Remote Control

Remote Control

By Wholeman

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, bad words,
and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not
old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop
reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to a
one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it and no monetary profit
is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not greedy, but I did write it.)


"Well hello there, little missy," was the first thing I heard, only as a disembodied voice.

"This is going to be so much fun! I realize that you are still quite heavily medicated but
here it is in a nutshell… I have transformed you from a big strong man into a helpless and
weak little woman with shall I say, many entertaining attributes, which will reveal
themselves at the proper time. So lay there feeble and pathetic and enjoy the ride sissy!"
the sexy feminine voice informed me and then she cackled like a fairy tale witch.


The next thing I knew, I was waking up in a hospital room with a very sexy looking
nurse holding my hand.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so glad you are awake," the nurse said.

"Wha…" I croaked.

"It's all right hon., don't try to talk. You were found on the hospital's doorstep in pretty
rough shape," she told me.

"Apparently some surgery was done to you and you seemed to be a bit malnourished as
well," she continued. "Don't worry about a thing though, you are alright now. We'll take
good care of you."

What the hell was she talking about? The last thing I can remember is coming out of
my new apartment in downtown Seattle. I was on my way to get another load of furniture
from my car… then I am here with this fruitcake nurse calling me, sweetie?

"It's a good thing you had your purse with you or we wouldn't have had any Idea who
you were or anything else about you, Diane," the fruitcake nurse said.

"Who the Fuck is Diane?" I croaked.

"Oh dear, oh uh… well you are Diane, Miss," the fruitcake nurse told me, "Uh… I'll be
right back. I have to consult with your Doctor for a minute. You just rest there and stay

Me, stay calm? She's the one sounding all excited. I could hear her rush out of the
room, while I slipped back into the welcoming arms of unconsciousness.


"There, she's coming around again," said the deep masculine voice. "Hi there, Diane.
It's nice to finally see you opening those lovely green eyes, by yourself."

"Why the hell is everybody calling me, Diane?" I mumbled.

"Because my dear, that's what your driver's license say's your name is," said the man's

"Whatever my license might say, my name is Howard. Additionally, why does my whole
body hurt?" I asked, still not opening my eyes more than what was necessary to be able to
see shadows. It was just too darn bright in here.

"Well Diane… Uh… Howard, you have had some rather extensive surgery done to you,
that's why your body hurts, as to why we don't call you Howard, well… since I have
examined you, very thoroughly I might add, I find that most people named Howard, do not
have ovaries, or a uterus!" the Doctor assured me.

"Ovaries… Uterus… I don't…" I fell unconscious again.


My eyes opened, and I surveyed my surroundings. I was in your run of the mill hospital
room. I seemed to have an IV in my arm and there was a machine beeping in rhythm with
my heartbeat.

My door was open and curtained, and just as I noticed that, said curtain swung open
quite suddenly as I watched.

"Ah, you look so much better today," the fruitcake nurse, told me perkily.

I was still taking in my surroundings when she grabbed my wrist to take my pulse.

"Oh my dear God!" I said, noticing just how small and frail my wrist looked, even
compared to the pretty nurse's small hands.

"Your pulse is normal and strong. How are you feeling?" she asked.

"What did you people do to me?" I screeched the beeping becoming quite a bit faster

"Why, WE have done nothing to you, but nurse you back to health. We discovered you
on our doorstep, obviously having undergone a lot of surgery. You looked as though you
had just been wheeled out of an operating room and then dumped in the hallway outside of
our emergency room. So what WE did to YOU is HEAL YOU UP and SAVE YOUR LIFE,"
she informed me, sounding rather indignant.

"My wrist is so small and my voice… I sound like a… a… a girl," I softly said, the
beeping not slowing one bit.

"I don't know how to break it to you, but honey, you are a girl. Moreover, by everything
we have been able to determine you always were a girl. For instance, last week while you
were still pretty out of it, you menstruated," she insisted, her attitude softening a little.

"Menstruated? A period? Only girls have periods…" I was still pretty dopey, but this
just can't be!

"That's a fact. So, why do you keep insisting you are someone named, Howard?" she
asked me, her small feminine fists planted on her hips.

"My name IS Howard Samuels. I'm a College student at the University of Washington. I
just started my freshman year," I informed her.

"I'm glad to meet you Howard although, I am curious as to where you got these lovely
breasts? Boobs-R-Us?" she quipped and squeezed my heretofore-unnoticed baseball sized

"That feels… weird, what the hell…? Do that again?" I asked, half stunned, half excited.

She gave me a lengthy grope in answer to which I released a long, low, blissful moan.

"How was that honey, bring anything back?" she asked.

"Oh God, that felt wonderful! That's the first time I've felt anything like that… ever," I
had my head back and my eyes closed, panting, and licking my lips, enjoying the feelings
she had evoked, with the machine beeping frantically in the background.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the fruitcake nurse's eyes grow to the size of quarters
rather rapidly and then she pressed my call button and another nurse popped her head
into my room.

"Get Doctor Burnheart! I think she really was a man," her voice had grown high and

"No shit!" the other nurse said, as she bolted off to get the Doctor.

"When you showed up here the ID you had, indicated that your name is Diane
Toyavich. Things for now would be simpler if I can call you Diane or do you still insist that
I call you Howard?" she asked a distasteful look on her face indicating her preference.

"You keep squeezing my boobs like that and you can call me slut. That was soooo
good," I closed my eyes remembering the feel of her hand.

"I was ah… just hoping to shock you out of your delusion. I didn't mean to, ah… make
a lesbian come on to you or anything," she stammered, beet-red faced and embarrassed.

"Are you sure you won't do it again? Maybe it will work after a few more tries," I

"Not a chance. You like it to much," she stroked my face, looking into my bewildered

"Does it feel that good to all women when someone does that to their boobs?" I asked
her, recognizing by her manner that she cared and wanted to help.

"I can't speak for all women, but yeah, it feels that good to me when someone does that
to my boobs," she admitted tweaking my nose and smiling at me.

"I think I might have wet the bed," I told her, my face red with shame.

"You couldn't… ah, you have a catheter in your… ah vagina," she assured me, puzzled
that I would not recognize what had happened.

"Then why do I feel all, uh… wet, you know down there?" I asked her, glancing at my
crotch to indicate what I meant.

"I'll check," she promised, although she seemed fairly certain what she would find.

I could feel her lift the covers, my gown, and she spread my legs slightly to check me
out, "It seems, ah… that you are just… sexually excited. Don't worry it was quite a normal
reaction to being fondled. That's what we women do when we're turned on, we start to
lubricate our vaginas."

"Vagina? How can that be? No one can change a man into a woman. They can only
make men into, ah… something that looks like a woman. Are you sure that I've got
ovaries?" I asked, traumatized to have been included in the, 'we women' explanation and
the accusation that I have a vagina.

"Oh yes, you ovulated and had a period. Those men, who have had that, ah… operation
you mentioned can't do that. That's why we thought you were just a woman who had been
traumatized," she claimed, clearly uncomfortable but staying with me and holding my hand
persistently. "I had better leave anything else for the Doctor to explain."

A few minutes later, the curtain swung open again and a woman Doctor poked her head
in, "Maggie, I see you have our prize patient well in hand," she said to the fruitcake nurse.

Nurse Maggie stood and motioned the Doctor over toward the window and had a quick
whispered consultation.

"No kidding?" the Doctor asked a little too loudly.

Nurse Maggie nodded her head, after saying, "Shhh."

They both came back over to me.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Betty Burnheart. Maggie here tells me that you have never had your
breasts stimulated before. Is that true?" she asked, standing by my bed, clipboard in

"Not until about ten minutes ago I hadn't," I claimed, "but I sure did like it! You can
give them a squeeze too, if you'd like," I smiled hopefully up at the sexy Doctor.

"Interesting. She says that she believed you. Not because of what you said, but by how
you reacted. From what I just heard, I think we'll try something else. Have you felt
anything like this before?" she reached her hand underneath the sheets and I felt her
finger slip into my body in a way that was utterly impossible. Then she touched, IT!

"Oh, oh baby. That's even better than the boob thing! Ooh, ooh!" I squealed, laying
limply and biting my lower lip with my eyes closed.

She stopped quickly, seemingly very startled.

"How…? You had your finger… inside of me?" I gazed up at her face in shocked

The Doctor looked at nurse Maggie, "I think you're right. This patient has never felt her
sexual organs stimulated before. At her age she should have at least had her finger inside
herself taking a shower or bathing just to cleaned herself down there."

"Doctor please, turn me back into a man. I have classes that I have to start attending,
and a life to get back to," I begged frantically, distraught.

"If you really were a man named Howard, and I am starting to believe that you were,
even so, I know of no way to turn a fully functional woman into a fully functional man or
visa versa for that matter," the Doctor insisted straight faced, shaking her head, "It's
beyond all current medical science to do that."

"Then how do you explain what happened to me?" I whined, "Look at me, all soft and
tiny, I wasn't like this when I left my apartment, that's for damn sure," I indicated my tiny
form with my hands.

"As far as I'm concerned, what you say happened to you is impossible. I can't explain
it," the Doctor threw her hands up in a shrug. "There was something strange that we
found while examining you. We ah… ran an MRI on you so we could get a look inside,
without disturbing the healing of your incisions since you were in such rugged shape when
you arrived and discovered that you have several small metallic objects implanted
throughout your body. We have no idea what they are for and frankly, we were afraid to
fool around with them in the off chance that they were there on purpose, to help certain
areas of your body function properly. It appeared that they were placed at these sites by
all of the surgery that had been performed on you before you were dumped on our

"Well, take them out," I pleaded, looking over my form as if I could see through the
bedding and nightie.

"Unfortunately, your insurance is at issue here, if you are indeed Diane Toyavich your
stay here in the hospital with us is covered. If you are not Diane Toyavich, and indeed are
Howard Samuels, we will need to know your insurance company's name so that we might
submit to them for payment of such extensive surgery. We already tried to submit for
Diane Toyavich and she was, rejected for the removal surgery. If we can prove you are
Howard Samuels, do you have insurance that will even pay for the hospital bill you have
already rung up?" Dr. Burnheart asked cold-heartedly, her arms folded underneath her
breasts expectantly.

There it was. It all boiled down, to the golden rule, and since I had no gold…

"Um, 'gulp,' does Diane's insurance cover the whole bill so far?" I asked feeling small,
frail, and very uncertain.

"Oh yes, Diane has very good coverage, although elective surgery is not covered," she
informed me enthusiastically.

I felt so helpless that I began to cry. I never cry. I didn't cry when my father died, so
why am I crying now?

Nurse Maggie held me and told me everything was going to be all right.

The Doctor just stood there, hands on hips, looking exasperated.

I whispered, to nurse Maggie, "If I tell her the truth they'll kick me out of here and
saddle me with a huge bill that will take years to pay and I'll never be able to go to college,
and I don't think I'm strong enough to be released yet. I really am Howard, but I think I'll
have to lie to her to stay here and get better." I was petrified that I'd find myself on the
sidewalk like this with nothing, and nowhere to go.

Nurse Maggie just rocked me back and forth on the bed as she stood next to it holding
me and said, "Shh, that's all right DIANE. Everything's going to be okay."

"I'll come back later and check on the patient when she's calmed down a bit, nurse," Dr.
Burnheart told her, spun on her black high heels, and left with a very arousing sway to her

"She's so pretty, so why is she so mean?" I sniffed.

"She is just telling you the truth of your situation, before you started to convince
everyone here that you're nuts and then had to be committed or thrown out of the
hospital," she told me. "I think she believes you, but there is nothing anyone at this
hospital can do to change it, and it seems whoever did this to you, has arranged an identity
for you, so for the time being it would be better if you assume that identity until you can
figure all of this out."

