A very hard choice. Part 1

Ever have one of those days that just went sideways?

Ever have a week?

How about a month?

Why do I ask. Well.....

To start with my name, my real name, is Tony Smith...yes smith. Is it the last name of my parents? I have no idea I was an abandoned baby so nobody knows. Raised in an orphanage till age six then multiple foster homes.

Foster home. Now there is a an oxymoron. Most of the foster places were little more than tiny rooms with negligible heat. I had one that was good for awhile but it was a temporary home with a nice older couple. This was after my former foster place got busted for making meth.

I have never done drugs, well tobacco in pipes but that was it. Not wacky tabacy thank you regular pipe stuff. Had to give it up. Too broke.

my first job, if you want to call it that, was going around town fixing peoples broken stuff, lawn mowers, snowblowers, tillers, weedwackers, power saws, etc. I learned by doing, mostly cause my foster parent places i had to. Not much but it got me some cash.

Graduated school but no college or stuff, again too broke. When I turned eighteen, and my care checks didn't come no more, I was tossed out on my own with little more than a bag of clothes. If not for my handyman cash I would have been living on the streets. No real Id at first but child services begrudgingly gave me a birth certificate, ill get to that in a second, but no other id.

You see I was raised around Detroit. I say around because, well Detroit was broke, so places like Flint. Ie sorta but not really part of Detroit. The lead poisoning in Flint didn't help my health any I can assure you of that.

Still since I was in the US and they didn't know where I was really born they gave me a Canadian birth certificate. Gee Thanks..so helpful. I think the do the same in Canada or Mexico. How they do it I have no idea.

I didn't have citizenship in US or Canada at the time, yeah more fun. I found that out when I tried to get social security number so that I could try to get a job at say McDonald's. So I did like some street kids and hung around the loading docks of the still working factories. Got a job as a sleeper. A sleeper is a kid that will move a load around for a trucker that is too lasy to do it himself. We sleep in the trailer, get fed, and a few bucks.

My trucker forgot I was even there and we crossed the border into Canada. Customs didn't like that I was there and somehow thought I had hitched a ride mistakenly, to get in to the US. The bastard, of course, claimed I was a stowaway. So that's pretty much how I ended up in Canada.

Toronto wasn't my thing, it's like expensive to live there, and the prejudice oh my god. I've been told it was just that one area but still. Summer came and I moved west. My funds ran out around Kenora. After a few summer type jobs in the lake area of Manitoba, I got a ride into Winnipeg.

I know I know. There is tons of stuff on the news but it's not that bad. Fairly cheap to live, plenty of work if you know how to fix things on the cheap. All under the table of course as my birth certificate did get me some cheap housing. My social insurance number has been awarded too me. Actually that was easy to get. Phone a number, wade through multiple recordings, talk to live person, give my birth certificate info. She gave me the number over the phone and the card came in about three weeks.

That allowed me to get on welfare. Pays my rent, and that's about it. Any official work I do has to be reported but under the table stuff is allowed up to a certain amount. For the time it worked. My lack of medical history didn't help me but after a few forms filled out after a long walk downtown I got a medical number. Turns out my less than healthy upbringing has caused some problems.

I'm small for a guy, not that small but uhm... Let's see. I weigh hundred and twenty eight pounds, stand at five six, small boned, scraggy beard and moustache. Longish, mostly uncut, brown hair, brown eyes, sorta need glasses but not really. its like -.1 on one eye. Not minus 1 minus point one.

Truthfully my beard and moustache took a year to get this much. I do have facial hair it just grows really slow. This is due to metal poisoning of my gonads. The walk in doctor has prescribed some medicine to "clean " my system but it makes me sick. Being sick = no food. So I work.

I suppose the other reason I stay in Winnipeg is because of her.

Her refers to Arianna Bridgston. She is about my age and height. Red hair. Similar eyes. Little smaller than me in some areas. Larger than me in others if you get my drift. Yes I have some fat on my chest. Not much, doc says it is left over from my teens years when I had gyno something or another.

Still she is quite the looker.

Arianna is a self made person. Not rich, not poor, more of the rare middle class. Single, though she has dated on occasion. No family that I know of. Very much a workaholic though. Just about every time I see her ready for work, she is in a skirt suit of some type, very professional, and if I say so, very hot. At home she is in jeans and sweat shirts that hide much of her curves.

I asked her about it once. She says that her success comes from how she feels when she wears the suits. Something about pants making her feel less. I didn't get it. Her place is out in Sage Creek area, uh thats like a new housing developement on the east side of winnipeg.
To say it's a three bedroom home with attached garage is an understatement.

The garage is a 2 1/2 heated garage, in floor heat, that was setup by the original owner as a shop sorta on the side. There is the main part where you fit two cars easy and a second part, all part of the garage, that is separated by a wall with a door to the back yard. It has some workbenches and space for tools on the wall. She mainly does her gardening in it. Attached to the back of that, via door, is a glassed in sunroom/greenhouse/deck.

In the workroom is where the snowblower, lawntractor, weedeater, tilller and stuff is kept. All stuff I fixed up for her that someone in the nieghboorhood threw away. Her house is on a two acre lot, a corner lot. Something about a line running through that one section that prevented a house being built there. It's fenced in, mostly by me, and really the tractor is overkill. Still all that was wrong with it was some blades, a belt, and dirty carb. No biggie. Snowblower was siezed on the drive shaft. Weedeater needed some fuel lines. Tiller I'm not sure about I haven't gotten to that one yet.

