Dave the Harem Slave


Another tale from the Sub Continent.


Dave the Harem Slave

By Sheena Roger Sands


This incident happened when I was a tourist in the country of Morocco. But first let me briefly introduce myself to you. My name is Dave and I was a photographer for a leading daily. I loved to travel and one of my trips had brought me to Morocco.

Morocco is a very colorful place providing ample angles for photography. So one fine day I was roaming the main market in the town of Tiznit when I spotted a narrow lane. Out of curiosity I entered the lane and started following the path. A little while later I came across a noisy place which at first glance looked liked an ordinary market. Closer inspection however revealed that it was a slave market.

Semi nude women clad in beautiful traditional Arab dresses, wearing veils stood chained ready to be auctioned. At another place a similarly clad woman was dancing to some Arab tune in a very seductive manner.

The scenes taking place in front of me fascinated me. It seemed like something out of Arabian nights. But just as I started to focus my camera, strong arms grabbed me and something hit my head and I fainted.

When I woke up I was wearing nothing except a few chains and was lying on a marble floor. A smooth silky cloth had me effectively gagged. A little while later I heard the jingle of jewelry and I smelled some strong perfume.

I looked up to see the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was Princess Laila and she was the daughter of the Sultan of this province. She was dressed in something out of a Hollywood movie. Her dress included a veil, a rather revealing top and a flowing skirt made of satin all in blue. On top of it she seemed to be covered in expensive jewelry. Besides her gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets she also had diamonds and rubies in her attire.

You, she said pointing at me have committed a grave offence. Your punishment should be death, but because I like your looks I have decided to keep you as my personal slave. You will be added to my harem because now you belong to me. You of course have the alternative of facing the death penalty. What will it be foreigner? Will u be my slave?

I nodded vigorously and I would have broken my neck with the nodding if she wouldn’t have went off.

What I didn’t know was that the Princess was not allowed to have male slaves and hence I was to live as a female slave in her harem.

Another Arab beauty called Rohana, who introduced herself as the head slave came and unchained my feet. Then using the chain linked to my wrists chained in front of me she led me to the slave quarters. Here my transformation began.

I was bound to a chair and another lady began painting my nails. She painted my fingernails and toe nails a bright red color. Then she proceeded to apply make up on my face. The blushon was put; the eye make up done and my lips matched my nails in a deep red color. Then I was made to wear a padded bra with falsies and a panty made from some kind of satin cloth, which felt wonderful against my skin.

Then I was made to wear some thin chains, which I later learnt were not iron or steel but silver. Then chains interconnected a silver collar on my neck, my wrists my ankles and even my waists. Though they restricted free movement they enabled me to function normally. About two feet of slack was given to the chains connecting my wrists and the same slack given to my ankle chains.

When I walked the chains and the anklets (which had tiny bells attached to them) jingled loudly. On top of these I was made to wear what was the slave dress. It included a short red top almost like a bikini but with short sleeves and it made of silk and beautifully embroidered and along with it went a long flowing red skirt made of some satin like cloth which was almost transparent. I was also given a veil.

I was then presented to the princess who looked pleased and then I was lead away to my cell. Every time I was led, my wrists were chained I front of me and another slave or servant led me.

In my cell I was surprised to see a mirror and a rather comfortable bed. My ankle was chained to the foot post of this bed. In the mirror when I saw myself I was stunned. Not only was I looking like a woman but I was looking like a hot, sexy and pretty woman. I actually had a hard on.

Next morning Rohana who had apparently been put in charge of me took me to the stables. The princess I was told desired a ride. My wrist chains were attached to a magnificent Arab stallions saddle. A little later the princess herself came and climbed the chariot, she was as usual looking stunning. She started her horse on a slow walk and I had to follow. There was a veil covering my face as women were not allowed to show their face to any man other than their husband or master here and we came across many of them in the walk.

After the walk I was taken to the princesses bath and told to help the other slaves prepare it. When the princess came, 4 slaves including me had to bathe her. I had to use a sponge to bathe her and that included rubbing her breasts and pussy and I could see the pleasure in her eyes when I was doing that. She actually moaned when I rubbed her pussy.

Then we sat her down and while the other slaves attended the her upper body and face I was given the task to clean her feet which I did after soaking them in water and then I gently painted her toe nails a soft pink. She seemed pleased with me and I seemed to be happy for that ( what had come over me).

Dave the Harem slave



Gradually I started accepting my role as a slave. While that was still not that big a deal, I still saw myself as a man. The other slaves seemed to constantly brain wash me and treat me as a complete female but my mind refused to believe them. Some small change was however there and that was what scared me. I seemed to enjoy putting on the make up and the sexy dresses. The feel of the light smooth skirts on my legs and the unrestricted movement that trousers don’t provide usually left me quite excited.

Some of this was noticed by Rohana, the head slave, who must have reported this to Princess Laila. The princess used to tease me and call me a sissy and such reports pleased her immensely.

That I had become a complete slave was for sure. Every time I saw the princess I was to kneel down with my hands in front and touch my forehead to the floor. Then if permission was give I could kiss her feet. Rohana made me do this to her as well and in a sense I was a slave to another slave as well.

One day I was led to the Princesses chamber chained as usual. Here a long chain attached to my bound wrists to the royal bed. A little while later the princess came in. Slave I think the time has come for u to get a name. From now on you will be known as Kaneez. The word I was later told means pretty slave in this place.

You must have also noticed that you are the only man in this harem, the princess continued. So dear Kaneez, your purpose is not just to be an ordinary slave but a sex slave, so you can fulfill my other needs which women can’t.

Saying this she made climb the bed and, lift my skirts and lie on the bed face down. She then started screwing me with a huge dildo after lubricating me. It was quite painful but shocked as I was I seemed to find some kind of pleasure in it. Princess Laila then made me kneel and I had to lick her pussy. After I demonstrated my powers with the tongue. the princess had me sent back to my cell. Suddenly I wasn’t so keen to escape this place anymore.

Life had started looking better. I had started enjoying the role of a slave. Then one-day tragedy struck. The princess I learnt on a trip abroad had eloped with a baseball player. The sultan had condemned her and all her possessions were to be sold off. Then it struck me; I was a possession of princess Laila.

The next day I was given the grim news that I would be sold off. I was led to the slave market in chains in my most beautiful and sensual slave dress and the bidding started. I was shocked to realize that I was being sold as a woman slave; the men folk of the place didn’t know my real identity. Then I saw a sinister looking tall Arab on a magnificent stallion enter the market. He looked into my eyes and I quickly lowered mine, as a slave should. He then made the bid for me. I had been sold.


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