your fancy with them,” Tiffie asked as she held out the panties for the whisper of a Baby Doll that was falling over top of me.

The panties were up my thighs and Abby was still pulling the gossamer top down, when I felt Tiffie begin unrolling my thigh-high boots.

Just then, Dr. Leibovitz re-entered the room and said, “Oh, you’ll need these when you get those off her. She can’t walk without one or the other,” and handed my high heeled slippers to Tiffie.

“Thank you so much Paullina,” Tiffie replied and slipped off my right boot, beginning to roll my pink stocking off right after.

“You are so good at taking care of our Boobette, Tiffie. Don’t you agree Boobette?” the doctor asked me.

“She’s my friend,” I said.

Tiffie’s eyes started leaking immediately and she threw her arms around me, “You bet I am!”

Abby wasn’t nearly as happy, being out shown by Tiffie, but she knew enough to keep her piece and added, “Tell me when you need her to stand honey and I’ll help heft her to her feet while you slip her panties over those huge hips.”

Tiffie released me, quickly slipped my other boot and stocking free and replaced it with my slipper, “I know you’re in a rush Abby, but Boobette’s got lovely wide feminine hips and you shouldn’t try to make her feel ashamed of them.”

Abby didn’t reply, she simply helped me to my tottering feet and escorted me to the big bed in the center of the room.

“Did you ladies bring your nighties, of would you like to borrow one of Boobette’s,” Paullina asked them.

“We weren’t prepared, so we’ll have to borrow hers,” Abby explained, “Do you think that you could arrange to have my secretary throw some of my things into a suitcase and have them delivered here, so that we’ll have fresh lingerie and clothes when we wake up?”

“Tiffie lives with you, I assume, Abby?” the doctor asked.

“Yes, so only one trip needs to be done and since Tiffie’s boss was… or is in the audience watching us, she knows that Tiffie won’t be at work for awhile,” Abby added.

“I’ll handle it Abby. If you can’t find any of Boobette’s nighties that fit well enough, we’ll try my stash next,” Angie offered over the intercom.

Abby started shucking her clothes with Tiffie helping and they opened the drawers with my nighties, “Two piece nighties are out I think. I can fit anything that’s made to hold Boobette’s chest, which should let it stretch longer for me to cover my torso I think,” Abby surmised.

“That leaves me with anything that lets her boobies stick out. I’m down with that,” Tiffie giggled, “My boobies sure won’t be anywhere near as impressive as hers are, but it will give you two, easy access to them.”

They each found pink nighties, Abby in a Teddie that appeared deflated in the front, and Tiffie in a well-fitted Teddie that had her boobies sticking out the front.

“Ooh that looks terrific on you Tiffie,” Abby remarked staring at her exposed breasts.

Tiffie waggled them for her, to tease Abby, and said, “I feel like a porno queen with all of these cameras. If they were all focused on my privates like they are on Boobette’s I’d be a little more self conscious, but with her body, she’s got plenty to show.”

Just as Tiffie said that, one of the monitors showed her boobs in a close up, high resolution shot, “Actually Tiffie, there was a cheer here in the auditorium and shouts of ‘Close up’ to get me to focus a camera on your pretty boobs,” Angie’s voice informed them. “Go on, just a little jiggle for the ladies please Tiffie?”

Tiffie blushed, giggled, and jiggled for the audience.

Angie had left the microphone open and we all heard the crowd’s approval.

“Damn, maybe I should have embarked on that stripper career,” Tiffie teased, “Too bad there isn’t the market at Lesbian bars for it that there is at stripper joints.”

“You could still make good money at it,” Abby conceded with a hug.

“Did you ever see the lesbian peeping Tom,” Tiffie asked.

Abby dutifully shook her head ‘no’.

Tiffie pulled open the front of her Teddie and peeked down the front, looked up, and then peeked down the front again.

They giggled, but when Tiffie walked over to me, she lifted the front of my baby doll and pretended to faint.

She was so cute doing it that even I had to giggle.

“Peep overload, Tiffie?” Dr. Leibovitz asked.

“I think I’m in love,” she teased, looking again.

“Come on silly girl. Let’s get her shoes off and help her lay down for a nap,” Abby declared kneeling next to Tiffie and taking my right slipper while Tiffie grabbed the left.

Abby pulled open the covers and went around the other side of the bed, while Tiffie grabbed my legs, swinging them up onto the bed as Abby eased me back onto the cushiony surface.

“Do you want to lie on your back or on your side sweetie,” Tiffie asked.

I thought about the enormous weight of my boobs, on my chest, making breathing harder, and said, “On my side please.”

“Dibs on boob side,” Tiffie loudly declared.

Abby and the doctor laughed themselves silly, although Abby helped position me on my side.

“Am I going to need a bib?” I timidly asked.

“Don’t worry Boobette, any drooling I get on them, I promise to lick right back off, so you might need a bib between your thighs,” Tiffie immediately replied.

My eyes were wide with shock. (Yes, the camera was showing me, my own face.)

“Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t enjoy it, I know better honey,” Tiffie assured me.

The lights in the room were systematically, being turned-off though a few of the monitors were still operational, even if they were dimmer.

“Goodnight Boobette,” Tiffie said sweetly.

“Goodnight Tiffie,” I replied.

Over the intercom came, “That’s goodnight Mistress Tiffie, to you Boobette. Another rule you weren’t told yet, so you get a pass this time. For you, all natural born females are ‘Mistress’. Do you understand, Boobette?”

“Yes Mistress Angie,” I repeated, not especially happy about it, but not in any position to refuse either.

Abby said, “Goodnight Tiffie.”

I was thankful for that, but Tiffie glared at Abby and replied, “Goodnight Mistress Abby.”

Abby was just trying to allow me from having to say the mistress part of things, but Tiffie took it that she was leaving me out, as if I was beneath her, so she said, “Goodnight my sweet Boobette.”

“Goodnight Mistress Abby,” I replied as required, giving her, a smile I hoped conveyed that I knew what she’d tried to do.

I didn’t dare tell Tiffie, since we were on monitors all over the building.

I think that Abby understood and also knew that she couldn’t explain right then either.

As I was looking into Tiffie’s eyes, I felt the sting of a needle in my plump butt, I remember hearing Tiffie say, “Poor baby,” and felt her start playing with my boobs, but that’s when the lights went out.


When again I could open my eyes, I looked upon the angelic, sleeping face of Tiffie and felt her little hands still resting on my girls. The thing that slightly surprised me was the fact that Abby’s left hand was on my butt cheek and her right hand was holding a lock of my hair to her nose.

Tiffie’s eyes fluttered soon and she peered into mine saying, “Good morning gorgeous, god you’re so beautiful”

I didn’t know whether to be, complimented, or cry, but I smiled in response, since I knew that she meant it in a positive way.

“Damn, my boobs feel swollen!” she declared, looking down at herself and groping them.

“Ah, Boobette, I’m going to sit up and I want you to tell me if my boobs are bigger. Will you do that for me please,” Tiffie asked eyes wide in shocked concern.

I nodded my platinum blond covered head.

She sat upright, I looked closely and it appeared to be true, her nipples looked swollen and her boobs looked like they filled the openings in my Teddie, better than they had before we lay down for our naps.

I looked at her apologetically and nodded that they are bigger.

She asked, “E or F cup bigger?”

I mouthed, “F.”

“You look like you think it’s your fault Boobette. How could my boobs growing be your fault?” she enquired unsurely.

“You drank my boob milk Mistress Tiffie,” I answered embarrassed.

“Do you think your milk can make boobs grow?” she marveled, “I want more if it does! Aren’t they beautiful?” she giggled in joy.

I thought she was upset that they’d grown in the space of a couple hours, but it appears she loves it so much she wants more.

“Oh my god that means Abby is going to have boobs now too!” she peered over top of me to get a peek to find out. “Wow! Boobette, Abby really likes you!”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. (Well, that’s not unusual for me. You can always knock me over with a feather now. Suffice it to say that I was shocked.)

“Abby has a lock of your hair up against her nose. She only does that when she really likes someone. It’s one of her fetishes, she loves smelling a pretty girls hair. She’s got a handful of your ass too. She was trying not to let you know how much your butt was making her crazy when she said you have ‘huge hips’. She’s so, guarded all the time. You know now that she doesn’t mean it if she says anything that sounds mean, she’s just trying to confuse you about her true feelings.”

“Thank you Mistress Tiffie,” I replied.

She placed her sweet mouth near my ear and whispered, “I wish I could get them to stop making you call me Mistress, but that was expressly forbidden. I’m sorry,” and then she pretended she’d been trying to stick her tongue in my ear. (Well, she actually did stick her tongue in my ear, but just to make it look like she hadn’t whispered instead.)

“Thank you Mistress Tiffie, that made me so horny for your new big boobies,” I told her to help her cover her whisper. (Though, I was also aching to feel-up her new, bigger boobs too.)

“Be my guest, be gentle though, they are a little tender,” she said exposing her jiggly titties so I could feel them.

“Oh, they’re so round, so firm, so fully packed,” I told her with a smile.

“If you suck my nipples, will your boobs get bigger?” she asked, trying to stuff her left nipple into my puffy lips.

I accepted the offer gratefully and started gently drawing on her nipple.

“Damn, not only are they bigger but they are making me crazy,” she moaned, stuffing her hand between her own thighs and working her pussy.

I started petting her pretties and kept sucking away and between my nipple work and her diddling, in very few minutes she screamed her way through an orgasm so loudly Abby said, “Was it a good one sweetie?” from behind me.

“Abby! Sit up honey,” Tiffie managed through gasps and crossed eyes.

“What is it? Oh fuck, what happened to me!” she yelped.

“Isn’t it great? You’ve got boobs now,” Tiffie enthused.

Abby always had boobs, just small ones. She was maybe a B cup when I met her.

“How the hell did this happen? Did Paullina inject us with magic boob growth juice while we were asleep?” she ranted.

“I don’t think Paullina had anything to do with this. Boobette figured out what happened to us,” she thrust her chest out proudly, “Aren’t they just beautiful?”

“Boobette figured out what happened. So just how, did our boobs grow,” Abby asked staying on topic.

“Oh, Boobette’s tittie milk made them, grow,” Tiffie giggled, “That makes sense too. With all the estrogen in her system, some of it’s bound to be in her tittie milk.”

“Oh, you think that maybe it is temporary,” Abby surmised.

“I sure as hell hope not,” Tiffie, swore, “If it is, I better get to grope your new C cuppers before they deflate!”

She crawled over top of me to get to Abby but in her haste, she kneeled on my tiny waist, and with my corset turned off it felt like she broke my spine, “Ouch,” I screamed and began crying like a baby.

Abby lifted her free from me in an instant, “Are you okay Boobette?”

I couldn’t catch my breath. I could barely breathe enough to keep crying but I finally managed a weak, “No.”

Tiffie went crazy, crying, and fretting over me.

Abby stood and triggered the intercom on the remote, “Dr. Leibovitz to Boobette’s room. This is an Emergency. Boobette is hurt and needs your attention.”

Unfortunately, for me, the doctor was out. She’d returned to the hospital to do her rounds and attend to her other patients.

I was able to speak a few minutes later and told her I still had a very sharp pain in my side where Tiffie had planted her knee and they relayed that information to the doctor.

Fifteen minutes later, I was becoming very drowsy and my stomach was feeling very tight.

Abby inspected and screeched into the remote, “She’s bleeding internally and if you don’t get the doctor here, call an air ambulance or we’re apt to lose her!”

“Settle down Abby,” Angie told her over the intercom, “Paullina is pulling into the driveway as we speak, in an ambulance, with four or five surgical nurses accompanying her. There will be a gurney arriving in a minute. Do not move Boobette. The attendants will place her on a backboard when they arrive.”

“I’m so sorry Boobette! I didn’t mean to hurt you. If you don’t make it, I’ll just die,” Tiffie tearfully said, dripping salty fluids all over my face.

“I know Mistress Tiffie, you didn’t mean to hurt me,” I weakly tried to tell her so she would feel better.

“Your nice trying to make me feel better, but I still feel like dirt,” she blubbered stroking my face.

The two Amazon sized attendants came in, with the doctor in tow, “Let’s have a look at my princess.”

The doctor examined me quickly, asked Tiffie a couple questions, thumped on my tummy a couple times, and instantly, ordered, “Get her on the gurney, stat! She’s bleeding internally! Prep the theater in the other room. We’re going in arthroscopically to repair the damage.”

That statement brought a wail from Tiffie they could have heard in the driveway.

All I know is the doctor stuck me with another injection and my lights went out.


“Welcome back honey,” Abby said when she saw my eyelids flicker, “Excuse me, I need to call Tiffie.” She pressed a button that I assume triggered an alarm somewhere.

“We almost lost you,” she told me, “Apparently Tiffie tore loose an adhesion inside your tummy, and it began to bleed. The doctor was inside and had it cauterized before you lost too much blood. She did have to transfuse you, though.”

“Where’d she get the blood,” I asked drowsily.

“It seems that Tiffie and you have the same blood type,” she informed me, “You do know that when there’s a transfusion from one person to the other, there’s some blood that goes back to the donor, well there were complications. I’ll let Tiffie tell you about those when she gets here.”

“She isn’t staying in here anymore?” I asked weakly.

“She will be, but they wanted to watch her a while after you were out of danger. She’s still a bit weak from the blood loss and other things.”

The door opened and Tiffie came in on a gurney wearing a hospital gown. “I’m so glad you’re okay Boobette!” she declared.

“Are you all right too, Mistress Tiffie,” I asked my eyes already working towards a reverse blink.

The attendants that came with the doctor helped her from the gurney and next to me in bed.

“There, now we can chat and giggle like girls at a slumber party,” Tiffie announced, still with her back to me, about to roll towards me.

“Slumber party…,” I dreamily asked.

“Well, we are kind of blood sisters now, you know,” she declared and rolled towards me, “There’s also the similarities in boob size to identify us.”

Tiffie was a much better endowed girl now. She’s gone from an F cup to a solid H cup at least, “Aren’t they wonderful! I owe them all to you, sweetie!”

“They are very nice Mistress Tiffie,” I agreed.

“I’m sorry Boobette. You need some rest. Go to sleep. I’ll be here when you awaken,” she kissed my lips softly and stroked my head.

“Are you going to be a baby maker too now,” I dopily asked as I was losing consciousness.

“Well, I’ll just be the incubator, you are still the well spring,” she confirmed.

“Lucky me…”


Chapter 15: Aftermath

“Hi again sweetie,” Tiffie declared the moment my eyes opened.

I smiled back at her.

“You’re looking better already honey,” Tiffie said, “I made the doctor leave your corset activated. You’re tougher with it on and more fragile than a china doll with it off. Angie gave permission that you don’t have to call me mistress anymore. I had to throw a total hissy fit to get it too! I think they were considering bringing in a priest for an exorcism.”

I smiled brightly in reply, but weakly said, “Boobs hurt… too full. I need milking.”

“Who forgot that milk boobs need tending too,” Tiffie screeched in a high, irritating tone, “I want two women in here right now to start dropping pressure in these teats this Instant!”

Two women wearing maid uniforms sulked into the room looking about nervously.

“Get over here and latch on girls and if I hear anything but moans of pleasure coming from Boobette, you’ll become milk cows right alongside her,” Tiffie threatened.

“I’d believe her ladies,” Abby added, “She’s a very protective mother and her adopted daughter is in pain.”

The women scurried over to me, uncovered a nipple each, gently licked them to moisten them, and carefully started sucking.

I was panting in relief and sexual stimulation.

“Very good girls,” Tiffie encouraged, “Suck down lots of her sweet milk. There’s an added benefit, if they didn’t tell you before you came in.” Tiffie unlimbered the boobs she’s become so very proud of and said, “I was a double A cup four days ago!”

One of the maids began whimpering but the other sucked even more determinedly.

I pointed to her, where she couldn’t see me and mouthed, “Wants big boobs.”

Tiffie giggled and hugged the maid from behind saying, “You are going to get bonus duties honey. Boobette says you’re a great nipple sucker.”

The maid moaned but didn’t slow up on her determination to relieve my milk production.

The other girl was only giving token effort in milk pressure relief. Eventually I pointed to her and shook my head ‘no’ so Tiffie could see.

“You however, missy, are on toilet cleaning duty for a month. You’re done here, scat,” Tiffie ordered, “I need another volunteer!”

A lady wearing an undistinguishing business suit and glasses entered asking, “I hear there is a lovely lesbian lady with overfilled milk boobs in need here? Oh wow, is there ever, Lacy to the rescue!”

She threw her jacket into a corner, hiked up her skirt, slipped her glasses off, leaving them on my dresser and carefully crawled into bed with me, “Aren’t you the girl we almost lost yesterday?”

Tiffie answered for me, “Yes, she is and her milking machine is not an option until she heals up more. Oh and before you start sucking, you should know that drinking Boobette’s milk causes rapid breast growth!”

“You’re joking with me,” Lacy determined, never slowing her approach to my nipple.

Abby chimed in, “I was a B cup three days ago. I only sucked a little from Boobette and now I’m a full C cup. She’s not kidding. Hell, when Tiffie got here she was only a double D cup, now look at her.”

“How fucking much milk did you drink girl?” Lacy asked as she began sucking milk earnestly.

“Well, it wasn’t all from milk, Boobette needed a transfusion, so I shared blood with her,” Tiffie admitted.

The eager maid burped around my nipple from all the milk she’d consumed, but went right back to sucking.

“Oh now that boob feels so much better now,” I moaned in relief and mind twisting stimulation, “When you’re full, remind me to tongue fuck your brains out Miss.”

“You’re a lucky girl,” Tiffie pouted, “Boobette tongue fucks like Ron Jeremy screws!”

I don’t know if she heard either one of us, she just kept at it as if she was a hungry baby.

Lacy was doing an enthusiastic job as well so I pointed at her and gave Tiffie an okay sign.

“Lacy, I don’t know what your job here is, but you’re due for a promotion. Boobette is an important project and a ray of hope for all lesbian couples who want a family. You are making her feel better so she can get back to work sooner, so I plan on putting in a good word for you,” Tiffie declared, hugging the busily nursing woman.

Ten minutes later, I felt the suction from the maid who had been at it longest start to fall off and the next thing I knew, she was sleeping with her face planted on one of my big soft boobies.

I whispered, “Don’t wake her. She’s earned a nice nap.”

Tiffie started rubbing her back gently and occasionally patting her until a big burp erupted from her. After that, she mumbled, squirmed a little, and then nestled back against my boob.

We tittered at how baby-like she acted, but left her sleeping.

My boobs were feeling so nice now that I fell asleep myself, even while Lacy kept up her draining work.


Chapter 16: All Milked Over

I next roused to four girls sleeping in the bed with me and two of those firmly laying on a big soft boob. One of those was gently petting the one she lay on while cooing.

I strained my neck to get a look at her and saw that her breasts had exploded from her deep v-neck dress, jiggling appealingly with every breath she took. I reached my feminized hand down and gently touched her distended nipples, feeling the warmth and what appeared nearly painful erectness. Her nipples were very large and clenched so when I touched them she moaned in her sleep and squirmed slightly.

I didn’t want to wake her so I transferred my attention to my second heroine, Lacy. At some point while I slept she had released the hooks on her bra, but that hadn’t stopped her bosom from popping three buttons from her silk blouse and exposing some porcelain tit flesh for me to stroke, which I couldn’t resist touching.

She also moaned and squirmed slightly but her eyes fluttered open and she said, “Where have you been all my life beautiful.”

I chuckled slightly knowing the answer would possibly shock her, “You aren’t upset with your new assets?”

She looked down, seemingly noticing them for the first time, “Wow, I finally blossomed! I’ve wanted boobs since I was ten years old and now I have them! Thank you,” she kissed my swollen lips. “Thank you,” and again interspersed with another kiss and then said,” Thank you!” which she topped off with a prolonged passionate lip-lock.

“How big would you say they are Mistress Lacy,” I squeaked.

She undid the top button of her blouse and then the two below near her waist and splayed her chest open, gazing down at the wobbling tit flesh hanging there and replied, “Looks to be about a solid DD cup, maybe an E, but it’s so hard to tell from this side.”

She wiggled side to side to watch them in motion, “I never expected to see real boobs on my chest. I figured one day that I’d have to buy implants, but they are so expensive and flat chested girls never get the nipple expansion that real boobs have. How did they feel?”

“Soft and warm,” I answered, “But I didn’t get more then my fingertips sliding over them.”

“Hell, no need to ask girl. Get yourself a handful and let’s take them for a test drive, okay? Please?” she pleaded, grasping my little hands and coaxing them towards her tightly clenched nipples.

“At least they aren’t swollen with milk,” I teased, “Ooh! They’re nicely heavy and very firm. How does that feel,” I asked, teasing her nipples with my long thumbnails.

“I’ll give you five years to stop that. Oof! I’m puddling like an untrained puppy! If you weren’t injured I’d lez your brains out right now.”

“If I wasn’t injured, I’d have been milked on a machine, and you wouldn’t be sporting these beauties,” I teased, while working her delicious boobs.

“Thank god for that! Woo hoo!” she exclaimed.

Unbeknownst to us, Tiffie had awakened, sneakily slipped her hand up Lacy’s skirt, and begun fingering her molten twat, “I’ll stop if you don’t enjoy it…?”

“Don’t… ooh, stop! I’m so close! Oh, having boobs to arouse and… ah, my pussy diddled, is HEAVEN,” she screeched, and fell limply onto my left boob. “Oh god that was good!”

Tiffie looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry I hurt you Boobette, but at least we made Lacy and baby Maid happy.”

I looked down just as the maid reattached to my right nipple, still sleeping and making little happy sounds.

“Mmm,” was all Lacy was up to, moaning and snuggled against her favorite part of my fantasy body.

Abby had been pretending to be asleep for the last ten minutes but finally piped in with, “This has to be the biggest lesbian orgy I’ve attended in my life, and I haven’t even got off once.”

“Poor baby, Tiffie teased, I’m sure that can be rectified, but you’ve positioned yourself way on the other side of the playground and there’s no way I’m cutting across the fun house to get to you again.”

“I was just wondering Tiffie, my secretary brought our clothes to us, but now nothing we own fits us. How are we ever going to leave Boobette’s room without anything to wear?”

Angie strolled in for this part of the conversation, just as I heard the toilet flush and saw the reluctant maid from hours before scrubbing the porcelain, “I have Judy, one of our members bringing a truckload of lingerie and fashions of all sizes in. Well, that is, all larger bust sizes. It seems our goldmine has opened a new vein of possibilities. Breast augmentation without surgery could be very popular, although it seems the ladies need to get it from the source. We had plenty of people drink Boobette’s milk after it was pasteurized and no one developed overactive glandular growth from it. We can still use her milk to feed babies, but we can also help the ladies who missed their appointment with the boob fairy.”

Tiffie giggled and said, “So in a way, Boobette is ‘Boob Fairy Mk. II’.”

“Quite,” Angie agreed, “I came in because Boobette’s anal feeder is alarming and needs to be refilled. Your remote is over on the bed stand and I figured you might not notice it right away. Remember, your primary job here is caring for her.”

“Oh, you’re right I didn’t see it. Thank you Angie,” Tiffie replied but followed it with, “My primary focus is Boobette’s needs. I think she needs love as much as nourishment, so that’s what I was giving her, but you’re right and I will be more aware of her nourishment needs as well.”

“Yes, you may be on to something,” Angie acquiesced, “Dr. Leibovitz seems to share that sentiment as well. Oh, don’t forget to override her vaginal opening routine, which should begin in about five minutes. She’s not strong enough for a good fucking like that yet. I’ll be back later.” Angie waved and left the room, while Tiffie grabbed the remote and studied it.

Abby got up and opened a cupboard near the door, retrieving a cylinder, which she returned with, “Time for your refreshment Boobette,” and she clicked the quick connect to my anal insert.

I felt the warm glow of my insides filling with fluid and an increased fuzziness in my head as the drugs in the mixture took effect.

“That’s amazing. She’s being fed through her ass,” Lacy asked staring closely as Abby filled me.

“My sweet Boobette needs lots of fluids,” Tiffie declared, “She’s the juiciest girl in the world. Feel the bed near our hottie’s crack and that should tell the tail.”

Lacy slid her hand between my thighs and remarked, “She’s cum all over the place!”

“I don’t think so, Lacy. When Boobette orgasms, there’s way more juice than that! She’s just always horny and drooling. Go ahead, feel her delicious pussy,” Tiffie suggested.

I wasn’t sure I was up to this, but Lacy’s touch down there was like fire. I felt my clitties and vulva start to squirm and knew that Tiffie and triggered my self-fucking pussy, “Ooh!”

“Would you look at that? She’s a girl with four erect clits, which squirm on their own! How is she moving her labia like that? There are no muscles in labia. Wow, that would make me crazy! Can I finger her while her pussy does that?”

Tiffie giggled and replied, “She’d beg you to, if she could speak right now.”

Lacy slipped her finger inside me and described, “Her pussy lips are squeezing my finger and inside her vaginal muscles are pulsing on it. I have to feel what it’s like on my tongue.”

Lacy slipped between my thighs and poked her girlish tongue deep inside my crack, “Uh!”

“She likes it, Lacy. Why don’t you give her clitties a little tickle while you’re there,” Abby suggested, knowing what Lacy would buy with such a move.

There was no way I could control it. I hadn’t orgasmed in a couple days and needed to so badly. Lacy’s ministrations to my clits and pussy threw me over the edge like a freight train into a canyon! I spewed pussy juice from deep within me from my needy slit as though a dam broke, “Yah- gah-oof!”

Lacy looked as though someone had dumped a bucket over her head, “Wow, that was great. I love making her cum in buckets! Have you two tried this? I love the power I feel being able to make her enjoy such obvious mind numbing pleasure!”

“Aren’t you just a tiny bit jealous of how good it must have been too,” Tiffie slyly asked.

“I’m afraid of orgasming that hard. I’d become slave to the pleasures of my body. On the other hand, being loved for being a girl who enjoys letting others do that to her would be good too,” Lacy pondered, smearing her hair back in a slimy single mass.

“I like that,” Tiffie agreed, “Now slide to one side, I’m going it!”

My clits and pussy were still driving me on when Tiffie latched onto my womanhood as though she were a Plecostomus. I didn’t know there was that much juice left in me but she had my clits swollen to points of lightning-strike fire dancing throughout my body and brain. Within two minutes, I was biting a pillow, screaming in insane pleasure and drenching my little lover with cunt juice.

Tiffie squirmed up to my face with her hair matted to her head, smiling broadly and asked, “Was it good for you too?”

I hadn’t returned to my senses yet though I tried to open my eyes and focus and heard her say, “That is so awesome! Abby, look at Boobette’s eyes, they aren’t pointed in the same direction and her pupils are pinpoints. Now that’s cuming your brains out!” She giggled and hugged me tightly.

“Wow, she’s some girl Tiffie,” Lacy added, “Where did Boobette come from?”

“I thought you worked here,” Abby asked, slightly suspiciously.

“I do work here, I’m the bookkeeper. Angie tapped me at the last moment when Ms. Frigid over there didn’t work out,” Lacy replied, hooking her thumb towards the maid who was now cleaning the bidet.

“Oh, then you should know about how much money has been spent making Boobette so special. Most of this mansion is focused on caring for her and her place in LUST,” Abby filled in.

“You mean this, is her,” Lacy asked incredulously, “I was expecting… well, something else.”

“What did you expect,” Tiffie pressed further.

“Well… from what I was seeing in medical expenses, makeup, clothing, furnishings, security, and high technology surveillance devices, I had assumed that we had a masculine looking mentally twisted captive who was always trying to escape and hurting some of the women brought in to care for him, not this sweet faced, sweet tempered lady here,” she sighed and kissed my cheek.

“I’ve never hurt anybody, even a little,” I stated.

“Of course you haven’t dear,” Tiffie assured me.