"But, I don't know how to be a girl. What am I going to do when I am all better?" I
blubbered burying my head in her bosom.

"Well as far as your first question is concerned, I might be able to come up with a few
practiced teachers on that subject, me for one. Moreover, as far as to answer your second
question, I don't know, but I'll personally help you find out if you would like. I have a few
contacts that can look into both, Howard and Diane, and help you find out what to do.
Does that make you feel any better?" Nurse Maggie told me as she rubbed my back in little
circles, which was more soothing than you can believe, "In fact, I think I can convince Dr.
Burnheart, to do some checking, on the QT, too."

"Do you think I can call my mom too?" I asked her. (Hey, sometimes a guy needs his
mom too, you know!)

"What are you going to tell her? Her son is now a pretty little strawberry blonde girl?"
she asked, looking me in the eye earnestly.

"I can't even have my mom to comfort me, can I?" the floodgates opened up again and I
just lay there sobbing and feeling alone in the world.

"Can I fill in for her? At least until we can find a way to tell her?" Maggie asked, with
her eyes flooding but not quite leaking yet.

I clung to her even tighter, "Thank you Maggie, that is so nice of you to offer. I know
you don't have to, and the only thing I can give you in return is all the gratitude this little
body can muster. I know it's not much. Even before when I was a man I didn't have
much. Now it seems like even what little I had in the world has been, stolen. I don't even
know who I am or for that matter, what girls do. I know it's selfish of me to accept your
kind offer, but I think I'm going to need you so very much." I clutched tightly to her,
sobbing and trembling all over.

She held me for a time until my overwhelming emotions finally began to calm down.

"Well, why don't you watch some TV or take a nap for a while. I have some duties to
attend to before my shift ends. Then I'll come back when my shift is over and we can visit
a while and you can tell me more about you, so I can get to work on what we talked about,
okay?" nurse Maggie asked, pulling me off of her gently. (I clung to her so tightly I almost
expected to hear a pop.)

"I think I'll be all right for a while. I'm still very frightened, but at least I know that
someone cares about me, even a little bit, and that helps a lot, thanks Maggie," I told her,
hugging her tightly. But only briefly this time and then kissed her on the cheek, "I'm so
lucky to have a nurse and a friend as caring as you."

She blushed, holding her hand up to where I had kissed her, got up, and headed
towards the door, "I have one small piece of advice for you to help you through this. We
both know that some person is behind all of this and if it starts getting you down, tell
yourself, 'I'm not going to let them win.' Can you do that for me? Good! You take things
easy for now, my lovely new surrogate daughter, and don't get into any trouble while I'm
gone," she giggled as she shook her finger at me, trying to look stern as she left to perform
her other nursing duties.

Now that I was alone, I decided it was time to start to figure out some things about my
new existence. I pulled off the covers and lifted my gown away from my, uh… body.

What I saw was unbelievable. Big pink areola, tight hard nipples poking out of firm full
breasts and they were on… me! Mine? I scanned down my body to my waist, only to
discover it was so small that it looked like I had been, pinched in half and the two halves
were just starting to mend back together. Farther down still, more smooth hairless skin,
sliding all the way down, to an 'M' shaped area, between my legs?

'That must be it… My… my… I can't even think it! My Pussy! There, I thought it!' I
thought proudly.

I seemed to have lovely hairless legs with tiny feminine feet and cute little wiggly toes.
Moreover, judging by the size of my body compared to that of the bed on which it lay, I was
short. Very short, five feet tall at best which is a hell of a long way from the five foot eleven
inches that I remember being.

I flipped the covers and my gown back into place. I had seen enough. I am certainly in
the body of a woman now, no doubt about it. I shuddered with the knowledge of what I
had just seen.

The telephone rang, startling me. Maybe Maggie, was calling from the nursing station?
I picked it up and said, "Hello?"

"Diane, you are about to have your very first girly orgasm, hang on… ha, ha, ha, ha…"
the receiver went dead.

My back arched, my eyes rolled up into my head, my toes curled up tight, and I had a
death grip on the bed sheets and screamed, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as the telephone fell to
the floor.

As I reveled in the afterglow, nurse Maggie came running in through the curtain,
"Diane, are you alright?"

"Oh, I am so alright," I lay with my eyes closed, and stroking my own soft, strawberry
blonde hair.

As she approached me, I heard her sniff, "Did you just masturbate yourself girl?"
Maggie asked, obviously recognizing the aroma.

"No, I had a phone call and she said, 'You are about to have your very first girly
orgasm.' And boy did I ever!" I exclaimed. "It felt so good. I hope she calls again."

"Honey, you had someone call you on the phone, tell you that you were about to
orgasm, and then you just did?" Maggie asked my shuddering, quivering, little feminine
body, because my mind, was adrift elsewhere.

"Oh yes. I did orgasm, and I like it. It felt so good," I moaned.

"Diane, you shouldn't orgasm, over a phone call. Who was it?" she asked.

"I don't know, it sounded like a woman's voice," I told her.

"That is very weird. Are you all right now?" she asked me.

"I'm terrific! I feel so wonderful," I stroked my lithe figure up and down my sides and

"I have to finish up, I'll see you in a few minutes. You just lie there and bask in the
afterglow," she giggled and left, shaking her head.

When Maggie returned, I was napping lightly, so when I finally roused, I felt her gently
holding my hand and reading a romance novel, "Hi Maggie, have I been asleep long?"

"Not very. You needed your sleep, so I didn't wake you. It was nice just relaxing here
and watching you sleep. Nevertheless, it's getting late now, and I should go home. I just
didn't want you to wake up, alone. I'll be back tomorrow and see you, okay?" she asked.

"Thanks, Maggie momma. I'll see you tomorrow," I agreed sleepily, "Drive safe and
please come back to me. Remember, little Diane needs you." (Yawn)

When she left, I realized that the wet spot I had been sitting in when I fell asleep was
gone. I later learned that Maggie had changed the bed after her shift was over, not wanting
me to have to endure the humiliation of having a stranger do it.


The next morning Maggie visited me and brought several books on fashion, makeup,
and feminine hygiene, which I gratefully accepted and read with more interest, than I would
have ever believed a week ago, but of course now these things were about me.

Over the next week, Maggie helped me through many of the basics, in femininity. I had
used the bathroom by myself, and now, I know how to do it properly (I didn't realize it was
that complicated for girls). I could dress myself somewhat and even apply some basic
makeup. Maggie even taught me how not to walk like, (as she put it) a clumsy elephant.

It was painfully obvious to the both of us that I still had, one hell of a long way, to go.
Who knew that there was so much more to swapping genders, than just anatomical
differences? Even simple stuff like, what kind of socks to wear for what kind of shoes.
(Never, never wear socks with high heels. It makes Maggie crazy!)

Maggie had also discovered by this time that I live in a condo a few miles away, at least
that's what the information in my purse indicates, as well as a set of keys that claim they
will open the door.

"Maggie, I hate to ask this, but could you go by 'my condo' and check it out for me?
One of the other nurses said that when I was found on the hospital doorstep, I was only
wearing a plain white hospital gown with, 'my butt hanging out.' Maybe there are some
clothes there you could bring back for me to go 'home' in? I might cause a commotion
trying to walk out of here, naked," I hesitantly asked her after she had been quizzing me on
deportment for about an hour.

"Sure honey, I'd be happy to. I am so proud of you, and I hear you are healing up so
well, the doctor told me that you could go home tomorrow. Therefore, I'll have to swing by
your condo tonight, and see what I can scare up. Why don't you get some sleep honey? I'll
see you early tomorrow. It sounds like I'm going to have a busy evening. I'll need your
purse. Do you mind if I take it with me?"

"Sure, you'll probably need it," I readily handed it over.

Maggie accepted it, but instructed, "One thing to remember after tonight for you
though. A lady would never hand her purse over so readily. She keeps all of her most
personal things there. Of course, I've been into this purse more than you have and you
haven't had a chance to personalize it yet," she smiled really big. "Whoever planted this
purse on you was definitely a woman though, there's a spare pair of panties, tampons, and
Maxi Pads in it. A man might have thought about the last two, but the panties are
certainly a woman's touch."

Maggie continued after a pause, "You know dear, after I have spent so much time with
you, first when I cared for you while you were unconscious for two weeks, and then all of
this week, and I have to tell you that I'm starting to feel very maternal toward you, like you
really are my daughter."

She, swallowed hard and kept going, "There's something you should know about me. I
found out years ago that I would never have any children of my own, so this last week has
been rewarding in a way for me, that's hard to explain. I guess what I'm saying is, if you
don't mind, I'd like to keep helping you after you go home," she was looking into her hands
very intently, and seemed afraid I might turn her down.

"I'd like that mother, if you want to. I have grown so close to you too, in some ways,
even closer than with, my… ah… Howard's real mother," I blushingly told her, after picking
up her hands in mine and getting her to look me in the eyes.

She started crying and hugged me saying, "I guess I never knew how much I wanted to
have my own child until I met you. You seemed to need me so much!"

"I'm so scared about what has happened to me, I needed you before and still need you
more than you can know," I blubbered back, embracing her.

"It's settled then, at least for the near future. Anything you might expect from any other
girl's mom, I'll be there to support and give to you. Now, you get some sleep young lady.
Tomorrow I'll help you dress and take you home," she stroked my face and kissed me good
night on the forehead.


The next day Maggie came walking into my room lugging a small suitcase, "Girl, you are
not going to believe that condo of yours! I picked up some clothes for you, but there
doesn't seem to be very may outfits in the dressers or closets, maybe a week's worth of
changes. It is all very strange. However, the furnishings and the view are unbelievable.
Your condo is on the waterfront, of Lake Washington!" she squealed.

That news made my eyes pop open wide. That's some of the most expensive real estate
around here.

"Have you had your shower and did you shave your legs and underarms like I showed
you?" she queried setting the luggage down, and folding her arms under her bosom, like all
moms do.

"Yes mom, I shaved just like you showed me," I said, in my most exasperated teenage
girl's tones.

Maggie hugged me and giggled, "I just love it when you call me mom." She gave me a
kiss on the cheek.

"Let me show you what I brought for you to wear home, and then I'll help you get them
on, okay?" she tossed the bag onto the end of the bed and popped the suitcase open.

"Are you going to have enough time before your shift?" I asked her concerned that she
was spending so much time with me that she might be late for work.

"Don't worry your pretty head hon.. I took the week off so I could help you settle in and
to try and help you to figure out what happened, and who did this to you," she started
pulling clothes out of the suitcase and laying them out for me.

I picked up a pair of black lacy panties that looked like they were out of the 'Victoria's
Secret Catalog,' and slipped them up my legs and over the big woman's butt I seemed to
have acquired. (It feels even bigger than it looks when it's your butt.) Seeing those sexy
panties up flat against my crotch made me shudder all over. No boy ever expects to see
that, at least not from this angle.

Maggie came up to me and grabbed my arm saying, "Steady girl, I realize that you are
not used to these kinds of sexy clothes, just try to enjoy all of the thrilling sensations you
are going to feel," she said steadying me and misunderstanding my reason for shuddering.

"Whew, I'm kind of getting wet watching you in those. Damn girl, you look hot," she
told me, with a genuinely admiring look on her face.

I blushed, but she had bolstered my confidence, so I put on the bra next, or that is to
say, I tried to put on the bra, next. I was so lucky to have Maggie there to help me. I'm
still a bit clumsy at it and she had to show me how to adjust the straps so that it fit
properly. (How would I know how to adjust one? I never had anything to feed one with,
before!) Once she had the lacy, soft, garment, gently caressing my breasts, I couldn't help
but notice my nipples were incredibly clenched and poking out quite obviously through the
lacy cups.

"Oh my, I do believe that you like your new bra," she tittered, staring at my

I blushed, but still couldn't keep myself from cupping my boobs with my little hands
and then moaning quietly, "Mmmmm."