She drives around in a green/gray BMW. 2001 series 3 two door. Engine is out of a newer series five...I think. She got it about two years ago with a trade in of her old car. I could have fixed her old car for her but the garage traded her for this one. I don't think it got that many miles on it before she got it. She washes it regularly and I do fluids changes on it about ones every six months or so depending. There is some anti rust dohickey under the hood with a little led light on it. It seems to be working as there is no rust on the car.

I remeber when I met her. She was in my neighboorhood with a flat tire and no idea how to change it. Really she was all done up in her suit with the jacket off and was raring to give it a go. Well to keep it short she didn't have a jack and the tire iron was not for that car, or the wheels lugs one or the other.

As luck would have it I had been on my way home from the store where I bought my supplies of ramen noodles and had found one of those cheap tire pumps that you can buy that plug into the cigarettle lighter socket/ accesory. Something had been dropped across the cord slicing it and I had found the other half in the same bin in the back lane as the pump. Striped the wires with my teeth twisted them together and used some old broken branch to keep the wires apart. Did the job and pumped up her tire enough to get it to my mess of a place.

We chatted a bit while I worked at fixing her tire, it had a nail in it, no biggie, pull nail, put in horsehair plug with goop on it burn it off. Good as new. She had been on her way home and had stopped at a gas station or two to fill her tire. She had stopped at the stop sign near my place and when she tried to accelerate the car hopped once. Flat tire.

No CAA or someone to call. She had thought about it but had never needed them before. As she put it. "Well now I have you now don't I" and that was that.

About once a month or so I got to her place, clean sidewalks and driveway in winter, cut grass in summer, fix stuff I find, I can't help it. I walk down back lanes on the way from bus stop a street or two over. I have a spare set of cheap tools I leave at her place and she doesn't mind if I fix and sell the occasional lawnmower or whatever I find as long as it isn't at her place for more than a week.

We are NOT a couple in any way shape or form. More like good friends or family. I guess in a way since I don't have one and she doesn't seem to we fill the need for the other. It's hard to describe.

She has her rescued cat. Muffins is not exactly your normal cat. She is small and soft furred. Something about antifreeze when she was rescued and touch and go for awhile. It did something to her so that she cannot grow much bigger than what she is. She looks about three months old but is really about seven years. Small as she is she is one fierce protector. Mice and birds do not stand a chance when she gets out, which is often, smart little thing. Any time the door is open long enough she gets out. She stays in the yard though which is good. Doesn't like rain or snow at all.

It was I who drove her to and from the hospital, I do have a license, in her car for the surgery when she had one of her breasts removed, cancer. The subsequent days of assuring her that she was in fact, still a woman, was a bit of a chore. And again a year later to and from the clinic for the implant to give her back a breast, cleared with her doctor of course.

When she goes out of town for awhile she sometimes has muffin put into a kennel place. Or I go over and feed the little one depending on the lenght. So it was no surprise when she called me in late fall to ask if I would mind sleeping over at her place for a few days. This is a plus for me. She has a computer I can use, I don't have one. A projector to watch movies on instead of a tv.

My house is a rental. Aside from my tools and keeping the place looking nice with my little shed shop in the back, it's packed with small engine parts and pieces, my place is pretty bare. Kitchen with a nice table and cheap crappy chairs, salvage of course. A bedroom that is pretty much only used for clothes and a place to put my tools. I live in the living room and sleep on my old couch. Nobody ever visits me except the landlord. So it is not like I have to have the place all that respectable, nor am I free to do much. I get up work when I can, nobody wants to hire someone like me with no real education or work experience. Play my lotto once a week and spend much of my time day dreaming about one day winning said lottery. Eat in kitchen and read a book before going to bed. Yes real books, they are cheap enough now.

I showed up, like normal for me anyways, unshaven, hair in disarray with my bag of tools and a few changes of clothing. Ari offered to let me eat some of her ready meals while she was away. She has a bunch of these frozen meals in packages. You take them out add some water to a spot in tray, Microwave meal or some you put onto a plate and put into her mini oven.

Compared to my usual diet this is gourmet. It's part of her diet plan. She is always on a diet plan.There is even a list on fridge door with which meals you can choose from on a given day. I thanked her of course. Muffin chirped her acknowledgement of change of slaves. Oh yes Muffin is always in charge. We are her slaves as far as she is concerned. If she doesn't get her nununs at precisely the right time she lets you know. If her litter needs changing, she lets you know.

Since Ari only had the one suitcase I was 'safe' in assuming it was only a day or two she would be gone. When I asked for details all she said was that a friend had offered her use of the time share and that she would be gone for a bit. She thanked me and left in a taxi.

For the first day or two I fixed the things on list, taps in the master bathroom. Raked leaves. Worked on changing the fluids in the BMW. Fed Muffin and read some books on her comp. On the third day I moved the tiller around to the bench and took a look.

It's a rear tine tiller, which are nice as they don't kill your arms, not very old. Most people would, like the previous owner, assume that when you pull on the cord and it doesn't turn over that the engine is seized. That is not always the case. It may look that way, and this one was no different till I pulled the cover off. Behind the cover was a nest of some sort directly over the coil. Whatever rodent had made it's home, probably a mouse, had over the winter used the coil as a toilet almost welding the coil, which is bolted to engine block and does not move, to the flywheel which does move.

