Tamara's Tales Character Index

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Tamara's Tales Character Index
Updated to Tammy: It's Complicated (Book 7)

Family & household
Tammy/Tamara/Tom Smart (aka Beccy Adams) Principal character
Richard Smart Tammy's father
Tim/Angela Small/Smart Schoolfriend of Tom/Tammy
Joan Small/Smart Angela's mother and Richard's new wife
Leanne Chambermaid (1st Xmas - Testing Times)
Julie Cook (Trials & Testing Times)
Sister of Leanne
Zara Housekeeper & Cook (Anchored onwards)
Lily Chambermaid (Anchored onwards)
Pru Campbell Personal Assistant
Other Smart/Small
Family members
Tara Simpson (formerly Smart) Former spouse of Richard Smart & Tammy's mother
Suzie Small/Smart (aka Sarah Jones) Daughter of Joan / Sister of Angela
George Small Deceased spouse of Joan Small
Former teacher St Andrews
Family/Clan & Household
Elsie McPherson Head of family / School Governor
Cathy Stewart née McPherson Elsie's daughter
John McPherson Elsie's eldest son
Former St Andrews School Catering Manager
Michael McPherson Elsie's youngest son
Alison & Andrea McPherson 'A&A' Elsie's Nieces
Nurses at The London Hospital
David Stewart Cathy's husband, brother of Yvonne Stewart
Helen McPherson (formerly Salmond) Elsie's niece
Daughter of deceased MP
Thomas Butler
Anna Chambermaid
Jonathon Gamekeeper
William Groundstaff
University (UHI)
Peter McDermot Business Studies Lecturer & Head of school
Freddie Flint
Peter McDermot
Martin Gore Assistant tutor
Distant cousin of Martina Gore
Fleur Younger Business Studies student at UHI
Lori Jenkins (formerly Tony Jenkins) Sixth form student
Ryan Jenkins Former Year 11 student
Younger brother of Lori
Josie (Josephine) Richardson Sixth form student (Anchored onwards)
Jeri Anders (formerly Gerry) Sixth form student
Ellie Sturgeon (formerly Leonard) Year 11 student
Martina Gore Sixth form student
Jules Doherty Sixth form student &
Part time florist
Claude Breton aka Claude Benoir Student
Finlay O'Shaughnessy Year 11 Student
Daisy O'Shaughnessy Temporary Year 9 Student
Anabella Thakes Excluded Student & stuck up bitch
Dr Steven McIntosh Headteacher / Brother of Elsie
Anne McIntosh Wife of Headteacher
Mrs Janet Adams School secretary
Harry Davison Former School Governor / Father of Dr Jill
Rev Franklin School Anglican Chaplin
Mr Mike Thompson Deputy Head
Mr Wright Former English Literature tutor
Mr Carmichael Former Business Studies tutor
Julianne Sutherland
aka Radio Sutherland
Former Admin assistant
Sandy Franklin Musical Director
Town library manager
Katie Actor
Writer & graphic artist
Suzanne Actor
Student Teacher
Karen Actor
Thurso High School Student
Mark Actor/Student
Michael McPherson's boyfriend
Yusuf Actor
Library volunteer
Jimmy Sutherland
Brother of Julianne
Lighting technician
Sarah Bonney Boutique owner
Emily Bonney Student in Dundee, daughter of
Sarah Bonney
Sandy Smith Hair stylist
Tanya Smith Sandy's daughter
Engaged to John Hibbert
Debbie Smith Sandy's daughter
David Smith Sandy's son
John Hibbert Fiance of Tanya Smith
St Andrews School Ambassador
Joanne Beautician/Torturess
Frances Ernesto Hotel/Bar manager
Sharon Pike Former editor, Thurso Echo newspaper
James Dougall Career criminal
Christopher Jones Deceased. Former sixth form student
Nephew of Linda Young / Patrick Trethgarwyn
Linda Young/Trethgarwyn Driving Instructor
Aunt of Christopher Jones
Wife of Patrick Trethgarwyn
Thomas Young Uncle of Christopher Jones
Jerry Trethgarwyn Brother of Patrick Trethgarwyn
Yvonne Stewart Former Deputy Head St Andrews
Sister of David Stewart
Police Officers, Security Service & Legal
Iain Brown Police Chief Inspector
Sgt Stuart St James Police Officer
DS Ben Franklin Detective, Thurso CID
Liaison Caithness Marine Research
Husband of Sandy Franklin
PCs Andrew & Neale Fraser Police Officers, DJs and Shinty Team members
PC Patrick Trethgarwyn Former Police Officer
Husband of Linda Young & uncle of Christopher Jones
Hilary Bull (aka Helen Ball) Caithness Marine Research & intelligence agent
DI Kevin Edmunds Counter Terrorism Unit, London
See Unaccounted Gains Book 2
Heather Young Accountant, Cornwall
See Unaccounted Gains Book 1
DS Sophie Grieve Counter Terrorism Officer, Cornwall
See Unaccounted Gains Book 1
Jenny (Jennifer) Security Service Finance Unit
See Unaccounted Gains Book 2
Dave Brown Retired government officer
Old boy at St Andrews School
See Unaccounted Gains Book 1
Jonathan Meach HM Customs Investigator
Old boy at St Andrews School

Louise Charles Personal protection agent & investigator
Jeremiah Smith / George Smith / Isaac Smith Solicitors, Smith, Smith &
Smith, Edinburgh, Inverness & Thurso
Kelly Masters Solicitor for Joan & Cathy, Thurso
Gerald Watson Richard Smart's Solicitor, London
Dr Adelaide (Adi) Sutherland GP
Dr Kaufman Psychiatrist (Anchored onwards)
Dr Jill Davison Former Psychologist
Dr Hoskins Retired GP
Professor Julian Roberts Glasgow Royal Infirmary Gender
Identity Clinic
Dr Helen Yates Endocrinologist
Dr Hughes Police Medical Examiner
Wendy Roberts Wife of Prof. Roberts
Tanya Richard Smart's PA in London (Until Anchored)
Francesca Fullerton Richard Smart's PA in London (It's Complicated onwards)
Sally Yates Psychiatric nurse
James Yates Husband of Sally & brother of Helen Yates
Becky Yates Daughter of Sally & James
Alfredo (Freddy) Giovanni aka Alban Berisha Albanian Criminal
Daniel Summer boyfriend (Cornwall)
Fiona Associate of Yvonne Stewart
Penny Lane aka Penelope/Penelopa Lavoska Fashion Show organiser
Paula Lavoska Clothing distributor
Penny Lane's sister
John & Anita Gore Martina Gore's parents
Danielle Jones Christopher Jones' mother
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