What A Troublesome Ghost

Kristine was all smiles as the Millers exited their car. "Welcome to Groves Manor. I am the owner, Kristine."

"I am Laura," said the refined woman. "And I am the owner of her." Putting a hand on her husband's shoulder.

Kristine frowned a bit. Submissive men were hard to work with. Sadly most clients brought exactly those. "You did read the rules, right? No dom and sub stuff in the manor. Pretend you are a happily married couple."

"We are," Laura assured her.

"Just checking if you know the rules. I assume he normally wears a chastity cage. If so you should remove it now. Mabel doesn't like them."


"The ghost of the manor," Kristine clarified.

"Normally SHE does, but I removed it. Not that it serves a purpose anymore besides reminding her who owns her. But I did read the rules. So it is really true? The manor is haunted?"

Kristine had to stifle a sigh. Tons of documented changes and witnesses. Still, they always asked. "Yes, it is. Believe me, I can attest to it." She pulled a high gloss portrait out of an older teenage boy. He was kinda good looking. Already plenty of manly. "This picture of me was taken shortly before I inherited Groves Manor," she lied. She never had been a teenage boy or owned a manor. All a marketing lie by the company she worked for.

Kristine cupped her double D breasts to emphasize. "I still wake up sometimes and feel strange stuck with these to my chest. Now you know that I can't guarantee a change, right? It all depends on Mabel - the ghost - and her whims. Typically only every fifth couple leaves the manor with their hidden wish fulfilled. There are other haunted houses with higher chances."

"Oh, we know," Laura assured her. "We come here because Groves Manor has a reputation to create ..."

"Big breasted, small waisted, and big-bottomed women?" Kristine helpfully offered. "Basically walking sex on a stick."

"Yes. Exactly. I just didn't mean to be so crass about it. I hope you aren't offended."

Kristine knew exactly how she looked. Grown up with it. Still, she had a role to play. "I don't mind. Not anymore. It took a while to get used to it, but now I am happy." The lies came smoothly over her lips. She had told them so many times. Sure enough the ghost - Mabel - could transform men into women, but headquarters wanted someone to represent the best possible outcome. So they hired Kristine.

"That is good to hear. Well, fingers crossed the same goes for my hubby."

"I am sure it will work out fine. I have a good feeling this time," Kristine added. "Let's get you situated. Please follow me." With a bright smile, she led the couple inside the manor.


Two days later Kristine was out at the front of the manor. The Millers were just done loading their luggage into their convertible. "I am so sorry it hadn't worked out for you."

"Well, you did warn us that it was a low chance. There are other haunted houses we can try."

Kristine waited till the pleasantries ended and the Millers drove off. The moment the car was out of sight the friendly smile vanished from her face. With angry steps, she made her way over to the manor. As soon as she was past the heavy wooden double door she filled her lungs with air. "MABEL! Get your lazy ghostly fat ass down here! Right! Now!"

Kristine didn't have to wait long. She saw an ethereal shimmer to her left that slowly took the shape of a buxom woman. Her dress always reminded Kristine of those Can Can dancers from old wild west movies. All tits on display and such. For all she knew, Mabel was wearing such dress. The ghost was old enough for it.

"What got your knickers in a bunch?" the ghost asked in a sultry voice.

Kristine was close to exploding. The little undead whore knew exactly what was up. "That was the tenth couple that left as they came. Every fifth couple Mabel. We had a deal. Headquarters is pissed and so am I."

Now the serene calmness left the undead specter too. "Yes, we had a deal. Every fifth couple I transform a man into a woman. A man!"

"There were plenty of men," Kristine objected.

"Those? Men? Don't make me laugh. Have you seen the pathetic worms between their legs? They couldn't get a hard-on if the world depended on it! They promised me men. Manly men who drip testosterone. Hunks were I have muscles to rend and transform into ditzy little sluts. I had enough!"

Kristine fumed. She knew Mabel had a point and it made her loose ground. Still, she had to do something to keep the ghost under check. Besides playing the owner of the manor it was her job to keep Mabel on track.

"I told you before. Those men are rare to voluntarily give up their manhood. Not many of those dream of a slutty female body. It's the opposite of what they want. Headquarters hands those out as a bonus to those ghosts who do a good job. Guess who hasn't been one."

"Oh, this is bullshit. Volunteers? Ha! They take all the fun away. Just lure some ..."

"No," Kristine cut her off. "That might have worked a century ago. Today you get sued your ass off."

"Let them try. I don't have money anyway," the ghost countered.

"Well, headquarters has. And guess what. If they are successful what chances are they hire an exorcist?"

Mabel shut up for a second and started to pace the room. Walking in turn through tables or pottery. Kristine hated when she did that. "Well, what will it be? Make some Sissies into women or get evicted to the afterlife?"

"An ultimatum?" Mabel shouted. In a split second gone from nervous to batshit crazy and enraged. "How about I give you an ultimatum! If you like Sissies so much try being one!"

