Mistress of the Wardrobe

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This tale is set in the 1870’s and is about a young man who was being groomed by his mother and aunt into becoming a bride to some young Lord in England, during the era of the sailing ships. He soon runs away, only to find himself persuaded into becoming the Mistress Of The Wardrobe, the Lucky Talisman of a merchant vessel.

When I came on board the ship Acies Mentis, in Liverpool. I had one simple plan, desiring more than anything to finally to be out from under my mothers stern gaze and influence, I was to make myself a man. After being babied and pampered into the appearance of a proper young Lady, protected all my life in the atmosphere of my mother and auntie.

This story has been along time in coming. And before it was even considered that I post it for others to read, I had to get it edited and proofed. For that I have to very humbly thank Wren Phoenix, JessicaNicole, Cyclist, Nick B, GwenBrown, and last but certainly not least DorothyColleen. Everyone of them provided invaluable suggestions and ideas. I hope that my efforts working from those suggestions were not in vain.
Thank You All,Very Much.