The Valentines Day Mistake


The Ancient Gods of the Romans are not to be screwed with. Venus takes a mortal lover and makes another god jealous. Whom do you think winds up with the short end of that stick?


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The Valentine’s Day Mistake

By Wholeman

The Problem

Venus, goddess of love, was quite put out. Her mischievous son,
Cupid, had been slacking and she had summoned him for a major ass

"Hey mom, what's up?" Cupid innocently asked, not having yet
noticed the storm clouds forming above his mother.

"Cupid, there you are! I have been getting reports from some of
my priests and the lesser gods that somebody has been slacking lately.
You wouldn't know whom that might be, would you, young man?" the
ravishingly beautiful goddess asked whilst shaking her finger at Cupid in
the typical 'scolding mother' fashion.

"But Mom..." Cupid began before being cut off.

"But nothing, young man. You have been seen with Bacchus, the
god of wine, too often. You have been neglecting your duties as God of
Passion. You shouldn't be running around with your friends all of the
time," Venus scolded. "Jupiter himself sent word for me to speak to you
about this. There have been so few people being born down on earth
that attendance in all of the gods' temples is falling off."

"It's all Mars's fault. He's been causing wars and his generals
have been slaughtering women and children alike. There are fewer
women around. When the men fight over them, often times the woman
is killed in the ensuing fight. When I make a woman fall in love, she
doesn't often live long enough to bear children," Cupid explained. "I
don't know what to do."

"I wish you would have come to me sooner with this problem,
Cupid. Parents aren't only around to scold and punish their children,
you know," Venus replied, while her smile lit up the heavens.

"What can you do about it?" Cupid asked suspiciously.

"Go and see my friend Morpheus, tell him your trouble, and I feel
certain that he will provide you with the answer to your quandary," she
told her confused son. "Now, you flit off and get to work, before that
horny old Jupiter decides that you are cute enough to take the place of
one of his human lovelies."

Cupid didn't even wait long enough to say goodbye to his mother,
he spun and took wing in search of Morpheus leaving the melodic,
tinkling laughter of his mother far behind.

Off To Dreamland

"Why do I have to work so hard?" Cupid grumbled to himself. "All
of the other guys get to spend most of their time goofing off, but me, I
have to fly all over the place all of the time shooting humans in the butt,
just to keep them procreating."

Cupid followed the overly loud sounds of snoring to where he
found Morpheus, "Hey, Morpheus, wake up!"

"Huh? What? Who's there?" Morpheus asked, roused from a deep
and pleasant dream.

"It's me, Morpheus, Cupid," he answered as he gracefully came to
light on a stool near Morpheus's bed.

"Ah... and how is your lovely mother doing?" Morpheus asked, as
every male god most certainly would.

"Oh, mom's honked off at me. I've been having trouble keeping
the humans reproducing," Cupid replied, his face in his own hands,

"So, she sent you to me? I am honored that she thought of me,"
Morpheus stated dreamily.

"Don't you go nodding-off on me, Morpheus. I've got real
problems," Cupid admonished. He dove in, explaining what his trouble
was quickly, before the other god fell back asleep.

Morpheus laughed long and hard, much to Cupid’s consternation,
"I'm not laughing at you, boy. I find your mother's mind as beautifully
ironic as her body. I believe I know what she wants me to provide to
solve your little problem. Wait here for a moment while I get it."

"Just like grownups, don't give a guy a straight answer, just order
them around," Cupid complained to his hands.

When Morpheus returned, he handed Cupid a vial of porcelain
colored liquid, "Dip your arrows in this before you shoot a man with it.
Only use this on men. Once you have hit him, wait a day before you
return to supply him with a mate," Morpheus laughed to himself,
"Tomorrow you will know why I say this."

"Why not tell me today and save me the suspense?" Cupid asked

"Oh! I know who your first target should be too! There is a man
who comes to my temple every day, bitching that Cupid and Venus have
forsaken him and he pleads with me to intercede on his behalf. You will
be doing me a service if you can get him to quit whining at me,"
Morpheus decided. "The one I speak of lives in Genoa. His name is... let
me think... Anchises, yes that's it, Anchises."

Cupid agreed that he would handle this for Morpheus as
repayment for his help, and flew off to Genoa.

The Tormented

Anchises awakened with a scream from yet another nightmare,
"Great god, Morpheus, why do you torment me so?"

