For Your Consideration, in a time and place ...

The following came to me as I pondered the life of a person who had been modified to control aircraft or spacecraft as in the “Skin Horse” series seen at the end of the blog section.

The sub story was titled "I Can Fly" which you can read "HERE". The note below is a cast note about "Nick".

summeryFor Your Consideration, in a time and place ...

DOD Program managers announced today a halt to the use of Biological Flight Control Computers (BFCC)s in aircraft configured for in flight refueling. The announcement came after several baffling crashes occurring either during, or immediately after an in-flight refueling attempt by aircraft with installed BFCCs.

An unnamed DOD spokesperson suggested that donors for the program had not been screened for gender preference and upon first accepting a refueling probe in flight, the computer system went into shock. The situation was not helped by unauthorized communications from the BFCCs located on the tankers. Their message , “it's so good baby”.

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