Righting Wrongs Part 8

The rest learn the big news. School dance leads to a bad night for Reed. Dan hits a new low with the family. Kylie shines among people who knew her past. And new neighbors for the group?

Broken Phoenix Chapter 1

“I’m on the run, nowhere to go. Living where I can.” Those are the thoughts that are running rampant in the head of 7 year old Kyle. Kyle tries to forget what happened to his family, but he cannot out of fear for his life. What does life have in store for Kyle? Will he find the meaning of life? Or will he live in agony for the rest of his life?

Chapter One:

Righting Wrongs Part 6

Anne finds another victim then lays down the law. Reed gets stuck going to a guy's night out leading to revelations that changes the group dynamic. A date turns into a typical Finn disaster.

Righting Wrongs Part 5


Chapter 10
While Reed was learning to defend himself Anne Connors was working hard on Reed and Kylie’s case. She had been in contact with State Police investigators about abuse allegations against Kylie’s former teacher and added her thoughts on what Kylie had said. She had secretly been in contact with the school’s current principal to keep him under surveillance and obtain the old footage from the days Kylie was in school.

Righting Wrongs Part 4


Chapter 8
Olivia’s talk with Valerie didn’t go unnoticed and Reed felt extremely embarrassed over it. He just wanted John to speak with Mr. Sky, he didn’t want to start a war with him. Mr. Sky was a bit of a jerk but Reed respected him for trying to keep the class in order. This was going to be a big problem when he got back to school.

Righting Wrongs Part 3


Chapter 6
Kylie was entertaining the girls as Reed and Jaimie walked downstairs. She was acting like a whole new person ever since Kennedy and Willie talked with them earlier. Instead of the quiet, scared 8 year old brother he saw a happy, fun 8 year old sister.

Righting Wrongs Part 2


Chapter 4
Both boys screamed at hearing that name. Nichole. They knew that name, they feared it. She was the innocent girl their father almost killed trying to get at Jaimie. Kevin begged them not to do that to them. Anne had to assure them she wouldn’t do that, they would find someone else to help them.

Her Fondest Wish 1

Ariana has two wishes. First, because she was born assigned the wrong gender, her fondest wish is that she could be a fully functioning woman with a vagina and uterus. Secondly, she wants to be a little girl because her first childhood sucked, and because her fondest kink is to be "molested" by a loving adult. In this story, she meets someone who makes both her wishes come true.

“Her Fondest Wish”
By = Sure As Elle

“All strapped in and comfortable, my dear?”

I nodded. “I’m ready, Javier.”

Book 08: Righting Wrongs

Reed and Kevin are the two youngest members of the most hated family in Winnisimmet, Massachusetts. Their family is notorious for their hatred of another family, the Finns. But are they like their relatives? Can they escape their relatives' reputations and histories? Can they find family who accepts them for who they are and see that what they were isn't who they are or what they will always be?

Book 8 in the Winnisimmet Tales Universe

The events of "Heading East- Toro Family" take place before, during, and after this series.

Right Place, Right Time Part 12- Finale


Chapter 25
Richard visited Jaimie after Dr. Eliza left and took over watching her from Miles. He knew exactly what Nichole had done and what happened to her and knew Jaimie needed him. John and Valerie were waiting for his turn watching over Jaimie and gave him instructions on what she could and couldn’t do yet knowing he would follow them to the letter. Jaimie held him tight as she sat up in the bed, needing his closeness more than anything else at that moment.

Right Place, Right Time Part 11


Chapter 23
The next morning Hannah was unusually quiet and was clearly troubled. Nigel and Karen had to sit her down and talk with her about the night before, Bryan and Nichole kept away so they could talk in private.

Right Place, Right Time Part 8


Chapter 17
The sun set over the water and the group started to disperse. Plans were made to return during the next weekend with a smaller group expected. Nichole and Daisy hugged deeply as Daisy, Lilly, and Claire left. Karen whispered to Daisy “we owe you a lot.” Daisy nodded and added “mommy said to be good to her and I like her, she is different than the older ones.”