Anchises, in his folly, had incurred the wrath of the jealous god by
having bed the beautiful Venus. Venus had never shown the slightest
interest in Morpheus, but that wasn't necessary to create jealousy.

He was plagued by another problem incurred by that fateful
union. After he had slept with the most beautiful goddess in the
universe, how could any mere mortal woman stir his loins?

He prayed and prayed to the goddess to return, or in some way
relieve him of his dual torment.

Hearing no answer to his shouted prayer, Anchises arose and
readied himself for the day.

Unbeknownst to him, Cupid had flown into his cottage, invisible to
any mortal, "Now, dip the arrow into the fluid... and," Cupid said to
himself, notching the arrow to his bow, "shoot the man in the butt."

Anchises jumped as the muscle in his backside twinged as he was
struck. Moments later, Anchises found himself in the arms of Morpheus.

"That should do it for today. Once I know what this is all about, I'll
do more," and with that, Cupid went in search of Bacchus.

Dreams Can Be So Real

"I see that Cupid has fulfilled his promise and sent you to me,
body and soul," Morpheus laughed evilly, "So, you would have the gall to
sleep with the goddess Venus, eh mortal? Well, as you have discovered
yourself, beauty can be its own curse. Tonight you sleep and dream of
only beauty. Come morning, you will live the dream."

Anchises dreamed strange and pleasant dream that night, the first
time in many years. He slowly, pleasantly, swam up from the
replenishing slumber to open his eyes without screaming for the first
time in years.

Once Anchises realized that he had not received nightmares that
night, he exclaimed, "Oh thank you Morpheus... Hey! What's happened
to my voice?"

Anchises sat up, grasping his throat. The first thing he noticed
was his chest went bobbing hither and yon, and the second thing he felt
was his missing Adam's apple.

Anchises quickly threw off the bedclothes, exposing his body for
perusal, "What the fuck happened to me?"

He yanked the pants off that were loose the day before, but which
now tightly hugged his hips, only to scream and faint at the sight of
what he found.

When Cupid returned, he discovered an incredibly beautiful
woman sleeping in Anchises's bed, "What is this? Anchises has found
himself a mate without my help?"

Cupid searched the town trying to find Anchises without luck, so
upon returning to his cottage and seeing Anchises awaken once again,
he made himself manifest, to speak to the girl, "Woman, have you taken
Anchises as your husband? Is that why you are here and, if so, where
has Anchises gone?"

"I am Anchises, oh great god Cupid," Anchises tearfully replied.
"What has happened to me?"

Immediately Cupid understood what had happened when he had
dipped his arrow into the porcelain colored fluid. It had transformed
Anchises into a woman of uncommon beauty.

"You have been praying to the gods for relief, Anchises, and they
have sent me to answer your prayers. Fear not, for you will soon have
your loneliness relieved, and then you will aid in restoring the numerous
humans Mars has caused the earth to lose in his many wars. Remain
here until I return," Cupid promised, as he became incorporeal once

Anchises was not happy with the answer to his plea, not in the
least. 'There is no way in Hades that I'm going to... ugh... have sex with
a man and bear children!' he thought.

After waiting a while, Anchises became restless and decided to
head in to the outer room to get a drink from his bucket of water in the
corner. As he neared the water, he noticed his new face reflected there,
"I'm in big trouble!" he exclaimed.

Anchises had seen his soul staring back at him through the eyes
of a temptress who rivaled Venus herself in beauty, "What have the gods
done to me! Venus will not allow such a rival to exist without tormenting
her, but will she even know that it is I, Anchises? Worse, will she even

Anchises began taking stock of his situation. He pulled off his
shirt, only to discover a pair of full C cup sized breasts, 'Not too little,' he
thought, 'Not too big... just right.'

Next, he slipped his pants down once again and gazed upon his
new earthly shell in its entirety. The classic hourglass figure, porcelain
skin, soft fleshy buttocks, hairless legs, and oh my, a smooth hairless
cleft between his creamy white thighs.

Anchises bowed his legs slightly to get a better look at his new sex.
As he bent forward, sheaves of golden blonde hair flow up and
surrounded his face, nearly touching the floor, "I am so dead! I won't
have a chance. Every male in the world is going to want to bed me!"

He took his dainty fingers, with their perfectly shaped nails, and
gently spread his new sex, "This feels so foreign. How do women cope
with this?"

