Neurons for Girls

Volunteering to be a guinea pig, brings about a wonderful new life for our hero. However, every story must have it's conflict and intrigue, so watch out for mother-in-laws.

DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to
stretch my creative muscles. All scientists, Wizards, and aliens in this work are
fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is
purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
swearing, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my
head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and
especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming
offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or
send it to one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it
and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not
greedy, but I did write it.)


Neurons for Girls

By: Wholeman

The Trap
My name is Roscoe Reinhold Hobgood. Normally I never told
anyone my middle name, but it really doesn't matter anymore.

At twenty years old, I made a living, driving a truck, delivering
office supplies in the University district. I wasn't going to college, just
making a living, enough money to party, chase girls, and keep my pride
and joy running.

I have a 1984 BMW 528e that I inherited when my father passed
away. It was very expensive to fix anything on it but it drives great and it
has some sentimental value. It is probably the slowest BMW they made
in those years so I don't have to worry about zipping around in it too fast.

Actually, at this time, I don't have to worry about moving around
in it at all. A couple of days ago the transmission puked and now I have
to dig up a couple of grand to have it replaced with a rebuilt one.

I don't have any savings to speak of so I can't have it done right
now. Nevertheless, I don't have long before the super at my apartment
decides that it is a hulk and gives me notice to fix it, move it, or he will
tow it.

I hate riding the bus to get to work, too. It takes an extra hour
and a half out of my day to let Metro do the driving. It is cold, then
stuffy, and crowded, riding the bus and whenever a female comes onto
the bus and seating is at a premium I have to stand up the whole way to
work. Girls get all of the breaks!

My girl friend doesn't want to go on dates, riding the bus but she
doesn't have a car either so I am not getting any until I get the beemer
fixed. Talk about incentive!

I thought about trying to pick her up in the company truck and
dropping her at a restaurant while I take the truck back and meet her
there on the bus. However, I thought it out and knew right away how
stupid that idea was. After I dropped her off it would take me almost an
hour to meet back up with her. Hell, by that time, she would be madder
than a wet hen and I would be looking for a new girl friend.

Welcome to my life.

During one of my deliveries I was dropping off some paper, pens,
and other office supplies at one of the University's medical research
buildings and noticed a posting asking for volunteers and that the four
week research regiment would pay $2,000.00 to the volunteers.

'Hmmm...' I thought, 'that would pay for my tranny... But do I
really want to be someone's guinea pig?'

I let the thought go and got on with the rest of my deliveries.

Meet the Girl Friend
That night I was talking on the phone to my girl friend Phyllis and
the subject of, 'when was I going to get the beemer fixed so that we could
go out together again,' came up.

My girl friend is going to the University, working on her Master's
degree. She may eventually go on to become a physician.

Just the fact that she wanted to date me, bewildered me. With her
potential, she could be dating nearly anybody. Her career goals coupled
with the fact that she was a total knockout, made me thank my lucky
stars that she even considered me.

I am intelligent, even though I didn't attend college. Well not for
long anyway. I am easily bored when they want to teach a course at the
level of the dumbest person in class. I keep thinking, 'Okay all ready!
We have been covering this one little subject for a week now, is there
anything more I should learn or are you all done with this lame course?'

Heck, I took my college algebra class in ten days and kept
wondering if there wasn't more to it.

I just figured that I have a weird mind and it really isn't suited for
academia. Between thinking about my short college career and my
monetary shortcomings, I mentioned to Phyllis, about seeing the guinea
pig research offer at the U.

"That sounds like the perfect solution to your transmission
troubles, Roscoe. Why don't you go in tomorrow after work and
volunteer for that program?" Phyllis asked me, in her lilting sweet voice.

"I don't even know what the research is about, Phyllis. What if
they are going to try to perform strange experiments on me? I could
wind up with 'permanent limp dick syndrome' or something," I
reasonably pointed out.

"Don't be silly Roscoe! They have to meet all kinds of FDA
guidelines as well as submit their project to the medical board to even be
allowed the funding to do any kind of human testing," she told me,
sounding more than a little bit exasperated.

"Well, if you say that is what they went through before asking for
human volunteers, I guess I will sign up for it tomorrow. You will still
love me if I wind up with 'limp dick syndrome', won't you?" I teased.

"I might even love you more that way, Roscoe," she teased back.

"Ah, if I had only known that falling on the crossbar of my bicycle
more often would have won me the woman of my dreams..." I sighed.

"Heck, I did it all the time honey. Didn't hurt me one bit!" she

"Well as long as you don't want any children Phyllis, I have a nut
cracker around my apartment somewhere..." I told her, hoping to have
out teased her.

"Would you do that for little old me?" she gave me a dirty snicker
and then went on, "Oh well, maybe later. We won't want to go that far,
at least not until you have the BMW fixed."

"Whoa, now that is cold," I remarked, taken aback by her

"Oh no it wasn't, you do want me to be able to drive you to the
hospital afterwards, don't you?" she rationalized with a self satisfied

"Uncle! I give up, you win," I acquiesced.

She laughed up a storm, "I'm only joking with you honey. I would
never cause you that much pain. You have to admit that you brought it
upon yourself."

"I suppose so. I'm still a bit depressed about the Beemer. So, you
think I should, look into this deal?" I asked, not just a little bit surprised.

"I am a med student hon.. They wouldn't be able to try anything
that hasn't shown itself safe in all kinds of tests before they get the go
ahead for human testing," Phyllis reaffirmed. "Don't think I love you for
just the BMW though, because that just wouldn't be true. Now if it were
a brand new one... well that is another story entirely."

"Right, well I knew you weren't after my money," I, agreed,
"Because you and I both know, I don't have any."

"You have potential though honey," she confirmed. "I have to get
back to studying. I'll talk to you later. Let me know if you decide to do
the medical study."

"All right, I will," I answered, biting my tongue. I had wanted to
answer, 'Right away Mistress De Sade.' However, I would probably be
looking for a new girl friend after that.

A New Dawn
I did the work thing all morning the next day. During my lunch
break, I arranged my route to leave me within the area of the U lab,
where I had seen the notice.

When I entered the lab a young girl came up to me and stated,
"We don't have any office supplies on order..."

I held up my hand to stop her and said, "I'm not here to deliver
office supplies. I noticed your flyer asking for 'paid volunteers' for your

She stopped and said, "Oh you're... Ahem, you are here to
become a subject. Yes, excuse me while I get Dr. Wienerloslá¶sen." (She
pronounced it 've'nur - loss - la - oosen.)

After only a couple of moments a small 35 year old, 5' 1" tall, red
headed woman, wearing glasses, came clop, clop, clopping in on high
heels to greet me, "Ah, so you are R... responding to our posting. May I
get your name please?"

"My name is Roscoe Hobgood. I have to admit that at first I wasn't
too interested in this. That is until my girl friend assured me that it
would be safe. She's a pre-med student here at the U.," I replied
nervously. Even though I was almost a foot taller than she was, I was
feeling a bit intimidated by her white lab coat, clipboard, and self-

"Oh, well we have been looking for a man to add to our little study.
Would you like to follow me back to my office so we can discuss it?" she
waved her hand towards the hallway as she started walking down the
corridor, assuming that I would follow.

We entered an office with most of the typical office accoutrements
and some lab equipment strewn about. The only other exception was the
obvious feminine touches, knick knacks, and flowers amongst a pastel

She pointed towards an office chair and said, "Please, be seated."

I sat down feeling even more nervous at having been brought in
immediately without having to fill out a hundred forms and go through
some kind of selection process.

"I am sure you are curious as to what exactly we want to do to you
for the two thousand dollars, am I correct?" she asked with a knowing

"Ah, yes that is pretty high up on my list," I answered sheepishly.

"It is quite simple actually. We are looking to map the neurons in
the human brain. You will have to undergo some surgery to implant
some microfilament wires into your brain. Don't worry, it is virtually
painless for you, but you will have to be unconscious during the
implanting. We can't very well have you moving as they are positioned,"
she began but stopped looking intently at me at this point.

"Well, you didn't jump up and run away. That's a good sign," she
chuckled a little to break the tension.

"I really need the money," I blushed as I told her.

"Well, you will receive the first payment of half, right after the
implantation. We will pay the other half at the end of the month. What
the posting didn't say is that if you are needed for further tests, after the
first month we will pay $2,000.00 a month there after," she looked at me
with a smile, knowing that with the added inducement, I was probably

"What else is involved, after the first surgical session?" I asked
her, figuring that I should at least indicate I was still listening and not in

"We will need you to come into the lab five days later for the
testing. You will be placed into a comfortable recliner, after being given a
sedative and a mild hypnotic. We will need you awake, but not in control
of yourself, so we can monitor your brain's response to the visual
stimulus we will show," she informed me, with her hands interlocked on
top of her desk.

"Sounds very high tech. but it makes sense that would be the
most efficient and direct way to get feedback from the brain," I prompted.
I didn't want her to think I wasn't following her, or that I was stupid.

"I am impressed Roscoe. That is a very astute observation for a
layman to make. I am getting the feeling that you are going to be just the
man for this job," she sounded somewhat impressed. "I have to ask
though, if you are as smart as I am beginning to feel you are, why are
you, not a college student?"

My face was burning hot, so I knew that I was blushing up a
storm, "Actually, college was boring. It felt to me like they wanted to
release information to teach me in a fine thread, instead of getting on
with it," I laughed nervously and said, "Sort of like an old Star Trek when
an alien probe was downloading data from the Enterprise faster than it
could transmit."

"Okay, who squealed?" she chuckled, "Who told you that most
scientists watched Star Trek?"

Now I know my face is beet red, "It was just a calculated risk."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot. I guess you
didn't know for sure, but in my experience most scientists I have met can
recite Star Trek episodes virtually word for word," she admitted with a
blush of her own. "At least I know the one you referenced, 'Nomad' I
believe it was."

"I know, I just didn't want to appear too geeky," I smiled showing
her that I didn't take offense.

"You might enjoy this more than you think Roscoe. Being 'geeky'
around here, nobody will even notice," she seemed to really be laying the
sales routine on.

"So, that's all? Just come in, sit down, get stoned, and relax is the
whole job? You aren't going to make me act like a chicken or anything
are you?" I teased her.

"Oh no, that would be unethical! If anything when the study is
complete you just might be feeling a lot better about yourself," she
stated, pausing just long enough for me to get the wrong idea, "Knowing
that you made a major contribution to science can be very gratifying."

"Oh, great, you tease me just as good as my girl friend," I accused,
"However, that will probably make me feel right at home."

"Does this mean that you accept the position?" she asked with

"Does this mean you are offering it to me?" I asked back.

"Well, yes, would you like to come to work with us?" she
formalized the request.

"Would I have to take time off of work to do this, or can I swing by
after work and on weekends?" I asked, hoping that it wouldn't interfere
with my normal job.

"Sure, we can accommodate that," she agreed.

"Can I ask just how many, ah volunteers you have had for this
job?" I just had to know why she went for me like tenderloin.

"Ah, you are only the second one with the, ah balls, so to speak to
look into the job. The first one was obviously a stoner, so we couldn't
use him," she admitted with a bit of embarrassment.

"Will I have to fill out a bunch of forms and stuff?" might as well
get this part out of the way.

"Well right now we just need you to sign a letter stating that you
volunteer and agree to the proposed experiment. There will of course be
a mess of forms when we admit you to the hospital tomorrow night," she
told me as she presented the form for my signature.

I signed it after a quick scan which told me that it was the typical
hold harmless type of agreement that never stands up in court.

"T... t... tomorrow night?" I asked a bit shaken that it would be so

"Tomorrow is Friday. If we do it then you will easily be back on
your feet by Monday. Don't have anything to eat after breakfast and
nothing to drink after you leave work," she informed me, back in
Scientist/Doctor mode. "What time do you get off work tomorrow, so I
can schedule an operating theater?"

"Wow you work fast. I get off at 4:00," I answered.

"You should be able to check in then by 5:00, right?" she verified.

"Well... actually, my car is out of commission right now, so it
would be later than that. I'll have to consult the bus schedule," I
answered embarrassed.

"Oh, so the need for money is revealed. Well hon. how about if I
have my daughter pick you up at work and run you over?" she offered.

"Your daughter? How will I recognize her?" I inquired somewhat
astounded that she would send her daughter and even more so that she
was old enough to have a daughter who could drive.

"Do you remember the girl who brought me to you?" she asked
with a sly smile.

"Yes, the cute one with the nice figure?" I verified.

"She will be pleased that you noticed. That was Ivana, my
daughter," she answered, knowing how uncomfortable I would be.

"You must have married very young!" I remarked trying to cover
my faux pas.

She looked uncomfortable and admitted, "I was raped at 17."

"I am so sorry..." I had stepped in it big time now.

"Not your fault Roscoe. You couldn't have known," she grasped
my arm to reassure me.

"All the same, I'm very sorry," I really felt for her.

"Well I bet you must be getting back to, your deliveries? Oh, by
the way, will you have someone who can pick you up at the hospital or
shall I have Ivana take you home when you are released? In addition,
will you have someone who can keep an eye on you this weekend while
you rest? Ivana would do it if you don't have anyone..." Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen asked, finalizing our plans.

"Ah, Ivana will need to take me home. I'll have to check on
whether my girl friend will be able to stay with me this weekend. Do you
have a card or phone number I can get back to you on?" I inquired
somewhat taken aback to the speed at which things have been moving.

Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen reached into her brassiere and pulled out her
business card, handing it to me, "There you are Roscoe." She grinned
obviously knowing that it would get my blood pumping.

As we walked toward the doorway she called out, "Ivana? Come
here dear."

"Yes mother?" the thin red haired girl asked walking up to us.

"I want you to meet Roscoe. You will be picking him up at the
Giggles Office Supply at 4:00 tomorrow. Oh, and he thinks you are
cute," she snickered at my blushing.

"Well mom, he's kind of cute too. I bet he already has a girl friend
though," she remarked, mater-of-factly. "Don't worry about mom, she
just likes to mess with guys. Just because someone thinks you are
attractive, does not mean that they are hitting on you."

"Thanks, Ivana, is it? I guess I will see you tomorrow after work,"
I took her hand in the limp feminine handshake she offered. I looked at
my watch and remarked, "Darn! I have to get a move on. Lunch hour is
over. See you all tomorrow," I waved as I headed out the door and back
to my daily grind.

Nurse Phyllis
That night I gave Phyllis a buzz, "Hey hon. um... what are you
doing this weekend?"

"What do you have in mind Roscoe? Did you get the BMW fixed?"
she asked suspiciously.

"Actually, I need a nurse this weekend. Well, just someone to be
around while I recuperate from the surgery I am going through tomorrow
night at the U hospital," I asked, expecting resistance from her.

"Why do I have to be there?" she whined.

"Well hon., I guess you don't have to. I have a back up plan. The
scientist in charge of the project offered to have her 18-year-old daughter
stay with me if I couldn't find someone..." I baited her.

"What? Are you shopping for a replacement? Wait a minute...
what surgery?" she stopped in her diatribe.

"You said I should volunteer for that research project, so I did," I
admitted. "A Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen is running it. She snapped me up as
soon as I walked in the front door. I don't think that they advertised this
position very well though. Only two people applied and the other one
was a stoner."

"Great! Well, you tell that little tramp to stay away from my man!
I will stay with you this weekend and play nurse maid. Just as long as I
can bring my school books with me and I can study. You don't plan on
being an invalid do you?" she replied with more emotion than I had

"I don't think so. She just said I would have to take it easy and
have someone around to keep an eye on me. Hey, maybe you could get
extra credit or something? You know, for taking care of me? I could call
Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen and ask her," I offered, trying to sweeten the pot.

"No hon. I am not in her Doctorial program. Therefore, I wouldn't
qualify for 'extra credit.' I don't need it to come over and sit with my sick
boy friend. Especially if it will keep him from spending the weekend with
an 18-year-old hottie!" she affirmed strongly.

"How do you know she is a hottie?" I asked suspiciously.

"It was the tone of your voice when you gave me the ultimatum,"
she replied harshly.

"It wasn't an ultimatum hon.. I was just informing you of my only
other alternative," I answered, shocked that she would think that of me.

"Well if the daughter looks anything like Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen, I am
not leaving you alone with her," she replied vehemently.

"You, know her?" I asked suspiciously.

"Yes, she is in a half dozen of my text books. About five foot one
inch tall, dark red hair, and a killer figure. Am I right?" she asked, as if
she were reciting it from a text book.

"Were you following me around today? Yah, she is a thirty five
year old hottie, and yes, Ivana takes after mom," I told her.

"Ivana? Have you been going out on me Roscoe?" she sounded

"No, Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen's daughter works with her. She is
having Ivana play chauffer for me, so I can get to and from the hospital
quickly," I told her, trying to relieve her trepidation.

"What time do you check into the hospital tomorrow?"

"5:00 but I think I will be in surgery for some time after that," I
told her.

"I don't care. I will meet you at the hospital at 5:00 and stay until
you are out of surgery. Don't worry. I will bring my homework with me
and study while they work on you," she confirmed, "Damn, now I feel like
hell for not being supportive, when you really do need me."

My heart sunk and soared at the same time. It soared because
she really does care about me. It sunk because she felt bad about
herself because of me, "Phyllis, don't feel down. I know how much you
have on your plate hon.. I understand how much work it is to become a
physician. I wouldn't ask for your help if I didn't really need it."

"You really need to work on your self esteem Roscoe. You are way
too self-effacing," she replied with feeling, "You mutton head, if I didn't
think you were special, I'd let that floozy have you."

"Actually, I kind of resent you calling Ivana a floozy, hon.. She
really is a sweet kid and she has her own history to deal with. Poor kid
has had a rough life," I admonished Phyllis.

"Rough life or not, she best keep her hooks out of my man or
there's going to be a hell of a cat fight," she affirmed.

"It has to be rough on the kid knowing that her life began via an
act of rape..." I added as an exclamation point.

"Oh dear God, that isn't in the text books! Poor kid! Shit and I
was thinking all of those evil thoughts about her..." she back pedaled.

"I figured you should know. She should be at the hospital and I
wouldn't want you to... you know..." I tried to make sure there wouldn't
be trouble between the two.

"I'll be good. No cat fights at the hospital," she promised.

"I wish we could be together tonight," I stated wistfully.

"That brings to mind... when do you get paid?" she bounced right
to the point.

"Saturday and then at the end of the month," I informed her. She
is such a practical girl.

"So when are you having the BMW fixed?" she asked, obviously in
planning mode to help the fuzzy minded boy friend.

"Monday hon.. I will have it fixed on Monday. With the thousand
in hand, I will put the rest of the bill on my charge card until the end of
the month when I get the rest of it," I informed her, probably ruining her
day that I had already thought it out.

"Great plan hon.. Therefore, we might miss out on a weekend, but
we can get together a whole lot more, afterwards. I am so proud of you.
Not only are you going to help further mankind's knowledge but you will
get the BMW fixed in the mix," she sounded as though she were beaming
with pride. There was another undertone to her statement, which I
couldn't quite put my finger on, but I didn't want to get her mad just now
so, I let it go.

"Well, I better get my beauty sleep if they are going to cut me open
tomorrow. I'll see you at the hospital," I concluded, ending our chat.

The next day at work was somewhat uneventful with the exception
that there was a scheduled delivery of office supplies to the lab at the U.

I went to drop them off and half a dozen women met me.

"Roscoe! I want you to meet the other ladies on our team," Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen started.

"Uh... okay but make it quick, or I might be late to the hospital," I
told her.

"Hon., come 4:00, you will be done with your route. You will be
getting a radio message to that effect in about half an hour," Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen informed me assuredly.

"Right..." I answered, with trepidation at her having that much

"I want you to meet Dr. Lorraine Wangcutter, Dr. Muriel
Higginbotham, Casie Schitz, and Joni Prescott, you already know Ivana
and me," the good Doctor introduced me. "These ladies will be your
surgical team and later your research team. Well ladies, what do you
think of my choice now?" Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen seemed to be daring them
to find fault with me.

"I retract my protest Doctor. You seem to have a rabbit's foot for
luck. I am impressed. I think you could fall into a cistern full of bio-
solids and come out gold plated," Dr. Wangcutter said, while shaking her
head. **

"Well now, let's not get him fired. Roscoe, I apologize for the
deception. My associates were questioning my selection, so I felt it was
time for some additional office supplies," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen stated. "At
least your employer made a sale and we got to show you off to the

I gave her a puzzled look and said, "Okay... I guess if I pass
muster, we will see each other at 5:00."

"I apologize too Roscoe. I should have know that Fanni wouldn't
select a dud," Dr. Wangcutter stated as I prepared to leave.

"Fanni?" I queried.

"That is my first name, Roscoe," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen filled in.

"Oh, sorry, no one told me," I apologized as I headed back out to
my truck. The sounds, which emanated from behind me, reminded me
of a slumber party I overheard once... lots of fast talking and quite a bit
of excited giggling.

The rest of the day went as usual.

I didn't have to hustle too much to get my deliveries done, so at
4:00 I was waiting out front when Ivana picked me up.

"You caused quite a stir at the lab Roscoe," Ivana told me as she
pulled away from the curb.

"I gathered that, when I dropped off the supplies today," I replied,
still quite puzzled over their reactions.

"Well there was a bit of dissention over how you were selected.
Some of the scientists were upset that a larger group wasn't used to
determine the candidate," she confided to me.

"I was a bit surprised about that myself," I admitted as I relaxed in
the passenger seat of her Mercedes ML320.

"Well you may be reassured that once they all met you, the vote
was unanimous on your selection," she confirmed as she wheeled the
SUV through traffic.

"Well that is a boost to my ego," I admitted, blushing and rather
nervous about what I had gotten myself into.

"Are you nervous about the operation?" she asked

"Yes and no," I admitted. "I know what is to be done, I just hope
there are no goof ups."

"I assure you Roscoe, my mother is one of the finest
neurosurgeons on earth," she bragged.

"I bet she is one hell of a hard act to follow," I supplied nervously.

"I don't try to compete with mother. I only have to compete with
myself, and believe me that is tough enough," she gave me a self-effacing

"That's a great attitude," I stated, gladdened by the knowledge she
didn't feel overwhelmed with her mother's accomplishments. I had heard
how hard it could be trying to live up to famous or brilliant parents'

"There is more compassion in your voice than I hear from most
men," Ivana stated.

"What makes you say that?" I wasn't offended, so I put a very
vanilla inflection to my question.

"Well I guess it's a woman thing. You sound as though you really
care how I feel about myself," she answered, glancing over at me when it
was safe, so that she could read my face.

"I do," I stated.

"Why would you care about a girl who is the daughter of a
scientist you just met yesterday? You could barely pick me out in a
crowd three weeks from now I'll bet," she assumed, still maneuvering the
Mercedes through traffic.

"I care about everyone around me. Your mother has given me a
way to make the money so that I can fix my car, which will make my girl
friend happy that we can go places when we date. Your mother is
important to you, my girl friend, and me. I feel that you and I will see
more of each other over the next month and may become good friends," I
explained to her.

"Oh, so you want to keep me happy in case your girl friend dumps
you," she decided with a knowing smile.

"You would be wrong if you thought that," I said feeling a might
hurt that she could think something like that about me.

She brought the SUV to a sudden stop and stared at me.

"What? We aren't at the hospital yet. Are we picking someone
else up?" I asked trying to figure out what she was up to.

"No, I stopped to apologize for being rude and accusing you for
being on the make," she said obviously shaken.

"Oh, don't think another thought about it. I know how some guys,
well most guys, my age are," I told her, not looking at her and feeling a
bit awkward.

She put the vehicle back into gear, saying, "Wow."

"'Wow' what?" now she had me curious.

"Oh, nothing... Um so you said that you need the money to fix
your car, what kind of car is it?" she switched the topic on me.

"It's an old BMW 528e," I told her wondering where she was going.

"Oh, a status car or is it just a penis extension?" she laughed.

"No, it belonged to my dad, it's the only thing he left me really. I
should get rid of it and buy something newer and less expensive to fix,
but it still reminds me of him," I confessed, wondering what she had
against men.

"Shit! I better keep my mouth shut, I'm starting to get sneaker
breath," she swore.

"You couldn't know," I told her, "You were just trying to tease me."
I pulled out a roll of Breath Savers and offered her one.

"Now you are teasing me," she remarked, glancing at me out of the
corner of her eye.

"I know how bad sneaker breath can be. I get it all of the time
myself," I admitted putting the candy away. "Are you going to be in the
operating room with the others while they work on me?"

"Yes, does that bother you?" she wanted to know.

"Not really, I was just wondering. I don't know what everyone's
roles on the 'team' are except for, your mother and I," I confirmed, while
watching two pedestrians walking down the sidewalk in the rain while we
were stopped at a light.

"Well, I am actually a grad student, working on mother's team
while I intern at the hospital on a part time basis," she informed me as
the light turned green and we started down the road again.

"Now I feel really inadequate," I admitted, "You are what? 18
years old?"

"Yes. Not everyone is cut out for, science and medicine, Roscoe. I
just took to it naturally, I guess it is in my genes," she told me trying to
stroke my ego.

"Your mother must be very proud," I remarked.

"I suppose she is. She just seems to have expected it. I was doing
gene splicing in Jr. High school," she informed me, "Mom was already
having me help out in the lab when I was eleven."

"I bet you won the science fair every year, no contest," I assumed,
with a smile.

She smirked and said, "Until I brought in molecular slices of a
bioengineered peach, along with a whole bioengineered peach as

"What's wrong with that?" I asked not understanding why.

"I violated laboratory protocols and revealed an unlicensed,
unapproved genetic mutation," she admitted. "Boy was I in trouble!
Mom grounded me for three months. The school graduated me two years
early. The faculty was in a panic. The Feds locked up my peach and
threatened to throw me in jail."

"I love it. You would have been a hoot to be around in school," I
laughed thinking of some of my favorite weirder friends.

"No one thought so at the time. I was fast tracked through high
school in one year and dropped into college at thirteen. My old friends
wouldn't talk to me, and to everyone in college I was the teeny bopper.
Sometimes I was even, referred to as Miss 'Dougie'. There wasn't much
else left to do but flash through college, which is a drag when you
graduate and don't qualify for a driver's license."

"Okay, now I'm going to cry..." I sniffed, saddened by the truth
and loneliness of that kind of life.

"Knock it off. I don't feel slighted, it's just life," she claimed in a
dead pan voice.

I didn't reply so she looked over at me, "You weren't pulling my
leg!" She pulled into the hospital parking area and she just stopped in
the middle of the road.

I was so surprised that I didn't have time to wipe the tear off my

Ivana grabbed me around the neck and hugged the stuffing out of
me, "Thank you. No one ever did that for me before."

A car behind us honked so she let go and found a parking place.
When she stopped the engine she said, "I've never seen a man cry

I was blushing up a storm, "Sorry, sometimes my emotions carry
me away."

"Why are you sorry?" she asked while she sought eye contact.

"Men aren't supposed to cry," I sniffed.

"Maybe because it makes the girls cry too," she sniffed back.

"Why are you crying?" I asked her.

"Because I never thought men had feelings," she blubbered.

I was shocked, "Where did you get that idea?"

"I never met a man who showed any," she clutched at me with her
face buried in my shoulder. "You show feelings almost as well as the
ladies I know..."

I chuckled just a bit at that, "Ivana, I know how you meant that,
but you shouldn't normally complement a man in that way..."

"I never would..." she let it fall away in the dimly lit parking garage
for reasons I couldn't fathom at the time.

"Okay I need to put my man face back on if, it is okay with you?
Not everyone would understand like you do," I explained as I released

"Oh I understand," she let me go and sat back upright. "Your girl
friend is a very lucky woman."