“Hey, who wet the bed?” my baby maid asked, finally awake and lying in the wet spot, which is most of the other end of the bed at this point. Then it dawned on her to look down at herself, “Cool! I’ve got boobs.”

Tiffie reached over, hefted one of her new boobies, and said, “I’d say you earned an E cup with your milking.”

“You’ve got some nice porn star tits there now honey,” Lacy agreed with a wide smile.

“Does anyone know where I could borrow some clothes? Oh, and am I still on the clock or will I have to make up time? Not that I care mind you, boobs are worth it, I just don’t want a short paycheck since I’m going to need a new wardrobe,” she explained. “You aren’t full again yet, are you?”

Tiffie checked the clock and answered for me, “She won’t need to be nursed from for another two hours. You won’t have to do it, by then we can drum up more volunteers.”

“Damn, I was hoping for another couple of cup sizes,” she complained, “I’d better get back to work.”

I had hold of her and asked, “What is your name dear girl?”

“My name is Nadine Mobley ma’am,” she replied, licking her lips and ogling my boobs.

“You shouldn’t call me ma’am,” I informed her, “All natural born women are to be Mistresses to me, except for Tiffie.”

“Does that mean you have to do what I say?” she laughed, still staring hungrily.

“Actually, it means she has to do whatever the person in charge of her says, and at this moment, that person is me,” Tiffie stated emphatically. “You don’t have to go back to work right now either and if you’d like to nurse on those lovely milkers, you have the job when it’s time. As far as clothing goes, Angie has a clothier on her way with larger breast size outfits and lingerie, which you will be given, and also a few outfits to fit your enhanced dimensions.”

“Boy was Becky stupid to be hesitant to help,” Nadine declared, “What’s she doing now?”

Abby looked over to where the other maid was working and replied, “She’s disinfecting the bathtub as we speak.”

Nadine sat up, grabbed her new enhancements, and pointed them at the other maid, “Hey Becky, look what you missed out on!”

Becky blushed and mumbled, “Cow!” going right back to cleansing the bathtub.

“Cow…? I have half a mind to force feed her five gallons of Boobette’s milk and then five more after that,” Nadine remarked, “But doing that would waste it on a snotty boob hating little witch.”

“She’s cleaning toilets, what worse fate could she, have,” I asked, “She did help a little when she was told to. Maybe her girl friend doesn’t like boobs?”

“She doesn’t have a girl friend. I think she even hates being a girl,” Nadine explained, “She has the idea that she’s been denied advancement due only to the fact that she was born female.”

“Wouldn’t that be a benefit here,” I asked naively.

“She wouldn’t have gotten a job here otherwise, but she feels she should be given a managerial position, even though she has no experience and in my opinion, doesn’t have the temperament.”

“Well, Angie is aware of her now, so I wouldn’t want to be in her panties,” Abby laughed.

“Especially if they haven’t been washed,” Nadine snickered.

“They use my unwashed panties to give men hard-ons in their clinic,” I added in a tiny voice.

“Damn, that’s making me horny just thinking about,” Nadine admitted, “Knowing that you’re so hot that anyone, male or female becomes enamored with you.”

“Anyone but Becky,” I amended.

“Would you want her to be hot for you,” Nadine teased.

“I feel sorry for her mostly,” I answered earnestly.

“We’ve wasted enough time on Becky,” Abby declared, “I’d rather focus on the pretty clothes that await our enhanced figures, and the future impregnation of Tiffie with viable embryos.”

“It sounds so sexy when you say it that way, Abby,” Tiffie said sarcastically.

Anyway, that’s when Becky finished cleaning my room and left hurriedly without looking in our direction.

“How does Boobette cum with so much fluid,” Nadine asked staring at the two soaked heads of my most recent victims.

“Boobette was designed to cum like that, Nadine. You should try it. It’s the most spectacular feeling of power making her loose all control,” Tiffie informed her, “Abby hasn’t had a chance yet, but Lacy and I have.”


Chapter 17: Recharge Socket

Abby broke in with, “Ah Tiffie, you have a new light on the remote.”

“Low Power…,” Tiffie pressed the Com button and said into the remote, “Angie, I have a Low Power indicator on Boobette’s remote. I wasn’t told what to do about that.”

“There’s a pair of Pink Latex Daisy Dukes with a power cord coming from the crotch in the bottom drawer of the night stand next to you, take them out and squeeze Boobette into them, then plug the cord into the special socket in the wall above the headboard. Make sure you gently work the probe in the crotch of them as far into her as you can. You’ll know when they are in place when Boobette displays a remarkable Camel-Toe in them. It won’t make her orgasm, as her ‘Little Pony’ does. It’s just her backup recharge panties. Call back if you have any trouble. Ta-Ta,” Angie replied, “Oh, on another note, Judy Valentine is on her way to Boobette’s boudoir to get some measurements and show some of what she has available. She should be there in ten minutes or so.”

“Thank you Angie. We eagerly await the lovely things she’ll have to show us,” Tiffie replied as Abby snagged my recharge panties from the aforementioned drawer.

“Okay girls we need to work together and gently fit these onto Boobette,” Abby declared as everyone shifted positions to better avail herself to the team effort.

This was the first time that I realized that someone stripped me out of my baby doll, but that only made sense since it would have needed to be removed for surgery.

Lacy grabbed my left leg, Nadine had my right one, and they lifted together as Abby poked my silly feet through the leg holes. Working the panties up past my thighs the leg holes became tighter so the girls stopped there.

Lacy and Nadine hefted my butt into the air as Tiffie shoved a couple pillows under my back to stabilize me and keep my ass in the air. The two girls yanked on the pink latex shorts until I felt the hard prong inside poke at my nether lips.

Tiffie grasped the dong and worked it back and forth between my labia, spreading my lubrication over the cock shaped object, allowing her to start shoving the dildo up inside me, slowly fucking me to work it in further as the other ladies yanked my panties higher. Finally, with one last shove from the center of the panty’s crotch to seat it as deeply inside me as it would go, Tiffie exclaimed, “It must be in right, because it looks as if she has two sausages spread in the crotch of her panties.”

“You’ve got it where it needs to be,” Angie confirmed over the intercom, “It’s not the giant fuck tool she’s used to having inside her, but it will recharge her necessary internal power systems. Now, just mate up the special connector and she’ll be good to go. I just love the huge Camel Toe that Paullina was able to give her, don’t you girls?”

All the ladies looked at each other strangely and then Abby replied for everyone, “Yes, they are very slutty Angie.”

Tiffie found the appropriate wall outlet and mated the plug to it, “There, now you don’t have to worry about your corset failing. Would you like us to give you a sponge bath? We can’t have you in the tub until tomorrow so that will have to do for now.”

Sure, thank you, I must be pretty stinky right now,” I gathered, “But I’ll be all covered in juices instantly if I stay in this bed while you do it.”

“That gives me a great idea,” Nadine interjected, “We can load her onto the gurney, wheel her over to the bathtub and while we bathe, she can watch and play too, while we clean her. Becky can come back and change the linens.” Nadine snickered deviously at the last part she added.

“It’s a good thing that gurney is collapsible. It will make loading her onto it easier and she’ll be at the right height next to the tub to play with. Great idea Nadine,” Tiffie acknowledged.

“What about the charging cord,” I asked, afraid that it would disconnect.

“The cable looks long enough to reach anywhere inside the room honey, so that won’t be a problem,” Tiffie decided, “Whoops, it’s time to recharge your anal feed dong again.”

That damn thing had been up inside me so long now I hardly noticed it anymore. What in the hell is this body doing to my mind? Although the warm, fuzzy feeling that came from the drugs coursing through me could account for most of that, I hope.

The girls had me lay on my left side while they scooted me towards the edge of the bed. It felt as if my ass was hanging in space until I felt it contact the clean, dry surface of the gurney and then rolling onto my back, with the ladies stabilizing my wildly flopping boobs they had me ready to travel.

Tiffie already had the tub filling and the ladies were disrobing, pouring flowery scented bubble bath into the tub, and Abby was keying the remote’s intercom, “Could you have maid service make up the bed while we’re bathing please Angie?”

“I sure will. I think Becky can tear herself away from toilet cleaning long enough to handle that,” Angie answered with a titter.

When Becky returned, her gaze was mostly on the floor with occasional hate filled glances towards the bathing beauties.

“No Nadine, no wash cloths on Boobette,” Tiffie informed her, remembering what Dr. Leibovitz had told her, “You need to use one of these sponges on her delicate skin,” she handed one of the indicated objects to Nadine, “And only use this on her body. Boobette’s face needs even softer sponges.”

“This is so cool! It’s like having a baby and Barbie dolls all rolled into one girl. We can dress her pretty, too. I hope,” Nadine asked as she moistened the sponge.

“That’s our job. Abby and I are supposed to be caring for Boobette, washing her, dressing her, applying her makeup, and being her companions. If I hadn’t stupidly hurt her, we could have had all kinds of girly fun this week,” Tiffie informed her with self-deprecation.

“Don’t take this wrong, but for me, I’m glad you did,” Nadine stated emphatically as she began sponging down my right breast.

“You did seem to ah… come out on top,” I remarked.

Nadine had to hold onto the gurney to keep from falling down she laughed so hard saying, “I did at that sweetie!” and then kissed me passionately. “You can inspect them anytime you feel the urge too, honey.”

Abby and Tiffie were busily washing each other in the bathtub and Lacy was just stepping into it saying, “Gosh, these wide spots make it easy to get three of us in the tub.”

Nadine was curious so she asked, “Where’d they find a tub like that? It’s shaped so weird.”

The three bathing beauties laughed and Lacy replied, “I saw the invoice go over my desk, this is a custom made bathtub, just for Boobette.”

Tiffie giggled, “What did you think these rounded areas were made to hold?”

Nadine only looked a moment, then she looked at me and stated, “Damn, Angie had to have a tub made to get Boobette’s tits in so she could be bathed, didn’t she?”

“She could never get her boobs wet in a normal bathtub. It makes for a nice three girl bathtub when she’s not using it, otherwise it’s only big enough for Boobette and a guest,” Abby concluded, “She’s so short that it’s easy to get someone into the other end.”

All the banter about my bathtub had me blushing and feeling freakish, and if it weren’t for the drugs constantly flowing into me, I think I would have cried. As it was, only my upper lip was trembling.

Tiffie had just stood up from the tub with a sponge in her hand to start helping Nadine to sponge the acreage of my breasts clean and she remarked, “Oh, what’s wrong Boobette? Were you embarrassed by our discussion of your bathtub?”

I nodded without continuing the lip quiver, though my face was still aflame with embarrassment.

“Everyone loves your bathtub honey, why are you embarrassed?” she enquired, laying her hand on my face gently, “Is it that it had to be custom built for your breasts?”

I nodded again.


Chapter 18: Fired

“Everyone here loves your breasts sweetie, don’t we girls?” she asked over her shoulder.

All the girls in the tub chimed their agreement, as did Nadine, however from across the room came, “Damn freak cow!”

Tiffie had to nearly, tackle Nadine as she started to head over to stomp Becky into a grease spot on the carpet when the intercom came on with Dr. Leibovitz’s voice, “Becky, you are to come to the office immediately, clean out your locker and pick up your final check.”

“Good I never wanted this lousy job anyway!” she stomped out in a huff.

“Don’t worry about her Boobette. We’re giving her work more suited to her disposition. Angie proposed we find something to support our efforts that will keep her too busy to bitch, but that’s when we decided that LUST could use a bitch. We’ll meet her again in a few months,” Dr. Leibovitz laughed diabolically.

Everyone’s eyes became big and round. When we looked at each other, it was evident that no one cared to cross Dr. Leibovitz.

“Cold wet boobies…,” I chattered, trying to break the shocked silence.

“Oh, you poor darling, did we forget you right in the middle of our task? Not to worry, I’ll rub Tiffie over top of you to warm you up,” Nadine offered as she hefted the smaller woman she gently laid her across my chilly tits.

“She’s warm and squirmy,” I replied, “Even softer than those sponges too.”

“Help, my boobs are trapped by Boobette’s boobs and I can’t get a purchase anywhere to slide off without jabbing one of my bony knees into her! There’s no way I’m doing that again, so if you’d be so kind as to lift me off so we can get her back into a clean bed and we don’t tempt breaking loose anything more inside her,” Tiffie rationalized as she tried to hold her weight up off me. “If my laying on Boobette opens her incision, there’s going to be hell to pay…”

Nadine quickly but carefully retrieved the awkwardly trapped little lady saying, “I’m sorry, I was careful not to place you on her dressing. I’m not totally reckless. I was just thinking how much Boobette would love having her boobs warmed up by the next sexiest pair in the room.”

I couldn’t reply, as I was trying not to orgasm and make an embarrassing mess on my gurney.

“I can’t wait until doing that isn’t dangerous anymore though, it was so much fun. Wasn’t it Boobette,” Tiffie asked with a playful nipple tweak.

I sucked in air sharply, because her nipple play felt so good.

“We’d better get this horny girl clean soon, or she may be orgasming on the gurney before we can dress her in something pretty,” Tiffie declared, being careful not to over-stimulate me.

“Going back to your being upset with our discussion of your bathtub Boobette,” Abby began, “It’s very practical, it’s sexy, it’s comfortable, and it’s a mark of how special you are to LUST. They wouldn’t spend that kind of money on you if you weren’t special and important to all of us.”

“I think that Dr. Leibovitz has a thing for you too Boobette dear,” Nadine hypothesized, while still sponging me carefully.

“How do you propose we wash her privates,” Nadine asked, as she was beginning to run out of ‘safe’ places to clean.

“When we get to the point when we have nowhere else to go, we will attack her quickly, jointly, and divisively. We expect her to orgasm at least once, but if we’re fast enough, she won’t orgasm more than three times. We have to pull her latex panties inside out, so we don’t stop her from charging, but we’ll be able to clean her fairly well, though she’ll still have some of her own juices in her panties, but that’s going to be the case no matter what we do,” Tiffie determined as she finished up her side of me.

“That should work really well Tiffie,” came over the intercom from Dr. Leibovitz, “I’m glad that you are caring for my sweet baby so well. You’re going to love washing her hair. She almost purrs when you do.”

“Thank you Paullina, that sounds like fun. Would you care to join us,” Tiffie asked with a hopeful look.

“You know, I have a few minutes free, what the heck, I’ll be right there honey.”

“We’ll have her ready when you get here,” Tiffie promised.

“Are you ready, or should I fish the other two out of the tub to help,” Nadine asked with a twisted smile.

“We’re getting out, hold on a moment. We need to towel off first,” Lacy complained as she daintily slipped from the tub, tossing a towel to Abby.

“Damn, my own boobs are turning me on,” Lacy complained as her jiggling caused her to stare at her own chest. “I like my boobs,” she admitted with a huge grin.

“Are you going to find a job modeling now, instead of accounting,” I asked, trying to take my mind off boobs and naked women.

“That’s a sweet thought honey, but no, I think modeling wouldn’t be near as fulfilling as Accounting Babysitter or Nursing Accountant. I’ll have to propose a job duty sharing with someone else I guess. Milk Maid may be a good job too, I wonder if they have an opening,” Lacy teased, as she was finally dry and moving into position to help.

Abby stuffed a towel underneath the small of my back and Lacy shared the job of lifting me so the other ladies would reef the latex panties down towards my thighs.

“Okay, the garment is in place and ready for phase II. You sponge wielders, take your weapons to the ready. Ready, set, go. Begin nether region sponging,” Tiffie narrated as the ladies began

“Oh god that’s good!” was the only intelligible thing that would squeak from my lips as the ladies busily stroked their fairy-breath soft sponges around my nether lips, through my thighs and into the crease of my slit, and all around my erect clits.

“Oh my god, look at her juices spray out around that dildo! That’s an incredible show of hyper-lubrication. She’s spewing more fluid than four girls would in coitus,” Abby declared with owl-eyes of astonishment.

She should have waited a few more seconds before saying that though, because along about that time is when I orgasmed. The ladies gently stabilized me, holding me down so I wouldn’t thrash my way off the gurney.

“I…I don’t know what to say. It’s just plain awesome,” Abby enthused.

“Damn Abby, get with the program girl. You think that was awesome, you should see it up close and in your face,” Tiffie tittered.

“You bet. It’s like being in a water park and splashing down the slide on your belly, only slipperier,” Lacy agreed as she lay me back down onto the gurney as my senses returned.

“I can’t wait until she’s healed enough to take us all on at once,” Tiffie tittered as she began yanking my latex Daisy Dukes back into position. “There, they’re back to looking like they were painted onto you, sweetie. Are you ready for us to wash and do your hair now, or would you like to rest up from your sponge bath?”

“I love having my hair washed,” I answered, panting slower and slower.


Chapter 19: The Doctor Is In

“She sure does! She had the most delicious expression of ecstasy the last time I washed her hair,” Dr. Leibovitz remarked as she entered my boudoir. “Do any of you have a special way you’d like to try Boobette’s hair today? I bet she’d be so pleased to model it for everyone.”

I wasn’t saying anything. I was just so relaxed with my head in the sink and the warm water flowing through two feet of hair and over my scalp. When they started working in the feminine smelling shampoo, I sighed, sounding like a contented toddler.

It was weird having three women washing my hair at the same time, Dr. Leibovitz working the shampoo into my scalp, Tiffie and Nadine carefully sudsing up my hair.

“Would you girls start Boobette’s facial routine, please,” Dr. Leibovitz asked Lacy and Abby.

“I suppose we can. I was just wondering if we should slip something on, run around wearing towels, or just buck-naked,” Lacy asked, “Not that I’m bothered by jiggling around like an exotic dancer, mind you.”

“The options are open to whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Boobette doesn’t mind sharing her wardrobe of frillies, do you honey,” Dr. Leibovitz asked me.

I shook my head no in response, only ever so slightly.

“Oh, come on, say, ‘I don’t mind sharing my frilly clothes with other ladies’,” the doctor urged into my shell-like ear.

I was in no position to deny her request so I parroted, “I don’t mind sharing my frilly clothes with other ladies.”

“Thank you my darling girl. I want you to begin to accept that all your clothes are filly and girly. However, that’s okay, because you are a girl’s girl now. You have become what many people consider to be most girly, most vulnerable, and most feminine. I want you to become comfortable with being very girly and pampered,” the doctor stated emphatically, “I’m not trying to be mean or to make you feel as if you are less of a person because of what you are. You will be loved intensely by so many ladies. Don’t you girls agree?”

“I sure do,” Tiffie squealed and kissed me full on the lips.

Lacy and Nadine were trying to elbow each other out of the way, to be next, and they settled on a three-way lip-lock, “We sure love our Boobette boobie goddess.”

Finally, it was Abby’s turn and she kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “I’m not sure if I should love you, or if I should be jealous of you. I’m leaning towards love though, because my Tiffie loves you so much.”

“Don’t be jealous of our daughter’s godmother Abby. She’ll always be part of the family. Maybe we’ll have her birthday parties, right here at LUST so her godmother can be there too,” Tiffie proposed, “If all the ladies do that though, Boobette is going to be having birthday parties every day in no time.”

“Work that conditioner into her hair good, she’s going to have plenty of fussing with her hair, and I want to protect it. One of her next couples has requested putting her hair up in a full bouffant,” Dr. Leibovitz giggled as she envisioned the mental picture.

“I’m just looking to see her hair with big loose curls, flowing out and down her back and draped across her boobs,” Nadine proposed, “Especially the, ‘draped across her boobs’, part.”

“Good idea, Nadine,” Tiffie agreed, “does Boobette have a curling iron, Paullina?”

“Yes, she has a whole assortment of pink ones in her dressing table drawers.”

I heard the drawers open and close, “I found the one I need,” Nadine declared brandishing the prize of her expedition, which she promptly plugged in and began warming.

“I’ve moisturized her face and applied her foundation, do you want me to continue with the same style of makeup she had on a couple days ago, or do you want something special,” Abby declared as she examined the available makeup assortment.

“There’s a chart of makeup colors, types, and locations for specific looks in the top right drawer. I’m figuring, vulnerable and innocent would fit what we have in mind for her to wear today,” the doctor advised.

“While her iron heats up, can I be doing anything, like shaving under her arms,” Nadine asked, looking for stubble.

“You won’t find a single hair on her body and only hair on her head where I wanted it to grow,” Dr. Leibovitz assured her.

“Oh, now that just isn’t fair,” Nadine, declared, still scrutinizing my body.

“It’s true though, I saw all the charges for laser hair removal. They even removed all her hair from her arms. She’s got less hair than when she was a newborn,” Lacy confirmed.

“She’ll never need a shave. I made sure that Boobette is easy to care for. She’ll be pretty even without makeup as you saw. We make her up for special looks, and just to help her feel pretty,” the doctor tutored, “Are you ready to do her hair now?”

“Tip her up and I’ll get to work. I assume the hairdryer is plugged-in and ready. Now to do my magic,” Nadine informed everyone.


Chapter 20: Valentine’s Day

“Good, while you’re at that, I’m going to let Judy Valentine in and the girls can start picking out lingerie for themselves,” Dr. Leibovitz said as she enabled the door.

“Hello, hello, ladies, I have such lovely things for you,” Judy swept into the room, dragging a rolling wardrobe with her as she entered.

“I just want to know if you brought a bra that fits these with you,” Tiffie asked, proffering her boobs to Judy.

“Whoa doggies, those are some serious puppies you grew there darling,” Judy announced admiringly.

“If you think they are serious from that side, you should heft a pair from my side, but damn are they nice. I never knew having boobs this big would make me so horny,” Tiffie admitted gleefully.

“Well, they’re sure doing it for me, even if they weren’t doing it for you,” Judy told her while licking her lips hungrily.

“Why thank you Judy. But if you like these little mosquito bites, wait until you meet Boobette,” Tiffie giggled, grabbing her hand and half dragging her across the room to where my hair was being curled.

“Jesus Christ! Those are glued on… they have to be glued on and fake, right,” Judy exclaimed in disbelief, “There is no way she can stand up with those… those Hooters!”

“Calm down Judy. Your hurting Boobette’s feelings and we don’t tolerate anyone who hurts our special girl,” Dr. Leibovitz warned her, “Yes, Boobette is a well-endowed girl, and yes she can easily stand up with her boobies, since I surgically enhanced her to be able to. I’m surprised that you’re shocked. You are the one who made most of Boobette’s brassieres.”

“I’m sorry, I was taken by surprise by such lovely breast, Boobette,” Judy apologized, if somewhat lamely, “Yes, I did make some bras… but, you mean they were for you? I figured someone was making those “Real Dolls” and needed them to dress them up. I never thought a real woman would be that… ah, sexy.”

“Apology accepted,” Dr. Leibovitz, replied with some remaining annoyance in her voice, “but I’ll expect you to help milk her before you leave.”

“Oh sure, I’ll be glad to help, especially for one of my best customers. She’s bought more brassieres than any other single customer has, well at least, one who isn’t a distributor. All of hers are the same size but in every style of bra, I make. I had a seamstress employed for three months just to make your bras!” she informed us. “I think she’d faint if she met you though. She’s the one who insisted that she was making them for a sex doll.”

“Actually, in a way she was making them for a sex doll. Boobette is just a real live sex doll, with feelings and emotions, so you should at least give her a big hug and let her know how much you like her,” the doctor insisted with slightly narrowed eyes.

Judy quickly made her way over to me and threw her arms about my chest and hugged me, but made the mistake of kissing me on the lips too, while brushing her crotch against my nipple. I couldn’t stop it, and I think that Dr. Leibovitz had planned on it, so I orgasmed my sissy little brains out while she held me.

“Oh dear, did I make her cum?” Judy asked worriedly.

“Oh sure, but that happens to her all the time. She’s fun to make orgasm and so sweet and appreciative when she does,” Tiffie informed her, “Aren’t you, lover?” she added as she kissed my cheek and carefully hugged me.

I nodded, fully ensconced in the afterglow.

“Well, if everybody is done jiggling my model around, I’ll finish up her hair. Someone else needs to freshen up her makeup now,” Nadine stated, slightly annoyed that she didn’t get in on the fun.

“To work then,” Judy agreed, “I shall begin unpacking my wares and laying them out for everyone to try on. Sorry Boobette, I didn’t bring anything new for you this time, but I promise when next I come back, to have some pretties to titillate your fashion sense.”

I replied with a lopsided smile only, as I am not supposed to speak without permission.

“Ah, I’m done with her hair,” Nadine announced with a final smoothing and fluffing of my curly locks.

“Tiffie, you stay with Boobette and divest her of her charging panties while Abby, Nadine, Lacy, and I go and grab her clothes for today,” the doctor told her as she went into my wardrobe with the other ladies in tow.

When they returned, I felt the blood drain from my face as I gazed upon what they brought with them.

“Double team her ladies I want her dressed and ready before we make a mad rush onto the lingerie,” Dr. Leibovitz declared as everyone busied herself with her chosen garment.

The doctor and Nadine hefted my boobs into a pink satin shelf bra, while Lacy unrolled a pair of pink tights up my legs, slipped a pair of pink rumba panties over my ankles, and fit the black patent high-heeled Mary Jane’s onto my feet.

“Stand up please dear,” Lacy asked, and then quickly slipped the tights up my legs and followed them with the rumba panties.

Abby dropped a pink slip over top of me, Nadine dropped pink satin petticoats over my head, and Dr. Leibovitz put the pink ruffled, lace- covered, party dress on the top of those, zipping me tightly into it in the back.

Tiffie oriented my boobs into the dress so that my nipples poked the front out right below the lace seam around the deep U cut front on top and sprayed my ‘French Whore’ perfume in all the right places.

“There you go Boobette now, for once, you are dressed while all the other girls are jiggling about naked. Come on girls, mug it up for Boobette let’s see if we can turn her on with some lesbian antics?” the doctor suggested with a giggle.

Abby immediately grabbed Tiffie and began sucking her face and groping her boobs. Lacy dropped to the floor and started licking Tiffie’s shaven coochie, while Nadine started finger fucking Abby and sucking on Tiffie’s boob.

Watching a whole passel of naked lesbians pleasuring each other right in front of me had my pussy drooling down both thighs at the same time, “Are they not the most stimulating thing you’ve ever watched dear girl? Don’t you want to see Tiffie orgasm in screaming ecstasy? Maybe even watch them all fuck themselves into a pile of steamy spent girl flesh, too satisfied to even dry the pussy juice from their soft yielding flesh,” Dr. Leibovitz whispered into my ear breathily.

“Oh god, I’ve got to get a piece of this action,” Judy strangled out as she rushed across the room, grabbing two hands full of Nadine boobs, and tonguing her ear.

“You know, if I sell this video on the internet, we’ll be able to buy another mansion with the money,” Angie told everyone over the intercom with a snicker.

“You’re just jealous that you aren’t in Tiffie’s place right now,” Paullina retorted good-naturedly.

“Would I ever want to be, you bet! The only thing better than swapping places with her, would be to swap with whomever Boobette is, tongue fucking at the time,” Angie decided.

“That’s a fact,” Tiffie screamed as she orgasmed the first time.

Gobs of cunt juice hung from my tights as they rolled down towards my shoes.

“Do you think you girls have her turned on enough,” Angie asked, “I can see her pussy drooling from my office.”

“Good thing she is doesn’t plan on leaving her room. Her rumba panties were soaked before we had her dress zipped up. She’s going to need rubber pants if we ever take her anywhere,” the doctor added.

“Well we certainly won’t be going anywhere for a while with our injured kitten,” Abby tossed over her shoulder, followed by an, “Oh god… oh god!” as she began her own orgasm due to the diddling she received from Nadine.

“No, not again… Oh my god…,” Tiffie squealed as she orgasmed for the third time.

“Damn I love playing with your big boobs Tiffie,” Abby swore.

“Not as much as I like having you play with them,” she replied with a kiss.

“I think I’ll run a bath. You girls are going to need it,” the doctor told them.

