The Other Woman - Part 6

The Other Woman – Part 6

Continuing the story of how a wife meets the other woman in their lives, who happens to be her husband.

This story dedicated to my friend and fellow author Warm Hearted, who has called me his cheerleader. We have become good friends and confidants, sharing comments and ideas on our stories as well as messaging and emailing each other regularly.

I can never find the proper words to say thanks to my editor and friend Chris, who finds the time in a very busy life to review my ramblings with comments and insights. Chris continues to edit for others as well as writing and posting his own stories.

All comments are welcome as we never stop learning and improving, thank you for taking the time.

Please remember this story is mostly fiction with some real events in our lives to hang the story on to and give it a base of realism


JJ had eventually given in to Tony`s persistent requests to meet Samantha face to face. Both were nervous, as when the door opened, JJ was wondering if she would see an overly made-up husband and Samantha was still having doubts as to why she had forced this meeting.

Deep down it was a compulsion Samantha could not control: to stop hiding her disguise, to be free… to self-destruct, very possibly.

JJ was surprised: the image before her was of a woman, a real person, seeing no sign of the real person underneath, her husband. It was not a parody, not a clown… there stood a mature woman, suitably dressed, and made up.

Was Samantha not just as real as Tony? In his eyes, this was certainly true; not just the eyes, but the whole body as well. Was it just possible for her to become as real for JJ?
Samantha had hoped for this to be true.

The door closed, cutting off her chance to pull out of the meeting as the silence between them grew – only the soft music reached their ears.

Taken a deep breath, JJ softly voiced, “You wanted to talk about this,” both her arms and hands fanned out indicating to Samantha, “so talk.”


A new day dawns chasing the shadows of the evening to memory.

Not much talking occurred.

There was lots of petting and an intimacy more satisfying than with Tony while being his male self; Samantha had satisfied her more completely than Tony usually did and JJ was more uncertain than ever.

Trying to get her head around these feelings, Samantha remained en femme as went to freshen up and dress for their talk.

Shortly both had dressed rather differently.

JJ was wearing black jeans with pink and white striped trainers, a mauve coloured blouse open at the collar to reveal her cleavage and a greyish thigh length half cardigan half coat with its belt loosely looped round her waist. As per her usual appearance, she wore the very minimum amount of makeup.

Samantha was all femininity, in the way that most cross-dressers emulate. Her skirt was calf length, in faux leather, with a side slit for ease of walking. She wore black shoes with a two-inch wedge heel, while her legs were encased in her favourite Cuban heeled red seamed stockings, most certainly attached to one of her many suspender belts. A white see-through blouse with a rose pattern, revealing her bra underneath, completed her outfit.

Her makeup was suitable for daytime, with soft grey eyeshadow in three shades – lighter at the eye and darker towards the eyebrows – allowing her light blue eyes to sparkle more than normal; black mascara aided with the sparkle as well.

Her face bore a light foundation and powder, with some blusher to highlight her cheeks. Her lips were coral red, with nail polish to match. Clip-on long earrings and a mixed brown-blonde soft wave wig completed the overall all picture.


JJ popped the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door
“Now we won’t be disturbed by housekeeping,” she said, looking at Samantha as she sat down, “so let’s talk.”

Nervously, Samantha sat on a chair, smoothing her skirt to avoid creases – so naturally, it was difficult for JJ to remember that it was her husband and not a real woman.

“I felt it was time for us to meet face to face”, Samantha started nervously “My female side that is. Now we have, I’m not sure it was right to do so.”

“Well, we have and that can’t be changed,” JJ responded.

“As much as you look acceptable, I have to be honest – I much prefer my husband to be dressed as a male.”

“Now we’ve finally got to meet and you’ve been honest about how you feel, I think it’s better that I change back into Tony`s clothes, to stop you feeling uncomfortable”,

Samantha softly whispered.

“Look”, JJ said as she looked at her husband, “I love you, Tony,” putting the emphasise on TONY, “but as my husband, not as my girlfriend, nor as a woman at all. I’m very aware of your female side – after all, I had a hand in her birth, at a time in my life when it was required, but that’s behind me.”
Tony just looked back.

