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I'm Kind of Ticked

About a month ago, I posted the second Jessie Hanks story to this site. It didn't get near as many reads as the Eerie stories usually get, and the second part got a lot less than the first part did. The two parts only got a couple comments.

I'd like to know why.

It isn't that people don't like my work. As a test, I posted "Vengeance" a week ago. It got a lot more reads and a heck of a lot more comments. Even if two of those comments were about my lousy spelling of an unfamiliar word.

Coming Soon: Jessie Hanks II

When Chris and I finished "Eerie Saloon: Spring", we did a tease about the next story in the series being another single adventure of Jessie and Paul. We hoped to get it done and posted fairly soon, say mid 2015.

Unfortunately, "Life" had other ideas. For one thing, the final work of "Spring" was done while I was in a rehab hospital, beginning my (lengthy) recovery from colostomy surgery,


I seem to have put my self -- or my characters -- in a dilemma in a couple of the stories posted here.

A lead character is transformed into a female by a woman with vast magical powers. She has rather slutty sex. Then she's told by the woman who transformed her that she can try to act in a less slutty manner, but that such behavior has become part of her nature, and that she can never become a male again.

Asking for YOUR Opinion: How Frequent Should We Post?

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Chris and I are planning to post the next part of the Eerie saga, "Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring" in early 2014. We apologize about the delay. Life happens.

The truth about Sally

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In the latest story I posted, "Bikini Beach: Swin Date", Paula, the tranasformee, meets a young girl in the Ladies' Changing Room. The girl is upset because she was a grown man, and his wife used the Beach to transform him into a twelve-year old. The girl is starting to think of the wife as her mother and is forgetting what it was like to be a man.

When Paula talks to Grandmother about this girl, the Old Woman seems happy at the notion that the adult male is "disappearing" and the girl, Sally Hammond, is taking her place.

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