She busied herself with that, while the orgy continued for a few more minutes and then came back to me saying, “Come with me Boobette, I think you should lie down for a while and rest, you’ve had a busy morning.”

She helped to the freshened bed and laid me up against a pillow so that I could watch all the girly fun. I must have been more tired than I thought because it wasn’t but a few minutes until I fell asleep.


Chapter 21: Fashion Show

When I swam back to consciousness, Tiffie, Abby, Lacy, Nadine, and Judy were dressed and had a vast assortment of lingerie draped all over my bed and the rest of the room.

“Oh good, Boobette is awake. We can start asking her which bras and lingerie she would like Judy to reproduce in her size,” Abby suggested, bringing the attention of all the ladies back to me.

“Leave this to the professional,” Judy stated, holding up a, lavender, lace shelf-bra, with embroidery in between the cups and under both arms. “This item is my first choice to show you today, and one of my personal favorites. With the wide gentle elastic band embracing you, the high strength silk reinforced shelf, interwoven with the triple strength upper band support, wrapped around to the titanium clasps in back, and the side cup attached silk interwoven straps that vary in width to provide spreading of the load and a comfortable but firm support by being crisscrossed in back, I believe this brassier is the ultimate in big bust undergarment technology today. All that and it’s a sexy look for the woman on the prowl!”

“That is a darling looking Boobette,” Dr. Leibovitz agreed, “Judy, what colors does it come in?”

“There’s Lavender, Passion Pink, Teal Green, Electric Blue, Sunny Yellow, Black, and White available and now they come in Boobette sizes,” Judy giggled. “How many and in what colors would you like?”

Before I could utter a word, or even figure out what to do, Dr. Leibovitz said, “She’ll take ten.”

“Wonderful, ten bras, how many in what color?”

“No, you misunderstand Judy, Boobette will take ten of each color,” the doctor tittered.

“Um… that’s great,” Judy, stuttered, “She’ll never be able to wear them all out with the bras she has in stock now.”

“I guess you don’t know yet Judy, but Boobette wears a bra once and we sell them to horny men for just slightly more than we pay you for them,” Paullina told the astonished designer.

“You’re joking? Just because she’s worn them, men will buy bras they could never use,” Judy shook her head in disbelief.

“Hell, her panties are even more valuable. We get triple what we pay for those,” Angie put in from the intercom.

“Cum soaked panties are worth three times what brand new ones are,” Judy’s mouth hung open, “Hell, I should sell my used lingerie.”

“Well…I doubt you will make out as well as our dear Boobette here,” Tiffie pointed out, “You have to admit, she’s very sexy.”

“I guess you’re right, maybe I could make a go of it if I get implants?” she sighed and went on with the bra show, but nothing was as lovely as the first offering.

I wound up with five hundred bras, six hundred and thirty panties, two hundred garter belts, thirty-five corsets, and I don’t even know how many stocking and pantyhose varieties on order.

Tiffie could hardly wait until the fashion show was over to toss her blouse aside, display her new brassiere, giggling, and asking, “Isn’t it beautiful, dear Boobette? I love how much of me it holds so nicely and it gives me so much cleavage!”

I nodded, still very stoned by the constant barrage of drugs fed up my butt.

All the other ladies took the cue and doffed their tops to brandish their weapons lockers, even Judy joined in so I discovered that she really did prefer the first selection she showed me, as her B cups were ensconced in lavender lace, which made me smile.

“I knew you liked that bra!” she snickered, “Or maybe it’s my boobs you’re after?” She danced over to me and stuck her titties in my face, wiggling them back and forth.

Boobs still easily hypnotize me, so my eyes followed them as if they were a pocket watch.

“Would you like a taste?” she popped a nipple out for me and poked it in my mouth.

My snatch was flowing through my rumba panties and it took only moments for me to be sitting in a puddle of my own making.

“She’s so sweet. Look at her going to town on… ah! Fuck, she’s good! I’m puddling already,” Judy exclaimed, slipping her hand down between her own thighs and getting busy stroking her hand up and down her slit.

Lacy slipped up behind Judy, undid her pants, and splayed them open, as Nadine opened her blouse, and Tiffie began licking her ear.

“Oh my, word,” Judy exclaimed as she allowed the ladies to strip her naked.

Judy’s boobs were nice for her age with large soft nipples that stood at attention while I ministered to them. She yielded handily to their stripping all the way down to her panties.

Tiffie yanked her panties down and exclaimed, “Bush alert, ladies, we have a problem.”

“What…,” Judy started to ask.

Dr. Leibovitz interrupted, “I’ll fix that. She grabbed a bottle and before anyone could protest, slathered its contents onto her mons. The doctor presently tossed a towel to Tiffie and finished with, “Here, you can wipe her clean with this and I’ll grab a washcloth.”

“You removed my little powder puff,” Judy exclaimed in disbelief.

“Boobette doesn’t like furry pussies, she gets hair balls,” Tiffie teased.

“You mean she’s going to…,” Judy couldn’t finish her thought as I increased suction on her nipple at that point.

Tiffie scrubbed Judy’s nether lips clean as a whistle and then sprayed a light mist of perfume on her to sweeten the pot.

The ladies flipped Judy over and let me stuff my gross tongue deep within her womb. I slid in and out of her, swirling my tongue around her clit and returning deep within her, “Holy shit, it’s like being fucked by a tentacle! Oh, do me baby, make me feel like a woman!”

It took only minutes more and she was screaming out her undying love for me in glass shattering tones and volume.

“Damn girl, you’re the best I’ve ever had,” Judy squealed and hugged me tightly.

I felt the zipper down the back of my dress slide open and two girls shrugging the top loose while another lady unclasped the bra hooks. Mere seconds later my giant boobs were unfurled and Tiffie was aiming my right nipple into Judy’s mouth.

“That’s a mouthful I’ll gladly go down on!” she dove in and began draining the large reservoir of my glands into her hungry mouth. “Whoa, milky boobies, I love it!”

“We told you that you’d be helping to milk Boobette before you left,” Nadine tittered, but Dr. Leibovitz gave her a sign not to latch onto my other nipple, so all the ladies just squirmed all over my bed petting each other and playing with whichever of my feminine parts they felt like.

I was only awake an hour or so and I was orgasming like a total slut in the middle of a lesbian orgy again.

When Judy could no longer coax my boob to supply her, she began working my left with equal fervor.

Nadine looked none too happy, but kept her peace, while Judy downed her fill of milk.

Finally, Judy came up for air, “I’m sorry…I can’t do it, there’s just too much for me to drink! Can someone please finish for me?”

She didn’t have to ask twice, Nadine was on my boob like frosting on a wedding cake.

Judy just nuzzled and lay back with her bulging tummy pointing up, patting it, and saying dreamily, “Best I ever had,” right up till she began snoring faintly.

“She’s going to need a way bigger bra when she wakes up,” Nadine snickered around a huge nipple, “With any luck, so will I!”

Tiffie had dove into my slippery lips to play lick the clittie and drive Boobette insane, and it appeared she was winning on enthusiasm and technique, as I was thrashing through my second orgasm before I knew it.

Abby had to drag Tiffie out from between my legs so that she could attach the anal feed tube into my ass stretcher as I was in alarm and beginning to dehydrate,” My god Tiffie, I think those new boobs have turned you into a nymphomaniac!”

“Oh shut up and fuck me or let me get back to giving this vixen a tongue lashing,” Tiffie replied as she struggled to get back to working me over.

“Why not let me have a turn and you can go suck face with Boobette,” Abby offered.

“Okay, but you better make her squeal like Minnie Mouse getting her brains fucked out, or I’m back to pussy duty,” Tiffie advised, taking her place on my lips.

“Whew, I’d better get busy then,” Abby, stated slightly astonished at Tiffie’s attitude.

I wasn’t paying that much attention at the interchange as I was orgasming myself inside out at the time. I discovered that although Abby was not as enthusiastic about eating pussy as Tiffie, she makes up for it by being infuriatingly good at it.

Nadine was nipple sucking for all she was worth, but the left ran out so she drew on the right to determine if Judy had missed a few drops. Her reward was a few mouths full that found their way from one of the numerous milk glands in my chest, and then she too drifted off to slumber-land.

There were boobs, nubile lesbians all around me, and novas exploding in my brain as they fucked me into oblivion, with flat screens displaying close ups of the action on every wall.


Chapter 22: Expanded Horizons

I came around again when I heard a high-pitched scream from right by my ear, “What in the hell happened to me!”

Nadine laughed happily saying, “Relax and enjoy your wonderful figure Judy. What did you think would happen if you drank that much of Boobette’s milk?”

“I thought I might gain some weight from the milk fat. I never expected to wind up with a fat pair of G cup boobs! Christ, I look like a stripper with these jugs,” Judy exclaimed, hoisting her boobs up to make her point.

“I like them,” I told her with an innocent smile.

She swung towards me, startled but still holding out her boobs, which poked her nipple into my mouth, so I gently sucked on it.

“Oh my god that is good,” Judy enthused, “Oh, suck on my boobie. Maybe being a big boobed girl isn’t all bad…?”

Lacy decided to make her mind up for her by latching onto her other nipple and working her best tonguing technique, we dropped her onto her back on the bed next to me, where she started moaning and quivering.

“God, big boobed girls have great pleasure centers! These feel so much better than when they were smaller. Okay, okay, I love my new boobs! Wow, I think I’m going to… ungh!” she yelped as she felt her first nipple orgasm ever.

“Well, there goes her panties, she’s going to need to change into a sexy pair she brought with her, but then I think a new bra will be part of the package too,” Abby tittered, “Do you think that her blouse will still fit?”

“Darn, all the pretty bras we selected and the only ones who don’t need new ones are Lacy, Abby, and I,” Tiffie remarked, “Of course, Judy wasn’t expecting to become her own customer.”

“Oh! Not another one,” Judy cried out as she shuddered through another nipple-induced dance of pleasure.

Lacy smiled and whispered in Judy’s ear, “Was it good for you too?”

“My boobs make me feel so slutty. It’s like my libido has gone into overdrive,” Judy mused, “Not that, that is a bad thing, mind you. Maybe it’s just my stereotype feeding my imagination.”

“I doubt it,” I whispered in answer, though I probably shouldn’t have spoken.

“You think I’m hornier now that my boobs are bigger,” Judy asked.

I can answer since she directed her question at me, “It’s not because your boobs are bigger, more likely the other way around.”

“What do you mean Boobette,” Tiffie, asked now interested herself.

“Your boobs are bigger, due to the elevated hormones in your body from my milk, and that also has your libido on overdrive, just like mine,” I answered, having spent some time pondering the breast-increase phenomenon.

“In that case, you’re the horniest woman on earth,” Judy stated only half believing it.

“You got that right! Boobette was made to be the horniest girl ever,” Angie announced over the intercom.

“You’re going to have to put in a girl wash in this place at this rate. Most of us need a bath again. Maybe some kind of automation, you know, step onto the conveyor and Spacely Sprockets cogs you through to a clean new you,” Judy suggested with a titter.

“No way, that would ruin the fun bath experience,” Tiffie declared emphatically, “Now, a voice activated fast fill tub would be nice, but with Boobette around, I think another wing of wardrobes in various sizes and styles will be a requirement, unless Angie plans on keeping women here naked indefinitely.”

“I believe that you have a point little lady. Judy, you shall be in charge of that, once you get your hornies fully scratched,” Angie laughed hysterically.

“I’ve never had this much sex in my whole life,” Judy announced, “Of course, I’ve never wanted sex this much before either! It’s like Boobette is Viagra for lesbians.”

“How would you like a treat, Judy,” Angie asked over the intercom.

“Sure, that would go great with my new teats,” Judy tittered at her pun.

“This should be fun for you then. I’ve made some adjustments to Boobette’s ‘Little Pony’ so regular girls can take a ride. Why don’t you climb aboard and take her for a trot,” Angie coaxed, “You’re all ready since you’re completely naked, so climb aboard.”

“Okay… so what happens on the pony,” Judy asked with trepidation.

“This…,” Angie exclaimed and triggered her remote.

The pony clamped Judy’s hips by padded brackets that flipped up, securing her to it and tipping her towards the milking cups. Everyone could hear the vibrating knob, which thrust up into Judy’s labia, they could see how inside the milking cups, the soft lips that usually caressed my nipples had moved forward and latched onto Judy’s boobs and they could hear her astonished moans of passion as the Pony enthralled her.

Once Judy was insanely wet, the surprised look on her face told everyone that she’d been violated by a lubricated dildo, but the look of total ecstasy announced her enjoyment as she screamed through her first orgasm.

She hung loosely in the brackets but we could see the pony wasn’t through with her. The pony is sucking Judy’s nipples and the bulge in her lower tummy declared the pony is still fucking her. Judy began to stir, recovering from her first orgasm and riding the tops of the waves into her next.

After thirty minutes on my ‘Little Pony’, Judy wasn’t even recovering enough to sit upright to orgasm.

“Have you had enough fun, Judy,” Angie asked over the intercom.

“Yes,” Judy answered emphatically, if a might weakly.

The vibrating silenced but Angie said, “Someone needs to go catch her, I don’t think she can walk very well right now.”

Abby went and steadied the overcome woman while the brackets released her hips.

Judy limply fell into Abby’s arms and allowed herself to be dragged to my bed.

“I have never been fucked that well before in my life,” Judy declared lying limply on my bed glistening with sweat and girl juices. “I feel like the whole football team just did me!”

“That’s how I wake up every day,” I told her in a whisper.

“Now that’s the way to start your day! That beats the hell out of a cup of coffee,” Judy stated and rolled towards me, “Kiss and cuddle with me please? I need some closeness right now.”

I wasn’t going anywhere so I rolled towards her for a cuddle, but she let out a loud, “Oof!”

I quickly realized that my breasts had fallen onto her as they swung over top of me.

“Wow Boobette, your boobs are sure heavy darling. Oh no, please don’t move them. They feel so nice, soft, and warm. I wasn’t ready for them when you rolled over,” Judy admitted, wrapping her arms around the breast closest to her, “I’m so ashamed to admit that when I first saw these, I thought some bad things about them and you. Now, I surely love both your big beautiful boobies and you my sweet Boobette.” Judy kissed me desperately on the mouth, squirming closer to me under my boob, and then wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

“Cuddle Pile,” Tiffie yelled loudly, diving onto the bed at my back and cuddling.

“I wish I could join you girls, but I have to get back to my job now,” Nadine announced, “I’ll be back to visit, lover.” Nadine kissed me, stood back, placed her hands to showcase her new hooters, and added, “In addition, thank you so much for the figure I’ve always desired.”

Nadine kissed everyone and waved as she left my bedroom.

Lacy kissed me next and announced, “I must go and decide whether Accounting or Stripping is the career for me, but first the books must balance, or is that the boobs must balance, either way, I’ll be back for a romp with my, breastest friend soon, Boobette.”

I smiled at her pun so she was happy and kissed everyone before leaving as well.

“I have no idea how I’m going to explain my new endowments to my friends and business acquaintances but right now, I couldn’t care less,” Judy hugged me tighter.

Right then, Abby showed up with a tube and announced, “Boobette is low on her anal feeding, and I was told that she would feel hungry for…”

I felt my lips pucker into an O shape on their own.

“This…,” Abby whipped out a huge cock shaped dildo on a long tube and plugged it into my unresisting face.

“That is just the weirdest thing I have ever seen,” Judy exclaimed while closely watching Abby fuck my face as I sucked the semen mixture down my throat.

Tiffie attached my anal tube and I felt a double whammy of drugs sock me from both ends and the grumbling in my tummy come to an end, and topping it all off to my enormous embarrassment, I added a sissy sounding moan.

“At least she’s enjoying it. The bad part is, watching her blow that huge cock is making me very horny,” Judy, announced groping my nasty boob and staring intently at the spectacle of my overblown lips stretched around the dildo.

After eating my fill and orgasming three or four times Judy asked, “Would you mind if I try that?”

Abby had pulled it from my mouth, so she proffered it to Judy, who stared at it for a moment before wrapping her own lips around the huge dildo. She pulled it back before she had gotten it all the way in and exercised her jaw and mouth for a few seconds before saying, “Man this thing is big. I’ll get it though.”

Judy jacked her jaw as far open as she could and slipped that monster through her tightly stretched lips. By the look of surprise on her face when it began feeding her, I knew she hadn’t expected the creamy filling.

She whipped it from her over stretched lips and it shot sperm all over her face and breasts, “It’s full of jizzum! You drink sperm for food?”

I blushed so hard that I hoped that I could melt right through the floor so she wouldn’t see my embarrassment. I tried to hide my face in the pillow, but Judy quickly apologized with, “It’s okay to like drinking sperm Boobette, really. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, I didn’t mean to. I was just surprised at what was in that dildo. Oh come on, honey, I’ll lick you until your boobs fall off to make up for it.”

The thought of her being able to lick me until these absurdly huge breast fell off made me giggle.

“Now if you’ll just let me up, I’ll crawl down and get busy,” she added trying to lift my impressive breast off her and pretending to fail.

“Boobette has a lot of special abilities you aren’t aware of apparently. Once you’ve recovered, Angie will brief you on Boobette more fully, for now suffice it to say, she’s the most unique girl you’ve ever been with and leave it at that,” Abby advised, waving my remote control in front of her. She pressed a button and my pussy began writhing again, just as it did the first day, I awakened into this nightmare body.

I screeched through my first orgasm after only two minutes and my boobs began spraying like fountains all by themselves.

“Holy mother of god, Boobette orgasms when you want her to!” yelped Judy as she became soaked in breast milk. “I almost wish I had a button that I could push to make myself go that nuts!”

Abby allowed me to fuck myself to three more orgasms while Judy crawled out from under my boob and made her way to the bathtub where she dove in to get herself cleaned up.

Tiffie snuggled close to me and whispered, “I finally have you to myself. Well, almost, but Abby is better at sharing than those other girls.”

“She knows how to show a girl a good time too,” I panted, in my pool of girl juices.

“Abby, could you hunt up a couple towels for our girl please? I think she could use a little drying and maybe a washcloth for a quick cleaning. She really needs a nap, I think,” Tiffie asked surveying the train wreck cuddled-up against her.

“I think you’re right Tiffie. You keep her warm and I’ll take care of the details,” Abby confirmed.

By the time she came back, Judy had slipped out of the tub and slithered into some new, sexier, more voluptuous lingerie, and was beginning to select what she would wear, “Damn, now my sexiest designs really put me on display. For once, I look as good as the girls who model my designs.”

Judy struck a pose to accentuate her claim, so that Tiffie, Abby, and I could ooh and awe over her.

“Well, now that I should worry about being picked up for solicitation, I need to take off and begin my work on that second wardrobe Angie wanted. Never fear though, Judy will return for plenty more fun and games. I can see that I should schedule having my pipes cleaned at least once a week. I don’t want anything to get rusty,” she giggled as she kissed me goodbye.

Abby was busy drying up the bed around me, and then laying out more towels upon which, we can roll, “That should be good enough for a nap.”

“Thank you Mistress Abby,” I told her.

“You are so welcome sweetie. You need to rest now if you’re going to have enough strength to heal up from your injury,” she said with a kiss to my puffy lips and then pulled a blanket over top of Tiffie, her, and me.

“Be safe Judy,” I waved at her as she left to her appointment with Angie. I only wish I could warn her about Angie. I’m not sure whom I’ll meet when Judy visits me next.

As Judy exited my room, Dr. Leibovitz came in with a syringe in her hand, “Time for Boobette to get a little sedative, which should allow you ladies time to go get yourself a substantial meal. She should be out for 8 to 10 hours. You’re welcome to come back and sleep with her, or you can use the guest quarters and be awake in plenty of time to greet our little girl here.”

“Thank you doctor, but could I get something brought in? I really don’t want to leave her,” Tiffie asked sweetly and hugging me protectively.

“Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem, but Boobette here won’t be much company,” the doctor told her as she pumped me full of whatever drug she carried.

“Abby and I can spend the time chatting, planning, and thinking of really silly games to play with our newly minted girl,” she replied with a giggle and a peck on my ear, which was the very last thing I would know until the next day.


Chapter 23: Beat Off

I awakened to the sound of Black Sabbath playing in my ears and the beat of the music quivering my clit-cluster. ‘Ironman was a curious selection,’ I thought to myself.

Looking around I didn’t see anyone else appear to be hearing the same music as I am. However, it didn’t really matter so much as the quivering of my permanently rigid clits was making my pussy drool as though it were an open faucet, and has me moaning as though I’m a horny slut at a monastery.

“It sounds like the guest of honor is awake,” Tiffie giggled as she rushed over to me. “Look at her clitties go. Damn, your pussy is open big enough to slide in a roll of paper towels. That’s a good thing for this morning though. Let me help you up so you can visit the potty.”

As she said that, the music stopped, my clits stopped throbbing to the beat, and I heard, “Iron-broad,” and a maniacal laugh from Angie in my ears.

Knowing that I could never tell my two handlers what I had heard, I rolled over to the edge of the bed, swung my huge boobies over the edge, and swung my legs up underneath me.

Abby placed my high heel slippers onto my feet while, Tiffie grabbed two big handfuls of boobs and helped me hoist the girls up, while Abby stood by behind me ready to grab and give a hand.

Once upright, I minced and jiggled over to the water closet for my morning constitutional, my legs far apart, and my huge gaping pussy dripping on the floor the whole way.

“Is it hard to walk when you’re gaping open like that Boobette dear,” Tiffie asked curiously.

“Yes, it feels like I have a fireplug jammed up between my thighs,” I replied, still swaying and jiggling.

“Okay Boobette, swing around and bend over at the waist for a minute. Don’t you worry Tiffie will keep you from falling over while I remove your anal feeder.”

I had almost forgotten about that thing up my ass, it had been there so long. As Frightening as that was to me, it was still a strange feeling when Abby hit a button on the remote and my ass muscles slowly opened, allowing her to slip the probe out by plugging the quick connect into it and giving her a place to grip. She slipped the thing into a tray and fed it into the wall through a small stainless steel door, where it vanished, and good riddance to it.

“You’ll get a new one once you ride your pony,” Angie promised over the intercom, apparently watching my face carefully.

“Sit down now honey and do what you can,” Tiffie told me as she hefted up on my girls, allowing me to get my back vertical.

The look on my face must have told a story, because Tiffie asked, “Does it feel weird peeing because your pussy is gaping so wide open, or does it feel weird peeing because boobies are being held up for you too now?”

I blushed up a storm, embarrassed to have been so transparent, “Ah… both of those things and also having my ass gaping open, letting goopy poop plop into the bowl.”

“It’s not like having a real bowel movement, eh,” Tiffie confirmed.

I nodded in response.

Apparently, Dr. Leibovitz had been listening on her way to my room because she explained as she swept into the room, “Boobette’s getting a low residual feeding, so she won’t have very solid bowel movements.”

“That makes sense,” Abby agreed.

“You’ll have to wipe Boobette, Abby. She can’t reach her ass very well anymore and if she did, her breasts would throw her from the toilet,” Dr. Leibovitz instructed.

I must be scarlet. I’m blushing so hard in embarrassment.

“It’s okay Boobette dear. It’s not your fault that you can’t do some things for yourself anymore. Tell her that you don’t mind wiping for her please Abby, she’s so embarrassed it makes me feel so for her,” Tiffie consoled, as she moved close to hug me.

“I don’t mind Boobette. Your bottom is so easy to get to and it’s easy to clean. Not much even hits the side when you’re this spread dear,” Abby told me, in a less than stellar attempt to make me feel better.

“Damn Abby, remind me not to have you cheer me up,” Dr. Leibovitz exclaimed as she came over to me and added her hug to Tiffie’s. “Don’t feel bad Boobette, Abby is just getting used to wiping bottoms. Soon she’ll have baby poop bottoms to wipe and believe me, what you’re making is nothing like what’s in store for her soon.”

I sort of giggle snorted, thinking of the stinky baby diapers Abby would be dealing with soon.

“There, Boobette is feeling better now I hope,” Dr. Leibovitz asked looking deeply into my eyes.

I nodded slightly and the ladies helped me over to the bidet for my power-douche of both holes.

“Alright honey, now it’s time for your ‘Little Pony’,” the doctor announced, “However, while you’re getting seated, Tiffie is going to be hooked up under you, off to the side. This is a special day. Tiffie is going to become pregnant with your Blastocysts.”

The doctor helped me climb aboard the machine, where my gaping holes sloshed onto the saddle wetly and I leaned forward into the milking cups. Immediately the padded brackets clamped me onto the saddle, although the giant dildo hadn’t extended into my smoldering hot twat yet.

“Just rest there honey while we prepare Tiffie to accept your babies,” Dr. Leibovitz advised, “You need to work that probe all the way past Tiffie’s cervix, Abby.”

“I don’t want to hurt her doctor. Maybe you should do this part,” Abby suggested, uncomfortable with her technically demanding assignment.

“I’ll do it,” I offered.

Tiffie began laughing, holding her hand over her mouth at the absurdity of my offer.

Dr. Leibovitz relieved Abby of the probe and settled down into position to see where she was poking the tool, “There Tiffie, I have the probe properly placed. You’re ready to get Boobette’s offering. As long as you don’t guffaw and shoot the probe across the room.”

“I’m okay now, honest,” Tiffie claimed.

“All system are go, Houston. Initiate Fuck the Boobette maneuver,” Abby, teased.

The doctor triggered the button and I felt myself invaded by the infuriatingly pleasure full, yet disgustingly huge dong, which my pussy clamped onto by itself. This time though, rather than fucking me to the point of insanity, the tip of the thing extended into me, pressing against my tightly sealed cervix, which opened to accept the probe, but sealing tightly around the invader.

“You might feel a warm fluid flowing into your womb Boobette. There isn’t very much of it and as soon as it’s all flowed into you, then it will flush out and into Tiffie. Oh, there it goes,” she announced.

“Ooh baby, that feels so strange. Thank you so much Boobette,” Tiffie exclaimed and began softly crying, “I’m so happy!”

The probe inside me retracted and the dildo began its slow thrusting in and out, while the milking machine attacked my nipples with infant-like ferocity. In no time, at all I was screaming and orgasming like the high school slut fucking the football team.

In the middle of my third orgasm, my anal feeding plug slipped back into my ass and was fucking my back door at the same time.

“Ride that pony Boobette! Wow, I love the way your tiny tummy bulges when that huge cock is stuffed deep in you,” Tiffie cheered from the cushions below me, “Damn, look at all that milk squirting in the machine. I bet you’ll give a couple quarts easily.”

I threw my head side to side, back and forth with a virtual cloud of platinum blond hair becoming a halo around me. I couldn’t lift my butt up from the saddle. I couldn’t fall from the saddle since the brackets have me held firmly. I could only sit forward, grinding my clitties into the bulge of the dildo that kept ramming into my vagina, driving thick bolts of pleasure lightning deep into my brain until I couldn’t count backwards from the number one.

The pussy juice was positively covering the saddle, dripping all over the floors, and still I kept making more.

Alongside me, Abby helped Tiffie tip her pelvis up by placing a pillow under her butt and removed the probe from Tiffie’s womb. Abby then placed a solid dildo deep into Tiffie’s vagina, plugging her cervix, and trapping the fluid and then lifted her from the floor, placing her into my bed.

I lost count of my orgasms after twelve and I know I rode that thing for a half hour at least, but then the part I hated and loved came, I was fed by that disgusting dildo being rammed into my blowjob lips and down my feminized throat. All the while, the dildo kept slowly boning my already too stimulated cunt sending me into nearly continuous orgasms.

When my feeding was finished, the anal probe disconnected and the huge dildo slipped from within my giant gape to disappear within the saddle. The milker released my boobies but the brackets kept hold of my hips to keep me from slumping to the floor until I could recover enough for the doctor to help me into the bathroom and a hot soapy soak.