Right then, he felt something new. His new sex began to lubricate
itself, and lubricate itself a lot! In mere moments, Anchises found his
fingers covered in his own feminine sexual fluids. He waddled to his bed,
threw himself down upon it, and began fingering himself madly. He
kicked off his pants, threw his legs as wide as possible, and started to
twiddle and tweak his new breasts while finger banging himself, "Oh,
yes! Ooh baby. Fuck me! Fuck me hard, baby! Oh, goddess that feels
good! Jupiter, I'm cuming! Oooooh glllllllllllllllllllllll ooooothhhh!"

Anchises couldn't stop though, he kept up at his uncontrollable
feverish pitch, "Sploosh, squish, sploosh, squish..." on and on, until
finally, after two full hours of masturbating, and a lake of cum in his bed,
Anchises orgasmed herself unconscious.

Consultation with Mom

Cupid was in a near panic as he lit upon his mother's palace,
"Mom! Where are you? I need to talk to you!"

"Here, here, what's all this ruckus?" Venus asked her frantic son.

"Mom, did you know that when you sent me to see Morpheus, he
would give me a potion that transforms men into women?" Cupid asked

"That was the general idea. Would this not solve your problem
most deliciously?" Venus asked innocently.

"Okay... but I don't think you're going to like it..." Cupid shrugged
and started to head back to work.

"Get back here, Mister," Venus ordered, "You can't drop a bomb like
that and leave! What did you mean, 'I'm not going to like it'?"

"Well, Morpheus had me shoot this guy in Genoa, and he..." Cupid

"Wait! Did he give you a name for this man?" Venus, always
suspicious of the other gods, caught an inkling of what might be going

"Yes, it was a man who had been praying for companionship for a
long time. His name was Anchises," Cupid informed her.

"That no good, rotten..." Venus was working herself into a tirade.

"Mom, that's not helping!" Cupid exclaimed, "That's not what I was
thinking would piss you off, anyway!"

Venus took a deep breath, looking to the sky for strength, "There's
worse news than my former lover being turned into a woman?"

This little disclosure brought a slight, ironic smile to Cupid's face,
"Yup, and it's going to sizzle you! Anchises' beauty rivals even your

"WHAT!" Venus's eyes shook in her rage.

'It's a damn good thing she's not Jupiter,' thought Cupid, 'there'd
be lightning bolts flying all over this room.'

"That rat bastard! How could Morpheus do this? What have I
ever done to him?" Venus railed.

"What have you ever done with him...?" Cupid uttered so quietly,
Venus almost didn't hear it.

"You... You, think he's jealous of that mortal? Morpheus hasn't
ever even made a pass at me, not to mention, I hear from others that he
falls asleep sometimes... Nevertheless, how can poor Anchises live as a
woman?" Venus pondered, entirely avoiding the subject of his great

"I can go and ask him for something that can reverse the process,
but I wouldn't hold my breath," offered Cupid.

"Maybe I should go with you to see Anchises this time. We can
figure out what to do when we get there," Venus, snapped her fingers and
the two found themselves in Anchises home, in their incorporeal forms.

"Oh my god! Anchises you slut, you couldn't keep your hands off
yourself for even a whole day? Well, if you like being a horny slut then
maybe I'll help you out," Venus exclaimed upon seeing the unconscious
woman who had obviously finger banged herself into unconsciousness.

She waved her hands, and Anchises's perfect feminine form began
to morph, "Here's a little trick I learned from Dea Dia, the goddess of

Anchises's breasts grew, her waist thinned, and her hips widened.

"Now for the topper, I'll give her a sex drive that's right through
the roof, another gift from the goddess Bona Dea. Anchises will screw
anyone. She's going to be a very popular girl!" Venus snickered, "Let's be
on our way son, you have half an army to turn into women, and the other
half to make fall in love with them. Mars is due for a vacation, and we're
going to see that he gets it!"

The Innocent Punished, the Convicts Rewarded

When Anchises awakened, the huge rolling breast on his chest,
made it nearly impossible to sit up. When he finally accomplished that
feat, he stared at the boobs he'd been gifted with, afraid to touch them
after his experience the night before.

He scooted what felt like his padded, extra-wide bottom off the bed
to stare at himself. Yes, he had felt correctly, his hips were very wide,
although he wasn't fat. They were wide birthing hips, the kind women
who seemed made for making babies would have.

On the other hand, he found that his waist was almost
ridiculously tiny. Everything that would make a woman sexy and
alluring had been almost comically enhanced on him.

"Venus, my goddess, it is I, Anchises. Why have the gods done this
to me? I have never wished to challenge your beauty. Why would you
have allowed this to happen to me?" Anchises wailed.

