Too Good to Refuse.

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Too Good to Refuse

by Bronwen Welsh


When Terry went after a contract which would save the company, there was only one option - make the client an offer too good to refuse. The offer turned out to be as much a surprise to Terry as his client.


So many people say ‘How can you bear to do that job?’ and they talk about the long hours driving from one appointment to another, and a different hotel or motel room every night. Well, let me tell you that for someone like me, brought up in a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, the freedom that comes with life on the road is a rare blessing. Life is never dull, and there are opportunities to express oneself that are not available in many jobs. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s an example.

It began when Dan the CEO of the company called me into his office. I was shocked when I saw him because he didn’t look worried — that’s a given - he looked downright scared.

“Take a seat, Terry.” he began, “You know we lost the Simpson contract last month?” I nodded. We were undercut by overseas competitors again even though we cut profits to the bone.

“Well now Findstone’s are playing hardball with renewing our contract, and we really need that work if we’re going to survive. You’re our top salesman, so I want you to go to L.A. personally and do your best to get Freddie to sign. Do whatever it takes. The future of this company depends on it.”

So, no pressure then. Get the contract or the company goes under. I set out for L.A. the next morning. I’d had dealings with ‘Freddie’ Findstone before and he was a tough customer. I’d met him at some trade fairs, and his wife too, a shy mousy woman standing beside her handsome husband. They seemed an odd couple, but then she had been the previous CEO’s daughter, so no prizes for guessing the attraction there, at least on one side.

Dan had booked me into a five star hotel in L.A. You think that’s a strange move for a company on the verge of bankruptcy? Not really. The worst thing you can do when in trouble is telegraph it to the world. Then the vultures really start to circle. What did surprise me when I parked my car and walked into the lobby was to see Freddie Findstone standing there by the reception desk reading a newspaper. What was he doing in a hotel when he had a perfectly good house in the outer suburbs? We had a meeting arranged of course, but that was for the following day. He looked up at the sound of my name and recognized me immediately.

“Terry! Good to see you. So they’ve sent the big guns. Come and have a drink in the bar when you’ve settled into your room. “

Well I wasn’t about to put him offside so I agreed to his suggestion, and in ten minutes I was sitting on a barstool beside him sipping a beer. It turned out that his wife Peg had gone to see her sister, and sick of rattling around a large house on his own (they had no children), he had taken the penthouse suite for a few days just to be around people.

We chatted about this and that, studiously avoiding talk of the contract meeting the next day. Just then a good-looking young woman walked into the bar, wearing a tight silk blouse which barely contained an ample bosom, a knee-length black skirt and at a guess 5inch heels. Freddie gave a low whistle.

“I’ve often wondered if those stories about sales reps are true?”

“Well you know” I replied “what goes on on the road stays on the road.” trotting out the well-worn cliché! He grinned at that.

“One of my salesmen told me quite a story”, he went on “It was in this very hotel. he met a sales rep called Tracey.”

I gasped involuntarily.

“You know her?” he went on. I nodded slowly, no point denying it.

“They had dinner and ended up spending the night together. The hottest sex he ever had apparently, but here’s the twist — while she was all woman, she had something extra that females don’t have, if you get my drift?”

I did indeed get his drift, and my mind was racing. I couldn’t help wondering if Freddie was a little drunk, and his next words confirmed it.

“I’d give a lot to spend the night with a woman like that. I don’t suppose you have her number do you?”

I was cautious in my reply. “I did spend an evening with her once, not the night you understand? We just chatted and had a few drinks. I may still have her number somewhere. Like you say, a woman with extra, but I never would have guessed it if she hadn’t told me.”

Bear in mind that I wasn’t going to refuse this guy anything, so long as it was legal, so I promised to see if I could contact her and pass the message on. With that we parted company and I went to my room.

I let an hour pass by while I reviewed my presentation for the meeting next day. Then I took out Freddie’s card, and using a different cell phone to my usual one, I rang the number. Freddie answered promptly.