Once Abby settled Tiffie into my bed, which the maids had changed during my wild ride, Abby ventured over to scrub my privates for me. She took particular delight in taking her time washing my boobs and pussy saying, “My goodness these sure get dirty on you Boobette. You must be using them an awful lot. I better take extra good care cleaning them. I hope you’re watching how well I’m caring for our Boobette, Tiffie. I know you’ll really love how she just cums and cums when she’s washed properly.”

“Yes, diddle… I mean, wash those nasty clitties! Clean her big, pretty nipples and make her squirm. Make sure you stuff her full of those kinky soft sponges and pull them out one at a time, nice and slow. Wow, look how her legs are quivering and her head just lolls over to the side,” Tiffie cheered from the bed as she watched on the flat screens around the bed.

“I love watching ladies play with my Boobette,” Dr. Leibovitz exclaim with a big grin, “She’s such a sweet little girl. I think she deserves to be pampered and pleasured for the service she provides.”

“I completely agree doctor. Boobette is just our greatest treasure and we need to show her how much we love her,” Tiffie agreed from the bed.

“We do want her to learn to use her new body better too,” Paullina remarked and continued with, “Now, Boobette dear, I want you to flex your pussy muscles, try to close your big gaping hole on your own this time. Soon you’ll be like the rest of us girl and have the ability to tighten up your pussy so you feel more secure down there.”

I did my best to tighten the strange muscles that she had transplanted into my body and felt some of the soapy water squeeze out of me. I tried again and even more squirted from within me.

“You did a very good job Boobette,” the doctor praised with a nipple squeeze to emphasize her appreciation.

“I think this dirty girl is all spanking clean now, don’t you doctor,” Abby asked, soaked with soapy bath water and a devilish grin pasted to her face.

“Yes, I suppose she should be put into her feminine garb for today.”

The ladies dried, double team dressed me, and quickly applied makeup and jewelry, and in the end, I was wearing a silver skintight body suit that has a mini-skirt attached and skintight, thigh-high, stiletto, stretch boots.

Dr. Leibovitz patted my plump derriere and said, “You’re looking might sexy there honey,” as I jiggled my way back to my bed and Tiffie.

Abby cleaned herself up and changed into a nice skirt and blouse ensemble, a pair of two-inch heels, and then joined us saying, “Well, how does it feel being, pregnant Tiffie?”

“No different than not pregnant silly,” Tiffie affirmed, “I won’t start feeling different for a day or two at least. Even though I’m certain that I’m pregnant now, thanks to you Boobette.”

Tiffie hugged me tightly and squirmed a lot when she did, “I think you two should take Boobette out for some exercise, since I’m stuck in bed for the rest of the day.”


Chapter 24: Walkies

“What a fine idea Tiffie. Abby, help Boobette to her feet again and let’s take a walk. Maybe we can hunt up Nadine or Lacy while we’re on the prowl,” Paullina encouraged.

I was on my feet in no time. Well, I was on my tiptoes in no time and mincing my way out of the door to my ‘fun house’.

Dr. Leibovitz led me to the left this time as we exited the room and down a short corridor, which met with an intersecting hallway. By now, things were beginning to looking familiar to me. We entered a room at the end of the corridor and I recognized my own home office, and Lacy sitting at my big mahogany desk working away at her accounting.

Lacy looked up as we entered, squealed and scurried over to give me a hug saying, “Boobette, it’s so nice of you to come visit me!”

I smiled back and replied, “Nice desk you have there.”

“Well, it’s a bit masculine for me, but it was here when I got my job. You’d look extremely hot bent over it getting your pussy blasted by a lesbian wearing a big strap-on though,” she giggled at the image she’d painted.

“That would be rather sexy,” the doctor decided, “Boobette, please sit your bottom onto the desktop and cross your legs at the thighs. Lacy, have you a steno pad we could give our girl here?”

“I see where you’re going with this,” Lacy replied, handing a steno pad to her with a pen.

“Here Boobette, take these and pretend to take dictation. I want to get a picture if it looks hot enough.”

I did as requested and both ladies gave a little gasp in reply.

Dr. Leibovitz rushed out only to return seconds later with a digital camera she used to take twenty or thirty pictures of me, while directing me to change my pose slightly for better shots. Then she began shooting pictures of Lacy playing the boss and seemingly telling me what she wanted. That’s when the doctor had Lacy begin touching me.

Lacy slipped her hand into my bra from over my shoulder while standing behind me as I sat on the corner of the desk. I of course moaned like the whore I’ve become and knew that the doctor was capturing my expressions on film.

Anything that Lacy felt like doing to me, I passively accepted. When she slipped her hand underneath my skirt and slid it up to my sloppy wet panties, I simply moaned in response.

Our photographer on the other hand cheered her on to new levels of seduction. At the rate she was going, I’d be begging her to fuck me any second now.

The last group of shots she took they had me lying across the desk with my skirt up in back, and my panties around my ankles. Lacy only teased at finger fucking me, as I lay vulnerable on the desk so I was left unsatisfied but highly stimulated.

We kissed Lacy and left to continue our walk once my skirt and panties were, resituated. Down the hall and around the corner to the maid’s pantry we traveled.

Lucky for me, Nadine was out when we arrived, even though there were two other maids present.

Dr. Leibovitz decided to set a surprise for Nadine by having the maids tie me down to the table they use to fold laundry, while all three waited in hiding for Nadine to return for supplies.

When Nadine came into the room she squealed in delight and remarked, “Oh goody, someone brought me lunch!” She quickly approached me, scooped a mountain of boob out of my deep V-cut blouse, and latched onto my nipple.

“Damn! Somebody already ate my lunch,” Nadine complained, as there wasn’t much more milk since my morning milking. (That and lying on your back isn’t the best position to let your milk down.)

“I’m still thrilled to see you sweetheart. I heard this is my last day in household services from my boss this morning. Did anyone tell you I have a new job?”

“No Mistress Nadine, I haven’t been told you have a new job,” I replied as required.

“Fuck that fucking Mistress crap! I have to find a way to get the same deal Tiffie got,” Nadine railed, but immediately calmed and added, “I’m sorry honey, I know it’s not your doing, but it just annoys me so.”

I could only grin in reply.

“Oh, the new job… Angie promoted me to ‘Milk and Comfort’ maid. My new duties are to distribute your milk, keep your machine sterilized and stocked with containers. My other duties are to see to your comfort. I get to make sure you are comfortable, entertained, and satisfied as often as you need to be. I get to participate in the selection committee, the one that selects who gets your babies next. I’m so proud and happy to be able to do this kind of work for you,” Nadine stated as she hugged the stuffing out of me.

Right then the three ladies who had been waiting for a show leapt out and the doctor said, “Darn, I thought you’d have finger fucked her brains out or something, the hugging and all was nice though. It tells me we picked the right girl for the job. I can see you two becoming bosom buddies.”

“Well, if you let me keep sucking her boobies we sure will be.”

“I do want to warn you though Nadine, Boobette has added support underneath her skin to help hold her giant girls up. If you ever became even close to her size, I’d have to do some pretty extensive surgery to allow you to walk,” the doctor advised, as she hugged Nadine.

“Don’t worry doc I’ll quit before I need a wheelbarrow for them.”

“Well, if you don’t I’ll be happy to set up a room next to Boobette’s and we can start your career as a baby making machine. You could be twins,” the doctor declared.

“Okay, okay, as intriguing as that might be, I think I’ll pass. No offense meant Boobette. I love you very much, but I like taking care of you and if I took the doctor up on her lovely offer, I’d need someone to take care of me and wind up leaving you in someone else’s hands. I just couldn’t let that happen.”

“Yes, it seems that Nadine has bonded with you Boobette, at an almost familial level. After her talk with Angie, Nadine insisted on being closer and more involved with you. I have a feeling that you two are going to become very close.”

“If we get much closer, she’s going to be inside me,” I pointed out.

“It already looks too crowded in there to me,” Nadine said teasing me, “But I’m game if you want to give it a go.”

“When my pussy is gaping open, you just might fit,” I replied logically.

Nadine started giggling and dove in for a tight hug and Dr. Leibovitz outright laughed, “You know, you’re so sweet now it’s hard to think that you’re the same despicable guy we started with.”

“I was never despicable,” I complained.

“You are going to be punished for that lie, Boobette,” came over the speakers as I felt myself going into self-fucking mode and my corset going limp on me.

“Wait Angie, she…,” Dr. Leibovitz began and her complaint slowly faded into space as her eyes glazed over.

“Angie, Boobette may not even remember how she was very well anymore,” Nadine argued, “She has changed so much since then.”

I had orgasmed once by this time and was substantially on my way to another.

“At least I can make it more pleasant,” she announced as she shucked all her clothes, crawled onto the table, squirming against me, and kissing me passionately.

Dr. Leibovitz just stood there with a glazed look on her face while Nadine made love to me.

“Nadine, you should not be doing this during her punishment,” Angie announced, annoyance evident in her tone.

“Mmm but, it’s so pleasant,” Nadine replied, already very excited by her nearness to my spasming body.

My legs spread as widely as they possible could be and girl juices blasting out from my pussy through my panties forming a puddle three feet away. My nipples erupting milk like miniature sprinklers, drenching Nadine with warm goodness.

Nadine started catching my squirting milk as though peanuts tossed into the air until she could grip my nipples and point them into her mouth, “Mmm… my boobs are going to be magnificent.”

“I…I…I wish, uh! I wish I could…,” I attempted to say, but was stopped by my mouth turning into a cock receptacle.

“I know honey. Don’t let it fret your little bimbo brain. You just take your punishment like a lady and I’ll take care of the rest,” Nadine consoled, jamming her hand into my squirming cunt.

“Wow, I love how your pussy grips may hand and how it squirts your juices around and up my arm. Oh yes Angie, fuck us good,” Nadine screamed in mock-orgasm.

“Gah…,” Angie exclaimed in disgust, “I suppose that’s enough punishment for now. You remember Boobette. You are never to defend your actions from before your transformation. Nadine, you’ll have to help Boobette back to her room. Her knees should be very weak for some time to come.”

I’ve just been fucked so hard that I’m all warn out, all I can do is lay limply upon the table where I’m still strapped.

Dr. Leibovitz seemed to come back to herself, shook her head and said, “Oh, very good Nadine, but Boobette’s remote indicates that she needs an anal refill.”

Nadine attached my butt feeder to a new supply and loaded me up, and then she took a towel to my crotch, dried me, repositioned my lingerie, and helped me to my feet.

“Whew, I think we need to get you into a bathtub girl,” Nadine commented.

“I’m sorry if I smell like seafood, Nadine. I can’t help it,” I replied, embarrassed to be such a stinky girl.

“I know dear. I’m sorry I mentioned it. You are being so sweet and feminine, I think you deserve a little pampering,” Nadine declared, aiding my mincing by steadying me.

That’s when I slipped in some of my own pussy juice and slapped Nadine across her abdomen with my tits, nearly knocking both of us to the floor, and if it weren’t for Dr. Leibovitz catching her, we’d have surely gone down.

“I can see that we are going to need safety flooring or a mop maid following you around. You’re pussy makes walking wherever you’ve been a little dangerous, and before you get defensive about it, it’s not your fault that you pussy is so juicy, so don’t feel bad. Personally, I’m a bit envious that you can so unabashedly display your excitement. Everybody knows that you’re super-horny, so they make excuses for you,” Nadine comforted as she continued supporting and steadying me as I motivated all the jiggling, wiggling, and wobbling parts of my slutty body down the hallway.

Dr. Leibovitz added, “I think that we can find a way to capture your leakage before it becomes a safety hazard. We couldn’t have a mop woman follow you around the mall or in a fancy restaurant, now could we?”

I turned bright crimson, embarrassed by the thought of the Doctor showing me off in public, knowing that everyone would instantly decide I’m a total slut.

Nadine acting as a crutch helped me all the way back to ‘my room’.

I was surprised to discover that Tiffie and Abby were both missing.

Nadine caught on immediately and told me, “Oh I’m so sorry that Tiffie and Abby didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, Boobette. Tiffie is in another wing resting and Abby is sitting with her. They’ll be leaving tomorrow after Tiffie passes her pregnancy test. Tiffie promises to stop in before they leave and to visit regularly.”

I was crestfallen, having expected to be, comforted by my defender Tiffie, but Nadine it seems is just as strong. I can always hope she’s even stronger.

“Into the tub sweetie, and I’ll scrub your everywhere for you,” she tittered, aiding my disrobing.

Dr. Leibovitz added her helping hands to get me naked faster.

“Thank you Mistress Leibovitz for helping, I know you have important things I must be keeping you from,” I told her with a big smile, trying to endear myself with her.

“Actually sweetie, I’m taking some time off to care for my little girl,” she replied, yanking my crotchless panties to the floor with a wet splat.

“You have a daughter Paullina?” Nadine asked somewhat surprised.

“Well…I sort of have a surrogate daughter. Boobette here is the closest I’ve ever gotten to having, a child of my own,” she admitted, patting my plump and jiggly butt.

“That is so sweet of you Paullina! I’m so glad she has a mother protector to look out for her. I kind of feel like her sister myself,” Nadine agreed, throwing her arms around me in a big hug.

“Well that gives me two daughters then, doesn’t it?” the doctor laughed.

Nadine patted the doctor’s butt and said, “Well… just so long as you have nothing against a little incest.”

“Not this horny lesbian,” she promised, “You don’t mind if we dive into your tub with you, do you Boobette dear?”

I shook my head in response. Not that, if I had disagreed it would have done anything but alienate my two remaining allies.

We quickly discovered that though my tub was easily big enough for three ladies when I wasn’t occupying it, it was a very tight squeeze for three when my boobs were occupying the outriggers, which prompted the doctor to say, “It seems we have a design deficiency in your bath, Boobette. Angie… are you listening, girl?”

“Yes Paullina, I’m in my office and have the three naked, wet, squirmy, delicious three of you on my screen. What can I do for you, dear?”

“We are in need of an upgrade to Boobette’s bathing facilities. I find it incredibly stimulating to dive into her bath with her to get a thorough cleaning. However, we can’t seem to fit enough wet squirmy girls in here at one time for the kind of fun we most certainly should be enjoying. Do you think that we can find a contractor to expand upon this experience for the girls?” the doctor asked sweetly.

“That was very sexily put, Paullina. I do indeed believe that an expansion is in order. When Boobette will virtually be hostess to a minimum of two prospective mommies at a time and with guests wanting to avail themselves of her charms, I believe a minimum design capacity of six… no, make it eight bathers would be in order. What do you think,” Angie proposed with an obvious emphasis on the words, ‘expansion’, and ‘charms’.

“I like it Angie. I think something like a Hot Tub with constantly filtered and purified water, fragrant bath oils, vitamin E, Aloe, and some mild aphrodisiac narcotic in the water, just to keep things interesting,” Paullina answered thoughtfully.

“Make sure it’s easy to get in and out of and has a contoured form which Boobette fits into, so that when she’s cuming her brains out, she doesn’t drown. Hand rails in and oh, just in case, it should have some kind of powered machinery to help us get Boobette out in a hurry,” Nadine determined, thought for a bit and added, “I think it needs a fast drain system for safety too. It should be tied into Boobette’s medical monitor so should she attempt to do, herself harm, it would drain the tub. You wouldn’t want to lose your investment, would you?”

“Those are great ideas Nadine. Thank you for thinking of our girl first. I see we found the perfect woman for the job,” Angie told her, knowing that praise in this instance would go a long way to build up Nadine’s loyalty, and was justly deserved. “I think that I should warn you that our ‘Special Visitor’ will be there in about half an hour. Have your fun, but see to it Boobette is ready when she gets there.”

“Special Visitor…,” I squeaked in my sissified little girl voice.

“Don’t let it concern you sweetie. I know you’re going to love her, after all, you had plenty of pictures of her on your computer,” the doctor teased, not knowing that Angie salted the computer to justify her actions.

The two women squeezed into the tub and enthusiastically washed me, and then each other. They sent me into near epileptic nirvana at least twelve times and the last one left me limp and panting.

“I just love doing that to her,” Nadine crowed, “She’s so helpless and loves it so much, it just makes me feel so great. It’s as if I have this super-power of ultra-pleasure I can use for the forces of good.”

“Oh yes, and she so wants to pleasure you back for doing it, even if she isn’t able to. You can just feel her want,” the doctor agreed. “It makes me so happy to have transformed him into such a sweet and loving creature.”

I almost had to bite my own tongue to keep from refuting her misconception.

We left the tub, they dried me off, and began the usual clean ups and dressing routine, with the exception of the clothing the ladies brought to slip onto me. Nadine presented a sequin and bangles covered, tie-sided at my hips, thong, with the bra similarly covered in sequins, which fastens with Velcro on the straps. Black fishnet stockings with stay-up tops rolled up my hairless legs and a pair of gold one-inch platform with 6-inch stiletto heels pumps, found their way to my feet. I finally caught on to what I was being dressed as, when the tear-away dress showed up and enveloped my overly busty dimensions.


Chapter 25: Summer Time

There was a knock at the door and Dr. Leibovitz said, “You stay here and get her makeup on Nadine and I’ll let our visitor in.”

I heard the door open and the two women exchange greetings, followed by a loud exclamation, “I’ll put myself out of business! You, want me to teach her my best moves? Are you out of your mind? It’s hard enough to find good gigs out there these days without creating my own competition!”

“Calm down Summer. Boobette will never be any competition to you in the outside world. You are only teaching her for the entertainment of our members,” the doctor soothed the new woman, “Come on in and I’ll introduce you.”

“Oh alright, just as long as you promise she isn’t going to dance professionally. Skye would have me hog tied with a gag of my own panties in my mouth if she found out I was teaching her,” Summer admitted in a cutesy voice.

“Oh no, Boobette would never dance professionally, you see, she’s only a sex toy, so she doesn’t need to make a living,” Paullina confided to her, “Her only job is to have sex and make babies.”

“Wow, that’s a nice job,” Summer giggled, “I’d take it, except for the making babies part. It would ruin my figure!”

“Oh, Boobette doesn’t give birth to them. She is just the vessel where the sperm fertilize her ova and then we harvest them to implant in lesbians who want daughters. She’ll never have to worry about ruining her figure. We make her orgasm at least fifteen, or twenty times a day too!”

“Shit, I need to renegotiate my contract,” Summer complained.

“Oh, don’t be jealous of our sweet little girl. I know that she loves your work and will be thrilled to meet you,” the doctor mistakenly informed her, “Additionally, who else are you ever going to meet that makes you feel like you’re sporting an AA cup bra?”

“No kidding, she’s amazing, what kind of implants does she have,” Summer asked in astonishment.

“She doesn’t have implants, Summer. Boobette’s boobs are all mammary gland and breast tissue. I should know, I made them for her,” the doctor claimed proudly.

“No fucking way! You made those breasts?”

“I sure did, although she designed her nipples and controls,” the doctor laughed at her own joke.

Summer looked at her puzzled and the doctor replied, “You’ll know what I mean before you leave, I promise. For now, I’d like you to meet Boobette. Boobette, this is Summer Cummings, the porn star, and model.”

“I’m pleased to meet you,” I chirped and held my hand out limply.

“Oh no way am I shaking your hand, missy. If I’m going to be your teacher, we need to hug and kiss!” whereupon Summer dove in to squirm her breasts actively against mine, with a kiss that took my breath away.

Lucky for me she made the mistake of sticking her tongue down my throat. That always reminds me that my tongue is an amazing implement of sexual pleasure, so I reciprocated in kind. My tongue snaked deep into her neck, evoking a startled squeak, followed by her fellating my tongue.

“Okay, okay, am I going to have to hose you two off,” Nadine asked, annoyed that at not having been able to finish my makeup.

“Oh my god, that tongue is amazing,” Summer, squealed, “You are a diabolically naughty girl, Boobette. I want you bad!”

“I’m not allowed to be bad,” I informed her with a blush.

“Do they beat you if you’re bad?”

I blushed crimson and shook my head, no.

“Boobette is never hurt or made to experience pain,” Paullina informed her, “She is punished by successive orgasming.”

“I am getting so screwed! Could you use a twin, darling?” she chided, “How’s the food in this place?”

“Runny,” I answered.

“Speaking of food, why don’t you feed Boobette while we get acquainted?” the doctor suggested with a twisted smile.

“She can’t feed herself?” protested Summer.

Nadine handed her my feeding dong with the tubing attached while the doctor hit the button, which turned my face into a cock receptacle.

“Just slip it in and work it. She’ll be so enthusiastic and grateful.”

Summer began fucking my face while I sucked down my liquid nourishment. Why couldn’t I have kept my mouth shut? They might have forgotten to feed me like this if I hadn’t said anything.

Nadine attached my anal feeder tube and pumped my ass full while Summer thrust the other dildo down my throat, “Yah, suck it bitch! Blow my big cock girl!”

Try as I might, I could no more refuse the intense pleasure my slut body was flooding my brain with, than I could stop breathing, “Mmm!”

“Fuck, this is making me so hot! She’s such a submissive little thing! I wonder what she’ll do if I stuff my hand in her cleavage…?”

My pelvis began thrusting back and forth while she played with my boobies and kept fucking my face.

“You should be careful Summer. You’ll need a change of clothes in about thirty seconds if you keep that up…,” Nadine warned.

“Her boobs are so soft and warm, but I’d better not make her cum just yet. We have a lot of work to do,” Summer decided, taking her hand from my cleavage and leaning close to my face to ask, “Are you full now sweetheart?”

I nodded the best I could with a foot of dildo stuffed down my throat.

Summer retracted my feeder, marveling at the tip of the penis shaped device. She curiously placed the end in her own mouth and took a tentative draw on it. She pulled it back out exclaiming, “Holy shit, it’s jizzum! They feed you sperm?”

I blushed up a storm as usual while the doctor explained, “It’s not just sperm, Summer. Boobette is fed sperm, cream, and vitamins, laced with some mood stabilizing drugs.”

“You couldn’t use a pet, could you Boobette? I make a great puppy and eat pussy like a starving wolf,” Summer teased good-naturedly.

“As much as I’d love having you, I can’t even take care of myself, Summer. If you were trained as a handicapped assistance puppy, I’d be happy to share my food and bed with you,” I replied, still quivering from the sexual stimulation I’d just received.

“Jesus, you have the sweetest little girl voice! I’m just puddling, listening to you. If you went on tour dancing, you’d make a fortune,” she concluded, her hand over her heart, one-step back from our prior closeness.

I blushed at the praise, as I didn’t have any choice into what Angie and Paullina had transformed me.

“We should get started on your exotic dancing lesson. Can you stand up on your own honey, or do you need a hand?” she asked, surmising that someone with breasts this size wouldn’t easily make it to her feet.

I answered by standing for her in my platform high heels smoothly, though carefully, to keep the jiggling to a minimum.

“Well good, you’re not that handicapped I see,” she turned to Dr. Leibovitz and asked, “I was told by whoever made the appointment that you have a small stage and dancing pole where we can practice?”

“Most certainly we do. Nadine, would you please escort Summer and Boobette to the practice room? I should be getting to some patients and dealing with medical matters for a while,” Paullina turned to me and finished with, “I’m so proud of how well you are doing dear. I wish I could spend more time with you, but duty calls. Come here and give Mummy a kiss and a hug before you go.”

This was surprising, but I needed all the good will I could get from anyone, therefore I kissed her passionately, squirming my ridiculously sensitive breasts over hers while, we hugged.

“You’re a good girl, now go and listen to your teacher so that you become the best dancer you can be,” she patted my jiggly butt to send me on my way.

I can’t walk quickly with this exaggeratedly feminine body, but I always walk sexily.

“You’ve got an incredible body Boobette. If you went on the road with me, we could be swimming in cash in no time,” she chatted happily, as we slowly made our way down a new hallway, Summer carrying a duffel bag along with her.


“You bet your gorgeous ass, dancing. Guys would be throwing wads of cash at you and trying to stuff hundred dollar bills into your cleavage,” she laughed, recalling her own experiences.

“Men don’t excite me,” I replied, trying to be as close to the guidelines laid out by my captors.

“They don’t have to love. I would be there to dance with you. When they watch us dancing, making love to each other on stage, they won’t have any need to have sex with you. They will already have shot their wads in their trousers, and will fantasize about being me when they go home and bone the old ball and chain,” she snickered as she thought about how we could affect the patrons at one of her strip clubs.

I was mostly concentrating on keeping from falling over and moderating the jiggling that always occurs when I walk.


Chapter 26: Dance

Nadine gave my arm a knowing squeeze of support and announced, “This is the place,” as she opened the door.

We entered a mirrored room with a mirror-ball hanging and a couple poles going from floor to ceiling. The room has wooden floors, a sound system, spot lighting, and a big box of toys in the corner.

“This is terrific,” Summer declared as we entered and she surveyed the room. Summer flipped her duffel bag from her shoulder, plopped it upon a bench, unzipped it, and then began extracting the contents. Some CDs, a few articles of clothing, and a towel appeared.

“I think we need to have some very slow music for a girl of your…ah, voluptuous attributes. ZZ Top has some great stuff with a strong beat to keep you in step,” she suggested and followed up with, “Do you mind if I change here?”

“As long as you don’t mind if we drool,” Nadine chuckled.

“Mind, hell I’ll be flattered if you do, sweetie,” Summer volleyed with a big grin and slipped her huge girls from the confinement of a sweater and full cup bra.

“I’d help you pick out something to wear, but it seems you have already benefitted from some professional help,” she stated while slipping off her heels, slacks, and panties.

“Have you had any dance training before Boobette,” Summer asked as she pulled on a sequin covered thong.

“No,” I admitted, “I can barely walk. How do you expect me to dance?”

“I have been pondering that very thing since we met and I believe that I have an idea or two that we can try,” she replied, sliding some smoke- colored, thigh-high stockings up her legs. Summer slipped on her platform high-heels, a sequin-covered, front-tied bra top, and covered it up with a Little black Dress that ties in front.

“Usually I put on quite a bit more makeup when I’m going onstage as the bright lights tend to wash out your face,” she explained, as she shifted her clothes to the proper position to, amply display her attributes.

“I have to stick my boobs way out just to be noticed with you around hon.” she laughed, “It’s not often I’m around anyone that makes me feel underdeveloped.”

“You have beautiful breasts Summer. There’s nothing that should make you feel inadequate. In fact, you have a figure that makes most women look like boys,” I snickered, returning her compliment.

“That’s awfully sweet of you to say, sugar,” she answered with a big pussy-juice evoking hug.

I trembled like a leaf at the sensations flooding my brain as her huge boobs squished into mine.

“Damn, your nipples are like thumbs sticking into me. It’s amazing how they poke out, no matter what you wear! It must be embarrassing when you’re in public. How do you hide those things?”

I blushed right down to my strangely modified feet, but couldn’t find a voice to answer.

“I’m sorry dearie, I shouldn’t have said that. I have to endure plenty of stares and snide remarks when I’m out and about too,” she apologized, “Anyway, I like them. Your nipples are like two little hard dicks for me to play with when we are onstage.”

“You’re going to make me orgasm onstage, aren’t you?”

“I’ve never made any other girls orgasm onstage when I danced with them so I doubt you’re going to, either, but you should act as if you’re orgasming. It makes for much bigger tips,” she advised, “You can fake an orgasm, I hope?”

I blushed up a storm again and answered, “I never have before.”

“Holy shit, all girls practice faking orgasms. How is it you haven’t,” she asked looking deeply in my eyes.

Thinking fast and knowing that I would be punished if I told her the truth I said, “I orgasm so easily there’s never been a reason to fake one.”

“Oh, now I really hate you!”

“I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry Boobette,” she decided and led my teetering self over to the stage by the hand. “We should get started. All I want from you when the music starts is to strut out onto the stage, head back, standing straight, and with a look of confidence on your face. Remember that everybody watching in the audience wants you.” She flicked the remote control that was clipped to her thong and the music started.

I tried my best to do as she said, but my steps were too unsteady in the footwear Nadine had put on me.

