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On the road.

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In a few hours we'll be hitting the road. Grover, Paula, and dog named Tink, but no cat much less one named Kalamazoo. Sorry, I get silly when tired!

This move has been hell. If someone can't help they should just say no they can't, not say yes with empty promises.

That said, everyone here at BC has been my personal miracle. Between GoFundMe and personal donations, you all made a difference. Perhaps more than any other our dear friend Cathy got the word out about our plight and made our move possible.

The joys of moving


This a update on what I've been up to as well as a request for aid. After my open heart surgery last year it's been one heck of a struggle to keep up with the bills and life in general.

My Understanding Spouse has recently gotten a new job, but it is in another city and state. We knew it was going to be tough moving, but we thought we had it covered. Finding an apartment long distance was not fun, but we did find what seems to be a nice place. She left her old job and is currently working from home until she has to appear in person in mid November.

My Life

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Thanks to my dear sister of the heart, Cathy most everyone knows I had open heart surgery last week. To make a long story short, I recognized the symtoms and got help. Everything went well, and now I'm recovering. To make that easier I now have a new recliner and bed. Unfortunately, the old stuff went into my office where I can't reach anything except for my old laptop. Even that is too heavy for me to move given my post surgery restrictions.

So I'm not going to online much until we can solve this particular problem.


Hey everyone! Cathy gave me a good talking to so here I am with some explanations. These last few months my commenting and generally being part of the BC community has dropped off.

I'm one of those who has problems with migraines and I've been wrestling with them off and on for years. These last few months they've been particularly troublesome. My visit to my doctor gave me a good bill of health despite the fact my head felt like it was shorting out.

Giving this I've been working on identifying and avoiding 'triggers' so that's been taking up most my energies.

Can't Take The Sky From Me! Delay

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Hello! This is a heads-up that my MAU story will be a little delayed. Understanding Spouse just got back from being away on a business trip, so we will be spending time together doing this and that! Perhaps we'll even do the dating thing with dinner and a movie. :)

At tjhe latest I should be able to put up the next chapter before the end of the weekend.


Who's on first?

One of the no-no's I do is mixing point of views. I'll have the main character speaking in the first while other viewpoints are presented at the end of the chapter. No one has really complained about this and I think as long as I keep those other POV as counterpoints to the main character it works for me.

That is until this latest tale of mine. My main character has been Shanghaied by a rogue AI Time-ship. I ended up with this back and forth thing going between the two with an occasional peek into the larger universe to remind my readers that lots more is actually going on.

Atomic Rockets

I ran across this today while looking for information for a story. Since I know others have requested information about space travel and the craft to get you there I thought I would give everyone a heads up! Yes, Gwen I'm talking about you! :) I have no idea as the accuracy but it does seem to go over the basics.

Hey, they mention Heinlein and Clarke so they can't be wrong can they!

Oops! I forgot to put in the site link! My bad! :)

Writing Gifts and Problems.

Today Puddingtang helped me spot a spelling error I missed. It was one of those silly things where the auto-correct and spellchecker took one of my scrambled words and replaced with one that was spelled right, but it still wasn't the right one.

It was suggested I turn off that function. However, I'm dyslexic and without it, ... well, it's not pretty!

I received this reply. "Dyslexics tend to be both clever and creative."

The Last Easter Story

Hello everyone! My 'End of the World: The Last Easter' is finally up! I apologize for the troubles last night, but it was one of those perfect storms of site problems and my trying to post at the same time. Now, everything is fine!

As I said, this is the last part of the 'End of the World' series. I was rather satisfied how the endings in both universes pulled together even if other parts 'tasked' me. If you're writer you know what I mean!

Seeing something else.

