Interesting Summer Vacation Part 3

Interesting Summer Vacation Part 3

By: Kokopo618

"Will?" Dad asks again, "is that really you."

I really don't know the answer anymore, I don't feel or look like a Will. I can't imagine what I must look like to him before I just his weak disappointment of a son, but at least I gave an effort. Katie went way too far with this, and I let her go too far. He'll never look at me in the same way again.

"Uh..kinda?" Nope, wrong answer, he just looks more confused.

"Yes..I-I mean, yes it" Dad begins walking up to me slowly, I don't think he would hit me, he never has, but then again I've never had boobs. Before he gets to me, I look down, I can't face him like this. He gets to me, I'm staring at our feet, he waits there for a second, then raises his hand to my neck area. Not how I would have gone about it, but strangulation might be better than this. Unfortunately he doesn't strangle me, he slowly raises his hand further to my chin and gently tilts my head back up, I would have tears in my eyes if I hadn't expended all the moisture from my body a few minutes ago. He lightly brushes a lock of my blonde hair out of my face.

He breaks the painful silence, "You look.." My mind is racing a mile a minute, what? ugly, gay, girly, stupid... "You look..just like.. your mother."

Well I can say for certain I was not expecting that, I have very few memories of my mom, and the ones I do are pretty blurry, so I don't know if he's complimenting me. I guess since I'm a boy and she was a woman, at the very best it was a well-meaning insult.

"You look stunning." He says. Well there's my confirmation, he thinks I make a pretty girl, great, I'm never gonna live this down. I look up to Katie for help she gives me a you're on your own look, great.

"Uh, thank you," I say wearing a particularly uncomfortable smile. I wish I could stop having to thank people for my good looks while wearing panties.

He looks down at my chest, "Uh, how did you get these," He asks, pointing at my boobs, his finger agonizingly close to them.

I can practically feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I cross my arms, trying to hide my generous cleavage. I'm sure I look silly, but he gets the hint, lowering his finger and looking back up to me. "Um..Katie got them for me, you know, to help me pass," I hope he doesn't blame Katie for all this. it's really not her fault, mostly.

Dad looks over to Katie, sees the bag of extra clothes, "How much did all this cost." He asks.

"Jesus Dad, really," Katie says annoyed. I giggle, should've seen that question coming, "For your information, I used my own money and what if she doesn't like the clothes at the lodge?"

"Uh..he," I correct her, a second or two late, "I'm still a male under all this," I say, gesturing towards my admittedly, girly body. Katie gives me a look that says tell that to the vagina I spent two minutes putting on you. Checkmate.

"It's fine. Really, I don't care how much you spent, you both did a great job, really, great job." He looks back over to the food he dropped.

"I'll get it," I offer. Although he won't admit it Dad's back hurts when he bends over, plus I'd do anything to leave this situation. I walk over to the food, bend over and begin to gather it in my hands. I do this for a few seconds before I blush deeply realizing what I'm doing, I quickly change my position to a squat. I hope they weren't looking or they just got a great view of my rear. I glance back at them and sure enough, Katie is holding a hand to her mouth stifling a giggle, and Dad is just looking down in awe. I quickly turn my head back, my cheeks getting somehow redder. I pick up all the food, get up too quickly from my squat causing my boobs to jiggle, note to self: do everything slowly. I throw the food in a nearby trash can and slowly make my way back to them.

"So are we ready to go?" I ask like everything is normal.

"I think so," Dad answers, using my denial approach.

Walking to the car Katie grabs my hand forcing me to slow down, once we make some distance between us and dad she whispers, "That's the first time I've heard him mention mom in years."

"It's no Big deal," I brush her off, even though I don't really know what I'm talking about, just knowing I'm not really in a talkie mood. I catch up to dad.

We reach the car, Dad opens the back door for Katie and I, we get in and so does he.

"We still have two hours to go until we reach the lodge, so buckle up and get comfortable," Dad says, buckling up.

