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Looking for a story


Looking for a story

I can remember a wife gets a letter from a letting agent regarding a flat that she is unaware of as her husband as recently passed on.

Wife visits the flat to discovery husband was a cross dresser and was not able to share this with her.

Checking around and chatting with a local florist and neighbours she discovers her late husbands female side
and wished she had met her in person.

Any help with this is appreciated

looking for a story


Looking for a story

All in can remember is a cross dresser and his wife does not support him

Think he looses his job as in the building industry and chats with friends to go to a new building site where their is only one house finished and goes inside to find various males dressed as females
and his mother in law there as well only to be told that her husband was like him for most of their marraige and she accepts him dressing as her daughter his wife is a cold self centred bitch

Thanks in advance for your help

New Year


As We come to the end of one year and the start of another

Let us take the smiles and hope with us and allow the hurts to make us Stronger

Allow us to share our love with those Strangers yet to become our friends

I have only been here a few months yet it feels like home

Thank you all just for being their

Have a Happy New Year

What am I


This blog started as a result of a comment added to a story I read earlier

What am I or what are you is something we often consider, and a lot of what follows has appeared in one form of expression or another in various stories and blogs over the years

I am male, and have female mannerisms outwardly male and female inwardly, I love to cross dress, be a transvestite and dont consider myself to be transgender - Female in male body or even male in a female body or what ever the label "transgender" means.

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