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Stanley Morton


It's hard to believe that it's been more than four years since Stanly Morton, known as Stanman on this site and others, passed away. He was reviled by some, tolerated by others, and accepted as a writer by a few. Some authors here actually met him, others would have avoided him at any cost. Stan was a short person. I believe he was about 5' 7". He weighed about 450 pounds, and he had numerous health problems. One thing, though, was that he read every story posted here, and commented on all of them. Erin said he had made over 20,000 comments while here.

$.99 Special for The Heart of the Beholder

My novel "The Heart of the Beholder" and the eight that followed were first published on this site. Unfortunately, when I decided to publish them mainstream, I had to take them off BCTS. Here’s a chance for all of those who have not read my novels, but thought they might start one of these days. The books are published under my non-nom de plume, Tim Blewett. Be sure to link through this site so they can get some commission. Starting at 8:00 AM CST November 8, and for one week, my first novel, “The Heart of the Beholder”, is on sale for $.99 on Amazon. This is for the eBook edition.

Thank You Everyone

I am warmed by the response "Anita" has garnered in spite of my not posting correctly and not showing the teasers until after posting 14 chapters. It was fun taking a 19th Century tale and bringing it into the 21st. Hopefully, those familiar with the tale caught on after the 'set up'. Probably will work on something for the Cynthia Chronicles. Been kicking a few ideas around. Probably will have something to do with sapient raccoons and others whom we've met in the past.

A New Story by Portia Bennett

I had to figuratively kick my muse in the ass and get to work on a story that I've been playing with for nearly a year. Fair warning, I'm sure this story is far more violent than most that I've written. It had to be for the story to work. I assure you it has a happy ending for those for whom it should. Anita is not a lady to mess with, but she does have her soft side. I would say this, don't piss her off. The story is 16 chapters long plus epilogue, and a bit less than 40,000 words.

Looking For Story/Answers

Not long ago there was a serial story here about a transgender woman who returned home with a child that she had fathered through a surrogate. She was apparently quite well off and was making progress with reconnecting with her family, although some were viciously bigoted and obscenely unfriendly. She had met someone who seemed to be romantically interested.

Then I lost track. I don't know if the story was completed or if the author lost interest. Anyone know what happened? Obviously, I have forgotten the name.

New Story - Marti and the Doppelganger

I have just posted a new story that will appear in 12 installments. Foolishly, I left a number of things unresolved. So I might have to write about them in the future. One of my reasons for writing this new addition to The Cynthia Chronicles was to try to get more readers interested in what I felt was an overlooked story, Simoné and the Second Time Around. The new story answers several unanswered questions from several stories in the series. I hope you enjoy it.

A Thank You and an Advisory

First of all, someone from Canada bought all nine novels in "A California Saga" series. If it was someone who frequents this site, thank you very much. If it wasn't, thanks to those of you who have purchased them.

Secondly, I did some minor editing on The Heart of the Beholder. It wasn't anything serious. I had some problems with word order, and in several places I wrote 'compliment' when I meant 'complement'. I'm not sure, but it seems to me that you should be able to get an updated copy from Amazon. Anyone know for sure?



I have great expectations when I submit a story for the scrutiny of the readers; however, I never know how it's going to be received. My latest effort's (Discovery) reception has been very pleasing, especially because the story's background development is going to take seven chapters. Someone commented early on that it seemed a bit slow in developing. I had to do it that way to fill in the background before we get to the part of the story based on an old play and opera. It's been nice to see that the interest hasn't waned much. Thank you for sticking it out.

A Little Favor, Please

While trying to beat my brain into activity I read the wonderful comments many of you wrote for the novels in the nine volume California Saga series. The stories now on have been selling steadily but slowly; however, the only reviews, two very nice ones by the way, were for "The Heart of the Beholder." I'm hoping that some of you who enjoyed the series would write a few reviews. You certainly don't need to buy the books, but remember to link through this site so that BCTS gets a little bit, if you do.

I Seem To Remember A Story

... about a gender confused boy who when turning 18 finds a rather domineering girl friend who quickly convinces him he should try being a woman, which she feels he is better suited. Her father is a tattoo artist and her mother is an MD who starts him quickly towards his friend's and his? goal. Did I miss something or is the story just wallowing towards incompletion. I don't remember the name or author. I'd like to catch up. Any ideas out there?


Some Updates

My muse is resting at the moment, but she might kick in next year. I have a lot on my mind right now. I'm trying to find a professional agent for "A California Saga". I've been going through those listed on the "Predators and Editors" web site and have found several that look acceptable. I started at M's and am through the R's at this point, I'm contacting only those that work through email. I've sent queries to around a dozen so far.

I have a glimmer of an idea for a story in the Cynthia Chronicles series. Not even close to putting anything in print.

Price Reduction Coming

Just for fun I lowered the price on for "The Heart of the Beholder" to $.99 for a week. Trying to create some outside interest. Here's the link. Wait for Erin to change it so that BCTS will get a percentage. I modified the cover a bit. This one might be easier to read. Does anyone know what mountain that is?

Second Cover Idea.jpg

Misconceptions Reign

As some of you are aware, I have posted "A California Saga" on A good friend who worked for me in the Air Force more than thirty years ago has read all the stories (not from this site) and was quite complimentary. I guess she was one of my Beta Readers that included my daughter, wife's best friend, sister, and all you wonderful readers here at BCTS. The Saga now has it's own spot on Facebook where she was kind enough to write a very nice review. She is right of center as far as her religious leanings are. Here are her comments: "A stunning achievement!

"Love's Shame, Love's Salvation" Published on

It has been a busy week; however, I finally got "Love's Shame, Love's Salvation" published. Finding the right cover was difficult; however, what we finally found works perfectly. This is it, the end, La commedia è finite. I enjoyed writing the series very much, and it took me the best part of twelve years. Thank you Gwen Brown for discovering "The Heart of the Beholder" and telling Holly about it. She was such a big help, and she made me realize I could do more and get better. I don't know if I will write any more novels or not.

"Soaring With Eagles" Now on Amazon

Book Cover Golden Eagle.jpg

"Soaring With Eagles" is the seventh Volume of A California Saga. You might remember that there are two transgender characters in the novel. At least they were, but that was taken care of. If you read the stories before and enjoyed them, please go to Amazon and write a review. If you buy through BCTS, they will get a commission. Here's the link:



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