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Susan is bored with all porn, even scat porn, until she discovers a new kink - Squirmies: Slimy, fat, genetically engineered worm-like vertebrates that invade the human body for human amusement. She soon becomes hooked, and auditions to become the star of the website's newest video.

by Pyrayton Svaenohr
Copyright© 2014 by Pyrayton Svaenohr

Author's note: The title "Hospitality" comes from the fact that she is playing host to body-invading creatures.

Bimbo Kisses, Lollipop Dreams: A Platinum Chef/ Delacroix side story Part III

Chapter 79

Faye had a beer open and sitting on the table. Bobbie had looked at him crossways for that.

“What?” He asked, taking a swig.

“He had a problem.”

“So did you, don’t get all high and mighty now.”

Bobbie rolled her eyes. “I’m not. I just…”

“Fuck. Sorry, Faye.”

The vibrating phone threatened to resurrect the erection that had been running off and on all day. Being aroused all the time was one thing if your state wasn’t telegraphed so easily.

I was a Porn Star for the FBI

I was a Porn Star for the FBI

by Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2014 Melanie Brown

Another Melissa Cooper story.

This story is not a part 2 of the original story. However, it is helpful if you've read "I was a Cheerleader for the FBI". -- Ed

If You Were a Woman (And I was a Man): A TG Mixed Tape

If You Were a Woman (And I was a Man): A TG Mixed Tape


Edited by PersnicketyBitch

On thanksgiving a trans girl prepares to come out to her family. A mysterious entity wreaks havoc on a porn set. While experimenting with each other’s sexual fantasies, a man learns more about his partner than he bargained for. These are just some of the stories on offer in this collection of short, short fiction by twelve different voices in TG Fiction. [Includes an interview with Dorothy Colleen.]

Don't You Remember?

Don't You Remember?
by Stephanie Rose

Mark Jacobson was running late. He was meeting his best friend, Jake Schneider at their old hunting grounds, Blake's Tavern. They had barely seen each other in the four years since high school. Now, both of them college graduates, they were finally back home. It was time to re- connect.

Mark flashed his ID at the bouncer at the door. The burly man waved him through without a second look. Mark smiled. It was the first time he had gone in there without having to pull one of his tricks. Those days were behind him now.

Charlotte, part 4


"Let's just do this, okay?" Charlotte sighs as she wraps her arms around me and moves her body closer to mine. Nodding stoically, I take a deep breath and lean into my BFF, kissing her as deeply as I've ever kissed my boyfriend.

Summer of Love - Part 6

On the ride to L.A. I reflected on how ...natural and comfortable I was being Jodie, ...or Olive ...or even Juanita. Many names, same girl..... same ….me. It was now Jody... or Joseph Junior... or Cadet O'Donnell that seemed like the fiction... or a biography I'd read. I remembered events from his life, but not viscerally. All the recollections were in my head... but none of them any longer lived in my heart.

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XIX

Chapter 65

Faye was home early from the bakery that night, with Bobbie and Nick nowhere to be found. She looked around at the empty place. The energy was so different now with all the tension between herself, Bobbie, and Nick.

She was cleaning up some dishes when Bobbie finally came in.

“Hey.” She said, sounding down. “I’m just gonna go to bed. Phone died.” There was a heavy sigh.

“Hmmm, goodnight.” Faye said, looking at Bobbie with a thinly veiled intensity.

Bobbie slowly walked down the hallway.

What is a beginning other than the start of a sequence of events

I've been told by some people that I should write a book, apparently these people believe that I have worthwhile experiences to share that might be of benefit to someone somewhere. I'm not too sure of that, I'm even less sure of that if I were to let those same people who prodded me onward know the exact light in which they would be portrayed that they would still insist I move forward.

All names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike... Well okay perhaps not all of them, I really don't think I'm creative enough for that...

On Call - Part 1

On Call
Abigail Tudai

Synopsis: Brad feels trapped in his life as a corporate lawyer and yearns for something better out of life, like the handsome doctor next door. When his wife is called in to work overtime, he becomes his alter ego, Nurse Brandy, and is always ready for the doctor to make a house call.

A World of Elvish Wonder Ch3

Hearing someone behind him breathing, quickly got to his feet and spun around, causing his hair to fly in front of his eyes, he had at one point had fairly long hair, and thus he instinctually brushed it behind his ear, he was surprised at the angular shape of his ears, it was at this point he realised he was an elf! He gasped, his face burning red, as he saw two women standing in front of him, incredibly embarrassed, he noticed one of them had golden blond curls draped down to her mid back, and was quite a bit shorter than him but no less stacked.

I was a Cheerleader for the FBI

I was a Cheerleader for the FBI

by Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2014 Melanie Brown

Paul was just a computer programmer at the FBI until higher ups decide he's perfect for a covert op.

Heather’s plan to transform Scott into a helpless petticoated maid

Heather’s plan to transform Scott into a helpless petticoated maid

"A week had passed since her naughty play session in front of the window, and Heather was still thinking about her new neighbour being her obedient petticoated maid. She couldn’t get the idea out of her mind. She decided it was time to start putting things into motion." - The plan is taking shape!

"Heather was now eyeing him up and down to get an idea of his sizes. If she wanted this to work, she had to do some online shopping to get everything she would need. She wouldn’t let him get out of this, the idea of turning him into her petticoated slave turned her on too much to let it go." - Heather describes her feelings as she puts the plan into motion!