“I think I may have a solution for you,” Summer mused as she rummaged through her duffel bag, “There they are!” She pulled out a pair of clear plastic sky scraper platform heels with money slots in the side of the platforms and handed them to Nadine. “Slip these onto her and we’ll give it another go.”

Once properly shorn, I tottered onto the stage again, however this time it seems to have satisfied Summer.

“That’s much better! Those shoes have better soles for the stage than the ones you had and they are terrific places for customers to slide their money. I was told that you get to keep all the tips you earn. They called it, “Boobette Bucks” that you can use to buy pretty things you want, but that’s for later. Now that you’re out here, I want you to just sway your hips to the music, while I strut out here too,” she trotted back to the side stage to watch me and waited for her mark to follow.

I waggled my hips to the music, but only slightly, as doing any exaggerated motions tend to get things jiggling out of control and I wind up on the floor.

Summer strut her stuff out with me, an expression of confidence and delight pasted across her face as she approached. I could see that she was purposefully making her boobs bounce and her hips wag as she came. She slipped behind me, her arms flowing caressingly as she went across my waist and around my side, leaving her hand resting on my hip.

“Since I am so much taller than you are, everyone can see me behind you. Now you hug yourself under your boobies with your arms crossed placing your hands over the top of mine, lean your head back and show everyone how good it feels.

That was easy for me to do, as she was rubbing her big beauties against my back and turning me on greatly.

Summer slipped her hands up underneath my boobs and began bouncing them with the beat of the music, one up and one down so the combined mass of them doesn’t throw me onto the stage. She slowly moved her hands back to my sides and danced me towards the vertical pole, where she parked me behind it with my breasts spread around it.

“Now hold your boobies together while I help you with the knee bends. We’ll slide the pole up and down a few times like this. If you could tip your pelvis backwards while we do this and slide your pussy along the pole it will drive the crowd wild,” she suggested, partially supporting me as we slid my sloppy, drooling pussy up the pole.

I barely noticed the wetness accumulating on the pole since I had to bite my lower lip to quiet my moaning so Summer won’t think I’m a complete slut.

“Whoa, you are a hot one! It’s okay if you moan, sweetie, the crowd will love it.”

I was getting so hot with her whispering in my ear and the detonations of pleasure firing through my very being, originating from my sensitive clit cluster that I no longer cared if anyone was watching or not.

“It looks as if we need to dance you away from that pole for a minute,” Summer announced as she put pressure on my hips, steering me towards the middle of the stage again.

“Now we can get right to the stripping part. You’re so hot right now, I think it will be better if you start by, removing my bra top. Don’t hurry, just take your time, and tease the audience,” she coaxed, dancing around in front of me, presenting her back for my access.

My fingers were shaking as I unhooked her clasp, releasing both of her magnificent beauties. I held onto the straps and she leaned back into me, capturing the straps against me, allowing me to let go and slip my hands around to her front. I slowly loosened her right cup and began to incrementally, reveal her boob.

“You’re doing very well Boobette. It’s hard to believe that you’ve never done this before.”

“I’ve seen it done before.”

“Once you have my boob out, don’t reveal the other one right away. Play with it. Squeeze it and feel up my nipple, making sure you have me fully erect before moving onto my left boob,” she advised, rubbing her back up against my breasts.

I unlimbered her boob and did what she requested, which made my cunt-flow increase noticeably, and her loudly moan.

“You’re doing very nice, honey. Now go ahead and get the other one free and work my nipple to its full, just like the other one.”

I got her other big girl free and worked her as best as I could.

Summer spun around, buried my face in her tits, and went on to say, “Now it’s my turn to release those titanic wonders!” She yanked the front down in one motion and advised, “Put your open palms against your cheeks and give me an ‘Oh gosh’ expression.”

She undid the knot holding my girls together and slowly revealed them to her eager eyes, “Holy shit, those are awesome! Shoot, my nipples just knotted up like little diamond points. Your boobs should come by prescription only, Boobette.”

She was finally able to close her mouth to take a breath and say, “I should keep my mind on the lesson. Okay, you just sit back on your ankles and act as if I’m driving you absolutely out of your mind.”

“That won’t be much of a stretch for her,” Nadine quipped from about ten feet away.

Summer licked my right nipple and then quickly latched her mouth onto it.

I saw Nadine develop an evil grin as she held out my remote control and flicked a button.

“Mmmf!” Summer squeaked as she got her first mouthful of breast milk, wide-eyed and startled she recovered quickly and began sucking in earnest.

I was on the edge of orgasming in mere moments, “Ah!”

“She’s going to cum soon, Summer. You should switch to the other one,” Nadine suggested.

Summer did as she was urged and sent me over the edge, “Oh God!” My pelvis thrust into her hips all by itself and a blast of my pussy juice shot through the sides of my thong to cover her crotch.

“Oh fuck! You weren’t joking about her orgasming! I didn’t think any girl was this easy!” she exclaimed, examining the damage to her outfit.

“I’m sorry if I ruined your clothes, Summer,” I apologized.

“Screw the clothes Boobette, give me those boobs again!”

“Eep!” I replied as she began drawing more milk from my heavy girls.

“You’re going to be so happy you’re doing that tomorrow, Summer,” Nadine teased, “Boobette’s milk makes breast tissue grow.”

Summer had to jerk back for a quick moment and swear, “No fucking way!”

“Yes way! I grew these beauties in a couple of days from a pair of C cups,” Nadine bragged.

“So if I leave with a distended tummy, how much boobage will I be hefting when I go?”

“One good solo drain should yield you two cup sizes,” Nadine giggled.

“Skye is just going to kill me!” she informed her, however she went right back to sucking my boobs dry and making me scream through orgasms.

“Burp!” Summer released, “Excuse me! Uh, I’m so full! Oh, damn! We never finished our dance!” Summer looked around and fifteen women began clapping, as they had gathered as an audience to watch her suck me dry. “Maybe we did after all…?”

“I think you should follow me back to Boobette’s room, you could use a nap,” Nadine suggested as she help the both of us to our feet.

“I feel as if someone let all the wind out of me,” she told us as we both staggered back to my room and we did a face plant onto my bed.

Two ladies finished disrobing us two and tucked us in, with Summer snoozing snuggled up against my left boob.


Chapter 27: Boobage

“What? Who…?” Summer stammered when she awakened from her nap.

“Did you have a nice nap?” I asked sweetly as she roused from having her face mashed deeply in between my boobies.

“It’s like being in a huge, soft, warm canyon. With the beating of your heart I was dreaming that I was in your womb!”

“You sound upset,” I told her.

“I am!” she blushed and turned her eyes away, “I didn’t want to leave…”

“That’s sweet, Summer,” I told her.

“No, it was the nicest dream I’ve ever had. I wish I could go back,” she replied staring far off into space.

“I won’t stop you,” I consoled as best I could.

“Thanks,” she said, driving her face back between the girls and giggling. “I won’t be able to fall back asleep and dream the same dream again, but I can still enjoy playing with these.”

“Yours feel wonderful too,” I agreed as I stroked and caressed her big firm implants.

“I wish I could stay here for days but I was here just to teach you some stripping moves and then be on my way. I was coming back tomorrow for your stage debut so we can do a duet, just as we practiced. I know I must be late meeting up with Skye…”

“You would have been late an hour ago, Summer,” Skye informed her from not ten feet away, “Now you’re just missing in action.”

“Skye!” Summer squealed spinning onto her back, breasts flopping back and forth. “What are you doing here?”

“Your employer figured that it was likely you wouldn’t make it home in time, when she hired you,” Skye laughed. “I’ve been watching from the office since you arrived, honey.”

“Oh, so you’ve seen how awesome Boobette is on the monitors. As incredible as that might have been, touching, stroking and sucking her girls is even better!”

“Well, why don’t you put some clothes on and join us?” Skye baited.

“Sure, I’ll just be a minute,” she jumped out of my bed and caused a monstrous tit quake.

Summer snatched up one of her bras from the duffel she’d brought, but it wouldn’t fit. She grabbed another one from her bag and that one didn’t fit either, “What the fuck is going on? Did someone swap all my bras with smaller ones?”

Skye plopped down on the corner of my bed laughing wildly.

“You changed them for a joke, Skye?”

Skye dropped off the corner of the bed onto her knees holding her stomach laughing.

“You had a growth spurt while we were sleeping, Summer,” I informed her sheepishly.

“No way! You girls told me they would grow, but I didn’t think…” she ran down, groping herself. “Fuck, they haven’t felt this nice in a long time. Damn, it’s like they’re more sensitive!”

“Your nipples look bigger too. Here, let me get a heft of those,” Skye reached out and lifted her boobs a few times, “Nice! It feels like you have more boob tissue and they’re smoother.”

“Stop it, you’re making me soaking wet, girl!”

“I’m always soaking wet…” I announced to no one in particular.

“I think that’s something I need to investigate for myself,” Skye determined and crawled over to where I lay unresisting.

“You’re right Angie, she’s very submissive. Come on Summer and lend a hand and a boob to this job. We’re going to find out if she really is always wet.”

She didn’t need to ask Summer twice, she was at the junction of my thighs before Skye was.

There were two fingers from different hands inside my vulva before you would have thought they could have removed the Baby Doll panties I was wearing, “Yes sir, she’s sopping wet! How big a dildo do you think we can slip into her?” Skye asked mischievously.

“She’s good for at least a Jeremy, maybe even a John Holms,” Summer guessed.

“I know for a fact she can go up to five and a half inches in diameter!” Skye giggled as she started to, seriously finger bang me.

“This little thing can? I’ll have to see that to believe it,” Summer added skeptically.

“You’re in luck,” Nadine announced from a chair across the room, “It is milking time for Boobette so she needs to be prepared.” She pushed another button on the remote and I could feel my vagina start to slowly, spread open.

“Oh…!” I remarked, knowing what is to come.

“What the…” Skye began, feeling my vagina expand on its own.

“Will you look at that?” Summer exclaimed, as her vantage point allowed her to see me spread. “Her pussy is spreading open all by itself, almost likes she’s giving birth.”

“Boobette has many ‘Special Features’ installed in her,” Angie stated over the intercom, “Watch her clit cluster when I press this button.”

“Ungh!” I yelped in pleasure.

“Fuck, she has four clits and they’re squirming up a storm!” Skye laughed, “I wish I could do that to Summer. That sure is an ingenious way to keep your pet in line Angie!”

“Thank you, Skye. It’s not as expensive a procedure as you might think, at least just to add that single feature to one girl’s clit,” Angie offered, “If you’d like, we can discuss it later.”

Summer was wide eyed with concern.

“I’m going to turn it off for a while, at least until Boobette is spread enough for her ‘Little Pony’ ride.”

“I noticed the pony over to the side. I can’t wait to see her on it,” Skye announced, flushed with excitement.

“We have many things to offer the inventive Dominatrix, Skye. We’ll have to go over some of your options,” Angie offered smugly.

“Especially if we’re going to be the next recipients of Boobette’s babies,” Skye answered with a slanted smile.

“What?” Summer asked, “What is this about Boobette’s babies?”

“Well Summer, you know that we’ve talked about having our own daughter? This is a perfect opportunity for us. Boobette starts the babies off and they are transplanted into another woman to carry to term, since she cannot. I’ve decided to be the incubator while you keep working. We’re going to be mommies,” Skye squealed and hugged Summer.

“Whew!” I remarked as the squirming of my quad-clitties came to a stop.

“We don’t want to leave out our benefactor Skye,” Summer rebuked, dragging her over to include me in their embrace.

“When do you become pregnant Boobette?” Summer asked into my ear.

“Any minute now,” I replied in a strained voice.

“Oh, so this is somehow part of the process? In that case, let’s get on with it! Is there anything we can do to help?” Skye asked the room in general.

“I’ll coach you every step of the way girls,” Nadine explained from close behind her, “It’s my job to watch over my sister and help the prospective mothers in learning to care for Boobette for the two weeks that you’ll both be here.”

“We have to be here two fucking weeks? I have jobs scheduled that I have to be at. I can’t be here a whole two weeks right now,” Summer complained with her lower lip preferred in a sexy pout.

“Have no fear Summer. I rescheduled everything before I came here today. You are entirely free for the next three weeks,” Skye informed her with a playful squeeze of her breast.

“Three weeks, she just said two?”

“You need to take care of me for a week after we leave silly girl,” Skye informed her with a cheek pat, “The doctor wants me to stay in bed at least that long to make sure the transfer takes hold.”

“Whoa, look at the size of that hole!” Summer yelped.

“It’s time to escort Boobette to her ‘Little Pony’ ladies. You’ll have to carry her unless you want to put her high heeled slippers on her. She walks tip-toe without some kind of heels and with her vulva spread like as it is, she can barely walk wearing shoes,” Nadine instructed.

“I think we can heft her over there if her boobs don’t throw us all off balance,” teased Skye as she grabbed her side of me.

“Granted she is more easily controlled wearing a bra, but you’d still have to remove it when she gets there,” Nadine informed them.

“I would ask why, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough,” Summer decided.

“The milking machine needs access to my boobs,” I said as they moved me.

“Your ‘Little Pony’ makes you our Little Moo-Moo?” she decided aloud, helping to spread my legs and settle me onto the saddle.

Immediately the thigh bars flipped on to hold me down and the huge Plexiglas cups surrounded my girls and supported my chest. The fitting in my anal feeder clicked into place, while the giant dildo slid into my love hole until I felt my vaginal muscles tighten around its base, locking me tightly in for the duration.

“Go ahead, try to slip your finger into her pussy now, before I start it up,” Nadine dared them mischievously.

Both ladies tried to slip a finger inside me, but neither was successful, “She clamped around that cock as tight as a virgin with Ron Jeremy trying to fuck her. She still has the wettest cunt I’ve ever fingered, though.”

“Hell Skye, you haven’t been nearly drowned when she comes either! It’s like a gully washer!” Summer giggled as she hugged me, “You enjoy your fucking little one. Will it make you hotter if Skye and I make out in front of her while you’re getting screwed?”

I nodded thinking that she was looking for an excuse to tongue wrestle Skye anyway.

Just then, Nadine started the milker and they could hear it sucking my boobies and see the look of pleasure on my face, so they retired to a loveseat in front of me to suck face while I got the boning of my life.

The dildo in my cunt began banging me and the anal feeder started fucking my ass as I was milked and screaming in tongues.

“What language is she speaking, Skye?” Summer asked.

“I think it’s Bone-in-me or maybe Mebeinfucked…” Skye replied with a twitter.

“I just hope there’s no fine crystal in this room or it doesn’t have a chance…,” she decided while groping Skye’s boobs.

After being fucked out of my mind for half an hour, I could feel the dildo ejaculating into my womb as it had done before, and my ass was overfilled with sperm once again. The dildo slowly retracted as my cervix slammed shut behind it and popped with a loud slurping noise from within my cunt. My anal feeder stopped its fucking motion and disconnected as I felt my face snap into the O shape, readying itself for a face fucking and feeding.

“What’s going on now,” Skye asked, noticing my expression.

“Oh, it’s feeding time, Skye. Watch this, she’s getting a liquid lunch,” Summer replied having watched the whole thing before.

The dildo feeder slipped out of its sheath, past my lips and down my throat to begin ejaculating and face fucking me. After ten minutes or so that stopped as well and Nadine announced, “You’ll need to grab her ladies and help her to the bathtub.”

“What was in that big dildo you had jammed down her throat?” Skye queried as she came alongside me.

“Here, see for yourself,” Nadine offered, slipping the feeder from its sheath.

Skye tasted it and screeched, “It is semen!”

“Just like sucking a dick, but without the nasty man attached to it!” Summer laughed at Skye’s discovery.

“I can do without both thank you,” she replied sputtering and spitting.

“I’ll tell you how they get all the jizzum later, let’s just get her to the tub, and wash some of this slimy stuff off,” Summer suggested as she began hefting me from the saddle.

“The tub is ready, so just plop her in gently. You can figure out which end her head goes. You won’t both fit in there with her. In a couple days there’s going to be a change made to a different tub and bathroom system. We are just working out the logistics of doing it while Boobette still occupies the room. We plan on building a false wall and separate access for the workers,” Nadine informed the women as they plunked my big soft butt into the warm water.

Nadine pinned my hair up and put a bathing cap on so my hair wouldn’t need cleaning.

“Wash her good girls and don’t worry if she orgasms. There isn’t any way we know of to wash her without having her go off. It’s rather like trying to wash a puppy without getting soaked yourself. It just can’t be done,” Nadine advised with a giggle.

“She can’t wash herself?” Summer asked astounded.

“No she can’t wash herself. The last time she tried she nearly drowned. As soon as she orgasms she just sinks into the water, and even she can’t wash herself without orgasming,” Nadine advised dead seriously.

“She’s like handling Nitro Glycerin. Sooner or later she’s going to go boom,” Skye laughed and dove in to make me orgasm as quickly as she could. “Wash her boobies Summer. I’ve got her clittie!”

My eyeballs rolled up into the back of my head and stayed there for the ten minutes it took them to wash me down.

“I’ve never seen anybody orgasm four times in ten minutes honey. It’s a good thing you’re not a cheerleader or you’d ruin the football team!” Summer told me with a kiss as she dried me off.

“How could I do that?” I asked.

One guy would date you and have you orgasm your brains out and before you could recover, the whole team would have screwed you so much they wouldn’t have enough energy left to play the game,” she decided.

“It’s a good thing you’re not a football player then,” I replied sweetly.

“You bet it is. I have way more sexual stamina than a football player,” she bragged toweling underneath my girls.

“Yes, but you have no milk stamina,” I teased back. “You got milk faced and fell asleep.”

“Oh damn, that’s right, I should have had Skye drink your milk before you rode the pony!” Summer bemoaned the wasted opportunity. “Maybe you can just drink it from the jug?”

“It doesn’t work. For some reason the only way to get boob growth is drinking from the spigot. Give her a few hours and there will be plenty,” Nadine assured them.

“That’s great! I won’t need to go in for bigger implants for quite some time after that,” Skye reveled in the possibilities.

“You bet that’s a good thing, because you were looking like the Chinese boob doctor did your work,” Summer teased as she slipped my slippers onto my strangely angled feet.

“Chinese boob doctor?” I asked naively.

“Bube Fat Hung Lo, the Chinese implant surgeon,” Skye informed me with a snicker.

“I don’t think I’ll need him,” I answered hefting the girls.

“No, you probably won’t need him. You might need a wheelbarrow but not an implant surgeon,” Skye parried.

“Don’t be, mean Skye,” Summer admonished. “Our sweet little girl here is the mother of our baby.”

“I’m sorry. It didn’t come out the way I meant it. I don’t know how she can stand up with the ones she has now,” Skye apologized.

“Boobette has a specially build internal corset to keep her boobs and back supported,” Nadine schooled the ladies.

They finished dressing me in a pink sun dress with pink fishnet stockings and acrylic high heels.

“She looks very sweet,” Skye admired their handy work.

“You have to tell me who makes your bras, Boobette?” Summer asked, one big boob woman to another.

“Judy Valentine custom makes them for me,” I answered, slightly more stoned than a short while before as all the drugs in my feeding hit me.

“The, Judy Valentine, the same one who designs all the stage fashions? That Judy Valentine makes your bras?” Skye asked in disbelief.

“Sure, she was just here to pick up some milk and drop off some new bras. You just missed her by a couple of days,” I added.

“You girls at LUST sure hang with the high rollers. I’ve got some of her costumes and they were expensive enough to have altered just to fit me,” Summer claimed.

“If you like this bra, Summer, there are a whole bunch like it in smaller sizes in my wardrobe. You can go see if one fits you now. Judy had to wear one home herself,” I advised with a sort of pride.

Summer scurried off, flouncing and jiggling to disappear into my wardrobe, returning minutes later proudly displaying her new bra, tightly embracing her bigger boobies, “How do you girls like it? Is it me?”

“Boobette’s is a little more impressive but you’re definitely working that bra, sweetie,” Skye replied with a twisted smile. “I don’t want you getting a big head to go with those big boobies you’re sporting.”

“I’ll take it. That’s the nicest compliment you’ve had for your pet in a while,” Summer pouted.

“Oh come here and let me scratch behind your ears,” Skye recanted, “You know I love you dearly and I’ll be relying on you a lot when I’m pregnant with our daughter.”

“How do you know it will be a daughter?” Summer asked as she curled up in Skye’s lap and purred.

“Boobette only has daughters, Summer,” Nadine interjected, “We precondition the sperm she has injected into her womb to have only the female seed.”

“I won’t be touring with Skye as much after the birth. Can I bring Boobette on the road with me instead? We’d rake the money in with her on stage.”

“No, the logistics are too involved to drag her around the country, imagine just getting her onto a commercial flight? With all the implants she has, she’d set off every metal detector in the airport. If they strip searched her all the guards would need baths and she’d need two changes of clothes, and then try explaining her to a ten dollar an hour security guard. No thank you,” Nadine explained sweetly.

“Fuck! That made me wet just imagining it! Could we videotape it? I could retire on the porn movie rights!” Summer exclaimed with her hand gently rubbing her mons.

“We’re videotaping this right now, for our members and some other private viewing,” Nadine advised.

“Did you negotiate some good terms Skye?” Summer asked.

“You bet I did. What do you think we should name her?” Skye asked tweaking her nose.

Summer blushed and said, “Winter Skye would be a pretty name? I hadn’t thought about the give and takes of this. I think we’re getting lots more than we’re giving in this case. I’ll dance and teach Boobette for the rest of her life if she wants me to,” Summer said as she came over to me and stuck her tongue down my throat.

That was silly of her, since I have a much more generous weapon at my disposal, which I have a propensity to use when aroused, and since they designed me, to always be aroused, I started tongue wrestling with her eliciting a loud, “Mmmph!” and renewed enthusiasm from her.

“What it the hell…?” Skye asked as Summer lost control.

“You haven’t tried sticking your tongue down Boobette’s throat yet, Skye,” Nadine laughed knowingly, “It’s an experience you’ll never forget.”

“I can guess that, but why?” she re-asked.

“I’m not telling,” Nadine replied in her bratty little girl voice and sticking out her tongue.


Chapter 28: Approval

“Ladies, the crowd is waiting to approve your application. Please bring your charge to the auditorium,” Angie asked from the intercom.

“Time for the meet and greet ladies,” Nadine shooed the three of us down the corridor to the auditorium and the doctor met me back stage with her hypodermic, which she shot into my ample butt.

It didn’t take long for the warm fuzzy feeling to wash over me and a feeling of unreality became persistent.

Angie announced from the stage, “Now I want you all to give a warm welcome to a famous lesbian couple, Skye Blue and her pet, Summer Cummings!”

Both women sauntered onto the stage as if they owned the crowd and Skye accepted the microphone saying, “Thank you all for that warm welcome. Summer and I are happy to be here and overjoyed to be considered as your second recipients of Boobette’s bounty. We have longed to have a daughter of our own for a long time but lacked the assurance our child would be female. The other consideration was that Summer would have had to bare the child since she is the only one of us who is bi-sexual. Summer is the big money draw on stage however and I wouldn’t have been able to maintain our lifestyle performing alone. Boobette will be the answer to our prayers if you’ll approve us as prospective mothers. Thank you all.”

“That was wonderfully put Skye. Now let’s bring out the slut you’ve all been waiting for, here’s Boobette!”

“Okay dear, that your cue. Go on out and stand with the girls,” Paullina told me through my ear speakers.

Unhesitant I ambled out to where they were sanding and Angie said, “Curtsey to the crowd Boobette.”

Having never curtsied in my life, nor having never been taught how to, I simply stared around in fright looking for help.

“Oh that’s right. You’ve never had to curtsey before. Skye, would you be so kind, as to instruct our uncontentious female on how to properly curtsey like a lady?”

“Oh, it would be a pleasure, Angie,” she enthused.

Facing me she said, “The first step to a curtsey is put your right foot behind your left foot.”

I positioned myself as she said, although she corrected my foot position by adding, “Turn it so your toes point to the right and see that your left foot points to the left. Make sure you have about six inches between your feet. There, that’s good.”

With the extreme high-heels, I was wearing and the overhang of my boobs made it difficult to tell where my feet were, let alone knowing how far apart they were.

“Now, bend both knees as if you were about to sit on the stage, and as you're doing that grab your skirt at the sides and lift it up just above your knees,” she added, positioning my hands and deepening my knee bends. “Bend forwards slightly and bow your head.”

“The skirt should be held higher in Boobette’s case. Say… oh, above her waist,” Angie suggested.

“But that would show her panties to everyone!” Summer exclaimed.

“Exactly,” Angie agreed.

Skye repositioned my hands above my head, guaranteeing that everyone would see my lacy pink panties.

“That’s much better, don’t you all agree?” she asked the crowd.

There was a roar of catcalls, clapping, whistles, and cheers to answer her, “Look at the camel toe she’s sporting!”

“That’s the sissiest crotch I’ve ever seen!”

“Look at that slut’s cunt drool!” and many more.

“That should about do it, Skye,” Angie decided.

“Stand back up and uncross your legs again, Boobette,” Skye instructed.

I did exactly as she said.

“Uh… honey, you can put your dress down again now,” Skye had to add with an uproarious pelting of laughter from the assembled women.

“It’s time for the vote,” Angie announced, “I need a showing of hands. How many feel it is right and proper for Skye Blue and Summer Cummings to be the next mothers of Boobette’s offspring?”

I was so stoned that I only noticed a forest of gaily painted fingernails floating above the crowd.

“I don’t think we need bother asking for nay votes,” Angie turned to the performers, “Please take your charge to bed and see to it she’s properly enshrouded in femininity and pleasured until it is time for the transfer.”

I was escorted from the stage as the assembly continued their business and planning.

“Damn Boobette, you were terrific! You have me positively soaking my own undies,” Summer confided. “Did she really mean that we’re supposed to take you back and fuck you silly?”

“Everyone else does. You’re the closest to my bra size I’ve had an opportunity to play with though.”

Skye had to stop for a moment, as she was laughing too hard to keep up.

“What’s so funny?” Summer asked her.

“You are, standing next to Boobette when she said that. Your boobs are less than one-third the size of hers. You’re the closest to her bra size…” she fell into another fit of laughter.

I was extremely stoned, but still embarrassed to the core. I was only able to muster a lip tremble in response, as crying was out of the question.

“You’re such a boob sometimes Skye,” Summer exclaimed, grabbed my elbow, spun me around and began walking me back to my room, “Don’t take it to heart Boobette. She’s an ass sometimes. Come on and we’ll have a fun little pajama party together. Skye can join us when she recovers her sensibilities and a modicum of couth.”

As we walked, Summer whispered in my ear, “Believe it or not, I’m the one in charge between the two of us. I let Skye play the Dominatrix because it’s fun, but when push comes to shove, I’m the boss.”

I looked at her in puzzlement and shock.

“It’s true, honey. Just like in relationships with men, the woman appears to be subservient, but in actuality, she’s the one in charge. It’s the same with Skye and me,” she declared as we continued.

Shortly thereafter Skye came trotting up behind us like a puppy apologizing and resuming her place helping me along to my room.

Summer’s declaration began to worry at my brain. Even stoned I began to mull over what might be done to improve my situation.

We entered my abode and discovered something new. A couple of women wearing carpenter belts with tools were busily building a wall between my bed and the bath area.

“You’ll be using the bathroom across the hallway for awhile. These women are going to build a wall separating you from your bath and making a temporary corridor between the two rooms. We’ve had a bidet installed there for you already,” Nadine informed us over the sounds of nail-guns and power saws.

“Maybe we should retire to the other room for now,” Summer suggested.

“What?” Nadine asked.

“Maybe we should retire to the room across the hallway,” Summer shouted.

“Oh, yes, that might be prudent,” she agreed leading the way.

‘Communications,’ I thought to myself, ‘how can I get around not being heard?’

Once we were behind the closed door, we relaxed and they plopped me down onto the bed.