‘My female side was there before we started dating,’ he thought, ‘JJ only helped name that side of my personality.

From where I stand, those demons are still in the background.’

“I’ll get changed while you go and pack things in your room,” Samantha said. When you return, Samantha will be gone and Tony will be back.”

Tony had taken a chance by pushing JJ to meet Samantha, and it could have gone worse: at least she appeared to take the meeting well and they were still talking – for the moment.


JJ closed the door behind her, taking time to gather her thoughts on the recent happenings from the moment the other room door opened.

Admittedly JJ had been hesitant to enter: knowing her husband dressed was one thing, seeing was very something different. Everyone ‘dressed’, she knew, a small smile coming across her lips at the thought, but this was her husband, all done up to the nines in women’s clothing.

She did not look bad at all; ‘she’, as JJ could not see any sign of Tony. In her own mind that was disconcerting. Just now much dressing had he done over the years? More than JJ was aware of, she suspected.


Returning to the other room, JJ was pleased to find that Tony had reappeared with no sign of Samantha. All the bags and suitcases were packed ready for them to leave.

JJ sat down and waited; Tony looked perplexed, he had obviously thought they were leaving right away.

“Tony, sit down. We have not finished talking. Well, maybe ‘talking’ is incorrect – I have some questions,” JJ stated as Tony sat down, “and you will answer them.”

“Where did you learn to dress as well as you do?” JJ asked.

“I know it was not from me.”

“A lot of practice and a hell of a lot of mistakes,” Tony smiled as he responded. “I have trouble with getting the hips correct so try to work with skirts and dresses that hide this.”

“I did notice your hips weren’t quite right. Look, I’m afraid you won’t get any encouragement from me,” JJ stated in a firm tone. “You already know I prefer my husband to be my husband.”

“Yes, but…”

“No ‘buts’, Tony”, interrupted JJ. “You know how I feel about your dressing – ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is just manageable, and even that’s starting to become between us.”

“What do you mean, ‘coming between us’?” Tony responded. “No it’s not.”

“Yes, it is and you know it. It’s gone way beyond a ‘stress relief from work’ thing.” JJ raised her voice, something she rarely did. “How often when it’s time to go to bed do you wear a nightie? When was the last time you wore PJs? Male ones, I mean, not the female ones. Heavens above, Tony, you have more bloody female clothes than I do and I’m the female in the marriage, NOT YOU. What do you want, Tony, and I mean really want?” Tony was not sure how to answer her.

“I want us to be happy,” he replied after a long pause. “I want to be your husband and at times your girlfriend.”

“Forget it Tony,” JJ shouted, “it’s never going to happen. Last night, GIRLFRIEND, was a one off, never to happen again – NEVER, do you understand that? I was uncomfortable last night. I only met Samantha in full to please you, not me. Yes we were intimate, but that intimacy should be between husband and wife.” JJ stopped to take a deep breath. “I like women for company, for retail therapy, for lunches, etc – not to have sex with.”

“That is just not how I swing,” she continued, “and you should know that. I have no problems with people being gay or lesbian or transgendered. They have a right to be live their lives as they wish, although the world is very polarised in its views. This is not about the rest of the world, though, is it? This about you, me and the children”

“What about the children?” Tony asked, looking up to meet his wife’s eyes. “They seem okay with Dad’s dressing – Linda even buys me cosmetics.”

“Yes, she does, but the boys are not as supportive.”

“Well,” Tony said more loudly than intended, “we both know that our older boy is like me and has a feminine side.”

“He is like you,” JJ conceded, “but we have not embarrassed him about our suspicions by asking or indicating that we suspect and anyway, it’s not the children we are talking about, it’s YOU, so stop avoiding the issue.”

Tony just stared at her before answering.

“I’m not avoiding the issue, I’m trying to get you to know Samantha better. However, I now realise that you don’t wish to see her and will accept that decision, although it’s not going to be easy not to dress up.”

“I’m not asking you to stop dressing,” JJ voiced in despair.

“I’m asking you to consider my feelings. After all these years, I know it would to be difficult to stop. Tony I need to ask this… are you gay or bisexual, and have you been faithful to throughout our marriage?”

