Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 6: Volume 1

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 6: “The Mexican, The Lawyer, And The Mechanic.”

Volume 1: “The Heroes.”

Meet Pedro Del Soto and Matthew McCormick.

Pedro is the mexican police chief of De La Plata Podrido. While Matthew is the lawyer for the casino owner giving Pedro the most trouble.

And these two men have found themselves surrounded by badass lunatics, with them being able to do nothing about it. Except become friends, as they work together, to keep their lives and their sanity, intact.

So, what happens when the only two sane men in the situation they find themselves in, want to remain sane men? Though, they see the writing on the wall.

The answer. They get out Dodge, while the getting it good. And escape into the multiverse.

So, another adventure beings.

Meanwhile, the mechanic, Hernan Pena, will have problems of his own, in De La Plata Podrido.