2016 March - On an Adventure Contest

Let the adventures begin!

As of today, entries are officially being accepted for the March 2016 contest, "On An Adventure!"

As a reminder, here is the original blog entry, including instructions on what the terms of contest entry and final prizes are. Y'all have two weeks to get your entries in, but with us utilizing the Kudos system for votes there is a minor advantage to posting earlier, though not as much as you might think! (Just look at the last contests' entries to see THAT!)

Magic is.. [1.0]

3.jpg TV personality and Tomb Raider Sarah, along with her faithful camera man Tor went off route in search of their next episode.
Things didn't go quite as planned, and these are the consequences..

Shooting the Rapids: An Adventure

“Look man, when you said shooting the rapids would be an adventure I kinda thought, you know, a nice sort of civilized outing with trucks and guides and whatnot!”

“Yeah, I kinda figured there’d be some water involved too…” Pete gestured around them. “Think the rafts wills slide down these things?”

Kevin stared off into the distance, fuming as the wind hummed over the dunes.

On an Adventure: Finding Jamie

On an Adventure: Finding Jamie

by Jennifer Sue

No one knew how the nearly dead youth belly crawled onto the road that ran along the edge of the state game lands that chilly Thanksgiving night. No one even began to understand how the shattered eleven year old managed to keep living. The broken collar bone and split lips were hardly worth mentioning since both legs and both arms were broken. A quarter of his ribs were broken while the rest were fractured. One lung was collapsed and the other punctured. The broken jaw, nose and orbitals as well as a fractured skull were added evidence of the brutality he’d endured. The internal bleeding in the liver, spleen and kidneys had mostly clotted by the time he arrived at the trauma center after being medivaced.

Tales of Adventure: The Star-Crossed Swords

The Star-Crossed Swords

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The four women of the Star-Crossed Swords adventuring company have something in common...

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Girl Park Adventure


Girl Park Adventure
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2016 Melanie Brown

Kevin wasn't sure what he was getting into when he volunteered to help his school with a cross-town challenge.

The BIG Adventure - I'm ready now.

The BIG adventure – I’m ready now.

Even when you go out filled with confidence - there are nasties offering endless pain. For first-timers, the risk may be more than they can bear.

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