"Well whatever you do, don't tell her. She is jealous enough of you
and she hasn't even met you," I told her with at smile.

"Why would she be jealous of me?"

"You are younger than her and she has seen pictures of your
mother," I told her with a big smile.

"Oh, so she thinks that I want to take you away from her?" she
asked wide eyed.

"I believe she was only kidding, but why tempt fate? We aren't
doing anything wrong, just sharing ourselves and our feelings, becoming
friends," I stated still smiling reassuredly.

"Well of course. Do you think she might see us and assume we
were up to something?" she inquired.

"Well... feelings come quick and hard sometimes. Let's not give
her anything to misconstrue. I want you two to be good friends," I told
her, smiling and looking deeply into her eyes.

"That would be terrific. I don't have many friends, as I'm sure you
know," she said as she looked at me with great big puppy dog eyes.

"Well you have at least one more now," I told her, grasping her
hand and giving it a squeeze.

She sighed and said, "Well I better get you upstairs and checked
in, or mom will ground me for another three months."

"She can't do that anymore," I laughed, "You are an adult hon..
You can pretty well do whatever you like without mom's permission."

"I guess so, but as long as I live at home..." she left it at that.

"I know how that is," I admitted. "I didn't care for it much at the
time, but now I would give a lot to be able to do it."

"Well come along, get out of the SUV and follow me, on up to
Admitting," she hopped out of the vehicle and met me back at the rear
hatch, "Here's your overnight bag."

I snagged it from her, we marched to the elevator, and then she
led me into the bowels of the hospital.

When I was presented at admitting, Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen was there
to greet me, "Roscoe! You made it. Good work Ivana."

"You have one very special daughter there, Doctor," I told her with
great conviction.

"When she is not getting into mischief..." Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen

"She is someone of whom a mother should be proud, doctor.
Those who don't get into mischief, either aren't doing anything, or have
no imagination," I disagreed.

"Whatever. I am going to need your signature here on these
forms, right next to the highlighted X marks," she pointed to where she

"Right," I said, letting the topic of Ivana drop for the moment.
However, I did wink at Ivana to let her know that I was not done with it.

After signing a quarter of a million documents, Dr Wiennerloslá¶sen
then escorted me to a surgical area and told me to put on a gown in the
exam room.

I was a mite embarrassed when she stayed in the room with me.
Luckily, Ivana stayed in the hallway while I changed. Excuse the fact
that I am a young male and the woman I had staring at me was a
decidedly delicious babe, but I was unable to control the wood that stood
saluting her beauty.

"Down boy," she said, flicking my dick with a finger, and to my
amazement, I quickly became flaccid.

"Thank you," I told her, relieved to be at ease.

"Sorry, but I know you really didn't want that in quite an excited
state," she claimed.

"No, I wish I knew how to do that," I admitted.

"It wouldn't work for you," she claimed. "It is a psychological and
mechanically linked thing. You saw a woman thwack you and
subconsciously you knew you were being rejected. Do you see what I

"Unfortunately, I do," I sighed.

"I don't think it would have worked for Ivana either," she
remarked, "She is just too much of a hottie!" she snickered.

"Ivana is a very sensitive and special girl. I would be overjoyed if
one day I had a daughter like her," I remarked as she pumped up the

"You really think so, don't you?" she replied searching my face for

"I do. We became friends during the drive over here," I stated,
with unquestionable resolution.

"That is unusual, Ivana doesn't usually make friends very easily,"
Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen told me.

"I don't know why. She has a lovely soul," I told her, as she stared
at me open mouthed.

"When I get home, I am going down into the basement and look for
pods..." she replied earnestly.

"I won't be able to stay here if you disrespect my friend, Doctor," I
stated, as serious as a heart attack.

"Forget I said anything," she backpedaled, "I need to do a physical
on you, so would you hold up your gown while I inspect your genitals?"

I did so, trying to look at the silly alpine scene pasted to the

"Alright, turn around and spread your cheeks please?" she added.

"Ooooh!" I exclaimed as she shoved a gloved finger up my bottom.

"Everything feels alright. Now we do blood pressure and heart...
which are all right. Now I need to see your eyes... look left, now right...
That is wonderful, now take a deep breath and then let it out. Very good,
we are all done now," she announced, as she washed her hands.

"Now would you please lay down on the examination bed," she
asked, as I complied, "Very good. Now I am giving you a sedative, so
you'll probably begin to feel very pleasant and content."

She sure didn't lie. I was so pleasant and content in fact, she
could have stuck carrots in my nostrils, Chiclets on my teeth, and
claimed I was Bugs Bunny and I would have just gurgled happily.

About that time Ivana joined us in the room and came over to
stroke my face, "Don't you worry hon. Mom and I will take good care of

I smiled and strained to mumble, "Fang goo."

Little did I know that while I was becoming unconscious, my girl
friend entered the room and quickly went over some of the details with
the two women. Ivana was less than enthusiastic in informing her of
what their plan was.

Whatever drugs they give you before surgery, one of them makes
you forget the whole operation, so I could not recall even the fact that
Phyllis was there.


When the lights finally started to, make themselves known again, I
was in a typical hospital room, with my girl friend sitting in a chair
beside me, reading from one of her textbooks.

I moaned and she looked over in my direction, "Ah, I see you are

"Yah, but I am still a bit stoned," I admitted, but when I looked
beside my bed, I recognized the morphine pump.

"There is someone here that wanted to be in the room when you
woke up. She insisted that she must be here and that her and I become
friends. What the hell did you tell her Roscoe?" Phyllis asked, alarmed
that she couldn't have me all to herself.

"She's my friend," I croaked.

"See, I told you," Ivana said somewhere out of my viewing range.

"Yes, you told me. Roscoe, you shit. How the hell, do you make
so many friends so quickly?" Phyllis asked, with a teasing lilt to her

"I care about people," I mumbled towards her.

"Okay, Phyllis, can we be friends too now? Roscoe said he wanted
us to be..."

"Roscoe you booger. You said she was a nice girl, and that I
wouldn't be able to reject her," Phyllis admitted, "Yes, Ivana, we can be
good friends."

Ivana came over to Phyllis and looked at her expectantly.

"All right come here," Phyllis told her, while she held out here
arms for a hug.

"You two have a lot in common," I drowsily told Phyllis while the
two of them hugged.

"Thank you Phyllis," Ivana told her, "I have to scoot and tell mom
he's awake."

"Thanks for taking care of me Ivana," I told her as she was
heading for the door.

I heard the door close as she slipped out of my room and then
Phyllis asked, "Okay, now that we are alone, you have to tell me more."

"Nothing much to tell. She is a genius, working on her Doctorate
and MD, at the age of 18. Needless to say, she has hardly any friends
and a mother who is more interested in her work than her brilliant
child," I summed up what I had gleaned on my trip over to the hospital
with Ivana.

"Damn! Did you have her lay down to psychoanalyze her, or just
sit in an easy chair?" she accused.

"What? I only talked to her on the ride over," I blinked hard trying
to keep my eyes open.

"She, told you her life story, just like that?" Phyllis was shocked.

"I shared personal things with her and she shared back. Some of
it is just from having friends like her," I admitted, while doing more
'reverse eye blinking'.

"Do all of your friends look like her?" Phyllis gave me a squinty-
eyed warning look.

"You know very well what I meant. If you are going to keep that
up, I will just go back to sleep," I threatened, closing my eyes.

"Okay, okay, I'll be good. So you hung out with the nerds and
geeks eh?" she accused, trying to keep me talking.

"Mostly, even though my grades weren't that good, it seems that
they all figured I was one of them," I sighed.

"Ah, so now you tell me you are a geek," she snickered evilly.

"There is no way that you could prove it in court," I claimed

"Ah, so you are a closet geek then," she teased, grasping my wrist
to show she was kidding.

"Whatever," I was already tired and she was just trying to make
things hard for me.

She was saved by Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen, "I hear our star patient is

"Barely," I admitted.

"Well you will be a bit drowsy, that is understandable," she
admitted and then sat on my bedside, looking at me. (The head of my
bed was raised somewhat.)

"Good, I would hate to think I would go through life like 'Iggy' on
'Taxi'," I replied in my stoner voice.

"Heaven forbid!" she replied, as she reached out for my eyelids.
"I'm going to check out your retina response, so be prepared for the

She had her magnifying glass with the light bulb on it looking into
my eye, flashing it on and then off. She moved on to the other eye
repeating the procedure, "Good, there is no hemorrhaging," she stated.

"That's a relief," I told her.

"You were, worried? That's not what Ivana told me," Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen claimed.

"Not really, I have a philosophy of life, which tends to make me
lean towards not worrying about things that are out of my control," I
admitted groggily.

"My, how very Wiccan of you," she said, possibly trying to bait me
into admitting my allegiance to that religion.

"So mote it be," I answered, putting the ball in her court.

"So you like hanging around in oak groves too eh, Roscoe?" Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen queried with indications of her own knowledge of the

"I bet you like them too, sans clothing though..." I really put her
on the spot with that.

"That would be, only natural, don't you think?"

"I especially enjoy being cloaked in the reassuring mists," I added,
if she also knew this she definitely had done her homework.

"The protective arms of Mother," she finished in agreement.

"I don't know about you two, but fog scares the heck out of me,"
Phyllis admitted.

The doctor and I exchanged knowing smiles and she said, "You
need to spend more time with Roscoe then. He will protect you from the
mists." She ended with a bit of a snicker, which made me smile.

"Now I am beyond certain that we have the right man for this job,"
Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen stated, squeezing my hand in reassurance.

"Something just went on here... I don't know exactly what, but
you two seem to be speaking in a different language than I am," Phyllis
stated suspiciously.

"Not to worry, Phyllis, when you want to know what we spoke of,
you will know whom to ask and when," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen confused her

"Is my new friend with you doctor?" I asked, deciding to make it
known to her mother where I stand with her daughter too.

"I'm over here Roscoe," Ivana chirped from the shadows.

"Well if my APGAR scoring is done, then why don't you come and
join us?" I asked her tiredly.

"You're silly! You know very well that wasn't an APGAR," she
stated with a big smile.

"Hey, I ain't even a college gradiate!" I misspoke on purpose.

"I bet you could be, if you were allowed to learn the way you learn
best," Ivana declared with conviction.

"Do they have any courses on office supplies delivery?" I teased

"You stop that, or I'll have mom give you a prostate exam," she
shook her finger at me.

"Ooh," exclaimed Phyllis, "I like this girl!"

"Well I guess that beats her giving me a D&C," I replied sticking
out my tongue. (Dilation and Curettage.)

"Oh, now that is cold!" Phyllis replied, shocked that I would come
up with that.

"Game, Set, and Match go to Roscoe," Dr Wiennerloslá¶sen

"Sorry," I apologized, "I guess I am more out of it than I thought."

"I think you did very well for yourself, Roscoe. Considering that
you are half stoned out of your gourd," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen stated with a
proud smile. "They started it after all."

"If I weren't so stoned I would avoid the slam dunk though Fanni,"
I replied, being maybe just a little too familiar. "By the way Doctor, how
did the surgery go?"

"It was terrible. I dropped things into your skull... lost my car
keys... the chewing gum fell out of my mouth..." she carried on until I
stopped her.


"Okay, you got me. It went perfectly. Are you happy now?" she

"I don't have any choice. With these drugs, I'd be happy if you
were doing my fingernails with an angle grinder."

"I guarantee that by Sunday afternoon you will be feeling like your
old self," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen claimed.

"Darn, I was just beginning to enjoy being stoned like this too," I

"You may be feeling fairly well with the check I send you home
with tomorrow," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen told me with a big grin.

"This is a great job. Stoned and being paid for it too. Maybe I, can
make a career of being a guinea pig?" I postulated.

"Well, you sure are a sweet guinea pig, Roscoe," Ivana piped in.

"Okay, now I am getting concerned here. Are you after my man,
Ivana?" Phyllis accused.

"Only if you don't appreciate him," Ivana threatened.

"If you two think I am buying into the idea that you are fighting
over a delivery boy, you have another think coming," I announced still
having great difficulty keeping my eyes open.

"I don't care if they want to start mud wrestling over you Roscoe, it
is time you got some more shut eye. So if you feel like it go ahead and
sleep," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen counseled me stroking the top of my head

I needed no more encouragement than that to fade away again.

While Unconscious
"Ivana, you sound like you are really concerned about Roscoe,"
Phyllis accused.

"Between the information you gathered at his apartment and what
I learned talking with him Phyllis, I may be starting to have feelings for
Roscoe," Ivana admitted, sheepishly.

"Why ever would you, girl?" Phyllis asked surprised at the girl's

"Don't you feel it? Haven't you gotten the sense that Roscoe is
more than just any old guy?" Ivana was almost amazed that Phyllis had
not felt what she did.

"Granted, I don't think he is like most men I know," Phyllis

"Of course, that's why we selected him. He is a man who doesn't
quite fit in," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen stated.

"I hope we can help him feel better about himself," Ivana stated,
much to the surprise of the other women.

"Roscoe sure must have gotten to you girl," Phyllis stated looking
Ivana over.

"Nothing that will get in the way of our work, Phyllis," Ivana
declared "It may make for more interesting results though," she added

"Well, our experimental results are what they are, interesting is
only how you feel about them," Phyllis remarked logically.

"Yes... of course..." Ivana replied lost in thought.

Roscoe Awakens

I swam back up to conscious to view the lovely face of Ivana, "Oh,
hi Ivana."

"You should be feeling much better today. Phyllis had to grab
some shut-eye and asked me to watch over you," Ivana informed me with
a smile.

"Oh my, you two must have really hit it off. I didn't think that
Phyllis would leave you alone with me," I told her.

"Phyllis is sweet. I think we have come to know each other well
enough that she trusts me," Ivana claimed as she reached over and gave
me a big hug.

"I didn't thank you for what you said to mother last night. I
couldn't help overhearing you when I was outside in the hallway," she
admitted sheepishly.

"I don't let people talk my friends down," I stated in explanation.

"Mom was so nice to me after that for the whole evening. It was
strange, but I liked it," Ivana informed me with a confused expression on
her face. "She actually talked to me like I was a person, not just her

"That's great. You deserve to be treated like a woman now, you
are eighteen after all," I claimed while stroking her cheek.

"I like having you for a friend," Ivana claimed, standing back up
and grinning ear to ear.

"Well, I'll have to owe you for taking care of me while I was out," I
promised her with a smile.

"You don't owe me anything. That's what friends do for each
other," she smiled sweetly and winked at me.

"That's what I meant. I'll be there when you need me," I clarified
and winked back at her.

"Okay silly, it is time for you to trot off to the bathroom and try to
relieve yourself. That should tell me if you are alright and all of your
motor functions are working," Ivana declared, now in her professional

"Are you going to watch?" I asked suspiciously.

"I wasn't planning on it, but if you think you are going to need
help..." she offered.

"No, no, I think I can manage," I quickly informed her, as I scooted
to the edge of the bed to stand up.

Ivana was waiting to lend me a hand getting to my feet. I then
made my way into the bathroom without any difficulties and performed
my appointed task.

When I made it back to my bed Ivana declared, "You look fine to
me Roscoe. Here is a bottle of pain medicine with the directions printed
on it, which we will take home with you. So now, if you would be so kind
as to get dressed, your chauffer is waiting to take you home," she
announced with a smile and left my room.

I dressed feeling mostly myself once again, although a bit weak
from the surgery. When it came time to put my shoes on, I bent over to
tie them and everything went fuzzy, and then black.

When I again opened my eyes, Ivana had my head cradled in her
lap, while she slapped my hand to bring me around, "Oh good. Are you

"I think so. I just bent over to tie my shoes," I informed her, "and
then everything went black on me."

"Okay, that isn't too unexpected. You are a little weak from the
surgery. You have lost a little blood. Here, let me help you up," Ivana
said as she stood and held out her hand.

I got to my feet with my shoes still untied. Ivana pushed my butt
onto the bed, kneeled down, and tied my shoes for me. God, that was
embarrassing, "Oh my Ivana, I feel so embarrassed having you tie my
shoes for me."

"Stop that you," Ivana consoled me, "you are recovering from an
operation, so no macho stuff. You can be weak and accept help, it's

"Yah, I guess that was my father talking," I analyzed.

"It sounds like you have some parental issues just like I do," she

"I've never really thought so, but you may be right," I admitted, the
idea being new to me.

"Well, your shoes are tied, and now I will get your limo," Ivana
declared as she spun on her heel and left my room.

I sat there wondering what was up, when Ivana returned pushing
a wheel chair, "Here is your ride sir."

"I can walk just fine Ivana," I complained.

"Hospital policy hon.. All patients ride out in a wheel chair," Ivana
informed me, then went on with, "If you were thinking that I was going to
push you though, you can relax. The orderly will be here in a moment to
do that."

"Oh, well that is a relief. My male chauvinist pride will feel much
better now," I teased.

"Right, that same one who was feeling weird that a girl tied your
shoes?" Ivana tossed the ball back in my court.

"Guilty as charged," I conceded as I took a seat in the wheel chair.

"You are almost too easy Roscoe," Ivana complained.

"I can see myself as others might, so I knew that you had a point,"
I explained earnestly.

"You are such a different man Roscoe... I know I am going to
enjoy being your friend," Ivana claimed as the orderly entered the room.

The orderly just grasped the handles of the chair and started
whisking me down the corridor, waited for the elevator, and cruised me
to Ivana's SUV. There, I stood up and he disappeared with the chair,
leaving Ivana and I to climb into her vehicle and start the short trip to
my apartment.

"I thought that your mother would be here this morning," I
started, trying to breach a subject, which was important to me.

"Oh, sorry... it slipped my mind," Ivana told me as she reached
into her purse and pulled out an envelope, "This is what you were
inquiring about?"

"Sorry, I didn't want to seem mercenary. I am your friend without
the money. I am just trying to make Phyllis happy," I claimed, as I
accepted the envelope.

"She has been urging you to get your car running?" Ivana asked

"More like threatening me that if I don't we won't be together
much longer," I explained, "I can see her point though. If we don't have
time together we will soon discover other options I guess."

"That is terrible. I should have a talk with Phyllis. Letting a little
thing like a car come between you two," Ivana sounded more than
slightly miffed.

"Oh, no... don't do that. It's all right. Phyllis is really busy with
her school work and all. I understand why she would want me to be able
to meet with her without wasting a bunch of time."

"You are probably right. I don't have the best people skills in the
world. She might take it wrong and then both, you and her would be
mad at me," she reasoned, as she pulled the SUV out of the parking lot.

"It's not... well ah... Actually to be honest Ivana, I don't think I
deserve a beautiful smart woman like Phyllis," I admitted. "I don't think I
even really rate high enough to be your friend, but I'll do my best. Just
like I am doing everything I can so Phyllis is happy."

"She doesn't deserve you," Ivana declared.

"I know, she deserves something better," I moped.

"Well hon. if she dumps you, I'd take you in a heartbeat," Ivana
declared, "Even though I usually don't go for males..."

"Wow, I am flattered. That is just about the nicest thing anyone
ever said to me," I declared somewhat shocked.

"Why would you say that?"

"In that one sentence you admitted to being a lesbian, and that
you would be willing to go against your nature to be with me. That is
correct isn't it?" I analyzed thoroughly.

"You are quick Roscoe. Yes, I prefer girls, but I haven't been in a
relationship in quite a while. I like how sensitive you are. It is almost
like being with another woman when we talk," she explained, blushing
up a storm.

"I will take that as you meant it then Ivana. Most guys might be
upset being compared like that to a woman," I told her with a snicker.

"See that's what I mean, you can feel what I mean, even if I don't
say it right," she affirmed.

"I hate to change the subject, but do you know where you are
going?" I asked finally realizing that I had not been giving her directions.

"No problem Roscoe, everyone knows where you live..." she stated
staring out of the windshield at the road ahead.

"Wha... wha... what? What do you mean everyone knows where I
live?" I was suddenly feeling very paranoid.

Ivana cracked up laughing, "Roscoe, Phyllis told me how to get to
your place, silly."

"You scared the heck out of me..."

"Roscoe, even if she hadn't told me, you do remember giving
mother your home address when you filled out the agreement forms,
don't you?" she reminded me with a smirk.

"So, in truth, we, 'the research team,' know where you live. That
doesn't bother you does it?" she asked.

"Heck no, I guess there is no reason for it to, it was just the way
you said it the first time that spooked me."

"Well I got you to the right place didn't I," she asked as she pulled
into my apartment building's lot and then right up to my front door.

"Yes, this is my place," I admitted.

Ivana climbed out of her side and met me as I exited the vehicle,
"You are going to invite me in aren't you?"

"Oh, sure," I said as I pulled my keys from my pocket.

I opened the door and she escorted me to the sofa, saying, "Now,
park your butt there while I get you something to drink. Oh, is the
remote handy, or should I grab that for you before going into the

"The remote is right here on the coffee table. You don't have to do
any of this, I feel fine. I can get my own soda."

"Shhh! You lie there and be quiet. I promised Phyllis I would take
good care of you until she can get here," she told me as she ducked into
my kitchen.

Ivana popped in with a glass of cola, placed in on the coffee table,
and then went off down the hallway towards my bedroom. I heard her
rooting around in there and became concerned that she might stumble
across things she shouldn't, "Ivana? What are you looking for?"

"I am trying to find a blanket. I figured that the pillows on the bed
would suffice for your head, but I didn't want to take the bedding off it,"
she called back to me. "Oh, and I was looking for some pajamas but I
couldn't find any, except for one of Phyllis's nighties."

"I don't wear anything in bed Ivana. Pajamas always rode up on
me," I clarified so she would not continue to look. "There is a blanket in
the hall linen closet."

"I suppose I should have asked. I must say though, you have the
neatest house I have seen other than mom's."

"Thanks. I knew company was coming over so I straightened it
up," I lied. She was already beginning to think I was unmanly. I
couldn't bring myself to give her any more ammo.

"You did a great job of it," she enthused. "You and Phyllis must be
quite an item for her to leave so much of her stuff here."

'Now what do I tell her...?' I thought fearfully.

"Actually, that stuff isn't Phyllis's. My last girl friend left it and I
couldn't bring myself to throw it away," I told her hoping that she
wouldn't press the issue.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to pry," she let the subject fade while she
wrapped me up in the blanket and tossed a couple of pillows on the sofa
for me.

"Shoot, it's time for your pain meds hon.," she declared as she
grabbed the bottle from her purse and doled out two tablets for me to
take. "Here, take these with your soda and maybe then you can grab
some more sleep."

I took the pills and began feeling drowsy quickly thereafter.

Info Update
"Yes, mom? This is Ivana. I'm at Roscoe's place," she said into
the cell phone.

"Great honey. Did you get a chance to snoop around any?" Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen asked her.

"Oh yes, no problem. Phyllis is right, what she suspected and
what we had hoped for seems to pan out," she informed her mother.

"Great dear, you make an inventory of the stuff and Fax it over to
us so the grad students can get busy."

"Not a problem mom. I have to tell you though, it is some damn
nice stuff!" she remarked.

"Alright dear, glad to hear it. Get busy now. Phyllis will be along
in a while to relieve you. I'll see you in a few hours," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen
told her. "Bye, bye."

"Goodbye mother."

Changing of the Guard
I awakened to hear, "He has been really quiet all afternoon,

"Well, that's a relief. I was dreading having him ask me to, get
this, do that, fluff my pillow..." Phyllis complained.

"God, I wish he would have. I love doing little things for him. I
don't think he will ask though, he won't want to be a bother," Ivana
declared, defended my character.

"Good, then I can get some studying in. I just hope he doesn't
play the television too loudly," Phyllis declared, as I heard her laying out
her books and things on the kitchen table.

"That is a terrible attitude Phyllis. You don't deserve Roscoe. He
is so sensitive and caring. You exude an attitude more closely
resembling a male chauvinist pig than he does," Ivana accused, "I think
he should be treated better, and if you don't straighten up girl, I..."

"You'll what? Become a heterosexual and start dating him? Ha,
that will happen about the time monkeys fly out of my ass," Phyllis
taunted the younger woman.

"You shouldn't test me Phyllis. You know better. You were in the
same school as I was when we were little, only you were a couple of years
ahead of me back then," Ivana told Phyllis with a hint of ominous
warning in her voice.

"Chill out Ivana. Gosh, get a grip girl. You didn't even know the
guy until Friday," Phyllis tried to soothe the insensed girl.

"Phyllis, I just feel connected to him somehow. I won't have him
treated badly," Ivana sounded like the one in charge of this situation and
wasn't about to be dissuaded.

"All right, all right, I'll be loving and caring. But I'm not screwing
him, even if he's wearing women's clothes," Phyllis declared.

"If he wakes up while you are shooting your mouth off, I'll insist
on you fucking the daylights out of him," Ivana threatened.

I was glad they couldn't see me from the kitchen. Even though I
was still feigning sleep, I was certainly blushing up a storm. Humiliated
and deceived, I quietly cried myself back to sleep.

Phyllis Gets the Boot
The next time I awakened, I opened my eyes to check out the
current situation. I couldn't hear anyone talking so I just lay there
working out what I'd heard. The only thing that kept going through my
head was what a rube I had been. I knew it was too good to be true.
How could I think that a woman with as much going for her as Phyllis
has, would settle for a nothing like me?

Phyllis came walking into the living room while I was fretting
things out and said, "Oh, it's good to see you awake. You have been
sleeping for most of the day. Can I get you anything while I'm up?"

"No, thank you anyway, Phyllis. There is one thing you can do for
me though..." I was fighting back tears. I didn't want her to see me cry.

"What can I do for you?" she asked sweetly.

"You can leave my home and never come back," I told her, just as
the tears started flowing.

"Wha... wha... what?" Phyllis stammered, taken aback.

"Please go away. I never want to see you again," I told her as I
reached into my pocket and retrieved the check that Ivana had given me,
"Here, take this back to Ivana and the rest. I quit. I heard you talking to
Ivana. I know everything."

Phyllis at least had the decency to blush as she took the check,
her purse, and herself from my life, while I blubbered into my pillow.

When I finally ran out of tears and energy, I dozed off again,
immersed in feeling, loss, remorse, and foolish.


Sometime towards the evening, the doorbell rang, but I couldn't
bring myself to answer it. I was too depressed and I knew it would be
someone I didn't want to talk to.

Monday rolled around and I called in to work, sick. I wasn't ready
to see anyone yet.

The phone rang occasionally, but I let the answering machine deal
with it. Twice there were people at my door but they received no

Finally, around six, I heard someone playing with my door locks
just before the door opened and I heard, "Mr. Hobgood? This is the
police department. We have a court order to enter your home to verify
your well being, as ordered by your physician. She is worried about you,
since you haven't been answering your phone... oh, there you are. Your
doctor is with me. She is concerned about possible complications from
your recent surgery."

I couldn't bring myself to reply.

I heard Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen speak into her cell phone and
minutes later a couple of guys came into my place, put me on a gurney,
while Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen injected me with something to put me out

The Truth - Some of It
I came around in a hospital bed with Ivana cradling my head and
crying her eyes out, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry..." she kept
saying like a mantra.

"Why are you sorry? I'm just a guinea pig after all," I declared

"No, no, no! Not ever! Honestly Roscoe, you were always much
more than that to me," she blubbered. "I can't expect you to forgive me
for not telling you the truth right away. I only hope that you can keep
from hating me."

"So, what is this experiment really about? Other than to make fun
of the... I'm so ashamed," I wept.

"No, don't be," she held me so tightly, it was becoming hard to

I just lay there not sure what to do anymore. If the word was out,
I couldn't live like that. The only way out would be...

"I can't live with the shame," I declared.

"What shame are you talking about?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Phyllis found my... private things and told people," I couldn't
bring myself to say it.

