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Bimbos Sanctuary is back

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Feeling Femme Sanctuary, AKA Bimbo's Sanctuary, AKA AmberChalise is back!

Apparently the Host didn't tell Amber, AKA Candi Shinne that they changed how the database they were using works. That made the website inaccessible.

Here's the link now:


Candi will be posting more info soon.



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Okay, I may have been away for some time, but what has happened with Erin?

I have sent her a couple of PMs, but I have had no replies from her.

Was there some kind of Coup?

Was the site attacked by armed insurgents?

Aliens perhaps?

Is Erin out there somewhere?

Inquiring Authors want to know.

No Respect


Gosh, I can't seem to elicit a comment without bitching.
Maybe I need to write something so filthy and bad somebody will take notice?
What does one have to do to get at least a, 'hey good rewrite,' out of those couple of hundred what is reading my stuffs?

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