The online seriel "WORM"

A few weeks ago... or so, someone pointed me via a blog entry, to this online seriel "Worm."

Whoever this was, I have alternately thanked and cursed you. The story is VERY well written and it's also VERY graphic, pulling no punches when it comes to violence. It's compelling and seemingly never-ending. I've read myself into a stupor, trying to reach an end that never seems to come, and yet... I cannot stop reading this damned story!

I'll include a url to access the story, but if you're not a superhero story fan, you'll probably not enjoy it very much. It's also not TG.

I am emotionally inhibited


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There comes a time when a person must be honest with themselves. One is that I'm Emotional Inhibited, thus it makes it hard to put much emotion in my stories except for the same ones over and over again in my writings. I find I have to pilferage others to get a feel of what I want, not even sure if its actually the one I want expressed.

Where did it start? Possibly from being sexually assaulted over the years way back when as a form of living? I'm not wanting to use that for the excuse.

Terror or Sorrow


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I have a visitor in my house that does not know I am ____, and I am not planning to tell on myself. I met this man on Arabnews 11 years ago in a discussion about women driving in Saudi Arabia, and he showed himself to be a good and sympathetic man. He has 5 sisters and decided that he would like a break from being chauffeur, but it is too dangerous for women to drive there because the men are such nasty, aggressive drivers.

Masks 14: Part 1

A partial timeline for the Masks universe:

This story runs around 50k words. As with Masks XIII I will post two segments per submission.

Masks XIV


Rodford Edmiston

Part One

Shadowsblade: Four funerals and a Movie part 1

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and

In this part, Rohanna lays parts of her past to rest and more will come in the chapters that follow.
This one chapter only contains one of the four funerals that come in her life, so suddenly and all at that same time!

I hope that my readers love this part? I seem to have lost some of you with the last 2 postings? for some reason?



Author's note: this one is a little dark. I hope that doesn't scare people away

Mark “the magnificent” smiled and hummed a cheery tune as he went back to his dressing room after his latest show.

Masks 13: Part 6

Masks Thirteen: Chapter Eleven


Rodford Edmiston

"You look tense," said Melanie, during lunch.

"Yeah, well, this being my second day of classes at a new school, I think I'm justified," said Vic.

Alex slid in between them, her tray sporting her usual odd mix of food and near-food items.

"Did you hear about Tigerl? I mean, Cindy?

Masks 13: Part 5

Masks Thirteen: Chapter Nine


Rodford Edmiston

"So, have you had your first period, yet?" said Alex, as a freshly-showered (Finally!) Vic got back to their room.

"That's a pretty personal question," said Vic, in an irritated mutter, as she searched in her sock drawer.

She found what she wanted and sat on her bed to pull on the tube socks.

"A) Scientific curiosity, B) I saw you putting your hygiene products away, remember and C) we're rooming together so I qualify for fair warning if I have to help you deal with it."

The Beefeater

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

beefeater.jpgWhen Veronica Bottomly catches site of the page girl at a relative's wedding, she dreams of taking her to bed, something she hasn't done for years. But a little problem thwarts her plan and it looks like it's going to be a miserable Christmas for both of them.

The Lucky Charm Chapter 4

The Lucky Charm

Chapter Four: A Journey Started

Dinner passed quickly, and for the most part quietly. They each made comments about how assertive I had been and how
atypical it was for me. Though my new eating habits seemed to be gathering approval.

Secondhand Life - Part 45

When I got back to my suite, Dennis informed me that Matt wanted me to call him.

“No need. We just met in the coffee shop.” I smiled.

Denis grinned. “I just got off the phone with him. He seemed a little embarrassed.”

I rolled my eyes and called Matt.

“I'm still fine.” I smiled as he picked up the phone.

He laughed. “Jeez, I'm not that worried. No.... it's just... you sort of derailed me at the coffee shop. That wasn't what I wanted to talk about.”

The Gift


This Christmas spare a thought for those who choose to help others. They have their own lives and issues that may run parallel to those they help.

(Warnings are for some bad language and references to "off screen" violence and possible sexual assault)

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

Eden's Reality : Chapter 7

Eden's Reality

A small 14 year old boy plans on escaping his abusive father and the house where he grew up in by moving to a boarding school with his two best friends, but on the night before he leaves something unexpected happens, and he wakes up the next day a different person.

