A Change Of Perspective

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First Mike Allegretto started a short story, "A Change Of Pace", and Caitlin B. finished it. Then Tigger took the concept and ran with it, producing a novella that greatly expanded upon the themes of the original, "A Change Of Direction." (You can find the story here: http://tigger-n-brandy.net/text_stories/A_Change_of_Directio... )

Another author, J.R.D., wrote a sequel, "A Change Of Power". This was a very different story. Sequels can have quite divergent tones from the original and still be good (e.g. 'Alien' and 'Aliens'), and J.R.D.'s story was well received by many, including Tigger. Do check it out.

However, what follows here is my attempt at a sequel that hews more closely to the original 'genre'; consider it an alternative to "A Change Of Power". I always felt there were a few implications that should be drawn out. Reading "A Change of Direction" first is not strictly necessary to follow this story, but there are more than a few potential spoilers if you're concerned about that sort of thing.