Smiling broadly, Maggie walked up to me, cupped my breasts as well, and then gave my
nipples a little tweak.

"Oh God!" my knees started to give out and Maggie had to catch me.

"Shhh, you'll have half of the nursing staff in here like that. I think you are going to
like being a girl, whether you think so right now, or not," she grinned and steadied me.

"Thanks for catching me and you can do that again any time," I was still trying to catch
my breath. "But if you do, I just hope you brought more than one pair of panties! Shit, I'm
wearing panties, talking about them, and referring to me as the one wearing them, it's just
so weird. But they feel so silky and sexy, Ooh," I was smoothing my hands on them,
across my flat little tummy, still so very confused.

"Well, on that erotically enticing notion, let's move on to your pantyhose now, before the
other nurses have to come in here and hose us both down," she had taken a hankie from
her purse and was dabbing at her 'glowing' face with it lightly.

"Okay now, see you have to roll them up like this…" she went on like that, until I was
fully dressed, wearing a mid-calf, plain looking, black skirt (Inherently sexy.), and a pastel
pink, lacy silk blouse, walking around on, one inch high, black pumps. It was a very new
and sensually arousing experience for me that I just loved.

She allowed me to do my own makeup. We had been practicing all week and she told
me I did a really good job and only needed minor help from her.

"The doctor should be in to give you, your final exam any…" she started to say, while
she was inspecting her handy work. (Namely me.)

"Ready to go home Diane?" Dr. Burnheart asked as she swept into the room, as she
usually did. "Wow! Look at you! With that Strawberry Blonde hair and the knock out
figure topped off by the waif looking face… I guess maybe we should send you home with a
bodyguard," she was holding one of her hands against her upper chest, her eyes bugging
out, ogling me.

"Dr. Burnheart, that is not a very professional attitude!" Maggie admonished moving
closer toward me, protectively.

"I know… but… she is so beautiful… a real hottie! Every man in the hospital who sees
her will either trip over his own tongue or drown in his own saliva," the Doctor exclaimed
breathlessly. "I better notify the emergency room to expect casualties."

I started crying. The last thing I felt like being was beautiful.

"Examination over, Doctor! Diane is checking out, now," Maggie grabbed my hand, the
suitcase, and stormed out of the hospital room and the hospital.

Dr. Burnheart followed at our heals, apologizing the whole way to Maggie's car, where
Maggie stuffed me into the passenger seat and drove off, leaving Dr. Burnheart standing at
the curb.

"I don't think she meant to be distasteful dear, but when she gets like that everything
from there is a downhill spiral," Maggie confided as she carefully guided her car along the
roads. "I'll see to the checkout paperwork later."

"Do I really look like a waif?" I asked, with my lower lip and chin trembling.

"Honey, you have so damn much waif that you could melt Scrooge's heart!" she told me.
Squeezing my knee with her right hand, "And if you don't stop that chin tremble," she
scolded, shaking her finger at me, though not taking her eyes from the road, "I'm going to
have to stop this car, hold you, and rock you until you do stop."

I had to stop and giggle, "I can see I'm going to need lots of tissues for quite a while."

"Okay then sit back, relax, and we should be at your place in five minutes," she
promised. "I hate to say this, but your place is so much nicer than mine I'm tempted to
ask you to stay over for the week, so I won't have to spend the time driving to and fro. We
can maximize our time getting you up to speed, woman skills wise that is," she admitted,
with just the hint of a sly smile at the corner of her mouth.

"Would you? Please? I'm kind of afraid to be there alone, just yet," I asked her, feeling
so tiny, feminine, and vulnerable sitting in her car, wearing panties, a bra, a full slip,
pantyhose, skirt and a silk blouse, not one damn thing I was wearing could even be
confused as masculine.

"It's settled then. Now, it's confession time. I already kind of, planned on this, so I have
a suitcase in the trunk with a weeks worth of clothes in it already," she smiled at me

She turned off the road and entered a private garage, taking a code key from my purse,
(Damn, that feels so unnatural to say, even now) to open the security barrier.

After parking in a spot, labeled 'Toyavich,' right next to the elevator, she grabbed our
bags, (I tried to take mine, but she told me she didn't want me to open any incisions) and
we entered the elevator.

She pressed the 'Penthouse' button and slipped the code key into a slot, which closed
the door and brought us up to the penthouse.

"I, live in the penthouse?" I asked wide-eyed.

"I told you that it was nice. Wait until you see it," she was like a kid, on Christmas

The elevator opened right into the condo, no hallway, and no corridor. (There was of
course, a video camera and a monitor, which allowed us to see who was in the elevator
before letting it come up.) It opened into the living room, a huge, elaborately decorated
room with sofas, love seat, recliners, coffee tables, and the works. The whole East wall of
the room was picture windows looking out over the lake and the buildings own docks.
There was a flat panel, high resolution, TV hung on the wall and a nice looking desktop
computer sitting on a roll top desk, off to one side.

The kitchen was huge with a butcher block in the middle, gas stove, built-in microwave,
professional conveyor style dishwasher, copper pots, and pans hanging from the overhead
railing. There was a walk-in refrigerator and freezers, built-into the space with a full size
walk-in pantry.

The bathroom had the conventional fixtures as well as, a bidet, a Jacuzzi bathtub, and
a double shower stall. (It hadn't even occurred to me that there was no urinal.)

A deck ran the full length of the east side, with a hot tub at one end surrounded with a
glass gazebo that could be screened off. (Hot tubing in the buff all year round.)

There were three bedrooms and each one with a huge bed in the center, all of them with
pink, lacy coverings and full skirts, nightstands, dressers, a vanity, and a hope chest.
Each bedroom, has it's own attached  ¾ bathroom. (Good thing the bathtub in the main
bath was big enough for three.)

"You say all of this is, mine? How the hell will I be able to make the payments?" I asked

"No dear, I told you that you own it, the whole building free and clear. The tenants pay
rent to you. That's how you make a living, as a landlord," she was shaking her head as if
she could hardly believe it either.

The pink, princess phone, on the magazine stand rang and we jumped.

"Hello?" I asked.

"How do you like your new home? You're such a sissy that I bet you are about to cum
in your panties. (Insane giggling)," and the phone went dead.

"Ahhhhh… Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhhhhhh…!" I screamed as I fell to the carpet and had a
huge, gushing, twitching orgasm right there on the living room rug.

"Diane! What happened? Did she make you orgasm again?" Maggie asked excitedly.

"Do you have a cigarette?" I asked her, even though I didn't smoke.

Maggie leaned down and hugged me tightly, "You don't smoke, silly. However, that sure
answered my question and judging by the wet spot on the carpet, you just had a hell of an
incredible orgasm."

"Oh God Maggie, she told me that I liked my new home so much that I was going to
cum in my panties and I sure did!" I admitted. "It was the best thing I ever felt in my life!"

Maggie helped me to my feet and walked me into one of the bedrooms, (I assume it is
the master bedroom, because it is maybe a foot or two larger than the other two) and right
through it to the bathroom. She stripped and took a washcloth to me quickly to clean off
the intense smell of pussy. After placing me into the big pink bed, Maggie pulled a Baby
Doll from the dresser and slipped it onto my, semi-limp body and tucked me in. "You lay
there and recover, I'm going to go and star 69 the phone to see if I can get the number of
the person who just 'rang you up', (tee he), as the Brits would say! And sister, were you
ever 'rung up'!" she left giggling.

Moments later she returned, "It didn't work. She must have a blocker."

"I hope she calls again. I like it. I like it a lot," I admitted half dreamily.

"I would think that it should worry you. Some woman has the ability to make you fall
to your knees, orgasming, at any time. I'd be scared to death," Maggie made my
vulnerability clear to me.

"Oh my God, that's right, I could be walking down the street and wham," I shuddered,
"I'm a quivering puddle of feminine pussy juice, completely vulnerable to anything," my
eyes were wide and I was holding my tiny hand over my mouth.

"If she can make you have an orgasm, what else might she be able to do?" Maggie
suggested. "Remember, we found those devices all over your body."

"What can I do? I don't know why this is happening to me, or how," I was tearing up
again after Maggie scared the holy shit out of me. (Damn hormones.)

"I know hon.. Don't you fret, I'll be here 24/7, at least for a while. Maybe I can protect
you from what she's doing to you," Maggie held me tenderly and confidently reassured me.

The phone rang again and Maggie answered it this time, "Hello?"

"Well, if it isn't Howard's protector. I have news for you lady, who will protect him from
you? He should be starting to puddle any second and the pheromone level in that room
will go off the charts. Enjoy your lesbian interlude. Ha, ha, ha!" and the voice rang off.

Howar… Um… Diane… that was, you know… her. Do you feel strange or anything odd?
She said that…" 'Sniff, sniff,' "Does it feel warm in here to you, all of a sudden, Diane?"

"Maggie! Oh no…! She's making me wet the bed. I'm sitting in a warm puddle and it's
getting bigger and I can't squeeze it off," I screeched, pulling the covers off, from on top of

Maggie was sniffing the air and fanning her face with her hand, trying to cool off her
flushed face, "Slip your panties off and let me have a look," she unbuttoned the top
buttons, on her blouse and was stroking her flushed, and moist with perspiration,
cleavage, gently and sensuously.

I slipped off the Baby Doll's panties while I could still feel myself flowing heavily, the
puddle ever expanding, and handed the sopping wet things to Maggie.

I couldn't believe it when she took them and started rubbing those wet, slimy things all
over her pretty face, sniffing them and moaning all the while. She reached up and ripped
open her blouse, buttons popping off everywhere, and scooped her breasts out of her
brassiere, pinching her nipples and moaning, while crawling on her knees up from the
bottom of the bed toward my naked and defenseless, pussy juice spewing, little body.

"Oh Diane, you have the most beautiful pussy…" she said, and then dove her face
between my legs, lapping up the syrupy fluids spewing forth from my vulva.

"Maggie! What in the hell are you…? Ah, ooh, oh. Oh God, oh god," my back arched so
hard, I thought my spine would snap. My head was flopping from side to side and my
hands where pounding on the bed. The more she licked my cunt, the more I orgasmed,
over and over.

"Mmmph, ooh, mmm," Maggie said, as the room was filled with the sounds of slurping,
and shrieking. She started tearing all of her clothes off and when it was free, she stuffed
three fingers from her hand way into her own steaming pussy and began working it

I came so hard that I lost consciousness, but when I came around the first time, Maggie
was still licking wildly at my sopping wet cunt. I kept orgasming, and the more I
orgasmed, the more cunt juice spewed forth, the more pheromones were released, and the
crazier Maggie went for my hot little honey hole.

I must have passed out again, for when I came to, Maggie was lying unconscious, and
slime covered between my legs, apparently she fainted from orgasming, a goofy grin, still
pasted on her pretty face. She also had a slightly distended looking tummy, which worried
me a bit until I noticed that I was thirstier than I have ever been before in my whole life.

I put Maggie's tummy out of my mind and I urgently got out of bed and shakily went
into the bathroom, where I sucked down Dixie cup after Dixie cup of water. I glanced into
the mirror and notice that my new petit feminine body looked a bit gaunt after last night's
two-woman lesbian orgy.

God, I was hungry too. I raided the kitchen and scarfed down a box of cereal, four
waffles, and a breakfast burrito. I sat back in the kitchen chair, hands clasping my
distended stomach, finally sated.

When I had recovered some, I decided to fix some eggs and bacon for Maggie and
brought them to her in the bedroom with juice, toast, and coffee. I even placed a bud vase
with an artificial flower in it on the tray, and to this day, I still have no idea why I thought
to do that.

"Maggie? Wake up. It's breakfast time," I called to her, sitting the tray down on the
Hope chest, and crawling into bed with her, kissing her alabaster cheek.

