Night Fox Chapter 4

Cora sits quietly in the shadows and watches the two men she had spotted going to the van she found earlier today. She takes several pictures of them. She smiles as they cuss about having four flat tires and blaming each other for not checking the area where their van was parked. She records them going out into the junkyard and picking another set that matches the bolt pattern of the van. That right there told her they either worked at the junkyard or owned it.

Between the two men, it only takes them forty-five minutes to change all four tires. They had used a portable air compressor, a heavy-duty floor junk and an air impact to switch out the tires on the van. This was just showing that these men worked here at the junkyard. She continues to watch them as they change the tires. Once they were finish, they back the van out of where it had been hidden. They head towards the back of the junkyard, through a back entrance that was hidden.

Cora discreetly follows behind them in her escort. She was going to need to get another vehicle to follow people in or on. She tries to keep from giggling as she watches as white steam cloud bellows out from underneath the hood of the van. The van was heading towards the night clubs where she spotted it before. The driver gets out and kicks the front tire. He bangs his fist on the hood of the van.

Cora notices that he resembles the guy that had tortured her the night she was kidnapped. When the passenger gets out, she didn’t recognize him. He was an unknown, but the other guy she remembers him clearly. He was the one that beat the living crap out of her and kicked her in her groin. She could kill both right now, but she wanted to know where they were taking their victim to torture them. She sits and watches as the driver pulls a cellphone out of his back pocket and talk with someone. The passenger had gotten out and lifted the hood of the van to see what had caused the van to overheat. She had her camera out and took pictures of them and the tow truck that had showed up to get them. It was a wheel lift type of tow truck and it had ABC towing in children blocks on the doors of the tow truck.

When the driver gets out, she immediately has a flashback of the second covered person. He was the second covered person that had tortured her and took great pleasure in it. She watches as he hooks the van up and the two-other people climb into the tow truck and drive off with the tow truck driver.

Cora follows them back to the building she had visited earlier in the day. One of the guys get out and run towards the building and goes inside.
A few seconds later, a garage door opens and the tow truck backs the van inside the warehouse. Cora waits as the garage door lowers down before getting out of her car and sprinting across the street. She slides under the garage door before it closes fully and finds a place to hide before the three men can spot her. She was wearing a watch on her wrist that was voice activated and took video in the dark with her.

“God dam it, Jerry! What is going on with the van tonight? First we have four flat tires and now we have two busted radiator hoses.” The big guy was looking at the other guy that had ridden with him.

“Look! I don’t know what is going on. All I do know is, the van ran fine the last time we kidnapped one of those disgusting she-males you love so much to torture. Why can’t you get over the fact your wife uses to be just like them?” Jerry was getting sick of Barry’s attitude.

Yes, he enjoyed the torturing and raping of the lesbians and she-males they kidnapped. He especially enjoyed the torturing of the transgenders and crossdressers. It was the way back to God’s path. They needed to repent their evil ways and come back to God.

The raping of the lesbians was to show that they were meant for men’s pleasure and to produce children. That was their place in life. To please men and produce children meant to carry on the man’s lineage. The lesbians went against that and loved other women like men. That was a sin against God.

“That dam bitch never told me it uses to be a man. If I had known it use to be a man, I would had killed it before I asked it to marry me.” Barry had to find out the hard way that the woman he had married use to be a man.

He had found some paper work and pictures belonging to the woman he thought he knew. When he confronted her, she admitted being the person he found. She had tried to explain to him that she should had been a girl at birth, but instead had lied to him. He had knocked her out with some drugs and taken her here and beaten her to death along with his brothers.

His brothers had helped him make it look like she had run off with another man. The church they belonged to made it their mission in life to make the gays, lesbians and transsexuals to see that their life style was against gods words.

Cora was finding this all interesting. She was recording this with her small camera, as well with her wrist watched she was wearing. She was paying attention to the tow truck driver. He had been silent and was working on the van.

“You’re going to need new hoses Barry. These hoses have been cut by something very sharp.” Tom had removed one of the hoses to look at it.
He saw how neatly the cut had been and how long it had been. The pieces on either side of the cut looked to be fresh.

“Who would had cut them?’ Barry looks at Jerry and Tom.

“I don’t know, but were losing our chance tonight to kidnap that one spic tonight. She’s leaving for L.A. tomorrow.” Jerry really wanted to get that Mexican crossdresser.

A Mexican had caused him to lose his job when the company he worked for shut their factory up here in the States and took their business to Mexico. The labor was cheaper and they could get away with a lot more. That spic was the son of one of the birthers that had come to the States and took his job.

“We’ll find you someone else to have fun with Jerry. There was a cute teenage lesbian couple I spotted that we can kidnap instead. We can keep them around for our pleasure for a while, till they learned their place.” Tom had liked the last ones they kidnapped. Between the three of them, they broke their spirits and sold them to sex traffickers.

“I’ll think about it. Right now, we need to figure out who cut our hoses and why we had four flat tires. Something doesn’t seem right.” Barry wanted answers to his questions.

“Look, we can figure that out tomorrow. Has anyone spoken to Governor Reese lately? He said that he wanted us to handle some business for him?”

“I haven’t heard back from Isiach yet. He said that he would contact us when he is ready to put the plan in motion. Until then, we are supposed to keep our activities on the down low. No one and I mean no one is to bother the Governor. Forget that you even know him. Isiach said any request or questions we have are to go through him.” Tom knew Isiach wanted to shield the Governor.

“So, we are supposed to stop having fun?” Barry didn’t want to stop having fun.

“Yes, until we find out who cut your hoses. You guys need to stop whatever you are doing. Put all your hobbies on hold till we hear from Isiach.
Also, did you get rid of the last tranny you brought back here?”

“No, it isn’t dead yet. We wanted to show our next person what they were looking forward to.” Barry wasn’t done with their current plaything.

Cora sneaks away from the guys that were talking. She looks around to see if she could find where they did their torturing at. After twenty minutes of looking around the warehouse she finally finds a locked room. She’s hoping this was the right room. There was a wash bin next to one wall. There was also a video camera pointing inside on the other side of a two-way mirror. She feels around and finds the memory card still inside the camera. She removes the memory card and slips it into one of her pouches on her belt.

She moves around to the door and picks the lock. She opens the door just a sliver and peeks inside. She notices a nude figure just hanging by their arms in the middle of the room. The person was hanging in the same spot of the room she had been tortured in. She listens for the three guys before sneaking in. She jams the lock, so the door can’t be locked behind her.

Cora moves quickly and lowers the person down that had been hanging. The person moans and whimpers some as Cora unties the rope from around their bloody wrist. She moves slowly and quietly as she leaves the torture room. What she wouldn’t give to burn this place down right now, but she can’t without giving herself away. She makes her way back up to the front where she originally came in and notices that the three guys were there anymore. She keeps to the shadows and listens for the men. The lessons she received were helping her. She sniffs the air, but didn't smell anything.

She picks up a pebble and tosses it out to see if anyone was there. Nothing happens as she waits before she moves quickly towards the door. She notices it was locked as she tries to open it. She unlocks it and disables the alarm, so not to set it off as she moves quickly out the door and over to her Ford escort. She lays the person she freed on the back seat and grabs a blanket from her trunk to cover them up. She gets in and heads to George’s place to see if he can help this person.

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