My muscle memory takes over as I reach for my seat belt, pull it down and punch my boob, "ow," I say instinctively.

"You okay?" Dad asks.

"Yeah, I just stubbed my toe." I lie.

"While sitting down?" He says. I'm not the best liar.

"I'm clumsy." I counter, pulling the seat belt far away from my chest before locking it into place.

Apparently seeing the whole thing Katie leans over and whispers, "Real smooth, sis, real smooth."

I stick my tongue out at her, but looking the way I do, it probably looks cuter than intended.

The seat belt puts some pressure on my large boobs, but it's a good kind of pressure, it feels nice.


We pull out of the parking lot.

"I think I'm gonna try to catch some Zs," Katie declares a while into the drive. She leans over to her window and closes her eyes.

I don't have much to do in the car, I brought my phone, but without an internet connection, there is little to do and it's not like I have any friends to text. I notice Katie has tied the Big Richard's bag closed for some reason, I'll ask her later. I notice the bag of extra clothes for me, as well. I can't believe Katie bought all this, she has a job, but it's part-time most of the year, due to college, she models locally from time to time as well, I hope she didn't spend too much for just one week. I'm bored enough that I grab it and pick through it. I see a red long sleeved sweater and pull it out to further admire it, part of the sleeves are see through, it's..cute, it would look good on a girl I think, realizing the girl it's intended for is, regrettably me, I sigh quietly. I lay the sweater over me to see what it would look like, I don't have the best angle so I pull out my phone to use as a mirror, I pose a little and take a picture. It's hard for me to admit this, but I look great, really great, I'd be too shy to ever talk to a girl that looks as good as I do.

I'm looking down at my phone smiling ear to ear. "I think it looks good too, sis." Katie whispers giggling, causing me to blush badly.

Should not have taken that risk, I decide, putting the sweater back in the bag and my phone in my back pocket, still blushing.

A few minutes later I see a sign reading Swan Lake lodge and resort. "Are we almo-" I stop, swiftly cupping my mouth with my hand in reaction to my voice. Wow, those pills must have kicked in a little, my voice never sounded particularly manly, but man oh man, my voice was so light, so delicate, so feminine.

I clear my throat, "Are we almost there?" I ask, trying to deepen my voice, but it just comes out like a girl trying to sound like a man, silly. Thankfully no one calls me out.

"Yes, just up this road," Dad answers, looking through the rear view mirror at me, with a look that shows he is still not used to me looking like this, I can sympathize.

I giggle quietly to myself thinking this is the second time today he's seen me with a rear view, ba-dum-tshh.

We take a dirt road to the resort, there's no parking lot, Dad explains that we park next to our cabin, after signing at the main lodge. We pull up to the main lodge, and a voice calls out, "Holy hell, Will, is that you?" Well this just got a lot more interesting.

Author's Note:

Hey there people of all shapes and sizes, weird intro aside, I hope you liked Part 3 of Will's journey, filled with twists and turns mostly due to the large majority of the story taking place in a car...get it. Anyway this Part is shorter than the last on purpose, this is more of an interlude part, leading up to that crazy cliffhanger, I hope you are excited to read it as I am to write it. Speaking of, Imma let you in on a little secret, okay not a secret, but something I haven't said yet, so here we go, I don't really plan out much of my story, really at all, I have some plot points in mind and kind of a over aching plot, but I just write basically what I think are cool things that slowly lead in the direction of the plot. So why did I tell you this you ask, well first off thanks for paying attention and asking meaningful questions: because I think it would be cool if you people could pitch little plot points in the story and if I like them I'll put them in the story, I could credit you at the end of the part in which your idea occurs. they can be as outlandish or as small as you want, I know you only have three characters to play around with right now but you'll get more soon, I promise. But go crazy with your ideas or save them up and write your own story, It's really fun. Anyway feel free to comment whatever you want, including plot points as of now, and as always thank you so much for reading, and look out for part 4 where the author's note is longer than the story MWHahahahaahahhahah, seriously though, I hope that never happens. THANKS BYE!!

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