Kristine gasped as she suddenly felt a strange sensation in her crotch. Fearing the worst she pulled down her skirts and panties. She screamed in horror as she saw a pathetic dick and raisin sized balls where her pussy had been.

"Undo. This. Right. Now!" Kristine shouted back at Mabel.

"Sure," Mabel said with a nasty grin. "You'll be the first Sissy I'll transform. Right after headquarters send me a manly man to rent down. Better make that work little Sissy."

Kristine fumed as she saw Mabel fade away. Oh, she would inform headquarters and her recommendation would be to exorcize that lazy ass skank of a ghost. With angry steps, she left the manor.


Even the best makeup couldn't hide the fact that Kristine had cried a lot. Her eyes were still painfully puffy as she entered the manor the next day.

She didn't have to wait long till Mabel made herself be heard. "I am disappointed Kristine. No manly man with you. All you bring me is another Sissy. This time yourself."

The giggling ghost appeared close to Kristine. Now she didn't feel like crying anymore. No. Her blood was boiling. If she could she would strangle that stupid bitch. "No. More. Men. Ever!" Kristine pressed out through her teeth.

"What do you mean no more men? We had a deal!"

Kristine shook her head. "Had. You bimbo of a ghost don't get it. Do you? This..." She dropped her pants to expose the tiny pecker between her legs. " ... changes everything. No more men ever again. Zero. Nada. Zilch."

"Geez, you need to work on your negotiating skill Kristine. You ..."

"No! You need to listen up," Kristine interrupted Mabel. "Let me push some facts into this little head full of air you claim is yours. Headquarters has over a dozen ghosts under contract that can turn a man into a woman. Do you know how many they have that can turn a woman into a Sissy? None. At least till you gave me this!" Pointing again to the sad excuse of a dick between her legs. "Now they want to rebrand this whole damn manor to fit this transformation and I am stuck with that thing."

"Oh come on," Mabel laughed. "You really believe I would buy that crap? You don't like this small dick. So do I. Let me show you one fit for a man."

To Kristine's horror, she felt her dick grow. Soon a few inch hung below her with balls to match. She looked up at Mabel and saw red. With a furious howl, she jumped at Mabel. To her surprise, her hands actually got a grip on the ghost's neck. Her anger fueled her strength and she pushed Mabel back inch by inch.

"You insane whore. Do you have any idea what you have done? You made it worse. Hundred times worse!"

Kristine slammed the specter against a wall. Her hands squeezing harder and harder. To her disgust, she saw Mabel part her skirts and her hands rubbing her nether lips.

"You are getting off of this?" Kristine howled. "You are sick. Fine! You want a dick? Have some!" She didn't know what came over her, but a moment later she had buried her newly grown dick balls deep in the ghost. With abandon, she rammed her dick in and out of the ghost. All the while cursing her and calling her the dirtiest synonyms for whore she knew and some she didn't.

With a groan, Kristine came and slowly her anger drained away. She let go of the ghost and Mabel dropped to the floor. Unmoving. Only as Kristine's breathing returned to normal she registered the slumped-down ghost.

"Mabel?" Crouching down she tried to shake the specter, but this time her hand passed through the ethereal body. "Great. Now I killed the ghost I am hired to handle."

"You didn't," Mabel said while slowly stirring. One of her hand reached up and massaged her throat. "Well, you did, but not really. I am already dead after all."

Relieved Kristine took a few steps back, but after her shock subsided her anger returned. "What was that? Why did I ... I mean I was choking you. I thought that was impossible."

"A death flashback," Mabel explained while slowly standing up. "Gives a good orgasm, but afterward my throat hurts and I get a headache."

"Death flashback?"

"Yes. You see this is how I died. Here at the same spot against the wall."

"Choked to death?" Kristine asked. "But why did I ..."

"Fuck me? You see I wasn't murdered. It was a sex fantasy gone wrong. I asked the owner of the mansion to choke me while having sex. He got a little overboard and now I am a ghost."

"Just like that? Jesus Mabel. But why now? Why was I involved in your ... What did you call it? Death flashback?"

"Oh, not just you. Anyone with a big dick can trigger one. Others did before you."

"Wait a moment," Kristine said while her brain put the puzzle pieces together. "You wanted this to happen. Your insistence for manly man to be sent here. You wanted one to trigger this flashback."

"Well yeah. Hadn't had a good lay in a while."

"Fuck you Mabel!"

"Again? Sorry, but can we do it later? I have a headache."

Once again Kristine saw red and tried to punch Mabel. Only to stumble through her.

"Hey now. Don't be mad. As long as you have that dick we can fuck again. And if you want I can make you a whole woman again."

"No, you can't. Not yet," Kristine pressed out through clenched teeth. After taking a moment to calm down she continued. "You fucked up. Big time. Again!"

"What? How?"

"Okay. Let me try to explain it in a way that this bimbo brain of yours can understand it."

"Can we keep the name calling reserved for when we have sex?"