"Breakfast?" she mumbled, "What happened? Where am I?"

"Yes, breakfast. We had lesbian sex and you are lying in the middle of my cum-soaked
bed and covered head to toe in vaginal lubrication. Does that answer your questions?" I
asked nuzzling her neck playfully.

"Oh my GOD!" she was wide-awake instantly. "I ate out another woman's cunt! I have
never done anything remotely like that ever before, never even fantasized about it. Am I
gay now?"

"Actually, you sound kind of upset to me," I told her.

"I better go and have an MRI myself, to see if I have any of those implants in me,"
Maggie said, sounding very frightened. "I knew she could control you, but I never thought
that she could control me too."

"What did she say last night? I didn't hear and when you hung up, I ah… was kind of
busy and you were doing the breast stroke," I asked her, looking into her eyes, so she knew
that I was being playful.

She strained to remember, but was only able to recall the high points, "She said, 'if it
isn't Howard's protector,' and asked me who would protect you from me. Then she said
you were going to puddle and give off massive amounts of pheromones."

"What are pheromones?" I asked.

"Sexual attractant scents, given off by the opposite sex to attract a mate, drive them
into a sexual frenzy," she replied, almost in a lecturer's fashion.

"If that is the case, I don't think you have to worry about implants. Do you?" I

"Answered my own question, didn't I? I guess those pheromones left my head a little
fuzzy," she admitted. "I'm sorry that I raped you. I really couldn't control myself."

"Stop that! You didn't rape me, and I'm not sorry one bit. Remember, I'm still a man
inside here so, what we did doesn't seem like homosexual sex to me. Anyway, I liked it and
I love you. So you can forget about it, or just cherish it like I will," I told her, and kissed
her surprised looking mouth. "Now do you want breakfast or would you just like to cuddle
for a while, instead?"

She reached over and hugged me tight, "Honey, I'm so confused and you are still
turning me on with that tight body and smooth, hairless pussy. For some reason I feel
kind of full right now so I'm not very hungry and I don't really know why. It looks beautiful
though and I thank you for making it."

"I saw your tummy this morning, and it took me a minute, but I remembered how much
pussy juice you were lapping up and how dehydrated I was this morning. Your stomach is
full of… my… juices, I'm afraid…" I confessed. "You will probably slosh when you walk."

"I remember now. You tasted so good, I just couldn't get enough," she reached down
between my legs and penetrated my cunt with her finger, and brought it back up to her
mouth, licking it off most seductively. "Mmmm! Maybe I do, have latent lesbian
tendencies? You're still delicious."

"Whatever, thank you for being there for me. Do you want to get wet and slippery in the
shower or the bathtub?"

"Shower. Then I think we are going to have to strip that bed and throw the mattress
away," she released me from our mutually slimy and crusty embrace, and stood up, pulling
me to my feet.

We had a sudsy, slippery, quite fun filled, shower and then started stripping the bed,
only to discover that someone had thought ahead, and the mattress was covered with a
plasticized sheet.

I nearly had to use a hose on Maggie when I saw her sniffing the sheets and rubbing
them on her face.

When the bed was finally re-clothed and Maggie was settled down, I asked, "What next?
Did you have any plans for the day?"

The phone ringing interrupted us. We looked at each other and Maggie finally picked
up after the fourth ring, "Hello?"

"Afraid of what you might hear if you answer the phone? You should know that if you
don't answer what will happen is much worse than if you do answer. Nevertheless, you did
answer, so no punishment this time. By the way, I just love little girls with big boobs,
don't you? No answer? No matter! Enjoy! Ha, ha, ha, ha," and she rang off.

"Diane, get your blouse and bra off, now," Maggie ordered urgently, and then started to
help me.

It looked so strange, like someone blowing up water balloons, my boobs swelling bigger
and bigger until they finally stopped at a 'DD' cup.

I just stared at them with my mouth hanging open.

Maggie came up to me and asked, "Do they hurt? Are they sore, or painful?" as she
reached out and cupped them from below.

"Ooh, that feels so…" I moaned.

"Wow, they feel so real," Maggie started to manipulate my nipples.

My knees gave way and I fell to the carpet, moaning.

"My word girl, you must have the most sensitive boobs in the world," Maggie was down
on her knees, grinning at me. "I think that you are going to need a little bit bigger bra, let's
see if we can find one in this place?"

"Do we have to? I'm so hungry, I could eat a water buffalo," I whined while feeling as if
my tummy was touching my spine.

"Oh my God! Those must be real. You stuffed yourself, just a couple of hours ago, your
body must have burned it all up growing boobs," she reasoned.

"So why is that so scary?" I asked puzzled.

"If it had been some kind of implant that was filled by a chemical reaction, then there
would be a maximum size, they could be made to grow. However, if it causes your body to
accelerate growth, she can make anything grow as big as she wants, or continue to cause
you to orgasm time and again indefinitely. If the implants run on bio-energy, she could
torment you for life," Maggie looked scared, and was definitely scaring me.

After she had calmed me down, Maggie made a huge hoagie sandwich for me and I
wolfed it down.

"Did you get Dr. Burnheart to see what she could come up with? Maybe she can give
us some leads as to who might be able to do something as sophisticated as this," I asked
around a mouthful. I was reaching for anything that might be a life ring for me in my
strange predicament.

"I'll call her and see if she has come up with anything. Would you mind if I invited her
over? She really is a nice person at heart," Maggie asked hopefully.

"I'm not angry with her. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine. Especially with you
here to ride herd on her," I giggled, and then, yawned. "Excuse me. All of a sudden I'm so

"I can imagine. Why don't you go take a nap and I'll try to hunt you up a bra and call
the doctor. Now scoot and let Maggie take care of everything," she pushed me toward the

"Okay, (yawn) see you later," I stumbled into the bedroom and did a face plant, onto the
bed. Out before my head hit the pillows.


"I told you she was sweet. She looks like an angel sleeping there," then a whisper, "and
her pussy tastes incredible," I heard Maggie saying. I kept my eyes closed, because I didn't
want to embarrass her. "Did you bring it?"

"Yes," I heard another feminine voice answer, "come on, I'll show you," and I heard the
bedroom door close.

I opened my eyes and noticed that Maggie had placed a glass of water on my
nightstand, which I took immediate advantage of.

When I sat up, my new large rack jiggled about wildly underneath the nightie, which I
didn't remember donning. I guess when Maggie says she is going to take care of everything
she really means it.

I drained the water glass and went into my bathroom to pee, and yes, that is way
different too. Peeing from your butt, can you imagine?

After finishing, I stood in front of the mirror and lifted the nightie. There 'they' were. I
leaned forward and grasped the right one, bringing it closer to my face. It has a much
bigger nipple than before and my areola is easily twice as big and really puffy looking.

As I was inspecting it, I watched my nipple clenching even more, the goose bumps
around it began standing up, and looking whiter. It felt like my boob was swelling up as I
held it.

I discovered that not only did the nipple itself feel good, but also it made my cunt feel
like someone was whispering to my clit so I experimentally, gently stroked my nipple.

"Ooh, that feels good," I moaned to myself.

'They're just so big,' I thought, 'but they feel so damn good. I think I like having big
boobs.' I squeezed both of them together, 'God that looks so hot. I'd have shot my wad
when I was a man, just watching a babe with tits like these, playing like this… whew very

I reached my left hand down between my legs, sliding it down my smooth hairless
tummy over my mons veneris and then slipped my middle finger between my vulva's lips.
My god I was sopping wet. In fact, I could feel my pussy juice start drooling down my legs.

'Holy shit, I'm just fondling my breasts. This keeps up, and I'll leave a trail like a slug
everywhere I go,' I thought to myself, making a conscious effort to stop fondling myself
while I still could.

I grabbed a towel and dried off my hairless, slimy pussy, and damned if that didn't feel
strange too.

I jiggled my way back into the bedroom and slipped on a pink silk robe with pink
feathers around the collar and cuffs. I paused listening at the door, but didn't hear
anything except a low murmuring, so I opened the door and headed toward the kitchen.

"Ah, I see you're awake, beautiful. Would you like some dinner?" Maggie asked me,
giving me a big hug.

Damn, it feels weird having my big boobs squeezed up against hers. Weird but damn

"Hi Diane, I want to apologize again for what I said. I honestly thought I was
complimenting you. I didn't stop to think how it would affect you in your circumstance. I
hope you will forgive me," Dr. Burnheart said, while Maggie hugged me.

"I know. I figured all of that out after I had time to think it over. There's really nothing
to forgive. If anything, I should apologize to you for being over sensitive. I'm sorry. It's
just really tough on a person having their life and their gender stolen. Can you forgive
me?" I asked, trying hard to make nice with her.

When Maggie released me a much taller, Dr. Burnheart took her place hugging me.

"I suppose I should tell you why I know Dr. Burnheart so well Diane, she's my little
sister," Maggie informed me abruptly. "That is why I pulled some strings and got her
assigned to your case. Between the two of us, we were able to protect you at least a little
bit. Your first doctor was talking commitment and psychoactive drugs for Pete's sake. He
kept claiming you were a loon."

I started while I hugged the Doctor, she held me tighter, and reassured me saying, "It's
okay. She didn't mean to frighten you. I'm not the wicked witch of the west. But I think
Maggie might be Glenda, the good fairy," Dr. Burnheart said and then started giggling.

"I'll Glenda you, Betty! Just because she finished school to become a Doctor, she
thinks that she's better than I am," Maggie told me while she was rubbing my butt through
the robe, trying to get my engine started. It was working too.

"No, I don't big sister. If you hadn't supported me all those years, I never would have
made it. You know, I love you Mags. Come here and let's make this a three way hug," she
suggested. "Wow, Diane you sure have grown since I saw you last."

"Should I keep calling you Dr. Burnheart?"

"Call me Betty, we're family now, sort of," she kissed me on the cheek.

Maggie jumped in, "Betty brought a lovely fuchsia '30' DD bra with her for you."

Betty held it up for me to see, "What do you think?"

"I think it looks kind of like some woman engineer's concept of an ICBM launching
device. No, I'm just kidding. It's beautiful and it appears that now I need it so very badly,"
I admitted, my eyes still trying to take in the necessary enormity of the lacy thing.

"Hold it up to her and let's at least get an idea if it'll fit and how it'll look on her," Maggie
told her anxiously wanting to see my lovely boobs covered in lace.

As Betty was holding it to me and they were both staring hungrily at how my jutting
jigglers will look once properly supported, I inquired, "You weren't making fun of Maggie
with the fairy comment just because we had lesbian sex, were you?"

"Oh my God Mags, are you a lesbian?" Betty let go of both of us, backing away one step,
allowing my nightie to fall back into place, my new bra still clutched in her hands.

"I don't know, maybe. Is it lesbian sex when you do it with a woman, who was a man?"
she looked perplexed, "All I know is, it was soooo goooood!" and she slipped her hand
under the nightie and started caressing my soft derriá¨re.

"Ewww that's disgusting. You mean you actually… with your tongue? In her…
Ewww," Betty was looking totally grossed out, as she shuddered. "That's what you meant
in the bedroom when you said that, 'her pussy tasted good'? I thought you were pulling
my leg."

"So, are you going to disown me, now?" Maggie asked with little or no inflexion to
intimate she was joking.

"I'm so sorry Maggie. I thought she knew. I heard you tell her... I shouldn't have shot
off my mouth," I started to blubber hiding my face in my hands.

They both dove back into our group hug and comforted me.

"It's okay, Diane. It was just sister banter. I was just taken by surprise. We used to
discuss things like this when we were little girls. What was it like Maggie? You know,
compared to sex with a man, I mean?" Betty was trying to get us all sitting down at the
kitchen table and making nice.