"Phyllis is in big trouble right now. She didn't tell 'people' she told
the research group that she knew someone who fit the description of the
person we were looking for. It's my fault that she kept seeing you. She
was going to break things off weeks ago, but I insisted that she help us to
get you into the study. I... I... didn't know you then... I can't forgive
myself for hurting you like this," she bawled, her tears falling on my face.

"Mom was just going to write you off... I had to throw a fit to get
her to declare a medical emergency so they could get you," Ivana
informed me.

"I was wondering why that cop broke into my apartment," I replied
still in shock, but my too soft heart was going out to Ivana. She sounded
so genuinely upset.

"Actually it was a locksmith who opened the door. Your lock is
still alright and your door isn't all smashed like on the cop shows," she
informed me.

"Why?" was, the only question I could utter.

"Why, use a locksmith, or the big why?" her voice trembled as she

"Why?" I answered.

"The big why then... Um, well we have been mapping different
kinds of brains to find out why some are different from others. We have
openly gay men. We have men, who have changed sexes, who are
straight, macho men, and business men. We have women, lipstick
lesbians, Butch lesbians, straight women, business women, and
housewives. I wanted to have a man who is confused about his
sexuality. I never thought about how much it would hurt you going
about it the way we did," she started weeping again. "Nobody else
knows, I promise! If Phyllis says anything to anyone, she will find her
school funding evaporating right under her snooty bitch nose."

"I had so few things, which my life was built around and now they
are all gone," I declared, wallowing in self-pity.

"No, no, no, you have lots to live for," she assured me.

"Name two," I challenged.

"You have a good job..." she started.

"My job sucks," I declared.

"Okay, you have a nice car," she attempted.

"It's a worn out, old BMW without a transmission," I informed her,
"Not what you could call nice."

"You have friends," she put forth.

"I thought I had friends, look how two of them turned out?"

"I swear I really want to be your friend. I won't let anything else
happen to you without you knowing about it first. Never again, I
promise," she crossed her heart and then held me again.

"Why would you want to be a sissy's friend? You knew that the
things you discovered in my room were mine all along," I told her, trying
to hide my face in the pillow next to me.

"If you will still let me, I really want to be your friend. I'll even do
everything I can to help you," she promised.

"Help me, what? Help me with makeup, color coordination, or
worse, help me to 'accept myself?" I asked frightened that she would
consider any of them.

"I don't think any of that would help. I have something else in
mind, but I can't say what it is right now," she declared. "It's not that I
won't tell you, I need some more experimental results before I can be
sure it is possible. Some of that data must come from you though."

"I couldn't face those women... knowing that they know..." I
declared to my pillow.

"Would you be able to do it if they are all naked?" she asked in a
dead pan voice.

"Na... Na... Naked?" I stammered.

"I promise that whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable
around them, they and I will do," she said in a whisper to my ear.

"No one at my job, knows about it?" I asked

"If anyone even makes a snide comment, you tell me. Phyllis will
regret the day she grew teeth," Ivana threatened.

"Did you really mean it when you said that if Phyllis dumped me,
you would take me?"

"God, if you would only have me. I would be so happy," she kissed
my head and hugged me.

"I wish I could feel safer about Phyllis, not letting the cat out of the

"I can do that for you right now. Phyllis is bisexual. I was her last
girl friend," Ivana informed me. "She wouldn't want that to get out
either. Everyone knows that I am a lesbian, so it doesn't matter to me if
it gets out."

"Doesn't it bother you to be singled out and whispered about?
Doesn't it bother your mother?" I asked naively.

"I have always been whispered about and mom's a lesbian too,"
she informed me.

"My word, I bet men's hearts are breaking everywhere. She is
such a beautiful woman, and her daughter is too stunning for words," I

"Does that mean you will not hate me?" she sounded shocked and

"You were really trying to keep me from knowing that you knew
about me?" I asked for clarification.

"Yes, I told Phyllis that I didn't want to scar your psyche, so it
would be better if you didn't know our real intent. I was hoping to find
things out to help you and others," she informed me earnestly.

"I thought that this was your, mother's project?" I was confused

"Part of it is. She won't be going as far as I had planned on. Now,
she won't even understand some of what I have in mind," Ivana stated

"Your mother doesn't even realize how brilliant you are, does she?"
I inquired.

"Mom is a genius in her own right. She doesn't think of me as
anything but her little girl."

"That is hard to believe," I softly said.

"She is very engrossed in her research. She hasn't even noticed
that I have been correcting her work for her since I was eleven," she
whispered into my ear. "Now you have some dirt on me too."

"You didn't have to tell me that. I am not a vindictive person," I
assured her.

"One good thing for you about accepting being my boy friend is, I
have my own car," she pointed out.

"Are you really serious?" I asked in astonishment.

"Well, we can at least date and feel things out," she announced,
"You may decide that I am the bitch queen of the universe and dump

"I guess I was being stupid," I remarked, "I assumed that my
'secret' was general knowledge. I couldn't live knowing what people
would think of me," I explained.

"Well what are people going to think if they see you dating a
lesbian?" she asked with a sly smile.

"That I am hung like a dinosaur..." I replied quietly.

Ivana let out a snort and replied, "I see the way to cure a lesbian is
with a really big penis, is that it?"

"What else would attract a lesbian to a male?" I asked her.

"A man with a foot long tongue might," she teased.

"That explains the lisp then..." I assumed.

Ivana giggled and declared, "You are so cute," as she hugged me.

"So what now? Have I been committed to a psychiatric ward?" I
asked, attempting to clarify my status.

"No, I had mom just put you back in the hospital. She claimed it
was a reaction to the surgery," Ivana informed me.

"You will be here for another day or two. Don't worry about your
job either, we called in for you and explained your absence," she added.

"Thanks, I appreciate everything you have done for me. I am not
angry with you either, now that you have been honest with me," I
admitted, looking up into her eyes.

"Can I kiss you now?" she asked, sounding very uncertain.

"No," I replied.

"What?" she answered, sounding hurt.

"I haven't brushed my teeth in days. I must have dragon breath
by now," I answered sheepishly.

"Oh! I thought..." she trailed off.

"I don't want our first kiss to be unpleasant," I told her while
blushing up a storm.

"Why don't I go and get a cup of coffee and give you some time to
think?" she tactfully concluded, as she gently placed my head onto the
pillow while she slipped out of the bed.

When she was gone, I went to the bathroom, performed the three
'S's, and brushed my teeth. When that was complete, wearing a new
gown, I slipped back into the bed.

It wasn't long before Ivana slipped back into my room, saw I was
back in bed, and stuck her head back outside the door. I heard her say
something and then she slipped back in with me.

"What was that about?" I asked curiously.

"Breakfast. They were going to deliver it when I left so I had them
hold off until you were ready," she informed me, right before the door
opened again to reveal a cart, pushed by a nurse.

"Here you are Mr. Hobgood," she sweetly stated, "Would you like
orange, grape, or cranberry juice with your breakfast?"

"Cranberry juice please," I informed her.

The nurse placed a cranberry juice onto my table and disappeared
back out the door.

"You like the same juice as I do," Ivana declared.

"Ivana? I hate to sound cheap, but who is paying for my stay?" I
inquired, just before stuffing some scrambled eggs into my face.

"Our research project has insurance for just this kind of

"That's a relief. I figured that I was using up all of my 'pay' staying
here," I told her.

"Oh, by the way, I hope you won't be upset with me, but I had
your car towed to a mechanic yesterday. It should be repaired by
Wednesday, and don't worry, it is all paid for."

"Why did you do that?" I couldn't believe my ears.

"After everything we did to you, I felt you deserved it," she told me
with a hug.

"Where did you take it?" I was reeling with the news.

"The local BMW dealership, of course," she stated as if it were a
stupid question.

I almost fainted. I could have had the transmission replaced with
one out of a wreck, but knowing the dealership, they would insist on
stuffing a rebuild into it. She had just spent almost four thousand
dollars on a two thousand dollar car.

"Oh... uh... thank you very much," I stammered. I couldn't bring
myself to tell her what a silly waste of money it was. "That must have
been quite expensive."

"Yes, you wouldn't have made enough money to pay for it in our
program. After Phyllis made you think that you had to get the car
repaired or loose her, I had to have it fixed for you," she adamantly

I started to tear-up a bit, knowing how much she had to have

"What's that for?" she asked, not used to a man showing his
feelings like this.

"You spent so much on me..." I sniffed.

"Hon., I hate to tell you this... I'm wealthy. I still live with mom
and all, but I have my own money. Grandpa left a substantial amount to
mother and I. I don't have to work at all if I don't want to," she stated,
almost apologetically.

"I won't hold that against you, if you don't hold poverty against
me," I agreed.

"Never," she stated. "You are too precious to be poor, hon.."

"Nobody ever said that before," I teared-up again, ready to

"Would you finish your breakfast so that we can take a walk?" she
admonished me.

"Okay, okay," I told her starting to shovel the food into myself.

"God, I want to ask you questions, but I need to wait till later..."
she complained.

"Why is that?" I asked around a mouthful of hash browns.

I need to record your responses through the implants," she
informed me sadly.

"Can you do that here?" I inquired naively.

"No, it is a bit too sophisticated to be very portable, however we
could stick you in a chair and wheel you into the next building where the
gear is," she reasoned.

"Fine by me," I replied, naively.

"You don't know the last little bit yet..." she cautioned.

What is that?"

"I would have to administer a hypnotic to you. You wouldn't
remember the session. You wouldn't be able to respond deceptively
either," she informed me, now quite seriously.

"I knew that. Will everybody but me, be naked?" I asked in my
best innocent voice.

"If... if... if you insist, yes, everybody but you will be naked," she
answered with a hard gulp and looking pale.

"You really would do that, wouldn't you?" I asked in astonishment.

"Yes, I said we would," she confirmed.

"I wouldn't make everyone do that. Maybe just lingerie..." I

"Done and done," she replied.

"No, no... I was just joking..." I stammered.

"Nope, that's the deal," she informed me, "But if you see any you
like, be sure to tell me, won't you?"

"On them or..." I dared not say what I was thinking.

"Either way. I love sexy lingerie on women as much or more than
you do," she declared.

Ivana went on, "So, when do you want to do this?"

"Anytime you are ready actually," I declared.

"I'll be right back," Ivana assured me as she slipped out of my

It wasn't ten minutes before she was back saying, "All ready if you
are sweetheart."

"Might as well get on with paying you back," I agreed.

"It's not about paying me, or us back, it is about helping you now,
Roscoe," Ivana declared with total conviction. "In addition, if you will
expose your cute ass to me, I have something for you," Ivana told me
smiling sweetly with a syringe in her hand.

I rolled my butt to her and felt the sting of a needle as it pierced
my ass.

Right away, I felt things go weird. The buzz I had going was
indescribable. Damn, Doctors have all the good drugs!

Ivana Tells What Happened
My sweet Roscoe let me shoot his nice butt full of hypnotics and
then he passively stepped into the wheelchair so that the orderly could
push him to the lab.

Once we arrived, Roscoe passively climbed into the scanner and
we placed the helmet, which would interface with his implants over his

We began several types of stimulus. We showed him pictures of
sexy lingerie, we showed him pictures of naked female and male
genitalia, we showed him pictures of heterosexual couples having sex, we
showed him pictures of lesbians having sex, and we showed him pictures
of homosexuals having sex and registered his neurological responses.
We then stimulated his skin with different items such as silk, flannel,
nylon, wool, fur, oatmeal, baby oil, water, and we showed him many
different colors, every time we recorded his neurological responses.
When the hypnotic started to wear off, the orderly was called to transport
Roscoe back to his hospital room, where I gave him a shot of morphine to
make sure he slept for a while.

Back to Bed
Ivana was sitting next to my bed when I came around again, "Ah,
there you are. You were great in the lab, Roscoe. I have been analyzing
the information that we gathered from you and correlating it with other
scans. It is almost confusing at this point. However, that is wonderful to
learn," she shook her head while scratching it, a puzzled look painted
across her face.

"Can I see?" I asked thinking that I might be able to shed some
light on her findings.

"No way! It could throw the data off the next time we have you in
the lab. Oh, and the ladies all wanted to know what you thought of their
lingerie," she asked with a big smile.

"They, were in their lingerie? I... I... I didn't see them," I
complained with my lower lip stuck out.

"Sure you did. They all paraded right in front of you. I have the
reaction right here in my printout," she pointed.

"You had me on that hallucinogen, how was I supposed to
remember seeing them?" I whined.

"That's all right, I am still willing to parade around in my lingerie,
if you insist. We will have to wait until I get you home though," she
offered, with a wink.

"You sure know how to make a patient want to become well
again," I praised her bedside manner.

"Thank you. I have gotten your doctor to release you, so if you
would like, get dressed so your girl friend can drive you home," she told
me, making no effort to leave the room so that I might do as she asked.

"Um... I would, but..." I trailed off.

"Oh, sure! No problem, I'll help you get dressed," she offered.
Ivana stood, opened the closet, and held out my jockeys for me to step

I just lay there with my mouth agape.

"Well, come on! You don't mind letting your girl friend see you
naked, do you?" she asked, with a strange smile.

I thought for only another moment, before stepping into my

Ivana slipped them up my legs and over my hips then patted my
package saying, "Good, at least I know that you weren't pulling my leg
when you said you wanted me."

She held out my pants and I stepped into those as well.

Then she pulled a fast one on me, she held out a shirt made of
silk. It was a man's shirt, but it wasn't one of mine.

"That's not..." I started to say.

Ivana held her finger up to my lips and said, "It is a gift from me to
you. Just accept it and put it on."

I slipped the shirt on and shuddered all over, a look of almost
sexual satisfaction on my face.

"I knew you would like it," she clapped her hands and bounced

My heart was racing wildly it felt so nice.

"Well, sit down and I'll do your shoes for you. We don't want you
passing out on us again," she bent down and put some loafers on my

"Wait, those aren't mine..." I protested.

She answered with, "Hon., when we brought you here, you were
not wearing shoes. I picked some up at the store for you so you can get
home. Relax will you?" she admonished, while helping me to my feet.

I knew though, the loafers she put on me were hand made Italian
loafers, and very expensive.

"Oh my, these feel like soft slippers..." I moaned.

"Alright, go ahead and orgasm, I'll wait," she teased with her arms
folded over her breasts.

I looked on with desire, but dared not tell her the real reason.

"No orgasm? I really was hoping..." she prodded, "Oh well, I'll
have to make you cum when you get home instead."

I could only blush in response while, she took my hand, and lead
me to the wheelchair, which awaited us outside the room and then on to
her SUV.

"I have to admit that I am still stunned that you, a lesbian, wants
to be my girl friend," I admitted as she wheeled through traffic in her
SUV on our way to my apartment.

"Well don't get your hormones in an uproar just yet hon.," she

I felt reality twist, as I thought, 'Here it comes...'

"I'm not going to just jump into the sack with you," she informed
me, "Like I said, we still have a lot of discovery about each other, before I
will do the horizontal bop with you."

"As with any new relationship," I agreed. "You had me wondering
though with the briefs and all."

"Actually that was kind of a test..." she answered. "Did you notice
that they too, are silk yet?"

I started a bit, and then carefully slid my hand into my pants and
verified that what she said was true.

"Checked it out, did you? Yes, I did a switcheroo on you," she
claimed. "You don't mind do you?"

"Uh, yes, I did. I am so excited but, I am not sporting any wood," I
admitted. "Strange isn't it?"

"Not to me," she answered, "I wear silk undies all the time. I love
how they feel."

"Girls are so lucky that way," I complained, trying to keep the envy
out of my voice.

"Yes, we are," she admitted in a dead pan voice.

"That was a non-threatening reply if I ever heard one," I called her
on her attempt to obfuscate.

"Sorry, I have to be careful not to say anything which might skew
our results," she stated, but went on, "If you will trust me just a little, I
promise that I will explain everything later. Can you accept that, and the
fact that I only want the best for you?"

"Yes, I think I can," I answered, but with a slight trepidation.

Things were pretty much, silent from that point until we reached
my apartment.

She parked and then held my hand to steady me as I made my
way to the door. I pulled the key out and let us in, and then asked,
"What now?"

She pushed me onto the sofa and nearly sucked my tongue out of
my head.

When I came up for air, I told her, "I have never been kissed like
that in my life!"

"Well, get used to it. I love kissing. This could be hurdle number
one. If you don't like to kiss like that, then tell me now..."

I grabbed her delicious face and tried my best to stick my tongue
down into her stomach.

She was the one gasping for air when we came up next, "Ooh, I
knew that you were a jewel amongst common stones!"

It was her turn to dive in for a tonsil tickle, and she was nobody's
amateur. My cock was at full mast, all four inches of it. I've never been
proud of my manhood. I know that I am below average in length. It has
never been a main force in my life, like some of my friends claim, of

She sucked face with me for fifteen minutes solid until I started
jerking in orgasm.

Her reaction to that was astounding. She giggled.

Now, for most men, the last thing that they want to hear is a
woman giggle after they orgasm. For me, I found it to be encouraging.

"I always wondered if I could make someone orgasm just by
kissing them. I love doing that to you. I hope you liked it, did you?" she
asked uncertainly.

"There is no such thing as a bad orgasm, Ivana," I explained, "I
would love to be able to take you to the heights of pleasure, I know that
you are capable of."

"Are you sure?" she asked with a strange expression on her face.

"Whatever it takes, I would be happy to pleasure you," I told her

"Do you think that you can keep your pecker under control?" she
inquired, "I do not want you inside me, at least not yet."

"I, unlike many of my fellows, am not lead around by my dick," I
altruistically claimed.

"Alright, you trusted me, so I trust you. Can we move this into
your boudoir?"

"Certainly," I answered, struggling to my feet and leading her into
my bedroom.

"I need you to help me now..." she started.

"Anything, you just name it," I replied.

She looked down towards her feet, "I hesitate to ask you this, but
you know that I am a lesbian, right?"

"Of course, I have known that all along," I replied.

"Would... would you please put some of your private clothes on for
me? So it makes me feel like I am in bed with another lesbian?" she
pleaded uncertainly.

I paled substantially. I felt the blood all drain out of my face. I
replied, "I look like shit in those things. I can barely stand to see myself
in them. My male body just looks gross. B... b... but if you want me to, I
will... just please don't make me parade around in the light."

"I think that darkness might help both of us," she agreed as she
hugged me tightly.

"Okay, you climb into bed and I will put on a nightie and join you.
Will that be enough?" I asked unsurely.

"Would you wear the Royal Blue one? That is my favorite..." she
asked revealing that she had gone through my stash and had even
discovered something there that she really liked.

"Sure, I like that one myself. I just wish it would look half as good
on me, as it would on you," I carped.

"Yes, I know you do," she admitted as she climbed into my bed
and turned off the lights.

I snagged the blue nightie and slipped it on in the dark. As I
crawled in next to Ivana, she stroked my flank with her hand in the dark.
I moaned loudly and fell to the mattress.

"Do you mind if we just kiss and cuddle tonight?" she asked

"Whatever you would like, I am just happy to have a gorgeous
woman in my bed," I told her with a kiss on her cheek.

"You don't get off that easy mister," she declared, right before she
stuck her tongue down my throat.

We kissed for fifteen minutes easily. She placed my hands on her
breasts, and played with my nipples. Towards the end of the fifteen
minutes, Ivana grasped one of my hands and slipped it between her
thighs. She was incredibly wet, but when I went to pleasure her, she
grabbed my wrist and said, "Not yet. I just wanted you to know how hot
you made me. I think that we need to stop now, before neither one of us

"All right, I know how difficult this has to be for you. I am more
than willing to take it slowly, even if eventually you discover that you just
can't go further," I held her beautiful face in my hands and looked her
directly in the eyes, and then continued, "I already feel so very special
that you would go even this far with me."

"You better kiss me now," she demanded, and then stroked my
head while we both fell asleep.

The Day After
I awakened to the insistent sound of the phone ringing, "Hello?" I

"Roscoe if you have Ivana there and have knocked her up..." Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen screeched twenty decibels louder than a jet airliner
taking off.

All of the blood must have drained out of my face because Ivana
grabbed the phone from me and said, "Is that you Mother?"

"Ivana, you better not..."

Ivana cut her off saying, "Shut up, mother! It is none of your
business if Roscoe and I are sleeping together and if you ever speak
harshly to Roscoe again, not only will I make certain that he knocks me
up, but I will artificially inseminate as many lesbians with his seed as I
can get away with! You have no business calling here, especially at this
hour of the morning. Now if you will settle down, Roscoe and I will be in
the lab in about three hours. Good bye!" Ivana slammed the phone
down and hugged me.

"Did I assume what she said to you correctly?" she asked my

"Pretty much I guess. I was worried she would come after me with
a scalpel," I admitted a bit stunned at what had just happened.

"She still has a problem with males after all of these years," she
explained, "It isn't about you specifically, it's all men in general. Usually
she keeps a good mask up in mixed company, but she is definitely a die
hard lesbian. I'm sure it has to do with her rape."

"I don't blame her. I feel sorry for her, but we didn't do anything.
We did some heavy petting and kissing, but as far as I'm concerned you
are still a virgin," I claimed, being careful not to touch her.

"Relax Roscoe. Mom won't lay a hand on you, I promise," she said
grabbing my hands and placing them around her.

"Won't your mom fire you?" I asked with concern.

"She can't fire me. I don't work for her. We may share a lab,
subjects, data, and resources, but I have my own grants. She needs me
as much or more than I need her," she declared confidently.

"Oh? I didn't know that. So what are we going to do for three
hours before going to the lab?" I asked.

"I thought that we might start with a shower, dressing, and then
have breakfast. Now the only thing you need to decide is, can you take a
shower with me without trying to poke me with your pole, or do we have
to shower separately?"

"Sounds like fun. Have you ever showered with a man before?" I
asked, already knowing the answer.

"Of course not. Have you ever showered with a lesbian before?"
she fired back.

"Actually... no," I had to admit.

"Then this should be a new experience for both of us. Do you
have a safety razor around that I can borrow?" she added.

"Sure, I have shaving cream too. But they aren't pink, sorry," I
informed her.

"No problem," she told me, as she exited the bed, took my hand,
and dragged me to the bathroom. (Yes, still wearing the nightie.)

Ivana was wearing a pair of pink low rise bikini panties with inlaid
lace all over them. She was bare-naked except for that.

I couldn't help staring at how her breasts bounced and jiggled as
she walked. I was so enthralled that I didn't even notice her, watching
me, watch her.

"You like boobs, don't you?" she accused, bringing me out of my

"Sorry for staring. Yes, they enthrall me. You see my mother was
incredibly busty, so while growing up, mom was just normal to me. I
thought all woman had them as big as hers'," I admitted, looking at my
bare feet and blushing.

"Oh, so you were disappointed with mine?"

"No, no! I think your breasts are lovely. I was fascinated with how
they move and was wondering what they must feel like to you," I

"Hmm, that is more in keeping with my data. I believe you, I
really do. Uh, boobs feel annoying without a bra. They are distracting,
bouncing around and all, but when they are stimulated... oh wow, boobs
are wonderful to have. They can feel very nice in a pretty brassiere too,"
she educated me. "Huge boobs from what I am told by girls with them,
are in the way all of the time, make it so men only talk to their breasts,
and make it difficult to find clothes. I have talked to a few that really
love having them, though. How big was your mother?"

"Her bras didn't have labels in them. I measured one of them once
though. It was about 34" around the band and 62" around the cups," I
admitted sheepishly.

"Oh my!" she declared. "Wow, she was a big girl. How the heck
tall was she?"

"Five foot two," I told her, waiting for the usual exclamation of
disbelief, or for most women, declaration of sympathy for her.

"Wow, lucky girl," Ivana replied.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. That is the first
time anyone ever made that kind of response.

Ivana added, "I wish the boob fairy would have been kinder to me.
I would like to be bigger, but I don't want implants."

"Well I know this scientist lady that..." I started to say when she
punched me lightly on the arm.

"Hey, actually I never thought of doing that kind of research," she
said with a quizzical look on her face. "You know, if I could make it so
women could grow their own... damn, I would be stupidly wealth."

"Yes, in about eight years after the FDA finally approved it and
that is assuming Dow Corning didn't try to pay you off to not release it..."
I kidded.

"Okay silly, where's the razor and soap, and then get to running
the water so it's warm when we climb in," she directed.

I got the razor and all, warmed the shower, and then climbed in,
lathering up.

"I didn't want to freak you out or anything, so I waited till we were
already wet to ask you," she announced.

"What is it?"

"If you'll let me shave your legs, you can shave mine..." she asked
with trepidation.

I thought about it. Then I thought about it some more. Finally, I
decided, if she wanted this, I would be a fool not to let her, "Okay,
sounds like fun."

Ivana grinned like a five year old who's told that the cookie jar is
all hers, "I was hoping to get rid of all that fur. I hate to admit this, but
the closer I can make you look like one of us, the easier it is going to be
for me to get over my hang ups."

"All right do your worst, but I am afraid that my muscles, course
skin, size, and shoulders are still going to be out of proportion. I won't
ever look feminine," I sighed.

"You just leave that to me, Roscoe," she told me as she started
removing my leg hair.

I was really starting to enjoy what she was doing when I felt her
smear shaving cream all over my crotch, "What...?"

"Shhh... just relax and let me work honey," she declared as she
put her hand over my eyes and had me close them and she went back to
work. By the time she was finished, I didn't have a hair on my body
except for my head. She stood me up, rinsed me off, and then
announced, "There, now it's your turn."

I was feeling playful so I shaved her legs, underarms, and finished
off by shaving off her crotch hair.

"Eeep!" she declared, but calmed right back down when she
realized that she would be, shaved as smoothly as I had been. "Turn
about is fair play. This is going to be weird. I haven't been smooth down
there since I was ten."

"Sorry, but I can't help loving the way a girls crotch looks when it's
shaved smooth," I told her, sporting as much wood as I could.

"Actually, many lesbians like smooth hairless pussies. I hear it
makes for slippery tongues on their clits," she agreed. "I think I am glad
you are doing this. You will have to promise to help me keep it shaved
smooth like this, okay?"

"Eughniglflt!" I replied, ejaculating into the bottom of the tub.

"Would you like to have a pretty bottom like mine?" she asked me,
while I was still weak.

"Oh, god yes!" but as I started to realize what I had just said, "Uh,
I mean..."

Ivana placed her finger on my lips and said, "Shhh it's all right. I
knew that already. You don't have to hide your inner self from me. I
won't judge you or make you feel worth any less than the loving person I
know you are."

"I... I... I've never even said that aloud to myself before," I admitted
somewhat shocked.

"That's alright, I knew what you didn't want to admit to yourself.
You don't want to be a cross dresser, or transvestite, you are someone
who envies women for their being female," Ivana told me, being very
careful in how she worded things.

"I... I guess that is true," I said while wheels in my head were
spinning at incredible speed.

Ivana started the water flowing over both of us and hugged my
hairless body close, saying, "That is so much better!"

Between the soap and the warm water, I was in heaven squirming
against her soft and yielding flesh.

"Well enough fun, let's finish up and get dressed," she declared,
shutting down the shower and grabbing us both towels.

I climbed out and dried off, but was unsure of whether to let my
towel drop as usual, or wear it around for modesty's sake. Ivana
dropped her main towel but kept her hair wrapped in the other one, so I
followed suit.

It might not have been a good idea though. I couldn't keep my
eyes off her. Well, actually off her crotch this time.

"Oh, now you keep staring at my pussy. That's okay go ahead. I
know you aren't thinking about sex. You just wish you could have a
smooth little cleft like mine," she announced.

When she sat down and stuck her finger between her labia I
nearly fainted.