However, his lament was short lived. He accidentally brushed his
nipple with his hand and moaned in ecstasy.

It didn't take her more than a few moments to throw herself back
on the cum-soaked bed and begin finger banging herself wildly.

Anchises was so caught up in the act of pleasuring herself that
she failed to notice one of her girlfriends come visiting, "Oh god! I'm so
sorry, Miss. I didn't mean to..."

Startled that he... err... she was not alone, Anchises stopped what
she was doing and said, "Severina, is... is that you?"

"Do I know you uh, Miss? Additionally, where is Anchises?"
Severina asked the flushed and stinky woman before her.

"I am Anchises! The... the gods have done this to me... I know not
why," shrieked the distraught and still horny woman.

"Anchises, it has happened to you too? Only, the others were not
effected so... ah... drastically," Severina remarked, not quite as shocked
as Anchises would have expected.

"You... you, believe me? If this hadn't happened to me, I would
have had a hard time believing me," Anchises admitted, somewhat

"My dear Anchises, apparently there have been quite a few others
in Mars's army to which this has happened as well, over in the town of
Valenti. Although, in their cases, they were not quite as beautiful and
voluptuous as you are. I think that we are going to remember this day
for a very long time," Severina remarked, "Anchises, oh my gods, can't
you keep from playing with yourself long enough for us to chat even?"

"Please Severina... I... I need you. I can't help it, I'm so horny!"
Anchises whined.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I can satisfy you, Anchises. Wait here, I'll
go and find some help," with that, Severina left Anchises's abode, leaving
her to go back to pleasuring herself.

An hour or two later, Severina returned, and the first thing
Anchises declared to her was, "Severina, thank the gods you're back! I'm
so thirsty, but I can't stop pleasuring myself long enough to get a drink!
Please help me!"

"I have found you the help you need, dear Anchises," Severina
poked her head back out the door and beckoned, "Come on in guys,
she's so horny, she would have sex with Cerberus."

Before Anchises could refuse, a large well-hung man stuffed her
mouth full of cock. Anchises tried her best not to enjoy her face fucking,
but her body had been made so sensitive to pleasure, she could do
naught but enjoy her first blowjob.

However, while she was sucking the large veined penis, other men
entered and began having their way with her. She was stuffed full of
cock in her vagina, anus, mouth, cleavage, and both hands found
themselves stroking men to orgasmic bliss.

When she felt the men she was fisting begin to ejaculate, she
aimed their cocks towards her thirsty face, and was rewarded with plenty
of warm salty sperm, which is just what her new body thirsted for.
Anything she could do to get more into her faster was what she wanted
more than air.

Anchises discovered that she was completely insatiable. Men
stuffed her full of hot cock, often more than one at a time per hole and
Anchises just begged for more, "Fill me with your seed! Fuck me! Ooh, it
feels so wonderful! Aw... all done? Okay, you go and rest. If you have
any friends who want to fuck, can you please get them? I need more
fucking!" She had sperm dripping from every orifice and most
everywhere on her skin.

Severina would occasionally keep all of the men out long enough
to clean Anchises up and make her presentable, which was no easy
undertaking with her scooping up puddles of jizzum and sucking them
down like ambrosia, "Hold still honey. You, want more fucking don't
you? If you're all gross and icky, you won't attract as many return

"Okay, make me pretty, but please hurry! I can't hold out for
long," Anchises begged as she trembled with desire.

"You know that I'll get you plenty pretty as fast as I possibly can.
There's only another hour before sundown. It won't take long after that, and
your friends won't be cuming inside you again until morning, so we'll
get you as full as we can so that you can last the night," Severina
assured her.

Once Anchises was clean again, Severina opened the doors to all
the men waiting her pleasuring. The men flooded inside, all of them
hungry to fuck the wanton slut within, not one of them nearly as
hungry as Anchises.

As Severina exited the house, after having taken a token payment
from every man awaiting their turn at Anchises, she made her way to the
homes of a few of her lady friends, and enlisted their aide in caring for
Anchises and taking the modest tribute from all of the men needed for
her upkeep.

It didn't take long for Anchises to start showing after the months
of near constant sex, but as long as the men kept coming, and as long as
Anchises still wanted them, she was kept clean and ready for more.