"You know how we used to think it would taste gross, and be so disgusting? Well, it
isn't. I mean she tastes really good and the sensuous feeling of another woman in the
throes of passion it unbelievable. Her soft, sensitive body, responding to every touch, every
caress, and the taste of her just drove me nuts. Maybe it's just Diane, or how Diane is to
me. All I can say is, maybe you should try it and I warn you, if you hang around here that
nut ball woman may call back and trigger Diane's pheromones again and I don't think you
will have any choice," Maggie informed her.

Just as if on queue, the phone rang. Everyone's face showed how startled we were as
Maggie answered, "Hello?"

"So, you must have liked it, or should I say licked it. Do you think your sister is ready
for a three way? Ha, ha, ha," and the voice hung up.

"Not again!" I screamed as my pussy began to flood once more.

I could see Maggie, who was already sensitized, quickly become flushed and start
sniffing the air and the incredibly shocked look appearing on Betty's face as her nipples
came to full attention, attempting to explode the 'C' cup bra cradling them from her petite
chest, and then she started sniffing at the air just like Maggie.

My lower half wouldn't perform to the actions my brain was trying to send, so all I could
do was sit there and gush. I became just an aphrodisiac pussy juice fountain.

"Do you smell that, Mags?" Betty asked, not seeming to notice that she was actually
drooling. She had a little stream running halfway down her neck and a wild feral look in
her eyes.

"Oh yes, Ambrosia! Come on, help me get her to the bedroom," Maggie encouraged
Betty, picking me up with Betty's help as though I were no heavier than a Barbie Doll and
rushing me into the bedroom.

"If this keeps happening I'm going to have to wear a diaper," I exclaimed as my
fountainous gash dribbled a line from the kitchen into the bedroom.

I couldn't believe it when I saw Betty slip her hand into my robe and grab a sample from
what was running down my leg to put into her mouth, "Maggie, you didn't tell me girls
tasted this good, the hell with men! I'm turning lesbian tonight."

They plopped me onto the bed and literally tore the robe from my naked body. My lower
half was completely slick with my juices when Maggie scooped up a handful and smeared it
all over my big boobs, "You clean that one off, this one's mine!"

They both latched on and my cunt was immediately twitching and on fire as I
involuntarily thrust my hips into an imaginary lover.

"Please, I want to eat one of you or both of you. I need a vulva to lick. Please, I have to.
I really do," I begged.

Maggie stripped off all of Betty's clothes and positioned her pussy over my face, while
she continued to work my boob over. She never broke suction once.

Maggie, when my breast was spotlessly clean then dove between my legs and started
happily slurping away.

I attacked Betty's womanhood like a starving man, licking and sucking her clit, shoving
my tongue as far inside her love canal as it would go, using my nose on her throbbing knob
as a clitoral stimulator.

Maggie's ministrations were pushing me quickly over the edge and I started screaming
with orgasmic pleasure, into Betty's delicious cunt, and she must have liked it because she
came so very hard, gushing her warm inviting lubrication all over my pretty little face.

"Oh, dear God! Oh my! I never… What did you…? Oh, my lord," Betty panted,
"Maggie, swap places, I want a turn at her pussy, you just have to experience her
wonderful tongue!"

I was insane with sexual desire and Maggie's shaved slit was beckoning to me to
pleasure it.

All the while she was kneeling overtop of my face twiddling her nipples and moaning

'Moaning softly?' That I can cure. I licked, I nibbled, I swirled my tongue all around
her clit. I fucked her as hard as I could with my face and tongue and then opened my
mouth as wide as I could, made a seal around her scrumptious cunt, and tried to suck all
of her insides out.

She didn't even make a sound, she simply fainted dead away, her unconscious body
spewing pussy juice all over me as she did a face plant into the pillows, her helpless body
spasming and twitching.

"Maggie, are you all right?" I shouted, muffled by her body still lying on top of my face.
"Betty… Oh God, oh God, I'm cumming again. Ah, ah, ah, oh, aaahhh, oh my, oh baby.
Oh baby… ah, ah, oh, Betty… Betty stop, you have to check Maggie. She has stopped
moving. I hope she just fainted. I've never seen anyone go out the way she did."

"Mmmm, she'll be okay. Oh hell, I better check anyway," she helped me move Maggie
off me and lay her on her back. She held her cheek close to Maggie's mouth, "She's
breathing fine, sort of panting. Okay, where was I? Oh, yes."

I felt her creative ministrations going back to spreading my vulva as she tongue danced
around and inside of me.

"Oh, so that's how you want to be," I snagged her bottom and she willingly scooted over
until her slit met with my probing, wet mouth muscle. God, I'm horny.

My own pheromones were making me crazy.

I heard Maggie moan and the next thing I knew, she had pushed Betty's bottom off my
face and was sticking her tongue down my throat.

When she came up for air she said, "God I love you girl. I've never orgasmed so hard
that I fainted before in my life. Thank You."

"Hey, she was eating me quite happily when you so rudely interrupted," Betty
complained, but she immediately jammed her head back between my thighs.

"Oh, shit! I'm cumming again," I screamed, as I watched Maggie attach herself to
Betty's quivering vulva while I continued to scream out my orgasmic pleasure.

"Oh, Maggie! Big sister, oh you sure know how to please a lady," Betty mumbled out
from between my soaking thighs.

"Oh my lord, oh God Betty, it's not stopping. I'm still… Uhghn, ahhhh, ha, ha, Ooh," I
screeched, spasming and twitching.

"Ugh, ahhhhhhh, oooooh," Betty proclaimed, to my gushing gash, as Maggie sent her to

I was thrashing about uncontrollably, completely uncontainable.

I heard Maggie say, "I didn't mean to interrupt your meal," as she replaced Betty's
bottom, which I instinctively clutched to for dear life, latching on, driven by intuition only,
like a newborn on a nipple, unconscious of the way I was frantically working her pussy.

Betty must have thought it was like riding a bucking bronco. I was clamped onto her so
desperately and still thrashing about wildly.

"Mind if I, share?" Maggie asked Betty as she stuck her tongue into Betty's ear.

"Mm, Mm," I could feel her response, more than hear it as tightly affixed to my cunt as
her mouth was. So I knew I could expect a second diner at my buffet.

I felt them spread my legs so wide, I thought I was a wishbone. Then Maggie started
pleasuring me with her tongue as well. The last thing I remember, she jammed two of her
fingers, one into my cunt, and one into my tight little ass and everything went black for me.


"Hey, ow! What's this sticking into my arm?" I complained.

"Betty! She's awake," Maggie yelled.

I could feel her holding my other hand and when I looked at my surroundings, I realized
this was not the bedroom in, which we had been making love.

Just then, Betty burst into the room, "Damn girl. You are seriously dangerous. After
you passed out, Maggie and I were still so frenzied we couldn't stop eating your sweet
pussy. Did you know that you, my sweet honey pot, can orgasm even while unconscious?
I didn't think it was possible, but we were so out of our heads that we had you orgasming
for over half an hour after you passed out. Oh damn, just talking about it has my mouth
watering. Anyway, when we were finally able to tear our exhausted bodies away from your
delicious creased crotch, I realized that you were very severely dehydrated and dashed to
my car for my doctor bag and put you on some Ringer's, to replace some of the fluid you
lost. Maggie here, has been giving you sips of water as often as you would take it."

"Oh," I said, "Damn good thing Diane's pussy palace has it's own house Doctor, isn't
it?" I forced a small smile.

"Actually, while you were unconscious I jetted back to the hospital and now your
refrigerator is stocked with a few more, just in case," Betty assured me. "We have to keep
your strength up, wouldn't want you to die during sex. You wouldn't know if you were
cumming or going," she giggled and kissed me.

"I'm feeling pretty good now, actually. Um, did we ruin the bed or were there rubber
sheets to protect it too?" I sheepishly asked.

"Shit, we were so covered in cum we squished every time we moved. We had to use a
'Hefty Garden Sack', just to get the sheets to the bathtub so that we could wring them out
enough to put in the laundry. I'd like to think that a lot of that pussy juice was Maggie's
and mine, but it just ain't so girl. You gush like a tidal wave when you're orgasming,
honey," she started fanning her face with her hand.

"Just thinking about it is making me hornier than a thirty five year old nymphomaniac,
locked in a cell full of men who have an endless supply of Viagra. God, that turns me on,"
Betty was talking fast, as she removed the tube attached to the IV in my arm.

"I'm glad you like it. I don't know what I would do without you and Maggie. When I
think of what all of this would be like without friends like you two…" I started balling and
sniffling again.

They both jumped up and held me.

"Shhh, it's all right sweetheart. We're your friends and we promise we'll stick by you no
matter what that crazy broad tries to do to you," Maggie promised.

"I was so scared when you fainted. I thought I hurt you," I sniffled against her bosom.

"Darling, you can do that to me anytime you want. I've been with men and I've
masturbated many times, but I have never felt like more of a complete woman than I did
yesterday. So please don't be sorry, it was the greatest ecstasy I have experienced in my
whole life, dear one," she smiled and kissed me on the mouth, quite passionately too.

"Me too, Princess. I moved out of my ex-boyfriend's apartment yesterday and broke it
off with him. He's not one quarter of the lover, you are," Betty hugged me tightly.

"I never thought anybody would ever call me, 'Princess.' But at least, you told me I'm a
better lover than the man you had been living with," I said, giving her a chin quiver and a
pouty lip.

"Shit! Damn, damn, damn! I keep forgetting that you're a man in there. But god girl,
you are the most feminine creature, I've ever loved," Betty had jumped up and was pacing
back and forth, slapping her forehead, as if to straiten out her brain.

I let go of Maggie and stood up into Betty's path, grabbing her much bigger arms with
my tiny hands, and looking up into her pretty Hazel eyes, "Did… (Gulp) did you say… say,
you love me?"

She clutched me close, picking me up so that my little legs could straddle her womanly
hips and she could look me in the eyes, face to face, "Yes, little one. I've only known you a
short while, but I do love you, the person in front of me. I didn't know Howard, and if it's
him in there I'm sorry that I can't think of you as him, but I do love the person I know as
Diane. Even with the troubles, you have trying to be a girl. In fact I'm sure that's part of
why I love you, I think," and then she kissed me desperately.

When she let me breathe again, I told her, "I love you too Betty, but is it okay with you if
I love your sister just as much?"

Maggie jumped up, and even though she wasn't quite as tall as Betty, she hugged both
of us hard, "Yah, I saw her first. But I don't mind sharing you with my womb mate, Betty."

"Womb mate huh? I saw all of those filthy messages you carved on the wall and left
behind for a young, impressionable, fetus to view," Betty giggled, chiding Maggie.

"Yes, I thought the 'Bart was here,' was especially witty," Maggie laughed, "Probably
scared the penis, right off of you."

Betty pulled Maggie close and kissed her on the mouth, "Ooh, I love it when you talk
dirty to me Maggie. I'm puddling right now. I think I'm going to have to buy stock in Maxi
Pads, if you two lovelies don't quit igniting my pilot light. God, listen to me. I must have
been a latent lesbian my whole life. The thoughts of a lovely soft breast and a big, tightly
clenched nipple, or a lovely shaved smooth girl's vulva, turns me on more than any ten
inch cock ever did."

Maggie countered with, "When did you ever have a ten inch cock?"

Before Betty could reply, I answered, "I used to have a ten inch cock."

"Oh, no shit! My word, maybe I would have loved you even when you were Howard,
with a cock like that," Betty told me.

I giggled.

It only occurred to me right then, "Can either of you tell me why I giggle so much now?
I wouldn't even think of giggling as a man. Now, I can't help it. It sort of just burbles up
from somewhere."

"Damn, I sort of wish we could prove you were once a man, now. If I could do a
research project on that one thing alone, that would make me world famous," Betty

Of course, you guessed it she made me giggle again.