"Yes, you would do this if it was yours, all of the time wouldn't
you?" she teased.

"I know I probably wouldn't, but I would want to do it a lot I

"Well if you had one, I would do it to you a lot," she declared with
a grin.

"Oh, now that is just mean," I accused.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to sound like, 'neiner, neiner, neiner, I
got one and you don't,' I swear," she became suddenly very serious. "I
guess I am just trying to get into your head a little. I honestly wish I
could give you one."

"Why? Don't you have a few spares laying around the lab?" I
ribbed her back.

"Gosh, I suppose that I should look around more carefully. If I
find one, are you deathly certain that you want it?" she asked with a
strangely twisted smile.

"So much that I think I would take two," I declared, and then
kissed the cute little minx. "But no look-alikes! I want the real thing so,
if you find any falsies, forget them. It has to come with boobies, small
shoulders, short stature, thin waist, and wide womanly hips."

"Yes, I already knew that part too," she assured me.

"Well then you know it is impossible, so we will just have to learn
to live with it," I sighed.

"Yes," was all, she said. "Now, put on some silk panties and a nice
silk camisole, then put your jeans and a shirt over them. I want you
feeling nice and not chafing after being shaved all over."

I started to protest but she shushed me saying, "Calm down. I
won't let you be found out and I won't take you anywhere where anyone
would get suspicious, okay?"

"I'm trusting you..." I declared.

"I take your trust very seriously. But I also take my duty to you
even more seriously," she declared, slipping her panties on and then,
expertly slipping her breasts into her bra.

I donned the ensemble, which she had indicated and when we
were ready, Ivana declared, "Okay, now I am treating you to IHOP for
breakfast, and then we can confront the wicked witch."

I followed her lead. We had breakfast, and then headed to the lab.

Wicked Witch

When we slipped into the lab, it didn't take long for Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen to confront us, "Ivana, we need to talk. Young man, you
stay there."

"Mother you should speak nicely to your future son-in-law," Ivana

All of the blood drained out of Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen's face, "My

"Yes mother, Roscoe is my fiancée," Ivana declared, but winked at
me when the doctor wasn't looking.

"Have you lost your mind?"

"I..." I started to say.

"Shush Roscoe," I heard in stereo.

"Roscoe, you don't have to feel badly here, you haven't done
anything wrong," Ivana smoothed my ruffled feathers. "Mother, if you
have anything to say to me, you can say it in front of my fiancée too."

Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen's mouth opened, closed, and then opened
again, "Are you pregnant Ivana?"

My jaw almost dropped to the floor.

Ivana's response shocked me almost as much, she laughed,
outright, "Mother you are a physician! You know that Roscoe and I
haven't even know each other long enough for me to know, even if he had
fucked the daylights out of me on the way out of the lab, on the very day
we met. Get a grip. Roscoe and I have not had sex yet. He is tenderly
and lovingly helping me get over my hang-ups and I am helping him with

"That's a relief," the doctor sighed, "I am writing you a prescription
for birth control pills right now."

"That I will accept. However, only because Roscoe and I will want
to get to know each other before any little surprises pop up. Is that a fair
assessment Roscoe?" Ivana asked.

"It sounds wise to me. Not that I feel any trepidation about my
feelings for you Ivana, I just want you to be sure about me too."

"Happy, mother?"

"It will do for now dear," the doctor unhappily agreed.

"Okay, that's settled, now I must make an appointment for Roscoe
to put some of his semen away for a rainy day. Ta, ta, mother," Ivana
waved as she led me from the room.

"That should make her crazy," she declared.

"What is this, about semen?" I asked her, slightly taken aback.

"I want to be certain, that no matter what happens, I can have a
little Roscoette of my own some day," she adamantly declared.

"Okay... but what could happen?" I asked.

"Insurance companies all over the world make their livings by
'what could happen', Roscoe," she returned, "Think of this as Ivana's
insurance policy."

"I'm game... Will you stand there naked while I..." I tried to kid

"Oh, sure, anything if it helps..." she agreed.

With my eyes as round as silver dollars, she led me into the
hospital to an area I had not been in before. Ivana spoke to the nurses
then disappeared into the back, returning after only a few moments, and
then waved me back to an exam room.

"Hi Roscoe, I'm Dr. Muriel Higginbotham. I work with Ivana and
her mother on their research, when I am not here at the clinic. Ivana
has asked me to preserve a sample of your semen. Here, take this," she
handed me a jar, "and I will be back as soon as you have made your
deposit. It is a little unusual to have someone in the room during this,
but Ivana assures me that is what you wish. Have fun you two."

The door closed and Ivana stripped down to bare skin in no time.
She then grabbed my jeans, undid them, and pulled my pants and
underwear down to my ankles. She pushed me onto the exam table and
pulled up my shirt and camisole, started sucking on my nipples and
once things started to firm up, she sat down across from me and started
diddling the heck out of her beautiful pussy.

I was immediately going insane with desire. Within five minutes, I
shot my load into the jar, and Ivana had jumped up and started
squeezing my hairless balls to milk as much sperm from me as she could

I was amazed at how much sperm I deposited into that jar.

Ivana dressed quickly, took the jar with her, and left me to slowly
recover and dress. She peeked her head back in when she thought I
should be decent again, and when she found that I was, beckoned me to
follow her back to the lab.

Mind Games

"Okay mother, we need to prep Roscoe for the next survey please,"
Ivana announced as we entered the lab.

The next thing I knew, the doctor was injecting me with three
different syringes and I had become super agreeable.

I was not aware of anything else until I came to my senses in
Ivana's SUV, headed back to my place in the dark.

"Where am I?"

Ivana laughed, "You know very well you are in my car going home,

"I'm feeling less silly now, I think," I declared.

"Goodness, mother must have gotten carried away with the

"What time is it?" I asked looking about outside.

"Oh, about 7:00. You were a wonderful subject today. You even
told mother that her panties were very pretty," she laughed.

"I think I am going to have to insist on a couple of photos of this
next time. You make all of these claims and I have no recollection of any
of it. You have to admit, that is just not fair," I complained.

"All right, tomorrow I take digital photos for you, I might even take
a short video if you are being particularly sweet."

"So your mother was flattered and now thinks I am your perfect
mate," I stated, with only slight sarcasm.

"Actually she gave them to you. You will find them in your pocket.
She wanted to see you in them, but I put a stop to that," she said as we
pulled up to my place.

I pulled the panties out of my pocket and looked at them. I have
to admit, they were gorgeous. "That was very nice of her to do."

"I think she is warming up to you Roscoe," she declared as she
exited the vehicle.

We went inside and I couldn't get over how comfortable I had
become with Ivana. We were both bushed, so we headed to bed and
necked for half an hour before falling asleep. (Yes, I was wearing a

Come morning we woke leisurely and cuddled. We took our
shower together and I made breakfast for Ivana in my little kitchen.

She made tea for us. (I was so happy to find that she wasn't a
Starbucks Clone.)

Once we were prepared again, we both went to the lab together.

"Good morning, Ivana, Roscoe. Are we ready to begin today's
tests?" Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen asked as we arrived. "Oh, and is Roscoe

I blushed.

"That is private mother. If Roscoe wants you to know, that is up
to him to tell you," Ivana made clear.

"No, not today, doctor. Maybe I'll wear them tomorrow if you want
me to," I offered trying to make nice to my prospective mother-in-law.

"Never mind, they wouldn't fit you quite right," she declined.

"Sorry," I said.

"Mother..." Ivana warned.

"Sorry Roscoe, I know it's not your fault," she apologized, although

I just nodded my head.

"Well, let's get started," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen announced and had
me sit, while she injected me with four syringes full of liquids.


The same scenario played itself out for a full week before I realized
that I had not had an erection in all of that time.

Monday morning I awakened leisurely with Ivana again. We
swapped spit for half an hour, but this time I said, "Honey? Have you
noticed that I haven't had an erection for a week now?"

"Yes, I thought that you were just getting used to seeing me
naked..." she claimed.

"I think you are as hot as when I first saw you. I am becoming
concerned," I told her, "I have never gone this long without a hard-on."

"Hmm... we will check on it when we get to the hospital, before
going to the lab."

Once we made the hospital, we saw the same doctor who had
taken my semen, and she ran a blood test, which we would pick up after
my daily session.


Another full day I would not remember and I came around in the
SUV again.

"Well what's the story for today? Did I tell someone else they had
nice undies and get another present or is my dick going to just fall off on
it's own?"

"Actually, I found out that mother has been giving you huge shots
of different kinds of estrogens," Ivana admitted.

"What?" I exclaimed.

"It's okay though, I think we can use it to your advantage, if you
are willing, and truly desirous to become a real girl..." Ivana stated,
which had me shaking my head trying to clear it as she parked the SUV
outside my apartment.

"Did I just hear you correctly? Did you say that you know a way
to make me a real woman?" I knew it sounded stupid, but that is what I
thought she said.

"You did say that you would take a pussy if I found a spare one
lying around, didn't you?" she asked back. Ivana left the vehicle, lead me
into the apartment and we continued the discussion on my sofa.

"Just exactly how would your mother's pumping me full of
estrogen, help to accomplish something as impossible as that?"

"That, in and of itself would do nothing but chemically sterilize
you. I have a theoretical process however, that could use that and some
other things to alter your basic self. But you will have to be willing and
once it is begun, there will be no turning back," she stated seriously.

"If you can explain it better to me, and it would really make me
whole, I would do it in a heartbeat," I admitted.

"The doing might be easier than the explaining."

"Try me," I challenged.

"Alright, how much do you know about the human brain?" she

"Slightly more than your average Dock worker," I proclaimed.

"Do you know what neurons are?" she tried again.

"Yes, the cells of the brain whose purpose is to store and transmit
electrical data," I answered.

"Close enough. Now, have you heard of stem cells?" she asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Alright, all human bodies produce small quantities of stem cells
in their bones," she began.

"I knew that," I explained.

"Hmm, that is unusual," she commented, and then went on with,
"As you know, undifferentiated stem cells can become any cell in your
body. Right now with the Hormone Replacement Treatment, which
mother has forced upon you, your brain is forming new neurological
pathways. The female brain has almost twice the neurons as that of the
male. Now, typically these are formed with cells that have the XY
chromosome pair in your normal male. What you might not know is that
we have discovered that women only use one of the X chromosomes out
of the pair the other is inactivated. There is a biologic system, which
when triggered uses the other chromosome to repair the genetic
structure in women. Are you following so far?"

"Sure, you haven't crossed into any, too technical an area for me,

"Well now that part is going to start. I have a way to imprint
engrams from one brain to another. It is especially effective with newly
forming neurological pathways. By doing this, I can give you feminine
mannerisms, imprint many of the things women do automatically, and
make all of the changes feel quite natural. That would basically
compensate for much of your missing education in all things feminine,"
she paused to catch her breath.

"But..." I started, but she held up her hand to stay my objection.

"X-inactivation requires a locus on the X chromosome, called an
X-inactivation center. Inactivation occurs responding to a developmental
cue, which is normally present only in specific stages of embryo
development. Inactivation occurs because of a specific type of RNA,
which attaches to one X chromosome, preventing transcription of the
genes of that copy. Additionally, enzymes add methyl groups to the DNA
of the inactive X, resulting in repression of transcription and forms a
Barr body."

"What I can do is trick the DNA into thinking that the Y
chromosome is a Barr body by attaching a locus on the Y chromosome
and then triggering the repair function that will rewrite the DNA
sequence of the good X chromosome onto the Barr body. That makes
you an XX and will tell your body that you are a woman," she stated as if
that explained everything.

"You are going to have to explain that just a little bit more," I
declared, my mind whirling with the information she had given me.

"Well, I knew that you were special when we first met. Your mind
is mostly female as it is, without any intervention. What mother is doing
to you will force secondary feminine changes to your body, but not as
extensively as you would want."

"When the medical data came back with the fact that some of your
chromosomes are skewed, and by that I mean you have some
chromosomes, which are XXY. That makes it even easier to declare to
your body that you are a female with chromosome damage. That will
help make the new stem cells XX as they take their place in your body.
We stimulate stem cell production, and inject you with stem cells
harvested from females to further assure the rewriting of your genetic
code. It sounds easy doesn't it?" she queried.

"Not really..." I interjected.

She continued to elucidate on the subject, "When I set the head
piece to write instead of record, I will be able to instill many feminine
mannerisms in you. I will also be able to write to areas of your brain
that control hormones and pituitary functions, which will make it so
your brain tells your body how to grow into who you were meant to be."

"Sure, an untried, untested, wild idea, but I don't think I want to
be that much of a guinea pig," I couldn't believe she wanted to do
something that nuts to me.

"I bet you are thinking, 'she is trying to kill me,' but you would be
wrong hon.. I will introduce you to Harriet tomorrow, formally known as
Harry. There is also Mary. She used to be a male guinea pig named
Martin. They were the ones that made me think that it was possible.
Then when I did it dozens of more times, I gave a try with Harry. Harriet
acts just exactly like all of the female chimpanzees, the females all treat
her like one of them, and she delivered a little girl two weeks ago," she
proudly claimed.

"Does your mother know about this?" I asked, now stupefied.

"Oh no, and please promise that you will never tell her? She must
not know about what I have been doing. That aspect of my research isn't
sanctioned by, the University or the hospital. They would be upset with
me about it. I have been doing it on the side, since some of the data I
have gathered lead me in this direction. You won't turn me in, will you?"
she pleaded.

"If you promise to turn me in... I won't," I agreed.

"Turn you in?" she asked with a puzzled look.

"Turn me into a guinea pig... oink, oink," I told her. "I have to
know one thing though, will it hurt?"

"Harriet didn't seem to have any pain. She is very smart and I
think she would have told me somehow if she were in pain.
Chimpanzees can cry you know," she informed me. "They don't shed
tears like we do, but they make crying sounds when they hurt or if they
are feeling loss."

"God I wonder, what Harry thought about being screwed and
winding up pregnant?" I wondered aloud.

"She seems to be fine with it. She seems to be quite actively trying
to become a mother again already," Ivana told me while blushing up a

"I don't think I want to be a heterosexual girl..." I worried.

"I don't want you to be one either. That is why you will be
imprinted with lesbian engrams, if that is alright with you?"

I replied by doing my best tonsil tickler on her.

She invited me to the bedroom, held me down, and shoved a
needle into it my neck, "There you go, your first set of imprinted stem
cells. I knew you would want to do it. Now there will be no going back
sweetie," she dragged me down to the bed, we necked and petted each
other for half an hour, before we fell asleep, without even having eaten

Read Write

We did our morning routine as we had been for over a week now
and dashed into the lab before anyone else should be there.

"Alright Roscoe, I am going to do a little rewiring on the system. I
need you, to be a lookout, so if anyone comes in, greet them loudly so I
know they are here, okay?"

"Got it," I saluted and headed towards the front.

It was easily forty five minutes before the next person showed up,
and of course, it would be my intended's mother, "Good Morning Doctor
Wiennerloslá¶sen! It is so nice to see you bright and chipper today. I
brought you a present this morning. You were so nice to give me that
sexy pair of panties the other day, so Ivana and I picked up this very hot
pair to give to you. Ivana says that Teal is your favorite color."

"This is earlier than usual for you two to be in the lab," Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen commented.

"Well, I guess Ivana and I have been getting more sleep this last
week," I replied, doing my damnedest to keep from letting anything
untoward from showing, in my voice.

Her expression was strange for only a moment and she brightened
considerably. She even took the panties, checked them over, an
accepted them graciously.

About that time, Ivana joined us from the back. With a wink to
me she said, "Good morning mother. Roscoe and I need to work out our
plans for tonight. We will join you in the main lab in just a few minutes."

She took me into her lab had me sit down while she prepped a
syringe, which she injected right into my neck, "There, all ready to go to
work. When the machine is not registering neural feedback during the
tests, it is now, programmed to imprint recorded files on the new
neurons in your brain. I am now going to give you a stem cell injection
to aid in the creation of those neurons and another one to convince your
DNA that it is damaged and to repair itself using the other X

"You are sure this will work and won't hurt me, aren't you?" I
asked, needing just a little more encouragement.

"I sure am. Here meet Dolly Mouston. She used to be a he," she
said as she handed me a strange looking little mouse.

"Hey! This mouse has breasts! How...?" I asked.

"Just a little fun with some of the things I have been working with.
If you look closely, you will note they are miniature human breasts, not
mouse breasts, which should be on her tummy," she remarked turning
the mouse over, so I could watch her boobs jiggle.

"Aw, you should make her a little bra for those," I told Ivana, while
I gently stroked the mouse's boobs.

The mouse's eyes closed as it enjoyed the pleasurable sensations.

"See, she likes her little boobies, don't you Darren?" she cooed to
the little mouse.

"Just how many critters here have you made into females?" I
asked, enjoying the pleasure the mouse expressed.

"About fifty," she declared, "But we need to put Darren/Dolly back
into her cage and get you back to mother before she becomes impatient
and comes looking for you."

Ivana led me back to where her mother had my estrogen and
hypnotic injections waiting for me.

"Are you two all ready now?" Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen asked with a
loaded syringe on her hand.

"All set mom," I replied and received a dirty look from her.

Ivana giggled, which annoyed her mother even more.

"Lights out for you Roscoe," Dr. Wiennerloslá¶sen announced as
she injected the hypnotic.

Fanni Trouble

After Roscoe had left with Ivana, Fanni met with Roscoe's faux
girlfriend, Phyllis, "Phyllis, so good of you to see me."

"What did you want Fanni? If it concerns Roscoe and Ivana, Ivana
has already threatened to have my scholarship yanked if I say anything
about Roscoe to anybody," Phyllis confirmed.

"Don't worry about that. I have more influence than Ivana does
here at the university and I won't let anything happen to your
scholarship. What I wanted to talk to you about is helping me with
some... shall we say, research on Roscoe that Ivana will be unaware of,"
Fanni began.

"Wha... What did you have in mind?"

"I need you to swap some filenames and rearrange a few things
around the lab from time to time. Roscoe isn't going to be taking my
baby away from me quite as easily as he had planed," Fanni threatened.

"What if I, don't want to help you?" Phyllis asked.

"Well, let's review what I said earlier..." Fanni stated as she closed
the noose around Phyllis's neck.

Roscoe Moves In with Ivana
"Roscoe, are you coming out of it yet?" Ivana asked, sitting beside
me on my sofa.

"Whoa, I, made it all the way home before coming around?"

"Yes, I think mom was really ticked at you for calling her mom, so
she gave you extra juice. You did very well today. Are you feeling up to
having a bite before we turn in?" Ivana asked.

"Actually, I'm not hungry, isn't that strange?" I replied, "But you
should eat. I'll fix you something." I got up and headed into the kitchen,
but Ivana was following closely on my heels.

"I don't want much, maybe we can just do a bit of salad to make
me happy before we turn in," she suggested.

I dragged out the lettuce and checked the condition, which was
not very appetizing. I realized that I had not been shopping in a couple
of weeks and fresh vegetables were not going to be found.

"Ivana, it's been quite a while since we have done anything but go
to the lab, come home, eat and then fall asleep. I'm sorry, but this
lettuce isn't edible. Can I offer you something else?"

"Shucks Roscoe, I wasn't thinking. At home I have a maid to shop
for us, so I don't usually have to worry about it," she informed me. "I
haven't thought about the 'real world' for a while."

"Me either. I just opened my mail and found out that I they fired
me. I won't be able to pay my bills. They will throw me out of my
apartment if I don't come up with some cash in about another week. I
have half of it, but if we buy food or anything else, I won't even have that
much," I fretted.

"Calm down Roscoe. Let's just get in my car and go to my house.
The maid has it stocked and ready, of course we need to grab some
clothes for you to wear tomorrow," she affirmed, took my hand, and we
packed a suitcase for the next day.

On the way to Ivana's house it occurred to me, "Won't your mother
object to you and I sleeping together in your room?"

"She won't even know," Ivana answered with a puzzled look on her

"We're going to sneak in?"

"Heavens no! We'd scare the hell out of my maid," she replied still

"Won't your mother hear us come in?"

"She lives almost a block away, if she can hear that it must be
because of some kind of mother 'radar' I don't have," she laughed.

"I thought you lived with your mother," I replied blushing up a

"We live on the same estate, that is true, but I have my own house
on the far side, away from hers."

"Oh, well that will be great then..." I answered now beginning to
understand this mother daughter dynamic.

We pulled in through a heavy iron automatic gate attached to a
high block wall with iron spikes atop it, down the driveway, and then left
towards a beautiful Victorian three story house, "Is that where mother

"No, mom lives in the big house over that way," she pointed,
towards a large condominium-like building.

"Are you sure I won't be in the way here?" I asked sarcastically.

"Stick close to me for the first few days until you find your way
around. I don't want to have to send out search parties looking for you,"
she teased back.

We pulled up near the front door, left the SUV to some lady who
parked it, and then went through the double front doors, into a high
ceiling entryway. Ivana shucked her coat onto a table in the entryway
and had me do the same.

"Now, let's just head up to the bedroom, right after I use the
intercom," she announced. "Sally?" she said into the unit.

"Yes ma'am?" the reply came back.

"Would you be a dear and make up a couple of Caesar salads and
bring them to my bedroom?"

"Yes, right away ma'am," the speaker announced back.

"Oh, and will you have Wanda deliver Roscoe's suitcase to me
there too?"

"Of course ma'am, right away."

Ivana led me up the stairway on the right side of the entryway. (It
didn't make much difference which side. The stairs curve around the
sides of the entryway and come together at the top in a balcony.) We
went to the left at the top and down a short hallway to the master

I spied a quarter acre of bed as we passed through the doorway
and a lovely settee, across from the vanity.

Everything is very feminine, ruffled, delicate, and soft. There is a
stack of stuffed animals in one corner about ten feet high with some of
the animals five feet tall all by themselves. I stood staring at them and
Ivana came up from behind me, slipped her hands into my t-shirt, and
tickled my nipples telling me, "Grandpa always saw me as a beautiful
soft girl, so he always brought me stuffed animals when I saw him. You
should see how much fun it is to crawl in there with them in just your
panties. Most of them are real fur and incredibly soft."

My knees were getting weak with what she was doing to my
nipples. They never used to feel like this when someone played with

"What are you doing... ah, ooh...?" I moaned as she continued her

"Mmm, these are becoming nice and soft..." Ivana crooned in my
ear as she finally let me catch my breath.

"Come on, let's get you all showered, shaved, and soft for bed," she
resolved as she took my hand and led me to her private bath.

I looked around and saw that the shower was big enough for a
hockey team and had more nozzles than I have ever seen in one. Two six
foot by six foot hinged glass doors opened into it, bench seats were along
two walls, and a digital console just outside controlled the water flow,
nozzles, and temperature.

"I have the water set for warm enough to keep us from being
chilled, but not so warm as to be hard to stand in for long. I set ten of
the heads to sprinkle us, six heads for soap, eight heads for moisturizers
and two for perfume. Are you ready for some fun?"

"It's like having your own water park," I exclaimed as the water
started up and we entered.

"Sounds as if you like my shower?" she asked with a silly grin.

"Who wouldn't? It has everything, warmth, efficiency, and hot-n-
cold running lesbians..." I teased back.

"Well... not totally yet... but give it a couple of weeks," she
corrected, as we entered the shower, me with my limp noodle, and her
with her firm little titties.

"God, I love how your butt looks when you walk," I remarked.
(She was the first one into the shower.)

"Describe what you like the most," she requested.

"I love how wide your hips are, how the muscle bulges low to the
side, and the cute dimples above on your lower back," I admitted, as the
water sprayed about our bodies.

"Well in a couple of weeks you should have your own dimples,"
she confidently assured me, as she began rubbing the soapy water all
over my body.

When she made it to my chest she said, "These have started-off

"What has started-off well?" I inquired puzzled.

"Your nice big soft nipples, hon.," she remarked.

I looked down at my chest and stared wide eyed at girl nipples,
right there, on my chest, "So that's why they feel so different now."

"You might not notice many of the changes, since your brain is
being told that, 'this is the way you are supposed to feel'," she advised

"You will tell me, when I'm completely female then, won't you? I
don't want to be going into the wrong bathroom," I laughed.

"Oh, you'll know when you are, I promise to allow your lesbian
tendencies full reign on my hot little body," she told me, with a wet hug
and kiss.

"That makes me all tingly in my nipples and my crotch, but
nothing comes to attention anymore," I informed her, while washing her
lovely small breasts.

"I can't wait to make you as hot and wet as you are making me
now," she eagerly informed me.

The warm rinse sprays worked over us, and then the moisturizers
spritzed us both. I was going to leave when Ivana caught my arm to halt
me as the perfume sprayed over both of us.

When we left the shower we took turns patting each other dry, and
then Ivana said, "I have a surprise for you..."

"What?" I asked curiously.

"Matching pure silk night gowns for us. I hope you like pink. I
thought we would be so comfy together in bed wearing them," she told
me as she held my night gown out for me to slip over my head.

"My goodness that feels incredible," I exclaimed as it floated gently
down my body, caressing me as it went. It felt so good my knees became
weak, which had never happened before either.

"Right now you are only experiencing what anyone with your level
of female hormones would, during hormone replacement treatment. I
must say though, that mother has made up a very good hormone
cocktail for you," Ivana assured me.

"Whatever helps in your plans, suits me fine," I told her as we
walked back into her bedroom, where two salads, assorted dressing, and
Sally waited.

"Sally Shute, I want you to meet Roscoe," Ivana introduced, and
then continued, "Roscoe, this is Sally, my friend and maid. Sally, I
would have asked you to join us, but I was certain you had already eaten
by this late hour."

"Yes, ma'am, I have eaten," Sally assured her.

"Knock it off with the Ma'am stuff Sally. Roscoe is family. I
should have introduced him as my fiancée. I guess I am not quite used
to it yet. I never thought that I would be engaged to a man," Ivana

When she uttered the word 'man', Sally's eyebrows rose slightly,
but other than that, she didn't show any sign of shock.

"If you don't mind watching us eat, you're welcome to stay and
chat with us," I offered.

Ivana smiled at both of us and said, "Sure hon., stay a while and
relax, unless you were enthralled by a television show or a good book

"No, I have been trying to stay busy. You have been gone for quite
a while Ivana," Sally remarked, "I have kept things up and running for
you. What brings you home?"

"Well Sally, I don't have someone at home as efficient and
organized as you are to keep my place supplied. We ran out of fresh
food, so Ivana suggested that we come here. I had no idea how
remarkable both this house and you are," I informed her with my best

Ivana was grinning ear-to-ear, "We've been working so much that
we forgot to shop."

"I have to take the blame. I've been stoned for over two weeks
solid. I get stoned, pass out, and then go back to being stoned again," I
blushingly confessed. "I should have realized that all play and no work
makes Roscoe a poor host."

"Ooh, and I really wanted to hate you," Sally blurted.

Ivana started laughing her head off. Tears were streaming down
her cheeks as she flopped onto the bed wiping her eyes.

I stood by the bed puzzled.

"Ivana, you stinker, I thought you were lying to me," Sally accused
her. "Oh, the hell with it!" she declared as she threw her arms around
me in a big hug.

I hesitantly hugged her back, not yet understanding the dynamics
of the situation.

"Relax Roscoe, Ivana and I are very close," she said, "she wants us
to be close too, so at least loosen up a little so I don't have to climb you
for a decent hug."

I relaxed and allowed her to pull me down and over so she could
kiss me. No, it wasn't a platonic kiss on the cheek either. I thought she
was going to slip me a tongue for a moment even.

"So, what was all this about?" I asked. I just had to have some
kind of understanding of this situation.