A bit of white vinegar, some paper towels, and a few hours of letting the vinegar soak away some of the rust while reading a book and the flywheel got free from the coil. I removed the coil, amazingly I didn't snap a bolt, and cleaned that up with more vinegar and paper towels as well as the flywheel.

The next morning I went out and sanded what little rust was left, oiled everything very well, put it back together and checked for spark. I wasn't really hoping for one but I got one. Yeah little victory there as new coils are like $60. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the carb, changing oil, and otherwise servicing the machine before I even tried to get it started. You can buy these magnetic block heaters, Not the best for cars but they work great for a small engine to heat up oil sludge in case without running engine.

With new oil, gas and a few pulls she farted and started. Took me a bit of time to get it properly set up as the mouse had chewed a wire I didn't notice at first, and the lever for the governor for throttle was all bent for some reason. Probably didn't run properly for the previous owner before it 'seized'. It was very late at night and I was very dirty when I came back in. Tomorrow I would try the tiller in that one spot in yard that was very uneven. And if all went well when Ari got back she could tell me where she wanted a real garden so we could till it over before winter.

I grabbed my dirty clothes, went to the basement, loaded up my clothes, all three sets, into washing machine. Buck naked I went upstairs and took a bath in the bathroom next to the guest room I was staying in.

That is when things started to go pear shaped on me. First off I noticed that my beard and mustache had attracted some of the goop. The goop is some stuff I use to seal engines, like the intake to block I did today. Unfortunately once it's dry it doesn't come off easily without a fair soaking of carb cleaner, Not something I wanted to smell for the next day or two. I tried to use some scissors I found but that didn't work.

There was no help for it after the scissor fiasco. I had to shave. It felt like I was invading her private space but in her bathroom under the sink was a package of disposable razors. Her shampoo was like right there and my hair was still wet so I put some of that into my hair as well before I returned to my bath and worked at shaving off my facial hair. It took me a bit longer than I thought as the shampoo in my hair had become thicker.

The second bath got me a fair amount cleaner as the water became dirty, or so I thought. Turns out that shampoo is also a salon type dyed hair thingy, I read it after I saw the result. My hair was not red red but less brown. That combined with a bare face I had not seen in a very long time shocked me. I looked a heck of a lot like Ari. Heck we could be brother and sister for all I knew.

With a towel wrapped around my waist I went back to basement and saw a mess leading from the washing machine to the drain. Now when I say a mess I mean a mess. It was very obviously water mixed with oil. Fearing the worst I opened the machine to find my clothes were now much much dirtier than before as well as the machine. I knew I had to get some of the water out so I left them to air dry while I mopped the floor. Note air drying doesn't mean that the stains will permanently set. There was no way I was going to go out to the garage naked either.

Almost crying at my bad luck I did the only thing I could do. I used the computer and messaged Ari. Her reply was almost instant. She would order a new washer dryer and that I could borrow some of her clothes.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I had never once thought about putting on women's clothing. It felt like I was violating some rule as I entered her room once again. Muffin looked up from her spot in the middle of Ari's bed, did that typical yawn meow cats do and watched me while resettling herself onto her paws.

I had to look through a few drawers of her dresser to even find socks. I also settled on the least feminine looking panty for underwear. That is not saying much as all of Ari's panty's looked to be very feminine. I didn't go searching like crasy either. If there was something even plainer underneath the top layer I didn't know. These looked to be simple at first glance.

Putting them on they seemed to go up and up till they sat much higher than I was used to. Normally underwear sits across your hip, these went over my hip bones. And the waist seemed higher too. Like to my belly button high. My thing, for some reason it felt wrong to call it a penis at that point, looked out of place. I ignored it.

The socks i found only came up to my ankles. Finding a sweater wasn't a problem. Jean's on the other hand were not in the dresser. That meant I would have to invade her closet. I felt so wrong doing so.

Opening the doors to the first closet, there was two, I saw a sea of suit jackets with a separate hanger for a matching skirt, some of them had dresses instead of skirts. All very professional looking and not a jean in sight. Next closet.

This closet had a few more fancy dresses, a number of blouses in different colors that looked , I don't know, delicate. Two pants and finally some jeans. I chose a pair that looked less new than the others. I mean I was borrowing some clothes I didn't want to use the like new ones.

Getting the jeans on was a bit of a chore. They fit but were tighter than I was used too and I had to move my thing out of the way underneath me as it kept getting squished in the zipper. Not an experience I wanted to repeat any time soon. Strangely my nuts just popped up inside me.

I had to suck in my gut a bit to get the button done but not that much and it didn't strain the waist as far as I could tell. I also noticed that there was room to put my hand into the pockets on the front. An experience I had never been able to do before. Men's jeans seemed to not have room up front for anything but thumbs. Which never bothered me as you kept your wallet in your rear pocket. That is also why most men's jeans wear around the back pocket.

I was pulling the sweatshirt down as I passed the mirror.

"Jeesss Ari you scared the hell out of me when did..."

It wasn't Ari in the mirror unless she got a flat chest suddenly. That was me. What the....

You have to remember I had not seen my bare face in a few years. My hair was drying out a bit, Not a red color but still not brown either. Almost like it was red but the color was washing out. Combined with the clothes. It was too eerie to describe. Were we somehow really related? I didn't know my parents so I suppose it was possible..sorta...in fiction.

Was I a bit freaked out? Of course! Who wouldn't be.

Then I did something really stupid. I went to the guest room where I was staying and took down the box I saw in the closet on the shelf.