“Hi” I breathed in a soft feminine voice “This is Tracey. Terry asked me to give you a call.”

“Hi Tracey.” Freddie’s voice sounded strained and just a little nervous. This was obviously a first for him. “Thank you for calling. A friend of mine told me about you, and then I found out that Terry knows you. I err, know it’s short notice but I was wondering if you are free if you’d do me the honor of having dinner with me tonight?”

“Why sure Freddie. Terry’s told me all about you, and it so happens I’m free tonight, so I’d be delighted to accept your invitation.”

“I hope he said nice things?” Freddie said with a relieved laugh, and I assured him that I’d only heard good things about him. Feigning ignorance I asked where he was staying, and arranged to meet him in the first floor bar at 8pm. I rang off and smiled to myself. This was all totally unexpected but it would surely work to my advantage, and fortunately I had come prepared.

I mentioned previously about growing up in a small town. If I had stayed there I certainly could never have indulged my love of all things feminine without someone finding out sooner or later, but on the road it was a different matter altogether. People sometimes asked me why I took such a large suitcase with me and I never enlightened them, but now as I opened it on the bed, the reason would have been obvious to anyone who could have seen inside. One half belonged to Terry and the other to Tracey, and I carefully unpacked the green silk dress, black lingerie, stockings and shoes and laid them out before running a bath.

I had plenty of time to do a close and careful shave and luxuriate in a hot bath before dressing. I confess I felt a little nervous myself. The men I had met previously had only seen me as Tracey, and now to meet a man who I had met as Terry only a few hours before was taking something of a risk. The circumstances made it even riskier. Freddie was getting Tracey, which would surely put him in a good mood, a generous mood I hoped, provided he didn’t realize who she was, even if he knew what she was. If he did, then it was ‘goodbye contract’, and maybe ‘goodbye company’. Well, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ is a good motto, so I stepped out of the bath and dried myself.

Dressing in pretty lingerie still gives me a thrill. The sensuous delights of silk and lace against my skin, and the feel of sheer nylons as I draw them up freshly-shaved legs — is there anything better? Then I applied my makeup and secured my blonde wig in place, made sure my breast forms were secure and stepped into my dress. I clipped on my earrings, applied ‘Nuit d’Amore’ perfume and finally, I slipped on my 5inch heels and gave myself careful examination in the mirror. Terry had vanished completely, and if I say so myself, the tall elegant woman who looked back at me and smiled was totally convincing, and hopefully very attractive.

I took the elevator to the ground floor at 8pm, confident in the knowledge Freddie would be in the bar, and after a few minutes took the elevator back to the first floor, just in case he was watching it. Details like that can catch you out! When I stepped into the bar, Freddie was there, but I was careful not to look at him at first, but look around the room. After all, Tracey had never met him. Quite a few of the men were looking at me. Some who were with other women gave quick furtive glances, while those on their own gave me frank stares. I knew exactly what they were thinking — ‘some high-class hooker’ and I inwardly smiled. I walked towards the bar and Freddie quickly got to his feet and walked towards me.

“Tracey?” he seemed a little uncertain, and I rewarded him with a dazzling smile.

“Freddie! How nice to meet you.”

It’s funny, but when I am in femme mode I can acknowledge to myself when a guy is really handsome, in a way I never would any other time, and there is no doubt about it, Freddie was a very handsome man. He kissed my cheek, and asked me if I would like a drink. I settled for a gin and tonic. In a few minutes the maitre d’ came up and respectfully told Freddie that his table was ready. I took Freddie’s arm as we walked to the restaurant and were seated at a table next to the window, overlooking the city.

The food was excellent, each course a work of art and no doubt very expensive, but only small portions and that suited me fine. The last thing I wanted was a full stomach. We chatted about various subjects and I let it be known I was a sales rep, but didn’t go into details. Freddie doubtless thought that was an euphemism for ‘hooker’ but said nothing. I said how surprised I was to hear from Terry, and how glad I was to be in town today. There was a tiny dance floor and a trio playing in the corner, and when Freddie asked me to dance I readily accepted. He was a good dancer, and as we moved closer to each other, it was very obvious that he was enjoying the proximity of a woman very much indeed! I drank very sparingly and was glad to see that Freddie did too, excellent though the choices were.

