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This is a positive thing



I guess I must now eat my words and apologize.

I've sent an e-mail to Microsoft (after decrying their windows 10 many, many times) and congratulated them.

As I posted a derogatory blog here concerning windows 10, I thought it only fitting to place my appreciation (and amazement) at the latest windows 10 update.

Most of the updates I've experienced required ten to twenty minutes to occur and necessitated my reloading most of my programs.

The Last of the Fey


I guess I should feel honored.

My story, "The Last of the Fey" has been pirated and is being offered for free on no less than two sites (including google).

The pirated copy is the version that is offered for sale on Amazon, so whoever did it had access to my story through the KIndle or KDP select offerings.

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