Princess for Hire - The British Kid part 7.

Princess For Hire.
The British Kid
Part 7
by Angharad

Copyright© 2011 & 2016 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.


“Crikey, I feel absolutely cream crackered,” said Pauline to the others as they dragged themselves back towards their rooms.

“You what?” asked Becky Henderson.

“Knackered,” offered Pauline wondering why these colonials still claimed to speak English but couldn’t understand half of what she said. Becky still wasn’t sure. “Bushed, tired, exhausted, wabbit.”

“Did she say rabbit?” asked Ellie-Mae.

“Wabbit,” corrected Pauline, “it’s Scots for knackered.”

“Yeah, course it is, shoulda known that, girls, shouldn’t we...I mean we talk Scots all the time, don’t we?” They all laughed as their tired legs carried them up the stairs.

“That was some work out,” said Sarah pausing to give the others a hug before she went off to shower in her own bathroom.

“Yeah,” agreed the others arranging to meet so they could all go down to supper together. They barely had an hour to get themselves ready and Pauline didn’t know whether she wanted to sleep, wash or eat first. In the end Becky gave her the bathroom first so that decided things and she rushed through her shower knowing that Becky was waiting to use it.

The warm water helped ease her aching muscles but they were going to be tested again every day for the foreseeable future as the coach had insisted they needed to train that hard before the first football game the following week.

Zac and Caleb continued their plotting and they decided they’d get their revenge after the game against Mount Pleasant, they’d invite her to come and be thanked by the whole team after the game.

The extra burden of the exercise plus normal school curriculum and the worry of her father made Pauline seem very tired, so much so that Mr Uchiha sent her to see the school doctor. He was aware of the situation and decided on some blood tests. It seemed that both sex hormones were absent or practically so, so he prescribed an injection of oestrogen to be supported with tablets.

It took a few days but the effects began to kick in and Pauline started to feel more energetic and with the combination of exercise and increased appetite, she found her waist was toning nicely and her bras were too small.

On the day of the game, Elaine Sanderson came to give her protégés a warm up before hand which meant Zac wasn’t able to speak to any of them to implement his planned revenge. The rest of the team laughed at him. He was a good quarter back but that was all he was good at. Otherwise they saw him as a bully of smaller boys and the Princesses, all of whom tended to avoid him. Zac thought that was a sign of his power, everyone else saw it as a sign of desperation.

The game began and no quarter was given, each side determined to try to physically destroy the other, so much so that the referee actually spoke to both captains to tone down the physicality before someone got really hurt. In the last quarter as the cheerleaders were feeling as tired as the actual players Pauline tried to rouse her tired limbed ‘sisters’ into one last effort.

“Go Zac go,” they screamed as the quarterback initiated one final attack before he was hit very hard by the tackle of an opposing line backer. Pauline winced as she heard the thud of the two young men colliding. Zac stayed down when the tackler struggled to his feet. He lay there rather too still.

The first aiders rushed on to the field with the cheerleaders close behind. “Zac, c’mon, wake up,” called Pauline from behind a pair of paramedics who were checking him out.

“Anyone get the number of the truck?” he said quietly as they helped him to sit up. Two minutes later they helped him to his feet and the crowd roared in support. The Academy had won, they’d scored with the final touch of the ball. Zac was a hero and as he gathered his wits he saw the younger girl looking concerned for him and he smiled—his plan was coming together.

“We couldn’ta done it without you girls,” he said smiling at their anxious faces and he lumbered over towards them. “That’s the best cheerin’ you’ve ever done.”

“That’s because we have a new head cheerleader,” suggested Sophie, one of the Princesses who normally appeared as John.

“Is that right?” asked Zac.

“Yes,” continued Sophie, “Pauline has made a whole lot of difference to the cheerleaders.”

“So it takes a English girl to show you load of pussies how to do it? Makes some sort a sense I s’pose.”

“Are you all right, Zac?” asked Pauline watching him limping.

“I think a kiss would help it get better quicker,” he threw back at her and felt a warmth inside him as she blushed very red.

“I um...” she spluttered.

“Make him shower first or you’ll catch somethin’,” called Becky who didn’t like the boy but didn’t wish to see him hurt either.

“I wasn’t talkin’ to you, but to little Pauline here.” He put his arm round her shoulder. “Help me back to the changin’ rooms, will ya?” She could hardly refuse and she watched him being congratulated and high fived by his colleagues as they made their way beneath the bleachers where the changing rooms were. She went to escape his hold as they entered the room but he held on to her. “Come an’ let the rest of the gang thank you for the best cheer we’ve ever had,” he said as he pulled her into the changing room and one of his colleagues slammed the door shut.