Maybe I was thinking I wanted to see what I would look like. Maybe curious? I don't know. Of course this was after I helped myself to the bottle of wine that was also in the closet. Liquid courage?

You see I remember taking the box down and reading the instructions. The adhesive allowed one to place them on and move, if necessary, them for about five minutes or so. It took apparently two hours for the adhesive to cure. I guess I thought I could try them on see what I looked like then take them off with no one the wiser.

Well as you can guess that didn't work out to plan. I passed out on the bed and woke up with a hangover. When I pulled myself upright and found my chest wanted to keep going I well I freaked a bit. I tried to pull them off, duh of course, nope didn't want to move. The smart thing would have been to go get remover and take them off.

Smart things and hangovers are not one in the same. I took a piss. Then went to get some water from kitchen, water not juice. Lots of water is best thing for hangover.

The doorbell rang, thinking it was the guys with washer and dryer that Ari had called I answered it. Note slightly damp bed hair, sweater with no obvious bra underneath, not even a hint of beard shadow or redness.

Can I really blame Louise for what happened next? Okay I actually do, but that is beside the point.

Louise is Ari's hairdresser/stylist/manicurist/makeup artist/ hyperactive personality on sugar overdose non stop talker.

You have to remember my life experience for hair involved sheers. If I was really lucky the sheers were handled by a barber. Having my head tipped back and massaged was a new and I dare say pleasurable experience. Especially when you have a hangover headache. I went into a sorta sleep but not really asleep mode. She went on and on about everything that had happened to her since the last time Ari had seen her. My hair was washed, dyed to Ari's red, eyebrows waxed, nails done both finger and toes, and some makeup put on before I could even say boo. And yes my hair was trimmed, curled as well.

I tried, really tried, to tell her I wasn't Ari but I could not get a word in edgewise. She was gone for about five minutes before I even came fully too. When I did I ran to the door and raised my hand to tell her of her mistake only to see her car take off. Apparently she drives like she talks. The hands on the end of my arms did not belong to me. Instead of my constantly stained fingers and somewhat chewed nails was a girl's hand. Looking very clean, neat and soft.

I closed the door and leaned against it thinking this stuff doesn't happen to normal people. Ever. However the mirror placed beside the entrance told me it had somehow happened to me. In the mirror was someone that could very very easily pass as Arianna. I had her hair, her face, mostly, I think there is a difference in the nose but we would have to be side by side to tell.

I went and sat down at the computer in the living room and tried to gather my thoughts as to how I would explain this to Ari. Nothing came to mind. I grabbed the headphones and slipped them on before bringing up a program that had not been used for about eight months.

Back when Ari lost her breast the doctors found a lump in her throat. Thinking it might be cancer, it wasn't, they removed it but the scarring had changed her voice a bit. She thought that she sounded like a guy and was obsessing over it. So she got this program that helps one to train their voice. I think it is designed for transsexuals but not sure.

When she first got the program we had played with it doing the exact opposite of what your supposed to do and had a really good laugh. It was kind of a mute point as two weeks later her voice returned to normal. Still the program was there and she had recorded her voice print on it. I do not know why but I played with the program for awhile. My voice was never all that deep, deeper than Ari's and so far, clearly male.

I was playing with the program for a few hours petting Muffin on my lap when the doorbell rang again. This time I looked out the window and sure enough there was the delivery van offloading a machine. So naturally I opened the door.

"Hi Arianna. Are you ready for our appointment or did I catch you at a bad time?" I think I know what a camel feels like as I inhaled fast and sharp. Not perhaps the best idea as it caused me to start coughing a bit, dry thoat from all that practicing I had been doing. So I pointed at the guys delivering the washer and dryer.

"Oh I see. Well everyone should be at the club soon. Perhaps I can assist while you get ready then?" Before I could say boo he walked off to help the guys with the washer. I didn't know him. He was dressed well. Now when I say dressed well I mean that his clothes, while obviously tailored to himself, he was not dressed for lets say a night on the town. A bit more than your normal office, unless you were... Oh my god. This must be one of her good executive clients.

I closed the door and went upstairs knowing that if I screwed this up Ari would kill me. I entered her room and went to the closet with the business suits and pulled out a brown one, I hung that on the knob of the closet and then went to the other closet and pulled out what I thought would be a nice blouse to go with it, It was an off white color with a bit of embroidery on it. I put that next the the suit and thought it would look like something she would wear. In the first closet I found some shoes that seemed to match the suit with a pointed toe and short heel.

Being in a bit of a panic I took off the sweater and shimmied out of the jeans and socks and saw the hair on my arms and legs. That had to go Ari would never have hair in those places. Some soap and yet another razor got me clean of hair on both places. I used some lotion on both that had a bit of smell to it and ran back into the bedroom. I knew a bra would be a good idea and opened one of her drawers too look for one.

That is when I stopped and realized what I was doing. Leaving the drawer still open I stumbled backwards and sort of fell to the floor at the foot of the bed. All that had happened to me so far just caught up with me, I guess, and it somehow seemed right that I should just let it all out.

I didn't even hear the bedroom door open as I sobbed into my knees. Nor did I hear the bag drop. The only time it registered that someone was in the room at all was when I felt someone sit down beside me. I turned and put my forehead onto the shoulder of whoever it was and bawled as they made comfort noises and rubbed my back. It took me a bit to cry out and get a hold of myself.

