Home That Love Built - Set up, first story, and Rules

The Home That Love Built
A new universe from Catherine Linda Michel

Consider this an introduction to my dream of a place where abused, impoverished, cast out T-girls could go to and be respected, helped, and loved. It's been my dream for many years of such a place, and I thought I'd write about it.

I will set the scene...the place, and it's purposes. I'll supply the initial players...the staff as it were. YOU supply the stories. Tell of how you'd feel about finding out there was such a place...what you'd do to get there...why you'd need such a place...what you might be able do to help out with such a place, once you got there.

You can use pure fiction, or your own experiences, or a mix of the two, to tell your story. My purpose is to supply, in fiction, a place I'd dearly love to build, in real life, but I'd like YOU, the readers, to fill the empty house and make it a true home.

Chapter: One.

It was just an old, rundown motel. Crumbling due to disuse and neglect, it sat sadly, as the border for a large parking lot full of potholes. It must have been quite a place in it's heyday, but now, after ten years closed, it was just another city demolition project. Well, it was until I saw it anyway.

Me? Oh, sorry. Let me introduce myself. I'm Cathilynn Michel. Yeah, that's right. THE Cathilynn Michel who won the 480 million dollar, record breaking jackpot, lottery drawing. Oh, you must have heard all about it. It was all over the news about the Transsexual who won the lottery, and how some people were all up in arms about it?

Well, anyway. After all the furor died down, and after I had made certain my family and friends were taken care of financially, I began working with a contractor friend who knew my dream, and had the skills and talents to find, renovate and build it. He had located this old motel, just off the main road and almost overgrown with various kinds of flora. When he first showed it to me, I looked at him like he was crazy, but he told me of it's history, and how well it was originally built. He said he could rebuild it to suit my needs. The cost? You don't wanna know...trust me.

Well, I had it appraised, I put in a bid, and I waited. For three long months, I waited! Finally I got a notice from the city asking me to appear in front of them with a business plan and proof of my ability to renovate the old dump...er, I mean, motel. I had anticipated this and had everything ready for them to look at. My costs, the available money, my business aims, community impact...That was a tough one. How would the community react to what I had in mind? A home for unwanted, abused T-girls?

Well, it was touch and go for a week or so, but the simple fact that I was underwriting the whole cost of everything seemed to make the difference and, finally, they granted all my permit requests, and it was off to the races! For weeks, heavy equipment tore up some parts of the old place, dug around some other parts, and generally made a mess, but soon, out of that mess, some order began to show itself.

Gradually, my vision began to take shape. 30 rooms, each bigger than a standard motel room, more like efficiency apartments, began to take shape. The pool area, a singularly disgusting mess when we started, was dug out, expanded, and rebuilt, with warming pools around it, and a jacuzzi at each corner of the almost Olympic sized pool. Changing rooms with showers were built onto what used to be a dining room of some sort, and laundry facilities were added in to the whole scheme of a water based level. A retractable roof covered part of the pool area so natural sunlight could be let in.

I had wanted this for so long. A safe place for misused T-girls to come to and be safe, and respected, and loved. A place where they could continue their educations or learn trades. A place where they could take classes in all things female and feminine. A place where they could be safe. I had talked to other girls, friends of mine from my online excursions and writing, who had the same idea, but didn't have the means to make it real. Finally, I had those means, and I meant to make them count!

I had invested a quarter of the original winnings, once family and friends were taken care of, in safe, long term yield, stocks and bonds. I had set up a 20 year annuity with another quarter share. There was a set amount to be used in furnishings and other necessities, with a big chunk of money being readied for transportation costs, and other things like clothing and food.

Part of what I hoped to be able to do with this place was draw some of the girls who had talents, to help the ones we'd be rescuing. I also wanted to offer the girls training in whatever they wanted to study, via scholarships, which they would repay after graduating and finding jobs. Oh I know I was dreaming big, but what's the point of dreaming small?

After ten long months, the place was nearing completion. All the wiring, plumbing and all that stuff, was done to and mostly above code. The entire complex was fitted with sprinkler systems and fire escapes, and everything was tested and retested. I had wireless, high speed internet installed in the whole place, with safeguards to prevent outside snooping, and a state of the art security/surveillance system. Each apartment had it's own heat and air conditioning controls, as well as kitchenettes and bath facilities, and of course, there were main controls for the general areas.

I sat in my car, as the last workman finished his work on the new sign. THE HOME THAT LOVE BUILT, it would proclaim, in soft, pastel neon colors, when it was lit. My dream, my vision, my hope for the future of so many girls, finally real and ready to open. I cried softly while sitting there, envisioning the lives that would be changed, made better, I hoped, as they passed through this place. All the times my friends and I had talked about a place like this online, never really believing that one day, it would be real.

Oh sure, there were still the issues of staffing, rescue squads to be set up, transportation costs to be allowed for, and many other final details, but the base was now here, ready to begin it's mission. I had already contacted some of the ones who shared this dream with me. Hopefully they would throw in their lot with me and be my partners...equal partners.

So I sat there, crying for a bit, then dried my tears of joy, put my car in drive and drove into my parking spot. I used my new remote control to turn on the outside lights and light the new sign. I got out of the car, locked it up and entered my own little apartment, stopping before I went in and facing the sunset.

“It's ready, girls. Very soon the word will go out and I hope you will come to us for whatever help we can give you. Here, there will be respect, love, and help. No longer reviled, humiliated or beaten. Welcome, all of you...welcome.” I turned and went inside, to start the ball rolling.

I had phone calls to make and people to contact. The sun might be setting outside, but in my heart, the sun was rising on a bright future, filled with hope.



What I need from anyone who wants to write in this universe is truth, reality. Write your story as if it were YOU coming to this wonderful place. Use your real life story, or make one up, but I want real feelings, real hopes. Some of you will, no doubt want staff positions. They are available, although most of the everyday staffing will be filled by the residents of the home to help them pay for their stays, although NO one will be turned away for lack of means to pay. We will have to, of course, be somewhat selective since there are but 30 rooms to fill. Double occupancy of each apartment might be a possibility, if it proves necessary. The most needy, the ones most in danger, the most deserving will be given first shot at residency.

Custodial, culinary, security (I hope, although there probably should be a full staff member at the head of that), swim and exercise instructors, drivers, therapists, anyone with a health care background, day and night managers, all those and more. No doubt as time goes by, more positions will be suggested by you.

Please understand, I WANT your input! I WANT your stories! I want you to get personally involved in something that, if it can't be done for real, at least we can do it virtually. Maybe, someday, when one of us DOES win a big lottery, they will use these stories as a sort of pattern to help set up a real place of love.

More will follow as it comes in, or as I think of it. For now, please submit all your stories to me FIRST, before posting them, so I can try to maintain timelines and continuity. You may email them to me at Cathy_t_99 at Yahoo dot com for now. Later on I will try to set up a separate email address that will be strictly for stories written in this universe.

WELCOME, EVERYONE. Help me make this something wonderful, and full of love.

Huggles 'n love,
Catherine Linda Michel

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