After nearly six months, Anchises finally lost most of her
humongous sex drive. She waddled around, hating herself for acting in
such an unmanly and an unladylike fashion, but Severina, who had
acquired a small fortune, even at the pittance she was charging for
Anchises's services, took care of her. She told Anchises that it was all
right, and how beautiful she was while she was with child, reassuring
her in all the ways she knew a pregnant woman needed.

As the day of childbirth neared, Anchises became nearly frantic
with fear. He had grown up male and wasn't prepared from girlhood to
expect to have to give birth. She was becoming astonishingly large, as
well, and all of the Severina's friends were afraid to voice their opinion
that Anchises was carrying at least twins. They consoled her with stories
of how large they, or other women had gotten with their own children,
telling her it was normal.


In the town of Valenti, many other mothers who had been men
were nearing their own birthing times and the men of the village were so
strained by their frantic wives, they had thought to leave and join
an army as mercenaries once again. However, Jupiter had forbidden
Mars from warring so as not to upset the unwillingly transformed men,
who were now their wives.

Jupiter took pity on them, though, and Bacchus smiled on the
region. Wine was available aplenty, so the husbands were able to escape
their wives for at least a few hours at a time.

Midwives were worth their weight in gold in that town, and many
were brought in from the surrounding areas, their apprentices in

When the birthing started, it struck like a tsunami, increasing
exponentially as it washed over the village. Midwives had a
dozen or more women to work on at a time, while the mercenaries
ran about bringing towels, having their hands crushed by the
women who's hands they held, and generally followed the orders of the
midwives. There was no time and no extra resources to spare, so the
men were pressed into service, even if it was against tradition.

It didn't take long before the village was filled with the sound of
crying babies and dead tired parents, and the previous population nearly

Back with the tormented

Back in Genoa, Anchises was so big, she hadn't been able to walk
for days, and finally the birthing started.

"Ooooh! Oh, my goddess that one really hurt!" screamed
Anchises, "This isn't right! I shouldn't have to go through childbirth! It's
not fair! It's all Cupid's fault! That rotten little bastard, he was upset
that his mother loved me! He did this to me! Cupid should be giving
birth, not me! Ouch! Whoa! That smarts!"

"It's all right, Anchises. You're doing fine. Just relax and breathe,
oh and please let up your grip on my sister," Severina soothingly cooed.

Anchises cried and screamed, she moaned and whimpered, and
finally pleaded and cursed the whole time she was in labor. If you were
to ask her, she would swear it took days, but it was a remarkably quick and
easy birthing, given the fact that she gave birth to quintuplets.

Anchises breasts grew larger and heavy with milk, so much so, that
she needed milking to relieve the excess of her milk production, just to
make her comfortable.

She was a fairly normal mother, though quite busy with all of her
offspring, and had no way of knowing who the fathers were, for each
and every one of them had distinct facial features.

It was mid February when Anchises began feeling 'out of sorts',
and come February 14, she pleaded with Severna to get her some cock,
as much dick as she could, and as fast as she could.

The cycle had begun again, as well as in the village of Valenti.
The women of that town became insatiable. However, for them, it
was for their spouses, not for anything with a penis, as it was for

Severina took it all in stride. She started up her nickel brothel
once again, with the aide of her friends. They were making enough
money to keep the family in moderate comfort, and with the women of
Valenti having gotten what they wanted in a single day, the men of that
nearby town were more than eager to have their blue balls relieved by the
Whore of Genoa.

Things in that region kept going this way for many years. The
men of Valenti learned that come February 14th, they needed to bring
their wives little presents, for they knew that sex would be wild and
plentiful that night indeed.

Everyone also knew that it would be the day for single men to
lose their virginity in Genoa, should they bring the Whore a gift.

Of course, the people of Valenti were called Valentines, therefore,
it soon would be known as Valentine's day, and the tradition of bearing
gifts for your lover that day would spread throughout the known world,
but very few would ever know why.

Anchises would have a litter of five or six children every year for
uncounted decades. She lived a long, happy, and sex-filled life with a
family in which no two siblings resembled one another. She didn't lose
her looks or figure as time passed. She could never be filled with enough
cock to satisfy her either, and this explains why Genoa sausage is so

She would outlive many of her children until she was finally put to
death by religious zealots who believed that she was a demon.

The End


The Valentine's Day Mistake (Version 0.2)

By Wholeman

Everything else is Copyright (c) 2006, by: Stone On the Moor LTD.
Freely archived, copied, transmitted, and redistributed, printed,
fantasized about or masturbated to or used to perpetuate marital bliss.
(Just don't tell her you read this stuff)


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