Of course when I did and realized it was Ari I cried more and tried to explain. She stopped me with her hand and let me cry out first. Once I more or less stopped sobbing I did my best to explain what had happened so far. She didn't bat an eye but she did smirk a few times. While I was talking about how I thought I could maybe do something dressed somewhat like her she turned to me after examining the outfit I had chosen.

"You chose this?"

Sniffle" Well yeah isn't it something you would wear?" When she nodded I continued." Well it doesn't matter now your here and.."

"For this blouse and skirt you will need some hose and a full slip. We will also have to sort your boobs out as they are crooked."

"since your here you can wear it to your meetin...uh...Ari I don't need to pass as you or..."

"Oh no missy. Your coming with me Leanna."

"But but...wait what? Who is Leanna?"

"Would you prefer Antoinette?" I just made a face.

"Exactly. My sister, if I had had one, would have been named Leanna. So your Leanna."

"But why do I have to go? Can't I just put the jeans and sweater back on and do my laundry when the machines are done?"

"Well first off Greg saw you and me. If we don't show up it would look weird." Okay I could sorta get that.

"Second, I have always wanted a sister, since we look so much alike and now sound alike, " I blushed I didn't think I was that close to her." I can get my wish."

"But... mostly I am curious as hell to see just how close you can look to me. I mean your face is a mess and all at the moment so I kind of want to see the whole picture."

For the next half hour or so she fixed my makeup and hair, while she also did her own, fixed my boobs and while they dried took a very quick shower. She didn't just do this she explained as she was doing this and that. The boobs went on lower and more off to the side so that my natural cleavage would show over the v of the blouse. When she came out of the shower she chose a suit in a darker brown she called mahogany with a dark blue blouse to go with it and much higher heels. She showed me how to put on pantyhose, I got a run in the first pair, and surprisingly the shoes I had chosen were ones that were a size to big for her but fit me a little too well.

The full slip, as she called it went over the bra, it was an off white, she called it ivory, had small straps and lace at the top across where my boobs, sorry she insisted I call them breasts, were. The bottom called a hem sat about halfway between my knees and my crotch. I should also mention she made me put on something called a spanks. It hid my uhm lower assets while pulling in my waist a little. The blouse went on next and I did have trouble with the buttons and she helped me with the skirt. It was more restrictive that I would have thought.

Just having the blouse and skirt on changed me somehow. I felt more... well I guess feminine would be the word. The heels and skirt made walking a bit of a chore till she had me copy how she walked. I didn't get it and it took me a few tries to get something close enough.

I did not have pierced ears so she put on these magnetic studs, a simple gold necklace, a watch that is rather useless on the wrong wrist and couldn't fit a ring onto my fingers.She gave me the jacket and a purse to put over my shoulder, again I didn't get it at first and had to be showed what and how to use it. While she finished getting dressed herself she had be go to my room and transfer my stuff from my wallet to the new wallet that she insisted I use. I thought it silly as a wallet is a wallet but did as I was told.

I had just come out of my room when Greg stomped up the stairs.

"Ah Arianna are you ready to go now?" he asked. I opened my mouth but before I could say a thing Ari opened her door and stepped out looking very professional.

"Yes I am. Do you mind if my sister Leanna comes with? She is visiting."

"Oh ... Well yes I can see the resemblance. Standing so close I can just tell. But at first glace most will think your twins." That I can relate too. I had experience with that.

"Yeah but mom always blamed me for her mistakes." I shoulda I shoulda. Why did I just say that...

"Well it was your fault most of the time."

"Was not."

Our sibling bather caused Greg to laugh.

"Girls peace peace. Anyways I came up to see if you lovely ladies were ready and to tell you that the repairmen said that your old machines were defective and under warranty so you don't have to worry about it. Those rags were used to clean the floor and they took them in a garbage bag since they used some chemical to clean the floor with them."

Those rags? "My clothes!" I spoke out.

"Were they? I'm sorry dear but the machine ruined them so they used them as rags." he looked me up and down." Besides I think you look quite lovely like this. I'm sure uh...better yet. How about you give me your sizes and I'll get my assistant to get you some replacements. Had I known I would have asked you first."

"No Greg. We can't ask you to do that. I can borrow Lee a few clothes as we are almost the same size."

"Oh it's no trouble Arianna. I can use the write off to tell the truth. So your of similar size? I think we have your sizes, ah hmmm." With that Greg pulled out his phone and called someone and asked if Arianna's info was still at the store. It was, he looked me over and something about a cup size up. And yes the same but a few more of those denims and maybe a few khaki that they hadn't sold.

I put up my hand to object but Ari put hers on top of mine and shook her head. She mouthed "later" out of sight of Greg.

To hell with that. "Mr. Greg.." I started.

"It's just Greg my dear. It's no trouble these are just one offs the stores didn't want so we are glad to have them be used instead of some landfill."

One offs? Landfill? What they never heard of thrift stores? I do most of my clothes shopping there except my boots. Well I got some shoes there once but they didn't last long.

"Greg..." Ari gave me a look. Gulp. " Thank you. That would be uh nice." I smiled. I don't think I did it well as he looked a little shocked.

"Oh wow...Uhm ..right. It's a help and all to .." he shook himself to gather his thoughts. "Right lets be off ladies. My car?"

"Too kind Greg but we will take mine if that is alright with you."

"Oh no problem. I'd best be off then see you in a few." and with that he left.

