Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 8

“Dad, Aunt Cheshire, you might want to let us to do the interrogation. I don’t think they could survive you guys if you go and interrogate them. Not with the state of mind you guys are in.” Julia was doing this in front of the prisoners they capture last night.

She wanted them to know that if her father or Aunt got to them, they wouldn’t be living afterwards.

“You have one chance to get them to talk or me and your aunt are going to do it.” Jack knew what his niece and girls were up too.

“Yes daddy.” Julia opens the cell that had one of the prisoners in it and stepped aside while her father steps inside to pick the guy up.

Jack steps inside the cell. He picks the guy up one handed and carry him by his neck to the interrogation room. He tosses the guy across the interrogation room till he hits the wall.

Julia tries to suppress a smile as she walks in and helps the guy up into the chair. She cuts his restraints and handcuff his hands to the middle of the table. She walks around to the other side and stands there looking at the guy.

“I need to apology for the treatment you received from my father. He’s a little upset about one of your men killing his wolf. I know you might tell me to go and F myself, but it’s in your best interest to talk to me. Because, if my father or Aunt come in here to speak with you. They won’t be very nice to you. If nothing else, you might not live if they come in here.” Julia knew what would happened if her father or aunt came in.

Gina and Tizzy were watching, because if Julia failed to get the guy to talk. Tizzy would be next to make him. Gina knew Tizzy would use her mother’s technique to make the guy talk and that wasn’t pretty.

Mitch looks at the young lady standing in front of him. She was one of the targets they had been sent to kill. He had read her dossier and knew she was a Montana K-9 police officer and had a wolf for a partner. The same wolf that had been stabbed by his boss. The big wolf that had attacked his boss was killed, but the big wolf got his revenge by tearing out his boss throat.

“What are you going to do to me if I don’t talk?” Mitch already felt that the older man that threw him into the room wanted to kill him.

“Well, you already heard what my father wants to do to you. Believe me, he knows techniques that would make most interrogator’s crap their pants. He has no problems peeling the skin from your body like a deer being skinned. If you think he’ll stop there, trust me he won’t. I’ve seen him keep a guy alive for days torturing him. He had a doctor come in and heal the damage he did and start again.” Julia takes her bowie knife out and examine it for nicks.

Mitch was looking at the bowie knife in the young girl’s hand. He was wondering if she was going to use it on him. He didn’t think she was the type that enjoyed doing torture.

“Now, here is my question. Who sent you to kill me and my family?” Julia looks directly at Mitch and the nice sweet demeanor she had was gone. In its place was her cop demeanor.

Mitch notices the switch of her demeanor immediately. He just smiles at her. He wasn’t afraid of a cop. He spits at her and smiles afterwards.

“You know, that was a very dumb thing to do.” Julia takes her bowie knife and slams it through the top of his hand and into the metal underneath his hand.

Mitch starts screaming. He notices a pissed off look on Julia’s face. He screams again when she pulls her bowie knife out of his hand.

Gina and Tizzy were smirking as they watched Julia.

“That guy screwed up spitting at Julia.” Tizzy couldn’t believe how stupid this guy was.

“It’s a good thing dad isn’t here to see that. He would be in there right now slamming that guy’s head into the table as hard as he can.” Gina knew what her father would do to the guy.

“I don’t think your father would go that far, Gina.” Cheshire had been watching Julia during her interrogation job. She knew Jack would had punched him so hard, that he would have a broken his jaw.

“What would dad do Aunt Cheshire?” Gina looks towards her aunt.

“Let’s just say, your father would had made it so the guy couldn’t talk any more. He’s been known to break people’s jaws with one punch.”
Cheshire had seen it happen more times then she wanted to admit.

“Let’s hope Julia can convince this guy to talk.” Gina was wondering if her sister would be able to do it.

“I have confidence in your sister’s ability to make this fellow talk. If he doesn’t talk, then we have more people to break and make them talk.” Cheshire looks towards her oldest daughter and smiles.

“Why do I get the feeling the next one is going to be for me?” Tizzy always got a bad feeling when her mother smiled at her.

“Because, he has already been brought to the other interrogation room for you to break. There’s one for you as well Gina. Now, go and show me and your Uncle what you can do.” Cheshire had two more prisoners brought to the other interrogation room.

“We’ll be watching you girls.” Cheshire just smiled at each girl as they went to their assigned interrogation room.

“So, who do you think will be able to break their person first?” Cheshire heard Jack walking up behind her.

“I think, Gina is going to be the person to break hers first.”

