Went Fringe-ing today

Well, today, I went Fringe-ing.

For those who don't know, The Fringe is a local festival of the arts, with plays, buskers, and food trucks.

I went in a blue skirt and matching top, and wondered around, looking at the sights, applauding the buskers, and in true Fringe style, I picked a play based on the short blurb in the program to watch.

Throughout all of this, I passed without notice - unremarkable, undistinguished, essentially ... invisible.

I am not sure how someone like me has managed to achieve what is only a dream for many trans people, but there I was, "passing", without really even trying.

The downside of my day was that I had gone alone, and I think Fringe-ing, like a great many other things, is often better when done with a friend ...

Ah, well.

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