Ari explained , as we got downstairs, that Greg imports a lot of clothing for various companies to look over and either buy in bulk or make special orders for. Some, she said, was very high end quality, others were more casual. It was a bit of a deal that she got some of her suits from him. In return she had helped to promote some of the clothing lines with different ideas leading to increased sales and revenue for him.

This was the first I had heard of what she did. She is, for lack of a proper term, an image consultant for major firms. She went over the businesses, how they dressed, worked, how the place looked for it's area. Things like that. So that when someone came into their businesses their first impression was of importance, confidence, and quality. Something that many stores severely lack. Giant tiger and winners came to mind.

While other stores such as princess auto, Canadian tire, were minor examples of what to do right. When you walk into the store you see what you expect to see and get help when you need it or ask for it. This is verses say places like Walmart where you have to search to find an employee and half the time they have no idea what you are talking about.

I found out that getting into a car while in a skirt was not nearly as easy as it seems. First you have to sit and move inwards a bit then pull your legs up and in. Getting them to come together was not easy. Getting out was a reverse of that.

The car ride to the club was female movements and talking/eating what to do and not to do. Nibble on food instead of shovel it in was mentioned. I told her she was nuts. Apparently it's a habit to keep one somewhat slim. Oh and drink lots of water while eating. I was told if asked to order anything I was to say "Ill take what she is having." She made me repeat it. Privately I doubted I would be able to eat anything as I was so nervous. The glances into the car mirror to pucker up and refresh my lipstick didn't help me any. The face in the mirror was...not....mine.

When we pulled into a long drive, paved, sided by lush green grass with holes I figure a private golf course. Well that is half true. The club is a country club, exclusive and by invitation only. One of those places that having a million or two wont get you in. I have never been to a place like this and probably never will again so I want to describe this as best as I can.

At first all you see is some trees on the side of the road and a cemetery type fence. You have probably driven by a number of places like this and never thought twice. As you get to the entrance, which is just off the road, well the side road, you come upon the fence coming up to a curved stone with carved lions heads on either side and little lions on the top where the curve goes up. connected to both of these is two wrought iron gates that require a pass to get into. Greg was there with his car on other side of gate.

The BMW was not totally out of place here. It was by far the cheapest car there though. The grey stretched Rolls Royce limo being the best example. I think even the people that work there have more expensive cars. The cars were all in a cull de sac. Or small round bay with a fountain in the middle. An expensive working fountain. The club was huge, at least two floors maybe more, all made of stone. If you have ever watched those movies where you see someone on the granite steps infront of a french mansion. Well that is what the clubhouse looked like except there was this large roof that came over and you got out of car, helped by red coated valets, and that led to steps made of a black stone with gold veins in them and fancy as hell polished brass handrails that were all poured in one shot and not round but more of a carved curved I beam look.

The entrance was separated by two sets of double doors, made with curves and stained glass panels. As soon as you entered on one side was a women's section, I guess powder room, lockers, showers, whatever. Ari led me there. I was shocked by the brass sink taps, marble counter tops in white, and little stools you could pull up to counter and sit on. I could tell that each was handmade. Red cushions surrounded by carved wood. There was a ceiling to counter mirror that had light sconces in the middle of the mirrors about halfway down.

The bathroom portion looked dim but actually wasn't. There was a number of marble stalls with doors that one would go into to do their business. In the middle of the room was this island couch with a stand in the middle that went to the ceiling, ceiling that had to be twelve feet up. Ivory cushions with those carved legs you see on tv for the ritsy places.

Ari had me freshen up. Which is a good way of saying I peed while sitting down, very strange way of doing that and messy. Getting the slip and skirt down again was a chore. And, apparently, I didn't pull the hose up right. Arianna had me fix this by hiking up the skirt and slip again, pulling them down and using my fingers, slide each side of hose up to knees, tightly, then to thighs and finally up into place. Then I had to pull the slip down first then the underskirt lining and finally the skirt itself, smoothing out any creases as I did so. I was to make sure that the blouse was tucked in all around nicely then pull it out a bit so that the blouse just rested outside of the waist of the skirt.

After that was putting on the blazer and getting the collar of the blouse over the collar of the blazer. Thoroughly wash hands and pat dry on real towels not paper. There was even little logos on the towels. She led me to the mirror and first she put on some fresh lipstick then had me do it, three times as I messed up the first two. Patting my face with powder after each mistake. Not sure what the powder was for. I also had to use the blasted wand to refresh my mascara. Nuff said about that infernal device.

A dab of perfume at the point of my cleavage and she said we were done. Although we were only in there for seven minutes it felt a lot longer. I had no opportunity to see the men's side. But I can assume it was similar in some way. Probably marble and gold urinals. I have no idea what the bath/shower area was like either. I was told that there was saunas and masseuses. I could see on the far end of the foyer a door that led into a room, all in white, with machines. A gym of some type at a guess. There was the club room, where we went, that was both large, and comfy. There was a round bar coming out from the wall. From the bar to the wall of windows, all that old style with small panes connected to other small panes. I'm sure there is a name for it.

Every thing in that room was wood, Walnut I think, with high gloss surfaces on the tables, and those being used had lacy tablecloths in intricate patterns. Very comfy well padded chairs, leather of course. That the men helped us into at the table. I followed what Ari did and put the napkin, heavy one in silk or satin, on my lap. There was no cutlery on the table, no condiments, not even a salt shaker. The menus were padded books with hand written calligraphy listings of food, and no prices. Arianna did some small talk while I tried to even figure out the wording of the menu. I think most of it was in french or latin. I could not understand a thing and put the menu down, gently as per instruction.