Satin Submissions

On The Subject OF Christmas Songs

This is one that you will definitely not hear in shopping malls. Take note of my warnings.

Otherwise, have a very Merry Christmas,


The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part IV

Chapter 12

Friday night in Delacroix. Like most middle sized towns, there were
pockets of inactivity. Large swaths of suburban living gone dark for a

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XIII

Chapter 45

Myka sat quietly in the room, there had been some sound a minute
earlier. The buzz in her ears had started last year, just after the

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XII

Chapter 40

Faye was frying potatoes in bacon with onions and heating the oven,
The eggs and zucchini were ready and the bread was ready to go into
the toaster.

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part XI

hapter 36

Bobbie was fighting the urge to clean Nick's car as they drove.

"So, Bobbie," Nick said, trying to make small talk. "What's your story?

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part X

Chapter 33

Heather put Kim(the bass guitar) back on the rack. She was still so mad
at Kim, torpedoing the band like that. She was no good at playing the

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part IX

Chapter 29

The bakery had been open for all of a day before Tim realized the problem
with running a food business. Waste. He kept the ones he didn't sell that

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part VII

Chapter 23

With school out, Bobbie had been going to Heather's under the guise of
being her model. Heather's mother, Betty; had come home with wild tales of

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part VIII

Chapter 25

Kim's thoughts were like the internal contents of a food processor,
with said food processor flying through a hurricane. She couldn't

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part VI

Chapter 19

"Here." Tim said, giving an envelope each to Beth and Bobbie. Looking
inside, there were two crisp hundred dollar bills in each. "It's your

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part V

Chapter 15

Bobbie was a little grumpy, but felt lighter than she had recently.
Despite cramps, she smiled some, happy to see Beth and Amber who had

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part III

Chapter 8

"WAKE UP, BRO WE'VE GOT SOME WORK TO DO," Kim's voice ripped through the
velvety blanket of sleep. Bobbie thrashed, gasping. It was Kim, pouncing
on her.

"Kim, wha..."

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix Part II

Chapter 4

Robb had drained about $1200 from the bank card that bore his name. He
bought a backpack at a thrift store. He broke the card in half and

The Platinum Chef : A Tale of Delacroix

The Platinum Chef: A Tale of Delacroix by Chefness

Author's Note. I do not own the setting of Delacroix, Delacroix High,
Delacroix Blue Devils. Nor do I own the Characters Faye, Lust, and

The Adventures of Captain T - Episode 25,490

Captain T - Episode 25,490

The War on Christmas

by Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2013 Melanie Brown

Even Christmas won't stop the evil that would prevent the galaxy from being glamorous.

Bridges 40

Bridges 40

Chapter 40


“Yeah Oh…and my wife is more important to me than a shift.”
I’m blushing. “Cass…god I love you.”
“I love you too Mrs. Chase.”


She’s leading me by the hand to her room and opens the door and grabs the do not disturb sing and slips it on the outside and she starts to kiss me as she shuts the door.

My hands are actually shaking with excitement as we kiss and I’m taking off her things and…

Okay…I’m getting to strip a RCMP officer out of her uniform and her gear and that is so incredibly sexy a thing.

*And Now…

What a good boy...Chapter 25

What a good boy…Chapter 25

Chapter 25

I get up after a few minutes and head over to where Jamey is sitting and ease down into the seats. He looks over to me and he smiles ad blushes. I grin. “Looking at the pretty?”

“I uhm…” He’s turning red.

“Hey as a V-boy and new to the whole with guy’s thing too I’m seeing the same kind of yummy.”

“I…Oh damn Tracy…I can’t help it, you and me…it was so good I see them and I’m wondering and I’m not sure I want to.”

“It’s a trip.” I nod and sort of lean on his shoulder. “I was so on the fence about being attracted to you.”


“Yes you, you’re a beautiful boy.”

Sunshine...Part 8.

Sunshine…Part 8.


I was pretty broken really when I take the time to look at things after all has been sort of said and done with the research and stuff.

I’m actually lucky and thankful for the memory wipe too because without that taking off the edge I’d likely have gone nuts with everything that I’ve lost family wise and that I can’t do that I used to do.

I’m still pretty sure that even as blunted as it all is that alone I’d work myself into a bad place with all of the thinking that I’d do.

That I’d really, really dig myself into a hole with the why’s and what ifs.

That’s why when I roll over most mornings I marvel at where I am and who I’m with.


Absinthe, Opium and Honor... Chapters 43 & 44.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 43 & 44.

Chapter 43


I never, ever really though about myself as a lesbian before. I’m not really sure that I am either but after the long session of girl talk with the rest of the girls in the house about my night with Jamie and there was a lot to talk about like.

How great looking she is…actually most of us agreed on that even if there was a few of the girls that were kind of jealous.

Yeah jealous…I even admitted to it too. I’m a big girl; I’ve never been the skinny girl ever. Not even in like back as far as the first grade. I’ve done the diets and the binges and tried working out.

Okay going to the gym and stuff helped a lot but there is always these girls there that are the gym rats that make you feel like crap and that you’re some fatty invading your space. Hell even Curves back home was like that. It’s not supposed to be but it too was invaded as a women’s only gym they could go there without getting hit on.


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