“I er think I ought to leave now.”

“No you need to let every one of us say thanks, yes guys?” A rumble of agreement filled the room. Pauline felt very nervous. They all shook hands with her and she was dwarfed by their size which added to her anxiety.

“I have to be going, now.”

“Just a quick kiss first, you can’t deny me that.”

Oh shit, thought Pauline and she stepped towards him ready to peck him on the cheek. She did so blushed and stepped back quickly but he grabbed her arm. “Not so quickly, Princess, we have a tradition here, ya know...”

“What tradition?” asked Pauline feeling very uneasy.

“When we win, the head cheerleader and the quarterback, well see, she kisses him somewhere else. He began to push her down onto her knees and she suddenly realised what he was expecting. She nearly died.

“No,” she said loudly, “I won’t.”

“Oh yes you will, Princess, you ain’t gotta choice, either you suck it or I shove it somewhere else.”

“No I won’t.” She tried to stand but he held her down and started pulling his trousers down. “No,” she screamed as the team began clapping and chanting.

“Me next,” shouted Caleb.

“Noooo,” screamed Pauline trying to struggled free as the chanting grew to a frenzy. Despite her several beatings at schools in England no one had tried to sexually assault her, this was a new form of terror and as he pulled down his jockstrap to release his genitals, two things happened. The door burst open and Uchiha and Elaine Sanderson rushed into the room and Pauline thinking she was about to die anyway, punched the object of Zac’s affection as hard as she could.

Uchiha, who’d worked out what could be happening once Elaine told him the boys had taken Pauline into the changing rooms, got there just in time to see the kneeling girl poleaxe his quarterback with the best right hook he’d seen in a long time, albeit somewhat lower than is usually allowable under Queensbury rules.

Elaine grabbed the near hysterical girl and escorted her out of the room while Uchiha stayed behind and read the school’s equivalent of the riot act and this was just the start, he’d carpet them each individually if he didn’t actually suspend or expel them. His normally hidden temper was now exposed to the boys as a cold fury as he tore strip after strip off them. Kowalski wasn’t excused despite his recent injury, in fact Uchiha started on him first.

“What happened?” asked Becky once Pauline had managed to calm down enough to speak.

“He tried to force me to...” she couldn’t say it and a new flood of tears engulfed her.

“She was on her knees, work it out for yourself,” said Mizz Sanderson.

“Oh god,” said Becky almost turning green, “you poor girl.” She wrapped Pauline in a huge hug. Pauline just cried on her shoulder. A little later the whole squad escorted her back to her room, where with Becky beside her, she lay—still in her cheer costume—on the bed and wept. This was the worst day of her life since her mother had died.

Becky stayed with her and Andrew appeared with a tray of food from the refectory but neither of them felt hungry but they accepted his kindness and placed the food on her dressing table.

“What did you do to your hand?” asked Becky noticing the bruise that was appearing over the knuckles.

“I hit him, I think,” she sniffed.

“Where on the nose?”

“No in his gonads, I think.”

“You what?” she gasped and began laughing, “You decked a quarterback?”

“I think he fell down, why?”

“I can’t think of anyone who deserves a punch in the you know where, more than he does. Wait till I tell the others.”

“I’d prefer you didn’t.”

“Why? They’ll love it.”

“I don’t care, I don’t want anyone to know any part of me touched his disgusting body.”

Becky chuckled.

They finally got to shower and change and they even ate the rolls Andrew had brought them. Pauline was thinking it was too late put any makeup on and in fact all she wanted to do was go to bed and forget the day ever happened. Instead, a rap on her door meant she had to go and see who it was as she’d locked it in case any of the football team came to avenger her attack on Zac.

She was astonished to see Mr Uchiha was standing outside her door. “I’m sorry I caused you trouble, Sir.”

“D’you mind if I come in?”

“No,” she sniffed back the tears and stood aside for him to enter her room.

“It’s for me to apologise to you on behalf of the school.” He raised his hand to stop her interruption. “What those boys were thinking of, I do not know, but it brings the whole establishment into disrepute. I am punishing them severely and will probably expel Mr Kowalski as he seemed to be the ring leader.”

“Oh,” gasped Pauline.

“I’ve also decided to stop the Princess Project from today.”

“Oh, does that mean I have to leave and what about Becky and Sarah?”