Ivana finally caught her breath, "Sally and I are occasional bed
mates, Roscoe. We enjoy each other's company. When I told her about
you... well, let's just say she was a bit skeptical."

"I knew that you had to be unlike other men. Ivana came home
going on and on about you. I thought that she made you up," Sally
elucidated, while blushing up a storm. "I might have said that, thinking
that she was just trying to make me jealous..."

"I'm so sorry. I... I didn't mean to break anything up between
you..." I began, trying to think of the proper course of action. Should I
hightail it out of there, or try to break up with Ivana. It was all very
confusing to me.

"No, no, no! Ivana and I aren't in love, Roscoe. We just have
lesbian sex occasionally and hang around together. It's nothing serious.
I was just upset that I was loosing some of my best-friend's attention."

"Now see what you've done Sally? I think you should make it up
to him. Tweak his nipples for a while. That should make him forget the
whole thing," Ivana suggested, with a dirty snicker.

Sally slipped her hand inside my nightgown and began stroking
and squeezing my little nipples.

I couldn't help but moan and sit down onto the bed.

"Ooh, he responds to this just like one of the girls," Sally crooned,
though didn't slow her nipple ministrations one bit.

"Yes, mother has been maximizing his hormone replacement
therapy. He's got the beginnings of some sweet girl's nipples already,"
Ivana stated as she joined Sally in nipple torturing me.

"Am I forgiven Roscoe?" Sally whispered into my ear.

"Oh, yes!" I emphatically replied.

"Wow, Ivana, it's almost like teasing one of the girls. You sure can
pick 'em," Sally informed her, "I won't even have to change my shopping
habits for the mansion. Roscoe looks so comfy in this silk."

"Well, for the time being, I'm still male. So I will have to dress the
part outside," I replied to her, blushing, and wondering why Ivana had
told her about me, even after swearing to keep it to herself.

I looked accusatorily towards Ivana, so she told me, "I didn't tell
her anything Roscoe. All she knows is I found a very special man," Ivana
informed me sincerely.

"Oh, I'm sorry for even thinking that. The way she said that about
shopping habits..."

"What? Is there something going on here I should know about?"
Sally asked, looking back and forth between us.

"I'm sworn to silence, Sally, so don't ask me. I won't tell you
anything," Ivana promised.

I snuck over close to Ivana and whispered, "I don't know... uh, can
we talk?"

Ivana said, "Sally, if you want to know any secrets, you will have
to let Roscoe and I, have a short discussion alone. So if you will excuse
us for a few minutes. I'll intercom you when we're done."

"Sure, I'll run down to the kitchen and make drinks for everyone.
What can I get for everybody?"

"I'll have..." I began.

"Roscoe will have some cranberry juice, and so will I," Ivana

"Would you like that as, 'Sex on the Beach', 'Spoiled Wench', or an
'Absolut Royal Fuck'?" Sally inquired.

"Straight up," Ivana replied, "Don't ask..."

Sally slipped out of the bedroom and quietly closed the door
behind her.

"Okay, we can talk now, what did you want to talk about?" Ivana
asked innocently.

"First, what the hell was Sally talking about? 'Sex on the Beach,'
what is that?"

"It's a mixed drink with cranberry juice in it, same as the other

"Whew, that could be dangerous for a girl to order in a bar."

"Depends if it's a lesbian bar..." she blushingly replied with a

"Well, I was just going to ask your opinion about telling Sally
what's going on. If she is here all of the time, she might see some odd
things happening to me," I stated, unsure of how much to trust Sally.

"We can't tell anyone about the things I am planning to do, not the
specifics anyway. We can tell her that you are a normal transgendered
guy, on a fast track. She has already guessed that you are either
transgendered or a cross dresser."

"So as I start to feminize, she will think it is from the hormones
and maybe some surgery," I surmised.

"Sure, we can tell her that some new standard medical techniques
are being tried on you," Ivana coached.

"Okay, I just wanted to be sure how much you wanted to tell her,
and how much I could tell her, she can come back anytime as far as I am

"All right, I'll call her back. Oh, by the way, you shouldn't drink
alcohol until we are done with you. I don't want to have you killing off
the new cells we are growing in you just yet," she smiled and stroked my
face, "I want you to become the most beautiful complete woman we can
make you."

"You're the doctor," I submitted to her recommendation.

Ivana reached the night stand and the intercom, "Sally, come back
any time you are ready, we're all done whispering girlish secrets to each

Not long after that, Sally came in with two cranberry juices and a
Spoiled Wench, "You two might not be drinking, but I just felt like
spoiling myself."

"It looks good," I told her.

"I can make you one if you'd like," she offered.

"No, thank you, I'm on some medications that don't react well to

"Oh? Is it something I should know about?" Sally asked

"Special hormones for my transitioning," I dissembled, "Ivana says
it's alright to tell you. I am transitioning to the softer side of life."

"Welcome to our club," Sally said and hugged me.

"Roscoe will be doing some rather break-through medical
procedures that are not ready to be made public," Ivana interjected,
while I was being slightly groped.

"Let me know how I can help, Roscoe. I have been a girl all my
life, so I might be able to give you some insights, maybe some makeup
tips, or something."

"Thanks, but that might be a while yet. I don't even begin, to look
feminine yet," I sighed.

"You look pretty good so far Roscoe. Wait until you see what some
of these smart doctors can do for you. When you're ready, I'll be here."

"Actually, I'm feeling kind of bushed right now. I'm going to just
lie down. Ivana, go ahead and have your salad. I'm not really hungry
right now," I told her, yawned, and flopped onto the mattress.

"Okay, you lay down and I'll nibble. Sally and I need to do some
planning anyway," Ivana agreed, while I fell asleep.

When we awoke in the morning, Ivana showered us again and we
dressed. When we entered the kitchen, it was obvious that we weren't
the first ones up. Sally had a breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast waiting
for us.

"This is wonderful Sally. It looks scrumptious. Thank you so
much for making breakfast," I exclaimed as I entered the kitchen.

Sally blushed and replied, "That's my job Roscoe, remember?
Maid, housekeeper, and girl Friday, that's me, but thank you for your
compliment and enthusiasm."

"Is that going to be a problem? Will you just hate having Roscoe
thank you for doing things for him?" Ivana asked her with a mischievous

"I don't know. It's the first time it has happened to me. On one
hand, I'm used to no one taking notice of what I do. On the other hand,
it felt really nice to have someone appreciate it," Sally thought aloud.
"No... no, I think I definitely like it," she said, then hugged the stuffing
out of me.

"It's a good thing mother has so many hormones coursing though
your veins Roscoe, if she didn't, you'd be poking poor Sally," Ivana
declared as she sat down at the table.

"So your mother, is helping Roscoe?" Sally asked.

"Unbeknownst to her yes, she is, Sally," Ivana said with an evil
glimmer in her eye.

"So Fanni thinks that she is punishing Roscoe," Sally remarked,
as she released me and joined us at the table for breakfast.

"I wasn't sure how you liked your eggs Roscoe, so I just made up a
mess of scrambled eggs," Sally informed me as I placed a small portion of
them on my plate.

"They look very good. I usually go for either scrambled or over-
hard eggs. Sometimes I get a craving for an omelet. I don't like most
omelets though, I never thin them with milk and I don't go very wild with
fillings, cheese, bacon, or sausage is my usual fare."

"What kind of cheese?" she asked back.

"Cheddar, Swiss, maybe Jack cheese, is my favorites. I hate bland
cheeses. They remind me of eating wax," I screwed up my face to show
my distaste for that.

"Therefore, Velveeta cheese, is definitely ruled out eh?"

"Eww," I replied.

"He's definitely got taste, Ivana. I think you should keep him,"
Sally recommended.

"Don't tell mother, but that was already decided. I really meant it
when I said we are betrothed," she elucidated.

"Why not tell Fanni? Is it a secret?" Sally queried with one
eyebrow raised.

"No, but she would think up something nasty to do to Roscoe if
you mentioned it," Ivana snickered.

We both joined her, laughing at silly suggestions of what Fanni
might think up to do to me.

Ivana dragged me out to the SUV, while I tried to help Sally clean
up the breakfast dishes, saying, "If you don't quit that, Sally will think
you are after her job."

"I wouldn't want her to feel that way. Thanks for bring that to my
attention," I had a lot to learn about our family dynamics.

The trip in to the lab went quick and when we arrived, Fanni was
already there, working hard, "Ah, you're here now. I am going to need a
blood sample before we get started this morning."

Ivana had a slightly suspicious look on her face but nodded
imperceptibly to indicate that I should cooperate.

Once she had the blood sample, Fanni pumped me full of the
usual drugs and I was out for the rest of the day.

Behind the Scenes

"I swapped the files as you instructed Fanni. Now when Ivana
tries to record a normal lesbian libido into Roscoe, she will be overwriting
him with nymphomaniac lesbian libido tapes. When she uses the stem
cells that are prepared for neural rewiring, she will be using the ones you
made up," Phyllis informed Dr Wiennerloslá¶sen. "What will those stem
cells do to him, Fanni?"

"I made up a batch that should make certain to give Roscoe a pair
of very large responsive breasts. Ivana will discover that she is making
her very own lesbian sex machine," Fanni chuckled evilly.

Phyllis gulped hard but didn't dare say anything to Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen for fear of loosing her funding and possibly winding up
the next project on the Doctor's experimental list.

Things went on much the same for a couple of weeks until one day
I came out of my daily trance on the way home with Ivana and when we
left the SUV, my shoes felt wrong. I looked at them and asked aloud,
"Why am I wearing men's shoes that are too big for my feet?"

"What? Oh... Roscoe, things are working beautifully," Ivana
declared and hugged me tightly.

"Would you speak English? What do you mean?" I was puzzled at
her enthusiasm. However, when I tried to look down at her while she
hugged me, my chin hit the top of her head painfully.

"Ouch!" we declared in stereo.

"Hey, I never hit the top of your head before when I looked down at
you," I exclaimed as I rubbed my soft chin.

"I guess things are moving along at a better pace than I had
anticipated," Ivana told me, and then went to her tip toes and kissed my

"Whoa, you couldn't kiss me on the lips before unless I stooped
over," I declared, stunned at this revelation.

"Incredible, isn't it?" Ivana asked with a shit eating grin.

"What is incredible? Are you still growing?"

"No, you goof! You are shrinking. You have a long way to go still,
if what you have told me about your mother is true," she surmised.

"I, am becoming shorter? Wonderful! Would you take me into the
shower and help me review what has changed and how much?" I pleaded
with a minor lower lip quiver.

"You just can't wait to play in my shower, can you, you naughty
girl," she teased, "No problem though, we need to destinkify ourselves."

"What's wrong with that? You aren't worried that I'll force myself
on you, are you?" I ribbed her back.

"I have been hoping..." she started, but thought better of it.

I stopped dead in my tracks and held her so I could look deeply in
her eyes and said, "You want to have sex with me? I can't get..." I
couldn't finish that statement.

Ivana placed a finger on my lips to stop me, even if I hadn't been
going to already. "Roscoe, you don't need that thing for sex. You might
as well start learning how to please a woman without it. I'll give Sally the
night off and meet you in the shower," she directed, and then quick
stepped off to find Sally.

I clogged up to our bedroom and just stepped out of my shoes. I
shrugged off my extra large shirt and then peeled off my jeans. I then
slipped into the bathroom, slid my satin panties off, and removed my

'When did I start wearing nylons?' I thought to myself as I heard
Ivana enter the bedroom.

Ivana quickly slipped into the bathroom as she shucked her
clothes. When she came up to me and released the clasp on my
brassiere, I nearly screamed.

"What's wrong Roscoe?" Ivana asked, seeing my distress.

"I'm wearing a bra..."

"Yes, for the third day in a row, you are wearing a bra," she
informed me.

"I don't remember you having me put on a brassiere," I replied still
stunned that she would have me walking around in public wearing one
underneath my shirt.

"I didn't get you to wear a bra Roscoe. You just put it on and
started wearing it, all by your self," Ivana declared as she stripped the
lacy cups from my boobs.

"Boobs?" I declared as I looked down at my swollen nipples and
the little jiggly mounds underneath them in near shock.

"Sure, they are only 'A' cups, but yes those are real boobs hon.,"
she whispered into my ear from behind as she caressed them.

"Mmmmm," I moaned, "Are we going to review my changing body
out here or do you want to do it in the shower?"

"Let's get all slippery and soapy while I take you on a tour," she
proposed while programming the shower.

I slipped inside and waited until she finished and was pleasantly
surprised when she showed me the mirror she had brought in with her,
"This will probably get all steamed up, but you can see fairly well with it."

I hugged her and started to stroke the soapy water all over her
glistening alabaster body.

She moaned in reply and concentrated on my nipples, having set
the mirror down on one of the shelves in the shower.

"These are your little boobies. They are just starting to grow,
although they already feel delicious to you. They are puffy and soft and
pooch out just a touch... and when I tease them..." she paused as she
did as she said, "they come to attention and clinch up really tight."

I started to do to her, as she was doing to me.

"Now on to new territory. Here you will note that your big strong
arms are becoming less-defined, smaller, and softer. You will note that
the dark hair you had on your arms is not growing back," she traced her
nails down my arm and outward toward my hand.

"I think that your hands look so nice now that you manicured
them yourself. The pink nail polish is quite nice," she held my hand up
so that I would look at it.

I was definitely shocked. I polished my own fingernails? I did
notice that they looked very nice though.

"Your butt..." she paused as she groped my derriá¨re, "is fleshing
out and your waist is shrinking ever so slightly. Your thighs are less
defined and as you noticed earlier, your feet are a bit smaller."

"You told me about everything but..."

Ivana retrieved the mirror and held it to my crotch so I may
inspect the damage.

I saw that my genitals had withered a bit since the last time I had
consciously examined them.

"See, no major changes. You are still much as you were when you

"I wouldn't say that. I am shorter lighter and softer. I can't hardly
believe that I started wearing a bra without consciously knowing it," I
reflected dreamily as she rubbed me in places that were not until quite
recently, erogenous zones.

By the time the shower ended, she had me hotter than molten
lead. Strangely, my crotch was warm, but not ridged.

We moved our grope session into the bedroom and between her
silk sheets. She taught me to stimulate completely unknown erogenous
zones. Well, unknown to me until that point anyway.

"Now Roscoe, I want you to slip under the covers and introduce
your tongue to my sweet hairless pussy," Ivana whispered to me.

I enthusiastically complied, slobbering all over her smooth, slick

"Ooh, good start Roscoe. I want to see if you know your alphabet
honey. Write an 'A' on my clit with your tongue."

I wrote an 'A' as she had directed, while she squirmed and

"Ooh, so good. Now go ahead through the whole alphabet while I
do nasty things to you," she instructed.

I was all the way up to 'K' when I felt her shove the vibrator up my
back door.

"Whaaa... Ohhhh!" I yelped.

"Relax Roscoe... Take my word for it, you will enjoy this," she
assured me as she switched the tool on.

"Ummph," I declared to her slippery womanhood.

She began working my feet and toes with her tongue, all the while
stroking my backdoor with her little vibrator.

I was going nuts on her vulva, when it finally dawned on me to
slip my finger into her bottom, eliciting a rewarding moan from Ivana.
That having worked so well, I slipped a finger from my other hand into
her molten hot pussy, while I wrote an 'O' repeatedly on her clit.

Ivana's legs were widely spread and quivering under my
ministrations, and mine were shuddering nearly as much as hers were.

It was becoming extremely difficult to concentrate. My body
wanted to writhe and squirm as Ivana pleasured my feet and butt, while
she bucked and humped my face.

I was all the way back to 'L' when Ivana screeched and went
ridged, clinging tightly to my leg.

I was so encouraged that I redoubled my alphabet work and even
added numbers and symbols to the sequence. (I found out that Ivana
really likes the hatch mark.)

The most amazing part was when I orgasmed. It felt very different
from the usual way. Instead of being, centered on my Dick, I felt it
nearly all over my body. I did ejaculate from my limp member, but it was
only a thin clear fluid and not much of that even.

I watched as Ivana took a sample of my secretion into a vial and
then put it away in the night stand, while I panted and tried to sort out
what had just happened.

Ivana pulled me close and held me tightly, "Was it good for you
too, Roscoe."

"What the hell was that?" I panted.

"You came... didn't you?" she assumed.

"I... I... I guess, but it never felt like that before," I lay there in
near shock.

"More evidence that you are moving along. Aren't you pleased?
Didn't you like it?"

"I couldn't control myself... after a certain point, I was completely
at your mercy," I babbled incoherently. "Not like I was driven to orgasm,
more like I was taken to it..."

"I guess the important part is, do you like how it feels?" she

"I... it... well... scary is how it feels, but a good scary."

"Well I want you to keep telling me about your feelings Roscoe. It
is very important to me," Ivana told me as she held me.

"So you can take notes for your log?" I assumed.

"Roscoe! No, of course not so 'I can write into my log'. I am
concerned about you and how you are feeling. I can help you deal with
your feelings if you tell me about them. I want to make things as easy as
I can. You are the first human to go through this process," she
expounded, while petting my forehead, which was sending me into a
hyper-relaxed state.

"Mmmm, I feel so... nice," I moaned.

"Just sleep now hon.. Relax and slip into dreamland," Ivana
soothingly crooned and stroked me to sleep.

Next Breath
We went along as before, although with the exception of having
wonderfully long lesbian sexual encounters. Go to the lab, come home,
eat, and then screw like lesbian bunnies.

It was almost two weeks later when we were in the shower and
Ivana kissed me on the forehead while we bathed, "Whoa! You, kissed
my forehead?"

"Yes, I did. You, don't like your forehead kissed?"

"Sure I do. But I didn't have to bend over for you to do it..."

"Yes Roscoe, you are becoming shorter, just as we knew you

"Time for evaluations again I think Ivana. Can you go over with
me how I have changed in the last couple of weeks?"

"Sure hon., we can talk about how your hips are wider, how you
are actually sporting a B cup pair on titties, or how you have lost thirty
pounds," she started, "Are you saying that you haven't noticed yourself
change over the last two weeks?"

"Not really. I have just been feeling like me," I confirmed.

"What were you wearing when we came home tonight?"

"I don't know... just my regular clothes I suppose."

"You insisted on wearing hip hugger jeans and a teal colored
women's tee shirt. It looked very nice with the Navy blue pumps," she

"Wasn't your mother even a bit suspicious about how I have been

"Yes, of course she has been. I told her that you are becoming
comfortable with who you are. She seemed to accept that," Ivana
informed me.

"I sure hope I don't look foolish walking around dressed like that,"
I fretted.

"Don't worry Roscoe, no one but the lab staff and few others see
you. You and I only go to the lab and home usually. There isn't much
time for anyone to see either of us. You look very passable right now and
are becoming more so every day," she informed me.

"Alright, but when will I be able to stay conscious of what is going
on all day? It is getting very strange to only be conscious of what I do for
just a few hours a day," I complained.

"Oh, I hadn't realized that it was like that for you. Sure Roscoe, I
just thought that you would want things to progress as rapidly as
possible, but if you need a day off, we can do that. What would you like
to do? We could go to shopping at the mall, or we could take in a
museum, or maybe visit a zoo..." she suggested while we readied
ourselves for dinner, which was cooked and served by Sally.

"Those are all things we would have to be in public to do..." I
fretted, while trying to figure out why the dining room chairs were

"Pretty much everything we could do would put us in front of the
public at least for a while. Do you have any ideas other than what I
came up with?"

"We three could go on a picnic," I suggested. Sally and I could
make up a nice basket of food and we could all three go to the shore for
the day."

"I like it. It's a good idea Roscoe," Sally chimed in.

"Well, the weather forecast for tomorrow is good. Do we want to
wear bikinis or just shorts?" Ivana teased.

"Can't we just go to a nudist beach?" I suggested, teasing her right

"Well Roscoe, we might be able to hide your oversized clit in a
bikini, but nude it might draw attention," Ivana pointed out, while
digging into Sally's well made repast of marinated London broil, brown
sugared carrots, and baby baked yellow potatoes.

"Ivana, don't tease poor Roscoe. I think he is beginning to look
very sweet. He has a good idea for a day off, and we should help make a
fun day of it," Sally admonished, while she poured juice for all of us.

"Yes, you're right. Tomorrow we'll head off for a day of fun and
sun. Soon as dinner is over, we can start making up our picnic basket
and getting everything ready," Ivana acquiesced.


When we rose the next morning, Ivana, Sally, and I all piled into
the SUV and headed out to the shore. It was a sunny day, but the
steady wind off the ocean made it chilly enough that everybody was
wearing wind breakers and long blue jeans.

We drove along the beach until we found a sheltered spot for our
picnic, circled the wagon... err SUV, and spread out our feast on a
blanket stretched out upon the sand.

We were secluded enough, that only one lady walked close to
where we were enjoying our cold fried chicken, potato salad, and Ice tea.

She came right up to us and said, "Afternoon ladies. Nice layout
you have going."

Ivana invited her to join us, saying, "We have plenty of eats, won't
you join us? We're just having a ladies day out and we'd enjoy the

I know that I paled at first, but after she sad down next to me,
smile and asked, "So, what are all of you ladies having?"

Sally dug out plates and silverware, while I found the Tupperware
with the chicken in it. Once she was set up with enough food for a
linebacker, she asked, "My name is Zoe Dunning. What are your

Ivana took introduction duty, saying, "I'm Ivana, that is Sally over
there and this," she indicated me, "is Roselyn. She goes by Rose

I was shocked, dumbfounded, almost incensed, at least until I
thought things through a bit. I couldn't very well tell this lady my name
is Roscoe, while presenting myself as a woman. The more I thought
about it, the more I decided I liked it, especially when Zoe said, "I just
love those wedgies you're wearing, where did you ever find them?"

I blushed and replied, "Ivana bought them for me."

"I knew they would look delicious on Rose and I just couldn't pass
them up," Ivana told her, "You have such a great windbreaker, do they
sell them around here?"

"Yes, we sell them in my gift shop in the little strip mall on the
other side of the sand dune," Zoe admitted.

"We will definitely need to stop in and look around before we
leave," Ivana promised around a mouthful of Potato salad.

Sally piped in with, "Great! Ivana, could you spot me a few bucks
so I can get one too?"

"Sure, that is if Zoe takes plastic?" Ivana agreed.

"Doesn't everybody these days? We have all sorts of other thing
you might be interested in too. I'll give you a great deal on whatever
suits your fancy," Zoe promised. "It's the least I can do for your invite to

"Think nothing of it. We love to meet friendly women," Ivana
assured her.

"Rose is sure being quiet. Am I making you uncomfortable dear?"
Zoe asked.

I wasn't sure if I should speak or not. I had ventured a quick
answer about my shoes, but what if she figures me out from my voice? I
didn't really have a choice so I went with quiet and soft and answered,
"I'm just shy."

"Well don't be hon.. I won't bite," she smiled and said. "You are
such a cute girl, I would have thought that you get plenty of attention,
even being shy."

"She is very cute and getting cuter every day in my book," Ivana

"So are you two an item?" Zoe inquired in a non-confrontational

"We sure are Zoe, Rose and I are engaged," Ivana admitted, to my
great shock.

"Wonderful! Have you set the date? God you will make a lovely
couple," Zoe commented.

My eyes must have been bigger than silver dollars. I couldn't
believe that Zoe was taking this so nonchalantly. I had to say something
so I told her, "You aren't prejudiced against lesbians? I am so relieved to
hear how easily you accept us."

Zoe chuckled, "Hon., I could tell this was a lez picnic from the top
of the sand dune. You must have just come to terms with your sexuality
Rose, or you would have known that I am a lesbian too."

Now I was stunned, or at least I thought I was.

"I'm just hoping you girls like to share each other," Zoe produced a
radiant smile, "I especially like shy girls..."

If I wasn't stunned before, now I was in near terror.

Ivana came to the rescue... sort of, "Rose, Sally and I normally do,
but unfortunately we will have to wait a week or so before we can.
However, we can get to know each other and make a date. You can come
out to the estate and we'll throw a grand orgy in your honor. How's that

"It sounds so good, my nipples must be punching through my
windbreaker," Zoe answered, visibly flushed.

Sally couldn't help herself, so she giggled and winked at me.

I kept wondering if she was so perceptive to scope out this lesbian
picnic why hasn't she, figured out that I am really a man? I couldn't
spend time worrying about that now though, Zoe was looking at me like I
was a McNugget and she was starving. I have to admit that my own
nipples were clenched so hard they almost hurt.

"Careful Zoe, Rose swoons easily. Here I'll show you," Ivana said
as she leaned over, tongued my tonsils, and groped my boobs.

I went limp in answer to her advances, panting like a bitch in

"Oh, now that is unfair! You two having dessert and leaving poor
Sally and I to watch," Zoe chided.

Ivana pulled up off me and replied to her, "Go ahead, dive in and
have a taste, but no groping below the waist. Rose is having her

Well, at least I didn't have to worry about her grabbing my crotch
and revealing my secret. It didn't however, save me from being molested.
Zoe crawled over to where I was laying prone on the blanket we had put
down and ever-so-gently softly kissed my lips, and stroked my face.

Between the two of them, they were getting me very hot, so I
ventured to stroke her lovely, soft, girls, and was rewarded by her moans
of pleasure.

"Mmmm, so Rose is a breast loving lesbian. How lucky for me,"
she declared loudly enough to be heard above the distant surf.

"Oh yes, Rose loves big breasts. She hopes for a pair of her own,"
Ivana declared with a smirk, watching Zoe enjoy necking with me.

"It must be Sally's turn. I am going to have to take time and calm
myself," Zoe declared, releasing me, "Thank you Rose. You are a lovely
girl. I can't wait until we have that orgy..."

"My pleasure Zoe," I ventured breathily.

Sally, unbeknownst to me, crawled over and lovingly kissed me,
but only briefly, before returning to her place on our picnic blanket.

"I think Rose is going to need time to cool off. What does everyone
say to a short walk on the beach?" Ivana asked.

Everyone agreed so we trudged down the beach a ways watching
seagulls, surf, and chatting, all the while I was wondering, why this
woman couldn't tell I was an imposter.

We left the beach and visited her store. Ivana bought
windbreakers and a couple of kites. Zoe grabbed a kite of her own and
we spent a couple of lovely hours relaxing and flying our colorful kites.

When it was time to go home we all said our heartfelt farewells
and made plans for Zoe to visit us at the estate. (Yes, she Frenched my
panties off, with plenty of groping before we parted.)

All in all, it was a great little break to our daily lives.

I couldn't wait to ask Ivana, so in the SUV as we left the coast I
piped up with, "I can't believe she thought I am a girl..."

Sally answered before Ivana could, even though she was the one
driving, "Hon. I can't believe you are not a girl. You have been changing
so much since I met you, if I didn't know better I would think that Ivana
switched you with a girl when I wasn't looking."

Ivana grinned up a storm and added, "There is very little about
you now that suggests that you are not a woman, Rose."

"By the way, when did you decide my name is Rose?" I asked still
puzzled over their first answers.

"About two seconds after we met Zoe," Ivana declared, "Why?
Don't you like it?"

"I..." I began.

"I think it's pretty," Sally voiced her opinion.

"I think it nice. It's grown on me. I was stunned at first I guess," I

That was when I knew my name would forevermore be Rose.

Back at the lab, Fanni and Phyllis have been busy while Rose and
Ivana are away.

"Fanni? Have you noticed how much Roscoe has changed over the
last few weeks?" Phyllis inquired while she was busy renaming files.

"I certainly have. I think that Ivana has been doing more of her
illicit research, like some of the animals she doesn't think I know about
in her lab," Fanni admitted while fiddling with some of the wiring on the
neural mapper.

"What animals in her lab?"

"The ones who used to be male," Fanni supplied.

