A Window to Your Heart

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A Window to Your Heart

By Sean McKissack

A Window to Your Heart is about the trials of finding love but never acting on that love until it’s too late...or is it?

It’s taken….about…twenty five years to write this story as I had to constantly rewrite it and wonder how ‘she’ would feel about certain elements of the plot. I mean, after all, without her, there wouldn’t be a story.


A lot of the story is true…to a point…and just about everyone mentioned is based on a real person.
There were no small stores close to my house when I lived in Prattville, and the ones that were close were in the other direction from the hill I actually fell down on and they didnt sell flowers...in fact I dont even think they sold candy or Bazooka Joe gum.
I did not ride the bus to school.
She still does look like an angel to me.
Musical influence (chapter titles) are songs by Michael W. Smith

Based on the short story "The Strange Case of Jason Dennereck”
© 1989-2015

Cover Art
“This Sky is All for You” by Pairan
Internal Drawing By Nathaniel Bullard

Special Thanks to:
Robert Bent
Nathaniel Bullard
Tiffany Ording
Chris Dowling
Erin Briscoe Woodall