New School: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure, Part 3

New School: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure, Part 3
By Krista

“You go with the girl to the gym, curious of what is going on.”


Well, this will probably work like Pickles, the other adventure by Melanie E. I'll give you some choices for you t3o vote on and voting closes exactly 24 hours after I have posted. The most popular choice will be written, followed by more choices. It is possible that it won't be exactly realistic, but I'll do my best.


New School

Page 3

You feel a bit embarrassed being dragged by a girl towards the gym, but you are curious and you can’t deny that she isn’t cute. And why go and sit an hour outside the office and wait for it to open? You look at the girl and notice she’s indeed one of the cheerleaders in a cute short skirt. You are surprised when she suddenly talks to you.

“So what’s your name? I’m Jessica, call me Jess.”

“I’m Sam. What was that about a banner?” You ask curiously.

“We are having a fundraising on wednesday to get a professional band for the fall dance, with only two evenings left we began early this morning before school begins. So Sam, or should I call you Samantha?” She asks with a smile.

“No, uhh… Sam is okay…” You say uncertainly, not sure if she’s joking or teasing you.

“You have cute outfit, Sam. I really like it.” Jess tells you.

“Oh thanks, I think.” You blush slightly thinking that she must be teasing as you enter the gym filled with girls.

“Hey girls! This is Sam, our new cheerleader.” Jess calls out.

“Uh-oh!” Your life just turned down another notch. ‘They’ll kill me if I tell them that I’m really a boy.’ You think as the girls surround you, greet and hug you. You return the hugs blushing furiously.

“Let’s go girls! School is in 45 minutes. Sam, please help Kim and Sandra put up the banner.” You move up one ladder holding one end of the banner with Kim following you closely to attach it to the wall, while Sandra holds the other end. About 15 minutes later you are finished and climb down again.

You approach Jess. “Umm Jess, do you know the way to the school office, I need to register.”

“Me, Mary and Annie will come with you and show you in a moment. Is that okay?” She asks and turn to you.

“Yes. Anything else you need help with?” You ask being helpful.

“No, all is now good. Come after classes if you can.” You sit down on a chair and watch the girls doing different tasks.

“Hey girl, we’re ready to escort you!” You look up slightly embarrassed and nod. You follow the three girls as they begin gossiping. Soon you arrive outside the office and enter.

“I’ll see you later! hanks!” You say and approach the reception.

“See you Samantha!” You hear them say as you put your bag down.

“I’m Sam Jones and I’m here to register.” You say.

“Welcome to our school!” The receptionist say and enter ‘Samantha Jones’ onto the computer. “Hmm… The computer can’t find you. Did you send your papers in?” She asks and look up.

“Yes, mom did!” You confirm.

“I’ll look for them. Just a second.” She tells you and leaves into the backroom. You check your bag and wonder if your sis forgot her stuff in it, but soon the receptionist returns. “I found them. Please sit as I’ll add these to the system. I’ll soon have your schedule, locker and student ID ready for you.”

You nod and sit waiting, meanwhile checking your bag. You find some female hygiene products, lip gloss, mascara and a pair of panties. You feel color once more rising to your face. You are surprised as suddenly the receptionist calls you and you move over.

“I have everything ready. Keep your ID on you always, this is your locker key and your schedule. Then your gym clothes, you can get from the storage down the stairs and immediately to the right.”

“Okay, thanks!” You gather everything in your bag and leave. You decide to go gather your gym outfit immediately. You head downstairs and enter the storage.

“I’m here for my gym outfit.” You say showing your ID.

“Allright,” the man tell you, “I’ll look up your info.” He check the computer and quickly gather everything. “Your t-shirt, shorts, tracksuit and swimsuit. I saw you earlier with the cheerleaders, have you joined them?”

“No, I’m considering it.” You lie.

“You should. There’s a lot opportunities for cheerleaders and I’m sure you would suit their needs.” You smile toward him and leave hastily.

You check your schedule as you head towards the classrooms and notice you have almost two hours before your first class. You turn towards the doors and sit by the exit. Suddenly the cheerleaders appear. “Hey Sam. We are going to buy some stuff. We got permission to leave. Want to go with one of us?”

“Uh, why not?”

“With who?”

1. With Jessica’s group. A sexy girl.
2. With Mary’s group. A shy girl.
3. With Annie’s group. A well made girl.
4. With Kim’s group. A gorgeous girl.
5. With Sandra’s group. A pretty girl.


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