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Hollywood Studios Grew a Brain!

It looks like the studios finally grew a brain about the fact that the fractured digital landscape with buying movies electronically was actually hurting them.

Walt Disney Studios
Sony Picture Entertainment
20th Century Fox
Universal Studios
Warner Bros. Entertainment

Well Harvey Will you ruin my Week!


Hurricane Harvey is on his way, Lets see Loaded up on food and grabbing more, Propane Tank for the Generator is Toped off, Water filtration system is good and also have extra bottled water if needed, Vehicles are all toped off, etc...

Now if only I an not cut off with flooding and all this prep was overkill I will be happy, I hated the Ike aftermath hopefully this one will be less severe.

How do you keep going?

I have to ask those who read, comment, and contribute content, How do you Keep going ever day?

I my self have a wreaked life, it started going bad early for me.

I going through high school was hoping to join the military to either make it a career or to pay for College.
I took the ASVAB at school and scored a 94 the first time, I had the recruiters calling every day and trying to practicallt beat my door down, but then things started going downhill.

The Media News should change come Monday morning.

Well if we are lucky come Monday Morning all anyone around the water cooler will be talking about will be Game of Thrones, because the new season airs Sunday night.

I will welcome the break from everything else, sadly it will only last for 6-7 weeks then the season ends and it will meter out from there, since speculation for the final season will have to wait for next year.

Anothr retail store front dies!

Another Electronics Retail Chain has died.

Radioshack has been laid to rest and they will be auctioning off the assets of its Dallas, Tx Corperate office.

Like those who fell before, CompUSA and Circuit City, they failed to adapt and move with the changing world.
First Wal-mart moved in by offering a selection of products that directly competed, I know from experience with Best Buy that they started letting people go and pushing there employees a lot harder so the experience went down, started only offering over priced in house labels of accessories, etc...

Avatar 2 & 3 Have release Dates again.

According to Deadline Hollywood Avatar 2 and 3 have got real release dates.
We have been waiting for the Second Installment of this series for so long i feel it has lost relevance.
Maybe that is why they might actually o them, heck Camron has said the studio talked him into doing all the way up to Avatar 5 .
Heck Disney has gotten in on the Act.

Induced Temporary Insanity!!!!

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God if I have to hear anymore Hold Music I am going to snap!

45 minutes on hold with the Good Old Sate DPS customer service to find out where my License is since I renewed it over a Month ago.

Now I have been on Hold with one of the local hospital for 30 minutes on hold!

If I ever find the people that designed those automated systems just to get threw to a human being, and or chose there Hold music, it will not be pretty.

A hollywood TG movie coming in April

I was just looking through the itunes Trailer app on my phone and came across a move with Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver, Called "The Assignment".

It is about a Hitman who gets turned into a Woman by a doctor for killing her brother.

Who here has not suffered from identity theft or bank fraud.


Recently a co-worked had jury duty she showed up and was in a jury pool. Before the lawyers got to ask questions the Judge asked "has anyone here Suffered from Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, or Bank Fraud? Since it is So common the court will not be harsh if you do not admit it but please do." Well Only 3/4 of the potential Jury Panel raised there hand. The Defense Lawyer was mot happy with so few panel members being left and complained. That his client could not get a fair trial with so few people to draw from.

Saftey, always remember to take precautions.

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It is with members of the Site mentioning the Apollo 1 Accident that reminds me of how important the little things we do for safety in our daily live can be.

The Simple step of Putting on your Seat belt every time you get in a moving Vehicle is the big one to me.

I have been in 3 major car accidents in my life 2 behind the wheel my self.

First transgender candidate for the U.S. Senate.

I was watching VICE news last night on HBO, now that it airs 5 nights a week. And heard about the fact that there is a Trans-Woman running for one of the US Senate Seats for Utah as the candidate for the Democratic Party.

googleing for more information this is the frsrt web new link I found about it.

I applaud her courage to not only say who she is but to actually try and run for office.

Reminded why i hate opioid pain killers.

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I will be honest i rarely dream anymore, not in years.

I went to the doctor, with a joint so inflamed yesterday, the doctor offered me a cortisone injection. and opioid pain killers while the joint healed.
I an on my second ay of taking the meds and i am sleeping a lot and these dreams i am having are so out of this world, i do not like it.

basically i almost lugged the doctor with my good hand while he was inspecting the pained joint, he ducted, but i was actually about to slam my fist into his table, then he goes please don't break my table.

An interesting read of real transgender people in the US military.

Found this while browsing the BBC News site at work today.

it is an interesting read about people who are transgender and serving in the US military and secretly transitioning until the military changes its policy on Gender Identity.

Please go vote Today

Please go Vote today if you Live in a Super Tuesday State.

If you do not vote,you do not have a right to complain about the results.

I may have Voted for Sanders, in this Primary. but All I ask is go Vote Please.

The more people that Vote the more Honest I feel the results will be.

looking for a story?

I am looking for a story that was on BCTS,

It as about an older couple where the husband is turned into a little girl, the wife then is made younger and basically the mother. their 3 dogs that had died are brought back and turn into dragons which the girl rides. She then travels to the DC universe to gather powers, she gets flight, strength, and I remember that she ended up getting dark sides omega beam as well.

for the life of me i can not remember the title or author. but I remember almost every detail from the story.

Potential Soup Recipie

I was thinking of making a soup with
Chicken Broth
Diced Cabbage
Maybe Spinnage
Diced Carrots
Green Peas
Lima Beans
Chopped Chicken Breast
And seasonings

hmm, any ideas of what to add or subtract?

Trying to come up with a soup to make one day and have last all weak to cut down on the carry out food bill each weak. Alas typical Bachelor Guy who cant just barley cook some things like eggs, grilled-cheese sandwiches, and other simple things. I can do my own laudry, dishes, and cleaning but never really learned to cook alas.

Prop 1 in Houston Failed it looks like.

There was a Proposition on the Houston City Ballots today. It was called Proposition 1. It was a Equal Rights Ordinance. It basically would have made discriminations of any type. for Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Sexuality, Gender Identity, Genetics, etc...

The thing that really got to me is that they played those same your little girls will not be safe from Male Pedophiles in the bathroom TV Adds.

Anyone heard from StefB?

I was just wondering if anyone has heard from StefB (aka S.E. Bell). she has not updated her website in some time or posted on BCTS. I am just wondering if she is OK?
I had purchased all her books on Amazon and on her site she said she had another book in progess but that was over 8 months ago. I am wondering if anyone has heard from her, and how she is doing.

Hows the hatbox fund doing so far this month?


Erin and company, how much more do you need for the month?

I have got overtime pay this week and last week. I have a little extra money after paying bills, so I can contribute a little bit more this month I just need to know how much to try and squeeze out.
I want to keep a little in reserve but also want to help keep the site going. I may not be LBGT but I find the people on this site much easier to relate to at times than I do most people around me. So I want to help if possible to keep it alive as long as possible.

looking for an old story

I am looking for a story I read here or on fictionmania.

It was about a boy who lives in a world where mankind is battling spirits, demons, or aliens.

They are tested as children to see if they have an ability to use a special energy.

The 4 types of energy are fire, water, earth, and wind


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