"I wouldn't let her do that to you, precious. You would end up living out your life in a
glass bottle full of formaldehyde. It would be best if we inquire about this very quietly,
unless we are certain that it won't get out that somehow, someone, was able to make a
fully functional man, Howard Samuels, into this sweet, loving, fully functional lady named
Diane. We might just put her into an untenable position, unable to have any semblance of
a normal life, even if that life is one spent having to remain a girl, don't you think?" Maggie
reasoned, always thinking ahead and doing what was best for us.

"A week ago I would have rather died than have to live out my life as a girl, but since I
have two of the best lovers in the world, I think it wouldn't be so bad, now," I admitted,
nuzzling them.

"Isn't she starting to get heavy, Betty? I realize you are a big, strong woman, all five foot
nine inches of you, but as I recall you still shop the petite sizes," Maggie said, still hugging
us, but having to look up to do it.

"You might be right shrimp, she is just starting to get heavy and so why don't you get
your five foot five inch tall body and petite butt around behind Diane and help her get
down?" Betty rubbed the head of her cute, but shorter, sister.

"Careful, little sister," Maggie said, as she slid her hand into Betty's panties and began
playing, "I still know ways to handle you. I may be shorter, but I make up for it in

"Ooh, don't. She's slipp…" Betty complained, as she lost her grip on me.

Of course, Maggie expected just that to happen and caught me easily.

The phone rang.

"Shoot! That darned thing has not rung once since you lost consciousness. Hello?"
Betty said.

"I just love a woman who can admit she's a lesbian. Do you like girls with nice wide
hips, the kind of girl that you can see daylight easily between their slim, soft thighs, even
when she holds her knees tightly together? I sure hope so," and again the line went dead.

"Shit! Get her on the bed," Betty commanded Maggie.

"Mags, go get my bag and bring in those calcium supplements I have packed in the box
marked 'medicine cabinet' in the living room, stat," Betty reverted to Doctor mode, while I
still didn't have any idea what in hell was happening.

Maggie disappeared out the door in a flash.

"Sweetie, I hope this isn't going to hurt you, but if it does, tell me right away! That's
why I sent Mags to get my Doctor bag. The voice on the phone said that your hips are
going to widen. I have no idea how she plans to do that, but so far, she has been able to do
everything that she has told us. Therefore, you lie there and relax. I'm going to hook up
your IV again," she told me as she busied herself with the task.

"Oooh!" I exclaimed. "Ouch…! Ouchie ouch!"

"What is it hon.?" Betty inquired as she inserted the tube.

"I'm feeling a… stabbing pain, like you can get from your butt, when you hold 'it' too
long? Only this is coming, OOOH WEE, from underneath my mons veneris. WOO HOO!
That smarts," I told her.

She pulled up my nightie, slipped off my panties, and placed her warm hand on my

"Shit! I can feel the bones growing wider. MAGGIE, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE WITH
MY BAG," Betty screamed.

Maggie popped in on the run, dropped the bag saying, "Getting calcium, be right back."

"Okay, I've got this now," Betty pulled a syringe from the bag, a little bottle with liquid
in it, and then shoved the needle into it, drawing the fluid down into the syringe.

"Oh, WHOA… OUCHIE OUCH!" I continued my dissertation, on pain.

"Coming, sweetheart! Okay, this is morphine. You will be out of pain in just two
shakes," and she jabbed it into a little plastic thing, hooked to my IV line, pushing the
plunger in slowly.

Quite suddenly, I felt kind of floaty… Just, damn good. Pain? What's that?

So I said, "Did you ever just like to feel your nose? It's somewhat oily sometimes, but
it's firm, warm, and kind of silky feeling, you know? Hey, you're one, dynamite looking
chick! If I told you that you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? You
know this is a really nice condo. Hey, why don't you and I move in and make mad,
passionate love, huh? Hey, you know, I had this really soft, fuzzy bunny rabbit when I was
little, but I had to give her away. She kept leaving Raisinettes on the living room carpet.
Wow! You look as soft as she was. Will you be my bunny?" I was babbling about
everything that oozed across my fuzzy little brain.

Betty started crying big alligator tears, while she hugged me and said, "Sure, I'd like
nothing better than to be your bunny. Especially, if you, will be mine."

"Ish a deal! Okay, let's seal the deal. Leshs bunny kiss," I blathered.

"God you're sweet. I haven't done this since I was in grade school," she leaned over and
stuck her nose to mine and we twitched our noses together.

"Oh gay, bunnies together, forever. OH Wow! Look at the hips on that broad. Woo hoo!
I like wide hips. Hey bunny, you think we can get her to go out with us?" boy I was shit-

"I can guarantee it. Why don't you close your eyes and take a really sweet nap, filled
with beautiful dreams. I'll stay right here and guard the broad with the nice hips till you
wake up, okay?" Betty was stroking my hair and kissed my cheek, good night…


"This is getting to be a habit with you," Maggie accused, "now open wide and eat your

"Maggie, I can feed myself," I protested.

"Sweetheart, you are so weak from your hips widening, you can hardly lift your arms,
so sit back and enjoy being pampered. That's an order. And you know I can get that in
writing from your Doctor, don't you," Maggie was grinning ear to ear.

"Okay, okay, just stop it with the airplane noises. It's my mouth, not a hanger," I told
her grumpily.

"Boy, you're no fun," she said spooning another mouthful into me.

"Yah, and not a boy anymore, either. So nya," as soon as the nya and my tongue came
out she poked in another spoonful.

"Gotcha! I don't know what you said while I was getting your calcium last night, but
Betty was all teared up, when I got back. She kept saying you were her sweet bunny or
something like that?" she had a really puzzled look on her face.

"Ho boy! I know what it was, but I was babbling and stoned out of my gourd," I

"So? Give, all ready," she ordered.

I related the bunny kiss stuff, at least all that I could recall from my fuzzy memory.

"Are you sure you were a man?" Maggie asked all of a sudden, leaving me with my
mouth open and expecting the spoon to go in, but with her putting it down and waiting for
an answer.

"What kind of question is that? You know very well, I was. You saw the missing
person's report, my old apartment, and I gave you scads of other stuff that you checked
out. Yes, I'm a man," I'd had to say it, so many times that it was easy to piss me off about
it now.

"Okay, all ready," she shoved the spoon in for me, "it was just so sweet a thing to say,
and do. I wouldn't expect it from a man."

Now that really pissed me off, "Men can be sweet too. They aren't very often, because
it's hard for them with all of that testosterone coursing through their veins. Don't believe
me? Go and talk with one of those body builder girls, the one's shooting up all of the
steroids? How many of them do you think you will find that you could call sweet? Women
are always talking about their hormones and what it makes them do. I have those same
hormones now too, and yes, they can really affect you. Men don't have all of the different
flavors, but a hell of a lot of the one. Testosterone, can affect you plenty. Big muscles,
hairy body, baldness, aggressiveness, rage, lashing out physically. I've often thought that
it might be good for some women to see the other side of the coin, as I have had to see
theirs. Think about it, men have to live in a hard, tough, unemotional world and if they
don't? He's a sissy, or if he likes soft, pretty things? Ooh, shudder to think how that guy
is treated. Ooh, you must be the new hairdresser, Phillie, haw, haw, haw!"

"Damn! I'm sorry I didn't mean to get on a soapbox. It must be all of this estrogen.
Can I get a hug?" I asked sweetly, quivering my lower lip.

"Sure, sweetheart," she said and then she hugged me right away.

While she held me, I made sure I kept a good grip on her and said quietly, right near
her ear, "Even though I did really need this, what would you have thought of me had I been
a man and did this exact same thing, four or five times a week, every week? Don't answer
that. You don't have to. We both know. Even if you say it wouldn't matter or not, you
wouldn't even think about bedding a guy like that, but if you did you know yourself how
rare a person you would be."

"Were you that kind of man, sweetheart?" she asked tentatively, relaxing her grip on

"No, I wasn't. My best friend in high school was though. And no, we weren't lovers, I
was like a big brother to him," I admitted.

"Can we call him and tell him that you are all right, so he won't worry?" she asked,
almost whispering in my ear.

"Not unless you have a line to God. He was beaten to death when I was a junior," I
clutched her harder.

"I'm sorry hon.. Now I can see why you feel so strongly about it," she stroked my hair,
and did all of the soft and gentle things that a girl could expect, and given the situation, I
needed so much.

"That's only half of it," I said, barely above a whisper, swallowing hard, "his sister has
always blamed me for not being with him that day, to protect him. I always had been
before, and I would have again, but that day I cut school with my girl friend," I started
sobbing, "I should have been there!"

She rocked me, back and forth until I clamed down.

"Diane, you can't blame yourself, and that guy's sister is nuts if she blames you. How
can you be responsible for another person? Maybe she should have tried to save him
herself?" she suggested.

"She couldn't, she skipped school that day with her boyfriend…"

"Oh God! So she blames you for not being there and for her not being there too, doesn't
she?" Maggie deduced.

I only nodded.

"Well, whatever she says or thinks it's not your fault. You didn't beat him to death and
you didn't make anybody else beat him to death. You did have a right to your own life. So
did she. Young people do the kinds of things that you two did every day, there's nothing
totally wrong with it," Maggie assured me, though I had heard that same thing many times
before. (*Skipping school is wrong, but usually harmless.)

"Thanks Maggie, I'm glad that I can be a soft sissy. At least at this moment in time,
with you," I pulled back and kissed her passionately on the lips.

"Are you feeling better now? Sometimes it's good to let out that kind of pain and share
your burden with a friend. I don't think that you let yourself grieve for the loss of your
friend before and I'm glad you can show it now. I think you will be a happier person when
this is all over. Being a girl might be one of the best things that ever happened to you," she
let me go and with her hands on my shoulders looked into my eyes. Then she grabbed a
tissue and told me, "Now, dry those eyes before they get any puffier and blow your nose.
When I get back I'm going to dress you up in really sissy clothes and we can both just be
pretty girls together today."

"You finish your milk young lady and I might even let you watch cartoons," Maggie got
up and took the dirty dishes to the kitchen.

"Hi there, bunny," Betty loudly announced her entrance and hugged me. "You know
what? You my dear are the sweetest thing I've ever met. Especially when you are stoned
to the gills," she kissed me on the lips, "And you will never believe what I got for you."

"Is it a full pardon, warden?" I asked with a cowboy, uh… cowgirl accent.

"Nope! Better," she took a pink paper wrapped package with little white rabbits all over
it from behind her back, "I know you had a deprived childhood having to grow up an icky
boy and all, so I don't' think you would have been given one, at least not after you were five
years old. I hope you like it."

"What's it for? It's not my birthday, or anything," I asked.

"Well, you made me feel so loved when you were stoned, I just had to get it for you. So
clam up and accept it in the spirit in which it is given, sweetie," and she kissed me again.

Just as I was about to open it, Maggie walked in telling me, "Hold it!" She walked over
to Betty and they exchanged whispers rapidly, then she said, "Okay, I just had to have a
rapid sister exchange, girl stuff you know. Go ahead, see what it is."

That rather unnerved me for a second, but I shook it off and opened the gift. There
inside the box was a beautifully made, soft, fuzzy stuffed bunny, all for me.

I started crying happy tears, and hugged Betty, "Thank you so much. I love it!" I held it
up to my soft, feminine cheek and tickled my skin with my new bunny, still balling and oh,
so happy.

"Can we feel too?" Maggie asked in little girlish tones and giggling.

"Oh God, I think this girly body of mine has taken over my psyche. This kind of stuff
would have made me really uncomfortable when I as a guy, now I just seem to love it.
Betty, you had better hurry with that paper. I don't think I'll be able to help much longer,"
I admitted as those two goofs pushed me down on the bed and started tickling me.

