Book 12: Starting Anew

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Amy and Donald Lee are new to Winnisimmet. Both have had a rough go so far. Amy is a talented dancer who is forced to compete in beauty pageants by her mom while Donald is constantly berated by his father for not being a the man he envisions Donald to be. All of this comes to an end when Amy runs away and Donald endures abuse to reveal her location. What the Lees never counted on was Donald being part of the one group you never want to anger- the Finns.

See how Donald and Amy adjust to life as part of the family and under the care of a foster mother who loves them and two foster sisters who do everything they can to make the pair feel better about themselves and their lives. See how two people can help the lives of many others as Amy and Donald interact with the people of WInnisimmet as well as the members of the Finn Family.

Events take place between "Family" and "Weddings and Reunions"

Book 12 in the Winnisimmet Tales saga.