"Use to be... You mean Ivana is making Roscoe into a real
woman?" Phyllis's voice rose in tone and timbre as she came to that

"Yes. But we are going to have some influence on what kind of
woman Roscoe becomes," Fanni declared with a nasty sneer. "If I do a
good enough job of it, I might even enjoy using the new improved Roscoe
from time to time myself."

Phyllis just stared aghast at the things Fanni was saying.

"I think making him a woman ruled by her feminine needs, is the
perfect punishment for his maneuvering to alienate my baby from me,"
she laughed evilly, satisfied with their work for the day.

What's Happening?
When we had settled back into our routine of visiting the lab all
day, only to be briefly home at night, it only took another week before I
began to act strangely.

Well, I didn't notice myself acting strangely but Ivana and Sally
did on our way home from our day at the lab.

"Roscoe, why are you playing with your breasts so much dear?"
Ivana began.

"What? I'm not..." I tried to deny the accusation, but noticed the
feel of my hands on my boobs and my quickened breathing rate.

"Don't those D cup size breasts feel natural on you or is it
something else?"

"I didn't even know I was doing it. I'm actually feeling very horny
though. Would you care to neck for an hour of so before dinner?" I
asked, still twiddling my stiff nipples.

"Not until after we check you out. I need to get some
measurements for my data tonight anyway," she replied, eying me

"Good, because my butt feels odd... sort of hot and itchy," I

Once we had entered the mansion, and were safely ensconced in
the master bedroom, Ivana had me strip off my blouse, bra, slip, heels,
pantyhose and panties so she could look me over carefully.

I was lying on the bed when I felt the most amazing thing! Her
finger slipped into me, down between my legs!

It was a tight fit. She was barely able to fit her finger in up to her
second knuckle, but it was definitely something new to me.

"This has shown up quite a while sooner than I expected. You
have begun to form your very own vulva Rose. Oh, stand up a minute...
I need to measure you," she took out a cloth tape, did a quick job of it,
and announced, "This is not quite right. You were supposed to be
slowing your loss of height by now. Your areolas are much bigger than
they were supposed to be, and your breasts should have stopped growing
by now. If you are any bigger in the next few days, I am going to have to
do some tests. I don't think it is anything to worry about though," she
remarked optimistically.

"C... could you put your finger back in me...? It felt sooo gooood,"
I pleaded, rubbing up against her.

"Alright, since it's your first pussy..." she acquiesced, "But only for
half an hour. We still need to get some food into us before bed time."

"The only thing I need to eat is your sweet pussy," I moaned,
trying my best to make her as hot as I had become.

"My, you are randy tonight. Is there a special occasion?"

"I'm just really horny for some reason," I admitted, still playing
with my nipples.

"You sure are. You libido is far advanced over what I would expect
at this point," Ivana's face took on a worried expression and she added,
"Wait here for a minute. I'll be right back." With that, she left the room
briefly, only to return carrying her black Doctor's bag.

Ivana opened it up, withdrew a bottle, and handed me a pill she
had extracted from it, "Here, I want you to take one of these right now.
We need to slip into the lab tonight and check some things out when no
one is around."

"But I'm horny... how will this pill help?" I whined.

"It will calm you down and suppress your libido for a while," Ivana
declared, somewhat distracted as she keyed up the intercom, "Sally? I
hope you're dressed, cause we're going out. Fire up the ML and meet
Rose and I out front, please. We have a minor emergency."

Ivana helped me dress, while getting herself prepared. It took a
while since I was unbelievably amorous, but by the time we were ready to
go, I was able to control my urges.

"I'm so sorry Ivana. I don't know what came over me," I tearfully

"I don't think it's your fault Rose, but I'll know for sure in a few
minutes," she soothed, as we climbed into the SUV.

"Where to Ivana," Sally asked.

"We're going into the lab first and depending on what I find, we
may be visiting elsewhere too," Ivana had her arms crossed under her
breasts and a sullen, brooding look on her face.

We traveled in silence. I was too embarrassed over my behavior.
Ivana was lost in her own whirling thoughts and Sally concentrating on
safely navigating us through the rainy streets.

At the lab, after Ivana had used her cipher codes to gain us
access, Sally and I waited and watch while Ivana crawled around the
machinery, and searched through computer files, becoming ever
increasingly angrier.

"I'll kill her with my bare hands!" Ivana declared, "Come on, we're
leaving." Ivana waved for us to follow as we trudged with her to the

Visit with a Traitor

"We're going to pay Phyllis a little visit," Ivana told us as she
directed Sally to Phyllis's Sorority house.

Ivana stormed right in, past the receptionist who exclaimed, "Hey,
where do you think you are going? You girls don't belong here."

It did her little good since we were moving at a quick march
behind Ivana. All the poor girl could do was follow along behind us and

Ivana didn't even bother to knock on Phyllis's door, she slammed
it open, charged in, and grabbed the startled girl by the front of her night
gown, "You are going to make a confession and you are going to make it
complete and succinct, or so help me, I'll tear you into tiny pieces of
meat for the cockroaches!"

The receptionist screeched and ran to find the housemother and
Sally discreetly closed the room's door.

Phyllis paled, but didn't attempt to fight off Ivana. She simply
burst into tears, repeating, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," hiding her face with
her hands.

"Snap out of it bitch! Start talking, I don't have time for your self-
pity," Ivana growled, angrier than I have ever seen anyone before in my

"S...S... She made me do it. I didn't want to. She threatened me.
I couldn't do anything. She forced me to change the programs and...
and... and to make those injections up. I tried to trick her once but...
but... but she caught me and had my advisor tell me I was going to fail
half my classes, if I didn't straighten out."

Just then, the door flew open and a portly woman huffed into the
room asking, "Just what is going on in here? This is not the time for
making such a ruckus in this house, ladies. I'll have to ask you to

Ivana squinted her eyes at Phyllis and the threatened girl stated,
"It's alright Mrs. Mackey. They are here because I screwed up something
at the hospital. I have to get dressed and get back there right away to
help put things right."

"Then I suggest these ladies wait for you downstairs in the
drawing room while you dress," the housemother determined, her arms
folded underneath her huge fat tits.

We filed out of the room and followed the housemother down to
wait on the settee.

"Wow Ivana, I've never seen anyone so mad. What did she do? I
don't know what you found at the lab, but I know something has you
upset," I asked, understating the situation.

"Rose, my love, Sally, and it seems, my mother, have been
screwing with what I have been doing to change you. They have been
doing things which I believe will harm you and I am going to fix this once
and for all. If they have done anything which I can't fix, I personally will
turn us all in to the FDA, IDC, and anybody else who can censure
mother! I don't care what they do to me," Ivana admitted as she had
tears slowly rolling down her young, worried face.

Phyllis meekly entered the room and stood quietly, studying her
shoes and softly asked, "So, what do you want me to do, confess to the
police, or the medical board?"

Ivana stood up and informed us, "We are all going back to the lab.
Phyllis is going to show me everything she has done. After I evaluate the
effects then we will decide whether official action will be needed or if I
can put things right."

After many hours of intense work between the two women, six
computers, numerous pieces of lab equipment, and a number of blood
and tissue samples from me, Ivana breathed a large sigh of relief, "Okay,
things are not quite as bad as I had imagined. Luckily mother isn't as
cleaver as she thinks she is."

"Therefore, I'm not going to grow more arms or another head or
anything else?" I asked trying to soothe Ivana's angst.

"No, and you aren't going to wind up a total sex toy either, as
mother had planned for you," she assured me. "Your heightened libido
and rapidly growing breasts were what clued me in that someone else
had been tampering with you."

"So your mother wanted me to be a nymphomaniac sex toy. I
suppose worse things could have been on her mind. I might have wound
up two feet tall with beach ball sized boobs and a six foot long tongue," I

"You're not far off Rose. However, I can mitigate what she had in
mind," sighed Ivana, "The thing I must do now is, determine what I am
going to do about mother. She can't be allowed to get away with this."

"Too bad you can't make a nymphomaniac out of her," I laughed.

"Hmmm... yes," Ivana mused, "That might just teach her a

"I was joking Ivana," I informed her, "I would never want to be a
part of something like that. Even if she was trying to hurt me."

"That just makes my decision of what to do harder. Do you have
any ideas of what to do, that you would go along with?" she asked
rubbing her tired eyes.

"Maybe we should all be getting home and sleep on it?" I

"Not for at least an hour, Rose. You have to plop your lovely ass
into the machine while I overwrite some things in your head," Ivana
decided as she jabbed my butt with a needle and depressed the plunger.

The familiar warm feeling of my impending drugged haze washed
over me as she led me to the seat.

Time Out for Mom
I awoke in bed with three other girls, all of them asleep and
hugging me, atop the sopping wet bed sheets.

I squirmed, trying to find a less damp spot but only succeeded in
wakening Ivana, and then her movements awakened Phyllis and Sally.

"Okay, can anyone tell me why I'm sleeping in the wet spot?" I
asked, since they all began squeezing me tightly.

"Because you are the one who made it, dear. When the drugs
wore off last night, you were so horny that we stuck Phyllis to your pussy
and Sally and I worked your nipples. You came eight times before you
were sated enough to fall asleep. I hope that your libido has stabilized at
a more reasonable level this morning," she said, and then kissed me

"Aren't we late for the lab? Or are we going to be staying home
today?" I inquired sleepily.

"I know that you don't remember your idea last night so once all
these lovely girls allow us to slip into the shower and clean up, I'll tell
you what your idea was," she decided as she wriggled free from Phyllis's

Sally dragged me with her off her side of the bed.

"Eep," I squeaked, not being used to someone Sally's size being
able to drag me around.

"You, little lady, are coming with me," Sally appraised me, "I want
a chance to help wash your delicious body."

Ivana already had the shower running by the time Sally had
dragged me to it and as we entered she called, "Phyllis, get your ass in
here! You aren't going to be running around with us, stinking of sex,
with your hair matted with pussy juices."

Phyllis meekly joined us but tried to hide in one of the corners
while we giggled and rubbed each other.

I noticed her shying away from us and started squirming up
against her, rubbing her breasts, and generally being as annoying as I
could be. She was trying to ignore me, which only challenged me to try
harder, so I decided that her vulva needed to be cleansed most
thoroughly. I took one of the soft natural sponges that Ivana had setting
on a shelf and made it foamy with soap. Next, I started to slide it
between her legs with ever increasing insistence.

She couldn't ignore this, so she moaned and used my shoulders to
keep from falling into the bottom of the shower, due to her knees giving
way, "Roscoe... please, don't do this to me... I... I... I... can't... Not after
what I did to you."

"Then you should let me, don't you think? I deserve to be able to
make you orgasm, if that is what I want," I logically put to her, as she
began to pant heavily.

"B... b... bu... Oh, god Roscoe. Oooh my... uh no... I can't... Jes...
oooooh..." she screeched as I pleasured her.

Ivana caught on to what I was doing and had started to play with
Phyllis's nipples and Sally did her best to work any erogenous zones she
could reach.

"Oh my god! Ooooooooh I... whoa uh... oooh yes! Hmmmmm...
baby you... ahhh... I'm... I'm going... I'm going to cum...
AAAAHHHHH!" Phyllis screamed as her knees buckled and Sally had to
catch her before she convulsed her way to the floor of the shower.

"Hold me, Roscoe, please. Please hold me. I'm so, so sorry for
what I did. Can you forgive me?" she tearfully moaned in her limp
limbed state.

"Sorry Phyllis, Roscoe can't forgive you," I told her, "There is no
Roscoe anymore. There's just Rose left now and she forgives you, but
only if you promise to be her friend." I held her tightly as the warm
water flowed over us and washed away her tears.

"Rose? Oh, yes I forgot. You... you're a girl now," Phyllis declared
as she allowed herself to be comforted.

"I thought you would have noticed last night, that wasn't a cock,
you were licking," I teased, not actually remembering the experience

"This is so weird. First, you were my boyfriend and then I found
your 'dress up' clothes. I didn't want anything to do with a transvestite,
but I guess you weren't one. Now you're a girl and... and we made love
and..." Phyllis was ranting, trying to straiten out her thoughts about the
whole traumatizing experience, "On top of all that, I was... was... helping
Fanni to... to... hurt you."

"Yes, you were Phyllis," Ivana observed, "and now you are going to
help us to show mother the error of her ways. So if you are recovered
from your fine orgasm, we need to switch to moisturizers and fragrances,
and get on with our plans."

The other girls helped us up and we finished our shower. (I love
saying that, 'the other girls'.)

With the lot of us sitting around the breakfast table, dressed and
eating our morning repast, Ivana filled me in, "You, my dear Rose,
proposed that we contact Zoe and have her pose as a military officer.
The pretense is that she's here from the pentagon to discuss some
tampering, which was discovered by a spot check of the research I was
doing for the defense department. Of course Fanni was not appraised of
the work, since she was not involved with the research. Knowledge of my
'special' work is on a 'need to know' basis only."

"Will she be able to pull it off, is the first question. The second
question is, will she go along with this. The third question I might add
is, do we want her to know about me?" I asked, playing my own devil's
advocate, as I picked at my fruit bowl.

"I don't see any other choice if we want to keep the authorities out
of this. Let's just invite Zoe over for a few days and feel her out?" Ivana

"Okay, you feel her out and I'll feel her up. Between the two of us
she won't know what's going on," I suggested, tongue in cheek.

Ivana flipped open her cell phone and speed-dialed Zoe, "Good
morning hon.. Sorry to call so early, but I was wondering if you will be
busy tomorrow... and all day Monday too?"

"Oh, not a problem honey, I have ten spare bedrooms and no
other guests to fill them. Hah, yes, I have plenty of towels too. Sure,
bring your bikini, the indoor pool is heated, and Rose is aching to be
your lifeguard. Oh, I do have one new girl to introduce you to, named
Phyllis. No, 'hot' wouldn't begin to describe Phyllis. Great! I'll expect
you sometime after noon. Bye-bye hon.."

"Zoe will be here tomorrow, so I think we need to organize the
evidence we gathered from the lab into a professional-looking
investigative format. We are going to need it to convince Zoe that she
should help us. I think she will need a portfolio to take with her when
she visits mother," Ivana proposed as we all cleared our plates from the

"Okay, I'll do what I can. One quick question though, do you
think that I have any larger bras upstairs Ivana? This one is pinching
my boobs something awful," I complained, trying to loosen the straps for
a little comfort.

"Poor Rose, I'll have to send my driver to pick up the next batch of
custom bras for you. I think you have outgrown all of the bras we had,"
Ivana stated and then hugged me, "They are looking delicious though. I
will have to gird myself to make it through the day without throwing you
down and having my way with you." She kissed my lips and groped my
girls, eliciting the moan I knew she wanted.

"I thought you had stopped the alterations in me that Fanni
programmed? I think my boobies are still getting bigger. Just how big
am I going to be in the end Ivana?" I asked, still trying to adjust my bra,
in an attempt to get comfortable.

"Oh, they still have quite a ways to go. You did say you wanted
them really big, didn't you?" she replied, with a mischievous grin.

"Yes... that is if you want them to be," I offered, giving her the
opportunity to make the decision to keep them from becoming larger
than she would like.

"Oh, I would enjoy being married to a girl who really loves her
huge boobs," Ivana assured me with a wink.

"So you, won't think that I'm gross, or a freak, because of the size
of my boobs? When I'm out in public and people make rude comments,
or stare at me, you won't be ashamed to be with me? I know how
juvenile some people can act around girls with great boobs. The other
drawback will be finding bras for my boobies, because I want lacy,
delicate, and pretty bras for my lovely girls," I laughed, cupping the
aforementioned breasts, lifting them for her inspection.

"No, I won't think you're gross, or a freak, my darling Rose. I love
your boobs and I love you. I could care less if some moron makes rude
comments, other than I would hate to see you hurt by them. As for bras,
I can afford to have you in the sexiest bras conceivable by man... or
woman for that matter," she confirmed, and then she came close and
encircled me with her arms in a panty-dampening hug.

After releasing me, Ivana picked up her cell phone and said, "Oh,
hi Wanda. Hey hon. can I get you to slip into town and pick up that
batch of custom bras I ordered for Rose, please?"

"Great, thanks a lot. You are going to be a lifesaver for us today.
You have a nice time in town and pick up something sexy for yourself,"
Ivana ordered and then flipped the little phone closed.

"Now, Phyllis, I want you to go online and lookup some
government documents that you could reprint with some fake
information that we fill in. You know where the computers are. There
should be Photoshop and all the office programs that you need to do
that," Ivana commanded as she worked out the logistics of the operation.
"Try and make them Official Department of the Navy, OSI, Department of
Defense, or some similar organization."

Sally piped in with, "I'll go see that a room is all ready for Zoe. Do
you want to have the wet bar set up and provide the usual toys?"

"Definitely! See to it, there's a Sybian in there too. I want her to
feel like part of the family, and so does Rose," she stated with a smile in
my direction.

I blushed demurely in reply.

"Rose and I will dive into the records here and put together some
kind of presentation. We'll bring things into the computers once we have
some idea what we want," Ivana informed everyone as we each broke into
our assigned duties.

By the next morning, we had managed to put together a rather
professional looking evidentiary portfolio.

Zoe's Visit
Zoe showed up right on time and was greeted at the door by four,
squealing and happy ladies, all hugging her, at the same time.

"Zoe, it's so good to see you again!" Ivana declared, with a peck on
her lips.

"Wow, I should have come to visit sooner!" Zoe exclaimed, hugging

I hugged her and said, "We've been waiting on the edge of our
seats since Ivana told us you were coming."

"Oh, my god, Rose! Did you get implants since I saw you last?"
Zoe asked with her eyes bugging out toward my girls.

I blushed and giggled, "No, I'm just a growing girl."

"I can see that. Well, I expect you'll tell me more later," she said,
letting me off the hook. She turned towards Phyllis and asked, "And who
might this be?"

"Zoe, I'd like you to meet Phyllis. Phyllis, this is Zoe," I said by
way of introduction. I kept it simple since I didn't want to get into the
complexity of the situation quite yet.

"I'm glad to meet you Phyllis."

We scurried Zoe into the living room while Wanda and Sally took
Zoe's baggage to the room Sally, had set up for her.

As we seated ourselves on the sofa, Zoe asked, "So, what is it that
you ladies really want me for this weekend? I get the feeling that it's
more than partying that you have in mind. I would bet it has something
to do with my darling Rose there."

Ivana's face, took on a deadly serious look and she began, "Zoe,
you are probably not going to believe this...."

Ivana went on to fill Zoe in with what she had been doing with me,
how her mother had interfered, and how she tried to make me into a sex

"Oh my god! Rose dear, is it true? Were you really once a man?"
Zoe asked, wide eyed, and amazed.

I nodded my blonde head and said, "Yes I was, Zoe. That's one of
the reasons I was so shy the first time we met. At that time I wasn't fully
female yet."

"You could have fooled me. You did fool me... You really don't
have a... anymore?" she asked delicately, sincerely interested.

"No, it's all gone. I just have a vulva, vagina, Bartholin's glands,
uterus, and ovaries where it used to be," I assured her, "You want to

Zoe almost began drooling but shook it off at the last minute
saying, "You bet your sweet ass I do honey, but I think we should wait
until I have a better idea of what you two want me to do for you. I take it
that you have a plan?"

Ivana filled her in with more of the details of how she transformed
me and what we were planning.

When we finished telling Zoe what she needed to know, she said,
"It sounds like you want to be something of a sex toy Rose, do you?"

I blushed crimson and replied, "Well... to some extent, yes, I guess
I do. I love making other people happy. I just don't want to be only a sex

"I see," Zoe, said thoughtfully, "Now, what is it that you ladies
need me to do?"

"We want to teach mother a lesson. Mostly just, scare her. We
want her to think twice before she tries to hurt someone like this again,"
Ivana informed her, carefully watching her expression.

Ivana steeled herself to take the plunge, "We were hoping that you
would pose as a Naval Officer and read mom the riot act. You know, sort
of, as if you're from a supervising agency of the government, chastising a
researcher for her improper behavior. Warning her not to interfere with
another researcher's work, especially if she does not know for whom it is
being done. We want to pretend that what I'm doing with Rose is a
secret government project and that she interfered with it and could face
dire consequences if she ever did anything like it in the future."

"Would a Lieutenant Commander be a high enough rank?" Zoe
asked with a wry smile.

"I think that would be about right, that or maybe Commander,"
Ivana concluded thoughtfully. "Does this mean that you'll help us?"

"Well... let's see what you have put together first," Zoe asked,
looking around for the evidence we had accumulated.

Ivana handed Zoe the folder and we waited while Zoe leafed
through the assembled documents.

After a few minutes Zoe closed the folder and asked, "Do you have
a computer I can use for a few minutes? I want to add a few things to
this to give it a more official appearance."

"Sure," Ivana offered as she stood and escorted Zoe to the
computer room.

"I'm going to need to do this in private. I have a couple of friends
who can help out, but I don't want to give away who they are just yet,"
Zoe informed us, "They're sort of hackers and... well... you know."

"Oh, I understand completely," Ivana, replied conspiratorially with
a wink.

We all trooped back to the living room and waited for Zoe to come
back out.


When Zoe returned, she handed the folder to Ivana and grinned,
"See what you think of these hon.?"

Ivana's eyes were huge and round as she stared at the documents
in awe, "Damn Zoe, this is awesome! If I didn't know better, I would
think that these are real. Cripes, you even have an Arrest Warrant,
Authorization for Seizure, Search Warrant, and Cease and Desist
documentation. I don't know who your friend online is but this is
amazing. Do you have anyone who can get you a Navy uniform?"

Zoe laughed, "That's not a problem Ivana. I really am a retired
Navy Lieutenant Commander. I actually have a uniform in my baggage."

"No shit...?" Ivana and I chimed together.

"I thought that the Navy didn't allow..." I trailed off, not wanting to
actually it.

"Don't ask, don't tell. It wasn't an issue until I neared retirement.
I was allowed to retire, and even to stay in the reserves, so long as my
activities didn't become too public."

"Oh, I'm sorry for you Zoe. That's so unfair," I told her.

"Well, in this case it's going to work to your advantage, at least
concerning this little problem you want handled," Zoe concluded. "When
should we do this?"

"Um... can you stay through the night and do it Monday when
mom goes into work?"

"That, I can do. Hey, if you let me make a few phone calls I can
have some friends go along with say... Shore Patrol armbands. That
would make it seem even more official, wouldn't it?" Zoe asked with the
air of a master spy.

"Of course, our home is your home. You have the run of the
house while you're here," Ivana offered with a grin, now feeling assured
that her mother would get her due.

"In that case... where's the pool?" Zoe excitedly asked.

"Come on, we'll take you to your room, you can get your suit on
and make your calls, and then we'll come back wearing ours, and lead
you there. We don't want you spending the day lost in this place," Ivana
teased as she led the way upstairs.

Once Ivana and I had slipped into our bedroom, it occurred to me
that I didn't have a bathing suit, at least not one that would fit this body,
"Ivana..." I began.

"Don't worry Rose. I have a bathing suit here just for you.
Actually, I have a whole range of them. All of them are the same style.
Just all of them are different sizes of tops and bottoms, so I'm sure we
can put one together to fit you," Ivana advised as she slid open a wide
drawer full of bathing suits.

"Wow, you must have been a Girl Scout. How did you think of
this?" I marveled.

"I'd like to take credit, but it was Sally who thought of it," Ivana
admitted, as she rooted through the suits, "Ah, there you are!" She flung
a suit bottom at me and went on, "Try that on while I get you a top."

I stepped into the suit and slid it up my creamy thighs, right up
against my flat feminine crotch. "Damn, this suit almost looks like it was
designed to make sure that a girl displays her 'camel toe' crotch when
she wears it!"

"Huh? Well, that's all I have. I guess you'll just have to wear it,"
Ivana told me, trying hard to keep the sly grin off her face.

"You knew it would! You wanted to show off your handy-work,
didn't you?" I accused, shaking my finger at her.

"Okay, you caught me. Nevertheless, it's such a pretty vulva," she
teased, as she came up with a huge bikini top. "How do they fit
otherwise? Do they have enough room in the seat?"

"Yah right, a thong-back with room in the seat. Are you just
trying to get under my skin?" I asked back, knowing that she was just
fooling around.

"Not yet... but maybe in the swimming pool I'll try to get under
your bikini," she told me as she slipped behind me and started loading
the girls into the suit's cups. "I love how heavy your boobs are. You fill
these cups up so sexily."

"You filled them up, love, I'm just the boobie bearer," I admitted,
"but I'm happy that you find them attractive."

"I'm just amazed at how well you have turned out so far and how
perfectly natural you are at the new feminine tasks you find yourself
doing," Ivana marveled as she fastened my bikini top behind me.

I hefted the girls, shifted them back and forth, and then settled
them in the cups comfortably, "God these feel marvelous. I don't think
my nipples have unclenched in the last two days. I love it when they
brush against anyone or anything, and my cleavage drives me wild when
my boobs glow. They slip against each other in such a stimulating way.
I don't know how you can go without playing with their boobs all day.
It's like mine are whispering to me, 'stroke me,' all day long!"

"Well, you did want to have extra sensitive boobies if you recall
Rose. My boobs aren't quite as distracting to me, as yours are to you, or
for that matter, as yours are to me. I just love to feel my fingers squish
into your breasts," she cooed in my ear, as she gently griped my girls.

"Mmmm... if you don't stop that, Zoe is going to be on her own for
the next hour. I'll have to throw you onto the bed and make passionate
love to you," I threatened, biting my lower lip and feeling my knees
tremble with weakness.

"Well we can't have that... at least not yet," she said as she patted
me on my soft, broad bottom.

"What are we waiting for? Zoe won't hang around for us forever," I
remarked, as I started towards the door.

"Hold up there, you're not going without your high heel flip-flops,"
Ivana declared as she stopped me and placed them on the floor near my
feet, "I'm not going to listen to you whine about your legs hurting, just
because you forgot to wear them."

"Yes, mom... I won't forget again," I promised, as I slipped on the
flip-flops and started out the door and down the hallway.

Ivana smiled to herself and shook her head in amazement as she
watched how easily I maneuvered in the high-heel flip-flops.

I perambulated to Zoe's room and knocked.

"Yes, are you two ready finally?" Zoe asked as she opened the
door, "You really don't play fair girls! I was drooling on the toys you left
to entertain me, when you're not available."

"I'm so glad you have them lubricated and ready but, maybe we
can get some swimming in, first?" I asked while hugging her and
squirming up against her as I did.

Zoe reached around me and groped my wide, low-slung buttocks,
whispering in my ear, "I'm going to ravish you at the very first

"Are you enjoying my fiancée Zoe?" Ivana asked with a smile,
caressing my womanly ass and giving me a shiver up my spine.

"Immensely! Maybe you can one for me, when Rose is finished?"
Zoe teased, spreading my gluteus maxima and slipping her hand
between my thighs.

"She's going to leave a trail of cum all the way to the pool now you
know..." Ivana warned her.

"In that case I'm going to rub her boobs the whole way and make
quite certain of it. That is if you don't mind, Ivana," Zoe stated with a
slightly evil snicker.

"Eep!" I squealed, starting to perambulate my way to the pool,
trailing Zoe behind me with her hands over my shoulders, groping me
maddeningly. (Since becoming so busty, I don't run unless I have to.)

"Damn Zoe, she's drooling down the inside of her thighs already,"
Ivana giggled, trailing behind us, "If you make her cum before we get
there, make sure you catch her. I don't want her getting hurt, but I do
love to see her cum as much as she can. It makes me wet and happy
seeing her so pleased."

