Ginny's Story Chapter 17

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

Copyright© 2017 Karen Lockhart
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It's funny how things happen


We arrived at the theater in plenty of time. I enjoyed hearing the orchestra tuning up, it reminds me of a long distance runner doing short sprints to loosen up for the real race.

The tickets Kevin ordered were wonderful, we were located on the aisle in the loge section. You could see the perspiration on the musican's foreheads. I didn't notice this , but Kevin made a point of it during the intermission.

The Mikado was wonderful! I enjoyed this show even better that I did HMS Pinafore. The costumes were wonderful, and I loved the songs. I understand you could see the same Gilbert and Sullivan light opera performed by three different directors, and each one would be slightly different.

Ellen and Pete were just as thrilled as Kevin and me. We decided to stop on the way home for a drink and chat about the show, the Red Sox, and Vincent Morales.

Pete and I brought Kevin up to date on the Morales', father and daughter. Half way through, his jaw dropped at the television script style events.

“You mean, not only is Vinny alive, but he is still in the area? This sounds like a script written by Steven Cannell for Bruce Willis.”

After talking about the Sox's chances this year (a normal right of passage every spring for Red Sox fans), Kevin started scratching his head.

“Wait a minute, did you say Tina smelled the scent of perfume on her father, Obsession, wasn't it.?

“Yes, why?”, Pete asked, “I'm open to ideas on this from anyone, I'm baffled.”

Kevin paused, picked up my hand, and after giving it a quick kiss in apology, asked, “Did any body wonder if Morales was 'dressing' to hide.?”

Ellen and Pete had blank expressions, but I got it right away! “Kevin, do you mean you think the perfume was Vinny's, and not from a girl friend?”

He smiled and gave me a kiss, “It worked for you, wouldn't it be funny if Vinny was now a Victoria, with shaved legs, and everything?”

This got Ellen giggling and Pete thumped his forehead, “Oh crap! That explains a lot! Ginny, you may actually have seen him at the Dunkin Donuts on the Lynnway that day. Right around the corner from there is a couple of gay clubs, I think one of them has drag entertainment.”

I started laughing, “You mean he's hiding behind high heels and outrageous make-up? That's just too funny.”

Pete pulled out his cell phone, made an apology while he headed out side. “I'm calling my office and I need privacy for a moment.”

After Pete left, the three of us started speculating about Morales.

Ellen, still giggling said that she was going to check out Ru Paul's Drag Race television show, just in case Vinny was one of the contestants. This of course, started me giggling, but Kevin had a confused look on his face.

“Drag race? You mean like Don Garlits and stuff. Why would Vinny hide at a race track?”

Ellen and I looked at each other and laughed even harder. “Ellen why don't you explain to my naive boyfriend just what drag means please?”

Ellen took a deep breath to stop her giggles. “Kevin, when a man dresses like a woman, usually over the top, it called being in drag. There are lots of drag queens, and female impersonators working as entertainers. Ru Paul is a black actor who dresses up in a big blonde wig and woman's clothing, often gowns. She has a television show where 8 or 10 female impersonators go through tasks, in the end the winning 'girl' wins $100,000.”

“Ginny, the next time it's on have Kevin watch it with you, it may be fun.”

Before Kevin could answer, Pete came back to our table shaking his head.

“If we're wrong, I'll never live this down. I had to repeat myself three times before Schultz believed me.”

Kevin asked Pete who Schultz was. After finding out he was Pete's Sargent, Kevin said,”Wait a minute, you have a Sargent Schultz? Does he go around saying ' I know nothing, nothing'.”

Ellen lost it again, tears running down her cheeks left black streaks from her mascara. “Quick Ginny lets head for the ladies, I need to pee!”

I followed her to the loo, and decided that while I was there, I'd make use of a stall also. When Ellen finished, I placed her in front of the mirror and suggested she do some repairs to her make up.

