What I did over my summer.

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I hate school uniforms.

4 months ago I didn't have a uniform. I had just graduated from middleschool, no fanfare, no ceremony just you have finished grade 6 here is your report card. I was also a normal male boy, loved soccer, wanted to learn about football, basketball, and softball. Girls were starting to look interesting in my classes. I never wanted to be one nor even had once thought about wearing anything remotely feminine.

Our long time neighbor was the old Professor Mckinny. She was a professor at the local university. She had ten-year when she decided to transition to female. At 6'2" she was kinda homely and never really looked all that female but out of respect we referred to her as female. The university had not tried to get rid of her, they are too smart for that. Instead they just never assigned anyone to her classes. She had them till she died an empty classroom which she showed up dutifully everyday she could. It was a sad story.

She just did research on magic. She just studied it and all its forms through literature and what not. Completely legal research as she did not practice it. Apparently its illegal to practice magic, however studying it is perfectly fine. Interesting legal system we have. For the past two years I would go over and perform small maintenance services. Like cut grass weed flowerbeds, shovel snow in winter. Take her recyclables and garbage to the curb stuff like that.

Her house is a quaint older house. At one point it was probably fancy upper middle class, now the houses on either side of it are bigger. Our house has 3 bedrooms on the second floor, a full attic for storage, 2 car garage, big kitchen, living room, game room, and then a full basement. The basement has the laundry room with a big sink in it, still not sure what that is for, a hot tub in its own room, and then there is the utility room. But most of the space is dedicated to the various exercise machines. The walls of our house have wood on lower half and drywall on the upper half. Its a really neat theme and I like it. Its just my mom and I since it was really dads life insurance that bought it. I miss him and I know mom does as well as many a time I see her holding his picture and crying. He died about 3 years ago. He was driving his hybrid car when a semi truck plowed right through the car. I don't know the details of who was in the wrong.

I have to say though Professor Mckinny sure tried hard to be a woman. Couldn't cook or bake worth beans though. Her house was always homey though very comfy, you kinda just relaxed walking into the parlor as she called it. She also had this thing, she always referred to me as a girl unfortunately, all those years of looking at old scripture had taken its hold on her eyes. I am or was a boy I even had the beginnings of a moustache. My name is Kerry Phillips to her I was Carrie Phillips. I just accepted it as a quirk and did what was needed and got paid. I rode a skateboard in those days. My hair was a dirty blond color that I kept fairly short for easy maintenance. I had a few friends that I would hang with during and after school.

One day last june just before school let out for the summer I came home to find ambulances parked infront of her house and the fire truck infront of mine. It scared me I thought MOM. It wasn't mom but the professor had passed away from old age. Her heart just gave out and had dialed 911 before passing on. The last day of school and the following days all kind of lumped together as we went to the funeral for her. It was Mom, myself , her solicitor and two colleagues from work. Her family had estranged her years ago and would not even come to the funeral. I have never been much of a person that cry's but that time I did.

During the week that followed the solicitor told us that she had bequeathed her home and all her belongings to us. It was a really nice thought and we appreciated it. Mom and I would go through the house looking at everything and in some cases bringing some antiques to our house. For example although I didn't need it I got a sweet bedroom suite out of it with a canopy bed. The suite came with a vanity all in oak. Mom didn't want to separate the set. The canopy itself was missing but the framing for it was there. The vanity mirror was cracked which I didn't care about but I thought it would make a nice desk for doing homework on. There was also a frame for a full mirror but it was missing the backing and glass as well. That we just shoved under the bed till mom could find someone good at fixing it.

Unfortunately wind to the relatives got around and an injunction was placed on the house till any family heirlooms and such were settled. One day while were gone shopping we came back and the house had been ransacked, all the remaining good furniture and china were gone. It seems the garage was used as a dump for all her stuff. The rest of that once beautiful house was trashed though. The police couldn't link the crime to anyone. In our neighborhood if you didn't know to look you wouldn't see anything. All they got was it was a moving van unmarked, rented most likely and they only got smudged fingerprints that may or may not belong to the thieves.

The relatives blamed us and in small claims court it was dismissed by the judge. I still think they are to blame for it the cretins. So now instead of going through and figuring out what to sell or give to charity we were stuck with cleaning up broken bits and trash. It was my job to go through the garage which smelled. I think they dumped a bunch of chemicals onto her stuff, I had to wear a mask and have the door open. All her clothing we put into an incinerator unfortunately because of the smell. After cleaning up all that clothing and other cloth like bedding towels an so forth, there wasn't much left out of the ordinary for a garage. A bunch of papers in boxes that the university was interested in that managed to survive the chemical spill mostly. A snowblower was wedged into a corner that looked new even though it was 9 years old. Same with a lawnmower. These we took home with us. That left the boxes of stuff. There was a box of what can only be mastectomy breast forms and what mom said was a latex vagina. I put these aside for some reason. I should have put them in the incinerator.

The rest of the stuff was newspapers, plastic bags folded down cardboard boxes, some old tin vans with nails, screws, and other small hardware. I was just about finished and mom had taken a load to goodwill when I got curious about the forms. I don't know why but I had to look again. I opened the box and touched them I got a shock from static electricity or so I thought. I put the lid back on and put the box on a shelf closed and locked up the garage and house.