"Ooh you two are making it terribly difficult to walk... ooooh!
Whoa, that feels good," I exclaimed as we reached the bottom of the
stairway, "Don't you think it will be embarrassing if were seen like this?
Ungh...!" I stumbled slightly, weak from the quivering I felt all
throughout my body.

We finally made it to the pool area and met up with the other girls.

"Oh, how nice! It must be, 'play with Rose time.' I've been waiting
for a chance to pay you back!" Phyllis exclaimed as she scurried up to
help with my embarrassing situation.

Sally wasn't quite so outwardly enthusiastic, however she sexily
slid up to the group and started teasing my nipple with a long, painted

"Maybe we should continue driving Rose wild when she is safely in
the pool?" Ivana suggested, pulling me towards the water, lifting my feet
off the ground, so that the other girls were forced to carry the top half of
me down into the warm pool water.

I sighed, relaxing with the warmth and weightlessness of the
surrounding pool water, just as the others came around and began to
play with their favorite bits of my new body. It was almost all the same
to me. Ivana had seen to it that I have the Ferrari of exogenously
responsive bodies. One tickle of the throttle and I'm off!

It appears that Zoe just has a weakness for men who have been
transformed into women, since she moved from boobies to vulva, down to
my toes, and back up to my lips, stroking, licking, and intently
inspecting my every curve.

Phyllis was almost jealously guarding the boob she worked over,
licking on my stiff nipple, blowing across the wetness she left behind,
and tweaking it in between, "God, I never thought that I would be
sucking on one of your big, fat, and soft nipples, Rose!"

"I... ooh... oh, my... I never thought I would be having lesbian sex
with you Phyllis, but I'd have given my left nut to be doing it! Wait... I
did give my left nut and the right one too! Damn... was it ever worth it!"

"You guys talk too much!" Sally declared as she smacked, diddled,
licked, and sucked on my clittie.

I shuddered though the throws of my first mini-orgasm, well on
my way to unimaginable heights of feminine bliss.

Suddenly, I felt something warm being squirted into my vagina,

"Relax Rose, it's just a non-water soluble lubricant. Your girl cum
will wash away in the pool, but this stuff will keep you so lubed that you
couldn't stop a limp macaroni from invading your cunny!" Ivana laughed
as she insured my willingness.

She was right of course, and of course, the other girls wanted to
test her boast by slipping their fingers into me... repeatedly.

"Rose is so helpless when we play with her. Is that by design,
Ivana?" asked Zoe, amazed at my submissiveness.

"Actually, that part wasn't my doing. Rose was always a sweet
person whose only desire was to please people. That's why she was so
easy for Phyllis to take advantage of her. Her natural loving nature and
sweetness were the reasons I fell in love with her and wanted to give her
a body to match her soul," Ivana reflected as she initiated resuscitation
on me.

"You know, to tell the truth, I wasn't really sure what your motives
for transforming Rose were, until just now. I can see in your eyes that
you truly love this lovely nymph," Zoe declared. "I wasn't convinced that
this was what Rose wanted either, but you do love being a pretty lady,
don't you, Rose?"

"It's what I wanted to be since I was a very young boy. Ooh... I
hated not being able to wear the soft and pretty things that the girls
wore. Eeeah... I didn't like sports, fighting or any of the other things
that most of the other guys were doing. Mmmm... I didn't want to be
strong and able. Uhhhh... I liked being small, soft, and weak," I
admitted between cooing.

"This is better than a lie detector!" Zoe declared as she slipped a
finger into my tight anus, lubricated with the same stuff that Ivana had
used on my cunt. (I love being able to say that, even though we girls
don't like that term outside of the throws of ecstasy.)

"Oh! That feels so weird! Mmmm... I like it, but my word, two
thing inside me between my legs, is so..." I paused, looking for the right
term to describe what I was feeling, "feminine."

"Yes, you are dear," Ivana said, as she released my sensitive lips,
long enough to kiss and nuzzle my neck.

"She can' a take any more Capt'n, she's gonna blow!" Zoe giggled
doing her James Doohan impression, as I did my best epileptic fit

I thrashed through the first few moments, easily held by the four
girls, but as I lost myself in my orgasm, they lost their grips, though
lucky for me, not all at the same time, so I never went under water. I did
make everyone look like drown rats, but they thought it was so sexy that
they started right in on me again.

This time they found a latex dildo to use on me and with Zoe's
finger, up my butt, I was helpless to fight them. As if I would want to?

Phyllis was again frantically working my huge mountains of jiggly
orgasmic pleasure, concentrating on the incredibly clenched joy buttons
on top, "Mmmm, Rose, I never found boobs to be that much of a turn-on,
but yours give you so much joy. I love the way they feel on my tongue
and how you respond to my ministrations."

"Ohhh... eeeeaa... thank you Phyllis..." I squealed. "Can... can I
get a nipple to suck too?"

Ivana un-slung one of her pretty girls and offered it to my big soft
lips to pleasure, "Ooh, Rose, what you can do to my nipples is so sinful!
It's almost as if your lips are electric."

"I've noticed that too, Ivana," Sally declared around a mouthful of
vulva, which she had been busily sucking to larger, sensitive, engorged
delight. "I thought that it was something you had done at the lab."

"Not intentionally... Uhhhhhh... oh shit! Catch her!" Ivana begged
as her knees buckled. Ivana slipped under the water briefly as she had a
nipple-gasm leaving me unsupported.

Zoe snatched me from going under myself, but Ivana was right
back up and holding my face in just a moment.

"Nobody can make me cream, like my lovely Rose," Ivana declared
as she unlimbered Zoe's breasts from their confinement. "Zoe needs to
feel a nipple-gasm too!"

"What's a nipple-gasm? Oh my god!" Zoe's exclaimed, eyes
clamped shut, her soft wet tongue moistening her lips.

"Unreal, isn't it Zoe?" Ivana giggled.

"Ahhhh! No...! Oooh...! My boob! You can't... Oh baby!" Zoe
cried, not completely aware of her surroundings anymore.

Phyllis reached down to help Sally with my sopping wet, tightly
filled slit, diddling my clit, while Sally pumped me in and out with the
see-through pink jelly dildo.

I wanted to scream 'fuck me', repeatedly but my mouthful of
nipple was more important to me. I wanted to make Zoe feel as good as
she was making me feel, so I ignored my own pleasure for the time being
and concentrated my physical and mental efforts, focusing them on the
intense point of light that was her tightly scrunched nipple.

It felt sort of like refocusing my orgasmic pleasure through my lips
to her titty.

"What the fuck...!" Zoe proclaimed as her eyes rolled up into the
back of her head and she slipped under the warm pool water.

I couldn't fend off the rising tsunami of my orgasm any longer. I
allowed it to wash over me, consuming my very being as I screamed
unintelligible statements of thanks. I thrashed wildly about as if I were a
Tasmanian devil trapped by a bear.

The girls made sure that I came up for air often enough to be safe
and even Zoe helped once she came back up from her nipple-gasm.

They dragged me to the stairs and placed me with my head out of
the water, so that I could safely bask in the afterglow and they could
snuggle and hug me while I purred softly.

"How did you do that?" Zoe kept asking, kissing my face all over,
and staring deeply into my eyes.

When my brain finally started to function again, I answered, "I
don't know. I just focus some of my orgasmic energy through my lips
into your nipple."

"That's not possible... or at least it shouldn't be," Zoe proclaimed.

"I've never heard of it. However, it must be possible because she
can do it. Maybe it's a mutation, of some kind? Luckily Stan Lee hasn't
ever had a superhero who shares her orgasms, so we won't be infringing
on any copyrights..." Sally joked, while snuggling.

"Oh so now I'm a super-heroine?" I asked.

"You are to me, sweetie," Ivana affirmed with a kiss.

Once I was myself, again I started to paddle around in the pool,
even though I was often sexually assaulted, by teasing vixens. They
didn't gang bang me again though so I was able to spend some time
reveling in my sexy little girlish body. Swimming with big hooters is
harder though, they present quite a bit of additional drag and are
constantly escaping from their titular confinement. There is an
advantage being a girl though, flutter kicking or frog kicks are safer.
(There's nothing in the way... giggle.)

After we had all become water logged enough we left the pool,
though I was quite surprised that my pussy had filled with water, due to
the fact that it was so well lubed, and the feeling of the water draining
from me was intensely strange. I tried to stop it by clasping my hand
over my pussy, but it only served to make me the focus of much hilarity.

"What's the matter Rose? Spring a leak?" giggled Sally.

"How come I'm leaking pool water and no one else is?" I asked

"You were so lubed up, and being pumped full of rubber dick,
which left you open for the water to fill you. Don't worry, it's happened
to all of us at one time or another," Ivana explained, "Usually in the
bathtub for most of us. Masturbating in the tub is a favorite of many

"I can transfer the body characteristics, mannerisms, and the
physical responses of a natural girl, but the memories and experiences
you'll have to get on your own sweetie," Ivana sighed and gave me a peck
on the lips.

"That's okay by me. It would be confusing with crossed memories
telling me about a youth that I had never experienced. It is much better
to earn them myself I think," I surmised as we dried off and started
walking towards the wet bar, my butt still feeling loose from the

"Shit Ivana, wherever did you find that walk you gave her?" Zoe
asked in a low whisper, staring intently at my undulating ass.

"We scanned an exotic dancer that everyone remembered just for
that walk. I knew that it would keep me wet and chasing after her every
time I saw her walking."

"Maybe we are going to need some female Shore Patrol for this
operation. I'm not sure that the guys would be able to behave their
selves. Rose gets hotter looking every time I look at her," Zoe admitted.
"Is she still changing?"

"Oh yes, Rose has a ways to go yet. She only needs a couple more
sessions at the lab though. She's worked out better than I had ever
dreamed my process would work," Ivana sniffed and wiped a tear from
her eye. "You should have seen how tortured she was before I gave her
the outward appearance to match her soul."

"My word, you really do love her! At least you do now that she is
the beauty you made her."

"I take offense at that Zoe. I wouldn't care if Rose had wanted to
remain Roscoe, I would love her still," Ivana, coldly stated, staring
intently into Zoe's eyes.

"I... I beg your pardon, I didn't really mean to imply that... well,
maybe I did, sort of, but I have a hard time thinking of Rose being as
sweet as she now is, as a man," Zoe quickly explained, realizing that she
had stepped on a very sensitive nerve.

"Apology accepted. Rose's basic personality and essence hasn't
changed a bit. I wouldn't have manipulated that if it were possible. You
can ask Phyllis, who was Roscoe's girlfriend before I met him," Ivana
motioned towards Phyllis to bring her in to support her argument.

"Oh god, I nearly caused her to... to... never mind. What Ivana is
telling you is so true. She was a sweeter girl as a guy than I am as a
girl," Phyllis choked out, tears streaming down her face.

"Now, now, Phyllis, don't you go feeling like that, remember all is
forgiven and forgotten. I don't want you to dwell on it," I slipped up to
her now taller body and grabbed her in a big heartfelt hug.

"I'm still sorry Rose. I shouldn't have treated you so badly and I
should never have let Fanni use me," she reaffirmed, hugging me back.

"Fanni is going to come to a quick realization that trying to harm
Rose was a poor decision, I promise," Zoe informed us. "Here, I'll make
up some drinks for everyone so that we can get over my insensitive
remark. Is that alright with everyone?"

"Yes, but Rose will have to stay with non-alcoholic beverages.
Alcohol doesn't go well with the stem cells. It will be a month or more
before she can drink," Ivana informed her, "But I would like an 'Absolut
Royal Fuck' and Rose wants straight-up cranberry juice."

"You and me both hon.. Oh and would you care for a beverage
too?" Zoe snickered as she grabbed the 'Absolut Vodka'. "Maybe after we
relax with our drinks awhile we, can go have that fuck up in my room? I
want dibs on Rose's lips while one of you bangs me and the other lady
fucks Rose's brains out."

"Wow, now that sounds like a plan! Of course, the only one who
doesn't get to rotate around will have to be Rose. Nobody else has super
powers so she'll just have to struggle with all of the orgasms. What do
you think Rose, will you mind orgasming your brains out for us?" Sally
asked with a dirty little snicker.

"A sex toy's got to do, what a sex toy's got to do," I sighed. "You
will be gentle with me won't you Miss Sally?"

"Only if you promise to blow my mind with those lips of yours,"
Sally replied with a wink.

"Okay, but I've never tried to use them on someone's ear before," I
flipped back innocently, "It could be dangerous with that short a

"Your super-power actually deserves study Rose. We might find
that it is dangerous for you to use... or maybe it's dangerous for your
victims to have it used on them. Actually, what in the hell, it feels too
good to for me to care if I'm being hurt by it. Go ahead and use me for a
guinea pig," Zoe decided as she handed out the 'Absolut Royal Fucks'.

"You sound as though you had some issues with men yourself,
Zoe," I timidly asked, wanting to know, but afraid that I might spawn
another row.

"Actually, the reason I am semi-retired is that the military
discovered my sexual preference. They were given an, 'anonymous tip' by
a guy I used to work with. He was looking for a promotion and I was
forced to go into the reserves, which left him with my promotional,"
sighed Zoe, "I guess I have some issues with him and I shouldn't blame
all men for what he did. I just haven't much use for men in general,
being a lesbian."

"That explains a lot," I agreed. "I'm sorry that jerk did that to you.
You might have been in the same boat if one of the ladies you worked
with were looking to take your job too. Some ladies are ruthless."

"Yes, I know," she sighed. "This jerk was constantly screwing over
women. He never went after any of the men. His favorite thing to say
was, 'Women belong at home, barefoot and pregnant'. He was such a

"He does sound like he could use a lesson in humanity," I agreed.

"Yes, I'm not the only lady he's done this to. There's even one who
wasn't a lesbian, but just the accusation was enough to ruin her career."

We let that subject drop, as it was not immediately concerning us
and went on with our evening.

The rest of our little social was mostly giggling and teasing. We all
knew so much more about each other when we were ready to head back
into the house.

"How come I have to walk in front of everybody? I'm beginning to
think nobody likes me," I complained as the girls insisted that I lead the

"Not a chance sugar. Everybody loves you and that's why we want
to watch your delicious ass while you walk," Ivana assured me.

"Now I'm going to be self conscious about my butt when I walk,
thanks a lot!" I complained trying to hid the aforementioned item.

"I've got to feel those..." Zoe exclaimed as she grasped my
undulating glutei.

"Stop that!" I screeched and quick stepped away from her grope.

Sally laughed and said, "You don't want her to stop, and you know

"Have you ever tried to walk with someone groping your butt?" I
asked, crossing my arms over my huge boobs.

All four ladies burst into laughter.

"That's the first 'un-feminine' thing I've seen Rose do," Zoe
remarked, wiping tears from her eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"You really can't go around crossing your arms above your boobs
hon.. Your tits are too big to be doing that. You should cross your arms
underneath them, but don't hitch them up when you do. You would look
as if you are offering them to someone," Ivana informed me. "You were
squeezing your girls out both sides with your arms on top of your
boobies. I liked it, but you would be in real trouble if there were a bunch
of horny guys watching."

"Don't worry about it Rose," Zoe told me, "I think you are handling
yourself remarkably well. Whenever I look at you, I just want to eat you
like candy, you're so sweet."

"Okay, who is this Candy, and why am I so jealous of her?" I
chided back.

"Right! Come along sweetie, it's time for your medication..." Ivana
grasped my arm and escorted me up to our bedroom.

"What medication?" I asked astonished that I couldn't think of
what that might be.

"You need to wash that chlorine off your hot little body, and then
we must massage a therapeutic lotion all over your body to keep your
skin baby smooth," she said as she lead the other girls into the room
with us.

"This bikini top looks so difficult to remove, I'd better help," Zoe

"I've got dibs on her bottoms!" Sally yelled into my thighs as she
gripped the sides of my bikini bottoms.

"I'll get the shower programmed," Ivana exclaimed as she scurried
into the bathroom.

"Programmed?" Zoe chirped.

"Wait until you get to try it, Zoe. It's simply wonderful," I assured
her, quivering with stimulation.

The girls quickly doffed their own suits and chased me, groping
whatever they could along the way. I ran and squealed like a little girl! (I
loved it the whole time.)

All the squirmy girl bodies wriggled around in the warm sudsy
water as we showered. Groping boobies and bottoms is just about the
sexiest thing in the world. I wish I could describe it with total alacrity
but my prose falls far short of the actual experience. The accidental
brushing of bottoms against each other, boobies flopping against arms
and backs, and the feeling of my nipples when they are soapily caressed.
My juices were flowing freely down my inner thighs while my knees

I caught a lovely soft nipple as it swung in front of my face and
latched on tightly. I had to unload some of my orgasmic energy before I
exploded, and Phyllis was the fortunate boob owner who was to receive

"Oh holy SHIT!" Phyllis screamed as she orgasmed herself off her

Luckily, Sally had seen me attack her nipple and caught her on
her express trip to the shower floor, twitching and mewing.

"Damn! You need a warning label, Rose," Zoe declared, shaking
her head.

"Oh my god that was good! Woof, baby, I saw stars and galaxies
exploded through me," Phyllis recollected, "I'm ruined!"

"Why do you say that, Phyllis," Zoe asked, helping the stunned
woman to her feet.

"No man could make me cum like that. I can't ever expect great
sex from a man, ever again," Phyllis bemoaned, eyes as round as moons.

"No, that's not true, dear girl," Zoe consoled her with a hug and
pat on the back.

"It... it's not?"

"No, all you have to do is be fucked while Rose kisses you. I don't
know where you'll find a guy who won't want to fuck Rose too... but it's
possible," Zoe told her with a snort.

"That's just plain mean, Zoe," I told her. "Don't worry Phyllis, we'll
work something out. I'll take care of you."

"You better. Damn, I keep thinking about you wearing that blue
baby doll I found in your bedroom," Phyllis said, shaking her head trying
to get the memory out of her mind. "I can't even bring up a mental
imagine of you as you were when we met."

Phyllis lifted me from the floor and held me, squishing my boobs
out the sides between us, "You are a lot more huggable now."

"Yes, and I like being small enough to carry around," I giggled.

"Okay, ladies, it's time for our frilly nighties!" Ivana announced.
"Sally, why don't you lay out Rose's nighties and we'll let everyone choose
which one she should wear."

"Hey, how come you guys get to pick my nightie, but you get to
wear anything you want?" I, complained, lower lip extended.

"Well, Zoe may not have brought many nighties, but I am going to
offer her any one of my collection she likes, if she doesn't think she
brought a sexy enough one, and frankly, because you're more fun to
dress than any one of us," Ivana informed me with a kiss on the lips.

"Why am I more fun to dress?"

"You have always loved dressing in pretty, frilly, sexy girl's clothes
and we want to share your thrill when we put something uber hot on
you," Zoe added with a little blush, "God, knowing how much you wanted
to be a girl so you could be feminine, is making me positively wet with

"You, don't think I'm a freak for wanting to be feminine?" I asked,
thinking that might be the reason for it.

"Hell no, I love girls who want to be feminine. Lipstick lesbians
are my cup of tea. Why wouldn't I love you? I know you're a girl, I've
seen that for myself. I am kind of jealous of your body. You have some
things I would love to have myself. Imagine, never having to shave ever
again..." Zoe got a far-away look in her eye.

"Okay ladies, do your frilly best," I sighed resignedly, trembling
with anticipation.

The ladies invaded our walk-in closet and amidst much giggling
and whispering, they finally decided on what they wanted me to wear, a
'Lola hot pink chemise'. It has pink feathers covering the bra cups and
all around the hem, which encircled my butt, hanging almost all the way
down to my pussy, which was covered with a pair of pink lace panties,
crotchless of course. There were holes cut to let my nipples stick
through and to be tickled by the pink feathers, which made me giggle
every time I thought of them, or had them sway as I walked.

"By Jove, I believe she likes it. Damn, do you ever look hot in
that, sweetheart," Ivana declared, as she hugged me from behind.

Zoe had picked a white satin baby doll with a satin thong
underneath, simple, sheik, and sexy.

Sally had chosen a thong-back, open crotch, black lace teddy for
her eveningwear. Her butt cheeks shimmied stimulatingly as she strut
her stuff, modeling her nightie for us.

Phyllis had chosen a Chantilly Teddy in exquisite lace in satin,
eyelash lace trim, a zipper front, and a thong back in royal blue. Her
bottom jiggled as invitingly as her ample boobs did, when she strutted
around, affecting her sexiest poses.

Ivana was far from upstaged by these lovelies by wearing a gold,
liquid-metal spandex, strapless teddy with a classic boy-cut bottom,
which she displayed with great restraint and buckets of my drool
covering the floor.

"That is just so hot hon.," I told her, with the requisite kiss. Well,
I guess that we won't need a microwave to cook this evening. We're all so
hot you could fry bacon on our backsides," I decided. "If I were the old
me, I would definitely be sporting iron-wood right now."

"Instead, your pussy is leaking down your inner thighs," Phyllis
said with a guffaw.

I was shocked and embarrassed so I leaned over to try and see
overtop my boobs and fell flat on my face.

"Phyllis! That was mean! Poor Rose couldn't know that you were
joking," Zoe told her as she lifted me off the floor.

"She, was joking?" I asked, dazed by my close encounter with the

"I didn't think she would try to look..." Phyllis said as she rushed
to help me up.

"Of course she would try to look, Phyllis. She's self-conscious
enough without you making fun of her," Sally scornfully informed her.

"It's okay ladies, the floor isn't as far away as it used to be," I told
them, trying to get them to forgive Phyllis and have the room stop

"On the other hand, you are a lot smaller, softer, and easier to
hurt than you used to be too, sweetie," Ivana added. "Phyllis needs to be
more aware of that, or we'll strap her to the Sybian and make her ride off
her impulsiveness for say... about four hours or so. That should keep
her out of trouble," Ivana laughed evilly as she gave Phyllis 'the look'.

"Can we get Sally to pop some corn to munch while we watch?" I
asked as sweetly and innocently as I could.

"I'm up for it, if you girls are," Sally giggled, feeling that we were all
teasing her.

"May I suggest that we temper her sentence to about an hour,
instead of a 4 hour marathon ride?" I asked, intending to just let Phyllis
get in a whole lot of great orgasms instead of punishing her.

"I like it. It's, just, wise, appropriate, and plain hot! Phyllis we
deem you guilty and pronounce your sentence of a full hour of pleasuring
by Sybian. Sentence to be carried out immediately. The convict will
submit to a full hour of uncontrollable pleasuring, follow our 'Boobliff'
(Bailiff with huge boobs.) to the guest room Ms. Revere, for your mid-
night ride," Ivana declared, giggling her head off watching Phyllis, head
hung, following my undulating butt, (Staring holes in my panties.) into
Zoe's room, along with everyone else.

The Mid-Afternoon Ride
I whispered to Phyllis over my shoulder, "Have you ever used one
of these?"

"No, what's it like...?"

"Girlfriend, you are going to love this. You'll be fucked to within
an inch of your life, but you'll love every minute," I assured her.

"I thought I was going to be punished...?" she whispered.

"Oh, you are being punished. You are going to be very tired by the
time you are done. However, you will sleep with a smile on your face and
wondering if you should allow yourself to cum that wildly ever again," I
said, with a small titter. "Some girls hate to loose control like you are
going to, so they don't ever do it again. I for one think they are crazy.
The more a girl orgasms, the easier it is for her to get an orgasm, and
girls should orgasm as much as they can, don't you think?"

"I... ah, now I'm a little scared actually," Phyllis told me, wide-eyed
with concern.

"You really don't have to do it, you know. It's just for fun and you
really are going to love it. How about if I ride one right beside you?" I

"Sure, that would make me feel a lot better, and I'll love watching
you cum too," Phyllis agreed emphatically, hugging me around my little

"Sally? Will you help me set up another Sybian so that Phyllis
and I can show off to each other?" I asked, loud enough for everyone to

"Damn...!" Zoe, Ivana, and Sally chorused together.

"Zoe, come with me quickly, we need to get some things. Ladies,
we'll be right back. Don't ride off without us," Ivana quickly interjected.
The two quickly disappeared down the hall while Sally, Phyllis, and I set
up the Sybians, with our special attachments.

Ivana and Zoe popped in while we were working and began setting
up video equipment, while a couple digital still cameras were kept at the

"I'm getting this on DVD! This is going to be so hot, we're going to
have to call the fire department," Ivana declared as she put the finishing
touches on her equipment.

"Which attachments do you want us to use on these, Ivana?" I
asked, making a dimple in my cheek like a little Shirley Temple.

Ivana dug into the box with the attachments and pulled out a pair
of 'G-Max' probes for us to use and a jug of lube to help slip us over the
bulbous protrusions. She attached the probes, lubricated them and slid
the stools over next to the Sybians, "There you go ladies strip and then
climb aboard."

"I... can't... it's so big..." Phyllis complained, already naked and
staring round-eyed at the 'G-Max'.

"You can, it's not as big as you think, and see, sexy little Rose is
fitting herself over hers," Ivana discounted Phyllis's trepidations.

As soon as our butts touched down, Ivana kicked the stools away
from the Sybians that had been mounted high up on custom made legs,
leaving us stranded on the saddles, "Now just relax and lean against the
cushion we affixed in front."

We did as we were bid and Ivana clicked and locked belts around
us, holding us in place.

"Wait! What are you doing?" Phyllis cried out, shocked that she
wouldn't be able to get off whenever she wanted.

"Making sure that we control how much pleasure you must
endure, and not you," Ivana laughed evilly.

I could see that Phyllis wanted to protest, however she thought
better of it and remained quiet.

"Woo Hoo, here we go Phyllis! I hope I pass out first!" I exclaimed,
having been through this once before already.

"What happens then?" Phyllis asked with a quick squeal as Ivana
adjusted the speed of her Sybian.

"Oh baby, that's good," I screeched, "If I pass out, you win. They
will let you go, and I will awaken soon after in bed with a bunch of pretty
girls who are hugging me."

"Oh my god!" Phyllis yelped, "You cum yourself unconscious, but
that means I win? Are you crazy?"

"Actually, Phyllis, there are no losers in this game," Ivana
chuckled as I screamed out my first mini orgasm. "Everyone is a winner,
one of you cums herself unconscious and the other one comes with us to

"Oh god this feels good!" Phyllis remarked as she pulled at her

"Sally, please begin the slathering of our cum-bunnies," Ivana

Sally began oiling both of us with heated and scented oils.

"The hell with these controls. You take over Ivana. I want to rub
Rose's girls with this oil!" Zoe exclaimed as she leapt into action.

"Oh god... oh god... I'm cuming!" I screamed as the sensations of
Zoe's hot hands and nimble fingers, working my sensitive boobies,
exploded in my feminized mind.

"Cum hard for me baby!" Zoe urged, increasing her zone of attack,
finding my clit tightly pressed against the wiggling 'G-Max' stem.

"Not so soon... oh... oh my! Oh god! Fuck me!" I pleaded as I
began to ride a new wave of orgasmic fire.

"That's not fair! She's already had two!" Phyllis complained as
Sally worked her erogenous zones.

"Sorry, Phyllis, Rose wanted to be easily orgasmic, so we made her
that way. Just remember that we enforced her pleasure center so that
she can ride through incredible blasts of mind numbing orgasms," Ivana
assured her, "Therefore you have as much chance at fainting from
orgasms as she does. You just won't cum as hard or as often."

"Almost... oh god! Ooh baby that's great! Uh... uh...
UHHHHHHHHHH!" Phyllis exclaimed as she reached her first orgasmic

Shortly after that she was saying, "Okay, I'm done. I came. I
won't cum again, really."

