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Sam was an abnormal boy. Abnormal meaning, he liked to play with fire. Always coming up with new and interesting ways of producing fire out of nothing and quickly expel it. That isn’t the only abnormal quirk about Sam. Sam has a very eccentric personality. Eccentric meaning that he does almost whatever he wants. For example, one time he blew up a gas station just so he could pull a prank on one of his adversaries. Don’t worry though, he got all the everyone out beforehand by putting various signs saying the gas station was out of order and luring the clerk to a safe place. The thing about Sam that most don’t know if he comes from an abusive family.

The air vibrated with a loud whipping noise as Sam got whipped by a leather whip that sliced through his back as Sam grinded his teeth and tried to not show how much he was in pain. Oh, when I said abusive, I mean his family is torturous. This isn’t his real family. It’s an adoptive family that took him in after his parents died when he was ten.

“This is what you get for causing the Ford’s a ruckus.” Sam’s ‘dad’ screamed as he whipped the whip around smack and slicing the kid on the back. Sam bit down his lip with contempt for his Punisher. For six years Sam had to endure this. Child services will not step in due to his parents being mutants and to some degree likes the fact a ‘genescum’ is being tortured. Sam’s parents were superheroes and after they killed in a battle with a supervillain. He was left to fend for himself against mutant haters. Though, Sam never let that get him down. He knew one day he was going to get powers and then he’ll leave this place for good. The only problem is they haven’t come yet.

Sam felt a kick of pain in his kidney sending the boy flying. Today his ‘dad’ was super drunk after losing his job after a scuffle at work. His ‘mom’ did nothing to stop the man now clobbering the boy. Beating him, the boy moved to the fetal position to keep all his squished bits from getting hit. The boy could only lay down and cry. He didn’t have any power or strength. He was weak physically. Only thing that kept him from breaking psychologically is the memory of his parents and what they told him “Don’t let the bastards win.” That’s all Sam could think about when his ‘dad’ grabbed a baseball bat.

Sam peeked out and saw his dad grasping a baseball bat with a grim look on his face. Sam knew he had to move and fast. He scrambled to his feet and limped out the back door and out into the woods. Sam’s torturer followed him not having to run because Sam neither had the stamina nor a healthy leg to keep him going. Sam just ran as fast as his little feet could go until he tripped sending him flopping down face first. The frightened boy tried to crawl back up, but he felt a boot slam into his back then kicked him over facing his hunter about to kill him. All Sam could do is scream and cry with all his might.

Sam felt an energy burst out of him and everything around him went a blaze annihilating his would-be murderer along with the forest around him. Sam didn’t feel a burning sensation you would normally feel from the fire. Just a nice and cozy heat like you were sitting by the fireplace. When the initial blaze stopped, Sam was in a crater big enough to be a lake. He walked out of the crater and shocked at what he saw. The earth was lifeless and scorched. Ashes fell like snowflakes onto the ashen ground. Almost like there was a volcano.
Sam walked for what felt like a few feet before he even saw normal destruction rather than annihilation. It was very surreal to Sam. Like something out of a movie. Once Sam got back from the shock. He sobbed without tears. His tears evaporated into steam.

“Are you alright kid?” A man softly said.

“No,” Sam said in a small voice looking down. He noticed his body was covered in ash. It wasn’t his usual body. It looked different, more feminine. Sam just thought his mind was playing tricks on him.

“I can understand that. I nearly died from whatever that explosion was. Fortunately for me, I don’t live anywhere near here.” The man paused “Do you wanna come with me and get yourself cleaned up? My wife makes a mean casserole.”

Sam looked up and was about to say no until his stomach interrupted letting everyone know it was hungry. Sam looked back down and said in a small voice “Sure.”


Again, another one of those stories that I'm just throwing up here because why not.

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