Fit-4-U: Guaranteed-2-Fit


Did you ever sneak off somewhere to look at lingerie catalogs?

Fit-4-U: Guaranteed 2 Fit

by Lainie Lee


I stole the little booklets from my sister's room and looked at the pictures in the bathroom with the door locked. In some of them the girls were practically naked, just wearing bra and panties. The images sent hot little barbs into my brain and made me feel sweaty in odd places.

My sister, Dina, is really built. She's 18, about 5'6", five years older and two inches taller and in her bikini last summer she had every bit as many curves as the girls in the catalog. Don't get me wrong, I'm not kinked for my sister, but seeing her figure made me look at other girls differently.

Like the ones in the catalog. All the lacy underwear covering up large, juicy-looking, globes and hips. It made me ache just to look at them.

Dina hadn't always looked like the pictures in the catalog; only a few years ago, she'd been flat as a board with no more shape than I had. Then it was like practically overnight she blossomed into a Pam Anderson-type. Or maybe I just started noticing when things started happening to me like growing hair and having weird sweaty dreams.

The change in her looks sure helped make her popular. Right now, she was out with her college boyfriend on a boat somewhere in the bay. She doesn't start college herself until the fall, if she even decides to go. Her grades aren't that good and Kurt, her current guy, is a senior majoring in business with a father who owns a big auto parts company. They've been talking about getting married so why would she go to college?

But if she moved out, I wouldn't have access to her catalogs and magazines anymore. I mean, I can't just have them sent to me, directly. I think she knows I look at them 'cause she always leaves the older ones out where they're easy to find. And if I'm in the room when she's looking at the newest one, she smirks at me in a certain way that makes me feel guilty.

Mom and Dad don't seem to notice, though, so I guess I'm not really in trouble. I look at the pictures some more and wonder what it would be like to touch one of those girls, one who wasn't my sister. I guess skin is just skin but the thought of running my hands over those legs, arms or bellies--I can't stand it. Even just touching some of the lingerie would be something.

I know one thing I can do but that always makes me feel guilty even more. They tell you not to do that in church or you'll go to hell so I just hold the catalog even tighter and then throw it down and run out of the bathroom. Well, I had to stop to unlock the door after bouncing off it but then I went to my bedroom and jumped on the bed. Then I went back to the bathroom and got the catalogs, thinking I better replace them in Dina's room before Mom found them.

I looked around my sister's room a little nervously. It's so girly. Bedclothes in three shades of pink, covered with about a dozen cute stuffed animals. Her vanity was like, groaning under the weight of all the bottles and jars of lip gloss, and mascara, and I don't even know what half of the other stuff is. Two hair dryers in shades of purple, why does she need two? There's a little machine on the floor and I've got no idea what that thing does but it looks a bit like the grinder Dad has bolted to a bench out in the garage. Do girls have to grind their feet? Maybe their toenails?

I dropped the catalogs on Dina's night stand where I'd found them earlier and decided I might as well snoop around some more. Mom and Dad had gone out for lunch with some friends and I had begged off going, just so I could do this--look at Dina's stuff.

She'd left the closet door open a bit and I slid it wider. She sure owned a lot of pretty clothes. It took me awhile before I felt willing to touch them but after a bit, I pushed some of them this way or that so I could get a better look. The fabrics felt lush and soft and sexy but it wasn't quite the same as looking at the underwear catalog. I pushed the door almost closed again and went to her chest of drawers.

The top drawer held things like hair bows and scarfs and stuff, that didn't interest me so much, just then. I tried the bottom drawer and it had socks and pantyhose in it. The socks were pretty much just socks though some had some cute designs like hearts or fairies or kittens on them. The pantyhose looked so delicate I didn't dare touch them for fear of ruining them and then maybe Dina would start locking her door so I couldn't get in here.

But I thought I'd sort of figured out her system--weird thought that she even had one. I opened the next drawer down from the top one and there they were--bras, just like in the catalogs, all different colors, some with lace or even ruffles. There must have been a dozen or more, maybe two dozen. Did she really need so many? They were beautiful, just all jumbled together. They even smelled good, I hadn't really expected bras to have a smell.

I didn't touch them at all for a bit, just looked at them. I found a little bag that smelled like flowers and spice so that must just be to make things smell so good, pretty clever for my dumb old sister.