“You know, Nadine, I’m not a very good hostess,” I pouted, arranging my dress neatly on the bed around me.

“Why is that honey?” Nadine asked puzzled.

“We have no munchies or refreshments for my guests,” I told her, acting as out of it as I felt.

“You have a point there. I’ll have some brought in from the kitchen,” Nadine agreed, “Is there anything you ladies want?”

“I’d like some mineral water and maybe a few energy drinks,” Summer decided.

“How about some M&Ms if you have some,” Skye asked, “What? I have a chocolate craving if you must know.”

Summer snickered at Skye’s defensive reply to her look.

“Do you want anything Boobette?” Summer asked.

“Boobette has a special diet,” Nadine quickly remarked, “She can only have what comes from her feeders.”

“That is just mean,” Summer, declared readying herself for a tirade.

“It’s okay Summer,” I told her, trying to ward off Angie’s wrath against her.

“If you say so sweetie,” Summer recanted, calming down right away. “If that’s the way you want it.”

It’s not the way I want it but I was afraid what would happen if she made a fuss.

Nadine hustled off to pick up what the pair had requested while Summer snuggled with me on the bed.

“What are you up to, girl?” Skye asked, hands on hips and watching from the bedside.

“Weren’t you listening, Skye?” Summer questioned, “We are supposed to care for Boobette’s needs, and with a body like this it’s easy to guess she needs lots of sex!”

“In that case, I believe you should chow down on her big wet pussy. I know how much you enjoy that,” Skye determined with a nasty laugh.

“It would be my pleasure,” Summer gleefully squealed and dove for my nether lips.

My panties were whisked off my bottom before you could say, “Hey!” Well, at least they were whisked off my bottom before I could say it.

Skye decided she was more interested in my face and began trying to stick her tongue down my throat, “Mmph!”

Summer started doubling up with laughter, “I see you’ve discovered Boobette’s hidden talent! This is where it would have been good training for you to have learned to deep throat a huge cock.”

I could feel Skye gagging on my tongue so I reeled it in a bit.

“Holy shit, I bet you could lick your own ears with that thing!”

I flicked out my lengthy member and gave myself a wet Willie.

“That is just nasty! She’s got a tongue longer than a German Sheppard’s,” Skye complained.

“Skye, you can be the nastiest bitch on the planet. Start working that sweetheart’s boobs while I try to make her forget what an ass you are!” with that, Summer went to serious work on my clit-cluster and had me spasming like an epileptic.

Summer slipped her hips closer to my face to better attack my feminine crotch, allowing me to slide my head between her thighs and begin to repay the favor, “Oh god, that’s just amazing!” she yelped as I invaded her cunt with my impossible tongue.

I began writing the alphabet on her clit while occasionally invading her deeply, filling her as much as I could while slathering my saliva all over her bottom.

“Fuck me! Oh damn, even Ron Jeremy doesn’t do me this good!” Summer evoked while returning her attentions to making my eyeballs roll into the back of my head.

“I’m… I’m going to cum!” Summer yelled in surprise, “Sweet mother of GOD!”

Sumer spasmed and went semi-limp, though still weakly trying to lick my clits.

“I don’t believe it! Summer never comes that quickly!” Skye protested, “Summer you are such a big faker!”

I laughed and said, “Oh, she orgasmed alright. My face is wet enough to prove it.” I immediately went back to working her sex as best I could.

“No, I can’t, not this soon!” Summer protested, even though she began enthusiastically humping my tongue.

“Yah fuck that bitch’s face!” Skye cheered, “Show momma how hard you can orgasm baby!”

Summer screamed through several courses of the orgasm song while I worked her up toward the next peak. (Author’s note: The orgasm song’s words are in a special language and only the singer herself knows what they mean. Well, maybe not…? )

After five minutes of careful ministering to the temple of Summer’s pleasure, she crashed over in a crescendo of twitching pleasure, gushing all over me, and screaming into the canyon of my sex.

Skye slipped down to check on Summer and exclaimed, “Her eyes are crossed! Summer, are you all right?”

“Fucking hell yes I’m fine!” Summer squeaked, “I thought I would orgasm myself inside out.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Skye told her with a kiss to her lips.

“She’s… oh my god, she’s doing me again!” Summer screeched in an ear piercingly high voice. “Skye, please you have to break her concentration!”

I held on for all I was worth, even with Skye licking my clit cluster for all she was worth I was able to scream three orgasms into Summers vagina and drive her into unconsciousness.

“Summer, Summer, speak to me girl!” Skye wailed, but there was no waking her. “What did you do to her?” she shot at me.

Nadine laughed loudly from not far away, “Relax Skye, Summer has just experienced the orgasm of a lifetime. When she wakes up, she’s going to be freaked out a little so snuggle her up between you two and pull up the blankets over yourselves. Don’t get me wrong, Summer is going to love it, but she’s going to take a minute to realize it.”

“I’ve never seen her pass out from just orgasming,” Skye declared suspiciously.

“Well, I’d never fainted from orgasming either, until she did it to me,” Nadine reflected with a faraway look in her eyes. “Boobette is plenty exhausted after that, so you need to let her rest, after all, she’s just a little slip of a thing.”

“With a tongue that needs a warning label!” Skye insisted.

“I rather enjoyed the surprise, myself,” Nadine laughed, pulling up the covers and tucking in the three of us. She dimmed the lights and took up a sentry post in a lounge chair near us as we fell into a deep slumber.


Chapter 29: Rapist

“Yea doggies, I’m in boob girl heaven!” a deep, unexpected voice boomed out near me. “Just look at the titties on that one!”

“Hey Dan, we ain’t supposed to be in here. You heard the foreman,” another masculine voice stated urgently.

“Fuck that wimp, I’ll do whatever I please, and I please to get me some of those tittie women!” Dan replied coming closer.

“You’re a complete moron Dan. I’m having no part of this,” and the other male voice receded from hearing.

“Yah baby, I got me some man meat for you little darlings!”

I could tell that Summer and Skye were both feigning slumber as he approached so I did the same and as soon as he’d made the side of the bed, Skye lashed out with a high-heeled encased foot, right to his Jimmies.

“The only thing that snake is going to be good for is peeing when we’re done with you Danni!” Skye swore following up her kick with a second in the same location.

“You fucking whore! I’ll fix you bitch,” Dan tried to stand and attack and wound up being clubbed behind the ear by an eighteen inch long stainless steel dildo wielded by Nadine. He went right back down to his knees, holding his head.

The intercom came on right then, “So, you like big boobs do you Danni? We’ll see to it that you get your wish! If he moves again before the guards get there, take him out any way you can. You don’t have to be gentle either.”

I could see Dan begin to recover and decide that he could take the four women out before any guards could arrive. He readied himself for a lunge and just as he bunched up the muscles in his legs, Sky drove a spiked heel into his thigh, causing him to veer off to his side on the floor with a loud thud.

Two very large women came charging in with the doctor in tow. They grabbed him by the arms as the doctor jammed a needle into his arm. It looked as if someone had let all the air out of Dan as he went limp in the grip of the guards.

“Take him to the van. He has an appointment to keep at my hospital,” Paullina told them as they dragged him out of the room. She spoke to the walls and asked, “Angie, patch me through to my team at the hospital please.”

“Hello, this is nurse Mandy speaking, may I help you?”

“Molly, I want you to prep my special operating gallery. We have a patient coming in for emergency surgery and I’ll need a full workup done as soon as he gets there.”

“We’ll be ready doctor. I’ll see you when you get here,” Mandy hung up with a click.

“If you’ll excuse me ladies, I have an emergency SRS to do. Take care of my daughter and I’ll see you tomorrow,” doctor Leibovitz announced as she left.

“Snippety doo dah…” Skye laughed knowingly.

“Well, he won’t be leaving the seat up anymore,” Nadine snickered.

Knowing what they’d done to me, I could only feel relief that he wasn’t a threat to me any longer, but I was undecided as to whether I mirrored the other women’s feelings. Would they do to him, as they’d done to me? I hadn’t threatened anyone and would up like this, what would LUST do to him? I shuddered to think of it.

“Oh, don’t worry Boobette, the bad man is gone, and he won’t ever threaten women again,” Skye comforted, misunderstanding the reason I shuddered.

“Wait a minute… did I orgasm myself unconscious?” Summer asked with a confused look on her face.

Nadine and Skye bolted over to her and gave her a hug and a giggle, “You bet your sweet ass you did. I thought you were hurt until Nadine told me that Boobette had done it to her too.”

“Wow… when I recover, I want to do that again! That was terrific!” Summer freed herself from the others and bounced her way to me on the bed. “You’re the best! If I wasn’t already married to Skye… well, I love her just the most, but damn girl!”

“Are you thinking of leaving me, Summer?” Skye pouted.

“Not on your life, but maybe we can have an honorary wife too?” Summer asked blushing down to her boobs.

“Since she’s our daughter’s mother, I don’t see why not,” Skye surmised, “Unless Angie has an objection.”

“There will be no problem with conjugal visits, but I hesitate to allow any official permanent relationships with Boobette,” Angie announced over the speakers, “Although it will be major fun dolling her up in a wedding gown, and going through the whole ceremony would be especially satisfying. I agree as long as I get to write the vows. You do know that lesbian marriages aren’t sanctioned so this is just for fun, right?”

“Oh, of course we do Angie,” Skye agreed.

“We don’t want to hog Boobette all to ourselves. We just want to show her how much she means to us,” Summer added giving me a tight squeeze.

“I’ll give Judy Valentine a call and see if she’s up for some fun,” Angie informed the group.

“I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff Judy comes up with for you,” Summer enthusiastically giggled.

“Me either,” I added with some trepidation, though trying not to show it.

“I sure wish we could take Boobette shopping with us. She could help pick out the invitations, the cake, party favors, and all the other stuff we need for a wedding,” Skye sighed.

“You can take Boobette shopping, Skye,” Nadine informed her, “There are a few logistics that we need to take care of but it can be done.”


Chapter 30: Shopping

I felt all the blood drain from my face and extremities.

“Kewl, how soon can we go?”

“What’s the matter Boobette? Don’t you want to get out of here for a while?” Summer asked, noticing my reaction. “After being cooped up here for months, I’d think you’d be anxious to get out.”

“Everyone will stare at me and… and…” I couldn’t finish the sentence, as I knew that Angie wouldn’t let me.

“Well, I hope not exclusively. I mean, Skye and I are usually the ones that people stare at,” Summer reasoned, “Although I guess that you’ll get plenty of shocked and lustful looks too.”

“But I’ll leave a slimy trail of cum everywhere we go,” I argued, hoping that might get me out of the trip.

“We can temporarily lessen your emissions and tighten your labia so that you will only need to wear a maxi-pad for a while. You’ll have to be changed frequently,” Nadine appraised the three of us, “You ladies as Boobette’s caretakers are going to have to be the ones to change her napkins though.”

“I have no problems with that,” Summer quickly replied. “It’s not like she’s going to be bleeding into it, and I’ve drank enough of her sweet juices, handling them isn’t an issue.”

“That’s wonderful. Boobette’s ‘limousine’ will be close at hand as well, should we need to have her defecate, get milked, or change her clothes.”

“How about getting a bite to eat?” Summer asked warily.

“Everyone else can get a bite while we’re out and Boobette can join us, however stuffing a dildo in her face in public might get us all arrested,” Nadine assured her.

“Won’t it look a little strange with all of us eating and her just sitting there?” Summer pointed out.

“That would look strange, but I’ve seen it before when girls are on strict diets,” Nadine informed them logically.

“Yes, but they usually have a drink of mineral water or a diet soda,” Summer countered.

“Boobette can have bottled water. She just cannot digest anything but her special food. If she tries, she’ll vomit almost immediately. She virtually doesn’t have a stomach or even much intestine any longer.”

“Oh, poor dear, and here I thought you were doing it to punish her,” Summer squeezed me affectionately.

I knew that it was Angie’s twisted way to shame me, but I couldn’t tell them with her listening in.

“Okay girls let’s get ready to go shopping!” Skye announced loudly.

“Oh brother, women getting ready to go shopping, guard your wallets guys!” I heard from the other side of the plastic barrier.

“Mind you own business and get back to work asshole, or you’ll get to find out where Dan went!” Angie bellowed over the intercom.

The busy sounds of hammering and sawing rang out in answer to her threat.

I was rapidly bathed, scented, coifed, made-up, and dressed.

“Come along Boobette, mince your way along with us,” Nadine urged, “I need to remind you that the range from the mobile remote in my hand is only fifty feet. If you exceed that range, you’ll fall down and become an orgasm machine. If you become belligerent or unruly, you will receive warning jolts and quivers to your pussy, up to and including becoming a ‘cum bunny’. Angie has charged me with assuring your best behavior, so please don’t hurt me by making me punish you.”

“What kind of trouble can I cause? I can barely walk at 2 miles a day!”

“Well, I don’t really expect you to cause any trouble. The general public on the other hand is another matter all together. I plan to get a wheelchair for you to ride in between stores so you only have to walk while you are actually shopping. With a blanket covering your obvious assets we should be less conspicuous,” Nadine advised as I panted, jiggled, and minced my way to the courtyard where the custom built motorcoach awaited us.

I wasn’t as terrified as I should have been as Nadine had administered a complete filling of my anal feeder with associated medications and a face fucking du jour prior to our departure.

I saw my estate recede into the distance, feeling my immense breasts jiggle with every bump in the road and sway with every turn of the steering wheel.

“Damn, I think if we took a video of your boobs in this car, we could make a killing on the Internet,” Summer remarked, nearly drooling as she watched the show.

I blushed, even though I know she meant it as a compliment, it’s still embarrassing for me to even have boobs.

“At least she isn’t showing so much cleavage wearing that pink sundress. She’s only showing eight inches, as opposed to her usually eighteen inches, and with that iron maiden bra it’s keeping her boobs somewhat under control,” Nadine analyzed as we drove.

“Sure but her boobs weigh so much that they throw her whole torso about with the swaying and even the small amount of cleavage is jiggling wonderfully,” Summer declared as she grabbed a tissue to wipe the drool from the corner of her mouth.

“I think we could hypnotize Summer with my boobs,” I stated with a smile, “Hey, my face is up here!”

“Damn, now I feel sorry for all those guys I’ve given grief to for staring at my chest,” Summer blushed, “They’re just so active!”

“You should feel them from this side,” I teased, knowing how hot Summer was making herself.

“Believe me honey, if I can keep drinking your milk, eventually I’ll have mine expanded almost to your dimensions,” she replied breathily.

“Great, it won’t be long and there’s going to be cat fights over who gets to nurse on me!”

“Believe me sweetie, I know Summer well enough that it will be a short fight. She may be submissive, but when it comes down to something she feels strongly about, she’ll stomp the hell out of anyone in her way,” Skye stated emphatically.

Summer was actually blushing.

“It’s okay with me. I like Summer nursing my boobies,” I assured her. “But then, I like my other friends doing it too.”

“I can share,” Summer emphatically stated.

“Okay, we’re at the mall. I suggest that we all exit the motorcoach and crowd around the door until we have Boobette into her wheelchair and disguised with a blanket, or else we may be quickly surrounded by drooling men,” Nadine recommended as she exited and retrieved the chair from the trunk.

A couple of the biggest women I’ve ever seen came out of the front seats of the vehicle and waited with Nadine for me to be seated and cloaked. They piled a couple pillows onto my lap to make me appear obese instead of ridiculously busty.

“I feel stupid in this chair. It’s not as if I can’t walk,” I complained.

“You walk too slowly for a Mall, Boobette,” Skye insisted, “We’d never get fifty feet before we are surrounded with slobbering guys.”

“Even with you in the chair, Skye and I will attract plenty of attention. We always do,” Summer, added, “I just hope we can distract them.”

“You distract me,” I told Summer with a silly smile.

“In that case, I’ll push your chair. With me behind you nobody will suspect that you have a better figure than I do,” she answered as she took her position behind me at the handles.

We started towards the Mall and the two bodyguards took up flanking positions to our group. Those girls have to be three times bigger than I am now.

I was somewhat surprised that no one bothered us, even after we entered the Mall. Okay, I was wearing a blanket, sunglasses, and a dumb looking hat, but I had Summer Cummings pushing me with Skye Blue alongside her! Even if you don’t know who they are, the size of the boobs jiggling around me should have attracted some attention.

I watched closer for a while and noticed some men’s heads swivel around toward us, but as soon as their eyes grew round, they observed the bodyguards and immediately lost interest.

There were also the men who were accompanied by women who were, upon noticing our group, often punched in the side by their companions.

I felt certain that the other women with me were also noticing the activities as well but were actively ignoring them.

For a moment, it looked like a couple of young toughs were considering challenging our guards but the one that caught their eyes flexed her muscles as if she was loosening up and the guys rethought their plans.

“Where are we headed first?” I asked Summer over my shoulder.

“We’re going to pick out invitations at the Hallmark first,” she replied, steering me towards the storefront.

We went through hundreds of invitation packages with the works, all the envelopes, ‘Thank You’ notes, and even matches included.

Nadine just flipped a memory stick to the sales girl and had her copy the list of recipients, “We need a rush on this. Can you have them sent out today?”

“That will be extra, but yes we can do that,” the sales girl replied with a smile, realizing there’d be a good commission in this for her. “Do you mind me asking why you are in a wheel chair ma’am?”

“Oh, I can walk just fine. I just don’t walk very fast,” I answered, standing up and taking a couple steps for her.

“Oh my god, I thought you were fat, but you’re all boobs!” the sales girl blurted, unprepared for what she saw. “No wonder you can’t walk very fast.”

“Yah, I’d be easy prey on foot,” I blushed.

I heard some woman at the end of an aisle comment, “What kind of woman would get implants that ridiculously big?”

One of the bodyguards was near her and I heard her say, “Those are not implants, those are all real breast. Just like that is all, real belly you have there.”

The woman harrumphed and left in a huff.

“Sometimes we’re over protective of our fiancée,” Summer explained to the salesgirl.

“You’re all marrying her?”

“No, just Skye and I are,” Summer answered, “You saw the names on the invitations, the girl you are staring at is Boobette.”

“I should say so!”

“You’d better get back into your chair my little exhibitionist, or we are likely to have more incidents,” Nadine admonished.

In my head I heard Angie say, “Ah yes, the exhibitionist in you is almost uncontrollable isn’t it?”

I blushed, knowing that only I heard Angie and that she was telling me the truth. She had programmed me to desire showing off my slut body.

“Can I do anything to help?” the sales girl asked as I approached the wheelchair.

“Sure, you can stabilize my boobs while I sit,” I answered sarcastically.

She grabbed hold of the girls and squeezed them into a mound of cleavage heaving out of the deep neckline of my dress while I retook my seat.

“Thank you,” I told her while Summer, Skye, and Nadine laughed themselves silly.

“My god that felt amazing,” the girl remarked, blushing and appearing overheated.

“Maybe she’d like to be invited to the post wedding orgy?” Summer proposed to Skye.

“If you liked that, you could come to the orgy after the wedding and really get a fist full!” Skye proposed to the girl.

“Oh, thank you, but I’m not… err, I’ve never slept with a woman,” she blushingly stated, trying to shrink from sight.

“I want you to convince her to come,” Angie spoke into my ears, “Or I’ll make you cum all over that shop…”

I felt my labia twitch as a warning and let out a surprised, “Uh!”

I recovered quickly and told the girl, “That’s okay… there probably won’t be much sleeping going on. You won’t have to participate in the orgy. I’d still love to see you there.”

“I haven’t a thing to wear,” she complained.

“That would be okay too, but if you’d rather, I’ll buy you a sexy brand new outfit to wear to the wedding,” I turned to Nadine and winked, “Won’t I, Nadine?”

“You bet! If she has time right now she can join us on our shopping spree, and if she doesn’t, I’ll see to it that she does,” Nadine replied with a smile.

“That’s already handled, Boobette,” Angie informed me through my ears.

That very moment a woman dressed in business attire walked up to us and told the sales lady, “Gail, you have the rest of the day off, with pay. I suggest though that you join your benefactors.” She turned on her heel and left the girl staring with her mouth open.

“Who are you ladies?” she asked looking wary.

“I’m just a horny little pair of boobs in a wheelchair,” I replied sweetly.

“We’re famous exotic dancers,” Summer and Skye added in unison.

“I’m her ‘Milk and Comfort Maid’. My employer pays for me to ensure Boobette’s comfort and every pleasure is provided for,” Nadine informed her.

“So whatever will make her happy, your job is to make it happen? Wow, this is my lucky day, I get to be a groupie,” she laughed like a tinkling of bells.

“What shall we pick up first?” I asked my entourage.

“Start from the bottom up,” Nadine suggested.

“Shoes!” they intoned as one.

Nadine took my handles and started me wheeling towards the door.

“I’ll catch up. I have to grab my purse,” Gail yelped over her shoulder as she sprinted for the back of the store.

“She doesn’t need her purse…” I started to say, but was shot looks that said, “What planet are you from?”

Nadine whispered over my shoulder, “A lady feels naked without her purse with her. It has more than just ID and money in it dearie.”

I blushed up a firestorm, “I’ve never had a purse…”

“Where do you keep your lipstick and spare panties…?” Summer asked mouth agape.

I couldn’t answer so I just shrugged.

“I have her spare panties and such in my purse, of course,” Nadine answered rescuing me.

“Damn it Skye, I want a new contract! I knew I should have gotten some better deal points! Boobette has her own purse bearer, all her clothes free, and all she has to do is get fucked all the time! I have to dance, make movies, pose, travel, and don’t get fucked nearly as often!” Summer complained with a pouty lip stuck out.

“You don’t need boob bearers either…” Skye pointed out.

“That’s not my fault! If you can get Dr. Paullina to do me too, I’ll be glad to drag a pair that big around!” she insisted.

“You don’t have the initial fee she requires…” I muttered under my breath.

“How much could it cost?” Summer asked quizzically.

“Come along Summer,” Nadine encouraged, “A blonde is a terrible thing to waste.”

“Oh yah… especially with milkers like those!”

“I’m back!” Gail announced as she slowed to our rolling pace.

It didn’t take us long to slide into a shoe store and begin browsing all the ladies shoes.

“What color will the wedding theme be?” Gail asked right away.

“Pink and white,” all three of my original companions replied. That quickly ruled out over half of the shoes.

“What color will Boobette be wearing?”

“Pink,” Nadine supplied.

“This would look devastating on her,” she held up a sculpted pink pump with lace engravings and a two inch heel.

“That is lovely Gail however it needs a five inch heel or more for her to wear,” Nadine informed her as delicately as she could.

“You can’t have her wedding dress re-hemmed in time?”

“Show her Boobette,” Nadine decided as the easiest way to bring her up to speed.

I pulled up my blanket and held out my foot in the sky-high, pink, stiletto pumps locked onto my feet.

Nadine whipped out the key, unlocked it, and removed my shoe, “Okay Boobette, wiggle your foot up and down.”

The most motion I could muster was about three inches at the toe, which gave me a foot that made a 45 degree angle at its highest motion.

“Whoa, I guess it’s sky-high heels for you even in sneakers eh?” Gail asked with a smile.

“I have a pair in pink and teal back in my room,” I admitted.

“I guess we’re not here to shop for you then. Summer, Skye, and Nadine, what do you think?” she offered, displaying the shoe.

“Actually, as sexy as that shoe is, I’m beginning to think we should be looking in another store. Something a little… shall we say, kinkier?” Summer suggested.

“There’s an exotic dancer supply in one of the sideways,” Gail suggested with mild trepidation.

“Let’s go!” Skye and Summer chimed as they waved off the sales lady, who had been headed our way, and whisked me out and down the mall.

Nadine noticed a slight pained expression on my face and consulted her remote, “A little detour is suggested right now. It’s time someone be allowed some relief.”

The girls nodded knowingly, all except Gail that is.

I was scooted past the expected shop and out the doors to a waiting Greyhound sized RV. Inside we went down the aisle and through some doors.

Nadine stopped Gail and stated, “You may not be ready for this. There’s tea, coffee, juice, scones and other refreshments, if you’d care to wait here?”

“Oh sure, a girl needs her privacy some times,” she grabbed a seat on an overstuffed sofa.


Chapter 31: Break

Extricated from my chair, vagina opening at an alarming rate, I was mounted to a twin of my little pony and had my brains fucked out while being milked for half an hour, screaming my head off as I orgasmed almost continuously.

During my ‘fun time’, the ladies would alternately hang out with Gail so she wouldn’t be lonely… or run away screaming, whichever came first.

Once they’d given me a sponge bath, Nadine asked Gail, “Would you care to help dress Boobette? She isn’t able to do it by herself and it is fun. She’s like a big dolly we can dress.”

“Okay, at least I can go and watch, can’t I?” she asked with only slight trepidation.

“Oh sure, it takes at least two or three of us to get her bra on her,” Nadine snickered.

Gail blushed and said, “Actually, I really wanted to see those boobs of hers, they’re amazing.”

The ladies walked in just as the washcloths were being put into the hamper with me sitting naked on a stool, “So, you’re here to help play dress- up with the girls?”

“Yah, I left all my Barbies at home,” she grinned, speaking directly to my nipples.

“Go ahead, get it out of your system,” I coaxed.

“What?” she tried to say innocently.

Summer grasped her hand and brought it to my nipple.

“They’re so soft and… and… huge!” Gail exclaimed, although not releasing my nipple.

“They’re not going to be soft for long,” I panted as my nipple came to full erection.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she answered, quickly releasing her grasp.

“I was so close to!” I said trying to be humorous.

“Yes, right… after ten seconds of holding your nipple, you were close to orgasming,” Gail answered in disbelief.

“She quite likely was,” Nadine, said with a smile, “Boobette is easily stimulated, especially when someone new plays with her.”

Gail blushed and added, “Then we had better put these weapons into their holster or we’ll never get our shopping done.”

“Oh, then here, help her get her bra on,” Skye told her, handing one of my giant boobie lockers to her.

“Holy Hanna, that’s a big bra! It’s all cups and hardly any band,” she remarked turning the garment over in her hands examining it. She untangled it and held it out, trying to figure out the best way to approach the project.

“Usually I hold one up, someone else holds the other one up and then whomever is holding the bra slips it onto my boobs and hands the band around back to someone else to hook up,” I offered helpfully.

That’s what we did and I soon had the jiggly twins ensconced in lace and satin.

“Now should we get her into some panties or does she go without?” Gail asked finding it odd that we’d work on the boobs first. She wasn’t aware that Nadine had my pussy lips slammed tightly shut to keep my emissions from oozing down my thighs.

“Here’s a delicious pair for you to slip up her legs,” Skye said handing her a gossamer-like pair of pink butt floss.

I saw her lean over and I knew she was holding them out for me to step into, but I couldn’t see any of that, so I carefully lifted my foot and put it out.

After several tries, I felt her grasp my ankle and put the thong over my foot, so I put that one down and lifted the other one.

“You’re not being very helpful, Boobette,” I heard from in front somewhere.

“Gail, she can’t see anything you’re doing. The only reason she knows where you are is she saw you disappear below her boobs,” Summer told her in my defense.

That’s when I felt her try to stand up.

“Oof!” then she began giggling, “That’s the softest thing that I’ve ever bumped my head on. Has anyone got a flashlight so I can find my way out?”

“Don’t worry, once you’ve got her panties on her, we’ll send in a native guide to escort you out,” Skye teased back.

“Ooh, me, send me in after her, please?” Summer squealed, jumping up and down. “I love those boobs!”

I felt the other foot slipped through the thong and Gail said, “Okay, stand up and we can secure these over your hips.”

With my panties and bra on, I felt a little less embarrassed, but I still had to sit down quickly before I fell down.

“Second Team!” Nadine announced.

Summer dove in, helped Gail to her feet and secured my surreally altered feet into a pair of sky-scraper heels.

