Finding Julia - Chapter 8

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Finding Julia - Chapter 8
by Julie D Cole

This was turning out to be a very friendly hotel after all and the guests and the staff were kind. I doubted they’d be so kind if they realised I wasn’t exactly the person they thought I was so it was getting more and more awkward to suddenly revert to male mode. I hoped to find a way out before it was too late.

The trouble I was having was that Eve wasn’t helping and in fact she seemed to have no issues at all with me dressed like this. In fact she quite liked me being placed in an awkward situation where she could take control.
That thought make me take a long hard look at myself and I could see a definite change in my stature. I appeared more slender and even smaller even though neither was likely. I guess I wasn’t trying to appear more macho like I had to do as a smaller built guy and in fact as I looked more closely at myself I quite liked my look as a girl and I looked a few years younger.

Since Eve was so calm about my dilema I wondered if she’d actually planned the problem with my lost suitcase and it being locked with no keys. She’d been to this hotel before so she even would have known I’d be prevented from entering the restaurant in my normal shorts.

Funny but the more I thought back the more I recalled instances where Eve tried to encourage me to try out a feminine look. She could have helped me get some replacement male attire but my agreement to go to into the restaurant in her shorts and top had resulted in her telling me that she was right and that I had just as many feminine features as male ones. It wasn’t the first time she’d encouraged me to try make-up and I’d had to almost fall out with her when she pressed me to wear a skirt since I had shapely legs that any woman would be proud of.

I accepted that I had enough feminine features to pass a girl but I’d never have expected to try it out in public and would have preferred we kept this between us. I’d dined out, mixed with the girls at the pool outside and now I was even inside a girl’s bathroom having entered alone and I didn’t even consider the consequences if I’d been spotted as male.

Luckily it was quiet I spent a longer time than I ought to have done admiring my reflection in the mirrors. This wasn’t me looking back and to be honest I felt it was like my sister looking back at me. I tried some different poses and there was even a close resemblance to mum and no sign of dads strong features.

Dad was very macho and much bigger than me. He had a muscular frame and a square chin with a strong nose like most men. I was different and both my sister and I had mums soft features and her turned up little nose that dad loved to tease her about. The three of us were peas in a pod and my sister used to tease me and she often called me Julie when I had a tantrum whilst growing up. She sometimes laughed about it in front of Eve and it never seemed to put Eve off continuing our relationship.

I decided it was high time to get back to the pool so I checked myself over. The shorts and a top seemed to fit well and thankfully there was no evidence of my boy bits that Eve had secured with a G string under the bikini bottoms. How could a strand of knicker material retain my manhood never mind shrink it to nothing more than a small bulge. I’d seen women with more package at the front than I had.

So everything stayed in place but I was a bit concerned that I seemed to have lost most of the feeling recently. I hoped it wasn’t going to be permanent since I’d always enjoyed making love with Eve and if I lost the feeling then she’d probably soon lose interest in sex with me and in our relationship.

I lifted my top to look at my stomach and adjusted the bikini to ensure it would stay in place by the pool and decided if I was forced to play volleyball I’d be better to wear the top or borrow a T shirt.

I admired my reflection for a few minutes. Eve had done a good job on me and yet at the same time I was looking much less masculine than normal and I felt my features had softened in recent weeks. Maybe it was just my imagination because of how I was dressed but where was my facial hair and my eyebrows were slim. My arms had thinned and my butt seemed rounder and less firm. It helped the look in Eve’s rather tightly cut shorts but I wondered if I’d be as comfortable in my own when I could get them out of my suitcase.

I was nervous about the image that I was presenting and how easily it seemed that I’d been able to convince people so far that I was a woman. I tried to recover my normal look and revert to my masculine self by posing with my legs wide apart and I flexed my arms to show my biceps as best I could. Poor show though.

I looked like a young girl trying compete to look muscular. My arms were slender and hairless so they looked pale that I’d hoped would be solved with some sunbathing. I needed to get my own gear so I could lay in the sun without a bikini top. I couldn’t risk tan lines. I’d seen more muscle in my arms when I was about 12 years old starting senior school. I seemed to be weaker as I got older.

I tried a fierce look by grimacing but with make- up and the hair extensions I just looked like some of the women at work when it was that time of the month and they were under pressure. I’d have to get Eve to help to remove the extensions since they seemed to be fixed permanently and almost sown in. At least they wouldn’t have taken root.

I was satisfied with the pony tail Eve had created and I tidied it up as best I could with a brush from my bag. I replaced my baseball cap and put on the sunglasses. Dressed like this in Eves top and shorts I looked quite sporty. I’d never achieve a sporty look in my normal mode. For some reason I couldn’t lose the femininity. My face seemed to have changed in some way and my skin was much smoother. I was concerned that this might carry on if I dressed like this and wore make-up for too long but realised I was being stupid.

I decided that I needed to visit my doctor when we got home. I wondered if I needed some boost of male hormones or to change my diet. Maybe following Eve’s healthy diet plan to support her efforts to control her weight was starving me of testosterone and I felt I needed a booster. Hopefully a few drinks rather than injections

I needed evidence of my concerns so I picked up my phone and took a selfie through the mirror. I wanted to show Eve and compare with photos in the phone memory on both our phones and also on my i-pad. We had lots from our time together this last few years. I was sure she’d see what I could see and help me find a solution. I took a few shots removing my cap and with and without the pony tail and also removed my top to show my concern about muscle loss. Luckily I wasn’t disturbed but I knew I needed to get back to the pool before Eve sent a search party.

I hurried back through reception conscious that I shouldn’t run that would likely as not attract attention. I was aware of the bust that Eve had created protruding in front of me and pointing the way to the pool. I was already getting used to them and they felt almost part of me. I touched them and recalled how Eve had massaged them last night that did feel nice and had caused a reaction.

My newly formed bust and tightly fitted shorts didn’t go unnoticed by a male clerk behind the reception. He seemed younger than me but old enough to show interest. I never remembered ever being noticed by female clerks anywhere when in my normal male mode. I looked back to check if his eyes had followed me and he nodded and waved.

I’d already decided to arrange for some early morning swims and an exercise programme with the hotels fitness team to try to rebuild some of my muscle. I was beginning to think life wouldn’t be all that complicated if I’d been born as a girl since weakness doesn’t matter. As easy at it sounded I couldn’t have handled the cramps and the monthly cycle that Eve went through when I first got to know her at school. I never wanted to discuss or know the detail.

There was a small cheer as I went outside into the sunlight and once I could focus I saw most of the girls in the pool waving. Some started to whistle and call out asking if I’d struck lucky. I was so embarrassed so as quickly as I dropped my bag and shoes at my sunbed and intended to watch. They wanted me to play but I daren’t take the risk of going in the water so I tried to resist as best I could.

Then I had a shock. I was whisked off my feet and it caused be to let out a scream as I sensed I was about to be thrown in the pool. I’d no chance to see who it was but they didn’t let go and we sunk under the water where I seemed to swallow half the pool before surfacing. I coughed and spluttered as I managed to get my balance but I’d lost my cap and my sun glasses. I panicked in case I’d lost my shorts or bikini top and exposed myself.

Fortunately nobody noticed me checking myself out and I turned around to see who had picked me up and jumped in with me. There was Alex standing legs apart and arms folded laughing at my drenching and especially at my panic reaction. But she did have the good manners to ask if I was OK as she quickly recovered my cap and sunglasses. She looked across at Eve and they seemed to have fixed expressions. Eve was not a happy bunny.

I sensed it was not the time to complain so I tried to laugh it off and agreed to stay in the pool to join them playing volleyball.

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