Right Place, Right Time Part 6


Special thanks to Eric, SamanthanMD, Rhona McCloud, Julia Phillips, and Sophie Jones for the suggestions on sites to visit!
Chapter 13
Nigel picked up Nichole and held her close, whispering into her ear “we appreciated our time together; it’s sometimes how people who care a lot about one another express their feelings. I like Karen as a person and she liked me and on the spur of the moment we felt close enough to express that feeling to one another by a kiss.”

Right Place, Right Time Part 5


Chapter 11
Breakfast was a hearty meal as they expected to be out for several hours. John suggested they order “full English” breakfasts so they could say they tried it at least once. The food scared the teens but after some goading and prodding among one another they all tried the black pudding and mixed veggies. They weren’t big fans of the mushrooms but that was universal for them, they never at them at home either.

Right Place, Right Time Part 4


Chapter 9
The next morning Nichole was feeling terrible. The activities of that evening took a lot out of her emotionally and she was drained. Karen had to coax her to change from her pajamas and eat breakfast. The twins kept close to her, not wanting to let her out of their sight nor let anyone get close to her.

Right Place, Right Time Part 3


Chapter 7
John was excited about the day despite the rocky start. They were visiting the Tower of London! It is one of the most famous sites in the entire world and one that he personally could not visit the UK without having seen in person. He was willing to visit it alone if he had to, but thankfully all the others wanted to see it as well.

Right Place, Right Time Part 2


Chapter 5
Nichole slept soundly that night. Karen checked on her a couple of times before falling asleep but Nichole didn’t make a sound. The next morning the four went down to breakfast and endured constant questions about Nichole’s night. Karen tried to keep quiet about it, not wanting to upset Nichole but relaying to Olivia and Valerie that they definitely needed to go shopping for her if only to get her some decent clothing and pajamas.

Right Place, Right Time Part 1


Nigel Smith is a hardworking single dad. He is also a highly trained nurse who over the years has earned a reputation for his fairness and compassion. Sadly in the eyes of his employers he doesn’t work long or hard enough and often has to correct his needed time off to avoid needed to hire a sitter for his daughter.

Chasing the White Rabbit: A TG Mixed Tape

Chasing the White Rabbit

A TG Mixed Tape

(Curated by PersnicketyBitch)

A princess. A tower. A dragon. Siblings trying to stay safe within a despotic regime. Two trans women swap bodies. For all these stories and more, hit play on the first TG Mixed Tape for 2016. Featuring contributions from Jenny North, Kara Ryker, Hikaro, PersnicketyBitch, Melange, Miss_Void and Trismegistus Shandy.

Alex & Chris Chapter 65

Alex &Chris
By Sharphawlad

Chapter 65. The School trip to France.

Alison came to see Alexis. “I have been talking to some of the youngsters who have recently returned from a school exchange visit to the south west of France. Saskia and the hobbits were most annoyed at what has been happening. They want to send the imps in to the French to teach them a lesson in hospitality.”

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip chapter 29

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip
by Sharphawlad

Chapter29. Cousin Adrienne.

Lucy noticed all the villagers where kneeling down and then crouched right down. She saw a child looking round in awe at what was happening. The child then spoke.

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip chapter 27

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip
by Sharphawlad

Chapter 27. Coronation in St. Petersburg

In-groups they all departed in Black Russian cars. Eventually all had gone but Lucy, Wilma, Alexis & Willie. Grandpa Willie as you are my top man you had better hold my hand and Grandma Wilma & Cousin Alexis can walk behind us. Will Fiona and the other little ones be waiting for us as I do not want to go ahead if they are not?"

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip chapter 40

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip
by Sharphawlad

Chapter 40. Willies new Home.

Margarita looked around at her new home. She could look across to where Lucy was now living. The younger children only had to go through a gate and past the Catholic church of St Stephen and walk about 100 metres and they where at school. The older girls on the other hand had to travel half a mile to the bus station and there get the school bus that took them directly to their school.

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip chapter 24

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip
by Sharphawlad

Chapter 24. Explosion in Sheep town.