Hey everyone! I've just posted a new short story, 'Soma Ras.' There's another story that's being posted here on BCTS and after reading it, I saw something else other than what I think the author had mind. This is not a criticism of their writings, but like I said, I saw something else. Perhaps it is a cautionary tale because the fountain of youth and Elixirs of Life are legendary concerning the lengths people will go to attain them. From Gilgamesh to a certain rich old fart in Elrods Twisted story, the search for youth and health when we're at death's door brings out the worst in us.

And there was rejoicing!

It's been about a month and my book, "Heroes of Justice" available on Amazon Kindle has reached my estimate in sales. About 25 have been sold. Of course I hoped for more, but that was my realistic expectation.

I'm trying to get my next Kindle project, 'Once the Hero' cleaned up to be posted now, but if you have purchased a copy of HOJ please leave a review! Each one helps seperate my work from all the others in that popular genre.

Yay! First Review!

I got my first review for my book up at Kindle, 'Heroes of Justice.' It was mostly positive with the reviewer giving me four stars. Apparently despite all the people who have looked it over, mistakes have still persisted. That's annoying since I think at times I can recite the whole book given how many times I've gone over it.

On a humorous note, the review claims to have bought it accidentally because of Amazon's 'One-Click' Button.

However, one review is better than no review!

The End of the World: The Last Christmas

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays with a Merry Christmas to all who wants one! For the first time since I've been here at BCTS I'm not entering the Christmas Contest. Too much real life and I had other stories that my muse demanded I work on. Unfortunately none of those had three wise-men in them.

The kinda Sorta Christmas story I just put up, does have three aliens bearing gifts, but that was more an after thought and doesn't really qualify, to me at least.

Heroes of Justice is on Kindle!

I did it! After a few bumps in the road I finally got my first novel up on Kindle. Heroes of Justice was one of the entries to Erin's 'What's So novel' contest. Do yourself a favor and look up the other entries! There's some real good stuff there!

As for my book, you'll have to input the whole name along with my author name to find it. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking about marketing this thing when I wrote it. There's only about million titles that has Heroes and Justice in them.

'Heroes of Justice' Grover Young

What do you think?

Hello everone! I'm of need of some opinions here. My book Heroes of Justice has lingered in the backroom for ages. There're many reasons why, but mostly because of the lack of a cover. Yes, I do know that many has come forward with solutions, but for me it turned into a mountain of frustrations.

Finally, money problems has forced my hand, so ready or not.

This is a cover I've put together that I think looks half-way decent. My question is what do you my three fans think? What might improve it?

Need some book help

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Hello everyone! I'm in need of some help. Some years ago I wrote my first book, Heroes of Justice. Finally I've got around to getting it ready to go up on Kindle, but for one small problem, the Cover. I understand that there is a service were you can for a low price ask for a cover to be made for you. That's great!

However, you still need to have some idea of what to ask for since the artist has more than likely never read your story.

'Tootsie' 'Was Never-

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Tootsie' 'Was Never a Comedy for Me. I ran across this while surfing. While it may not be TG per say since Dustin Hoffman is an actor in a role, the interview really touched a place that had me crying.
"That's as good as it gets Charley"

Six years 52 weeks

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That's what it says on my author page. Has it been that long? I suppose it has given the number of stories posted although my rate has decreased. I've had personal issues that has arisen. That's why I have to apologize for not responding to comments as well as I used too. Believe me I cherish each one, but just trying to keep writing is taking all of my energies.

So just so it is said a very big thank you to everyone who comment on "Who do that Hoodoo," "Rising of the Queen," and "Waking the Dreamer."

Tooting my horn

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Well, it's May eight again, my birthday. In the past, I used to hide given the outright disasters that used to happen today. My darling, wonderful wife vowed to change that. The last few years has been great if for no other reason that I have someone who cares so much about me to share them with. This year however is different.

Old Faithful

Well, Old Faithful, the 14 year old Hp computer that was always there as a backup when newer machines failed finally called it quits. Petty sure it was the power supply since the power light on the front went out but it might've been something else. I'm not a tech. Push the button, it turns on! MAGIC!


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