The waiter had stayed there and took our orders on a pad, I have no idea if it was electronic or not. When they got to me, last of course, I just blushed and Ari giggled and ordered for me. I didn't know it at the time but my blush made me look 'cute'. The men at the table, who I was told were Charles, Evan, Micheal, and Hanz. No last names. They had their wives of course, Mary, Ellen, and Pen. Not sure if Pen was short of Penelope or Penny or something else. I got compliments on my outfit and had to tell a little about myself.

Arianna and I had talked about this on the ride over. I said I was her sister, just visiting and looking after her house. When asked what it was I did I went way off script. Instead of saying I was a teacher, Ari's idea not mine, I just told the truth. I fixed machines, lawnmowers, small engines cars etc. I guess I made it sound like I did this more as a charity than a job. Arianna broke in and said I was between jobs at the moment. Hanz was the owner of the club and asked me more about how good I was with engines. We got into a bit of a discussion of motors, lawn equipment, and stuff. I did answer that I had worked on a gas cart once but with many courses using electric I didn't think it would be useful.

I should mention that those commercials that say, strong enough for men, lie. My armpits were soaking my blouse for sure. Hanz seemed very interested in me and my background. To say I lied my ass off about how I grew up would be a bit of the truth. I did color it with some truth though. To them I had grown up in my sisters shadow. No we were not twins she was two years older. A few school girl twin stories were mentioned and Arianna had to act embarrassed at one point.

Arianna said I was the proverbial tomboy growing up. Always taking things apart, frustrating our dad in the process. Fixed the old lawn tractor after dad had bought a new one got everyone chuckling. Our first dishes arrived with spoons. It was a thick cream of something soup and no crackers. I bent down and followed Arianna's careful spooning and not slurping of the soap in the tiny bowl. I think I did okay with that. The tiny salad, a house salad made with fresh greens, was spicy but nice. A pain to eat while nibbling like the women did. The men of course finished much faster.

That was followed by a small coleslaw with reddish stuff in it. Instead of the usual white. The sauce was rich and thick. A palate cleanse I was told in a whisper by Ellen who was off to my left. The main dish I was given was a fish of some type on a bed of rice that looked a crime to even touch. I nibbled at it and drank sips of water, mimicking Ellen as much as I could but not making it look like I was. It was not a large dish by any means but very very good and rich. The rice was the best rice I have ever tasted. And that is coming from someone who actually hates rice.

I was surprised that I actually felt somewhat full. Not the so full you have to undo your pants kind. But the not hungry full that a person should feel. There was a white wine for us ladies and a red for the men who had dishes I can't even figure out. One might, might have been veal. The only one I did recognize, somewhat, was the liver and onions that Hanz had. The liver was not big but not exactly cooked either. Steamed I think. The onions were caramelized in something that left them soft and flexible but noticeably cooked at the same time.

In a place like this I doubt anything was in any way unhealthy. The final piece was a fancy bit of ice cream in a tiny round, and I mean round, bowl. This is what real ice cream tastes like. Not the frozen sugar stuff, but like real cream chilled and then turned up. I had read about this once. Trust me what you read does not do it justice. You have an orgasm just from one scoop in the tiny spoons. And it was both cold cold and soft at the same time. Any bigger spoons and you would have a major headache. I did like the others and savored the taste as long as possible. I surprised myself when I could not finish the bowl. I wanted too but couldn't. I was not the only one most of us at that table couldn't. At one point when you eat like that there is just a point you have to stop and .. gestate, settle, savoir..

We all settled back with a glass of wine. A very good wine. I had never liked wine before, too much like vinegar. But this stuff tasted like tart strawberries with a tiny bit of sour. The men got up to do whatever it was they normally did. I got up as well. Arianna, Ellen, and Pen all said good idea. I had no idea what they meant till they went back to entry. I followed figuring we were leaving. Nope it was a trip to the ladies..again.

Just like last time I peed, fixed myself properly this time before leaving cubical, touched up my lipstick without being asked. Then I found out what the couch was really for. I got grilled by Ellen and Pen. Mostly about how I was too much of a tomboy, their words, and that I should really be much more ladylike. There was a few other comments that are best left unsaid. I had no idea what I had done, I even said so, but said whatever it was I was sorry.

Three mouths opened and closed at those words. Did I break a taboo for women? Arianna laughed and said she got it. Something about flirting with Hanz. All I did was talk to the guy. I didn't get it. Ellen and Pen then apologized. It seems that Hanz was a good friend and recently had broken up with the tenth hopeful. Whatever that meant. They were looking out for him and had assumed I was going to dig for gold or something. I just looked at Ari and she giggled before saying she would explain it later.

I got thanked for being so innocent and we left the ladies room. More wine followed back at the table as Arianna went over how they could improve some of their businesses that she had visited. truthfully I was getting bored and left the table to look at some of the paintings on the walls. Yes paintings. Real honest to goodness paintings..as part of the wall. I mean some were unreal and showed a different version of this club. It showed a history, something of a hobby of mine, and I could almost get a picture of the days when guys would sit in this very room smoking cigars and drinking brandy after a game of golf with strange looking clubs.

"That actually never happened." I jumped as I hadn't heard a thing.

'You scared me!"