Max thought for a moment and said, "Can you arrange transport to take both of them to the Norwegian Consulate in Newcastle and they will take over their care then. If anybody queries these instructions say they came directly from Queen Olga of Norway who is concerned for her brother in law and great niece." Max then telephoned the consulate who promised they would get them to safety.

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip chapter 23

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip
by Sharphawlad

Chapter 23. Car & Train races

Willie, "Well Duke Brandenburg I think us boys should stick together so I will drive the other train and lets see if we can beat the ladies."

Max carried a very tired Lucy to the stateroom while Louise pushed her sister Lucinda. "You know Lucy is correct about the family. You and Max are ideally placed to both log all those affected and give them a full medical at the same time."

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip chapter 17

William Church and the Scandinavia Trip
by Sharphawlad

Chapter17. Arrival at the military base.

The arrival of Louis Battenberg personal helicopter caused some consternation and alarm at the camp especially when the troops realised they were getting a visit by top brass. It did not take long for the entire camp to be lined up in the parade ground.

Willie took hold of Lucy's hand, "They expect us to inspect them so we have to see they are perfect."

My Safe Place


My Safe Place

Chapter 1

Ten Year Old Kiara, has a hard life and a hard journey to go through. It's hard to start transitioning, when she has an unsupportive parent. Will Kiara be able to live her life the way she wants, or will she fail?

Copyright © 2016 Natasa Dot Org. All Rights Reserved.

Heir to a Title - Chapter 12

Novel 1 Chapter 12

On the Tuesday Afternoon, as agreed, Ellie left work early to collect her dad and child preparatory to visiting the Speedwell that was docked and currently discharging at the container berth further down the quay from Beverly’s office. Beverly had also left to collect her brood from school and they briefly confirmed the arrangements for meeting back at the ship that evening. Ellie picked Callum up from school as pre-arranged and then collected her dad from their cottage. While Callum was changing out of school uniform Ellie briefed her dad.

Little Boy-Girl/Girl-Boy the Flash Backs

The stories in the segment are from the kids lives before and while in the group home.
Then how they fell and how happy they are now.

I know this is odd but this is my outlook on things

Little Boy-Girl 2

This story looks at the other Trans-Girls and brings their new life to light. Riley and Mackenzie start things and we'll look back at some of the others in the story. Then look at how they get along with the other Trans-Girls. Then we show what happens to a new bully that has to go to the new school and has to wear the girls uniform.

Little Boy-Girl/Girl-Boy Tales

The stories in this segment are mainly about the kids. The problems they have dealt with and the aftermath. Then the Happy Family they become in the end. It starts with Jamie and will end with Kayla Ray. Flash Backs will finish with Kayla Ray.

Nowhere To Run: Chapter 15


Isisraxtosa: Nowhere To Run

Chapter 15

No one knows what the future holds. Everyone has a prediction. It doesn't mean it will come true. That's what one child learn in this futuristic story.

Copyright © Natasa Jacobs Org. All Rights Reserved.

The Lyssa Kordenay Missions - Book 42 - Favors, Visions and Dreams


FVaD cover.PNG
Book 42 of The Lyssa Kordenay Missions!
  All the missions have wrapped for the
  moment, but all is not so quiet. Help
  comes from the strangest of places.

WARNING: The Lyssa Kordenay Missions may be hyper-violent for some readers!


Little Boy-Girl 2 the New Girl Part 1 Mackenzie's Story

A new girl shows up. Born Mack Alan Bolder III but now goes by Mackenzie Alice Bolder. She came out to her mom at the age of four. Anna was trying to do her best trying to raise her son until he came out as a girl.

Note the events take place after the summer dance

A Gift From Santa

A Gift From Santa

Chapter 1

Santa tells the story about two abused transgender children and how he was able to help them change their lives.

Copyright ©2015 Natasa Dot Org. All Rights Reserved.

Little Girl-Boy 4 & Little Boy-Girl 29 a New School Year

Ashley now a boy gets to know Jamie the girl.

Ashley meets a long lost aunt and is confused when he is called young lady.

This is the first crossover between three stories. The third one is Little Boy-Girl Mackenzie's story


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