The meal concluded, and of course Freddie, who had already told me he was staying in the penthouse, asked if I would like to have a nightcap and see the view from his room? Of course I would. We took the elevator to the top floor, and I was introduced to the magnificence of the penthouse suite. As Freddie prepared the drinks, I walked to the window and looked down at the lights of the city spread before me. Freddie walked up behind me, and putting his arms around me started to kiss my neck. I sighed softly as his body pressed against me, his maleness very evident. I was enjoying myself. There had been men with whom I’d had to pretend, but Freddie wasn’t one of them. I turned slowly, lips parted, and he started to kiss me. Our bodies were pressed tightly together, and I knew that I wanted him as much as he evidently wanted me.

Taking my hand he led me into the bedroom, all pretence of a nightcap forgotten. I started to unbutton his shirt as he eased down the zip on my dress and I let it flow down my body to the floor. Stepping out of it I carefully laid it on a chair, and then turned back to him. He had stepped out of his shoes and socks and his chest was bare. He was frankly staring at me in my black lingerie and stockings, and began to moan as I ran my fingers over his chest, followed by my lips. He made to unfasten his pants but I stopped him.
“That’s my job” I murmured as I sank to my knees.

I’m sure I don’t really have to spell out what happened next. Is it sufficient to say that I believe he gained as much pleasure from exploring my body as I did exploring his? Or should I say that for me the delights of totally submissive femininity seemed to inspire him to find his ‘inner stallion’?! However it’s expressed, I can only say that when I finally slipped out of his bed at around 3am, I was so exhausted I could barely stand, and he lay there with a satisfied smile on his lips and totally sated. After I dressed and walked back to the beside to give him a goodnight kiss, he smiled up at me and said

“That was the best — ever.”

“For me too darling,” I replied.

As I turned to leave the room he reached into the bedside drawer. He produced a small envelope and said.

“I hope you won’t be insulted, but I’m sure you have many expenses.”

“Not at all” I replied with a smile “Thank you very much.” And I stooped down to kiss him again.

I took the elevator directly to my floor, sure that he wouldn’t be watching this time. I undressed, removed my makeup, wig and breast forms, and was asleep almost the moment my head hit the pillow.

The alarm woke me only minutes before a soft tap on the door told me that breakfast had arrive. I ate ravenously. Good sex makes me very hungry! I had just finished my shower and was dressing when the telephone rang. It was Freddie’s company secretary, saying that since Freddie and I were staying in the same hotel, would I mind coming to the penthouse suite instead of the company office to discuss the contract? I was happy to do that and at 10am I presented myself at the top floor.

The suite looked different in daylight. The company secretary greeted me, and Freddie made his appearance looking a bit tired, but obviously in a very ebullient mood. He asked the secretary to organize some coffee, and saved me the dilemma of whether to ask about Tracey by volunteering it himself.

“Thanks for giving Tracey my number,” he said. “We had dinner last night. She’s quite a lady.”

The secretary returned sparing me the need to reply, and we started to discuss the contract. Negotiations went even better than I’d hoped, and when I rang Dan, my CEO, an hour later he was ecstatic.

“A two year contract? That’s wonderful! You’ve saved the company Terry. How did you do it, tie him up?”

A vision of one moment during the previous night flashed through my mind, but I didn’t go there.

“Let’s just say I made him the old ‘offer he couldn’t refuse’ ” I laughed.

As I finished talking to Dan, a text came through on Tracey’s phone.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening. Please text me next time you are in town’ it read. I will certainly be doing that.

You may wonder about the envelope Freddie gave me. Well a lady never discusses money, but let’s just say that Tracey will have a couple of new dresses, and some pretty new lingerie the next time Freddie sees her!

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