That’s when she stood up, grabbing a hold of the girls and hefted me to my feet saying, “Okay Gail, choose her outfit for our shopping and we’ll stuff most of her into it!”

“Why not stuff all of me into it?” I asked.

“A girl’s got to show the goods off darling, even if you’re going to be wrapped in a blanket like a mummy,” Summer twittered in reply.

Gail picked a pink miniskirt and a puckered blouse combination and after stuffing most of me into it, we were off shopping again.

“Can’t we unwrap some of her from that blanket?” Gail asked naively.

“Sure, what parts to you want drool on?” Skye answered flippantly.

“Well, just down around her shoulders a ways and maybe a little cleavage would be safe enough,” Gail, reasoned.

Summer complied by strategically exposing about as much cleavage as she was showing.

I glanced at my bodyguards and saw them go into ‘heightened alert mode’.

“Would you fucking look at that!” exclaimed one slack-jawed Neanderthal.

“That can’t be all tits, can it?” a man in a business suit asked the woman he was walking next to.

“Shut up Bob!” she replied.

One very large and unkempt fellow yelled, “Hey momma, where you working?”

Two large muscular women approached him menacingly and he remarked, “Hell, she’s displaying them, I can show my appreciation can’t I?”

It didn’t take long and we had attracted the attention of the Mall guards who were following at a respectful distance.

One man walked right into a planter and another almost fell down some stairs.

“Men are such pigs!” Gail exclaimed.

“Your eyeballs almost fell onto the floor when you first saw them,” I reminded her. “But then, you got to feel them too and they never will!”

“Now I feel sorry for them,” she laughed.

“Me too, especially the guy who walked into the planter,” I told her.

“Why especially do you feel sorry for him?”

“Because he hit the planter with his testicles,” I snickered. “Don’t worry the mall guards are looking after him.”

“She doesn’t look very empathetic,” Gail observed.

“You try explaining to a female mall guard that the reason you bashed your family jewels is you saw the biggest boobs that you’ve ever seen before,” I explained, knowing full well the female guard would be anything but sympathetic.


Chapter 32: Dancer Supply

We dashed into the exotic dancer supply shop and were quickly greeted, “Oh my goodness, it is Summer Cumming and Skye Blue in my shop! Whom do we have here? Oh my god, they let you go shopping! This is terrific! Boobette, I’m so happy to see you in my store.” She pushed past everyone else and gave me a big hug.

Gail just stood there with her mouth hanging open, almost as far as mine was.

“I’m sure you don’t recognize me, but I was at every meeting you attended. They nearly had to hose the crowd down after you left,” the shop owner enthused. “Angie called me at home and told me you’d be here therefore I rushed down here so I could take care of you myself.”

“Thank you,” I replied in my tiny high voice.

“Well, follow me and the girls will be at your beck and call. I hear we’re looking for footwear first?”

“Yes, do you have much in a size four?”

“I put a stock in, just in case you showed up here,” she replied with a grin.

“Can I take this blanket off now?” I asked feeling that there wouldn’t be any danger from male attention here.

Nadine stepped up and issued orders, “Clear the store of customers, ladies, and lock the doors.”

I saw a cut looking man next to the men’s thongs stand up and say with a lisp, “I’m not interested in your little slut. I just need a new thong for my act tonight the guys are counting on me!”

Nadine looked up and said, “He’s okay girls. The rest have to go though.”

“Thanks, hey, do you think the guys would like the tiger stripes or the leopard spots better?”

Summer couldn’t resist, being one of the only bi-sexuals present and said, “The guys I dance for like the sleek camel-toe look.”

“Bitch!” he lisped and swished off to the checkout counter.

Summer laughed herself silly and had to lean on my chair while Nadine unveiled me.

After paying for his thongs, (Yes, he bought them both.) on his way to the door, he caught sight of me and remarked, “Damn, I’m so glad the boys don’t want my balls that big!”

One of my guards growled in reply, “That could be arranged!”

His eyes went wide as he scurried out the door.

“He’s harmless girls,” the shop owner stated. “Girls, get your lazy asses out on the floor and help my VIPs or you’ll be looking for work tomorrow!”

“What the fuck!” the first girl yelped.

“Whoa!” the second girl declared.

“Those are spectacular!” squealed the third.

“No drooling on the boobies, Molly!” the shop owner excitedly announced.

Molly has a very respectable rack herself. I’d say at least a G cup.

“Shoot boss, how often do I get to drool on a pair like those…” she whined.

“It’s okay, she can drool a little on them,” I offered happily.

“I’m in love!” she squealed and scurried over towards me, but running into a crowd of women who made her slow substantially, “If she’ll have me boss, I quit!”

Her boss just hung her head in her hand and shook it.

Molly came right up to me, looked me squarely in the eyes, and stated, “I bet this doesn’t happen to you much!”

“Actually, I believe that you are the first,” I informed her, as I believe since I first awakened that she is. “Even Summer said hello to the girls first.”

Molly laughed and asked, “Is it okay if I say hi to them now?”

“Sure, be my guest. Remember if you drool, wipe them off too,” I scolded.

“Wow, how much did these cost you? Mine were about ten thousand dollars,” she confessed, hefting her girls for me to examine.

“Nadine says that we don’t have what it cost Boobette for hers. I’m not sure what that means and I’m positive I don’t want to know,” Skye admitted.

“Damn, those are heavy! How many CCs of saline are there in them or are they silicon?”

“Glands, blood, fat, and milk are in those beauties Molly,” Nadine informed her.

“Shoot, wait right here, I’m going to pick up some pampers and a bonnet!”

“That’s perfect!” Nadine agreed, much to Molly’s chagrin, “We’re going to need a little flower girl!”

“Ah… I was just kidding…” she said trying to get out of what she knew was coming.

“You stuck your foot in it now Molly. You know where the baby girl costumes are, so why don’t you go and drag a few back here to show our customers,” her boss suggested.

Knowing that she was committed she added one stipulation, “Alright, I’ll do it but only if I get to really nurse!” Figuring that would get her out of it.

“Done and done, you have a deal, Molly!” Nadine accepted. Would you care for an hour to yourself or will you share the other boob with Summer?”

All the blood drained from her face but she answered, “I’ll share, but are you really serious?”

“Shoot, we drained three quarts right before coming in here,” Summer admitted, “Along with making sure she was wildly fucked while she did it!”

“Man, I got to get my contract re-negotiated at the strip club!” Molly declared.

“I said that same thing when I met Boobette!” Summer declared.

“Yah, we’re getting screwed,” Molly agreed, “Or, we’re not getting screwed near enough.”

“Well, since I met Boobette, that’s changed somewhat,” confessed Summer with a blush.

Molly took off at a near trot after hearing that, saying over her shoulder, “I am so in on this!”

“Maybe she can have a ride on my little pony when she gets back,” I suggested.

Summer, Skye, and Nadine had to find seats because they were laughing so hard they would have fallen down otherwise.

Wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, Summer exclaimed, “Man I would pay real money to see that!”

I blushed and added, “I meant with a smaller dildo on it.”

Molly’s boss was puzzled and asked, “Just how big is the one you use Boobette?”

“Let’s put it this way,” Skye answered for me, “it would be like she was being fucked with a telephone pole!”

“You wouldn’t have a video of that would you?” her boss asked with a twisted smile.

Nadine reached in her purse and pulled out an MP4 player, “Here, just press play.”

Molly scurried back up around this time and her boss said, “Hey honey, Boobette just offered to let you ride her little pony. Watch this video.”

The blood drained from her face and she said, “No way! Can we go and ride that right now or do you want to wait until we finish shopping?”

That’s when everyone laughed at Molly’s boss.

“You’ve got an authentic party animal on your hands ma’am,” Summer decided, “She’ll fit right in! At least after we stretch her out a bit she will.”

“Great, I’ll have a bow-legged sales girl on my hands!”

“I’m not bow-legged, am I Summer?” I asked worriedly.

“Come on dear, you know that you can’t bring your knees together. What do you think?” Skye answered for her.

“Skye, you have all the tact of a bazooka!” Summer admonished as she hugged me.

“It’s okay. Just because I can’t put my knees together, doesn’t mean my legs are bowed. My hips are so wide that even with straight legs, my knees can’t touch,” I rationalized.

“Right you are Boobette. Your legs are plenty straight, usually straight up in the air, but straight nonetheless,” laughed Skye.

“Where else would her legs be when you have your tongue up her ass four inches?” Summer cut back.

“Wow, I can’t wait to party with you guys!” Molly laughed.

“At least she can reciprocate with, a foot of her tongue,” sighed Skye with a dreamy-eyed look upon her face.

“Bullshit!” exclaimed Molly in response.

“Show her Boobette,” Nadine, Summer, and Skye encouraged together.

I hung my mutant tongue out into my own cleavage and one of the sales girls fainted dead away.

“Holy mother of god, I am so glad I know how to deep throat a long cock or that thing would choke me to death!” Molly nearly swooned herself at the sight.

Ladies were scurrying to help the salesgirl who landed on her face, “Oh dear. Are you all right honey?”

“There’s a girl with a tongue…?” she mumbled as she roused.

“It’s okay, she’s put the tongue away,” the shop owner assured her.

The girl glanced my way warily but was easily helped to her feet, “I’ll be in the ladies room, freshening up.” She scurried off to compose herself.

“I thought we came here for shoes?” I prompted.

“Amongst other things, yes we did,” Nadine assured everyone, helpfully pointing out the obvious.

The sales girl who hadn’t fainted was already dragging a Brannock device and slipping off one of my high-heel boots, “Okay Boobette, now flatten your foot out onto the device so I can measure you.”

“I… I can’t,” I stammered.

“Her foot only fits in heels, you’ll have to hold it at an angle,” the owner directed from right behind her.

“Okay, you take a size 4 shoe,” she declared to no one in particular.

“A size four shoe? My nine year old niece wears a size four!” Molly announced.

“We have plenty of shoes in her size Molly,” the store manager reminded her.

“I know, I remember thinking we’d never have any customers with that size wanting fetish shoes and boots,” the sales girl confessed.

“Well, you have one now. What have you got in say, white, thigh-high, skin-tight boots?” Nadine asked.

They brought out three pairs and it was agreed that the clear plastic platforms with liquid-metal pearl-white uppers were the perfect choice for me to wear, although having Molly fit them up my thighs had me hotter than a branding iron.

“I wonder if we could use your, lady’s room?” Nadine asked consulting her remote control, “It’s time to change Boobette’s fluid supplies.”

“Oh certainly, go right ahead. It’s over that way under the corsets,” the proprietor indicated.

One of my body guards, Summer, Skye, Nadine and I all squeezed into the three stall space. My wheelchair back was dropped almost laying me flat, and I was summarily de-pantied and my two ever present body cavity fillers were recharged. I was sprayed with Secret deodorant and Clean panties were slipped over my feet while a maxi-pad was fastened to them before sliding them all the way up, snuggly against my flat crotch.

I shivered at the sensations as they brought my wheelchair back to the upright position and my giant jugs settled back to being supported by my bra. Even though I hated being forced to have these things up inside my body, every time they refill them, I feel better after they are recharged and my pussy starts to quiver and tingle slightly.

I knew my nipples were outlined in sharp definition when they wheeled me back to the showroom’s floor. However, what could I do about it?

“Damn, whatever you girls did to her in there, she’s hotter than hell now,” Molly noted, excessively loudly, at least in my opinion.

“Maybe you should have come with us and you might be in the same state?” Summer teased, while bringing her own nipples into sharp definition by grasping her breasts and teasing them through her own brassiere.

My appreciation for her support only grew, even though it would be a shameless act should we have been in a more public forum, I am still thankful for her support.

I giggled at Molly as her nipples were brought to attention by watching Summer.

“You are a very bad girl, Summer. I can’t wait to spend some intimate time with you!” Molly acknowledged while using her shoulders and upper arms to squeeze her breasts together in an only slightly less obvious way of relieving her own need for sexual relief. “Boss, I may have to go to my other job a little earlier today…”

Everyone laughed at her obvious stimulation.

We shopped for more slut-wear but our choices were obviously limited by my exaggerated dimensions, which were a constant arousal for Molly and amazement for the other sales girls. Gail was outfitted with what she would need as were the rest of the ladies in my entourage.

When we’d finished shopping, the manager was preparing to reopen her shop, and one of the body guards suggested that we hide in the office for a few minutes while the commotion of other shoppers long denied entrance died down, upon which time we could make a semi-concealed escape.

While we waited Summer and Skye took it upon themselves to turn me into an orgasm machine, inviting anyone else to play along, and although she almost quit her job to have the opportunity, Molly was convinced to go back to work attending to other customer’s needs.

We finally slipped out of the store, making a speedy trip to the awaiting motor home that returned me to my home and a newly remodeled bedroom/playroom.


Chapter 33: New Digs

Nadine kept me occupied the whole way home by making my labia suck on my clit cluster and having Skye and Summer nurse on my boobs. I don’t remember being brought into the house or being placed onto my bed, I only remember awakening wearing a pink teddy and lying between two gorgeous, teddy-wearing, big-breasted, sleeping women.

When I was awake, I heard through my ear implants, “You did well on your first trip back into the real world my boob laden slut. If you mind your manners and attitude, you’ll soon find the life of a kept lesbian isn’t so bad.”

Angie went on to add, “I’m sending Nadine in to nurse for a while. I think she could use some additional boobage. It’s so amazing to realize, but I’ve found it to be a fact that the bigger a woman’s breasts, the less likely she is to be believed, should they decide to start making outlandish claims. I intend to make sure anyone who is a long term caretaker for you winds up with breasts so big, they will never be taken seriously about anything they say, unless it is to one of us in the LUST organization.”

“I certainly hope you enjoy your new environment. It cost a fortune but a bigger, better, and more accessible playground for your enthusiastic fans just seemed worth it!” she laughed maniacally into my ears and cut the connection.

Nadine in a sexual frenzy unlike I’ve seen from her since we first met, dragged me to an unoccupied area of my new, much bigger playground of a bed, and attacked the girls with the enthusiasm of a teenage boy. I learned later that Angie had slipped her an aphrodisiac to get her into the “mood,” although that usually didn’t take nearly that drastic an encouragement.

Once the pressure in both girls had diminished, Nadine fell fast asleep, leaving my remote control within easy reach. I dared not touch it though, considering the retribution that would occur to my oversexed body, but it was tempting.

Summer and Skye were awake now, probably due to the girlie screaming coming from me while, I orgasmed and flopped around on the bed. Therefore it didn’t take them long to see that Nadine had finished breakfast and they were going to use me for dessert!

Even though there was no more milk for me to express, they attacked the girls with enthusiasm, while Summer grabbed a harness and strap-on, yanked out my pussy plug/feeder, as Skye pressed my cunt release button, to fuck my yearning pussy. Skye took her lead and donned a strap-on of her own and began boning Summer while, she fuck me nearly unconscious. Listening to her scream out orgasm after orgasm between my own feminine chorus was entirely too stimulating!

Skye soon doffed her strap-on and sat on my pretty face to be tongue fucked to several screaming orgasms of her own by my ridiculously oversized mouth meat.

We all lay in a feminine cum-covered heap for half an hour or so, recovering from our exercise session.

The intercom came on and Angie announced, “You ladies might want to take a bath and get ready for visitors, Judy Valentine was just given entrance by the gate guard.”

I didn’t even get the chance to get to my feet. The ladies grabbed me and carried me off to the new bathtub. This new one was more reminiscent of a hot tub than the last one and could easily accommodate six or eight girls. The ladies seemed to feel they should wash me first and with as many times as they made me orgasm, it was a good thing that I had the time to recover while they washed. (I had almost four whole minutes!)

Everyone piled out of the tub and dried off before reaching back into the tub and retrieving me. The girls wrapped me up like a mummy in big soft towels… well, everything but my head, which got its own towel for my hair. They placed me on the countertop while the girls giggled and dressed themselves.

“Oh my god, it’s a slumber party and nobody invited me!” Judy exclaimed as she swept into the room and began hugging everyone in the order she met them. That is until she came to me, whereupon she asked, “Oh look, I found a helpless mummy. What are you doing there like that little one?”

“I’m recovering from bathing orgasms at the moment. I’d give you a hug, but I can’t move wrapped up like this,” I told her in my sweet little girl sing-song voice.

“I love your voice sweetie, and don’t worry about the hug, I can molest you just as well this way,” she answered as she clamped a lip lock on my overstuffed lips, while rubbing my boobies through the towel cocoon which enshrouded me.

Of course, with my over sensitive little body, I was quickly panting with lust, but before I could really get into it, I could feel my motorized labia begin to split wider and wider.

“Uh oh,” I said, “It’s pony riding time,” I squeaked out between kisses.

“I just love watching you on that thing honey. I just wish I could join you,” Judy admitted, squirming with her hand at her own crotch.

Nadine chimed in with, “Angie realized that lots of our guests are envious of Boobette’s pony, therefore she had two more installed facing each other in a three way star. That way all three riders can watch each other and we can have races too! I don’t think anyone is going to win against Boobette, but we can bet on whomever cums in second!”

“Everyone, grab hold of Boobette so we can load her on her pony and we can argue about who gets to ride with her first on the way there,” Nadine encouraged.

By now my crotch, was a veritable canyon of twitching need, so I barely remember them carrying me there, unwrapping the towels, and strapping me down to the pony.

The other two ponies were quite different to mine. Mine is pink. One of the other ponies is white and the other one is baby blue. My pony has huge milking cups on the neck for my boobies and the other two have smaller nipple stimulators in the same place. My seat belt locks and theirs do not. My pony has a penis shaped dildo that is ten inches across and over a foot long while the other ponies only have one inch dildos that are 4 inches long.

Everyone had agreed that Judy get to ride one of the ponies because she is our guest and Summer gets to ride the other one, as she is to be the vessel for my eggs.

I got my brains fuck out by the pony while being milked dry, orgasming within seconds and screaming like a banshee. Summer came second to me and Judy came last. Summer had three orgasms, and Judy just kept cuming after she started.

(By the way, no one can cheat and fake an orgasm, because the ponies are equipped with sensors to determine if it is a real orgasm. Note: If any woman rides one of these ponies that woman will orgasm sooner or later.)

I almost forgot to tell you the other differences between the ponies are that mine has a feeding dildo for my face and butt as well as a recharge socket. The other ponies can be set up with anal dildos if the girls want one. In addition, the other ponies are made so that the rider can stand up and escape, whereas mine is specifically designed to trap me for as long as whoever has the control wishes to see me orgasm.

When I’d finally been removed and washed up again, Judy insisted on dressing me, “I know how much you love dressing in slut-wear sweetie, so we’ll start with a pink corset and a pretty pink thong. Since no one makes a corset with cups that fit you my dear, I’ll stuff you into this open cup peep-hole bra to properly display your lovely assets.”

I found myself standing in lacy lingerie with my distended nipples hanging out in front.

“Now we’ll give you these white nylons to clip to the corset’s garters,” she rolled the pair up my wide spread legs and clipped them. “Alright ladies, I want her coifed and ready to model when I get back, so get to work.”

The whole team did my hair and makeup careful not to over stimulate me while they were doing it, as they didn’t want to start all over.

Just about the time the ladies were finished, Judy returned with a huge white and lavender lacy dress, “Stuff her in those petticoats, slip her high heeled boots on, and let’s get a look at her in her wedding gown!”

I was quickly wearing a wide expanse of petticoats and having this huge dress dropped slowly over my head.

When the dress was in place and tightly zipped to my every curve, I finally realized why the peep-hole bra was necessary. My nipples were to be exposed out the front of this dress!

Straight out in front of me was well over a foot of cleavage with a ruffled lace around the top. I also was sporting a giant pink bow, right above my ample butt in the back and it has a train at least six feet long behind it. The dress was slit high on my left side, where the girls were busy pinning up the petticoats to expose my boots, nylons, and thigh to the guests.

All of the ladies loved it and I was deathly embarrassed, which meant my cunt would be drooling all over the floor as I walked down the aisle.

I hadn’t noticed Skye and Summer disappear partly through my ‘fitting’, so by the time I realized that they were gone, they were entering the room adorned in their own wedding finery.

Neither of the other brides is as exposed or displayed as I am. Summer is wearing a scarlet trimmed white petticoat filled gown with a tightly ruched bodice under her ample bosom and a low cut neckline, covered by veils. Skye was in a simple tube skirt with a slit up the side, lace trim, and blue highlights, with a heart shaped cutout over her cleavage, also covered in veil. Summer was wearing a pair of white 6 inch stiletto heeled pumps and Skye had on a pair of white 5 inch stiletto sandals. Both ladies were also wearing white pantyhose.

When I realized that I was to be the only one with my private parts on display, I blushed scarlet, but didn’t say anything because I knew that Angie would punish me if I did.

“Is our flower girl here yet?” Judy asked Nadine.

“Sure, she’s just outside, I’ll go let her in,” she answered as she headed to the door.

“Molly is here?” I asked.

“She sure is, and so is Gail,” Summer informed me, “Gail is going to be a maid of honor and you already know Molly is the Flower Girl.”

“This is just the rehearsal, isn’t it?” I inquired with trepidation.

“Heck no, this is your wedding day,” Nadine assured me with a smile and Molly in tow.

“I missed something…”

“You only missed about a day,” Nadine assured me, “The doctor felt you needed some down time to recover after your exertion in the Mall.”

“Boobette!” squealed Molly in a high pitched little girl voice as she jiggled her boobs over to me and laid a kiss on my lipstick covered mouth. Molly had a little princess white dress on that only came down past her crotch, where you can see glimpses of her rumba panties. A pair of Mary Jane’s with little lacy white sock topped off the picture.

“You look adorable Molly,” I praised.

“Thanks honey, you look mighty sweet yourself,” she giggled, “By the way, do you feel a draft?”

The only thing I could do was blush in reply.

“Those are some serious nipples you have. I can see why you’d want them unencumbered,” she told me, trying to make me feel better.

“Yes, but if I get excited, I could put somebody’s eye out,” I theorized.

She laughed, “Maybe we should call you Daisy instead of Boobette then.”

“More like Bertha with these guns,” I quipped.

“I’d be a headliner with those babies. Ten years as a headliner and I’d be set for life,” she surmised.

“You couldn’t heft them on your own,” I informed her.

“Boobette is quite right on that account. Without her special reinforcements, your back wouldn’t take the strain. You’d be crippled with back pain in no time,” Nadine assured her.

“Oh, so there’s another reason why your boobs were so expensive,” Molly assumed.

“You have no idea,” I admitted

Molly gave me a puzzled look, but let it go.

While I was busy with her, the other ladies had all donned their finery and Nadine announced, “Ladies take your places. The bride, followed by the Flower girl will be joining you soon.”

The room quickly emptied and soon it was just Nadine, Molly and I.


Chapter 34: The Wedding

“All right Boobette, I’ll be the Father of the Bride and escort you down the aisle, while molly carries your train. Don’t be nervous, this is all just pretending you know,” Nadine assured me, as she took my elbow to lead me into the auditorium where I had danced so recently.

The music was playing and I jiggled my way down the aisle with Molly close at my heels.

When I finally reached Summer and Skye, Nadine presented me to them where Angie was presiding and all the Bride’s Maids were lined up on Summer and Skye’s side. I noticed that I had none beside me, only Nadine.

Dr. Leibovitz is seated in the front row, where the Bride’s Mother would normally be seated. Gail was seated next to her wearing her new finery and a somewhat stunned expression.

Angie began to speak, “Dearly beloved, we are assembled here in the presence of this assemblage, to join this Boobette and these women in wholly sluttrimony…”

“Whoa, wait up!” I heard from behind me.

When I turned to look, there were Tiffie and Abby came scurrying up to the dais wearing appropriate maid of honor dresses.

Nadine leaned towards me and whispered, “I knew no one would think to have anyone stand for you. When Tiffie heard about this she dropped everything and raced to get here.”

I mouthed, “Thank You,” to her, with teary eyes.

“Okay Angie, go ahead. We’re sorry that we’re late. Our fucking mail man must have lost our invitations, but we came as soon as we could,” Tiffie declared as she smoothed her dress.

“Hold up a second. I was paying bills and found a few for this shindig. I stand with Boobette,” she declared and took her place on my side of the procession.

Angie was visibly annoyed and I’m sure that most of those present assumed that it was because the girls were late, not because they stood with me.

Summer and Skye were just puzzled.

“Well now, if everyone is ready…” Angie began, “This union is sanctified by LUST and is only for the sake of procreation. However, Summer and Skye would also like to name Boobette their daughters’ legal godmother. They also pledge that their beloved Boobette shall be part of their daughters’ lives as they grow to womanhood. Do you Boobette Cumsloudly take these lesbians as lovers and future mothers of your blastocysts?”

“I do,” I declared, as if I really had any choice in the matter. However, even though I had no choice, I could think of no ladies more worthy of the honor than those I was standing with and those who I was now betrothing.

“Do you, Summer Cummings, take Boobette to be the source of your future daughters’ embryos, Godmother, and your lesbian fuck-toy?” Angie asked.

“With all my heart, I do,” Summer agreed with a wink.

“Do you, Skye Blue, take Boobette to be the source of your future daughters’ embryos, Godmother, and your lesbian fuck-toy?”

“I do,” she answered with a slightly wicked gleam in her eye.

“With the power invested in me by LUST, I now pronounce you Fuck- Toy Submissive and Dominatrix’s! You may suck the bride.”

My eyes flung open wide with surprise as Summer and Skye descended upon the girls with ravenous desire. Nadine had to support me as my knees became weak and nearly failed.

When I finally orgasmed onto the stage Angie declared, “Those who are invited to the wedding orgy and reception should assemble in the hallway while the Fuck-Toy is carried to her room for the reception line.”

If I weren’t so filled with desire, I would have been embarrassed to the core having all those people watch me gush all over the stage and myself! As they help me from the room, Dr. Leibovitz injected something into my arm, the warm fuzziness took over again, and nothing bothered me.


Chapter 35: Reception

They propped me up in a reception line by having me sit on a narrow stool with a dildo affixed to the top that positioned me to give the illusion that I was standing. The ladies were let in and one by one I was either French kissed, groped, fondled, nursed on, or a combination of each as almost 50 ladies congratulated me. I was so stoned and having so many orgasms at the time, I couldn’t count past two.

Once everyone was milling about the ‘playground’ I was taken from the stool, disrobed and as many ladies as could helped to bathe me squeaky clean.

While I recovered from that, lying naked on a table with wheels, they began covering me with frosting, cherries, sprinkles, frosting roses, candies and all sorts of sweets while Summer declared, “Boobette gets to be her own wedding cake! Therefore, everyone stay calm until we finish with her so that pictures can be taken. I guarantee that everybody will get a piece of her, or we’ll just re-frost her and start over.”

They even put candy high-heels on my feet with pink candy roses on them and covered my legs with chocolate syrup to give the appearance of stockings.

I was just happy to have a break for a few minutes where I wasn’t an orgasm machine, although the sensations of what they were doing to me are indescribable.

They positioned my arms and hands to the sides of my boobies to hold them up and together and zip tied me to a couple of braces to keep them steady while the final frosting towers were completed.

The photographer lady was sweet and made me smile while the pictures were taken even though she had to take most of them from a step ladder. Skye and Summer were positioned around me and shot with fingers full of frosting or sharing cherries. The final shots were of them feeding me cherries, (Even though I wasn’t allowed to swallow them.) or kissing my cheeks from both sides.

“Alright ladies, there are no plates, no forks, no spoons, and no limits on how much you eat, and especially no limits on how many times the bride cums! There is however a special prize for the lady who orgasms first, other than Boobette herself,” Paullina announced from somewhere near my head.

She leaned down and kissed my cheek saying in a whisper, “You’re doing so well my sweet daughter, I’m so proud of you.”

“On your marks, get set… GO!” she encouraged.