I glanced at the Cinderella clock on the night stand, still at least three hours before anyone else would be home.

I put my hand into the drawer and felt of some of the bras. Soft and lacy, it just seemed like one of the nicest things in the world. I pulled one out to get a better look. This one was a deep pink color with lighter pink embroidered roses and hearts and some white lace.

It had a label and I turned it so I could read it.

Magical Bra
100% Magilon
Hand Wash Only
Guaranteed 2 Fit

My hands were shaking. I rubbed the cloth of the bra on my face, it felt wonderful. Girls got to wear such pretty things. I picked up a few of the other bras, most of them just as pretty as the deep pink one but I decided it must be my favorite. Like the label said, it seemed magical or something.

I held it up and looked at it even more carefully. It certainly seemed large, was my sister really this big? Probably. The boys that came around before she started going stready with Chad practically couldn't take their eyes off her chest. She and Mom even joked about it. "Another Mama's boy," Mom would say. I didn't get that at first, took me awhile to think about what she meant.

Dina would roll her eyes and giggle when Mom made comments. But Chad was the first boyfriend she brought home who seemed able to look at something besides her chest. Even Dad liked him, he was funny and his parents were rich. And I guess he's good-looking; Dina thinks so.

Thinking about Dina and my parents, I looked again at the clock but it really wasn't any later than it had been a few minutes ago. I held the bra up and looked at it some more. I wondered what it would be like to wear something like that? Nothing a boy wears is really anything like a bra.

I held it in front of me and looked at my reflection in Dina's dresser mirror. A charge went through me like an electric current! I'd never felt anything quite like that before and I knew I just had to try the Magical Bra on!

I didn't even think about it. Still holding the bra, I pulled my shirt off over my head and threw it on the floor. Trembling, I slipped the straps over my arms and settled them on my shoulders. I couldn't imagine what might happen next but I felt like I had to find out! Reaching behind me like I had been doing it forever, I easily snapped the fastening, watching my reflection in the mirror all the while.

I felt a tingling in my nipples which seemed to cause another sensation in my groin. Distracted by wonderful sensations, I watched in amazement as my chest seemed to swell. It felt so good, better than anything. I said something stupid but no one was there to hear me.

I hadn't even got my hands back in front of me; my--breasts!--grew that fast! Big and round and soft, they filled the cups of the Magical Bra. Duh. Well, how was I to know it was really magic? Advertising promises things you know it can't deliver--but this!

The bra actually felt tight now. Not too tight, just comfortably so. I looked down into cleavage that had no business being where it was. They looked like they belonged there--they were mine!--I staggered a bit realizing I didn't want to take the bra off and maybe lose my breasts!

My breasts!

But they did feel a part of me, not something added on. I could feel my nipples inside the cups, rubbing softly on the downy fabric. Yeow! Now they started getting a little bit hard, I could feel that, too!

And that sensation caused something else to start happening. Oh, no!

I looked in the mirror again, to try to distract myself, I guess. But that wasn't any help. My new breasts in the pretty pink bra looked so odd above my blue jeans and under my face with my short, boy's haircut. It looked weird, like I had turned into a freak but it excited me, too. I wanted to rub my nipples--or my crotch!

"This is nuts!" I shouted.

I decded I had to try to take the bra off. Maybe the breasts would go away--oh no!--and I could go back to being Jeff, Dina's dorky kid brother. My hands were shaking but it, like I knew just how to do it, I reached behind me and undid the fastening then pulled the bra off, down over my arms.

My big, old--new!--boobies just bounced there. I waggled my shoulders and watched them in the mirror. Okay, so I giggled. I felt tempted to just play with them and ignore my situation--cause they sure weren't going away.

I put my fingers around my nipples and pulled gently; that felt really good though it looked a bit silly in the mirror--mostly because of my doofy expression.

"Wattamaigonnadoo!" I yelped, putting my hands behind my back to stop me from playing with my tits. "I can't think when I'm doing that," I said.

How could this have happened? Well, duh. The "Magical Bra" really was magical. Okay, so magic really did work? How does that help?

"I won't be able to go to school with a big pair of tits on my chest," I muttered. That didn't sound like that bad of an idea but I couldn't fool myself; Mom would make me go to school if I had grown antlers and a tail.