All feedback is very much appreciated :)

Chapter Seven

Cat on the lap

Another very short story that just popped in my head. It doesn't really have a plot and the morale is pretty thin, and there's no explanation as to why it could happen. Just don't bother someone when they're busy unless it's actually important.

Caution: some slight descriptiveness of genitalia. Story rating is for safety but otherwise ok.



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Our president elect has been making conciliatory remarks about working together and leading the whole country. This is hard to believe, after the campaign, but I think we should give him a chance. Perhaps the weight of the office will make him act more like a human being.

There used to be a tradition of giving the new president, a honeymoon period to hit the ground running (I don't think Obama was given one).
I think it is a tradition worth renewing.

Love and Zombies

Life is short, sometimes. Does true love ever die? This story is very dark, it came to me in a dream that should have been a nightmare if it wasn’t for the strange look of peace on the heroine’s face…
Sorry this is a little rough but this is the only day it makes sense to post this here. It's the first time I've been brave enough to post anything, enough of the waffle, on with the story...


This really is dorothy's fault

Growing up whenever we went out to someplace dressy or special I never had to wear a tie like other boys my age. Just a nice shirt and pants were fine.

That's not to say that mom was happy when I did. Usually she would just frown at me and say something like" Oh Jay" shake her head and shoo me out the door.

Don't get the wrong idea. I was an only child to my mom and dad. Dad was a workaholic till I was about nine or ten when he went to work and never came back.

Middle East War Years

I've been thinking about a chapter of the Hala Story that deals with very cynical account of the years from 2020 though about 2050. One of my protagonists would be involved in more war in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey with Daesh and finally the Russians. Thank God the US runs out of money to prosecute this war.

Not really sure I even want to write this chapter because I think there are enough Vets on this site that it would just traumatize them. Maybe all this can be handled in a paragraph or two. There is no glory in war.


Shadowsblade: Pixie partner

Shadowsblade comes back and A pixie is made happy in this one!

Copyright © 2016 by Shadowsblade

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,
distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including
photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods,
without the prior written permission of the Author, except in the case of
brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other
noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Purgatory: ReLife Chapter 03

Anime Girl City Night.jpg
Purgatory: Relife

Chapter 3

by Aurum

Copyright © 2016 Aurum
All Rights Reserved.

Death isn’t the end, but is the opportunity to begin again.
This is the story of second chances and unforeseeable
consequences. By changing early regrets, the momentum
of life will change in such unimaginable ways that not even
knowing the future will help predict what happens next.

A Matter of Fact: Epilogue

This is a wrap on the A Matter of Fact story arc; Cameron's origin story.

Cameron is only a peripheral character here, as I wanted to explore a different facet.

The story is a bit more intense - I needed to see if my pen could handle it.

Please see comments on Part 7 for direction to view it if you are having a problem.

Purgatory: ReLife Chapter 02

Anime Girl City Night.jpg
Purgatory: Relife

Chapter 2

by Aurum

Copyright © 2016 Aurum
All Rights Reserved.

Death isn’t the end, but is the opportunity to begin again.
This is the story of second chances and unforeseeable
consequences. By changing early regrets, the momentum
of life will change in such unimaginable ways that not even
knowing the future will help predict what happens next.

Purgatory: ReLife Chapter 01

Anime Girl City Night.jpg
Purgatory: Relife

Chapter 1

by Aurum

Copyright © 2016 Aurum
All Rights Reserved.

Death isn’t the end, but is the opportunity to begin again.
This is the story of second chances and unforeseeable
consequences. By changing early regrets, the momentum
of life will change in such unimaginable ways that not even
knowing the future will help predict what happens next.

My Safe Place - Chapter 9


My Safe Place

Chapter 9

Ten Year Old Kiara, has a hard life and a hard journey to go through. It's hard to start transitioning, when she has an unsupportive parent. Will Kiara be able to live her life the way she wants, or will she fail?

Copyright © 2016 Natasa Dot Org. All Rights Reserved.

Hello everyone, been a very long time!



Hello everyone, old friends and potentially new. It has been a very long time since my last post, and many promises that name came to flourish...with great apology.