Within seconds, I had tongues, fingers, hands, and some things I dare not think of covering my little body. It must be something like being licked by a hundred puppies. Ladies in wedding finery were covered in almost as much frosting as I and a few minutes later at least a third of them were covered in gushing orgasm juice. Champagne was flowing like grape juice.

Gail came to my face, laid a French kiss on me, wished me well, and gigged.

Molly won the orgasm contest, having inside information and a yearning to find out just how much fun a tongue fucking from me could be. She wound up doing a face plant between frosting coated boobies.

I don’t know how many times I came, all I do know is that I was re- frosted at least twice and had my feeding tube changed with a face fuck feeding each time. By the time I could think straight again, frosting coated ladies were all over the room sitting in chairs, laying on beds or the carpet, exhausted but with satisfied smiles on their faces.

Summer and Skye were splashing about in the bathtub with Molly when they discovered me rousing and the three naked girls splashed over to extricate me from the table and plop me into the tub with them.

“Do you think everyone had a good time, Skye,” Summer asked with mock innocence.

“I think that everyone is going to write, ‘best time ever’, in her diary after she gets home. Either that or we won’t let her leave until she says, Auntie! How about you Molly, did you have a good time?” Skye queried.

“I’m completely ruined. How can a man ever compare to this level of delight? I may have to go join a nunnery. If Boobette wasn’t tongue fucking me to oblivion, (By the way dearie, thank you so much!), half of the wedding guests were groping my boobs, diddling my cunny, or boning me with a strap-on! I didn’t think it was possible to orgasm that many times. Towards the end I was pleading with girls to let me stop cuming, but then they’d get me to that point where I’d be pleading with them to fuck me ragged again and I’d be in heaven a short time later!” Molly admitted, still trying to reconcile her enjoyment.

“Yes, we may have to call Guinness to have this one added to the record books. They may want us to prove it though by doing it again,” Summer surmised.

“Is next weekend too soon?” Molly asked excitedly.

Summer and Skye laughed at her, but I was only smiling and enjoying the soak.

A wicked gleam grew in Summer’s eye and she remarked, “You know, I believe that we owe Molly here a prize, don’t you think Skye?”

“Of course, that’s what Penelope promised,” Skye agreed.

“Even before that we promised her something, but I’m certain that she was only joking at the time,” Summer recalled.

By this time, I was wide awake, knowing where this conversation would lead.

“Come over here little Molly, mummy needs your help with her big boobies,” Summer declared while drawing Molly’s face towards a big distended nipple.

Molly was going to play along, figuring that this was all a big joke, but when she latched on and drew her first mouthful, she sputtered, “It is real milk! She’s really lactating?”

The nodding of heads and resounding laughter answered her as she went back to relieving the pressure on my overfilled jugs.

My eyeballs were firmly looking backwards into my brain as my vaginal muscles twitched and flexed.

“Damn, I wish my boobs could do that to me!” Molly announced between mouthfuls.

“Maybe tomorrow…” laughed Summer knowingly.

Once Molly was in a milk coma, the other two finished washing me. Skye got out of the tub searching for a clean spot to lift me out onto so they could start dressing me. She was unsuccessful in finding any place clean enough, but Lacy came over and jumped on the intercom, ordering in a brigade of maids to start cleaning up the place.

Skye and Lacy retreated to the tub to warm up and stay out of the maids way, “Talk about christening this place, it’s as if a sweet bomb went off in here.”

“I’ve never seen so much satin, lace, and taffeta covered in cream and frosting in my life. I just wish I had nightmares this good!” Lacy declared wide-eyed, surveying the battlefield.

The maids, whatever they may have thought, quickly, quietly, and efficiently went about their work cleaning whatever they could, wheeling out the cake table and fixings. When they returned, they were pushing a buffet warming table with coffee, bacon, eggs, juice, scones, muffins, and a small tray with analgesics.

“Molly should be placed somewhere out of the tub. I to keep grabbing her to stop her from slipping underwater,” I whispered to Lacy.

Lacy motioned a couple maids over and moments later, they wheeled a gurney over to put her on with a fluffy warm blanket. They pushed her into a corner out of the way and went back to bringing order to our chaos.

Once we were clear of the tub, other ladies cycled through in varying conditions, from hung-over, to bubbly and perky. (The bubbly and perky ones always really annoy the hung-over ones.)

The girls had slipped me into a pink liquid-metal sheath dress with a deep V neckline, pink pantyhose, and thigh-high, pink, hologram, high-heel boots.

Ladies wearing minimal lingerie were wandering around everywhere sitting at card tables and folding chairs that were hastily erected for them.

Maids were sent to get overnight bags from cars or from closets in the main house, so that the ladies could put on their spare clean clothes.

Slowly the guests wandered out and there were but few guests left when Molly finally roused, “Wow, I must have fallen asleep. What a wonderful dream I was having though.”

“Well here, your clothes are all clean and ready for you,” Skye offered with a glint of mischief in her eye.

“Don’t you like seeing me run around naked?” Molly asked with mock disappointment. “You know there are lots of people who would pay to see me like this.”

“I’m one of them,” I quickly offered, “Do you think anybody would pay to see me like this?”

“Crap, I know guys that would kill to see you like that!” she decided.

That had me blushing like a schoolgirl.

She tried slipping her brassiere on first, only to discover that it no longer fit, “Who’s been fooling around with my bra?”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to go home with a new one, Molly,” I told her, “Skye gets a laugh from watching the girls with new breast growth struggle to try and fit their old bra on. If you don’t believe me, check the cup and band size and then go try on some from my spares rack in the walk-in closet.”

“Okay, so it’s the right size, model, and brand that I wore in here. I’ll go try on some of those other bras and we’ll see if my boobs grew,” she decided, jiggling her naked boobs and ass towards the closet.

“I’m betting two cup sizes,” Skye declared after she left.

“I’ll take three,” I determined by what I’d seen.

“What’s the bet, fifty Boobette Bucks?” Summer teased.

“What the hell would I do with Boobette Bucks?” Skye asked.

“You can buy all kinds of pretty Boobette things with them. At least that’s what they tell me,” I informed her.

“No Boobette things would fit me!” Skye retorted.

“Well, Boobette Bucks are the only thing I have, so…” I started to call the whole thing off, just as a squealing, happy Molly came running in hollering, “My boobs grew! My boobs grew!”

“We told you they would,” all three of us replied in chorus.

“It’s so kewl! Here Boobette, give the girls a feel and see how you like them,” she asked as she offered up the pair for me.

I gave her a slow, careful, and erotic inspection of the new girls, “They feel softer, fuller, and appear to react to stimulation a lot quicker than before.”

Molly moaned and bit her lip.

“I think that Molly will give you just two hours to stop doing that…” Summer laughed.

“My god Boobette, what the hell did you do to me?” Molly exclaimed. “My boobs have never been this sensitive. I’m going to turn into a total slut with them feeling like this!”

“You’d better steer clear of Boobette milk then. Have you looked at your nipples yet?” Nadine asked her with a smirk.

“What’s wrong with my nipples?” she asked while hoisting her boobs up for a look. “What the hell… my nipples are almost twice the size they were before!”

“You didn’t have very big breasts when you got implants, did you?” Lacy surmised.

“No, but that’s why I bought the first pair. I looked like a boy almost,” she admitted.

“Well, now you have actually grown real boob tissue and have womanly nipples to go with them,” Lacy told her.

“Summer had double D cups when she got her first implants. When hers grew, she became more sensitive, and her nipples became slightly larger,” Skye figured, “I had D cups and my nipples didn’t grow much at all, but my boobs do feel much more sensitive.”

“So what you’re trying to say is that if I had started out with bigger breasts, they would have always felt like this?” she asked with her mouth hanging open.

“Welcome to the huge naturals club honey,” Lacy hugged her.

“Now I know why I always wanted big boobs!” she claimed giving her girls a rub.

“You should try this pair on for size,” I offered.

“If I had those, I wouldn’t be good for anything but f…” she caught herself before finishing the thought. “You know, I was thinking of giving up my career as a dancer and becoming a diplomat, what do you think?”

“I think you could be very effective. The guys who represent the other countries will be staring at your boobs so much that you could get them to agree to anything,” I offered.

“In that case I’d still be playing second fiddle to you, Boobette,” Molly decided.

“Maybe we should consummate this marriage now, would you like to bear witness, Molly?” Lacy asked.

“You want me to watch them have sex?” Molly asked with a puzzled expression.

“Actually, you are invited to witness the transference of the blastocysts from Boobette to Skye,” Lacy told her, “When this is finished, Skye will be pregnant.”

“As long as it won’t make me late to work,” Molly decided.

“Work… the boss took the day off, so there is no work today,” said her boss from under the covers on my bed.

“I meant my other job.”

“Well if you don’t stay for this, I’ll go see if they’ll take me instead of you…” I threatened.

“Shit, they’d fire me to get their hands on you and I’m usually the headliner!” Summer exclaimed.

“Damn, a girl can’t even make an honest living around you guys,” Molly complained.

“Okay, I’ll pay you fifty Boobette Bucks if you’ll stay,” I offered.

“How much is that in real money?”

“They all say, ‘Cash Value Less Than 1/20 of One Cent’,” I informed her. “How about a pretty new bra, you can take another bra with you. That should be worth at least fifty dollars,” I offered.

Molly stared at me as though I were an alien, “You’ve never had to buy a bra in your life, have you?”

I blushed up a storm and answered, “Um… actually no, I haven’t.”

Nadine tried to rescue me by saying, “Boobette, bras in Molly’s size range, that are lovely enough for her, start at over $100.00 and go up from there.”

“Would that be good enough to cover one night’s lost wages?”

“Molly most likely takes in around $600.00 a night in tips,” Skye pointed out, “However, it is still way too early for her to be dancing at a club.”

“I wish I made $600.00 a night,” Molly remarked, “I take in maybe $400.00 usually.”

Summer asked, “How would you like to bring in $800.00 or so a night?”

“Who do I have to kill?”

“Skye will be out of the picture for a couple years tending to our daughter or daughters, therefore I could use a partner onstage, and since Boobette would cause rioting and pandemonium I can’t take her with me…” Summer suggested.

“Do you think I’m good enough?” Molly asked, “You haven’t even seen me dance.”

“If you keep improving your breast size with Boobette milk, I think you’ll be big enough and sensitive enough that dancing will be the least of your worries,” Summer laughed, “I plan on making lesbian love to whomever goes on the road with me onstage, so either the girl who goes with me can really fake a good orgasm or can just plain orgasm onstage.”

“Nobody is going to want to see me actually orgasm onstage,” Molly claimed. “Guys don’t want to see a real woman’s orgasm onstage.”

“The men at our sperm collection station disagree with you. The most popular video in the facility is Summer and Boobette dancing until Summer makes Boobette gush all over her,” Lacy told her while clicking a remote to bring up the video in question, which included the standing ovation of the spontaneous crowd.

“That is just crazy hot,” Molly decided.

“I don’t hear any response to your offer, Summer,” I pointed out, trying to divert everyone’s attention to my shameless sexual response to Summer’s ministrations.

“Maybe she doesn’t think she can fake an orgasm good enough…” Nadine pointed out.

“I’ll take the gig if she’ll have me, but nobody can fake an orgasm like the one I just saw,” Molly declared emphatically.

“What the one on the video? She was totally faking it!” Summer lied.

Molly looked at her with an ‘I’m not biting’, look.

While I was carefully watching this exchange, Lacy and Nadine snuck up on me from behind and snatched me up to start carrying me to my pony. The other ladies tagged along and disrobed me, while Nadine used the remote to open my bottom.

Well… all the ladies except Skye tagged along, she was stripping herself down so that she could receive my bounty.

Once again the whole process of me being wildly fucked and having my cervix opened to flush the Blastocysts from within me and transfer them to Skye. To me it was just one more milking and major fucking with a face fucking to follow it up. For Skye, she was prepared with a tube into her cervix that would accept the fluid from mine.

Skye wouldn’t be made to orgasm. She would only get to lay inverted while she became pregnant with Summer holding her.

When it was all over, I lay leaning against the upright neck of the pony, exhausted and panting.

“Give me a hand Molly and we’ll hoist Boobette off of there and carry her to the bed. You can snuggle with her for a while if you want,” Nadine offered as she took her position beside me.

Lying in bed with Molly, she asked, “Do you really think I’ll be a headliner act with Summer?”

“She’ll keep her word. You will have to perform to her liking, so I suggest that you practice and cum as hard and as often as you can,” I told her sleepily.

“You’re suggesting that I become a nymphomaniac?” Molly asked for confirmation.

“Sure… who doesn’t like a good nymphomaniac?” I mumbled, slipping into a light slumber.


Chapter 36: The Morning After

“Good morning sleepy head,” Summer whispered, “I think the wedding went well, don’t you?”

“Sure,” I answered, as I felt my labia begin their morning spread. “How is Skye doing this morning?”

“She’s sleeping comfortably with her pelvic elevated,” Summer replied, “But, I’m here to care for my other wife right now.”

“That’s sweet, but I’m used to being abandoned after giving up the embryo,” I told her, “Caring for the new mother is more important.”

“I think you are important too and Skye doesn’t really need anything except rest and to remain lying with her pelvis elevated until the embryos attach to her uterus. You on the udder hand have some very serious needs, my girl!” Summer cooed, “If you want to forgo your ride this morning, we could do a little 69 and then later some nursing. I have Nadine right behind you as a backup if you’re game.”

“Sure, I wouldn’t pass up a go at your boobies and pussy, Summer,” I eagerly accepted, as my labia were urgently sucking on my clits.

“We’re going to play love messages on our clitties. It’s like writing the alphabet on your lover’s pussy, but only we’ll know what we say to each other. Are you ready?” she asked as she positioned herself appropriately.

I felt her mouth engage my sex and write an ‘R’. I wrote an ‘R’ back on her. She wrote a ‘U’ back on me, so I returned the favor. The next thing I felt was an ‘A’ so I replied.

Then I felt a series of characters in a row, ‘P’, ‘R’, ‘I’, ‘S’, ‘O’, ‘N’, ‘E’, ‘R’, ‘?’.

I had been repeating symbols the entire time, until it dawned on me what she had asked. I hesitantly replied, ‘Y’, ‘E’, ‘S’.

She began eating me out in earnest and in no time had me screaming my fool head off. The girls started working my boobs, relieving the pressure and sending me through a wild series of orgasms.

We spent some time working each other over and there were no further communication attempts from Summer so I was beginning to think that I had imagined the whole thing.

In fact, for the next few days, nothing seemed to change at all.

I was again presented on stage in front of the assembled membership and the next lesbian pair looking for a daughter was brought up and accepted as my caretakers for the next couple weeks. The only change to what had come before was that Lacy presided over the assembly and neither, Angie or Paullina was present.


Chapter 37: Free

A few days later as I lay recovering from a pony riding session, I heard over my ear implants, “Boobette my lovely daughter, this is Dr. Paullina, your mom. I’m sorry that I can’t be there for you anymore, but I fear that I’ve had to flea after I discovered what Angie had done to us. I know now that the things she made me believe about you were completely untrue, and although I was under her hypnotic influence just as you were, that does not completely exonerate me from responsibility. I have changed you into what you find yourself to be now, and that cannot be undone without crippling you.”

“Angie has disappeared. I have dropped out of sight for now, but I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for what I have done. I’d also like to suggest to you that you not fight your present physical needs. I have arranged for you to be allowed as much freedom as you’d like, but there is a fund set up to support you, the organization, and the house so that it can continue indefinitely.”

“Any embarrassing situation or indecency that you’ve had to endure before will be at your discretion. You will be in charge of the staff and facility, but you should act as though you are not. I have left two other creations behind and when I’ve finished talking, Nadine will escort you to them. How you handle them is up to you.”

“The reason I suggest that you stay in the situation you are in, is that you have people who love you here. Nadine, Lacy, Tiffie, Abby, Summer, and Skye all love you dearly. Summer is the one who had the hypnotic control that was on me broken and by doing so, brought down the interest of some law enforcement types. LUST isn’t in trouble with them, as my confession and statement has cleared the organization of any wrong doing. You may never hear from me again, but you should know that you will always be in my heart and my thoughts,” I heard the connection click off and she was gone.

“Excuse us ladies,” Nadine said to my current wives, “Boobette has business that must be attended to privately. She’ll be returned in an hour or so.” Nadine helped me put on a pink miniskirt, a pink camisole blouse over a shelf bra to go with the white nylons I’m wearing and the pink high- heel sandals.

I jiggled my way along the hall beside Nadine until we came to a room with a scarlet door. Nadine opened the door saying, “Do you remember the construction worker that was going to rape you and the others?”

“Yes,” I answered, “I think that Dr. Leibovitz did something to him.”

“You could say that…” she started as she led me inside.

I found a red headed woman with boobs not quite as big as mine are but still much bigger than Summer’s big girls are. She is about 5’ 9” tall, has a tiny waist, huge hips, a big shapely ass, and has a major pair of CSLs. (Cock Sucking Lips)

She batted her extra thick long eyelashes at me and in a sultry voice said, “It’s you!”

“Do I know you, Miss?” I asked innocently enough.

She glanced about the room, this way and that, as though she expected someone to punish her for speaking to me, “I’m… err I was Daniel Lipscum… eiahhh!”

“What is your name?” I asked again, being unsure, I heard her right.

“My name is Danni Cumlips. I’m a thirty one year old cougar who loves to suck cocks and let the big well hung mens nurse from my milky boobies,” she giggled and sucked her index finger as though it were a penis.

“I thought you said your name was Daniel Lipscum?” I re-inquired.

“Umm… I’m not supposed to say that name or it hurts my little head. Do you know where I can find some really well hung guys to blow, because my lips are just quivering with desire? I’ll do anything to get me some rigid man meat to drain! Man, I am so hungry for a stomach full of jizzum I could just bust!” she ranted, as she squeezed her breasts together, grasping her big nipples to ease her desire.

“Were you the guy who tried to rape me and my friends?” I surmised.

“I was a bad, bad, boy but I’m really sorry now. You can spank me if you want to, but whatever you do, don’t force me to go without my sperm fix. I get powerful headaches if I don’t get at least a dozen cocks stuck in my face and at least a couple of loads in my cunny and ass.” She pleaded while grasping her camel toe splayed crotch and rubbing her clit.

“I think we can get you some of my sperm filled dildos to tide you over until we can find you a boy friend,” I offered, hoping that maybe we could break her compulsion.

“Oh no, oh no, Danni Cumlips can’t use a plastic cock! I need a hot piece of meat. Plastic dicks only make me barf,” she exclaimed emphatically.

“Maybe you’d like to have sex with Nadine or one of the other ladies to kind of take the edge off?” I offered.

“Yuck, what do you think I am some kind of dyke? That’s just gross! I’m strictly heterosexual,” she declared, “I know that I’m kind of playing with myself here in front of you, but it’s only because I need a man so bad, I’m not trying to turn you girls on.”

I looked at Nadine and asked, “How were you providing for her needs before?”

“She has another room at the guard shack at the gate, where there’s a line of eager men waiting to stick their dicks in her,” she acknowledged, shaking her head.

“Oh yah momma, can I please go back to my man friends? They need their blue balls relieved almost as much as I need to relieve them!” she begged, biting her swollen lover lip.

“Go ahead and have fun, but if any of them aren’t nice or get rough, you just tell the guards and they will take care of them,” I promised her.

“You wouldn’t cut off their dicks, would you?” she asked fearfully.

“No Danni, I’m not that kind of person.”

“Not that a pig like that wouldn’t deserve having his cock cut off, mind you, but there are just so few delicious cocks out there. I’d just hate to waste one!” she clarified, “Ooh now you’ve got me thinking about them so much my cunt lips are squirming an my nipples feel like glass cutters!”

“Well, you take off and find yourself and nice warm man to soften them with some saliva for you, okay?” that was all I had to say and she was out of that room as if I’d shot her from a canon.

“That was the easiest one. Come on, I have one more to show you,” Nadine took me by the hand and lead me out to where the garage used to be. When we went inside it appeared to have been converted into a kind of stable slash bedroom. It’s hard to describe.

What I saw in there was very shocking. There appeared to be a woman who had shortened legs with feet shaped into high heels that were shaped like hooves. Her arms came down to hands that had been made to be held so that her oddly shaped fingernail extensions came together to resemble hooves as well.

The woman’s face had been elongated through surgery and her nose broadened so that her jaw and face made her resemble a cow, including the thick broad tongue. She had two huge breasts where they normally should be, but she also had two underneath those with two more on her abdomen. Her long tail between her butt cheeks swung back and forth languidly, whipping the hairy end as if she were swatting flies with it. She has had her ears reshaped into mobile cones that twitch on their own. Her swollen vulva was wetly drooling on the stable floor.

When she saw us, her eyes widened and she exclaimed, “Moo!”

“Oh my god, what happened to her Nadine?” I asked in astonishment. “Who is she?”

“Do you remember the maid that called you a cow?” Nadine queried. “Her name was Becky DePuis. Her new name is Becky Barnwell. It’s stamped right on the tag hanging from her collar.

“What the hell can we do to help her?” I fretted.

“Well, for now all we can do is see that she’s milked six times a day and has her mechanical bull fuck her silly at least twice a day. She’s had so much muscle wire woven through her, if we don’t recharge her really often with the bull, she could become completely incapacitated,” Nadine informed me.

Becky came over to me and nuzzled at my breasts with the side of her face, saying, “Moo moo…” with a tear dripping from her eye.

“I’m sorry Becky, I don’t know what we can do to help you, but I promise to try my best to help you. Nevertheless, you know that I am in almost as bad a position as you are and I can barely help myself. I can hardly dress myself anymore with what they did to me,” I confided with her.

Is there anything I can get for you?” I asked, knowing that it was hardly likely she would be able to answer.

“Moo moo moo moo,” she replied emphatically.

“She’s asking for her bull to ride her. Isn’t that sweet?” Nadine interpreted.

“Alright, fix her up with her mechanical bull. What does she do when she’s not being milked or fucked?” I asked suddenly curious.

“She watches soap operas and movies most of the time. From what I’ve been able to derive from my many conversations with her, she apparently seems quite content with the way she is. She’s indicated that she is under no undue stress, she doesn’t have to work, all of her needs are cared for, and she’s never orgasmed this much before in her life,” Nadine informed me, while Becky nodded her oddly shaped head.

“I wonder… Becky, would you like it if the members of LUST knew that we have a cow girl that they can play with? I mean that if you want to, we can set up dates for the ladies to come and play with you. There must be some of them that would love to have some fun with you. We can set it up so that you can select the ladies you want to play with, when they can visit, what kinds of things you’d like to do, and some kind of safe ‘Moo’, so you can tell them if you don’t like something. Would that be fun?” I inquired, trying to think of a way to make her life more fulfilling.

Becky nodded her head vigorously.


Chapter 38: Continuance

After we had taken our leave of Becky, and were jiggling and shaking our way towards my bedroom, I asked Nadine, “What do you think of all of this Nadine? I mean if you were me, what would you do to make things better for the three of us who were transformed like this?”

Nadine pondered a while and replied, “From what I can see, and from what I understand the three of you were like before this happened to you, plenty of the ways things worked out were beneficial in your lives. Take Danni for example. Daniel Lipscum was a rapist, a wife beater, drunk, and an all around asshole. He was only out for whatever Dan wanted and the hell with anybody else. When the organization interviewed his wife about his disappearance, she was actually relieved that he was gone. The only concerns she had were how she would make a living now that he was gone. She had never allowed herself to get pregnant out of fear that he would beat her children too.”

“Wow, he was worse than even I thought when he was attacking us,” I surmised.

“Daniel’s wife was given the proceeds from his life insurance policies and some anonymous donations from LUST, which will allow her to never need to work, but training has been started for her to give her a leg up if she wants to get a good paying job and improve her standard of living,” she informed me.

“Danni Cumlips is happy with pleasuring as many men as she can get her lips around. She doesn’t charge for the service, therefore, she isn’t in danger of being arrested for prostitution. The men who know about her have all been screened for STDs and she’s safe from contracting any nasty diseases. Danni’s biggest desire is to make others happy. She’s very popular and the hardest working man pleaser in town. She’s virtually put a stop to prostitution. She doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, her only vice is a raging case of nymphomania,” she told me as we had stopped for a rest on the divan in the hallway.

“What about that poor creature Becky?” I asked.

“Becky Wendi DuPuis was a maid here. She had a master’s degree in business management but couldn’t get work because her people skills are horrendous. She would fly off and bitch out her coworkers for no reason at all. If she were placed in authority over anyone else, she would immediately begin to abuse him or her. When she was asked about why she felt that she wasn’t doing better in her career, she would blame everything on the fact that she was a woman and take no personal responsibility whatsoever. Her nickname was ‘My way or the highway Becky. She seemed to revel in creating discord and dissent. Frankly, her prospects for a happy life or prosperity were laughable,” she elucidated.

“I’ve know some people like her. I’ve never known how I could help them though,” I replied empathetically.

“Now Becky doesn’t have to think about succeeding, or what her job or position might be, she only has to be cared for, milked, and have sex. She gets to do what she liked the most before, which was watch television and movies. I really think she is happier this way than she was as a normal woman,” Nadine concluded logically.

“How the hell did Dr. Leibovitz make her have a tail?” I asked still pondering that addition.

Nadine blushed and replied, “Actually, it was your invention. You were put under hypnosis and asked how it could be done. You outlined the procedure for them. They used a breast expander at the bottom of her coccyx and stretched the skin and over time, they used longer and longer forms until they had enough skin down there for a tail. The doctor used cervical bones from cadavers of varying size to piece together a tail and then the muscle wires were affixed to the bones and they are tightened in order to swing the tail. She has no control over how her tail moves. It is autonomously driven by its own microcontroller at the base of her spine. Her pubic hair was all transplanted to the end of her tail to make it fuzzy.”

“I take it that the doctor transplanted all the breast tissue to her, like she did to me but three times as much?” I surmised, “It’s astonishing that her whole chest and abdominal area is taken up by boobies!”

“Well, she does appear to really enjoy milking time. Her eyes are rolled up in the back of her head while she moans through orgasm after orgasm,” Nadine laughed.

“Okay, that explains how the other two are better off now, what about the third one?” I asked with my eyes narrowed.

“Our third person, one Roy Elliott Bagley I believe, was a brilliant inventor and a mediocre manager. His employees for the most part enjoyed working for him, but his social life was entirely nonexistent. Roy had no girl friends, had no family, and basically had no life outside of the workplace. He spent all of his free time alone and coming up with new and fantastic things, but he wasn’t really happy. Roy was well off, and he was soon to become very wealthy, but his prospects for happiness were almost none,” Nadine sighed sadly.

“Boobette Cumsloudly on the other hand is loved by a small army. She is providing a much wanted and needed service to the lesbian community. Men fantasize about her constantly, but will never have the opportunity to violate her. She doesn’t have to worry about her figure, personal hygiene, fashion, achievements, rivalries, companionship, or money. Her staff and lovers take care of everything for her. The people she meets only desire to make her happy and to pleasure her. Sure, she no longer has a penis and testicles, but she wasn’t using those productively anyway. She’s gained a bunch of ovaries, a uterus, vagina, vulva, Skene’s glands, and a whole lot of mammary glands in the exchange, so she’s not a eunuch, but she sure is unique!” Nadine summarized succinctly.

“So you say shut up and count my blessings?” I paraphrased.

“When life hands you lemons…” she philosophized.

“Right, make gallons of milk from them,” I nodded and began the jiggly, wiggly trek back towards my comfortable bed and willing, warm bedmates.

The Ends

* Author’s Note: During World War II this is the perfume, which caused American soldiers, to coin the term, “Smelling like a French Whore.”

Muscle Wire Ma’am (Version 0.0) By Wholeman Everything else is Copyright (c) 2006, by Stone on the Moor LTD. Freely archived, copied, transmitted, and redistributed, printed, fantasized about or masturbated to or used to perpetuate marital bliss. (Just don't tell her you read this stuff)

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