Jack was proud of his girls, but knew between Julia and Gina. Gina would break hers, before Julia or Tizzy would. In combat Julia and Tizzy were the better fighters. However, Gina was the better interrogator. She learned how to break people from Harry Legend. He was the commanding officer of Alpha team. Harry was the best interrogator Jack had ever meet or hired. He could give lessons to the CIA in breaking people.

The guy Julia had didn’t want to talk and she comes out covered in blood. She used every trick in the book, except using her father’s special drug. He told her to only use that as last resort. The drug turned the victims brain to mush.

Tizzy broke the jaw of the man she was interrogating after five punches. She was cleaning her hands off when she came out.

“Yours didn’t talk?” Julia was looking at Tizzy as she cleaned her hands.

Julia noticed Tizzy had blood on her clothes and some on her neck and face.

“I broke his jaw. I tried the easy stuff first, but he thought I was being too gentle with him. So, he learned why I am the daughter of the Cheshire.” Tizzy looks towards her mother.

Tizzy never regretted that day that Cheshire had stopped her from killing herself. She was proud to be Cheshire’s daughter. She wanted to be just like her mother, but Cheshire talked her out of it. So, she became a police officer instead.

Jack and Cheshire come walking out of the observation room that they had been watching Tizzy and Julia from.

“It’s alright girls. You did your best. I don’t think many people without military training could had withstood your interrogation.”

“But we failed you dad and Aunt Cheshire.” Julia was disappointed she couldn’t get her guy to talk.

“No, you didn’t Julia.”

Jack knew that Julia always tried to make him proud of her. She wanted to be like him, but he didn’t want that. He wanted her to be her, not him. So, he was proud when she became a police officer.

“They were sent to kill us because Julia and Tizzy interfered in their operation, Dad. The fake FBI agent that had been sent, didn’t like that Tizzy and Julia pointed their guns at him. He had been sent to retrieve their target and bring him back to Russia.” Gina cleans her hands with a fresh rag.

“You mean that fake FBI agent is still trying to kill us?” Julia looks towards her sister.

“Yep, he still wants you and Tizzy dead. They were supposed to call and tell him they had succeed in killing everyone here.”

“What happens if they don’t contact them?” Julia looks towards Gina.

“Don’t know. All he said, was that we were their target and another team had been sent to take care of the bounty hunters that had been there.”

“Then, I think you girls need to go and join the other group. You can help them take this guy down.” Jack was looking at all three girls.

“But Dad, we don’t know who he is or where he is hiding.” Julia had tried to find him, but nothing turned up.

“You girls aren’t the only one. Anika emailed me his picture as well.” Jack had received Anika’s email and looked through his files.

Marin Jones had used a special program to erase his existence from every computer database there was, but Jack kept a standalone computer and kept backup files on several portable drives. He had sent what he had to Anika to help who was looking for the guy.

“You found him, Dad?” All the girls look towards Jack.

“Yep, I found him and I know where you can start looking for him.” Jack went through his files and located the prick.

“Where is he daddy?” Julia wanted to pay this guy back.

“He is currently hiding out in Memphis, Tennessee and going by the name of Marin Jones. He’s using credentials that belong to a missing FBI agent. So, you girls are going to need to be careful.”

“Dad, me and Tizzy can’t go. We’re police officers and I have to be back to work in a few days.” Julia knew she only had a few days off from her precinct.

“The two of you have been reassigned to a special task force. You’re to report to US Marshal Edward Bullock.”

“Isn’t he the same US Marshal we ran into in Texas?” Julia was wondering why they were working with him.

“Yep, you’re working with him and his partner. Julia, you’ll have to take Terror with you. Sphinx’s injury is worse than I thought. He’s okay sweetie, but he’ll need to stay home and heal. Tizzy, Simba was injured as well and I think it might be better for you to take Menace with you and go without your Liger.” Jack was a little worried about Tizzy taking either of the Ligers with her.

“Will Menace listen to me? I know he is still young Uncle Jack.” Tizzy was worried about Menace doing what she said.

“He’ll listen. Just command him the same way you do Simba.”

“Alright, I’ll take Menace with me. If nothing else, Cadmus will keep him inline.” Tizzy looks over towards Gina.

Cadmus was the oldest wolf among all the new wolves.

“Don’t worry cousin, Cadmus will make sure they behave themselves.” Gina rubs Cadmus head. She never goes anywhere without her best friend and protector.

“Alright, go and pack a bag for a week’s stay. You can use the safe house we own in Memphis. There should already be an armor SUV and a sports car there for you to use. You girls can take the Lear to Memphis.”

“Thanks daddy.” Julia heads back to the house with Tizzy and Gina to pack.

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