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Blue Moon

Blue Moon
----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Do wishes made on the Blue Moon really come true?
Two roommates are going to find out...

Blue Moon

by Donna Lamb


Into Tales Untold

Well, there were these two strange fellows, see; and they...

I always have trouble with synopses - self-promotion makes me a bit uncomfortable, I guess. Also, just because I wrote something, doesn't really mean I can talk about it. So just go read it, and see for yourself. Erin says it is too long, and I can't disagree, but it's only 22,499 words. OK, that is kind of long, but still it can't hurt - much.

I will warn you that, although this is a fantasy site, this is not really a fantasy. It is, however, very much about fantasies. (And that includes some of my own, like the one where I'm a writer.)


By Jan S

Copyright © 2007 by Jan S

I owe all the gratitude I can express, and more, to Kristina L.S. for multiple beta-reads, much excellent advice (not all heeded, but that's my fault.), and a great deal of encouragement (and handholding.); and to Amelia R, who proofread this on too short notice. (My list of credits may grow, but the blame remains all mine.)

When All Else Fails

When All Else Fails

by Terry Volkirch

Chapter 1: Introduction

*** Back Then ***

"You want me to babysit a book?!" I whined to my stuffy Aunt Florence. "You gotta be kidding me!"

A Strange Day at Fellows (revised)

A fascination for women's clothes takes Denis out of his comfort zone and into the realms of Strangefellows Day...

Big R-r-r-r-respect to Kris again for proofing and adding some nice touches.

I have added a few lines to make a certain aspect a little more obvious. My fault, I couldn't see the wood for the trees and was being far too subtle!

Dragons, Fairies, and Elves, Oh My!

My hair streamed behind me and my gossamer wings fluttered in the slipstream as I hitched a flight from Bahadur Azi Dahaka, dragon warrior of the Mountains of the Summer Snows.

If I Stop Breathing

The fictional account of a transsexual porn star and prostitute. Story about how she came to be where she is. I've recently re-edited it to include new parts of the story. Please note this is not erotica, but only contains those elements.

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