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Story Idea Suggestion of the Afterlife.

Story Idea Suggestion of the Afterlife.

First, Erin. I do not mean this idea as a downer, or in anyway negative. This is meant more of a constructive exercise.

Now, the last month in my personal life has been pretty bad. Crippling health issues and other problems. I am likely not going to die tomorrow. But, I am not going to see the average life expectancy.

Marvel's Loki Laufeyson has become a Godly Ranma Saotome

Marvel's Loki Laufeyson has become a Godly Ranma Saotome.

By Paul Cousins.

I got to thinking about this, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

Ranma 1/2 is a series about a teenage marital artist that changed gender with hot and cold water. Hot for boy, cold for girl. Whom was born a boy, has many wacky adventures, and whom has suitors of both genders. It is a very funny series.

El Goonish Shive pointing out a rarely used GB sub-trope


Today Dan Shive posted a comic on his EGS:NP section that was very funny, and was a scene, dealing with the gender bending genre that is rarely mentioned, let along discussed.

The comic can be found here:

I found that comic to be hilarious.

The scene dealt with that two gender benders, in their female forms, not having any body hair, with the natural girl being clearly jealous for them not having to shave their legs, among other things.

Thank you for the reviews and kudos for Five Minutes to Eternity


In less than a week I have received more kudos and reviews, for my short story, "Five Minutes to Eternity", that any other single piece of writing I have posted on Big Closet here.

Thank you, to all of you, for your support. I am glad so many people enjoyed reading what I wrote. Your actions warm my heart. And I hope you enjoy reading the others stories I post here, as well.

Have a nice day,


After over 7200 pages! My BoM story is Finally Done!

After two years and two months, to the day. I have finished my part of the story, Badasses Of the Multiverse.

Note counting outlines and notes.

The story is 7233 pages long. Over 2.8 million words long.

The largest story project I have ever worked on. And I finally finished my story.

I hope you enjoy reading my story, as much as I enjoy creating it.

Paul Cousins

I just posted one of my favorite chapters that I wrote.


First, I am not asking for kudos, nor reviews.

But, over the literal thousands of pages I had posted on this website. This chapter of Badasses Of the Multiverse. Book 5: Volume 1: Chapter 18: “Sealed Can Of Savvy Awesome.", is one of my favorite chapters.

The reason that this is one of my favorite chapters, is that I found this part of my story arc to very funny to write. I laughed quite a few time, while I wrote it. And I hope, that if you give my story a chance, you will find it funny to read.

Thank you,

Paul Cousins

BOM B5V1Ch02 posted on reused page. This blog post is to prevent confusion.

I decided to reused a previous series page that I created a few days ago, and did not need. So, I decides to just use to post chapter 02 of Book 5 Volume 1 for my on-going stories series.

I am posting this because, due to me reusing it, it does not show up on the main page.

And I do not want people to be lost, wondering why they did not see B5V1Ch02 on the main page, when I post chapter 03.

J.K Rowling confirms that lesbian, gay and transgender students would have gone to Hogwarts

"J.K Rowling confirms that lesbian, gay and transgender students would have gone to Hogwarts"

Given the number of Harry Potter fans on this website. I figured you might find this article interesting.

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