“Yes, I have been faithful,” he replied. “I am not gay and neither is Samantha.”

“I believe that you’ve been faithful,” JJ started to say, then caught what Tony had said. “What do you mean, ‘neither has Samantha’? What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that Tony is straight and so is Samantha,”

“I think you better explain yourself” JJ shouted at her husband, clearly getting angry.

“Okay, if that’s what you want,” Tony sighed. “Tony is straight mostly – please JJ don’t interrupt me,”he added, as JJ was about to ask what ‘mostly’ meant.

Not wanting to see JJ’s face as he spoke, Tony stared at his hands, noticing that he had missed some nail polish.
‘Stop that,’ he thought, ‘other things first.’

“Before we got serious and started courting each other, I had a fling, for want of a better description, with another member of staff at the hotel we worked in… a male member of staff, that is. It was adolescent curiosity about a relationship with some one of the same sex – most of us do this at some time. Anyway, for a few weeks we were a secret item, sleeping with each other, yes sleeping, and not being too intimate: we kissed and cuddled and even sucked each other off, but never penetrate each other until later.”
JJ was about to say something until Tony held his hand up to stop her.

“In the end, he took employment on the other side of the country and I did not see him for a couple of years. By this time we had married and were looking for a home of our own as the Staff quarters were not suitable. He turned up unexpectedly, I can’t remember why now, and both of us were surprised to see each other. Well, we ended up in bed with him on top of me sliding up and down on my cock until I came in him. He did not return the favour to me and I have not seen him since. I suppose you could say that Tony is bi after having sex with another male, although it was only the once and that was years ago,” Tony concluded.

“You had sex with a male after we married and you don’t think that’s being unfaithful?” JJ shouted, her anger no longer restrained and tears streaming down her face.

“You’re unbelievable, you really are, you know that? I suppose you better explain about Samantha being ‘straight’.”

Tony froze to the spot, not having ever seen JJ so angry before.

It was going downhill rapidly. Why did he have to tell her about that fling? It was many years ago.

“Samantha is straight as well and does not fancy woman; in her mind, she is only interested in men. I did say in her mind – her body, however, may have different ideas. When you were not well and I was travelling up and down the road, I took some of Samantha’s clothing with me, when I knew you were improving and when overnighting in the hotel. Remember you saw the mark on my jacket at visiting time and I said it was dirt? In fact it was a make-up stain. You were correct, I had been dressing the evening before, and during the days when visiting was evenings only.”
Tony looked at JJ in anticipation to her reaction.

“Anything else you need to share?” Her voice was sharp, cutting through him like a bandsaw.

“One night I was driving home, dressed as Samantha. I had changed in the hospital toilets and took the opportunity to insert a butt plug in as well… I know, I know,” noticing the deep frown on his wife’s face. “There’s no law that says I can’t drive in woman’s clothing, as long as it’s not for illegal purposes. Well, I got a big scare, as a police car was behind me with all his lights on and stopping me, as I thought, so I stopped at the next layby and they just carried on by. I got out and had a walk around and another car appeared. The driver came over to chat, saying that I was the kind of girl he liked, showing he was aware I was male.

“Well, let’s just say Samantha’s interest was piqued about having intercourse while dressed as a woman, and agreed but only if protection was used. Deftly removing her plug as her suitor put on protection, Samantha bent over a fallen tree stump as she felt his cock slide into her willing rear. The sensation was not as bad as she had feared due to the butt-plug already opening her love hole.

“That is it all I have to say apart from the inclinations as to how I feel as I genuinely feel and think when Samantha is dressed she feels and acts feminine attracted to males and likewise Tony feels masculine when dressed and only attracted to females. Therefore, both are straight depending on how they dress.”

Tony looked at JJ and knew right there and then that their marriage was going to be very different from now on.

Tony was correct in that reasoning.


Because of Tony’s revelations, Joanna will not answer to JJ, her pet name, any more.

Joanna and Anthony stay married and in the same house, due to one of their wedding vows shared in front of witnesses and in church: “Until death do us part.”

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