I dithered a while longer before realizing that I really needed a plan. Maybe my brain had been sucked out of my skull to make tits with because the only thing I could think of to do was to go through Dina's drawers looking for something that might change me back.

The third drawer of her chest held nothing but panties in all sorts of colors and styles and fabric--just stuffed into the drawer with no sort of organization at all--my sister was really a slob in some ways. I pulled out a few of the panties to look at them, noticing as I did so that my titties bounced and swayed every time I moved. They even got in my way a little.

A pair of soft pink panties caught my attention; they were exactly the color of the the "Magical Bra." I pulled them out and looked at them. Just a lacy little scrap of material but inside one seam I found a label. Tiny little label that said in teeny little type, "Fit-4-U -- Pure Magilon," on one side and "Size 4 Bikini Brief - Fit Guaranteed," on the other side.

I knew exactly what would happen if I put those panties on--but I couldn't seem to help myself! Once I had touched the lacy, flimsy, Magilon fabric, I just had to try them on! I tried to stop, cussing while I pulled my jeans and underpants both down and stepped out of them. "Stop! Damnit stop!" I told myself. "Don't do this! Oh, fuck!"

For a few moments, I felt a wild excitement combined with a nearly heart-stopping terror. I wanted to put those panties on and the very idea filled me with horror and dread. I threw myself on the bed, trying to avoid them but I just rolled over on my back and made to slip them on. My big boobies bounced and bobbled around while I wrestled with those panties.

"I duwanna be a girl," I whined as I pulled the lacy doom up my legs. I almost managed to stop before I got to my knees but I fooled myself with one quick motion, pulling them up over my thighs and setting the elastic waistband around my new tiny waist.

As I pulled them up, I could feel my thighs getting bigger then my ass. My balls shrank and disappeared, I assume, I couldn't really see down there but that's what it felt like. My dick shrank some but I got so excited by the sensations that it didn't seem like it. I expected it to disappear too--look, I was a thirteen-year-old boy--I'd never even heard of a clitoris!

It felt hot and a bit damp between my legs and I figured I knew what that meant. I resisted reaching down to feel, it just seemed too weird. I knew what I'd find--or not find!--anyway. Who had made these cursed clothes and why did my sister have them in her chest of drawers?

Duh! That's why she had the best body in the twelfth grade! She'd probably sold her soul for a whole outfit of magical stuff! It might also be the explanation for how Mom had suddenly lost like thirty pounds last year. Dad sure seemed to like the results of that--and Dina's boyfriends sure loved her looks.

I lay there across her bed in nothing but a pair of pink, lacy, demonspawn panties trying to think. Pulling on my nipples like I was doing probably didn't help with the thinking but it did feel good. Finally, I sat up and looked at myself in the mirror again.

My hands and feet and face still looked like me but from the knees to my shoulders, I looked like my sister. "I am my own sister," I said aloud. It sounded stupid. "That is stupid," I commented. "I'm Dina's sister. Huh." I actually grinned a little; Dina probably wasn't going to like this--I knew what a pain having a sister could be.

She probably had a bunch more Fit-4-U magical clothing around, if I put all of it on would I look just like her? Well, probably not; she's blonde like Dad and I've got dark, curly hair like Mom.

Hey! I could try on everything in her closet before she got back home. That sounded like fun.

Okay, now that sort of worried me. Fun? Trying on my sister's clothes? Well, yeah.

This all ought to have had me running and screaming and maybe wondering if I'm going crazy and imagining it but, honestly, I felt good. I mean, besides having been turned into a girl by magical underwear. It was a shock, but what the heck, at least I was going to be pretty. Heck. I stared back at the mirror, "I'm pretty hot, actually," I said. Except for the stupid looking haircut.

I went to Dina's closet; I knew she had some pretty cute hats and I wondered if any of them had a Fit-4-U label. Then some hose, shoes -- did Fit-4-U make jewelry or cosmetics?

I slid open the closet and marvelled at all the colorful pretty clothes that Dina could lend to her new sister. After all, we'd be the same size. I tried not to think about what Mom and Dad would say when they found out they had a new daughter--and I wondered, just for a moment, if Dina's boyfriend, Chad, had a younger brother.


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