Damn if it isn't weird, tickling never used to do much for me, but now the more I
giggled, the hotter I got. Is this like a girl thing or what?

"Stop! Are you two trying to get me to orgasm? Another five minutes of this and there's
going to be a mess to clean up," I warned them, though I was completely at their mercy.

"I've heard about girls like you, but you have to be the first one I've ever tickled,"
Maggie's grinning face had a rather devilish look on it, as if she was scheming. The look
that she shared with Betty made me think that there might be methods of communication
sisters share and the newly transformed female might not be on the same wavelength.
However, she only said, "We wouldn't want to start anything that will cause a mess,
especially not until you regain your strength. Our sexual athletics would be all too brief,"
and licked her lips hungrily, making me feel like a prime rib.

"I need to examine the results of your hips splaying and see if we should run you back
into the hospital for X-Rays or if I just need to take some blood to be sure you chemistry
isn't upset. Do you think that you can stand up on your own and take a few steps or do
you want one of us to help?" I could tell the Doctor had returned, and was on the job and
damned if she didn't even have a clipboard too.

"If you can remove this red headed growth that I seemed to have developed on my legs I
think that I can," I reached over and grabbed her face and kissed her lips, before her look
of righteous indignation could completely coagulate on her face.

When she was free she said, "I'll growth you," and tweaked my nipple.

"Ooh baby, I need to insult you more often, if you're going treat my like that," I cooed
while she bounced up off the bed, "Here goes nothing," I announced and slid my feet to the
floor. When I went to boost my butt off the mattress, I noticed just how far my little hands
were apart on the bed, "Fuck…!"

"Not now dear, maybe after we check you out. Why don't you hold up there and we can
remove your nightie, I want to watch the hipbones move in your pelvis," and she began
stripping me.

"Okay my lovely, you can stand now, although I wish I had a video camera right now.
Do you have any Idea how much I could get for video of this on the Internet?" she let out a
dirty laugh.

I sat there giving her the evil eye.

"Not as much, as it's worth keeping all to ourselves. Betty I'm ashamed of you, with the
money you make pushing pills and lancing boils we can afford to be extravagant," and then
to me, "Diane, just ignore this woman of poor taste and go ahead. Let's see you stand up,"
she suppressed the urge to slap Betty on the ass.

So I boosted myself up, feet together, and stood there naked for their perusal, "Shit
Maggie, my knees won't even come together."

Betty and Maggie exchanged knowing looks and then Betty picked up a short box of
Kleenex from the nightstand, held it on its side, and slid it between my thighs and I
couldn't keep it from slipping through.

"She looks to be about four inches across the vulva, but the added spread has given her
a luscious concaved abdomen and her hard butt cheeks spread out at about a forty-five
degree angle. Don't be startled Diane, I'm going to touch you several places. Tell me if
there's any pain or soreness," and she felt my mons, hips, between my thighs, and then
grasped my firm butt with both hands.

"Oh god, I've been wanting to feel these so bad. Ooh Maggie, this is one terrific butt.
Come over here and feel," her face was flushed and she was rubbing her crotch up against
me, dry humping me.

Maggie slipped up behind me and took hold as well, but then slid her hands up my
thighs, briefly clasped them around my tiny waist, her fingers closer together than they
ever should be, considering the hips she had just slid them past, and then slowly moved on
up and cupped my 'DD's. "Yes, that is an exceptional butt, although I like these much
better. Looks like we get to share and we each get what we like most, all to ourselves."

"Hey you two, stop talking about me like I'm a piece of meat. I'd rather you talk about
me as if I'm a tasty cream puff. This is not fair you know. You made me get naked under
false pretenses, and you two are still completely dressed," I protested, but not really very
hard, "Hey stop that, it tickles!" and then I really did start to squirm.

"She looks strong enough now to me Betty, what's your professional opinion?" she
continued to tickle even harder.

"I'd prescribe some serious tickling, followed by sex and orgasms," she pushed me down
on the bed and started tickling me seriously.

I couldn't even fight back for some reason, I just lay there like a puppy, you know when
you scratch just the right place, their tongue starts licking at nothing and they get that
blissful look on their faces? That's me when, I'm tickled. (There's one good reason, nobody
gets my real address, from my story) I'm completely defenseless and submissive when
tickled, now that I'm a girl, and this is how I learned about it.

"Oh look Maggie, she's completely helpless. I just love a 'helpless maiden.' Hand me
her bunny, please," Betty took my traitorous bunny and used her to tickle my neck, and
damned if my hips didn't start thrusting toward an invisible lover with me moaning in pre-
orgasmic delight.

"God Betty, just watching her has me ready to cum in my panties. I just love to see this
sweet girl in the throws of passion, don't you?" Maggie had stopped tickling, leaving that
job to Betty, and she started suckling my 'DD' boobs.

"Ooogle oof," I exclaimed incoherently licking my lips and spasming all over, completely
unable to move in any way, except involuntarily.

"Oh Supergirl? I've found your kryptonite. You are completely in my power. You are
now, Betty's bunny slave," she giggled wildly at her own joke.

"Oh take me. Take me, please! Ohhh, Uhhh, oh yes," I screamed, as I had a massive
gushing orgasm, my eyeballs rolled up into the top of my head, muscles locked arching my
back, and vaginal muscles clutching at a nonexistent penis.

The two of them stopped their torture finally and found the whole situation insanely

They do deserve some credit though, they kissed, cuddled, and nuzzled me for at least a
half an hour, and didn't complain one bit about having to change the sheets, all of the
bedding, my nightie, my panties, and all of their clothes too.

Betty dressed me in a pretty and lacy baby-doll nightie and even hushed up Maggie
when she was worried how I might take it after our earlier intense conversation.

My prison guards still wouldn't let me out of bed and they kept pumping fluids and
electrolytes into me. They even put on nighties themselves and told me we were having a
pajama party. Lousy screws! (Screws: Jailhouse slang for Prison guards. They smell nice
though. Great kissers too.)

Maggie made me a delicious fruit salad with plenty of bananas, (She said I needed the
potassium.) and a platter of different kinds of cheeses, topped off with a big glass of whole

I began to feel almost human once again when the phone rang.

"Maggie here," was the first thing said.

"Oh, I'm shocked to know your name, Maggie Mae Burnheart, RN, the nurse with the
big boob fetish. (Mad Giggling)," and she was gone again.

"Uh Betty…? My baby doll is filling up pretty rapidly. I bet I know what she told you
Mags," I said, as my eyes looked to be the size of silver dollars, gaping at my porn star
sized, and still enlarging, boobs.

They finally quit when they held the top of the baby doll so far out the hem barely fell
over my giant nipples.

I fainted again. Hell, who wouldn't? I'm going to need a wide-angle lens mirror to look
at my own boobs.


Once again, I was in bed with Maggie holding vigil, only this time I couldn't see my toes.

"Maggie? Where did you put my feet?" damn I'm funny when I first wake up.

She's funny too. She tickled one of them and my body locked up into submissive mode,
"Is this them? You really should keep better track of your body parts, especially the ones
you can't see."

She stopped after only five or six seconds, but by then I was panting like a bitch in
heat, "Oh baby, you sure know how to wake a budding, lesbian bimbo up."

"Oh, and when did you become a bimbo, my sweet?" she teasingly inquired.

"How long have I been unconscious?" I asked.

"Three hours this time," she answered.

"About three hours ago," I answered back, seriously.

"You my dear, sweet, confused, and lovable, darling girl, are not a bimbo," she
admonished. "How do you define a 'bimbo'?"

"It's not so much a definition, as a look. With these udders it will be nearly impossible
to achieve any fashionable look but bimbo," I bemoaned my situation, and new undeniable

"Nearly impossible is not, impossible. Betty and I know quite a few large busted women
who are not bimbos. They will be able to help us pick out a wardrobe for you, which will
not scream, 'bimbo,' to anyone. So, relax and enjoy the knowledge that you have a body
that would have given you such a tremendous woody before your forest burned down.
Anyway, call me perverse, but I happen to really like them. I think they look incredible, in
fact it took nearly all of my will power not to ravish you while you were unconscious,"
Maggie admitted solemnly, holding my hand and staring deeply into my eyes, so I knew
that every word was the truth.

"So, can I?" Maggie begged, with intense girlish excitement.

"Can you, what?" I teased, wide-eyed and as innocent looking, as I could muster.

"You weren't listening, were you?" she accused, her lower lip jutting out far enough that
I could have sat on it.

"Yes I was, okay… you may ravish me to your hearts content lover, but you will have to
change the sheets," I warned her, and then lay there prone, positioned in my finest
submissive, 'go ahead and fuck me if you must,' pose.

"Done, and done," then, "Come here, my pretties," she said, in her superlative, wicked
witch impersonation, not even looking toward my face. I think she was talking directly to
my boobs. Just like each of my girls were self-aware and just attached to me by

"Oh Dudley, save me," I squealed, in a voice high pitched enough, to shatter crystal.

"Don't fret Nell. Dudley, to the rescue," it was Betty, who had apparently been
eavesdropping outside of the bedroom door.

"You look just as bad as Snidely here, are you sure you're here to rescue me?" I
inquired suspiciously, with one hand on each of my own cheeks.

"I most certainly am, ma'am," she replied, her hand up in a scout salute, causing a very
sexy jiggle of her 'C' cups.

"Then get the hell out and leave me and Snidely here to get down to some serious sex,
unless of course you plan to join in. Sometimes a girl doesn't want to be rescued," I giggled
my fool head off!

"Oh, Natasha! I loave it, ven you talk like dat," Betty quickly changed cartoons, and
sides. Then she jumped into the bed with me, causing a boob quake that would have
caused little boys to ejaculate like fuel injectors in a dragster if they had seen it.

"I was promised first dibs, sister dear. So back off them boobs before I scratch your
eyes out. You can play in a minute. I've been patiently here waiting, nearly drowning in a
pool of my own saliva," Maggie warned, as she oh so slowly and gently pealed my over-
strained baby doll top back up and off of my erect, engorged nipples and then in actual
fact, drooled onto my nipple. She smeared it around with her continuously dripping saliva
covered tongue, and then gently blew on it.

It felt like a mousetrap sprung closed, my nipples clenched so fast and so hard. Then I
felt her hands stroking the sides of my mountains, reverently, almost as if they were too
ood to be true. A look I had seen only one time before in my life crossed her face. I had
seen that very expression on the face of a one-year-old girl who had been, plopped down in
front of a whole cake just for her and was left to enjoy her self. Some of the cake even went
inside her mouth, too.

She lost all control and screamed as she plunged her face deeply into my unbelievable

My boobs were so huge that they almost closed back together behind the red hair
crowning her buried head, leaving no trace that she was drowning in tits.

I saw her overjoyed face peek up from my cleavage and she said, "Oh God! You can
take me now. I have been to the mountaintop and I have seen the light. Say amen,
sisters," giggled, and disappeared again.

I have to say that I was very turned on, but she was so funny that I laughed so hard I
had tears streaming down my cheeks.

Every once in a while her face would poke out with the look of someone who had truly
found heaven. Even Betty was rolling around on the floor laughing at her oh so happy
booby diving sister.

Finally, Betty was able to breathe well enough that when Maggie's face popped up one
time that she was able to ask, "Can I play now?"

"Oh sure, plenty of room for everybody in here. Come on in, the boobies are fine," she
reached her arms through with her head, snagged Betty's face and dragged her into my

"Mmphf, mmphff mph!" the struggling Betty, declared.

Of course, Betty being pulled in through the top, left one of her best assets vulnerable
and ripe for the taking, so I pantsed her, which hobbled her feet so that when she fell over,
her pussy was mine. (He, He, He.)

Betty was, forced up toward the peaks of my mountains, screaming in ecstasy, toying
with my mammaries and generally thrashing about as she was, driven into orgasmic bliss
by my talented mouth muscle.