"Sorry you just looked so into that picture." Hanz said to me." It was based on a time at a very different club than this one. This one was built in the late sixties so they would have had steel clubs with wooden heads. Not the wooden clubs in that picture. I still thought it was wonderful and had the artist redo it here using much of the eight and ninth hole as background."

"It's very good. I like history. I like to think back to those times and try to put myself in the time of the makers. Not the movers like you guys but the makers. The people who would build the road, plant the trees, make the carts, or the steam engine, or the boiler, or the sawmill."

"Have you ever seen a working steam sawmill?" he asked.

"Well no we don't have any here."

"They do in the states. I would enjoy showing one to you sometime." Ok I get the flirting thing now.

"Sometime maybe we could pull up youtube and watch a video of that." He roared with laughter at that. They table noticed.

"Good one. There is something about you Leanna."

"Oh is my deodorant that bad. I knew that commercial was a lie." He laughed again.

"You are a delight and such a change. None of the girls I have met are like you."

"I hope not." that got him to laugh, not sure why I was speaking the truth. I did want to someday get married and have kids.

"Let me show you the grounds and tell you about a proposal I have."


Thus we did. The grounds as he put it, even in late fall and the evening were quite nice. Breathtaking during the summer I was sure. But stilll very nice in the fall. Walking for prolonged periods in heels and a skirt. Not the best idea for my feet. There was a bench, I pointed it out as I wanted to sit for a bit. Before he would allow me to sit he swept the bench with his hand and took mine before lowering me to it. I could tell that a girl would be quite swept off her feet at this point. Since I am not one well..

"So this proposal?"

"Marry me?"

"Get serious!"

"Leanna I think I am."

"This is very uncomfortable."

"Sorry." he took a breath or two and sort of shifted a bit.

"Our last head groundskeeper retired last year. I had thought one of the other groundskeepers could keep things up to par but it is sadly not working out. This year alone has been the worst for machines not working when our summer hires come around. While I have given bonuses to our returned caddys for making the lack of carts a good exercise, which between you and me some of our members really needed, it still is no excuse."


"Well I had to let our new groundskeeper go. Our best mowers chewed up some of the grasses, the tree lines were not kept up, and well our custom carts, all propane if you wonder, don't work they way they should. I actually caught him using some coathanger and tape to fix one of them."

"That sounds like a recipe for disaster."

"That is ...actually quite an app description."

"And I come in how? You want me to help fix a few machines? I supposed I could get them going for you...on second thought no bad idea."

"Why not you would solve two problems for me quite easily I believe."

"How so?"

"Well I need a mechanic and to satisfy the equal labor laws having a female mechanic would be perfect."

My eyes went wide as he said that. I had forgot for a second about that. He didn't know that Leanna didn't exist and couldn't work for him. I hated that. As myself I would jump at a chance to work in a place like this. Even more so after he showed me the nicely hidden but well equiped repair shop. There was even and old lathe and mill in there. Dated for sure, but still in fair shape..If I could but do a few things. It looked like the handle on the mill was broken for the table and it had been used as a drill press for awhile.

The lathe had a broken belt and was piled over with well junk. There was machines half apart and a pile of parts half on floor and half on benches for the machines, I hoped. I was so ready to get my hands dirty. I mean I was just itching to get in there. It was like those poor older machines were begging for me to help them. Well lit shop, if you replaced the burnt out bulbs anyway. I saw all this from the door and it was tearing me up that I was stuck there in Ari's suit that I would not get dirty.

"You want to get in there don't you?"

"Oh yeah! But I can't."

"Why not? It's not like I can't pay you for your time."

"I just can't okay. Please drop it for now."

"Alright for now. But I'll warn you. I'm a very stubborn man. I know you would be the best woman for this job."

"Please...just bring be back to Ari."

"Alright." He went to grab my hand. I pulled it away. "I'm not holding hands with you!"

"Peace" he held his up." I just wanted to pull you out of the shop door so I could lock up"

"Oh! Right. My bad."I blushed as I moved out of said doorway.

"Though now that you brought it up. Would holding my hand really be so bad?"

"Buster you have no idea." he laughed. But he did lead me back to the clubhouse.

As luck would have it Ari had just finished her presentation to the rest. However I could tell that she had had a bit too much wine as well. Not that anyone else there wasn't just as tipsy. Not drunk but you could tell it was enough to make some cops very happy if they could fill their quotas. You know the quotas they don't have but seem to have anyways.

Hanz surprised us when he offered us the use of his limo, that stretched silver rolls, to go home. A valet would follow in her car. It was a comforting idea as I was sure that driving in heels was not something I could do. And yeah I had had some wine too so best not to risk it. Greg said that my clothes were in the trunk of the car. I figure a bag or two at most.

Arianna hugged the girls, thus I had to follow suit, the guys she let kiss her cheek. I did not. I gave a handshake instead. Hanz took my hand and turned it over before giving it a kiss. And then in front of everybody clearly said. "I do not give up so easily." I tilted my head back to hide my blush before replying. "Give it a rest Romeo." He did however hold my hand a touch too long as he helped me into the limo. I just shook my head.

The car had not moved more than ten feet when Arianna turned to me.

"I have known Hanz for a few years. Usually it's the girls chasing him. I think that is the first time ever that I have seen him chase any girl."

"Arianna In case you forgot....This is not the place to talk about this." I said with a shake of my head towards the driver.

"Alright but you are gonna dish when we get home girl."

As we drove away one thought came to me. 'But it's not my home'

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