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Grover's Writing

Grover is a wonderfully, talented writer, whose heart is big as all outdoors.  Grover doesn't forget real friends and family of choice.  Grover has a real feel for the emotional states of characters in stories.  A lifelong reader who always dreamed of writing.  Grover is married to a wonderful, lovely, understanding  woman who is very supportive. Grover's novel, "Heroes of Justice", which has been revised from the version posted at BCTS, is soon to be published by Doppler Press.




Grover's Blog

Soon to be Published Novel

  • Heroes of Justice
    • Greg and the guys are your normal group of gaming geeks looking to escape from the pressures of reality for a few hours. The newest Superhero Role-playing game is promising adventures beyond their wildest dreams. What if it is right? Do you want to play the game?
    • Completed novel on 2008/04/08
    • Will be able to purchase thru Doppler Press

Science Fiction Tales
  • A Dream of Dragons
    • Jake, upon meeting a dragon in dreaming, embarks on a journey like none other
    • Novella posted to BCTS on 2009/02/26. Part 1 of 3
  • Survivors
    • She now struggled to travel only a few dozen yards, where once mankind had once traveled easily to every corner of their world.
    • Copyright  © January 22 2008 By Grover
    • Short Story Posted to BCTS on 2008/05/19
  • Gift of Time
    • Gordon did not know what to think when Dave first walked in with Simon. He had been looking forward to cooling out with the guys after yet another unpleasant week. Working temporary jobs was rarely nice, but he was still unable to find anything else. His times spent with the guys were one of the few ways he got to escape real life, if only for just a few hours.
    • Short Story Posted to BCTS on 2007/12/23
  • Gender Express- Those Crazy Tourists
    • “Excuse me? Could you tell me the way to Gender Express, please?”  Mike jerked around surprised. He wasn't the kind of guy girls stop to ask directions from. Most found his burly appearance an affront in this age of metabolic enhancers and mall beauty enhancement shops.
    • Short Story posted to BCTS on 2007/09/12
    • Inspired by Heather Rose Brown’s ‘Gender Express’
  • Dragons, Fairies, and Elves, Oh My!
    • My hair streamed behind me and my gossamer wings fluttered in the slipstream as I hitched a flight from Bahadur Azi Dahaka, dragon warrior of the Mountains of the Summer Snows.
    • Novella posted to BCTS on  2007/04/10
  • They Might be Men!
    • John was becoming very stressed out. Although he was just a minor functionary with the State Department, it had fallen to him to introduce the Teral cultural representatives to New York's night life.  In other words, some of the Alien ship's crew wanted to go on shore-leave and, if anything were to go wrong, he was going to be caught holding the 'sticky' end of the stick.
    • Short Story Posted to BCTS on 2007/04/02
  • Deal or No Deal
    • Mark had huge butterflies about this meeting, but the sooner begun, the sooner it would be over. Mr. Bix skittered in on its multiple legs with its six eyes waving covered with pseudo sunglasses. Its green, fur lined, broad brim hat with its bright feather was a shocking contrast with the orange leather coat it wore.
    • Short Story Posted to BCTS on  2007/03/07
  • Strange Happenings in Ragnorak County
    • Well, I guess you could say it all started about a week after the big Fourth of July celebration. Scooter and I were makin' a few extra bucks helpin' clean up the park in front of the courthouse. That’s where we heard Old Josh Taylor complain to Sheriff Daly about someone stealin' his prize Rhode Island Red Rooster and leavin' a young hen in its place.
    • Short Story Posted to BCTS on 2007/03/06

Supernatural Tales
  • Dreams of Me
    • This was home! But not the abandoned rundown ruin it’d become years ago, but the one from his childhood memories.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2008/12/15
  • Monsters
    • The mud fought me for every step, grasping and pulling at my legs, as I fled for my life.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2008/10/26
  • A Christmas Visit
    • The early winter storm raged, slashing and tearing with icy blades at the weary Christmas decorations along the street vainly trying shine though the winterly onslaught. Ice glazed the poorly heated apartment windows erasing all signs of the holiday season as the storm howled.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on 2007/12/18
  • The Glade
    • He breathed a sigh of relief as he got to the end of the poorly maintained dirt road with its pandemic of pot holes and twisty ruts. His ancient Chevy's headlights goaded the muggy midsummer night's hoards of flying bugs into maniacal Kamikaze attacks on his rusting piebald vehicle.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2007/12/16
  • Splish Splash
    • Have you ever had a bad day at school? Did the class bully push you around? How do you deal with it? A bubble bath of course!
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2007/08/24
  • A New Life Year
    • If magic is just science that hasn't been explained yet, can the magic return? Find out with Hope when she finds her new life.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2006/12/20
  • Miki: Keeping the Faith, A Whateley Academy Fan fiction
    • Should she make offer to the woman, the furry one wondered? Then, to her complete astonishment, the woman and the red-man simply vanished! It wasn’t in her nature to curse or bemoan her ill fortune. She simply decided that if they were watching the entombment of the box that they would be back, and when they came back she would make offer to the woman, for it wasn’t right for one of the sisterhood to be without a protector.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2007/03/31
    • Based on Whateley Academy
  • What A Christmas!
    • If you think you're having a tough Holiday, check out Brian's!
    • A Novella posted at BCTS on  2006/12/20
  • Christmas Dreams in Twilight
    • Ira and Mae in their golden years, still find love and magic in Christmas.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2006/12/05

Halloween Fairy Tales
Animal Tales
  • Another Cat's Tale: The Return of the Prince
    • Proudly with his head and tail held high, he ignored the useless chaff that hung about seeking favors from their betters. He had little respect for these courtiers who had never been entrusted with the most sacred of all duties. Being feline, all were of course Royalty, Princes and Princesses every last one, but there was only one Queen.
    • Copyright(c) May 23 2008 by Grover
    • Short Story posted to BCTS on 2008/09/13
  • A Dog's Story
    • The spirits of swirling sparks and lights seemed to be her only ally and although the dark clouds and thunder above threatened...
    • Short Story posted to BCTS on
  • Boots: the Cat’s Tale
    • Her ears perked as she heard The One’s slow lumber up the stair with the beat of a monotonous death march. With her tail swishing distractingly, she scented the cold sandwich he had had for lunch and the sadness that followed him like a jinxed cloud..
    • Short Story posted to BCTS on

Slice of Life Tales

  • Goodnight Grace
    • He looked down at his sleeping daughter, Grace, amazed at the peace glowing softy on her face.
    • Short Story posted to BCTS on  2008/05/13