You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide Chapter 4

Kat and crew had returned to their office after the incident at the airfield. She received the information from Morgana about the fake FBI agent that was causing problems. She also received a phone call from Officer Julia Bounty saying that they were coming to help her with FBI Marin Jones. That they would be landing at a private airfield in Memphis, Tn. Where Marin Jones was operating out of. They didn’t have a location exactly, but they did know that was where he was operating out of.

The file Morgana sent her had a full dossier on the guy. He may work with the Russian Mafia, but he was originally trained by the CIA and had been one of their top black op’s agents. He was a former Delta operative that switched to the CIA as one of their black op’s agents. The last location the CIA had on him was on a mission in Afghanistan. According to the mission report they received, he had been killed. The body had been verified.

“Fucking CIA.” Kat couldn’t believe they were dealing with a CIA spook agent.

“What’s wrong Kat?” Paul had gone and gotten a cold bottle of water for him and Kat.

“We’re dealing with a freaking Delta Force trained CIA spook.” Kat was ready to shoot someone right now.

The guys they brought back from the airfield and interrogated had confessed. They had been sent to kill the team for capturing Boris and collecting the bounty on him. They were local muscle that had been given the contract. They had already received half the pay upfront and would had received the rest with confirmation that Kat and her people had been killed.

She shows Paul the file she received from Morgana.

“Fuck me.” Paul couldn’t believe what he was reading in the file.

He was seeing everything this guy had done, what missions he had been set on and his training.

“Where did Morgana get all this information from?” He looks towards his wife.

“Remember Officer Bounty and her cousin?” Kat glances up at her husband.

“Ya, I remember them. They convinced that fake FBI agent to give us the bounty. How do they fit into this?” Paul had sat down in a chair next to his wife’s desk.

“Well, first they are coming to help us on this case. The information I got from them is that this prick is hiding out in Memphis, Tennessee. As for the second bit, their father gave this information to Morgana.” That was all Morgana could give her on the man. She did mention that he could be trusted and the information was correct. She did warn her to be careful with this guy.

“How did he get the information and can it be trusted?” Paul normally didn’t trust second hand info.

“Oh, he can be trusted. I asked Tony to run Julia Bounty’s name to find out who she is related too. According to the information I got back from Tony. Her father is a multi-millionaire and a retired MI 6 agent. He said that his contacts in the Montana police department said that the rest of his file was classified and approach with caution.”

Paul just whistles when he hears the words MI 6. During his time working for the mob, he had met and heard about those guys. That was why he stayed out of England.

“Why is he here in the States?” That was curious to Paul.

“He owns a horse ranch in Montana.” Kat by nature was curious and wanted to know more about Julia Bounty and her cousin.

The information she got back matched with what she already knew about the woman and her cousin. She also found out she had a younger sister that was the Vice President of an armor car/ Private Security contracting company.

“So, why are they coming to Memphis to help us with this spook?” Paul wanted to know their reason for being here.

“Well, according to what I found out from Tony. A special task force is being assembled to go after this guy. He’s wanted for the murder of federal agents here in the States and in other countries. We have been requested to be part of this task force. Police Chief Carson called me himself and you know how much he dislikes me. He said that we had been requested by Deputy Marshal Edward Bullock.” Kat couldn’t believe that the police chief had called her and requested that they work with the task force.

Her and Police Chief Carson had gone at each other’s when her father died in the line of duty. He was the Deputy Chief at the time her father died and was responsible for the back-up not showing up on time. Kat still blames him for the death of her father.

“When are we supposed to meet up with the rest of the task force?” Paul could see that Kat had a haunted look in her eyes.

“Tomorrow. We’re to meet everyone at the Memphis police station. Julia and her cousin are flying in tonight and Marshal Bullock and his partner is meeting us at the police station tomorrow. I’m thinking about leaving Crystal here to protect Brittney. Luke, Lev and Alexa will be coming with us.” Kat had a feeling that their bad guy might want to come here to the office.

“Why don’t you just let Peter and his guys guard Brittney here at the office. Crystal is as fast as you and were going to need our two fastest runners to chase this guy down.” Paul knew Kat was trying to keep Brittney safe and Crystal, but they had a job to do.

Kat just looks at Paul like he was crazy, but she had to agree that Paul was right. Her and Crystal were the two fastest runners on their team. She didn’t know what they were against or what they were going against.

“I would listen to your husband, Kat.” Lev comes walking into the office. He was putting his cellphone back in its carry case.

“Do you ever listen to Rebecca, Lev?” Kat looks towards her brother-in-law.

“Sometimes, I listen to her, other times I suffer her wrath when she is right and I am wrong.” He had a smile on his face when he says that.
Kat just shakes her head and reaches for her bottle of water from Paul. She takes a good gulp of it and recloses it. She looks towards both men as she thinks about what she wants to say to them.

“What did you find out form your Russian contacts, Lev. Did they say why he was so persistent about taking Boris back?”
Lev looks directly at Kat to answer her question.

“He screwed up royally. He cost them their pipeline for sex trafficking and the weapon shipment that had been seized.”

Kat perks up when she hears weapon shipment “what weapon shipment?”

“The FBI seized a huge weapon shipment that came up the Mississippi on a barge recently.” Lev just stares at Kat.

“That’s what he is after. He wants the weapon shipment. He knows where it is being stored, since he works for the FBI.” Kat figures why he was sticking around in the Memphis area.

“What time are we meeting the task force tomorrow?” Paul looks toward Kat.

“At eight o’clock tomorrow morning. I know it’s a five-hour drive from here. I figure we could leave here tonight and stay at Aunt Millard’s house she has up for sale while were there.” Kat knew her aunt hadn’t sold her place yet and it was currently emptied. Also, the house wasn’t to far from downtown.

“Sounds like a plan. I’m going to go and grab us some subs. You want your usual?” Paul knew Kat enjoyed a full cold cut combo on wheat bread.

“Yep, also grab me a large Pepsi while you’re there as well please.”

“Alright, come on Lev. You can help me carry everything back.” Paul heads out the back door where Alexa and Luke were preparing the new vehicle they got.

That left Kat in the office by herself. The other team was out chasing after a bounty and Crystal was at Ben’s place helping Brittney. Kat looks at an email she had gotten from a contact of hers. The person has been an informant for her since she became a bounty hunter. In return, she always looked after them. The email was warning her that a contract has been put out on her and her team. Several local hitters were coming after her and her team. They inform her that they didn’t know who put the hit out on them, but it was rather big.

Kat wonders who would be stupid enough to come after her and her team. She pulls her cellphone out and send a text message to her sister and brother. She warns them that Brittney and Terry need to be careful. She forwards a copy of the email to them as well.

She’ll have to inform Paul about this when he and Lev gets back. She checks her personal checkbook and the companies bank account and notice that the government did deposit the five million dollars they owed her team. She goes ahead and pays the bills and write paychecks for everyone.

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