Halloween Ashley

Ashley was standing in just her panties and bra while her mother was being rather overly happy with her idea for Ashley's costume.

"No! I have a perfectly good costume in my room!" Indeed since the fallout of Ashley's exposure as Joshua's twin sister at school three weeks ago he had lots and lots of help from 'friends' getting his costume ready. The costume started off as a generic plastic Ironman costume available at most retail outlets. Since then, with friends help all wanting to get a glimpse of Ashley, the costume had been modified and built up. The hands didn't just have a white spot painted on but LED lighting behind them, the chest reactor was now the original round one and not the triangle one. It had taken them a bit to get it looking like a real one via plans from the internet.

The plan was simple Josh was going to go to the costume dance as himself in an ironman costume. Simple right.

"Ashley you know that this event is for charity. Now put on this slip so we can put on the petticoat."

"I'll look like a daddy's girl!"



The weeks since the excapade at the school had been trying for Josh. While he enjoyed the attention he got from people who were sure he was not Ashley but her brother, there was a major downside to it as well. This also meant that Ashley Greer had to be scene going to and from school. The way this was accomplished was that Ashley would show up on weekends at the Sister Margrette's and attend classes on Saturday. Ashley was now listed as a part time student. Basically she would do most of her classes from home during the week and attend school on Saturday's.

Nobody really thought this was strange since there was many girls that did this. Add in Ashley's fame and it was kind of understandable that she was a busy girl. Indeed she or rather he was. Having a double course load of schooling to take, even with his mom's help, took alot out of him. They were only keeping this up for as long as Ashley had to be around.

Alex was working on trying to get Ashley to fade away behind the scenes but Extreme Bash was turning out to be quite popular. Indeed the ratings on the show, as well as sponsors signing up for the right to display the girls, were lining up for the tween sensation. Tina and Ashley had already modeled a few Asian dresses for a local clothing store that quickly sold out of the outfits the girls had modeled on the one Extreme Bash show.

As far as his school was concerned Joshua was active, very active in the motocross scene. Indeed he had missed school a few days to attend meets. In reality it was those days that Ashley was around for the show. Alex, Tanya and Josh all knew nobody could keep up such a pace. Josh desperatly wanted to end his times as Ashley and yet...

"Oh come on sweetie. It's not that bad. See the blouse and skirt fit you perfectly!"

Ashley turned to the mirror in her mothers room and looked at herself in the mirror. Her waist was compressed by a new and tighter cincher to give her a smaller waist. She wore a white blouse whose short sleeves were puffy looking. The regular lapels didn't show that much as the blouse buttoned up right to the neck. Strangely the neckline didn't choke her like the boy's dress shirt did.

The blouse was tucked into a pink poodle skirt, with her trademark picture imprinted on it on one side, that fit her like a glove at the waist and made her waist look even smaller than it really was. On the bed was a 50's era style sweater, in pink, that would go over the blouse.

"But I wanted to be Ironman for Halloween!"

"That's nice dear. However, as you know full well, Joshua is going to be with the sponsers for his next meet so he can't be in two places as once." How they found a guy that looks a lot like him, abit with a deeper voice, was beyond her. All it took was a sweet Ashley ask and cheek kiss and 'Joshua' was seen around at various meets with sponsors. The guy couldn't ride worth crap though. Josh so wanted to be out flying or even clunking around in his costume.

"Here Ashley sit down on the bed and put on these socks."

"Bobby socks with pompom's? Really?"

"Yep! Aren't they so cute?"

"Whatever." Ashley sighed as it was apparent she wasn't getting out of this.

Ashley knew that the girls at her school, and at his school as well, were going in variations of Ashley and Tina costumes or thereabouts. Some were going as princess versions, others as comic book characters but with Ashley or Tina hints to them. Really it was kind of over the top. Everyone wanted to go as they thought either of them would dress up as for Halloween.

In point of fact Tina, with her blonde hair, was going as Olivia Newton John's character Sandy at the the end of Grease. While Ashley got to go as the typical girly girl of the 1950's with the whole Daddy's girl look. Her red hair with it's mass of curls as held behind her head with a white overly large hair clip. Unlike it's usual semi dark shine this time it was more lustrous. Mostly because this was her hair's real color now. The temp color to return it to normal as Josh was washed out.

Her mother had done that simply because of the amount of time she was spending as a girl lately. The temp dye wasn't that good for the way people were now rubbing her hair or feeling it. Where as Josh his hair was almost always hidden and never touched.

In a way it was depressing at just how much more of a girl she looked lately. The constant wear of the old cincher had changed her shape slightly. So much so that as a boy she had the beginnings of feminine looking hips. Her mother told her she was exaggerating when she mentioned this during one of their mother daughter outings.

Since the exposure of Ashley she and her mother had been going out to malls to do some shopping for more regular girl's wear. This prompted quite a few signings of autographs. While her mother was in heaven having a daughter to dote on she was of mixed feelings. Being her mother's daughter part time was nice in a way but she still preferred to be male most of the time.

