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The Snow White that wasn't

Did I see the dress as a threat to my legacy, an insult to generations of men who fought wars and presided over propane grills? No, I honestly don't believe that a 4-year-old's Halloween costume has the power to cement his sexual identity for life. I was not threatened by fears of a same-sex, vegan wedding ceremony or a rejection of power tools and the Super Bowl. A far more immediate evil loomed in my magic mirror: children who mock other children.

One more letter from Sky

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I was just going to post this as a comment on the story, but I got worried that many of the very, very important people it was intended for would miss it, so I decided to put it over here too and increase the chances it would reach most of them.

I got this letter last night and am just passing it along to everyone.

>>Monday, August 25th (night)

Care and feeding of writers and critics


Another writer has left the fold. Why does this happen here every so often? Look around. This site has got to be the kindest and gentlest of writing sites. It is more of a community than any other. Of course that is the reason that it happens here; people’s emotions get spread to everyone. I mean, leave FM in a huff and who would notice? Other sites seem to be very much about one person. (Yea again, Erin. How do you make all of us feel so welcome and a part of this?)

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