"Silly girl," Sally whispered to her, "You are about to be introduced
to what many women never feel. You are going to find your multi-
orgasmic-ness. Just relax and let yourself cum baby. The Sybian is
assaulting your G-Spot, so you'll cum again soon. You're safe, cared for,
and encouraged to cum harder than you ever thought possible. Watch
and listen to Rose cum her brains out. You deserve to cum like she
does, so go ahead and go for it."

Phyllis began bucking her hips, grinding herself into the Sybian
she was helplessly riding, as if demanding an orgasm from it that could
blow her mind.

I was screaming like a little girl who had her lunch money stolen,
as my juices covered the sides, of the Sybian I was humping. Ivana
smugly controlled both of our machines as they fucked the living hell out
of us.

"I'm doing it... I'm... I'm... oh god! I'm cuming again!" Phyllis
screeched as she shuddered and went limp against the padded support.

I was on my sixth orgasm as I heard, "Phyllis...? Oh good you're
still with us."

"No I... I can't. Not again! Oh please... stop... please... don't!
Stop! I'm not... oh don't... please stop," Phyllis begged, worn out and
unable to release herself from being trapped on the Sybian and afraid
that she would enjoy it too much.

Soon I heard, "Don't stop! Please, don't stop! Oh my god! Oh
baby that is soooooo good."

"Lips! Please I need Phyllis's lips!" I yelled out, insane with
orgasmic fire.

Sally and Zoe pushed our Sybians close enough that I could grasp
Phyllis's face and latch on tightly. Rising on my tenth, or was it my
eleventh orgasm, the sexual energy was beyond belief and I really wanted
Phyllis to have some. I balled it all up into a swirling sun-bright comet
and waited until I felt Phyllis screeching into my mouth on the edge of
her third orgasm, and I unloaded the whole, brilliant fireball into her

"Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiahugheeeeeeeaaaaaaaa!" Phyllis screamed her lungs
out and went entirely limp in the straps that held her to the machine.

No matter what Ivana, did with the controls, no matter how much
shaking, Sally did, Phyllis would only mew softly in answer to their

"I think we have a winner!" Ivana declared as I came one last time.

"Gurney?" Sally asked.

"Yes, two of them I think," Ivana agreed as the two ladies left the
room to get transportation for us.

Once they had moved us into the bathroom, sponged us clean,
and re-dressed us in our frilly finery. The girls tucked us into Ivana's big
master bed, joining us in cuddling and kissing.

When Phyllis finally awakened, her eyes flung open wide and she
whimpered, "I can't believe it!"

Everyone started cuddling her and kissing her.

"That was an orgasm. Oh my god, I've never orgasmed before, not
really orgasmed. I've had little orgasms, but those were just preludes to
the real thing. I've cum twice today and both times due to the fact that
Rose kissed me!" Phyllis realized.

"It's true Phyllis, most women never really reach their orgasmic
potential. I think they are afraid that they will become nymphomaniacs,
or whores or something," Zoe lectured as she hugged Phyllis.

"All I know is that I want to have more! Lots and lots more of
them!" Phyllis enthused as she came to life, frantically kissing anyone
who was in range.

"Well, Phyllis, it's Zoe, Ivana, and Sally's turns to have orgasms.
What do you think we should do to them?" I asked, while I sucked face
with Ivana.

"Anal probes, butterflies and your lips, because I want you affixed
with them too," Phyllis decided as she slipped out of bed and pushed a
cart over, loaded with the aforementioned items.

We all fit the toys onto each other, including Phyllis, and turned
everything on together. The buzzing and moaning was unbelievable,
which only served to turn us on all the more.

I was the first to cum... and the second, but I was followed quickly
by Sally and then Ivana. Zoe took a little longer to gasp through her first
orgasm. Phyllis who was fatigued and sore, brought up the rear, slightly
after my third orgasm, however judging by the way she quivered
afterward, it was a stunning one.

Ivana beat Sally by a few seconds on their next round, and then
me again though Phyllis orgasmed before Zoe this time. I decided that
since she was our guest that she needed a leg up on everyone else and
snagged her right nipple with my lips.

"Oh NOOOO! Oh my god, ohmygod OHMYGOD!" Zoe soaked the
bed with a stupendous gushing orgasm and quivered as if she were
having an epileptic fit, throwing her legs wide and her arms about.

That staved off my next orgasm for a few moments as I searched
for the next boobie to latch onto. I found my lover's nipple next and
grounded, a small sun of orgasmic energy, through her tits into her brain
and watched her quietly roll her pupils up inside her head and clinch up
every muscle in her body as she went rigid in orgasmic bliss.

Sally was fortunate enough to be moaning and popped her head
up to see what had happened to Ivana, when I placed an orgasmic lip-
lock on her face, sending her into mental overload.

I couldn't hold back any longer and came again myself, but was
soon rising on my next wave of Nirvana. I found Phyllis vibrating
through her own self induced fourth orgasm.

"Oh so good! I can make myself orgasm too! Here I go again..."
she started to say, as her next wave began to build.

"Need to release..." I groaned as I crawled to her. "My boobie!" I
declared as I took charge of her tightly clenched knob of sensitivity. I
drained off all of my excess and watched her fold up her mental tent and
loose consciousness.

"Oops..." I realized that there was no one left to feed my orgasms
to, and the vibrators were still making me crazy. I couldn't remove them.
I couldn't turn them off. I was completely at their mercy as my own eyes
rolled up inside my head and a tidal wave of cum gushed from me,
soaking all five of us.

My eyes uncrossed and I neared the next peak quickly, denied the
escape of unconsciousness, I rode through ever increasing, mind
numbing orgasm after orgasm.

The only thing that saved me was Sally's returning to the land of
the living and realizing my predicament, "Oh, poor baby. You can't even
move your arms enough to switch this stuff off!"

Thankfully, she was turning off the vibrators as she was talking
and I was finally able to cum one last time, releasing my energy into my
own muscle locking, pussy gushing crescendo.

"Too tired... must sleep now, sorry Rose," Sally told me as her eyes
closed and she nodded off.

I wasn't sorry in the least. If she hadn't come to, long enough to
turn off my implements of pleasure, I would have gone at it for hours,
maybe longer. Oh well, I would have been sore, and maybe I would have
become an orgasm junkie, but that's the risks a girl like me takes when
she straps herself into a pleasure machine.

I sighed briefly and quietly slipped out of bed with my baby doll
sticking to my body everywhere.

I was too jazzed by all the cuming to fall asleep, so I went into the
kitchen, drank a quart of Gatorade, and gnawed on some luncheon meat.
I was so hungry and thirsty my body was shaking all over.

I was thinking about how all those poor girls upstairs were
sleeping in a near lake of girl cum and decided to see if I could dry the
ladies out before joining them in dreamland.

The only thing I was able to do was grab a bunch of towel and
soak up as much as I could, and then stuffed dry towels down while
rolling the girls on top of the dry spots.

I slipped on another nightgown, (This one was a Teddy made of
pink Lycra.) and dove in amongst the sleepy girls. The activity of drying
out the bed made me sleepy enough to dose off with the sated lesbians
for the rest of the night.

Dawn of a New Day
"Okay, who played mother?" Zoe asked as she looked around the

"What? What do you mean, 'mother'?" Sally groggily asked.

"Someone dried the sheets and put towels around so we could
sleep on something clean and dry," Zoe stated, rubbing the sleep from
her eyes.

"Who did what?" Phyllis asked, yawing and stretching.

"Where did these towels come from?" Ivana asked, holding one up
in front of her.

"What's the big deal? Okay so I threw some towels on the bed. It
didn't take long after my snack to do it," I informed them as I sat up.

"You got up and had a snack," Ivana asked.

"I was thirsty and hungry. Is there something wrong with that?" I
asked trying to figure what the big deal was.

"I can be so dense sometimes!" Ivana remarked, slapping her

"What? Did I miss something?" Phyllis asked, scratching her

Zoe chimed in, showing that she was plenty bright in her own
right, "Given Rose's mass and her ease of orgasms, her plentiful gushes
of lubrication, she would need to replenish her fluids and energy reserves
before they sank to a harmful level. Adrenalin, do you think Ivana?"

"Must be, yes, her body must have milked her adrenal gland to
keep her going long enough to prevent her from coming to harm. I can
see that we are going to have to keep plenty of fluids and protein bars at
the bedside for our little sweetie," agreed Ivana as she bounced out of
bed, leading the parade of stinky girls with their nighties stuck to their
crusty, sexy bodies.

"I can barely walk," Phyllis complained.

"You're bowlegged today too," I told her from behind.

"What!" Phyllis exclaimed, trying to look behind herself and then
down between her legs.

"Oh, she got you big time girl!" Zoe laughed, doubled over and

"You...!" Phyllis said as she picked me up and kissed me. "Thank
you for teaching me to cum."

"So, are you a nymphomaniac now?" I asked with a grin.

"I hope so, because I really love orgasming now that I know what
they really feel like. I can't believe that I've gone this many years without
ever, really feeling what it's like. I... I... I could have gone my whole life
and never known..." Phyllis stared off into space with a half frightened

"It's okay to be a nymphomaniac, isn't it?" I asked cheerfully.

Phyllis seemed to be thinking hard about what I asked, but Ivana
replied immediately, "You bet your sweet ass it is honey. If anyone says
different, she gets no more orgasms from us!"

There was immediately a chorus of affirmatives that it was indeed
acceptable to be a nymphomaniac.

"Am I a nymphomaniac?" I asked, somewhat astonished.

"Quick, think of the one thing you wish you were doing right now,
then tell me what that is?" Sally asked suddenly with a grin.

I blushed up a storm, but didn't answer.

"Is your question answered?" Sally laughed.

I nodded my head, but wasn't sure that I was happy about it.

"Don't fret Rose, you are so much more than just a sex maniac, I
can't begin to list everything," Ivana assured me, seemingly reading my

"Yup, I'm a hell of a package delivery person... or ah... I was..." I
claimed, though wished that I hadn't. "I don't really... I'm not... what do
I do now?"

"You are a 'house wife' for now, Rose. Once you're done with our
changing of you, I do believe that you are going to be my lab assistant,
unless you just want to lay around and have sex all of the time. That's
okay too, but I'll have to leave you on your own for most of the day if you
do," Ivana told me with a hug. "I'd rather have you with me though. We
would have so much more interesting a time together in the lab. You are
so insightful it would be a big help to have your ideas and viewpoint with

"You guys go ahead and figure out Rose's life. I have to get
dressed and hurry to hospital for my shift," Phyllis informed us as she
doffed her stiff nightie.

"The shower is going to start in just a minute. Everybody in, so
we can get on with our day," Ivana ordered, as she opened the door for

We all filed inside, my boobs were in everyone's way, but nobody
complained. I was even helped with washing the girls. It's hard for me
to do the undersides unless I can get someone to hold them up for me,
but when someone does, I'm almost too excited to concentrate on

This time I decided to store up my orgasmic energy. It's hard to
describe, but I somehow balled it all up and tucked it behind my ear, like
chewing gum. That's the only way that I can explain it to someone who
can't do it herself.

Our shower went off without incident and we dried each other off,
although I think that some of the girls were trying to make me orgasm,
the way they went about it. I simply stuck the ball of energy to the one
already behind my ear. I could feel it merge with the one already there
and grow hotter, but it allowed me to go on without turning to jelly.

We slipped into our bedroom, but the other ladies went off to their
own rooms to dress for this important day.

Ivana decided that I should wear a silk LBD today. She must have
been planning it, since I actually fit my boobs into the top and it
displayed my vast cleavage most alluringly. My hosiery was smokey with
lace embroidered roses up and down the outside and insides of my legs,
hooked to my sexy garter belt with my black silk thong panties over it.
My feet were strapped into five-inch high heels that had straps, which
wove their way up my calves.

While Ivana donned a tan colored, cotton business suit, sporting a
cream colored silk blouse, suntan pantyhose, and two-inch-heeled tan

While you could see very curve, bump, and dimple on my body
through my LBD, Ivana was well covered and obviously a force to be
reckoned with.

As impressive as Ivana looked, Zoe upstaged her, wearing her U.S.
Navy officer's Service Dress Blues, Lieutenant Commander's uniform
with spit shined black pumps. Her uniform was adorned with, a chest-
full of ribbons and sporting her Gold Rank rings on her sleeves and
Surface Warfare Medical Corps Insignia on her left breast. Atop her head
was her women's officer cap adorned with its gold rope across the bill.

Phyllis was in her surgical greens already and rushing out the
front door.

Sally was wearing a black mini-skirted, French maid's uniform
and holding a feather duster and invitingly said, "I want you to remember
seeing me in this all day, so you will come home horny and ready to
play." With that, she turned and sexily strode away.

Commander Zoe had her briefcase in hand, so Ivana and I
grabbed our purses and we filed out the front door and all loaded into
the SUV for our trip to the Hospital.

"Where are we going to meet up with the Shore Patrol, Zoe?" Ivana
asked as she wheeled us out of the driveway.

"They are already there by now and your mother has been placed
under arrest," Zoe said, touching up her lipstick in the sun visor's

"Damn, we had better get a move on then!" Ivana worried,
accelerating the vehicle.

"Slow down hon.. I thought you wanted to frighten her out of
doing anything like this ever again?"

"I do... but..." Ivana trailed off worriedly.

"I wanted her to stew a while before we get there. Being hand
cuffed and guarded by uniformed Shore Patrolmen will get her into the
right frame of mind for what we have in store for her," Zoe embellished,
as we made our way there.

Once we arrived, just as Zoe had told us, we discovered Fanni,
handcuffed, and unhappily guarded in her office. "Who the hell do you
think you are?" she yelled as Zoe came through the door.

Zoe didn't say a word, she simply went to the coffee pot and
poured three cups for us and left the room, Fanni sputtering behind her.

"Now dear ladies, if you would be so kind as to tour me through
your lab, I want to get my bearings before I have to deal with Fanni," Zoe
calmly asked, the picture of confidence and control.

Ivana showed Zoe the whole setup, and even had me sit in my
chair for a while so that she could demonstrate how things worked. (I
hadn't had any of my shots, so nothing was actually accomplished while
I was in it.)

Once she was up to speed as much as she felt she needed, we
were ready to take Fanni on.

Shit Happens
We were heading back to Fanni's office when a greasy looking guy
in a Commander's uniform intercepted us, "I knew that you were up to
something Zoe! It took a lot of work, but I've got this situation nailed.
I'm taking command of this operation. Shore Patrol! Arrest these women
and bring them to me in the office across from where Dr.
Wiennerloslá¶sen is being held."

The next thing we knew, we were handcuffed ourselves, and
sitting in an office, Zoe glaring holes through this jerk, "What in the hell
do you think you are doing Commander Limwanger?"

"I am taking over this arrest and confiscation of medical
equipment in the interest of National Security. This is far too sensitive a
mission to leave to a Reservist Woman!" Cdr. Limwanger asserted.

"You smarmy weasel of a male! What gives you the right to take
over my operation?" Zoe challenged.

That is no way to speak to a superior officer Lt. Commander, if
you weren't already under arrest, I would have you up on charges," the
weasel declared, red faced with anger, "I have been put in charge of the
section these Shore Patrol came from, so when I discovered your
intended use of then, I did further investigation. We showed up here
hours ago, and after making the arrest you ordered, I interrogated the
main suspect. Dr. Ivana Wiennerloslá¶sen has been doing some
fascinating things... also very illegal and highly unethical." You could tell
by the self-satisfied look on his face that he was sure in his mastery of
the situation.

"Just what do you think has been going on here then?" Zoe asked,
trying to assess how much the Commander knew, or thought he knew.

Cdr. Limwanger slipped on his shit-eating grin, confidently walked
over to me, and told Zoe, as he stared closely at me, "Well, for one thing,
this mega-slut used to be a man. She is from what I've been told now,
little more than a sex machine."

"My, that must have been difficult to figure out..." Zoe taunted,
"What exactly was my mission then? Additionally, who authorized it?"

"That won't be a problem, Lt. Cdr., I'm certain that when I take
everyone to the brig, things will easily sort themselves out. Dr. Fanni
Wiennerloslá¶sen told me that she has suspected her daughter of
performing these human experiments for some time now, but hasn't
known what to do about them," Cdr. Limwanger boasted, in his assumed
triumph, still staring closely at me, his hands on the arms of my chair.

"Those are some mighty sensitive boobs, you're staring at
Commander," Ivana, informed him, "If you keep it up, she's likely to
cream her panties and leave a huge wet spot on that chair."

I knew right away, what Ivana was up to. I also knew that she
knows I'm a lesbian and am not in the least turned on by men, therefore
I began panting heavily and squirming as if I were boiling hot, licking my
lips sexily.

Cdr. Limwanger developed a bulge immediately, though he gave
Ivana a nasty look.

I saw my opening when he turned his head and latched onto him
with my lips. It didn't matter where, though, it was his cheek. I
unloaded everything I had stored behind my ear into him.

His hips jerked, his body flapped about, and he developed a wet
spot in the front of his trousers, as he made an express trip to the floor.
I stood up, went to him, crouched and fished in his pocket to retrieve the
key to our handcuffs... as disgusting as it was, I knew that we couldn't
wait until he came around.

I unlocked my cuffs, then Ivana's and Zoe's. "Now what do we
do?" I asked, entirely out of my sphere of knowledge.

"I can handle things now," Zoe advised as she rubbed her wrists.
"Ivana, would you be so kind as to inject Cdr. Limwanger with a

Ivana grabbed a black bag from behind the desk, filled a syringe,
and doped the Cdr.

Zoe grabbed a cell phone from her pocket and struck the speed
dial, "Hello? Yes, this is Lt. Cdr. Dunning calling. I'll hold for him."

"Who are you calling, Zoe?" I asked, entirely confused.

"Shh... Yes, sir, I am in the facility and have the situation under
control, for now. I must report that Cdr. Limwanger, attempted to
interfere with my operation, and was necessarily rendered unconscious.
I am calling for orders as to what must be done with him," Zoe asked.

She paused for quite a while and then queried, "Are you certain
that will be necessary? He is a Naval Officer after all."

"Yes, I understand that his interference and narrow mindedness
has almost ruined another operation and made my job tougher in the
process. Yes, I suppose that is the wisest way to deal with him. I'm just
sorry he wasn't smart enough to keep out of my way. Will we be finding
a way to work him into the organization later?"

"Yes, I suppose that would be difficult, however we have the
opportunity to make a useful asset and take care of him in the process."

"I agree. Yes, we will get started with the plan right away. May I
impose upon you, sir to lend me a hand with the shore Patrolmen? Yes,
they may need to be shown that I have ultimate authority in this
situation and to follow my orders without question. Thank you sir," Zoe
held the phone open in front of her, pressed the speakerphone button
and exited the office.

When she returned she announced, "Everything is taken care of
now, so have a seat, and I'll fill you in on what just happened."

Ivana and I moved to seats, stunned and wondering what would
happen next.

"First of all, I want to apologize for deceiving you two. I really do
care for you both, however, I am a loyal Naval Officer and was assigned
this mission, prior to our first meeting on the beach. I didn't know you
then, however, I have gotten very close to you both in the short time
we've know each other. I know that it's asking a lot, but I am hoping
that I can get you to trust me, which won't be easy after what's

My mission was to get close to the two of you and discover what
exactly you were up to. A couple of Ivana's grants were provided through
holding companies funded by the DOD.

I've been one of their agents for quite a while. In fact, what I told
you about Cdr. Limwanger was completely true. He did try to submarine
me on my last assignment by informing my superiors that I was a
lesbian. What he didn't know was that they already knew. It was
convenient to allow him to think that my career was ruined at that time,
so I 'retired' in disgrace.

You have had an informant in your lab for a long time now. Dr.
Lorraine Wangcutter is one of our agents. When we were apprised of the
stunning results you were accomplishing, I was directed to infiltrate,
make an assessment, and then take command of the research.

My superiors have determined that this must be moved to a
secure facility, your funding will be increased, and nothing whatsoever
else need be changed.

In addition, I promise that no formal charges will be filed against
you or Rose.

Fanni will be verbally reprimanded and denied access to the lab
without an escort and close observation. As of now, her part in this
research is only a very minor one and need not be supported unless she
learns to follow some rules.

Do you think that you will be able to live with this situation, or
would you prefer someone else to be in command of the lab?"

Ivana looked at me questioningly.

I looked back with only a tiny almost imperceptible nod, but I also
had to ask, "Was your enthusiasm for me, all an act?"

"Not one tiny bit! I love you and your incredible body, Rose. I will
honestly be devastated if you two reject me for command, but I will
understand," Zoe answered, eyes locked to mine, unwaveringly.

"What is to happen to Commander Limwanger?" I asked, not liking
what I'd overheard.

"Ah, eh hem, yes... Commander Limwanger is to be forcibly turned
into a female nymphomaniac. She must be made indiscriminate as to
the gender she desires for a sexual partner. I didn't make this decision.
I was ordered to do it. Commander Limwanger stuck his nose into one
too many covert operations and has caused enough grief for the wrong
people," Zoe sadly informed us.

"He is to be turned into something more useful, and someone who
could never reveal what you have achieved in your research. Should he
ever be turned loose, or escape, no one on earth would believe anything
she said. She would be ignored as a crazy nympho, psychotic and locked
up in a psycho ward somewhere," Zoe added, serious as an assassin.

"What if, we refused?" Ivana asked, not wanting to harm, even as
big a piece of flotsam, as Cdr. Limwanger but still interested in our

"I know your heart Ivana. To tell the truth, I am as hesitant to do
this as are you, but should either of us refuse, I would be removed and
you would be made to do it anyway, probably on pain of Rose's death.
Make no mistake, the government is not giving either of us a choice. If
I'm in command here, I will make things as pleasant as I possibly can. I
will do my best to keep the abuse of your equipment from being a
frequent occurrence. However, I won't lie to you. I am certain that Cdr.
Limwanger will not be the last person, forcibly transformed by your
methods. I am going to vie for making less helpless transformations in
the future and only the absolute worst criminals will be considered for
the full treatment," Zoe explained.

Ivana sighed resignedly, "Okay, I guess we're between a rock and
the government. You might as well be in charge. Better the devil you
know and all that."

"Ivana, that was a bit harsh," I reproved gently, "Zoe is just as
much caught as are we."

"I don't have to like it though," Ivana replied grumpily.

"No, Ivana, you don't," Zoe agreed. "I do sincerely want to protect
you and demonstrate my genuine affection, to prove myself to you, if
you'll allow me to."

"I know that you, haven't been directly asked but, what are your
plans for my fiancée?" Ivana asked, with such steel in her eye that it
made a shiver race up my spine.

"Under my command, Rose will be free to do anything she wants
to do. I will be generous with vacations and free time. I will even
arrange an official position for her, identification, licenses, educational
records, and whatever else she wants to prove that she was born a
woman. I have actually already started the process for Rose. Over the
weekend when I was printing the documents, I had one of my team begin
creating Rose's document trail. I promise, no one outside the highest
cleared individuals in the country will be able to contest your records,
not even the IRS."

"I hadn't thought of that..." I admitted.

"I was working on that problem already, Rose. I might not be able
to create as convincing a past for you as Zoe is, however, I was working
on it," Ivana confessed.

"This sure explains why those documents you returned with over
the weekend looked so convincing," I acknowledged with a nodding of my
blonde haired head.

"Yes, those were the real government documents I had sent to me
over your computer. I just printed them out. The rest of the time, I
spent arranging all of the other aspects of this operation. I wasn't aware
that Cdr. Limwanger had a personal vendetta towards me. My superiors
were readying an assault to free us when I called. Dr. Wangcutter had
contacted them and informed them of his interference," Zoe readily
admitted. "I swear that the whole time I only had your best interests in
my heart."

"Were you going to tell us all of this if the Commander hadn't
interfered?" I questioned, interested in whether we would have been kept
in the dark, fooled by a pretender.

Zoe reached into her breast pocket, drew out her PDA, and
showed me the outline she had prepared, "You can see for yourself. I
have it on my schedule to sit down with the two of you for a late lunch
and confess the whole thing today."

"I feel somewhat better about it now but, I think it will be a little
while before the hurt goes away," I admitted sadly. "Are you going to tell
Fanni now? Will she be the one to do the surgery to implant the
filaments in Cdr. Limwanger?"

"Yes, I am going to do basically, as I had planned before, with
Fanni now, although I will also have to explain why Cdr. Limwanger, who
technically should outrank me, is not in charge of this situation any
longer. I might have to call in the boss again to prove what I'm saying
though," she said, taking a deep breath to steel herself for the upcoming

"May I ask, just who is your superior, or superiors?" I solicited.

"Ah... I work directly for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. My real rank is
Rear Admiral, although I wasn't to display that for this operation. I
outrank the Commander by quite a bit," Zoe told us blushing up a storm.

Zoe left us and brought Fanni up to speed on the new
arrangements. She also read Fanni the riot act, up one side and down
the other, informing her that should she ever interfere with Ivana's work
again, she would find herself a devout sperm junky, working for a pimp
somewhere unpleasant servicing an unlimited clientele.

I've never seen Fanni so terrified in my life.

Our new facilities aren't too far, from where they had been before,
though now they are on a Naval Reservation with a bunch of Marines
guarding us. (Those silly guys can sure be a boost to a lesbian's ego. I
think that one may drown in his own saliva some day.)

The Commander is now called Betty Nowanger, and is an
interrogator for the department. She can drain a spy dry. Moreover, she
can also make him give up any information we want from him. (Heh,
heh, heh.)

I was happy that my boobs finally quit growing while they were
still only a major hindrance instead of a disability.

Zoe has been true to her word and we have since made up with
her. I think she spends more time at our house than she does, at her
own these days.

I think Fanni has warmed up to me. She does still buy me
incredibly sexy panties though, but I think she just likes watching me
strut around in them. Ivana and I are even often invited to her house for
supper, or just a day lounging around the pool

Sally takes care of us still, but now she lets me take care of her
sometimes too. Ivana is just happy marveling at what a sexy girl she was
able to make me. We were married in Connecticut. I wore white, and so
did she. The mother of the bride balled her eyes out.

I have developed my orgasm power substantially since that time
and now keep an energy reserve. You never know when forcing a guy to
have a woman's orgasm will cum in handy.

Sally and Wanda, the Chauffeur, have started keeping a change of
clothes with them 24/7. If they don't look happy, or appear down, I love
to cheer them up with sun-bright blossoms of instantaneous orgasms,
wherever they may be. (Oddly enough, they have never complained
about sexual abuse.)

The Navy has a team now just to investigate my ability. Betty
Nowanger didn't emerge with anything like it, so they are trying to figure
out how I do it. That and the fact that I have proven to be able to stay
conscious through orgasms, which would cause brain damage in any
other girl, which gives them plenty to do.

Ivana wanted to tattoo my lips with 'Armed and Dangerous,'
though I'm fairly certain that she was joking about it.

Oh, I almost forgot. My BMW is safely in the garage, where it will
stay until I decide whom I want to give it to. I found out that, I can't
reach the pedals anymore, and when the seat is all the way forward, my
boobies are entangled in the steering wheel anyway, preventing me from
driving it. I'm sure glad we have a Chauffer!

The End



** Bio-solids = Scientist speak for Poop. LBD = 'Little Black Dress'.
Every girl knows that.

Absolut Royal Fuck
1 oz Crown Royal(r) Canadian whisky
1/2 oz Absolut(r) Kurant vodka
1/2 oz peach schnapps
1 splash cranberry juice
1 splash pineapple juice

Sex on the Beach
1 fluid ounce vodka
1 fluid ounce peach schnapps
3 fluid ounces orange juice
3 fluid ounces cranberry juice

Spoiled Wench
1 oz. Southern Comfort
1 oz. Midori
Cranberry Juice

Neurons for Girls (Version 0.0)
By Wholeman

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Freely archived, copied, transmitted, and redistributed, printed,
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