The Purple Tulip

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This is a fictional story in playing with concepts such as time-travel, (a bit inspired by 1632/the ring of fire by Eric Flint) and is of the contrafactual type. As such this is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to living characters is only a coincidence! Some historical persons portrayed, but their actions may not necessarily do their lives and work full justice. It is not meant as re-writing history, historical revisionism.

Some liberty has also been taken with regard to actual geography. There is a hamlet in Drente province called Altena, and a village in Friesland once called Altana, and other places in the Netherlands with similar names.
I just hope the reader gets inspired enough to read history, and not just historical novels. It is difficult to convey a complete “what it must have felt like” in those times, because things we question like the right of the nobility, and gender inequality was to a large extent just accepted, and not even discussed.

I also assume you will recognize that I make reference to known works without mentioning them per se.