The local paper had run a small history of Ashley, courtesy of some of Alex's friends, and one she had to memorize. It was like Ashley was a real person. There was pictures, god knows where they came from, of her as a little girl in Christmas pageants and gymnastics. Worse yet there was people claiming they had gone to school with her in elementary before her parents had pulled her out of public school. There was even a picture of a grown up Ashley in a pretty dress in blue sitting on her father's knee beside her mother while Joshua was standing in the background as a family portrait downstairs.

"Here Ashley let me touch up that black around your eye."

The black star around her eye was a recent addition. With the exposure of 'Ashley the schoolgirl', and there were far to many pictures floating around of her in her school uniform, it was decided that her previous look was not that much different from her now normal daytime makeup. Thus they introduced this new eight pointed start, in black, around her eye. There was four long points going straight up and down and across her nose and four smaller ones diagonal.

Of course the fans absolutely loved it. Many girls had been told to wash off the makeup at school when they tried to copy it. Even Tina hated it at first, but as soon as the fans loved it, adopted a look of her own. Tina now sported a red fox over her own eye. And yep the fans loved it.

"Oh I'm so proud of how my daughter looks tonight!" her mother had tears in her eyes.


"You have made me the happiest mother around Ashley. I can't thank you enough for that. But..." and here she paused as her face went to a more serious look" I will find a way for you to be you again Josh."

"I know mom." she said with love. Strangely she still had a really hard time lately doing her Josh voice as a girl.

She knew she wasn't a girl. Yet when she was a girl it was like she was the best girl she could be. Where it came from neither she nor her new therapist could answer that yet. Her mother had thought it best to bring her to a therapist after she had dressed as a girl on her own accord. At first the therapist was all gung ho for her to go on hormone medication and the whole trans thing. It had taken more than a few sessions to get her to realize that it was the wrong course to take.

Her therapist still believed that Ashley was more of a real personification of who she was than Josh was but was currently thinking that she needed time to come to this realization herself. Personally she thought she was a quack. He was a boy and nothing would ever change that. Being Ashley was only a temporary thing. Her mother was looking for a new therapist.

She grabbed her sweater and put it on like her mother had shown her earlier. Only the top button of the sweater was done up while the rest was left open. She didn't even put her arms into the sleeves. Really the whole look when she looked in the mirror reminded her of her grandma.

"Grab your purse Ashley it's time to go."

"Yes mother"

"Oh don't be a spoils sport. You'll have fun sweetie trust me it's only for a few hours."

"OH No! Not the few again!"

"Okay four hours tops."

"You know how I feel about the 'few' thing! Ashley was only supposed to be around for a few days. Look at me!" Ashley spread her arms to emphasize her point.

"Sorry honey it... got out of hand."

"You think!"

"I'll make it up..."

"Yeah right! Like you made it up to me by letting some smuck ride my new bike around as me..."

"Honey I explained that already. Boys are not looked at as closely as girls. It was easier to find someone to pose as Josh than someone to be you. Face it Ashley. Your unique as a girl."

"Fine! Let's get to this farce of a dance."

One of the more recent additions to the house was a small garage that was attached to it, still not quite finished. Alex had gotten some woodworking show to donate most of the work on the garage as part of their program. Ashley had to make an appearance of course, in a pair of denim jeans and a colorfully painted 'old paint stained' t shirt that put her cleavage on display. More than a few of the younger guys had hammered their hands during the shoot of the garage going up.

The smell of the new wood still permeated the garage as they locked up the house and got into the Focus. The shoot and garage had all been done over a weekend. They had come by during the week and poured the cement pad and driveway to the house. She had no idea what the cost was but she was told it was covered. Serving the boys pizza, even if it was take out placed into paper plates, had felt so demeaning. For the camera Ashley was seen sawing wood with a guy patiently showing her how. In reality she knew full well how to saw a board and the ass had fast hands.

Still it was a place she could enter the car and leave the house with out any of the paparazzi people exposing her outfit before she showed up at the dance. The dance was really a fundraiser for the local Canadian Legion, where it was held. The Canadian Legion are places were veterans go for meals mostly but it was also a bingo hall and a school of sorts for those veterans looking for ways to renter general population.

The best way to think of them as a whole was a place devoted to WWII Veterans and their history of that time. At least that was the way she thought of them. Her mother had already volunteered her to spend a few weekends, in her school uniform after classes, selling poppys at a local grocery store.

In this case, the legion happened to be only three blocks from her house so the drive was short. A side entrance via a blocked off area that was actually on a neighboring food supply property, was where they were going. As the car approached they saw that the street was already packed. And that people were recognizing the car as some came up and tried to look in. Thankfully the dark of the night combined with street lights made that impossible.

Ashley turned to her mom as a though occured to her.

"Can I get my own car?"

Shaken and shocked at how totally out of left field the question came Tandy turned to look at her daughter, a daughter she was seeing her own counselor for.


"Well a focus isn't your typical uh person of fame car you know."


"And I was thinking that it might be a good idea for me to get my own car..."

"When your sixteen we will discuss this."

"But mother.."

"Don't 'but mother' me young lady. I was a young girl once too that wont work on me. The answer is not till your sixteen and that's final."

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