“God, I look a mess,” she said while digging in her purse for mascara and lipstick. I quickly ran my red lippy over my lips, after blotting with a tissue, I was ready to rejoin the boys. Ellen finished her repairs, and we quickly headed for our table.

When we sat and finished our drinks, closely guarded by our guys while we were gone. Ellen said, “I'm having a great time, but Ginny and I have a riding lesson in the morning. How about you Kevin,. Don't you have a driving lesson also?”

“Yes, I've been going on Thursday nights to make it more convenient for Cathy, but I'm going back to Saturday mornings”

Pete helped Ellen and I on with our coats, while Kevin paid our waitress. In no time, the Explorer pulled into our driveway. Pete and Ellen snoggled a bit, checking each other's uvulas.

Kevin came inside to change into jeans and a sweatshirt that he left in a duffle bag this afternoon.

“Feel like staying the night?” I asked, “We can drive to our lesson together in the morning”

Before he could answer, Ellen came in and said, “I understand Ginny has something new that she'd like to show you.”

My face turned beet red, “Jesus Ellen, have some couth.”

Kevin laughed, “Is this something I've been waiting to tryout for the last two months?”

I stared at Kevin and said, “Careful, it will be another two months if you don't behave.”

We sorted ourselves out, and with the sofa made into a bed, Ellen and I headed for our rooms, first washing off our makeup. Fifteen minutes after we turned off the lights, I heard a small squeek from my door, then a warm body slid under the covers beside me.

“Wow, I hope this is Kevin, not Ellen again.”

“Ellen ! Are you pulling my leg Ginny?” Kevin said.

“Your leg is not what I intend to pull,”I purred.

Well, I didn't get my eight hours sleep, but you won't hear any complaints from me, or Kevin either!

Kevin was up first, in and out of the bathroom in minutes, the rat. He headed for the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. He was on his second mug of coffee when Ellen and I joined him.

“There better be coffee in that pot,”Ellen threatened, “Or someone with a bony butt is walking today.”

Kevin looked to me for help. “Kev, she's always like, this before her first cup." I said.

We headed for Ellen's Rav/4 and with Kevin driving,we headed for Cathy's and our lessons.

Things went just perfectly for Ellen and me again! Kevin and Doc were perfection as usual.

After our lessons, we sat with Cathy in her office and planned what we would do before leaving for the show on Tuesday. We agreed to show up tomorrow morning and pack her trailer with tools, trunks, and tack. Hay and grain were pre-ordered and would be waiting for us at our stalls.

We stopped at Micky D's for lunch on the way back to Swampscott. Only then did Vinny or Tina's name come up.

Speculation on how Vinny was dressing got more and more wild as our imaginations ran wild!

Ellen had him dressing like a hooker with 8” inch heels. Kevin figured he was doing Barbra Streisand impersonations while strutting back and forth on the stage. I thought he was acting as a waitress in the club dressed like a “Hooter Girl”, with a tight T-shirt and hot-pants.

Kevin got in his truck, promising to be back at 8 AM to pack up the dressing/storage room on her big horse trailer.

We went inside, all of a sudden she gasped,”Oh crap, I forgot to call Steve, and let him know he was covering the project next week.”

She ran to the phone and was able to reach Steve. I heard her tell him she and I would be gone from Tuesday through Friday at the horse show.

After laughing a bit, she hung up and said, “That son of a gun knew we were leaving Tuesday, just like I've done for the last four years, and guessed you would be with me. He wished us luck, and promised to see us Monday at 7 AM.

I smiled, “One less worry for us then, but what about Tina, isn't she showing?”

Ellen shrugged, “I thought so too but she hasn't had a riding lesson for an awfully long time. I'm going to call and find out if she's going to be there.

She tried calling Tina's cell phone, but it went to voice mail each time. She said,”I'll try again tomorrow.”

When the three of us arrived at Cathy's we couldn't believe what we saw!

There was Tina!

To be continued
Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh, for without her encouragement and assistance in correcting typos and sentence structure, this story would not be possible

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