Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Tia's POV

The next morning the alarm dragged me out of bed again. The Taigoa on the hotel grounds helped focus me and get me moving. Then we were in another rush, finishing off our packing, getting ready for Janice and the boat trip. I did have time to switch on my laptop and show everyone the website and how to alter it by asking Andi for any changes. Katie and Vee put their heads together and put forward their requests for candidates.

They had divided their initial candidates into three groups, financially rewarding, management and security. Then on top of that the different experiments that we wanted to conduct, amputees, cancer sufferers and a wide range of diseases. For the managerial and security groups, there was the additional question about willingness to relocate and no other close ties. The only real limits on our experiments were related to the ability to use VDR. We then asked Andi to screen the candidates and give her take on them.

We left all our luggage apart from what we needed for the boat trip, with the hotel reception for us to pick up later and taxied to VDR entertainment for what was probably our last visit with Janice. My passport photo looked very different from how I looked now, but I had documentation and we had checked what we would need at immigration and passport control. Since I was now so well known, there should be no difficulties.

Vee was complete and didn't need any more checking. My height still needed to increase an inch, but other than that, I was complete. Both Katie and Roni still were very early in their transformations, but were noticing some differences. In the time I had been missing with Vee, Roni had her internal silicone sacks removed. She admitted that she was stuffing at the moment, but didn't want to even get breast forms since she knew she would be growing her own shortly. This had altered her clothing choices, but was only temporary.

Katie took the time to speak to Brett and arrange the electronic elements that Andi had requested. We spoke to Janice about our revised plans for her girls and she promised to look after them in our absence.

We arrived at the yacht with plenty of time, but we were still the last ones to arrive. I was hoping that was showing their enthusiasm. We went to meet them all. First impressions suggested that the New Yorker was an arrogant idiot, but everyone else seemed nice. Janice's two girls had dressed as their male persona, Karl and Larry. I could see why. I would guess Karl was six foot three inches and had broad shoulders with a prominent Adam's apple. Larry was six foot one inch, a bit thinner, but had a mild five O clock shadow and it was first thing in the morning. He also had a very mannish looking face. They looked very uncomfortable and shy.

Dr Mathews insisted we call her Sharon and passed pretty well. Her movements were stiff and uncomfortable, but she seemed bright and positive. Katherine was the paraplegic and she was strapped into her wheelchair and was trying to portray a positive attitude, her husband in close attendance. He had also brought a nurse to help.

We managed to get on the yacht early since we were all there, but we wouldn't be able to leave until they had completed all their preparations. We decided to do the explanations while we were waiting. Since I had already done this a couple of times, I set up the phone and asked Andi mentally to record it.

First I explained that we were going into a VDR game where the storyline allowed us to perform these transformations. I tried to set the scene, with how they would appear, how they should behave and what was going to occur. I would not be there to guide them, but I would send someone to look after them. We would be there for seven days and a priestess who looks exactly like me would determine who was transformed first and when she would be able to do the next one. By the end of the seven days I expected them all to have a chance to be transformed. The process itself was difficult and they would have to be determined to succeed.

We then all went through our own experience going through the transformation and this time it was recorded on the phone video, so hopefully that would be the last time we had to do it in person. It was when we were going through the oaths that you would have to swear, that Ms New York started to protest. She wasn't prepared to swear to obey anyone. For the money she was paying she shouldn't have to and she should be able to choose what body she gets.

I made an executive decision. It was not worth risking making Myra angry. Maybe she would decide to stop and then where would we be. Fortunately the yacht hadn't left yet, so I kindly asked Ms New York to leave. This was met by shock, anger, threats, protest, refusal and finally temper tantrum. Roni walked out to make the phone calls. Her father had accompanied her but wasn't intending to travel on the boat. As soon as I had asked her to leave Roni had phoned him to pick her up. He arrived to witness her lying on the floor hitting the ground with her fists and feet whilst keeping up this angry scream.

He looked at me apologetically. We all left the room to let him deal with the situation and I had to speak to the yacht crew to delay departure until they had left. To prevent something like this happening again, I suggested we add that explanation video to the website. It was probably more information that we wanted to give out, but I think the cat was out of the bag and we needed to move on.

Katie worried about bad publicity coming from the incident, but Andi promised to release the full video showing that deplorable behaviour if necessary, plus she assured us that she could alter facebook postings, if needed. If they wanted to start that fight they wouldn't enjoy the consequences.

No one else had a problem with any of the process. As I had explained, I didn't consciously chose the path that the story took, we just were taking advantage of the situation that had presented itself. I did say that our belief was that the geas was effective and they would probably struggle to do something dishonourable. There were a lot of unknowns. As yet there were only four people who had been through the process. The suspicion was that because we were copying characters that were also lesbians, that part of the transformation process ended with that result. Our sample size was too small to be sure of anything, but that was the risk you had to be willing to take.

Katherine's husband Simon asked if he could also be there in the VDR game world. We explained that he would have to explain that he was not there to be transformed. Once they arrived, I would not be dealing with them. It was possible that we might see each other, but it was not likely. If so, they needed to address me as Princess, or the characters would think they were treating me with disrespect.

Since we had a total of eight headsets, besides Vee, myself, the four transformees and Simon, there was one space left. Katie wanted to come so she could do more training which completed our party. We then had to wait until we hit international waters. It was a beautiful yacht on a calm sunny day, so we just relaxed and enjoyed the trip.

The girls had insisted that I packed a bikini so that was an experience. All I can say is boys have less to cover up and use a lot more cloth to do it. Still, I was pretty confident in my new body. It helps when your lover constantly reminds you of how attractive you are to her. We hadn't been having much privacy recently, so I was looking forward to Lagbit's world as a chance to reconnect intimately with Vee.

Roni was not feeling confident at the moment, so she stayed inside and carried on working. Katie was feeling better and better and joined us.

With GPS they could be pretty confident when we had passed into international waters. Funnily enough it wasn't as simple as travelling twenty four miles from land. It also depended on the flag of the ship. After you reach international waters the law of that ship is the law of the country whose flag its flying. Fortunately, Roni knew that or researched it and our yacht would be flying the British flag.

Unsurprisingly, they didn't have eight lounge chairs that we could set up together, but they had a lot of cushions, so we covered the floor of a lounge area and managed to get us all lying down, with the exception of Katherine who would remain in her wheelchair. Once everyone was connected and Roni supervised to make sure, then I hit resume.

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