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Friday Night Maid

Friday Night Maid - By: Diane Leonard

Parts 1 & 2

I am a Friday night maid. After a week of hard work, I relax by
dressing up in a sexy maids outfit and serving, pleasing and pleasuring
my wife. While she is out dancing with her friends, I am dressed up as
a Friday uniform waiting for my wife to return home. She doesn't like

This Quintessence of Dust

Two astronauts return to Earth after fifty years in space to find a world completely depopulated by a terrible plague. The last survivors of a doomed planet, the two men eke out a grief-stricken pointless existence, foraging in the ruins of shops and warehouses as they wait to grow old and die. The fact that they are such good friends does help, but the crushing sense of loss and isolation is always with them. Until one day...

This Quintessence of Dust
by Laika Pupkino

This is the story they warn you about in those science-fiction writing seminars...

How to edit yourself

How to edit yourself

“What is was, was magic” story contest entry

“I remember Mom saying her sitter was wild but wow!” I said to myself. I settled in for the night in my aunt’s big, ornate bed and dreamed of her, these remarkable women friends/lovers of hers and what they did together, some of it in this very bed. There were the photos to prove it.

Author's note: I will post a properly proofed version later. My muse was a naughty girl and procrastinated too late to send it to my friendly proofers -- feel their pain. Okay, it's not that bad but still ...

A Matter of Justice

A Matter of Justice
By Itinerant

Author's Note: This story is a sequel to "Turning the Tables" and is set the same 'universe' as Amazon.

Acknowledgements: My special thanks to Julie O, who graciously permitted me to use the Identity Spell from her story "Personal Foul".

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
New Orleans, Louisiana
5:10PM CST

Rose Colored Glasses

Thad was spending his times at the Mall dreaming and hoping. Rose was also at the Mall, doing the same thing. When their worlds collided it was magic.

Rose Colored Glasses
By poetheather

Rose sat there in the mall, sipping from her chai as she looked over the crowds. She settled her glasses on her face and scanned the thronging mass of people. This was the part of things that always made her the most insane, the waiting.

Champion Butterfly

An entry in' "What it was, was Magic!" - story contest.

A people at risk, barbarians at the gate, how many times have I heard that story? How many times has it been my duty to stop it from it from happening? But then would I want it any other way?

So when I was called before milady I was not surprised to hear it one more time. However, when I realized how different my task would be from normal, I worried that my skills were not those needed. They weren't, but...

The Group, A Tale of Talespinners

She took it and opened it up, peering in at the picture of Mama that always smiled at me from inside it. Once again, just like every time I set eyes on that tiny image of her, I wished that I'd've had the courage to really know Mama. Granny poked at it, muttered under her breath, snorted once or twice as she cussed at it, then snapped it shut and handed it back.

The Group, A Tale of Talespinners
by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney
Copyright October 2007

My entry for the, "What It Was, Was Magic!" contest on Stardust.

I hope you all enjoy it, it was fun to write and think about the old folks back where I grew up, talking and rocking on their porches. Just barely over 2000 words, this one.

Sacred Is The Windswept Time

Format: Novel
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 20,321
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Action, Angst, Mystery, Drama
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, James, Lily, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Narcissa, Lucius, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall

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