Kristine glared at her and continued. "Listen up. Headquarters has over a dozen ghosts under contract who can do male to female transformations. Those can not just satisfy the demand. They surpass it. That was the reason why you only had to transform every fifth man. The four other simply pay again to try with another ghost. You with me so far?"

Mabel nodded and Kristine took a deep breath. "Now female to Sissy transformation. There the demand is low. Do you know how many ghosts can do that? None! Till you proofed otherwise and now headquarters wants to milk that untapped market. They want to rebrand this whole mansion and you. Probably some remodeling and some thinly veiled name that hints of what is supposed here to happen. And that one-in-fifth rule. Forget about that one. You'll probably have to transform one or two. Per day."

"Shit," Mabel commented as she finally got it.

"You think that is bad? What do you think headquarters will do once they hear you can make shemales? The market for women to Sissies is kind of small. The market for full-fledged shemales with a working dick? Freaking fucking huge. They probably build two more wings for the manor just to cram in more customers and you got to work all day without a break."

Kristine couldn't really tell, but she thought Mabel looked pale. Which was a hard thing to do, as she was a ghost and already very pale.

"No way," Mabel finally muttered. "I won't do it. Too many dicks. Not again. There was a time when it was known around town that if you had a big dick you could fuck a ghost. Me! Fifty times a day! At least. That's the whole reason I learned to change men into women. Tell headquarters our deal is off."

"I would if I could," Kristine truthfully admitted. "But neither of us have a choice. Come. I have to show you something."

Kristine walked to the main hallway of the manor and stopped in front of a wall. "Tell me what is in this wall Mabel."

"Behind this wall is the kitchen. What's your point?"

"In the wall Mabel! In it!"

"Dust and cobwebs?"

"It's your corpse you dimwit. The place where your murderer - No wait. Your fucking lover. - dumped your sorry ass to get rid of the evidence."

"It's actually three feet to the left."

"Who cares?" Kristine shouted at the ghost. "They know where your corpse is. Forget exorcism. Headquarters told me they had their hands on a hoodoo or voodoo or whatever priest. He comes over and will put his hand so far up your mummified ass that you will be their lobotomized sock-puppet."

"Fuck me," Mabel softly cursed as realization dawn inside of her.

"Not right now Mabel. Geez. You really are a slut."

"No. I mean. Shit! What do we do?"

"What we will do? Damn you are an idiot. Here is what we have to do. First, you will shrink that thing between my leg to the pathetic size it was before."

"I still could make you a woman again," Mabel offered as a peace offering.

"Not yet. See you fucked me over too. I signed a contract - among other things - to act as a would-be victim of yours. Well, now I am a real victim of yours. Since headquarters wants you to produce Sissies now I have to be a representative of the intended result. Which means I have to walk around as a Sissy. Thank you very much for that Mabel."

"Sorry," Mabel meekly volunteered.

"Sorry? SORRY? You better be sorry and from now on you do exactly what I say before you fuck this even more up. Now shrink my dick."

"Do I have to? It had just the perfect size."

Sighing Kristine pondered the question. "Yes. Yes, you do. Tell you what. If you are a good ghost and sissify all - and I mean all - intended customers then afterward you can grow this dick back and we fuck. Deal?"

Mabel gave a big pout but caved a moment later. "Fine. Deal."

A moment later Kristine felt her dick and balls shrivel to a pathetic size once more. "Good. Now headquarters might need a few days to set up the change. Then they probably send some workers by to overhaul and redecorate the manor. Don't change any of them. I mean it Mabel."

"Do I get a reward if I don't," Mabel asked with a glint in her eyes.

"Fine. I'll fuck you in the evenings if you behave. Damn you really are a slut. I need to go now and talk more with headquarters about the remodeling. Meanwhile, don't fuck this up Mabel. More than you already did."

"How can I fuck it up if no one is around?"

Kristine just rolled her eyes and marched out of the manor without another word.


It was late when Kristine finally ended the Skype call to headquarters. With a sigh, she stood up from her kitchen table and walked to her bedroom. Mentally still cursing Mabel she was happy that she had an apartment in town. Far away from the cursed manor.

A nice hot shower is what she needed right now. Stripping out of her clothes she noticed a small wet spot in her panties. Pre-cum she reasoned. From that pathetic small noodle between her legs. Probably from the many times her mind had wandered back to when she had fucked Mabel.

"She really fucked my life over," Kristine muttered to herself. "I just can't wait to choke the undead life out of her again." Silently deep within her mind, a small voice whispered:" And to bury my dick in her snatch again."

The end.


Dear reader,

CassyBee here. I hope you liked this somewhat different take on sissification. Please let me know by leaving a review or comment. While at it please tell me if you would like to read more stories about this water and oil duo and their would be voluntary and involuntary customers. I know that Kristine wasn't a true Sissy yet. Much of the mental components missing. Maybe with a bit of training, Mabel gets that done in future customers/victims.

Till next time.

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