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Unfortante news.


It is with regret that I inform you all that I have little choice but to cancel my birthday this year. I do not have the time to spend with it.

Thusly I will not be turning a year older tomorrow. You can save the 'happy birthday' greetings for next year.

Again my appologies.

what the heck?


For the second time today when I go to bc website i get this page "checking your browser" and then it eventually gets me to bc. There is nothing wrong with either my system or browser so I have to assume there is a problem going on with bigcloset of some type.

If I had not backed up my writing for next chapter of hard choice I would be very very pissed off right now.

im... shaken... and very well stirred.


First off. My last parent, my dad, is going in soon for surgery to have a tumor removed from his spine. Btw soon in Manitoba medical is NOT a good thing. It means they think it is serious.. He was told he has a 10% chance to walk again after surgery. For a man that hasn't sat still for very long unless sleeping this is not good news.

I refuse to cry.

Second there is many "experts" out there saying that you should only let your car warm up 30secs then drive it.



I have seen this a half dozen times.

Simple keyboard maintenace..

turn off computer and unplug keyboard from computer.

On the back of most keyboards is a couple of phillips head screws. Remove all of them.

This exposes the inside of keyboard. usually it's a film of some type clean this with windex. Many of these are plastic with a silver film on them if it's tarnished black anywhere clean with a pencil eraser. (note windex is an ammonia based product. Rubbing alcohol will do if windex is not available)

The world of steam.


Many people forget that in the 1800's - early 1900's it was the age of steam.

Sure there was great ships powered by steam.

Sawmills powered by steam.

But that wasn't all.

The greatest use of steam was for central heating. Many a city had boiler plants that made steam for hospitals, houses, businesses. All that steam, and there was a heck of a lot, was generally produced offsite at a large boiler plant.

cliche' or cheesy


I was watching a tv show. A super hero show.

Why is it that even though the police chase is like 30 stories straight down the "hero" has to take a LONG way to get there?

In batman he drives for like minutes to go less than a block away?

Superman/girl fly around at great speed in the clouds to go almost straight down?

I just found it amusing. Silly in extreme but amusing.

a question to all


Where do people get "cannot treat transgendered people on religious grounds" from?

I have read a fair amount of scripture of various religions. Mormon, catholic, christain, budism, muslim, luthren(althoug i have to say i cant understand most of that one)

So far i Have yet to find something that definitively says that transgendered"or gender confused" people are well anything.

Closest is "man shall not wear womens garments" and vice versa..

Yet doesnt define a man or woman.

2nd bike ride of season

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well last year i finally found some ball bearing pedals that would accept my toe clips and was so happy to put them on.

Well this is second bike ride of season, about 8 or 10 miles, and the one pedal broke halfway through on way home.

my left leg is a little sore and tired from taking most of the strain of ride, which btw, was not flat.

still have this want to write get to comp and load page to write and nothing flows or is garbage thing going on so no new stories yet.. Not for lack of ideas!


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