I have been busy and hardheadedly suffering many traumatic and extreme bouts in my life as of late. Mistrusts, rapes, debt, capability denials, lack of self-reassurance over my own artistic qualities (hence why story writing hasn't been on my agenda in the last 5 years).

Synergy - Chapter Four


I would soon learn the mistake I had made to cure my incessant boredom; I had led mankind down a road that only gods should traverse. The mistake that came from ignorance and curiosity would change not only my destiny, but that of mankind itself. But like any event there is a point in time where all the threads meet, a time when the slightest change has the greatest impact, its synergy.

The Purple Tulip 5 - Messing up in Paris

"I see you are not armed, and unfortunately you have to have a weapon to gain access to Versailles", de Guirec said.
"You may not be of noble birth, but in order to gain access to the court of his majesty, you have to give the impression of being one. Appearances is everything."
"You must have a sword. Unless you wear a dress", he said, which left me a bit flustered. I could feel the heat coming up in my cheeks.
For a second I thought he had seen I was not a man. I had done everything to look right. High heeled shoes, white stocking, frilly shirt. Thick layer of facial cream, and rouge on the cheeks.
"You know - the member of the clergy don't have to. You obviously didn't bring one, but the booth over there has some swords for hire", he added.
I was still dazed for several reasons. I thought the booth was for tickets, postcards and souvenirs!

Photographic Memories

Photographic Memories

Author’s note: To the people who have been wondering why I have been struggling to post any stories lately - this story is why. But it had to come out ... This story contains references to sexual abuse. Please read with care.

I’ve had some tough moments in my life, but once they were done, I wasn’t prepared for them to make a comeback ...

The Purple Tulip 4

While Mike at last wanted to talk, it was difficult to grasp all the details. As usual he did not always complete the sentences he started, so this is an approximation of some of the conversation:
"I get these strange attraction to men", Mike said.
"You mean that you think you are suddenly homosexual?"
"Yes. While I was in Amsterdam, and tried to get you accepted in the guild of surgeons, you requested that I get you some drugs and products. I met a young apprentice-apothecary, and he looked at me, and I felt faint"
"It wasn't the result of you skipping breakfast?" I said, trying to be funny.
I was almost smiling, but managed to stay serious, as it is weird to see a person with breasts, and a vagina complaining about being sexually attracted to a boy.
"No, I had eaten that day, and I couldn't take my eyes off him, and he was sent away"
This required some time to analyse and Mike was crying - well - like a girl.

Easing the feeling

The injection came and suddenly what was stiff between my legs suddenly receded and lowered itself. "Alright," the doctor said motioning me to get up. "No, no, you won't need that now," he said and I discarded the gaffe I once wore and just pulled up the padded panty with the maxi-pad attached. It was definitely a more feminine shape down below now. I continued to re-dress, hooking on the bra over my breast forms and pulling back my dress as he snapped off the medical gloves and typed away at his computer.

"Ok, uh Cathy?"

Sudden Losses Part 2

The reality of the accident sets in as Olivia and Richard are introduced to Al. Francesca packs up her belongings and says goodbye to her old life. Young Al may have seen something that she hadn't experienced before and she likes it.

The Purple Tulip 2 - Building up Muscles

Two gamers Mike and Paul are trapped in a real-life game that is similar to Europe year 1666-1670. As Mike is stuck in a girls body he has to cross-dress. Women have less rights, and not the least will never be take seriously. Paul has the freedom of trying a social climb by becoming a politician, or a captain in the militia.

LGBT shooting in Florida


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My heart goes out to all the family and friends who are now mourning the loss of their loved ones in what is, I believe, the largest mass killing in the US.

I hope no one from our BC community is caught up in this appalling atrocity. To all of you in the USA I send you my love.

This is one of those days when words fail me.

Love to all

Anne G.

P.S. here is a link:

Rebirth: The Swimsuit

IMG_2690.JPG“What are you doing in here!” I wet myself a wee bit in total fear as I heard her voice. She had caught me at my worst; holding her one piece shiny pink bathing suit in my delicate hands as I sat in the deserted girl’s locker room. I was frozen as I gazed at her; my deer like wide opened eyes bugging out with fright.


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