“I’m calling an emergency meeting of the governors for next week and I’m going to tell them we’re going co-ed.”

“What, you’re going to have girls here?”

“We already have, Miss Burton, you and Sarah and Becky, so I think we’ll cope with a few more, don’t you?”

“I—I don’t know, it’s just that I thought you’d want me to go after all the fuss this...”

“What lose our best cheerleader—no way, José.”

She blushed.

Her phone rang and she glanced at it, to her astonishment it was Tim, her father. Ignoring the headmaster she answered it not knowing who might be actually calling from her father’s phone. If it was bad news, she might want Uchiha to stay.

“Hello?” she said anxiously.

“Hello Paulie,” said her father’s voice.

“Daddy, it’s you?”

“Yes, it’s me—can you talk?”

“Of course.”

“Good, is Becky with you?”

“No,” she said shaking her head in a reflex action.

“I hope she’s keeping an eye on my favourite girl.”

“She tries to,” said Pauline feeling tears run down her face.

“Good, you look just like your mother, d’you know that?”

“Do I?” a hundred thoughts were going through her head none of them making any sense. He knew she was dressing as a girl and he didn’t seem fazed by it.

“Yes, only prettier.”

“Oh, Daddy,” she said blushing as he chuckled.

“They’re moving me to a hospital nearer you, so you can come and see me more easily and today I managed to walk.”

“That’s wonderful,” she said as the tears rushed down her face.

“I just wanted to tell you.”

“I’m so glad you did, Daddy.”

“Yeah, well I have to go, it’s taken a bit out of me, but I wanted to let you know oh and I love you.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

“I know, Pauline, I know.” He rang off and she looked at the headmaster still sitting on her dressing table stool.

“That was your dad I take it?”

“He knows I’m a girl, he knows.”

“Yes he does.”

“You knew?”

“He called earlier on, asking about you. I told him that you were seeing a doctor for your gender condition. He said he understood and it explained quite a lot. He said he thought he’d dreamt you’d visited as a girl then when he spoke to the nurse on the unit, she told him he had a very lovely daughter who’d helped stabilise him when he was semi conscious.”

“You didn’t tell me?” she said angrily.

“He asked me not to because he was going to call you himself. I told him you were cheering for the football team and he was quite surprised at that, said you didn’t like vigorous exercise. I told him you were the head cheerleader and he said he obviously had some ground to make up with you.”

“But what if he doesn’t—like it?”

“He says it’s okay. Pauline, he’s going to take some time to recover and he wants you there to help him. He told me he’s finished with flying and that they’ve offered him a desk job when he recovers and he’s accepted because he wants to spend time with his daughter.”

“And they’re moving him here?”

“There’s a big military hospital about ten miles away, you can go and see him as often as you like.”

“And he wants me—he’s never wanted me before—I don’t know what to think.”

“I think your dad has had a life changing experience and wants to start again, with you.”

“Only because he can’t fly his wretched aeroplanes.”

“Actually, he said they thought he could but he’s decided that he needs to be there for you, so he’s giving up flying for you. I think they’re going to find him a job as a liaison officer between the RAF and the USAF.”

“Where this time?” Pauline wondered if she’d have to move again as soon as he was well.

“The military hospital is next to a big air force and army base, he seemed to think it would be there and he said he hoped it would be long enough for you stay here to continue your education.”

“What—I can stay here?”

“I’m rather hoping so, you see, I’m rather counting on you to be my first head girl.”

“What about Sarah or Becky—shouldn’t it be them, I’m a new comer who just upsets people.”

“They actually said you’d be a better choice—you’ve got more um—spirit, yes spirit.”

“You nearly said balls, didn’t you—well don’t worry, because as soon as I can I’m getting rid of them and I’m going to be a proper girl.”

Uchiha was blushing. “Yes I was going to say that. I apologise and while I hope you’ll resolve your gender situation sometime and we’ll help all we can, I think you should take your time and see how you really feel about more permanent changes.”

“But you asked me to be your head girl?”

“I did indeed, as you probably are already.”

“What, me?”

“Yes you, miss; the only reason we have such a good cheer team is because you got them up to scratch.”

“No, that was Ms Sanderdson, not me.”

“She said it was you, you really pushed yourself and they followed because they like you. They really do.”

“I can’t believe all this,” Pauline said sitting on the bed feeling totally bewildered.

“I couldn’t believe that right hook to Mr Kowalski’s um—“

“Balls?” offered Pauline and they both blushed and laughed.

The End.

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