I felt, no ah… I think I felt Maggie slipping her fingers inside my drooling wet cunt and
some other fingers, perhaps Betty's, began to deftly manipulate my clit, bringing forth a
fountainous gush of vaginal lubrication.

All of us were screaming and writhing in a sea of pussy juice and tits.

When things finally calmed down, Maggie was nuzzling at my ear, whispering, "I've
never had this much sex at one time in my life. Moreover, never in my wildest dreams
would I ever believe it could be this good. I can't help myself. You've made me your love
slave. I can't even think of a life without you in it. I love you so much."

Then I heard the doorbell and panicked. 'How do I answer the door, covered in cum?' I

Betty bobbed up, slipped on a robe, and allowed the elevator to open the door.

The delivery boy left with a two-dollar tip and a woody that he would have to beat down
with a ball peen hammer!

Betty brought the package into the bedroom with us, "It's addressed to all of us."

"Well, open it," Maggie and I told her in chorus.

"Okay, all ready. You two don't have to get bitchy about it. I just wanted to be fair
about who gets to open it, sheeze," she explained plopping back down on the bed with us.

"After the boner you sent that poor delivery boy away with, you earned it," I giggled,
having been on the other side of that kind of situation. "In fact Betty, he should have paid
you the two dollars."

Maggie joined me giggling, at the poor boys fate.

"He was kind of cute, maybe I should offer the two of you up to alleviate his
discomfiture?" she threatened.

"I'd put money on the fact that it's already too late. I hope he followed his mother's
advice and had a spare pair of clean panties in his purse. Oh damn, I guess mothers don't
tell their sons that, do they?" Maggie asked me.

"Nope, fathers just tell their sons to suffer, it's good for the soul," I straightened out her
misconception, by confusing her with the truth. It worked in my favor too.

"Oh my poor darling. Well momma Betty and momma Maggie are here to compensate
for your lost girlhood. We're going to pamper you so much, you'll think you're a princess
that had been a frog, but was released by the kiss of two wicked sisters," Maggie made up
quite a cute little fairy tale for me.

"Not long ago, I might have shot myself at the mere prospect of a thing like that, but
now I think I would really like it," I kissed them both. "Haven't you gotten that box open

'I sure did, but it's really puzzling. There's nothing in it, but a remote control and a
note. Why don't you read it Mags," Betty offered.

Betty narrated:

To Diane Toyavich, and the Burnheart sisters;

By the time you read this note, I will be dead. I will have accomplished my
revenge on Howard Samuels, the womanizing coward that allowed my sensitive
and loving sweet brother to be unprotected, resulting in his being, beaten to
death. Therefore, I will end my tortured existence with the knowledge of what I
have done to you and with a cyanide capsule.

My corpse can be found two floors down in condo number 666. I wouldn't want
to stink up the place as much as your presence already does!

I hope you enjoy the life I have trapped you into, leaving you a tiny, weak,
lesbian, giant tittied, bimbo nymphomaniac.

Every time you leave that condo you will be at risk from, homophobes, lechers,
dykes, perverts, serial killer, aids and a whole assortment of venereal diseases.
Pimps who will want to make you part of their stable, men who want to exploit
your over endowed body, or men who want to fuck you in a multitude of ways
you would have nightmares remembering!

Of course, as a consolation you have been left with a lovely condo building, which
will provide you with a good income so you will be able to afford those expensive,
custom made brassieres you need now, along with an assortment of need fully
custom fitted dresses, etc.

You're so big up top that you're going to have to wear a corset all of the time just
to support the top half of you or you'll end up with crippling back pains.

I can see you now in my minds eye, undulating, and jiggling, everywhere you go,
the object of gawkers and the petty jealousies of so many women who will either
be envious of your enormous endowments or more likely, grossed out and feeling
nothing but pity for a freak like you.

I leave you in the body of a woman. One in which you would never be able to
convince even your own mother that you are Howard Samuels, since everyone,
including the good doctor you have as a housemate, knows that it is impossible
to change a man into a fully functional woman, don't they doctor?

I spent the entire insurance settlement that was, paid out to me for my brother's
wrongful death to avenge him and to set you up this way.

I know the doctor is curious, as to how you were, transformed into a woman, so
I'll tell you! Fat lot of good, that it will do you.

I found an old Gypsy woman that did it. She did warn me that even she couldn't
reverse it. Nevertheless, you are welcome to try to find her and to see if I'm
telling the truth.

Don't worry about your poor mother. She was not to blame for birthing a devil's
spawn like you. In order to protect her, before I changed you I took out a large
insurance policy on you in her name.

She is going to receive around ten million dollars when your 'body' washes up on
the shores of the lake. Which it has, I checked the papers this morning and your
'missing body,' was reported found already, (A simulacrum provided by the gypsy)
so it is only a matter of time now before she is rich enough to forget you

Of course, now no one will ever again have to rely on you for protection.

You being the wimpy, sissy slut bimbo that you are. Now you're even more of a
sissy than my poor brother was.

I did this all so no one else will loose their brother because you let them down.

Now you're the cunt that I have thought you to be for the last four years.

Oh, by the way, about the pet rabbit you gave me when we were young, I
drowned it on purpose two days after you gave it to me.

May you rot in hell, always!


PS: The controller, sent with this note is what alters Diane's body. I leave it in
the care of those poor misguided women that are under her spell. I figure sooner
or later she will show her true colors and then you may use this to further
humiliate and degrade her.

None of the changes I have made to her can be, reversed. At least not without
surgical skills from a research scientist who is far more adept than you are,

Take heart ladies the controller is still capable of shrinking her further, enlarging
her humongous boobs to proportions large enough to require her to purchase two
seats on most airlines, ha, ha, that would be a sight wouldn't it? Diane Toyavich,
the walking tits! Her pelvis can go wider, her ass bigger, her lips big enough that
most men's cocks wouldn't fit all the way through them into her mouth, you can
even make her cunt flow fast enough that she will have to be hooked up to more
than one IV all of the time.

Now, if you just want to play with your toy and not modify her, the red button,
makes her orgasm every time you press it, for as long as you press it and she will
probably become addicted to the massive amounts of neurotransmitters that
form in her brain. Eventually she'll become just tits and a cunt that lays there,
cumming all of the time, loving you more each time she spasms and begging you
to push the button!

Moreover, if you want her to fuck everything in the room, just push the one
shaped like a cock. Then, man, woman, dog, or donkey she'll fuck it and love
every minute of it, at least while it is happening. Later she, (I love using that
pronoun to describe you, you sissy Howard!) might just suicide herself if she
can't learn to live with the humiliation. I was going to use this one myself on
you, but I want you to have to live a long time in your bimbo-ness and let life in
general humiliate you endlessly. Of course, if you two lesbian sisters ever tire of
your lovely toy… well I leave that up to you.

Oh, by the way, don't destroy the remote. It will send out a command that will
turn her into an 800 pound pair of tits with a three foot tall girl hanging off them.
It has also, been made to trigger breast growth every time she touches it, so keep
it out of Bimbo Girl's reach.

May you enjoy your toy, for many years to cum!

Ha, ha! I get the last laugh!

Both of the ladies were, wracked with the shudders after crying so hard for so long,
once Maggie had finished reading the suicide note.

"I just don't understand how a boy as sensitive and caring as you tell us your friend
was, could have a sister as twisted as that," Betty declared as she was still putting tissues
to her eyes.

"I didn't know it at the time and my friend tried to warn me about his sister. He told me
not to date her. I thought he was just trying to protect her reputation. Anyway, through
word of mouth I found out last year that she was the reason he was so meek and sensitive,
due to her cruelty and mistreatment of him. He never told me that she made him wear
lacy maid's uniforms and forced him to perform as her sissy slave as well as a host of other
degrading things, while he was growing up. I don't know if her anger towards me was
remorse for what she had done or anger that she had lost her main source of
entertainment, tormenting that poor guy. Her own brother," I swallowed hard and wiped
my dripping eyes.

"It's a damn good thing she suicided or I'd have hunted her down and kill her with my
bare hands!" Maggie declared, with such vehemence that I for one, was shocked.

"Don't you worry Diane, all of those terrors she tried to frighten you with, they aren't
much different for you than any other girl. Of course you do have two advantages, most
other women don't, though," Betty baited me.

"And what are they, prey tell?" I bit suspiciously.

"Well my dear, when you wear tight form fitting clothes, the kind we women wear that
won't even allow you to hide a credit card? Men will nearly kill themselves to do things for
you, just to see you smile at them. In addition, you could effectively hide a Mack 10
machine gun in your cleavage and no one would ever be able to tell! You'll never have to
worry about drowning with your built in flotation devices," she started laughing and Maggie
slugged her in the arm.

"Diane is too much of a lady to put you in your place little sister, but I'm not! You
better not hurt her feelings again for the rest of the day or I'll pound you to Jell-O! Come
here Diane, I'm going to hold you for the rest of the day, while big mouth here, goes and
buys you some new clothes and undergarments," she wrapped her arms around me

She addressed Betty, "Now, if you want to redeem yourself missy you'll find a cloth
measuring tape and help me put down some sizes for you to take with you on your Quest
for the Holy custom made and undecidedly lacy, beautiful brassiere. Don't come back
without at least being able to assure us that half a dozen of them are on order and that
they will be spectacularly beautiful when they arrive."

"You will also come back with at least one sweat suit, large enough but not too overly
large to provide Diane with some decent coverings that she will be able to wear in public
until we can buy her a proper wardrobe. At best, come back with a beautiful dress that
will make men for miles around ejaculate in their pants and faint dead away when they
catch a glimpse of Diane in it. Do you understand your mission my sister and co-lesbian
husband to our beloved little lesbian wife here?" Maggie ordered as if a general who is used
to being in command of everything he views.

Betty jumped up with a, "Yes ma'am," ran to the living room where all of her
possessions lay still stacked in boxes, returning quickly with a notepad and a measuring

While she was gone, Maggie told me, "Don't worry honey, she won't look at this as
punishment. Betty is a shop-aholic and will be in ecstasy all day doing this."

I stood with my arms held out shoulder high while they measured me and Maggie only
had to punch Betty once for saying, "Holy Shit!" when she measured around my massive
mammaries. (She didn't hit her hard because I giggled when she said it. That and she
made her nurse on my boob as punishment until my knees started to give way, which
means about three good sucks. She loved her punishment as much as I did. I'm not
cheap, but damn I'm easy!)

After she left, Maggie and I cuddled and she did her best to convince me that I had done
nothing wrong and that Samantha was just a really sick psychopath who was far better off
dead. She further assured me that we would get a safe to keep the controller in and only I
would have the combination.

She promised to devote her life to see to it that I enjoyed my forced womanhood as
much as she enjoys being a woman and to being the best lesbian husband a sweet girl like
me ever had. Then she threatened to divorce Betty if she didn't smarten up.

"Don't do that Maggie, who's going to protect us poor little ladies, but that big strong
woman, Betty? I think I like it on this side of the protection better than the other side.
But, you make sure that if Betty can't protect me for any reason that you don't blame her
or my ghost will haunt you till the end of time, okay dear?" I clutched at her tightly.

"Don't you worry your pretty head Diane, I won't. I just hope that after two or three
weeks we can still stand the smell in here cause I'm not calling the cops until that bitch is
damn good and rotted," Maggie promised. "And if we are lucky her neighbors' noses will
get one of them to call first."

"I think my friend would have like that," I agreed.

The End

Remote Control
By Wholeman
Rev. 1.0

Everything else is Copyright (c) 2002, by: Stone On the Moor LTD. Freely archived, copied,
transmitted, and redistributed, printed, fantasized about or masturbated to or used to
perpetuate marital bliss. (Just don't tell her you read this stuff)

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