Over the next few days I found myself drawn back to that darn box again and again. On night I even woke up to find myself in the garage with box in hand. It was getting weird. I went home and got into bed. I vaguely remember the next few days as being filled with fevers. Mom later told me that she got worried and had called the doctor who said it was probably the flu. One night mom said I was covered in sweat and was thrashing in the bed when she came in and I screamed in my sleep that I needed the forms and vagina. Fearing the worst she went and got them for me. Somehow in that state I grabbed them and put them on just like that. I apparently settled into a deep sleep.

I woke the next morning to find my pajama top above my arms and my hand in the bottoms. I looked and on my chest were breasts. I cried for mom of course. She said I demanded them in my sleep and they were just the forms and thing from the garage. I felt relieved they were fake.

Well they were not as i found out when I tried to take them off. Somehow the forms and vagina became a real part of me. This warranted a trip to the doctor. She examined me and told my mom that yes her daughter was all healthy and from the looks should ovulate soon. Mom explained what happened the doctor prescribed her some antidepressants and to take a few days off from work. The doctor just corrected my medical information to read Carrie Anne Phillips age 14 female. I still think it should have been harder but something else seemed to be at work to smooth things over.

During the rest of summer my hair grew out at a really good rate of an inch per day. My body continued to feminize with a smaller waist. My body hair and facial hair disappeared. Except a small patch above my now vagina. My face softened and according to mom became quite pretty. I refused to wear makeup or anything. Mom tried saying that this was now what I am and should learn to be a proper girl young lady. I got railroaded with girl lessons over that summer. I did enjoy that girl thing and yep im fertile and can have babies. I didn't take that well I spent the night in the bottom of my closet huddled under a blanket.

My Hair finally stopped growing before school was to start. It reached the middle of my back. Mom took me to a salon and had it done in a current long hair girl style. I have never been one for hairstyles but this was a simple one I could put in a pony tail or leave down with a few simple brushes looked descent. I was not happy when mom took me to school before classes were to start. The principal just looked at me and said I had finally budded and will have little choice but to get rid of my tomboy ways. I was issued a uniform after some measuring by the lady who does the uniforms. I was hoping for the guys uniform of slacks and white shirt with sweatshirt and tie. Nope I got the girls uniform. While soft polyester blouse with peter pan collar, fake pearl buttons, poofy short sleeves, pleated tartan skirts, and a black blazer with the school crest over a pocket that was apparently optional in summer but required in fall and winter. The tennis skirt with white tennis top and the sweater with buruma shorts were the gym clothes. The tennis skirt was for badminton, handball, and tennis. The other was for gymnastics, volleyball, and ballet/dance class.

I was in the school as a girl now, it seemed to happen so fast and with way to much ease. It freaked out Mom and I. When we got home I went to look at the box that started all this and under the styrofoam I found a letter. Mom and I read the letter together.

Dear Carrie.

I know you are a young one just like me. To save you the pain of what I went through I have crafted a spell on these forms and vagina. Once you put them on they will be a part of you and give you that which would be denied you otherwise. To the outside world you will have always been a girl. May you have many children.

I realize the experience may be a bit overwhelming for you. I do not mean to frighten you. I do not truly know what this spell will do for you as after all my years of research I hope this will do what I believe it will. It took most of the energies I had to make these for you and I doubt that I will be alive in the next day because of that. I will think of you always as my granddaughter.

Love Elizabeth Mckinny

Press here please.

Which I did and the letter turned to dust. Mom and I were speechless. I then spent the rest of night explaining to mom I had never said I wanted to a be a girl once or even thought it. I don't think she believed me very well though.

The first day of school I was so nervous about being made fun of by the other kids. I couldn't eat breakfast because I knew it wouldn't stay down. The walk to the school kinda helped a bit. I kept my head down and just walked one foot infront of the other. I don't think anyone recognized me anyways. Just me and my purse walked into that room with all the girls and boys waiting on their seats to be called forward to receive their class info. I swear they could hear my knees knocking before I even made it to my chair. I barely remembered to sweep my hand under that blasted skirt and to keep my knees together. I have a bit of a hard time with that, I keep wanting to spread my knees apart to get comfortable.

Of course I got called as soon as I sat down infront of everybody. Miss Carrie Anne Phillips rang through the auditorium. I got up and got my schedule, when I turned around I saw some of the girls mouths open and a few weird looks on the guys faces. I couldn't take it and burst into tears and ran from the room. I don't recall where I ran or even how I ended up there but when my sniffles left off a bit I found myself in the old middle school gymnasium out in the yard, I haven't been in here in years but I guess it was a safe spot. I was there for awhile by myself and im sure my face looked awful from the tears. When I did finally get up I found a small crowd of girls waiting I guess they heard me but didn't want to intrude. I gathered the shreds of my courage and slide down the slide. I know bad idea in a skirt but I didn't care.

I got to bottom and turned to face them expecting them to give me a talking down of some sort. To my disbelief they came and hugged me ...all of them. They said I was very brave to drop the whole tomboy thing and embrace being a girl. In a huddle we moved to the school doors inside the doors were my previous two best friends. We used to play soccer together and everything. All they said was I looked good and guess the soccer days are over. I agreed, then Tommy wondered if I would be interested in doing the whole girlfriend thing some night. I couldn't believe it he was hitting on me!

The girls escorted me nosily to my first class complementing my look the whole time. The class was our 3rd of the day, English Literature or we just call it lit. The teacher did the time old assignment of write what you did over the summer girls. Its a girls class. The boys class is across the hall something about less distractions and peer pressure.

So thats why I am here in my first class writing 'what I did over the summer' essay. I don't think people will believe it. I know I wouldn't.

Carrie Anne Phillips.

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