Cherry Moone: MooneShadows

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Cherry Moone: MooneShadows

by Aylesea

Cherry Moone was originally written as a screenplay where it was known as “Mooneshadows”. I abandoned the script and tried to learn more about the character the spring of 1998 I hooked up my Sega Saturn Netlink modem and created a chat room name of “”CherryAM”, an auburn-tressed, thirteen year-old girl in eighth grade from Spokane, Washington.

Let’s all remember when what happens if you give your a/s/l in a chat room.

Yes, that did occur, and I handled each request as a sarcastic and mouthy girl who at the time was lost at what she wanted to do.
The “netlinkers” in the chat room were welcoming to Cherry and everyone liked to talk to her about music and video games.

(They did not talk to “me” with as much enthusiam)

Eventually, Cherry picked up an admirer or two and Ihave to admit, I had NO IDEA how to proceed with that other than to let them down gently that “I” couldn’t talk to them (calls were still long-distance at that time) and didn’t have time for any long-distance relationships as Josh Daniels has recently been a jerk and guys in general were jerks too.

Well, they were fine with that but one guy continuously talked with Cherry; almost to the point of stalking,
If “I” was logged on he would ask me if she was there and I would have to say she was out at a friend’s house (who didn’t have the internet) and he would talk to me (at the time, a 23 year-old) about my 13-year-old “sister in law”...which is kind of...would creepy be an okay word?

Anyway, I used the chat rooom sessions to mellow Cherry out a little and to have her show her vulnerable side.